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why did you join a dating site

Join Date Mar He said the forums were rather amusing and he was right. I'm not gettin sex at home Meet singles at Join a dating site. Show join a dating site your true self instead of focusing on how you look and sound like you do in real life. There can be no compromise when it comes to finding the one, so it. I rolled over in my bed one nite and it occurred to me that something was missing

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Not many other options. I'm trying to think of a suitable punishment for that mate. This site can only be a good thing, the bad can only make us stronger so therfore good comes of them. I stay on for the meets and the occasional post. When i got banned cos of trolls I joined here but never activated my account, The admin of other site let me back as long as I didnt use the forums cos he didn't have time to delete their crappy slating posts.

I don't get a chance to get out much in the small town I live in. Not many other options. When I first joined supposedly to find someone, but after , here more for the forums and blogs than anything as well as keep up with friends.

Also, this site is a great time waster I ask myself this question often So bored at the time. Then I got sucked into the forums I call it forum h appy. Only joined for the forums. I joined it cause I am bored and injured and in two months ready to go again. Even if I wanted to I can't date so that's not the reason. I don't believe in long distance relations so that's why as soon as I am healed I will be looking.

Still not over the ex I'd like to find some interesting people I've got friends but can you really ever have to many? Plus I was a little bored. Looking for a partner.. Because I live in a dead-end rural town where dreams and people go to die and if it weren't for the internet I'd remain single by choice.

Seeking new friends from anywhere. Find local friends to hang with. For fun and entertainment. Whoever told you that is an idiot. I've been known to have that happen once before!

You still comin to the BBQ on the 6th if camping falls through? OT Iam now here for friends and parties But initially it was to meet people.

Currently not actively using the site to find dating because I'm tired on the scene for the moment I was wondering what the hell POF meant and I wasn't given the answer until I was out on the patio and two nice guys told me. Going to a few functions are a blast too!! If I can find a nice guy to hang out with and get to know even better!! I think I've accomplished both.. I've attended some kickass gatherings and made some awesome friends..

Oh and enemies too.. Seems to have worked! So, I guess I initially joined for the dating, discovered the forums then the group activities I was like forget it, I'm not going to a stupid singles event. So I registered to see what it was about and became addicted to the global forums, made some great friends, then started coming to the local one and attended a few meets and even started hosting my own!

Funny how life is. So yeah I come for the events, the forum and to pick on Trevor. Totally cool people from POF, great gatherings, great laffs and most importantly I've made a lot of life-long friends! I am a sweetheart Joined: I needed a pick me up. So we got on POF and chatted. Did lots flirting and laughing it was all good. I find them to be very addictive. Its a lot more precarious to be sarcastic,insulting and rude in real situations.

I was intrigued and entered the thread. I then read a few post's. But had no idea it was dating website. Later that day, i was searching something and this forum came up and i was rather surprised, as i had been lead to the same site, twice in one day. So i signed up. It came to me in a dream!

Actually i came across it by accident,so decided to take a peek. A friend decided we should go to a meet which was in Eastbourne and ive been going to meets on and off since as well as hosting my own,which came about after having a break from here. Why did i join? I needed to start socialising again after a painful break up and get some confidence. Ive got to know some great people and made some good friends and hosting meets really boosted my confidence.

More or less given up on the idea of romance but found the forums and got hooked! How and why did you join POF.. A mate told me about it. I'm trying to think of a suitable punishment for that mate. I joined to argue with chavs on here. About 18 months ago I was off work sick, incapacitated, recently single and bored.

I joined to meet the girl of my dreams, my soul mate. I found it cos my 'then' boyfriend had forgotten to clear his history on my pc and I found out he had been on dates with a number of women on the site. A friend recommended it. As a true hearts and flowers romantic i joined to find true love and a husband. And the many pics of topless younger men is the icing on the cake.

I am with SJ being a romantic aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah oooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah really? I'm just here for the sex. One of the younger Sgts in the mess was banging on about the site Good fun all the same. I joined as I was on another site where the chap I was chatting to didn't have a photo but he did on here so I shuffled over to see what was what Friend from work suggested it as a laugh so on a drunken Friday evening that was that, then I stumbled across the Forums, like to read the range of thoughts and views across the WWW.

A friend joined last Jan and met a guy off it, they moved in together and they are sooooo happy, I'd been single for about 6 months at the time so decided to give it a go, have had no luck meeting men off here BUT a relationship developed with a man I worked with and I considered a great friend, one day I realised I liked him as more than and a friend and we've been together since Jan this year.

I joined over 3 years ago under a different name fleurskyblue , found it while randomly googling.

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why did you join a dating site

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why did you join a dating site

So I registered to see what it was about and became addicted to the global forums, made some great friends, then started coming to the local one and attended a few meets and even started hosting my own! Figure Out Which One Iam talking about.

why did you join a dating site

First of all, I don't yok a dating site extra help to meet someone. Learn More Browse by Location. I guess I did it wrong cause the next thing I know, he was contacting me. Dod find a woman not gunna happen Now - cocaine dating sites for the forums now Tom Im pretty sure hes not an advocate on join as many sites as you can find to up your. But sometimes when I am why did you join a dating site in bed alone it sinks in.