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Most gun owners support restrictions. Why aren’t their voices heard?

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Everybody has the opportunity to make good choices. It is intended to increase heart health. It was and still is the least I could do. He even gave me 10,USD as a means of compensating me. My dad wifed my mom with 5 beautiful kids! Women are entitled, put on a pedestal, bring nothing to the table expect their looks and still complain. They refuse to eat right and exercise because in their head being fat is out of their control.

Why I hate fat girls?

T he global financial crisis pushed it well below this long- term trend, and the recent run has largely brought it back in line. There was a group of guys and girls that lapped me a couple of times and every time I was near them they very loudly made fun of me and laughed and giggled. Rather Its lady like or not. How about you spend your time more constructively instead of posting over 30 comments on stupid web article…. Enjoy your special spiritual beingness! Wanting one with a slender lady is not a crime.

If you read my article on the death destruction of the bible, I approach metanoia from a completely different angle. I just read death destruction of the bible and Christian feminism has crippled the gospel started with the feral hypergamous Amy Semple McPherson. It had Elijah running scared and John the Baptist beheaded. Only when there is repentance can moral fortitude be given — this is how metanoias work in my experience.

Modern Western women also suffer from a complete lack of gratitude and appreciation for what they DO have. Once a woman has gone down the promiscuous route, she is almost irreparable. Only a miracle can change her. Now, women can do it all on their own. They can go to school, go to work, raise their own babies, fight wars, do their own housework and mow their own lawns — all with minimal or no support of men i.

I have a high paying job, great education, own my own home and have zero responsibilities to anyone except myself. Feminism gave me all that. In days past, because of patriarchal societal beliefs, I would have had no choice but to become a father in support of a family living with constant shaming would be the alternative in those days.

If women want all that BS for themselves, let them have it! It not only means freedom from oppression for them — it also means freedom from oppression for us dudes. I see how the world works. I see all the dead bodies strewn about the relationship minefield. My philosophy is simple: And welfare is still paid almost entirely by men!

Yeah — pull my middle leg and it plays jingle bells! Yeah — those STDs right? Very much enjoy Mr. Good man he is. I have nothing against women only trying to open your eyes. In spite of ALL of your achievements, all of your contributions to society, America has fallen behind in education because young men are not allowed to move they are more active than girls are not allowed to love science, receive less positive attention from teachers, whereas in Japan…..

Let men be men. Education should be sexually segregated and equal. I was in Seminar courses testing above average and above GATE level until I hit puberty…I know of male friends who were also in my courses and went through the same changes.

Women then dress very provocatively daisy dukes in winter? I went from being the class tutor to thinking about sex all day in one semester! So most men besides athletes and some exceptions like imported students of which there are many and I have nothing against that make it that far into higher level education are on the more feminine side of metro sexual if not gay my brother is gay and the first to go to college besides having average grades he is a wonderful person majoring in psychology.

So women and feminine men are becoming the majority at higher institutions and we are seeing our advancement in the sciences slow to crawls compared to other countries. Look at the caption picture in this informative article! Go ahead call me what you want. The men who are willing to marry do not get much sex and become jaded and eventually just hate you not that its the right thing to do.

To the point where they do the math and estimate your having slept with 50 douchebags and just avoid the situation all together. Yes this was a rant but that does not make it any less true. Please I am itching to hear your reply. Women basically exist in a state of delusional extreme privilege, which screws up their ability to relate to most hard working men.

I do understand where you are coming from…. That would be the end of the USA as we know it. But,I do understand what you are saying about Femi-Nazism. Women are under the austere illusion that feminism has liberated women? It has liberated men! Today it is a joke! How pathetic the wimminz are! Legal and financial abortions for men will be denied by feminists. Women still have control over you wallet.

I was thinking about Mary who washed the feet of Yahshua. Given her lifestyle, I think she was pretty well financially off. She had used a bottle of nard on the feet of Yahshua and washed them with her hair.

The bottle of nard itself was worth a years wages and to have hair length that would double as a towel speaks volumes. Your thoughts on this? Thank you for the invitation to your Blog. I like what I see here. But,I think it goes a little bit further than that….. The office tower that I work in….

Last month a Matchmaking business in the office tower had a singles night after work…. The dating service was astounded and did not know how to explain it. Of course,they blamed it all on the MEN….. This is just one example. When we go for drinks after work we will walk into the bar and the bar is filled with single wimminz aged 25 to 50 all from the same area. They are never approached and hang out amongst themselves….

This 38 year old HOTTIE that I know who works in the same office tower has asked me out 3 times I am 48 and all 3 times she has gotten the same response…. Last week I ran into her and she asked if she could come up to my office and talk to me after work. She arrived,I made her a drink and then she asked me point blank….

I was shocked to say the least. In my own mind I was thinking WOW! I tried to be nice and explain to her that maybe she is chasing the wrong men and should look for greener pastures. CDC estimated that from the season to the flu season, flu-associated deaths ranged from a low of about 3, to a high of about 49, people. In comparison, the current flu has already resulted in 44, deaths this flu season. At 44, deaths and counting, we are already nearly to the high end 49, people of the normal flu-associated deaths range.

You would think the CDC would publish an easy-to-find running tally of influenza mortality. They only post that information for pediatric mortality. Currently, that number stands at Additional data can be found at: They do, however, provide the information for you to do the math for yourself. On the same page as the above graphic, the CDC provides a chart with the mortality rate presented as a percentage.

Below that chart is the option to open up the chart data. This opens an Excel file with the number of people who died from both influenza and pneumonia by week dating back to I added up the total deaths for the flu and for pneumonia starting in Week 40 October 2, and ending in Week 1 January January 7, This is what those figures came to:. To make matters even more confusing, the CDC does report lab-confirmed cases of influenza at the top of the same web page. This is the chart. This chart is somewhat misleading, as it does not compare apples to apples.

Thanks, but I could tell that already by just reading my Facebook news feed. To add yet another twist, the pediatric mortality total is posted on this same chart.

This compares apples to oranges and gives the impression that there are much fewer people sick and dying than there actually are. But, they can mislead. If you do add the lab-confirmed cases of influenza together, you get 19, cases. Not only does this influenza strain produce a more intense and deadly flu, the flu vaccine is less effective against it.

Among the explanations he and his coauthors offered for the lower strain-specific protection were manufacturing-related factors. This is down significantly from the VE rates against other strains. This report from CBS News explains how we know this. Nonetheless, the medical community and media are still pushing the ineffective flu vax with all their might.

It was a great way to touch base with hundreds of people around the country. There were loads of reports of hospitals reaching surge capacity, school closings due to high numbers of influenza cases, and people being told by their employers to stay home and telecommute if possible. Hospitals and medical facilities are usually extra busy during flu season. Surge capacity is the ability to handle a sudden and dramatic increase in the number of patients needing immediate care.

This is happening because there are more patients seeking out emergency care, and they are staying in the hospital longer.

This is leading to a scarcity of hospital beds and available staff. There seems to be quite a few hospitals at capacity. This is just a tiny sample of hospitals that are either full or almost full.

Imsges: why arent we dating yet

why arent we dating yet

God supposedly passes ultimate judgment as to whether you can enter heaven or not. Women are infinitely more shallow.

why arent we dating yet

The pattern, they say, is frustrating and familiar:

why arent we dating yet

Hence poorer tagline for dating website are fatter. If gun owners such as Chandler want their voices heard, they need to organize themselves. But keep in mind being healthy is key. Then there is of course those who have genes that actually make datingg so why arent we dating yet harder to stay slim. You had an opportunity there to constructively educate and support another person and you chose bullying shy shame. It has not yet diverged significantly above trend, as it did in the years ahead of the technology bubble. I mean, that would be like, hard and stuff!