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I think that this situation is unique, unless, of course, someone on the OBP knows different and I bet that proves to be the case. On the topic of logistics, the use of the word by transport companies is legitimate where you are dealing with certain types of haulage. Turn your speakers on! However one morning I had to pinch myself as I reported to the garage to operate the duplicate from Otley to Leeds and back. She had to pass the phone to me so I could give permission for the question to be answered.

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Met Office snow warning expanded to include all region The forecaster has handed out a yellow warning for snow, with travel delays and power cuts possible. Will she be at Warminster? Arrival at our Calshot office necessitated laying the free-standing coke stove and getting it going before work started. Phil, I accept all your comments on the matter of marketing. Unique beauty and diversity that stand out the coast between Savudrija and Umag from other summer destinations. The speed limit on the section of Mill Lane, from its junction at Mill Close to the junction with Portbury Lane and Failand Lane will also be reduced from 60mph to 40mph. The biggest superhero gang just got bigger.

Listen to the entire show above! Britney Spears Through the Years Following […]. Each week at Us Weekly we talk to some of the hottest celebs and dish about pop culture, reality TV, relationships and a whole lot of drama, while getting all the latest news! Each week, we compile some of our favorite interviews and highlights into our podcast, In Case You Missed […]. Burt Reynolds turned heads during his surprising Today show interview on Thursday, March The Smokey and the Bandit actor, 82, sat down with Hoda Kotb to promote his new film The Last Movie Star and look back on his legendary life and career.

Reynolds caught year-old Kotb off guard at the end of the […]. The married couple stopped by Us Weekly to talk all about what to expect this season, plus […]. Brielle Biermann may have forgotten to tell one important person about her recent breakup — her mom! We have a lot going on right now we decided it would be for the […]. Watch the full video above. Who is Willy Wonka child star Paris Themmen? But my abiding memory of the day was that it left me completely exhausted!

I left home at As this was to be a very long duty, I had arranged for the bus ex-BOC Bristol Lodekka LC to be driven to an outstation just a couple of miles outside Minehead, which is where the programme was due to be filmed the next day.

As I drove up the M5 in the pouring rain my heart sank as I knew that the cab of this bus is not watertight in any way. Walking around doing my checks left me soggy and even the Bristol AVW engine seemed reluctant to start.

My first task was to ferry the Antiques Roadshow experts from their hotel, where I also met my conductor Richard, to the West Somerset Railway station at Minehead. It was strange to see them up close and to exchange a bit of banter about the wet weather. I was pleased to see in my mirrors as I slowly backed around a corner that a large part of the field had been recently covered with hardcore and stone chippings so, for the rest of the day, there were no problems getting in and out. The destination was in Bath, which meant a mile empty journey from Weston-super-Mare.

I knew it was going to be a cold day so I set out wearing lots of layers! Even so, I was beginning to feel chilly by the time I had finished my walkaround checks. She stood in the garage gleaming, wearing white wedding ribbons inside and out. A quick peep into the fuel tank with a torch revealed that she had been topped up to the brim with go-juice as well.

Winter is the time when most of the heritage fleet is serviced, repaired or refurbished so the Bristol L was the only member of the fleet which was active. However, the job involved transporting more than 60 people to the reception venue so a modern coach was to join me.

As I drove out of the garage there was sleet in the air so I pulled on a pair of gloves and braced myself for a wintery blast through the cab. Several months have passed since my last duty with a heritage bus and even longer since my last stint in a Bristol L. So maybe I could be forgiven for a few graunchy gearchanges. Fortunately, by the time I picked up my passengers, I was back in crashbox mode. It seems to have been ages since I drove a heritage bus for a wedding. One of the many delights of Crosville private hire duties is that occasionally they involve more than one bus.

So it was good to meet up with my friend Dave Moore at the Crosville depot last Saturday as together we prepared our two vehicles. The duty Operations Manager popped over with a bag of ribbons and bows supplied by the client. He appeared rather keen not to be involved in affixing them to the buses so left them for Dave and me to sort out. Fortunately we had both arrived with plenty of time in hand so we had time to dress up the buses as well as do our usual checks and preparations.

I also had a few moments to check on two other Lodekkas, both of which were undergoing major engine surgery. As is my custom, I had earlier studied the routes for the day. So had Dave, so we agreed on the best route for our buses. Although there was nothing we could do to avoid the long and arduous climb of Red Hill on the way towards Bristol Airport, we decided not to use the more direct road to Winford Manor which would have taken us there via a long and occasionally narrow lane.

By going a little further past the Airport, we made use of a wider road which offered fewer hazards. The detailed layout, along with its skilled owner, is located in far-away Melbourne, Australia and the bus crew is of course represented in miniature form! The layout is described in more detail in this post from March The addition of the driver and conductor was the finishing touch to this wayside station cameo and Ray, always keen to get the details right, asked for some help with the bus crew uniforms.

Ray used these photos as reference material for the professional model makers who painted the cast resin bus crew. I also approve of the early Morris Minor in the background, complete with split screen and clap-hand wipers! Also on the horizon is a new book, based on the early part of this blog and covering the trials and tribulations of a bus conductor who is looking for promotion up to the noisy end!

Good fireside reading — anyone interested in buying a copy one day? But the Pier is supported by cast iron pillars, I hear you say. The historic Pier is in a perilous state, having fallen into disrepair many years ago. A fleet of buses was hired to transport supporters to Clevedon Pier where they boarded MV Balmoral for a cruise up the Bristol Channel.

Imsges: young speed dating bristol

young speed dating bristol

Ray used these photos as reference material for the professional model makers who painted the cast resin bus crew. In a similar vein, have you noticed that new roads are always named "Way" — never road, street, lane, avenue, drive, crescent or a special Nottingham favourite this Boulevard.

young speed dating bristol

About an hour and a half later than planned, our passengers boarded their buses and we returned to Birnbeck Pier. The restoration was completed in March More On Bath Somerset.

young speed dating bristol

The speed limit on the section of Mill Lane, from its junction at Mill Close to the best gay dating melbourne with Portbury Lane and Failand Lane will also be reduced from 60mph to 40mph. Politics Britain First leader Paul Golding has nose 'broken' in first week in jail It has been reported that he was attacked by two inmates. About 30 years ago a letter appeared in Buses Illustrated young speed dating bristol with the hapless drivers of Bristols and comparing their lot with that of those lucky folk who drove London buses. A typical NBC waste of money. Young speed dating bristol couple ended up getting a full refund from Mos Bros for the trousers and a discount on their shirts. I believe the datiny arm came first but I also suspect that it was a pre-existing company known by another name.