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Cat and Beck are Dating! and Some News!

will tori and beck dating on victorious

The song also sort of does describe their current relationship on the show. Great, so, ,mission accomplish, right? Also, Trina keeps blowing her nose, which causes her tissues to have a lot of snot in them, and afterwards, she starts to get a fever. Vega kiss " Uck. It was announced on August 10, , that the series would not be renewed. However, Trina and Cat arrive late and the play starts with Tori looking hideous, confusing the audience.

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In the photo you can see is Cat and Beck seen in his RV making out, kissing, and sending Cat to the delivery unit because Beck is on top, attaching his thing to Cat's thing, so it's a pretty good chance that Cat and Beck are together, and having babies, and Daniel will soon break up with Cat so Cat can be with Beck happily. Zombies , because Tori was wearing a zombie mask in "Tori The Zombie" when her and Beck first sang together during the play. I don't love you because you're beautiful, While walking up behind her. Their posts include Cat writing everything she does, Jade trying to scare people by screaming at them to follow her, Beck washing his car in a tank top, Robbie getting a makeover , and Tori trying to do a hard challenge. The episode ends with Dr. Retrieved from " http:

What are, what are you? While Beck puts the sunglasses on and fixes 'his' hair. Do I look that good running away? Tori pretends to run away Beck Falls for Tori. Beck as unnamed character: What can a man tell his wife only minutes before the world ends. While Beck stops leaning on the black box and walks closer to Tori. Beck and Tori as unnamed characters: I don't love you because you're beautiful, While walking up behind her.

Beck nods in the direction of his locker and takes Tori to his locker and shows it to her. Beck walks off The Bird Scene. I know, but my foot's a part of my body and the internet is, yeah my foot. A Film by Dale Squires. Sorry for that constable.

I don't have a car so I have no such documents in my trouser pockets. Why don't you stop invading my personal space?! And how about a little of this Raisin Bran? Have you ever seen a carnivorous wilder beast rubbing about Dan Schneider?

While poking Tori Officer Pedesco repeatedly. I'll back off then. Stops poking her Sleepover at Sikowitz's. Ah, ah, you broke character, you lost, I am a police officer and I am "victorious!

Enjoy some Raisin Bran, you freakish brit! While picking up the Raisin Bran and pouring it on Beck Malcolm who is smiling and not stopping her. This is Officer Pedesco, code 3, insert siren noise here HA! Oh, that'd be great, thanks! I mean I'm so not the jealous type. I've never ever done anything like this before but seeing my ex-boyfriend make out with Cat, I guess I just I just lost it for a second and next thing I knew my hand was on the cheese valve.

Uh, I have to go apologize to them. Come on, let's go find Helen. Tori and Beck go on an Opposite Date — not a real date. Plus, Andre and Robbie get a little fruity. A lot has changed since Tori first showed up at Hollywood Arts, including her friends. Here's how we all looked then and now. Sinjin's new game show was so bad that it ruined Beck and Jade's relationship! See what happens when you leave Sinjin in charge! We weren't supposed to take pictures in detention, but that didn't stop us.

See all our pics now! Do you have a costume yet? If not, check out our gallery of cool and easy costumes that will make you look fabulous this year! Locked Up in Yerba.

We recently went on a little vacation. Well not really a vacation -- more like the worst trip ever! See all our pics from that time we went to and escaped from Yerba! Never go to Yerba! See my favorite pieces in a gallery I like to call: I got cast in a movie. It was a very weird experience. But it all turned out good in the end. Robbie's Car and Dale Squires! We've also got pics of a lobster on a bike. Pics of me and my girlfriend. She broke up with me last week -- but we're cool now!

Andre's fave pics from the Showcase Sikowitz slapped Beck in a photo gallery. I challenged you kids to go out there and say YES to life!

And while your pictures confuse and befuddle me, they also make me a very proud Sikowitz! Cat slapped Beck in a video. Do you wanna feel normal and popular?!? All you need to do is buy a Pajelehoocho! Story Story Writer Forum Community. This is about Beck and Tori falling in love. I do love Beck and Jade's relationship but I do want him and Tori end up together in the end. In the story Beck and Jade have never dated before and Jade and Tori are actually friends. Vega shouts up the stairs.

Tori goes down stairs " Honey I got some pancakes ready for you. Tori and Trina get into Trina's car " So Trina when did you have your first boyfriend? Tori and Beck walk into the Janitor's closet " First I have something to tell you. I think I am to, I mean not with me but uh you, ya so.

Cat walks off " So, I heard your conversation with Cat over there. I've known you wanted this forever. Jade walks off " Hey, so Beck told me you guys were gonna go out on a date tomorrow night. School Ends " Mom I'm home, you should make me some dinner. Trina stomps up to her room " So Tori how are you and Beck? Vega kiss " Uck. Tori walks upstairs " Trina. Tori goes up to her room and calls Jade " Hello.

Tori hung up her phone and went down stairs " Tori sit. Tori sits by Trina " So what are you two doing this weekend?

Imsges: will tori and beck dating on victorious

will tori and beck dating on victorious

Tori tells the gang about Trina. WWE wrestler Rikishi as a sumo wrestler. The episode ends where Jade and Beck are officially a couple again and Robbie finally gets the butterfly out of Cat's ear.

will tori and beck dating on victorious

So who is the lucky boy that you are going on a date with? Daniella Monet as Trina Vega. She is unable to do it, and no one wins the money.

will tori and beck dating on victorious

Beck nods in the direction of his locker and takes Tori to his locker and shows it to her. Come on, let's go find Helen. Trina asks Sinjin to rig the prom queen election so she can win, while in turn she promises to will tori and beck dating on victorious his date to the prom. I passed my audition and that's all that matters. If Jade would've been Beck's wife, she should still be a cold hearted and frozen minded wife and having unhappy, unjoyful children and not treating them right like Cat treats Amanda like a baby princess. She broke up with me last week -- but we're cool now! After eating gross seafood, Tori and Beck have to take Beck's aunt's dog to the vet.