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He dated Mimi Lockhart but they broke up when Rex discovered Mimi aborted his baby without telling him about it. Stefano also attempts to frame Rafe Hernandez for the murder. From onward, after the character's final surgery and Hall-Gengler's retirement from acting, Hattie was played by Deidre Hall.

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Days has Elvis Jr. Hope agrees to help Hattie clear her name, and in exchange Hattie protects Hope from the prison's dominant clique. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. She planned to adopt Mia McCormick's baby and pass it off as hers with E. Does she think she is working at the Playboy mansion?

A new account puts Sami head-to-head with an old foe; new evidence surfaces in John's case, possibly making Carrie and Austin's truce short-lived; Abigail finds Melanie in an awkward moment with Chad; Chad tells Sonny there's problem with their Web site. John fears Abe's loyalty will cost him the election; Victor makes a mysterious phone call; Daniel and Jack wonder who will get the first date with Jennifer; Maggie is unsure of how to find the missing eggs.

John's case takes a hit when Rafe is fired; Maggie's investigation takes a turn for the better; Jack and Jennifer decorate Halloween cookies for the children in the hospital; John and Marlena refuse to let their latest setback get them down.

After a slow start, the soap earned a loyal following in spite of or maybe because of w more… The Horton and Brady broods endure the romantic trials of life in Salem, a Midwestern hamlet filled with evil geniuses, star-crossed lovers and a rich family history. Available to Stream Watch on. Add to Watchlist Added. Mon Mar 19 6: Mon Mar 19 1: Tue Mar 20 6: Tue Mar 20 1: Wed Mar 21 6: Wed Mar 21 1: Thu Mar 22 1: Fri Mar 23 1: Mon Mar 26 1: Tue Mar 27 1: Wed Mar 28 1: Thu Mar 29 1: Fri Mar 30 1: After a slow start, the soap earned a loyal following in spite of or maybe because of w… more Cast.

Deidre Hall Marlena Evans. With any luck, when she falls and hits her head, it will make a few changes Mel's French was half understandable, but charming Nathan should stick to medical studies, cos his francais sounds like a seal struggling with Esperanto!

Lastly but certainly not leastly, guess what. The soap Gods gave Days a gift with Ari Zucker Nicole 's real pregnancy, but the show will not be writing it in! What is it they say about leading a horse to water? What a bunch of wannabes. Just as well, though. It reminds us it is only a show after all, not reality. The reality is that the last head writer who killed off a little one Zack ended up getting fired.

Will bad soap karma repeat itself? Meanwhile John and Marlena are not slated to return for Grace's service. As if that would happen! Marlena would be on a plane in a jiffy, to offer daughter Sami her support.

Call the continuity police! Lucas needs to get sleuthing pointers from Nancy Drew Mel, cos he is now written worse than an ostrich with his head in the sand. He suspects something but keeps flip flopping about wanting to know. Chloe must be hypnotizing him. That would also explain why the opera sorceress goes for weeks on end without blinking!

Steph is about to go bonkers, people! And she will have a bad vision of Owen, too. It sure would be a hoot to see Owen come back for real down the line, just to haunt simple Steph a la Larry Welch. Better yet, have him show up on her doorstep one day and do like Jack Nicholson in the horror movie The Shining.

Rafe offers to adopt Ken Corday Updated as of May 12, - Link Only! A double agent is a bona fide spy who then becomes a spy for an enemy. Owen has been presented as Victor's gardener who works on the family estate. He is an employee The fact that he is a spy for the DiMeras while working for the Kiriakises as a gardener makes him a mole one who spies from within an organization.

So the gardener is a mole! He was a double agent. Now back to the silliness of our lives Is Philip the new Lucas? He has become incredibly hapless and will drink Steph's drugged lemonade, which knocks him out. When he wakes up and abducted Steph is gone, he gets confused. Speaking of Steph, there is now irrefutable proof she is a wind-up doll. In , she kept telling Jeremy she was there for him.

In , she repeated to Max numerous times she was there for him. Now we are in and we get the same lines for the third guy, as she has continuously told Phil she is there for him. With any luck, once she is stuck at the morgue, the batteries will run out so the recording will stop. It is indeed a pity Steph is not written smarter. According to Days news, her escape attempt will not succeed. In stark contrast, according to real news, a 27 year old orangutan recently escaped the Adelaide Zoo in Australia, outsmarting her captors by shortcircuiting the electric fence around her enclosure.

Why oh why can't Salem's gals be as bright as an Aussie orangutan?! Never mind the usual stairs everyone keeps falling down, whatever happened to those renovations Stefano ordered done at the mansion a while ago, for what was to be a new wing?

Did the new wing fly away? If so, did it take Rolf with it? How odd that originally Johnny lived with Sami, and EJ got visitation, yet now she says he lives with the DiMeras half the time! So much for being scared of them. Wanna know why the Salem P. Cos they'd rather be drinking the coffee at the pub or the Java Cafe, gossiping, having visions of friends and family, going home to nap, while lamenting how busy they are Speaking of the pub, no one seems to remember that the specialty was the clam chowder.

Now we are all about burgers. Grandpa Shawn must have taken the recipe with him to the other side. When can Bo get a vision of that instead of the teddy bear? Updated as of April 21, - Link Only! No wonder he shuts his eyes and flat lines after seeing her at his bedside! One guess what Dan's experimental treatment will be that saves him.

Probably the promise of a restraining order to keep the screamer girl at least yards away We get the picture that Vic does not care about the expensive bust he drops when he hears Phil has been shot, nor would we expect him to. There is this little old thing called insurance So, why would Sami assume her having a baby with EJ would make EJ not want to marry Nicole, whom she also assumes has a baby with him? Take your pick, but both bickering blondes sure are sorely lacking in the logic department.

And they get most of the lines in their scenes because? The fellas they play against are more interesting.

Time for them to get their shot at all those lines! Let Elvis, Rafe, Lucas, etc. Nicole and EJ are suddenly very Addams Family. Meanwhile, Masi must be "under the radar" and unknown at Interpol cos this is his very first job! Why else would he venture to a hotel for a hit, without a disguise, only to blow it at close range? Great actor, but those behind the scenes didn't do their homework. Unless, of course, our would-be assassin is currently in training with the Salem P.

Speaking of security, docs are supposed to be smart, yet Dr. Baker fills Mia in on how dangerous the DiMeras are, and he chooses to have this intense meeting at the busy cafe, where they can be overheard! Speaking of Baker, he is destined to take some sorta fall, which is not surprising as everything must happen at least twice in Salem.

Now if only the ratings would double, too See Ratings page for recent ratings report, if ya dare! Updated as of April 14, - Link Only! So the ineffectual wedding crashers story drags on for 2 weeks and then continues Nicole's deception blah blah blah. The problem with this storyline dragging out is that Nicole is not smart. Never has been and never will be. Kate is a smart villainess and so was Kristen, but Nicole has returned to her mean airhead roots. When she dupes EJ, it dumbs down his character.

Nicole is not even smart enough to be accepted to medical school like race car driver, bartending Max, who took about 10 days to travel miles in France by train with bozo galpal Steph, had those billion dollar blueprints stolen by teenybopper Mel, and has yet to mix a real drink. Speaking of insanity, Will's hair is alive, people! Don't get too close or you might get mauled! Lastly but not leastly, even some newspaper headlines in Salem make no sense.

Proof positive is that the April 14 newspaper Bo sees in his accurate vision has the following headline: Updated as of April 7, - Link Only! Pulease see below, Days writers! That crimson curtain Steph has been wearing just goes to show you that not every little red dress is a winner.

The average Days episode now includes about five cell phone calls. Speaking of cell phone banter, what a waste to have Stefano the godfather talk to his Italian cronies on the phone instead of letting viewers see them. Heck, it would only have cost a few bucks to hire some Italian extras to show up on set for a couple of hours, with their own suits and everything!

In addition to bugging the Kiriakis clan, now how about re-installing cameras with audio at the DiMera compound And where are the bodyguards of Vic and Stefano? On spring break in Palermo? Meanwhile, the spoilers say EJ leaves Nicole at the alter, but she then gets back in his good graces. That is because everything happens at least twice in Salem, so we will need two wedding days, just like there were two pregnancies, Steph and Phil will soon break up and make up for the second time, and the hitman hired to off Phil does not succeed, so he returns for a second attempt in time for May May sweeps sweeps No word yet on whether the hitman will manage to get in at at the Kiriakis home!

Updated as of March 25, - Link Only! Three people intend to stop Nicole's wedding. Grace comes home to Salem. Sami talks to Sister Agnes. Almost every day people get married, babies comes home, and people talk to nuns about problems, etc. There's even more wild and crazy stuff in store!

Tony is gonna take a dangerous fall on a piece of wood, after which a murder mystery may or may not ensue. By the by, Tony is actually quite trendy, given that he will take a fall, because everything is falling in Salem these days, ranging from Nicole's hairdo and Will's IQ duh, all Swiss food is like bad to Stefano's mojo and EJ's power of observation, both of which have fallen completely off the radar!

Pookie needs a contract. Beverly Hills Chihuahua is a top rental. PPSS On the episode of Wednesday, March 25, that is not Alvin the chipmunk you are hearing, it's just cartoon Steph, who has decided to prove her smarts by talking as fast as a fastforwarded tape or one of the chipmunks. She couldn't even operate her own camcorder for her college project at Anna's office, for crying out loud! Her Stephness is right about one thing, though.

Her da and Phil's da are very different when it comes to their approach toward people, cos her da is the one who succumbed to EJ DiMera's brainwashing and almost became a freakin assassin! Sami uses the phrase "At Chez DiMera. Some Days writers need to invest in a French dictionary - or go back ta school! The DiMeras, by the way, appear to be suffering from budget cuts, given that they keep having to open their own front door. Where oh where did Rolf go?

Meanwhile, it now looks like Nicole is running around in Rafe's leather jacket. Are they dating or did she just steal it from him??? Grease is the word is the word that you heard Lastly but not leastly, someone ought to call animal control cos an entire bird nest was built on Kate's head overnight and she doesn't even seem to notice. Maybe that's why Stefano announces he will find out what Sami and Nicole are talking about at the next table, only to take off out the door! It is called a photocopier, my dear boy!

Don't they ever watch Days of Our Lives?! Meanwhile, not only does Mayor Abe not have an office, neither does the DiMera group of corrupt companies! Trump would be appalled! Updated as of February 17, - Link Only! Baker, the most interesting character in the baby switch storyline, will soon leave town but he had better freakin come back fast cos the dude is a hoot! He needs to be inserted into many scenes so he can say that famous line of his to all deserving Salemites. Thanx for the heads up.

Now we all know we are right to fast forward the entire mopefest! Ummm, is Abe the Mayor ever gonna get an office? Is it too much to ask?! Mel has become quite fun but why does she teeter and slur like a drunk little skunk sometimes?

And isn't she underage? Not wanting to be outdone, Nicole would then have to get Pookie artificially inseminated so she can be a grandma too We are pleased to report that the hula hoops on Steph's ears have now been replaced with Hugh Hefner's house keys. Updated as of February 4, - Link Only! She'd better not run back to Max cos he and Chelsea were getting fun and cute, which explains why they haven't shown them together lately.

It must be a Days commandment - Thou shalt not make the viewers happy! We had high hopes for Brady but he is now being written as clueless as those old "What the hell is going on? I am looking for Chloe, have you seen her? He actually gets caught breaking into Victor's safe so he can "borrow" money for that good friend of his, Nicole, who tried to murder papa Vic, lied to him, and set out to take him to the cleaners when their non-marriage ended.

As Jed Clampett used to say on the old Beverly Hillbillies show, "One of these days I'm gonna have a looooooooong talk with that boy! An even more light hearted link is that the judge on the Waltons had a hunting dog called Beauregard To get back to the blooper babble Nicole is doing a good job but why does she hog all the lines?

Is EJ's only function to be her yes boy and walk in or out when Nicole's scene calls for it? Same goes for Rafe, who seems to be Sami's hapless sidekick as she repeats herself again and again and again. Sami's lines, by the way, are increasingly demented. She was not relieved that the killer she feared was gone and she continues to want to protect her new child from the DiMeras, where she does not mind Johnny living. We need to see more of Roman cos he is the most believable field cop in Salem.

Otherwise, all we got are Bo and Hope talking cop business at the pub and now bickering. Lastly but not leastly, Steph needs a new dress. We have seen that one more times than Kayla has been attacked by an assailant she doesn't know and that's a lot!

She hasn't been able to get them off since Chloe's engagement party! Maybe if Hope ate a decent meal now and then, she wouldn't be so crabby Updated as of January 22, - Link Only! Mebbe she can give Rafe some pointers on how to fight to win for a change Ok, so Sami was tough enough to go live at the DiMera mansion, tell Stefano off, etc, but now all of a sudden she is scared of EJ, no she really means Stefano, cos he is evil and she knows this cos Johnny who according to spoilers soon has a food fight with Aly is already living at the rich mansion, being served by maid Mary, but she wants a better life for her unborn child, so how about an orphanage?

Meanwhile, nemesis Nicole has morphed into an unstable pop tart uttering lines from Mean Girls, the sequel. Bo is now the police commissioner who can't find a lost kid or a killer without black magic. Perhaps he should focus his energy on finding Salem's following missing persons; Dr. Rolf, Mickey, Henderson, and the list goes on. Think you're watching General Hospital these days?

You are not alone! Is this because the writers are nostalgic for the original Shawn and Belle who are now on General Hospital? Lastly but not leastly, there does not appear to be a single scene in Salem of late which does not involve a cell phone call, but you can be sure of one thing on Days - it's never logic calling! Next on Days this is the joke part eh! Sami asks Sister Theresa to trade lives with her Rafe fights with his shadow Updated as of January 5, - Link Only! They don't let him get anything right on this show.

Why is Sami written like such a scatter brain? The days of the I Love Lucy show are over! Alison Sweeney deserves a more modern character, as she works on a soap opera, not a s sitcom. Yet those documents could be intercepted en route, so why the heck don't the capable DiMeras just get a paper shredder for the mansion, given that sensitive paperwork is done there in the first place?! Theo has another mishap because - you guessed it - Lexie is not watching him!

How many times does that poor tyke have to get lost, fall down, etc. Meanwhile, Max is probably the only bartender in town who spends hours a day wiping tables, socializing, and obsessing over his ex, though it seems he has yet to mix a drink. Speaking of Max's ex Stephanie shoulda played Santa instead of Doug, cos she sure is acting like a regular ho ho ho! Next on Days this is the joke part, eh! Doug becomes a Chippendales dancer. Theo parachutes from the hospital when Lexie isn't looking.

Nostradamus Bo wins big at the races and buys NBC. Updated as of December 18, - Link Only! And Nicole isn't even that smart, given how she doesn't understand that someone else's trust fund is not a carte blanche bank account.

Sami asks Rafe "You wanna leave me? Not one to be outdone by her nemesis, Nicole has had her own sloppy tongue of late, in particular when she utters that DiMeras should be fair too , instead of DiMeras should be feared.

The freakin laughing penguin gets more airtime than Tony. That dang toy ain't even an Emmy nominated actor like our swashbuckler Thaao! For a character who is supposed to be a nice girl, office flasher Stephanie sure swears a lot! Hell damn blah blah blah.

Max and Chelsea were seeming kinda cute again, until Chelsea brought up Caroline and Shawn, thus reminding viewers that her grandparents are Max's adoptive parents, so he is technically her uncle.

Vic is a hoot, as usual, but he says Phil makes the company look bad when he hires and then fires someone quickly, which means Vic is about to contradict himself, as he hires Brady, re-hires Phil, then fires them both shortly afterwards! The new Trump perhaps? Charlotte is revealed as one of the lost Marlena clones Psychic Bo predicts it will soon be Christmas Updated as of December 11, - Link Only! This is an honest to goodness spoiler. His commissionerness will be the new Celeste, though there is no word yet on whether his psychic episodes will take place at the pub, which now doubles as his office Good for Melanie that Nick will give her his profits from the grant proposal, but that would amount to zero, considering scientific grants are for research and related expenses, and last time we checked, our 18 year old Cinderella from Hell was not a scientist, nor did she even know how to spell that word!

Meanwhile, Kate has suddenly developed blonde highlights while bedridden at the hospital. Stephanie's cleavage on the job at Titan. Does she think she is working at the Playboy mansion? Within the space of about five minutes, John says he will continue his sessions, no he won't, but yes he will. Crikey, it is amazing Drake Hogestyn didn't just up and quit, what with the jibberish he gets!

What took them so long to put these two together? Chloe and Dan are sizzlin! Updated as of December 2, - Link Only! What is up with some places sensationalizing who might be the next to get their walking papers at Days? Could we pulease just focus on the storylines! Someone needs to tell Steph that Phillip is, that's who, so she should not second-guess him on his hiring decisions. Not very professional for an upstart intern! Gee, ever since Bo became cop commissioner, he spends even less time at the station and more time at bars, pubs, etc.

And why the heck is Max so scared of a little old box? Messages from the other side? Meanwhile, spoilers now say that two Salemites are gonna fall down in the near future. Oh the suspense - not! The DiMera mansion has gotten too quiet. How about livening things up with a Pookie vs. Updated as of November 19, - Link Only! We have been robbed! Ok, the future will likely have them back when finances permit, but I refer to the past.

For months and months Jarlena have been floundering apart from each other. What a bunch of wasted airtime it was Commissioner Bo and Supercop Hope tell civilians Phil and Steph not to interfere with police business and then leave them alone in Bo's office, with the cop computer running.

Now, according to a possible spoiler, Bo is gonna fall and hit his head. Sounds like one of the writers is nostalgic for DaysCafe calling the Salem P. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Max play Encyclopedia Brown Never mind he loses it and becomes an addict, then he has to put up with Melanie's shriekfest.

No wonder he needs time off. And why do ya have ta go and catch her, Phil! Shirley Partridge sues Sami for identity theft Nicole agrees to adopt Johnny, but only if he can use her last name, becoming Johnny Walker Updated as of October 28, - Link Only!

Chelsea, who mentions herself in every sentence she utters, now claims Kate is all she has as a female relation she can confide in Whatever happened to stepmom Hope huh? Don't the writers rememba her?! Melanie keeps smiling like a wacko and sounding drunk.

This girl needs help! So does brother Max, whose genius IQ got lost in space. This pair is slowly morphing into the Gemini twins from hell. Meanwhile, Lexie needs to stop lashing out at people when she looks away from Theo and he runs off to do something unexpected.

Imsges: who is nicole dating on days of our lives

who is nicole dating on days of our lives

The only Greek family in town is also involved in organized crime After Max insisted that Trent take responsibility for his abusive actions, Trent offered to pay him off in order to keep his past a secret.

who is nicole dating on days of our lives

So where's the Emmy huh!

who is nicole dating on days of our lives

Probably the promise of a restraining order to keep the screamer girl at least yards away The baby was christened Grace Rafaela; Grace in honor of the convent and what Sami perceived as God's intervention in helping her to have and keep her baby, and Rafaela in honor of Rafe. Zeus lent me his hair extensions once. Hope Brady Marlena Evans. Speaking wjo Max's ex Crawford also urged the police to aggressively dating in panama Ford's subsequent disappearance.