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Shin starts to report the news. Se Joo closes her hand with the ring and tells her to keep it. There is a lot of inconsistency yes….

I'll talk about dramas if I want to

People are mad but the only one that should be blame for this is the writer, NOT the cast, NOT the loyal drama fans because it took a hell of a lot of loyalty to stick to this and NOT the agencies. He wants to go abroad and learn to produce the programs he wants to do. Everything does not have to end in a wedding. Shin nows runs an internet news program called The News and is doing well. Guess I can just give up and not finish it. WTF with this drama!! Not your common k-drama ending!

He was hired to act not sing. Hahahah did you even read what I wrote? Your comment makes no sense, is completely irrelevant to my statement..? Les Unfortunately I always read you because you are continuously in this blog sometimes try to skip your comments. I know YH is a nice guy but seriously his fans are too much! Do they even realize that they are just as irrational and delulu but just in the other end of the spectrum? Yonghwa might not have a lot of dramas under his belt and might not have the experience as the others but to go as far as to say his career is non existent?

The only one to blame here is the writer and the writer alone. In all of the previous dramas where FNC idols have acted out, they have participated in the OST, this drama was the exception.

I was even cheering when I read Ms. Les hahahaha sorry if I bothered you! Jyh career doesnt exist????? I laugh on you. Some people here on this site blames his fans for the downfall of this drama. So he doesnt have a career???? Even he is not full pledge actor. He Have a career. S Jung yong hwa is indeed good singer, good songwriter and guitarist. If the original script was changed, just think how the cast must have felt!

The writer completely messed up the story and the cast. Definitely mocked up the cast and the viewers regardless whether they shipped Shin and Mirae or See Joo and Mirae. Waste of a good premise, waste of good actors, waste of my time. There was very little rom or com in this disaster. There was only a scene where the time cop said that what happened in the present will not change the future or something to that effect.

Mad as I am at the turn to hell of the story, it is that phrase that keeps me from screaming my head off at the writer.

Mirae ended up with Shin. I just wish the writer could have made a decision either way. If the beginning of the drama is any indication of what the end would be is that however much we mess with fate, destiny will still find a way in the future. We can teach our minds what to think, but our hearts will only beat one way. YH had maximum minutes per episode and his scenes with Mirae always ended with Shin watching them. On top of that, he almost never apologized for any of his abuses.

All they wanted was a good drama where he could shine as an actor. Oh, and the agency favoring YH thing? People are mad but the only one that should be blame for this is the writer, NOT the cast, NOT the loyal drama fans because it took a hell of a lot of loyalty to stick to this and NOT the agencies. The drama started dropping in ratings in episode 2 after a decent start and Shin had little to no screentime.

And kdrama watches not understanding why the main female would like the abusive guy? Or something like that. Viewers must have had a time machine to know Shin would never apologize and be a big meanie the whole drama so they stopped watching before they even saw it.

You all raved about him here, but the fact is ratings were dropping in Korea. Why do you back out now saying he was still good? Maybe to you, but not to them. Is that so hard to accept? If you want to bring up other abusive characters who were popular, perhaps they had other attractive charms to make up for it.

Personally, I think those characters eventually showed a lot of love toward their female lead than KS. Shin is a good character. Seju WAS a good character before he turned into the laughable mess he became. Maybe I see why you like Shin. Now that you mention ep. Seju was locked shut in the 2nd lead zone, which frustrated the viewers who had been rooting for Seju. This is when more viewers started to root for Seju-YK in Korea as well, but that died when SJ began to be abused as a marketing tool for the drama.

I am not saying no one in the world can like Shin, but he was simply an unpopular character in Korea no matter how good YOU think he is. He went against his principles from the beginning and tweaked the situation for his own good. How was he a good character there? When MR was hurt at the ghost house, he tried to make moves on her…????? He pretended to be a VJ so that he can learn the real work instead of domineering with his power right away.

He fell in love with MR because she was so free, unlike himself who was locked up in strict family rules. He fell deeper when she understood how he feels inside, when she commented spot-on about his film. Towards the end he kept pursuing her yes, but at least he was true to himself and his feelings, admitted his faults and tried in his own way to protect those he care about. So, answer me, why dramas like Secret garden or Secret where the main guy is abusive and never apologizes, gets love from the viewers and support?

Of the 10 people still watching MC in Korea, at least 8 of them love Seju the most. Something to be proud of really. Anywho, I personally was annoyed with the changes of his character, I hated that he became clingy but I guess his character was very well received by netizens, they sympathized more with him than with Shin. I totally agree with u. The latest i know is the ratings is 4. Theres an article release in korea the reasons why they favor sejoo more eventhough he doesnt get the girl.

And about those agency favoring jyh more than ldg, gosh i roll my eyes on u guys, fnc is more known for band music why did he sign in this agency then??? In cheongdamdong ldg reveal he wanted to revive as a singer. I think its a good opportunity for him, jyh will learn from ldg in acting and in return jyh can produce songs for him.

And looking at ratings.. Yoon eun hye, hope she makes better choices with next dramas. Next time, she should the script A LOT more carefully. Seriously, I had a headache watching this drama but I lasted until the final episode simply because I was curious how it will end. Now, that headache is a full blown migraine and I just felt like banging my head on the wall or something.

This is classic example how catering to the whims of the fans can ruin a potentially good drama. Koala i totally agree with you on that parallel world thingy!

The ending was so disconnected with the rest of the drama — er…EVERY episode was so disconnected, the story went nowhere and the ending pointless. Hats off to Ms K for hanging on to the end! This drama should be blown up and never to surface again! If they were going to end like this, I might as well have YK and Shin together being the awesome people they are, happy and all.

MR was just blergh and deserves SJ. They suit each other soo much. Why not make them together and Yk and Shin together then?

So, sooooooo glad I gave up around The ending is mind boggling bad, but I respect you for slogging through it, Koala. How is it possible that they had one of the best K-kissers out there with Eun Hye and never gave her a chance to show her stuff? Koala, I applaud your display of class throughout all this hot mess. The only person to blame here is the writer, and unless there was some kind of blackmailing, pressuring, or forceful tactic on the agencys,it will take alot for me to ever watch another one of her works again.

Aaaaaaand, this drama bowed out with 4. Hope it will not affect their career as it is surely not their fault. Thanks for all your recaps, Ms. Last time a drama sucked and wasted the amazing chemistry between two actors who barely had romantic interactions, the couple became true. Either something made the writer changed the script most probably low ratings , or this writer should just retire. Oh for the cast, please continue to hone in your crafts and do not choose a script from this writer next time.

For Koala, applause thanks for your hard work in recapping albeit a bit painful. Now let all move on! For her next one, I hope she will not be pairing with any of the guys that I like. This is the worst character she ever played. She has been doing terrible scripts. I did like Lie to me but the lead opposite her seemed a bit too feminine.

Turned me off from completely loving it. There should be a written rule that k-drama scripts should be written to completion before airing. Not hard to do. Dedicating 2 months slaving over the live-shoot system over a story that started off promising and then ended up turning into crap.. Sadly i stop watching after episode 7. I just read the recaps provided by the very patient Ms. For that that you. However this drama made no sense..

But after these 2 dramas,she does not seem to have much luck in drama land. I wonder what happened at what episode was that? They keep pushing Sejoo with Mirae but there is absolutely, virtually no chemistry. No romance, this drama is very depressing. Kudos to you Koala. If I had a genie lamp I would make three wishes: A writer who can make justice to the awesomeness Yoon Eun Hye is. Han Chae Ah as the female lead drama, because I adore her here. I let it go the first time in the last comment thread but you persist so off you go to the trashbin.

Feel free to re-post if you can turn your caps lock button off. There is a lot of inconsistency yes…. That this drama really become pointless and waste of time…. Thanks for recapping this drama Koala. I hope they have better luck on their next projects. I was so happy he made a return to tv after 5 years. There was a lot of leading male I mean A LOT of leading male who is abusive that I loathe and they were got a good rating…. Then korean is a very conservative country and they are the one who make korean drama has little variety.

I personally like kim shin character a lot at least as character study. I just love layered characters, those who have depth! KS and YK are perfect example for flawed characters with good heart but all we hear is! KS is an abusive arrogant man, and YK a sly fox gold digger! Also netizenbuzz translated an article and the netizens comments also seem to be on point with this. Does anyone know if Koala knows Korean?

I think Koala has a huge following and I just wanted to clear that not all Koala is saying about DC Inside Spoilers are quite accurate. Additionally, Koala extremely biased and I think that might be limiting her views in someway when it comes to sharing information to overseas fans. She seems to be letting her biased views affect sharing of accurate informations.

I have been following several Korean drama communities even before this drama started. I know there have been several synopsis changes even before the drama started, and I know of at least two major script changes that took place after this drama started airing.

Some of the spoilers, script changes mentioned were posted by MHIYD staff or someone who have actually read the synopsis and script. Some of these spoilers were posted even before certain episode aired and that is how I knew that some of the spoilers were accurate. The synopsis of this drama changed significantly since this drama received the approval, sponsors, time slot, and some of the main castings. This sigficant change took place somewhere just before or after the final casting was done, with involvement of the productions companies.

In the original synopsis, it was supposed to be a love story between a young PD who is a son of CEO of a broadcasting company and Na Mirae.

Jung Yong Hwa was originally casted in the role of this young PD. There are news articles that were released in Korean media early summer that confirm and back up my statement. For whatever reason, the original synopsis went through a major change and we got what we had in the first four episodes of this drama. During sometime around the airing of Ep 4, we did get a spoiler that the writer had already written scripts until Ep 12 and then discarded it completely.

Writer Hong is said to have rewritten the script at that time. Before the rewrite, the Writer Hong already had Seju and Mirae dating. This revision took place sometime around Ep 4 airing. I have more details on summary of the scenes before the revision of the script by the writer. I think that spoiler summary revealed by one of the staff is still posted at one of the Korean drama community sites.

Then, after the rating started to fall drastically. That was after Ep 12 was aired. Actually, his scenes were decreased to give Kim Shin more screen time by the writer after the drama started.

She probably had to make some changes to the script in the end to try to keep the ratings from falling down even futher. That is probably when more of Seju and Mirae scenes were added after Ep 12, to prevent the ratings from falling down even further. The actual breakdown of this drama stated to happen when the writer tried to add more of Kim Shin and Na Mirae scenes even though the character Kim Shin has completely failed to win over Korean viewers.

I read some people claiming that the writer was trying to do fan services, especially to JYH fans, by increasing Seju and Mirae scenes. The writer tried to decrease Seju and Mirae dating scenes to encourage viewers to like Kim Shin and Na Mirae coupling that she wanted to write.

However, when Kim Shin and Mirae couple failed to generate any support from Korean viewers and also when the rating started to fall drastically and reached a point where KBS no longer will tolerate dropping any further, the writer tried to get the viewers back by writing more Seju and Mirae scenes. It was more the writer trying to keep the rating from dropping even further. The writer originally planned to have Seju and Mirae dating with Mirae getting interested in Kim Shin as well.

The writer revised that script she had written after the drama already started to air to delete all those Seju and Mirae dating scenes when the Korean viewers started to show more interest in Seju and Mirae coupling starting Ep 1.

The fact is that many of Korean JYH fans wanted Seju to just concentrate on building his media empire after Ep 5 and on. These are not JYH fans. If you know Korean, go and review and find out for yourself. All of that just confirms what we already know, that they did everything for the ratings because KBS freaked out.

They still did it. Why do people get so upset about using the word fanservice anyway? If what u write about it is the actual problem, then korean entertainment industry is sucks then….

Les , because you are Les stop with this. Fan service is what webviewers watched in this drama , some viewers is you want. This is my opinion based in what I watched not based in soompi or other webs , blogs forums.

For me this drama was made to JYH he was going to end with the female lead but everything went to hell. Agency service instead fan service!! Ok first off, not every YH fan that comments here is me, with that being said, seriously what?! Lastly, when the hell did I say I wanted to post this? Koala announced the rumors of the casting, if I visit and comment on this site ovbiously I enjoy her recaps. The problem was not the characters, but in the plot. There were lapses in logic you could drive a truck through, a lack of passion, a lack of direction, a lack of theme.

To say that adding SeJoo scenes of deleting SeJoo scenes would make a ratings difference is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Sorry, one of the alternate universes interrupted my post. What was the story of this drama about? My brain just fried from trying to understand this. Okay, so I have been a silent reader of the recaps of this drama.

Thank goodness for that, because now I can avoid the majority of the frustration and betrayal that the viewers of this drama must have experienced. There is no way this could have been more of a disappointment. It had good messages but it was too blahhhh. I admit it, didnt we all watch this drama to see a cute romcom with our two fave leads?! Bakit kasi ginawang second lead yung crush ko.. I would prefer a man who loves and care for me more than me being the one who loves more hehe. I can fell for that man..

I waited 16 episodes for real love between kim shin and mirae, and what do i get? Not even hugging Thanks a lot! Guess I can just give up and not finish it. Not his fault as it is clearly not what he signed up for. After five stressful episodes there is a little hope that writer make cheerful ending!

Tanx for your recaps. I hope this is not the beginning of the decline of the hallyu wave. Pandering to the ratings. We just want a good story! We want character development. We are tolerant of bad acting if the story is good. I would like to encourage the actors to please do not give up.

I personally feel the efforts you put into this drama, even as you must have felt the pain more than us just watching you. YEH studied directing, but i hope we still see her in really good dramas.

She has surmounted a big hurdle here when we were quite ready to overlook her non-posh looks. This ending… Le sigh. And the time capsule: The writers left it up to the viewers to choose. She is never really able to make any of her own decisions.

This is why it bugs the shit out of me if Mirae ended up with Sejoo in this timeline bc she never actually reciprocated his feelings. He forced his on her. How is that okay or even remotely romantic. Yes, Sejoo was insistent, and consistent, and maybe delusional, thinking that with good behaviour you can win love. But the fact is that at some point she stopped saying no. She could have said no. But yes, if the writer meant her to keep the ring and possibly end up with him, then it would have been better if the expressions of the actress changed a bit, gradually, and we could see that she brought herself to like him more as a man.

She kept looking miserable. Was it the director disagreeing with the writer? Was it the actress disagreeing with the script she was given? It gave me a sense of contentment not to see the choice made so quickly. It seems to me that the writer wants the story to live on in our minds so she leaves a kind of….

I for one enjoyed the drama as a whole! Lee Dong Gun or his people posted a link to this recap on his official facebook page. It makes me wonder if he is doing it to see the support from the fans despite the crazy that he had to put up. I could so see myself slamming down the printout in front of my manager. Excellent, well written comment! This writer should never get a job writing a drama ever again! The good thing that came out of this was I got to meet Lee Dong Gun as an actor and he is great.

I truly hope he will get a role worth of his great talent! Agreed with this entire article. I was one of those people who dropped off after ep. I never thought I would say that about Time travel, a genre I love. I loved Yoo Kyung the most, and pretty much watched her scenes. But of course, lets just send her off to America at the end.

Mi-Rae of the parallel universe made the same choice. Mi Rae should choose and I expected more romance. I mean, YEH had 2 goodlooking guys but I seldom saw a scene that can make my heart futtery. I hoped that they depicted a Mi Rae- Shin ending much clearly. WTF with this drama!! But this was disappointing. The only good things were Oppa getting married and that the goldigger reporter did not get Sejoo!!

Screw that Yoo Kyung!! I guess you can figure out her choice if the two babies look a like. Captain Koala can you do a side by side comparison. I guess the writers would like for us to become detectives. And one more comment about the main actress. This is really what I expect from her. Coffee Prince and Goong: To me she is trying to hold on to her image in Goong.

Since she is older it does not work. It makes her characters look indecisive and immature. Lie to me was good until she became indecisive.

Really you go through all of that and then you want to be indecisive. I just gave up-between the whining of Yoochun and her indecisiveness, I skipped to the parts of Sueng Ho.

Sueng Ho kept that drama moving. I thought from what we saw from previews that this was meant to be a rom-com.. Meant to be funny?!!

Instead we see her talking to Mirae and saying she is ruining Se Joo. If you ask me why I continued to watch ….. Always support Jung Yong Hwa! This teaser has been going on until the end.

Not your common k-drama ending! Every time YEH comes out with a new drama, I keep hoping it would be the next big hit of hers. Anyway, thanks for the recap. Seriously, I need some closure.

Will definitely watch his next work. The ending got me screaming and jumping out of my seat! Against all odds, however you try to change how your life goes, you can never change the people you go through it with. Though she left it to Sejoo to decide whether to come back to her or not, we all know that her heart has always been for Kim Shin, and him for her. Her and Sejoo was just forced love, uncomfortable and it was just not natural.

I really look forward for more of Lee Dong Geon after this. Missed him a lot since My Boyfriend is Type B. I hope he will have more successful projects after this. Some things may happen and some may not. Long time lurker here, but finally decided to add my two cents about this show. The problem with this show is that the story is a little underwhelming compared to other shows so far. Even my mom, who is an avid watcher of korean dramas dropped the show earlier because she feels that MHIYD is not entertaining enough, there are a variety of korean dramas , and they tend to be the latest shows competing for her attention nowadays We have 3 korean channels at home , and this situation, is from an overseas country.

Who was the grown up guy in one or was it two??? I thought that that was her husband and the boy was their child. Can someone explain to me who was the grown up guy in one or was it two??? I thought that that was her new husband and the boy was their child now.

Its pity why he refuse the role of Choi Young do in the heirs and choose to become Se Joo. I think if he make the good choice, he could be the next top leading actors because of that role. Actually, its kind of boring to see him become the second male lead with typically one sided love role, I wish next time he can pick another fascinating role with new character. I dont knw y people are complaining i enjoyed the story for me it was ok.

And the ending wasnt as bad as city hunter when prosecutor kim died or a tale of two sisters when yerin died after she changed from bad to good i really said i would stop watching kdramas because yerin died in that movie. Not really happy with the ending. I was really hoping that Mi Rae ended up with Se Joo. Is there going to be a part 2? Wats wrong with kdrama dis days?? Even Heirs became laggy when comes to epi So I gave up on that too.

I just finished the final and ya bit disappointed but I took it positively that probably options is open to us who ever we want MiRae to end up with… both See Joo and Shin still hv her in their hearts even after 3 years…..

And the future Kim Shinn says his wife died n left with his son. He is with future Kim Shinn after his wife died? I think I stopped at 7 or 8. I think I will remove the drama form my queue and go to Miss Korea. I really do not like hanging endings. I kept waiting and hoping she would make a choice. When they were at the bookstore I kept hoping she would bump into one of them. It was like a big tease because she even went back in.

Though everything does point towards se joo by the end. Also, that goddarned time capsule! I appreciate your recaps! That was supposed to be the plan right??? I have tried my best to watch till the end hoping for a good ending just to be disappointed.

The audience are left to decide or conclude on their own. Haha Though a lot of things points towards Se Joo in the end. What am I saying here? Went from then skipped to 15 and I am applauding you right now. My only hope was that someone else in the world would have had a similar reaction and could explain to me what I was feeling.

This drama began so epically. That the ending was a huuuuuuge disappointment. Like, the ratings you can find on Wikipedia are more than accurate. Even that was generous! I dont ask for much in life…..

Glad Im not the only one who pays attention to major writing flaws. My biggest question is…. What drama should I watch now that will prove better than this? Koreand Dramas must be redeemed!!! This is the biggest plot hole I have ever seen in a K-drama before! It is really disappointing! How am I supposed to comprehend this?!

How did this box trasfare tothe future and who did the past Mi Rae end up with?! I really want them to make a last episode that shows who she ends up with and all! I was hoping for more! So I think that both Mi Raes are happy with their choices: You need some growing up to do and maybe go ahead and apologize to your mother for turning up to be a human garbage.

Key — suicide is not a topic to joke about! You are an insane moron. Well, prettyautumn calling people dumb and delusional IS offensive as well, even though I admit my comments are far worse. But what are the actresses doing themselves to push for this in Korea. Why are they many female drama script writers but very few female directors and producers?

If its money issue excuse, Its not enough. Because their male counterparts especially in movies do work together just fine even though they command high talent fee. Some actors like Jung Woo Sung even produce and star in their own projects. But he tried to invest to try to shake things a little bit. The answer is easy. Because they are women. Hollywood has the same problem, so do film industries around the world.

We have the same person above making comments pretending to be someone else!! She needs to leave this site. Mind if I ask you who that person might be? And with what right do you think you are telling who gets to comment or not? I think you may know who it is…and your comments were just as disgusting as any other disgusting comment.

Sorry Gilgit…you may find hateful comments funny but I dont. Are you any better than the person making the original comment? Do you feel any better? The question does not even need to be asked. Clarissa dear, I do not understand your point at all. How am I, who called out a person who talked so lightly about depression and suicide, disgusting? What was so hateful in my comment? Please do tell me. Everyone calls excessively rabid fangirls from rivaling fandoms dumb and delulu.

What do you mean by original comment? The one that pointed out the double standards in the treatment of male and female actresses? Or the one who bashed CSB? But as I said, there are wrong things and then there are outright disgustingly wrong things. Sorry to say but you started this totally unnecessary topic that just derailed from the whole matter and the seriousness of the wrong I pointed out. Your email address will not be published.

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yoona seung gi dating netizenbuzz

On top of that, he almost never apologized for any of his abuses. This was beyond the call of recapping duty. Writer Hong is said to have rewritten the script at that time.

yoona seung gi dating netizenbuzz

I am applauding you right now.

yoona seung gi dating netizenbuzz

The past with Se Joo and nwtizenbuzz future with Kim Shin, so the both of them get to marry her! Oh well, empress ki and secret R both good. That would have made me murderous. He pretended to be a VJ so that he can learn the real work instead of domineering with his power right away. He smiles and closes the door and leaves. The abrupt change midway through to keep the Se Joo love triangle alive could only be explained as fan writing first message online dating to give his character reason yoona seung gi dating netizenbuzz keep interacting with Mi Rae because his seubg was popular whether due to his seunv or just drama viewers who liked the nice rich guy and not the prickly straitlaced yoona seung gi dating netizenbuzz. This drama began so epically.