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How Bill O'Reilly Tried to Get His Wife's Boyfriend Investigated By the Cops

wife dating another man

Hello Sergio, I wanted to thank you for helping me! However, this practice was curtailed to a great deal in many countries in the twentieth century, and more modern statutes tend to define the rights and duties of a spouse without reference to gender. Until after two years, I started to wonder where we were going. I lied to her and told her my daughters father has the same name as her husband.

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His job was to catch crooked cops, root out corruption, and police the police. But at some point during the summer of , his commanding officer, Inspector Neil Delargy, called him into his office with a highly unorthodox assignment: Harasym was to launch an investigation into a fellow officer based not on what he had done, but on who he was dating. Delargy ordered Harasym to meet with two private detectives working on behalf of Bill O'Reilly.

Delargy told Harasym to launch an investigation into the man and to tell him to end the relationship. Gawker's source is someone who has a longstanding personal relationship with Harasym, and who heard the account directly from Harasym himself. The source provided contemporaneous e-mail traffic to support his account. Do you know Bill O'Reilly?

I got called into my boss' office saying they wanted me to meet with these two PI's working for O'Reilly to go over some information because a detective was having an affair with O'Reilly's wife. According to our source, Delargy offered Harasym no justification for investigating the detective—who is unmarried—aside from the alleged infidelity.

Delargy also told him to tell the detective to back off. Delargy told Harasym that the investigation was highly sensitive for two reasons, the source said: Internal affairs detectives aren't accustomed to running personal errands, and trolling for dirt on their colleagues, at the behest of major donors to department projects.

So Harasym, the source says, refused the assignment. Several months later, he was transferred out of internal affairs. It's unclear whether the investigation was assigned to another detective. Mulvey retired as commissioner in April.

When we called him for comment, he seemed to be aware of the case. But I will tell you this much: I was never contacted by Bill O'Reilly or anyone associated with him and asked to launch an investigation.

Mulvey and O'Reilly may have gotten to know each other at events like the one pictured here: The foundation doesn't disclose its donors, and its president, David Mack, didn't return a phone call seeking comment. But that doesn't mean that O'Reilly hasn't personally donated funds, or that the foundation hasn't made more recent gifts. In January, when a Long Island Press reporter began looking into special favors being handed out by Nassau County cops to NCPD Foundation donors, the paper's editor-in-chief received a call from O'Reilly's assistant insisting that O'Reilly "did not receive any preferential treatment from Mulvey.

His name had never been brought up in relation to this story until the assistant's phone call. Fox News declined repeated and detailed invitations to comment on this story. Harasym, reached by phone, said only, "Anything related to the police department, I can't talk about. I can't tell you anything. Kevin Smith, a spokesman for the NCPD, said, "It's not our policy to identify complainants in cases, and we don't divulge information about administrative investigations.

Usually, investigations are opened after someone comes forward to complain about the activity of an officer, and we don't want to discourage people from coming forward.

If a person comes to us and has a complaint, no matter how frivolous it appears to be, we look into it. Often, movies also portray women in a false way.

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wife dating another man

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wife dating another man

I hope I can get enough balls to go through his phone and find out anything that will make me mad.

wife dating another man

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