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Jonouchi insisted on accompanying Yugi in Death-T, as did Honda who was babysitting his nephew, Johji , in the audience. His friends reminded him of how he had fought for Shizuka. VS — Insector Haga. Jonouchi told Yugi that he was down on his luck, claiming to have gotten hit once in a fight against four punks.

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Yuya learned that Lulu most likely became a disciple of his father's dueling style and philosophy through Sayaka, who was Yusho's student at the Clover Branch. He replied that the dream took place in the classroom, whereas Mai was too old for school and joked that she could be the teacher next time. He is the first protagonist whose surname only contains one character. Kajiki used his Sea Stealth strategy to hide his monsters in the water and also Summoned "Fortress Whale". The first time he Awakened, Yuya was collected and cold, speaking no more than necessary. Jonouchi saw " Slifer the Sky Dragon " for the first time during the Duel and witnessed Marik's plan to have Dark Yugi lose by endangering Bakura's life.

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To his surprise, brought out a Fusion Monster, " Goyo Emperor ", and took control of most of Yuya's field. The crowd's bloodlust for battle rather than entertainment briefly set Yuya off, causing his eyes to glow while Awakened. Yuya then consciously Special Summoned " Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon ", used its effect to destroy "Goyo Emperor", reclaimed control of his monsters, then brutally attacked with "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" for the win, deliberately knocking off his Duel Runner.

Initially downcast at the win, Yuya attempted to stop the staff from taking the injured away. The effects ended after Yugo was victorious, and Yuya watched helplessly as Sylvio was taken away. Yuya watched the Duel between Damon and Sergey Volkov , and he was shocked by the sudden and brutal climax that resulted in Damon's defeat.

Moon Shadow approached his room, explaining that Declan was not abandoning the other Lancers to the underground and that he had lost to Shinji on purpose to collect information. He then delivered a message from Riley, encouraging Yuya to defeat Jack and ensure that the people of the Synchro Dimension would listen to them, adding that Jack had told Riley not to hesitate when trying to attain a goal.

Yuya attempted to pass a message onto Riley, but Moon Shadow explained that he could not, since Riley had returned to the main hall. Yuya instead had Moon Shadow give a letter to Zuzu, reassuring her that he would win the tournament in order to bring smiles to the people of New Domino, and to return home with their comrades. He was surprised when he realized that the last match of the first round was between two Lancers; Shay and Dennis.

Yuya wondered if the purpose of the match was to create internal conflict. He was surprised when Shay vowed to show Dennis's true colors, especially when he realized how similar the Duel was to Shay's Duel with Sora. The reminder of the events Awakened Yuto inside Yuya, and Yuto revealed his anger to Yuya, asking if he understood it.

Yuya agreed that he did, and briefly Awakened, but he calmed down and reaffirmed his wish to bring smiles to New Domino. Yuya watched the Duel between Zuzu and Sergey Volkov , cheering for her in his room. He noted that Sergey was up to something with his odd strategy of steadily wearing down his own LP and he was horrified after witnessing Zuzu's brutal defeat.

He angrily wondered whether she was okay and why no-one was searching for her, but he was then called to Duel Shinji. Worried about Zuzu, Yuya tried to talk to Shinji out of the idea of revolution against the Tops, but he was unable to convince him, and Shinji explained that as a loser, Zuzu would be discarded, which was why he wanted to change New Domino's society.

He told Yuya to win the Duel if he wanted to get his message across. Yuya was unable to concentrate on his Duel because he was still worried about Zuzu. He tried to end the Duel quickly by using " Gap Power " to strengthen his monsters, but was unable to. Shinji rallied the Commons and chastised Yuya for using the card's effect wastefully. After a few turns Sora called him from a rooftop which surprised Yuya, showing him that Zuzu was okay by showing him her helmet. Trusting in Sora's message that Zuzu was fine, Yuya continued the Duel.

Shinji and the crowd mocked Yuya's use of the card when Yuya used the effect of "Tuning Magician" to reduce his LP and heal Shinji's, but Yuya replied that no card was useless. This trust allowed him to create " Enlightenment Paladin ", which he proceeded to Pendulum - Synchro Summon for the first time and use to defeat Shinji by re-using "Gap Power" to use the effect of "Tuning Magician" to his advantage.

After his victory, Sam met Yuya as he returned to the Duel Palace. The Topsiders thanked Yuya as he "stopped" Shinji's drivel about the revolution, while the Commons expressed their hatred for Shinji's defeat. Yuya realized that he put the victory over his Dueltaining so he could reach Jack and that had deepened the commotion between him and the Commons. The Commons suspected that Yuya had connections to the Topsiders and Sector Security and that this was why Yuya had been chosen as Jack 's opponent earlier despite being unknown in New Domino.

Roget defended Yuya saying that he just believed in his potential, due Yuya's Pendulum Summoning. Jean-Michel Roget congratulates Yuya for his victory. Shinji accused the match of being fixed, but Roget put him in his place and sent Shinji to the Underground Labor Facility. Although Shinji was vowing revenge on Yuya, Yuya vowed in turn to rescue Shinji from the Underground, claiming that he wouldn't abandon him. Roget told the officer to let him go. Yuya escaped the Duel Palace and started to call for Sora all over New Domino, not knowing that he was being followed by an officer.

Sora found Yuya and the two of them hid. Yuya saves Sora from Sector Security. Sora explained that Zuzu was alive and he kept her in a safe place. He also explained his objectives since the Battle Royal and why he was in the Synchro Dimension: Sora had looked unsuccessfully for Zuzu at Duel Academy and had learned that Leo also wanted Zuzu and Celina, so he returned to Standard Dimension only to learn that Declan formed the Lancers, so he came to the Synchro Dimension.

Yuya disagreed because he could not abandon Celina. Yuya saw an officer from a rooftop who attempted to trap Sora in an energy net. Yuya pushed Sora out of the way and got caught instead. Yuya told Sora to protect Zuzu; as Sora left, Yuya wished him luck. Yuya was brought to Roget's office, where he explained his plans of domination over the Synchro Dimension.

Roget admits he admires Yuya, to the point where he states Yuya will make a finer choice as King than Jack; Yuya reluctantly refused. Throughout his explanation, Roget attempted to convince Yuya that his and Yuya's vision of the future were the same. He even tried to get Yuya to turn against Sora, [93] though that fell on deaf ears. When Roget ordered Zuzu's capture, Yuya tried to stop him. Roget then ordered Yuya be sent away, [94] where he will be put under the same mind control program as Sergey.

The two subsequently yelled Yuya's own catchphrase. He was then released from his cell to take part in the next Duel against Crow. Before their Duel started, Crow apologized to Yuya for suspecting that him and the Lancers were working with the Topsiders. Crow agreed to help Yuya and they planned to have Yuya escape during the Duel to rescue everyone in the Capital Building. Before Yuya could escape, Roget activated the chip he placed in Yuya's helmet, which tortured Yuya through electrocution.

After using it at maximum, Yuya's pain caused him to synchronize with Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri , and caused all four of them to Awaken. This inadvertently endangered Yuya; Roget had attempted to manipulate the track to aid Yuya and the power loss had caused a gap to appear in the track. Yuya was able to pass over by equipping "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" with " Supreme Wing ", but the chip in Yuya's helmet was continuously activating and putting his life at risk.

Yuya fell unconscious after the Duel and woke to see Crow urging Yuya to protect Celina from the invaders before Crow was taken to the Underground Labor Facility. Realizing that Duel Academy forces may have begun to arrive, Yuya exited the stadium on his Duel Runner in order to confront them.

Yuya quickly realized that the Obelisk Force had indeed arrived in the Synchro Dimension, and he drove down the streets looking for Sora and Celina. When he saw a signal flare, he realized that it might mark the location of Celina as signaled by the Obelisk Force.

Barrett demanded that Yuya hand Celina over, but Yuya refused. Yuya drew " Smile World ", the card his mother gave to him before leaving for the Synchro Dimension. Throughout their Duel, Barrett tried to convince Yuya to give up and divulge Zuzu's location and Celina to return with him. Yuya refused to comply and repeated his resolve and determination to prevent Celina's and Zuzu's capture. When the Obelisk Force tried to capture Celina, Sora saved her but Yuri arrived with three more Obelisk Force soldiers to capture both of them, Yuya was surprised to see his final counterpart.

But when Zuzu arrived her bracelet teleported Yuri and Yugo away, and returned Yuya to his senses. Yuya became upset when he realized that Zuzu was with him, knowing that the situation got worse since what Duel Academy wanted is now in front of their eyes. Barrett saw the pointlessness of the Duel and offered to end it, but decided to go on, touched by Yuya's actions and bravery.

This also caused Barrett to gain respect for Yuya's resolve. Yuya was desperate to free Zuzu from "Earthbound Prison" and even got injured while doing so. Zuzu became afraid of Yuya after seeing him Awakened again, upset that she did not want to see Yuya lose himself. With Barrett gone and knowing that he had to end the Duel soon due to his low LP, Yuya understood that he was not in a position to bring smiles to people and made the heartbreaking decision to abandon his smile philosophy.

This action surprised Sora, as they were both aware that Yuya would take further damage in destroying that card. The only remnant of Yuya's smile philosophy was to successfully protect Zuzu and make her happy and smile at all costs. Despite Yuya's best efforts, he was eventually defeated by Sergey, who used the effect of " Earthbound Servant Geo Gryphon " to destroy "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" after the latter destroyed the former, then had " Earthbound Servant Geo Kraken " attack him directly.

He also revealed that Roget was a defector of Duel Academy who planned to use Zuzu as a bargaining chip to protect New Domino and his plans to turn the Synchro Dimension into his own kingdom. Yuya tried to go with Sora and Moon Shadow to get Zuzu back, but was dissuaded by Moon Shadow, who was the most injured out of the three, preventing him from going further. Yuya was shocked to see Yugo out of the tournament and Sergey Dueling Jack. Gong and Chojiro ended up giving in to Yuya, and Gong supported Yuya's body as they began their journey to follow Sora and Moon Shadow.

During Jack's and Sergey's Duel, the duo was surprised to see Sergey transform into a Dueling machine. After watching Jack saved Sergey from falling off the Duel lane, Yuya watched as the Commons cheered Jack on, especially after he defeated Sergey.

Yuya vows to bring smiles back to the Commons and challenges Jack to a Duel. After Sergey and Jack's Duel, the Commons continued to riot. During this time, Roget announced martial law throughout New Domino. In the middle of the speech, Zuzu knocked him to the ground and told Yuya how she truly felt about the situation at hand. After hearing Zuzu's words, Yuya intended to go save her, but Gong stopped him and told him to leave the job to Sora and Moon Shadow.

Sam appeared and told him that Jack was not impressed with his Duel with Crow. Jack also instructed Sam to tell Yuya, if that wasn't the Duel he truly believed in, to come to the Duel Palace and challenge him to a Duel. Yuya remembered what Zuzu had told him and started to head towards the Duel Palace. Though the rioting Commons were in his way, he eventually reunited with Frank, Amanda, and Tarren and told them that Celina had returned with Barret to Duel Academy.

Despite hearing this, they led him to the entry of the Duel Palace, where a group of Commons were rioting trying to get in, with Sector Security holding them back. After hearing Yuya was trying to enter the Duel Palace, the Commons turned against Yuya under the belief he was with the Topsiders.

At this time, Gong promised Yuya to put his life on the line in order to get Yuya to the palace. Yuya jumped on and rode with them to the Duel Palace, where Melissa Trail was waiting and started a news report on what was going on.

Suddenly, Sylvio snatched Melissa's microphone and handed it to Yuya, telling him to inform the public about how he really felt. Yuya initially mocked Jack for not claiming how many turns he would win, only to be rebuked by Jack. He countered that that he would never surrender because he carried the will and wishes of all the people he defeated, including Shinji and Crow. The two were surprised to hear his declaration. The Duel began with Jack Summoning the same monsters he did during their first Duel.

Yuya realized that Jack was asking how much he grew since the eve of the tournament. During this time, Yuya spoke of his "inheritance" from Yusho, making Jack tut with disapproval and disappointment. However, the Duel was interrupted by a squad of Duel Chasers.

Jack made it clear to Yuya that he expected him to Duel with his own style, not just copy from his father. Yuya eventually took a direct attack from "Scarlight", but due to the damage he took, he activated the Action Card " Damage Draw " to draw two cards.

Jack ordered Yuya to surrender, but Yuya realized if he surrendered now, he would be denying his father's Dueltaining. Refusing to let that happen, he continued the Duel and drew "Tuning Magician. He also revealed that he was grateful for Jack granting him a Synchro Monster but that he could never turn his back on his father's Dueling.

Jack continued to observe him disdainfully. Yuya attempted to destroy "Scarlight" by battle, but failed. He reflected that he knew Jack's words of his style being borrowed were true; Yuya borrowed Yusho's Dueling style, while "Tuning Magician" was borrowed from Sam.

In Jack's next turn, he tried to destroy "Enlightenment Paladin", once with its effect, and again by battle, but Yuya protected it with the Pendulum Effects of " Performapal Bubblebowwow " and " Performapal Gumgumouton ". Jack remarked how nice it would have been if Pendulum Effects were his breakthrough. This made Yuya stop and remember Skip 's words and lessons that Yuya must be the example of other people for being the pioneer of Pendulum Summoning, just as his father was the pioneer of Action Duels, and in turn, Yuya realized that Pendulum Summoning was his own doing, not borrowed from someone else.

This growth and sudden realization of the truth and answer activated his pendant, granting Yuya the image of a new monster. Yuya declared to Jack he found his words and Jack told him to shout it out. Jack's face broke into a secretive knowing, but pleased, smile and called Yuya "interesting. Yuya almost successfully managed to destroy "Scarlight" with "Nirvana High", but Jack protected "Scarlight" with " King Scarlet ", despite taking damage in the process.

No one expected Jack to actually have a hidden upgrade to his ace monster and the fact that he may have been concealing the true extent of his strength up until now. Jack attempted to finish off Yuya again, but Yuya attempted to use the Action Card "Evasion" to negate the attack, though "Tyrant" negated it and continued the attack.

Its destruction allowed Yuya to place it in his other Pendulum Zone. Jack thought that this was all on Yuya's expectations, but with Yuya's reply that it wasn't and all he was doing was trying his best, Jack became even more pleased and taught Yuya more about the essence of Dueling.

Through Jack's words, Yuya finally learned what it meant not to Duel with self-satisfaction and arrogance and understood what Jack was talking about from the start of their encounter. Through "Acrobat Magician" and "Nirvana High", Yuya performed a full-field Pendulum Summon of five monsters at once with a brilliant rainbow burst: Yuya then activated the Pendulum Effect of "Nirvana High", which allowed him to prevent the monster with the lowest Level, "Timebreaker", to not be destroyed by battle, negate the battle damage, and decrease the attack target's ATK by the attacking monster's ATK.

The effect of "Nirvana High" also allowed Yuya to continue decreasing the ATK of "Tyrant" by using the monster with a Level higher than the previous one. By now, the entirety of New Domino becomes focused on the Duel and in Yuya's actions.

Helicopters, monorails, and cars raced to the Dueling site with Tops and Commons alike watching it live with their very own eyes. Officer also came with his colleagues with Lucas Swank handcuffed and riding in a car to watch Yuya's Duel with pride and excitement. Yuya activates " Reaction Force " during his Duel with Jack.

Jack smiled and gave a healthy laugh for the first time and encouraged Yuya to give his all. The entirety of New Domino went wild with the event. The Council broadcasted via holograms their confession of the true purpose of tournament, resigned and disbanded, and dissolved the Tops and Commons system. Everyone widely clapped and agreed, and celebrations continued.

For Yuya, though, the happiness was short-lived when a brutally injured and beat-up looking Sora suddenly appeared on the broadcast from the Public Sector Security building and informed the entirety of New Domino that just as he and Moon Shadow rescued Zuzu, Roget recaptured Zuzu and planned to take her with him to Duel Academy. Sora warned Yuya, Sylvio, Shay, and Gong to stop him and rescue Zuzu before the screen cut off abruptly due to Sora getting caught in another explosion in the room.

Yuya called out Sora's name worriedly and was about to get on his Duel Runner again, but the former Council offered him to ride on the helicopter and take him directly to the Sector Security building. Jack joined Yuya on the helicopter and Yuya silently asked Zuzu to wait a little longer and promised to rescue her. Yuya finally arrived at the Sector Security building and reunited with the other Lancers.

After learning about Roget's underhanded Dueling tactics, Yuya decided to help Declan, but could not open the door. Yuya then rushed to help Declan, only for Declan to stop him. Yuya spotted a distortion in the Dueling Field, and behind the spot stood Roget and Zuzu. Roget, who desperately tried to mislead Yuya, was ignored by Yuya in favor of Declan. When his ruse was discovered, Roget fled for the elevator, but failed as "Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend" destroyed it, causing Zuzu to fall.

Yuya managed to rescue Zuzu by catching her mid-air and Summoned "Performapal Hip Hippo" to help with their landing. Yuya embraced Zuzu, glad to be reunited with her. Shay split up with his fellow Lancers, leaving them to wander around the destroyed city. When they found a woman, she ran away from them and dropped her supplies, afraid of the Duel Disks equipped to the Lancers. Yuya decided to return the supplies to her, though Sylvio had to be persuaded not to have some.

They witnessed a man being sealed into a card by three Duel Academy students and found the woman's house, eventually managing to convince them to take their food back. Yuya finally found the woman, who was still afraid of him and his friends.

They unequipped their Duel Disks and helped her. Yuya asked the woman about the Resistance and she replied that most of them were wiped out by Duel Academy. After the question, three Duel Academy Duelists appeared, so Yuya explained his side of the story as he Dueled them. After he and the others won, Sylvio tried to activate the Human Sealing Technology , but Yuya stopped him.

The three Duel Academy Duelists ran away, only to run into a Resistance Duelist , who sealed them into cards. Yuya protested that the Duelist's actions were no better than Duel Academy's.

He tried to explain his smile philosophy and expressed relief that the Duelist was a member of the Resistance, only for the Duelist to demand a Duel to decide whether they were friend or foe.

Yuya was dismayed to see Sylvio and Gong join the Duel, but he appreciated Gong's attempts to end it peacefully. Yuya realized Yuto's presence when he named the Duelist as Kite, despite not knowing his name and declared that Gong and Sylvio wouldn't win. Through Yuto, Yuya learned more about Kite and his relationship with Yuto, Lulu, and Shay, and was also able to see the difference between Kite's previous and current states, and he became concerned for the well-being of the Duelists.

Once Sylvio and Gong were defeated, Yuya decided to talk Kite out of his anger through a Duel, despite Yuto's warnings. Yuto explained to Yuya that the Dueling that he'd had with Jack worked because they were working for the same goal, but Kite and Duel Academy were not.

Shay then arrived with two Resistance members and explained that the Lancers were indeed his comrades. Despite this, Kite vanished in a bright flash of light after learning Yuya's last name. After introductions, Yuya and Yuto lamented their inability to open Kite's closed heart. He also saw the mother and children he had saved earlier from the soldiers and learned from Shay that they alerted the Resistance to his earlier location as they wanted to thank him for showing them a true Duel, a Duel with smiles.

Allen began to mistakenly assume that Yuya was Yuto before Shay corrected him. Yuya wanted to explain to everyone about Yuto's whereabouts, but Yuto stopped him, as the others would find it hard to believe. Yuya and Yuto were touched when Shay revealed his decision to trust Yuya and Yuto's choice to leave his dragon with Yuya. Yuya realized that something happened to Kite during this second attack and found out from Sayaka that Duel Academy wiped out Kite's entire family, which devastated Shay and surprised Yuya.

Yuya reflected how he tried to forcibly open Kite's heart, which went against his Dueling beliefs and resolved that he wouldn't be able to face Jack or Yusho if he couldn't resolve things peacefully. Sayaka asked Yuya if he was related to Yusho Sakaki, which he confirmed in surprise. Once Allen also revealed he knew Yusho, Yuya begged the two children to tell him more about his father.

Sayaka revealed that Yusho was their teacher. She explained that three years ago, Yusho suddenly appeared in the Xyz Dimension, and as if he predicted Duel Academy's eventual invasion, he taught everyone in Heartland about Dueling and to never forget their smiles no matter what happened. Yuya was elated to find out that his father disappeared only to travel across dimensions and fight against Duel Academy, instead of being a coward like many people believed.

However, he was upset and hurt when Allen told him that that Heartland citizens hated Yusho and called him a coward for suddenly disappearing as he had come and not helping the dimension with the invasion.

At what seemed to be the former building of Spade Branch , Yuya asked Yuto if he knew his father only for the latter to deny it. Yuya accused Yuto of lying since without meeting Yusho, there was no way for Yuto to make the speech he made in his last moments in physical form. Yuto revealed that his speech was derived from what he heard from Lulu when she was comforting a child back in the early days of the invasion.

Yuya learned that Lulu most likely became a disciple of his father's dueling style and philosophy through Sayaka, who was Yusho's student at the Clover Branch. On his way out, Yuya noticed a picture of Shay, Lulu, and Yuto. Yuya and Yuto acknowledged the existence of an unknown darkness that influenced their actions whenever they were Awakened.

Yuto recalled the four dragons' desire to become one, and theorized that his current residence in Yuya's body may have had to do with "Dark Rebellion" to Yuya's alarm. Yuya noted that he could now freely communicate with Yuto compared to previous instances ever since his arrival at the Xyz Dimension. Before they could pursue the subject any further, Yuya confronted an unknown Duelist who immediately attacked him once he heard Yuya's surname.

Yuya guessed the Duelist knew his father and begged him to tell what happened between them, but the Duelist refused. Yuya tried to make the Duelist smile and give him information about Yusho but he took huge damage in the process, concerning Yuto. Yuto begged Yuya to stop and prioritize winning. He pointed out to Yuya that the stranger hated Yusho; so even Yusho couldn't make him smile. Yuya tried to stop Yuto and calm him down, but failed. An alarmed Yuya listened to Yuto listing his convictions that the Duelist was probably responsible for carding his comrades, Kite's family, and his regret for going to Standard and leaving everyone else behind.

He was knocked into some rubble and was hidden underneath it due to the shock wave of the last attack. Other members of Duel Academy approached and the hidden Yuya learned his opponent's identity as the commander-in-chief of Duel Academy forces in Heartland City.

While returning to the Resistance's hideout, Yuya saw an explosion and Yuto thought it was Duel Academy attacking. He arrived to try to stop Shay and Kite's Duel because they were comrades, only for Allen to tell him to stay out of it as he was an outsider. Kite claimed that he didn't need comrades because he had "Galaxy-Eyes".

Shay called out to Yuya as well and Yuto told Yuya to leave it to Shay. Yuto explained that Shay was trying to deliver his words to Kite through Dueling.

When Shay told Kite what his comrades were to him, Yuya and Yuto began talking about Kite and Shay's past, and he revealed to everyone that Yuto was residing inside him, something that Shay claimed he had had a hunch about. Yuya was shocked when Kite defeated Shay and when Sayaka begged Kite not to seal Shay into a card before revealing that she had been present during Lulu's kidnapping. Kite decided not to seal Shay before leaving again. Sayaka later disappeared, and Yuya realized that she was looking for Kite.

He asked Allen to take him with him, but Allen refused, claiming that Yuya was an outsider and that he wouldn't accept him as a comrade. Yuya sadly mused that Allen still thought that Yusho abandoned everyone. Shay arrived and decided to split the Lancers into two groups to find Sayaka, teaming up with Yuya. They found Sylvio, Gong, Allen, and Sayaka on the ground. Yuya asked Gong what happened, but Gong only gasped, " Amazoness ", alerting Shay.

The female Duelists that defeated their comrades thought Shay was a scared Resistance member who fled from them; Yuto and Yuya replied in unison that if they had stayed in Heartland many of their comrades wouldn't have been sealed into cards. Yuya asked Yuto if he knew the two Duelists and learned that they nearly wiped out the Spade Branch 's Resistance. Yuya told Yuto he understood his pain but was worried that the unknown being would possess them if they got angry.

Shay asked Yuya to let Yuto do what he wants, Yuya agreed but stated that he would Duel his own way.

Yuya's monsters were destroyed and he tried to calm Yuto and Shay down. Yuya was possessed by Yuto again, who claimed that they would keep fighting until they achieved victory. Yuya urged Yuto to calm down, admitting that he couldn't forget his fallen comrades but his anger would get them possess again by the unknown being. Yuya asked Yuto and Shay to leave it to him and he would answer their feelings. Yuto asked Yuya how he would deplete the Tyler sisters' 10, LP, he explained that he would borrow Yuto, Shay, and his father's strength.

Yuya activated " Miracle Rocket Show ", which would prevent the Tyler Sisters from taking battle damage, and used it and "Smile World" in combination with "Dark Rebellion" and "Rise Falcon" to attack " Amazoness Pet Liger " and activated the final effect of "Miracle Rocket Show" to inflict effect damage equal to the prevented battle damage to win the Duel. Yuya and Shay decided to Duel them since the others were injured. Shay told Yuya that his Dueltaining wouldn't work on them, but he would still Duel his own way.

When the Obelisk Force attempted to attack Yuya before his turn, he found and activated " Big Escape ", ending the battle. Yuto told Yuya that he had confidence in Yuya's Dueling to reach people's hearts and watched over him.

They criticized him for not trying to lower their forces, but Yuya replied that he wasn't going to fight dirty and didn't want the Duel to end just yet. Yuya was worried when Shay and Sayaka were caught in the falling debris from the shockwaves created by " Chaos Ancient Gear Giant " and shocked when Shay collapsed after getting injured by the debris.

Yuya tried to check on him but the Obelisk Force started to attack him and he used " Performapal Inflater Tapir " to reduce the battle damage to 0 and protect his friends. Yuya tried to find an Action Card but a second shockwave from "Chaos Giant" caused it to fall out of reach. The Commander-in-Chief then showed up with a squad of Duel Academy students and declared that he would defeat Yuya.

Yuya was worried about the others when they were cornered by Aster's squad until Kite stepped in to protect them. Yuya worried about Kite Dueling alone, but Yuto told him to focus on his Duel.

Yuya continued to suffer damage until he saw Kite defeat Aster's squad and retreat with the others, allowing Yuya to focus on his Duel. He brought his monsters back and thought about how to get Aster to understand him through Dueling, until Yuto reminded him Aster only believed in his Dueling.

Yuto insisted that Yuya's voice wouldn't reach Aster, but Yuya then noticed a torn "Smile World" card next Aster's foot and he learned that Aster Dueled his father and lost. Yuto again told Yuya that he couldn't make Aster understand through Dueling after hearing the story, but Yuya only smiled and when Yuto asked why, he told him that it was because Aster held on to the torn "Smile World". Aster furiously insisted that Yusho's Dueling was wrong and attacked directly. Yuto reminded Yuya that he would need multiple monsters to get past Aster's "Urban Demise" combo, but Yuya still insisted on Dueling his way.

Yuto reminded Yuya that not even Yusho could make Aster smile, but Yuya was certain that Aster did in fact smile. Yuya told Aster that his heart was wavering like his pendulum between the Dueling of Duel Academy and that of Yusho.

While trying to convince Aster again, he learned that Yusho told Aster that if Duel Academy smiled he would forgive them. Yuya went for another Action Card, using "Chain Deathmatch" to swing for the card, forcing Aster to remove "Chain Deathmatch" from the field, causing Yuya to fail to get the Action Card and "Laugh Maker" to be destroyed by the effect of "Dystopia". Yuya brought "Brave-Eyes" back, claiming that he needed his Fusion Monster to talk to Aster, and attacked.

Aster declared that he would talk to Yuya using the Lancers' card, and he powered up "Dystopia" through various means including the " Double Attack Action Card " that he had taken from Yuya, but Yuya countered with " Miracle Fire " to copy the effect of "Double Attack Action Card " effect and won the Duel.

He was able to make Aster smile again, but he and Aster were then surrounded by Duel Academy students called in by Mamoru Noro. Just as Mamoru ordered them to attack, Aster defended Yuya as he declared his treachery against the Professor to Yuya's shock.

Aster convinced the Duel Academy students to stand down and atone for their crimes, and Gloria and Grace joined them, while Mamoru was forced to surrender after Kite returned with the Resistance. They watched the relief effort and Yuya reassured Kite, who was feeling guilty over his actions towards Duel Academy, that he had taken a step forward by forgiving them.

Aster then revealed that the cards that people were sealed in were used to harvest life energy and intended to be awoken in the utopia that Duel Academy planned to create.

He told Yuya that they hadn't seen any sign of Zuzu and reassured him that they would take care of Shay. Yuya ran to Zuzu, happily calling her name. Zuzu tried to tell Yuya about his father, but to Yuya's surprise he was knocked to the ground by Iggy Arlo.

The Lancers were surrounded by Duel Academy, and Yuya tried to get Iggy to release him, but Zuzu told him to focus on his Duel while she was protected.

He accepted Iggy's challenge and admitted to Yuto that it was his fault anyway. Unlike "Idaten", who was weak against monsters without a Level, the effect of "Shura" was actually stronger against Xyz Monsters. Play free Fun Arcade online flash games and addicting web games at our free online arcade, bigmoneyarcade. Spot the Difference Butterflies 2. Paper Airplane Flying 3. Flower Shop Hidden Objects 4. Spiderman Street Racing 5. Spot The Difference Animals 8.

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yugioh dating quiz

Yuya was shell-shocked that Declan had been able to Pendulum Summon. Kaiba blocked Jonouchi, Dark Yugi and their friends from entering the castle.

yugioh dating quiz

Each claimed that the door they guarded was correct and offered to answer one question from each of Dark Yugi and Jonouchi. He stated his resolution that he would definitely save Zuzu and fulfill his promise with Yuto, declaring he must not lose to someone who would Duel for toying or hurting people. Registered players can save game high scores on their games.

yugioh dating quiz

Gong dating joshua would include to Yuya, who reassured him it was thanks yugioh dating quiz him they'd been able to get a draw. Jack thought that this was all on Yuya's expectations, but with Yuya's reply that it wasn't and all he was doing was trying his best, Jack became even more pleased and taught Yuya yuigoh about the essence of Dueling. Declan returned the daing, and told Yuya to confirm whether Pendulum Summoning was unique to yugioh dating quiz with his own eyes. Smiling, Yuto handed Yuya his glowing "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon," asking Yuya to use his power to bring Duels with smiles to the world, and both he and Yugo vanished in a glow of blue light. He was about to be hit by the blast from by "Ra", but Dark Yugi stood between them and yugioh dating quiz the attack on his back. The finalists and friends were then taken to the dining datkng for a dinner party.