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This Loser Is You

when your teenage daughter is dating a loser

We have been married almost 5 years. Mr Avila said he found his daughter in the middle of the night when he woke up because he heard screaming. I loved just reading this post and plan to look through the comments too.


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Four years later, my step son married another girl, very beautiful. They had a beautiful wedding and lots of church support. After 6months of marriage, the girl left my son, and found another man. Looking back, I wish I had not been so dogmatic, but would have looked at the individual situation and tried to be more understanding.

To this day, my step son is not married, is single and living with his mother. If I could go back, I would not have been so rigid. The other girl was a very good girl. I think being positive is important, but one thing my mother always did that was especially effective, was to point out what she had done wrong. It helped us say no to people when we needed to or break up with bad boyfriends. And most importantly, helped us pick good fathers for our children. Truly loved your God centered advice.

They said to teach my children purposefully what a good and biblical father looks like. I hated talking about fatherhood in general. Thank God, they have many good fathers around them they can observe. I loved just reading this post and plan to look through the comments too. I just posted today on my own blog something similar and a friend who read it sent me your link! Coming from someone who is coming out of the current generation.

Now we got thrown for a loop because I met my husband at 16 in youth group. So this poor broken hearted 16 year old asked me what I would do. I told him that when I date I will do it for marriage, so he promptly informed me that he would wait til I was old enough, and proceeded to build our friendship.

We had him over to the house many times and he got to know my brothers and parents. My family loved him and actually allowed him to take me out alone for the very first time on my 17th birthday.

That meant so much to both my and him. So yes it is hard to date long term, you have to have a ton of self control, but it is possible. I still went on mission trips and built friendships and even spent 9 months away from him in Africa during our dating experience. The thing that really made it work was building our relationship with and around friends in group situations, not isolating ourselves, focusing on marriage instead of dating around and having fun, this caused us to prepare for our future and start college and seek the Lord for his will in our lives.

When you are dating someone for marriage, you really keep God in the center because no-one wants to mess up on marriage, you want to marry the one God has for you! I so believe in waiting for dating until you are ready to marry! I love this post! You sound like a great mom with great kids! She is 16 and has since held up her values. I have told her it was ok to date at 16 and she would rather wait to entertain the though of dating until college or university. She is a very intelligent kiddo and gorgeous to boot.

I just saw this on pinterest and wanted to say AMEN! Thank you for upholding marriage and families! I met my husband at 15 and we dated for 11 years before marrying. He has supported me through really hard times and we have grown up together. If I had parents who cared enough to want me to spend time finding the real me etc then perhaps I may appreciate your perspective a little more, however, in my experience a partnership such as this has saved me.

When you have to grow up at a young age to cope with circumstances outside your control you choose who you want to confide in and trust — I made the right decision. Your children are very lucky to have such a caring mother — I hope they fulfil the potential you see in them, but most importantly that they are happy and get to experience true love.

I truly think that, generally in todays society, this is ignorant and unrealistic. Conversely something you thought was tribal may turn out to be a big deal. Also putting that much pressure on your kids to someday get married is not fair to them. And, though this may sound callus, tactless, and blunt, and you may disagree with it, saving sex for marriage can be a death sentence for a couple. You have to test drive a car before you buy it.

No sex is not everything in a relationship, but it is endpoint that you are compatible as it helps create and solidify a bond between two people. I am a better person for it. She thought it was normal and acceptable for him to call her names when they dated and married him. I will raise my daughter to be smart and independent but let her know she can date men.

Her life should not be defined by whether it not she is married. We need to teach our daughters, sisters, friends, nieces, and cousins to pray without ceasing and be faithful in the will of God.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. Jesus died on the cross for you and me and I believe seeking Him first, is far above what any worldly man can offer.

I will continue to pray for all the young maidens out there. I would venture to say there were other problems in that relationship. Fact is sexual expectations is something that should be discussed in a dating relationship. Just another reason this post has application.

On the contrary, differences in sex drives CAN drive people apart! Imagine being a woman with quite a high sex drive married to a man with a very low sex drive. The constant refusal puts an emotional toll on the woman. I do not feel loved, I do not feel cherished, and I do not feel that I am attractive. He may tell me he loves me a lot, he may touch me outside of the bedroom, little caresses here and there, he may call me beautiful and sexy, but he does not want to have sex.

It leads to a very confusing and hurt feeling. We have almost divorced over this. Again, Adriane is correct. The real problem is either a lack of communication or b selfishness. The physical act is not the problem, the root causes are the problem. A healthy sex life consists of total honesty in communication and selflessness.

I am going to get that book and read it and then give it to my 13 yr old. We have the same ideals — she is not to date until she is at least 17 or The purpose of dating is to find a husband. My 5 yr old on the other hand seems to be becoming one of those boy crazy girls. Hoping the book will give me some ways to talk to her. And that while it is good to be married, it is also good to be single? I have to disagree with this post. There are so many comments about how right it is because they slept around or dated a lot when they were in high school, but there is a way to teach your children to respect themselves without discouraging dating.

I began dating my fiancee when I was 15, we are now in college and have a fantastic relationship. She never discouraged me from dating, she just told me to make sure that I was with the right person. I am so blessed to have found the right person for me at a young age and there is no reason for me to be happy with him. I totally agree with dating someone that you can see yourself marrying.

Anything else is a waste of time. I think you should graduate college first. My husband and I started dating when I was 14 and he had just turned We met at church and I knew within a few months I would marry him. We went to different colleges 4 hours apart, had tons of friends, did activities together and on our own, waited until we were married to have sex YES, we waited nearly EIGHT years! It can be done! Our dating story…God wrote it and it was perfect. Now, we have a nearly 2 year old daughter and are already talking about how her dating life should go.

We will just encourage her to date like minded young men who are focused on God. And of course, keep close tabs on her! I thought it was a very sensible one liner. I watched my friends in middle and high school become emotionally snared with boys who were not at all someone they would want to spend forever with.

I could never understand why they were willing to invest so, SO much energy in relationships that were obviously not returning their investment. I watched and waited, then dated a bit when I was Because I had a very simple criteria dont date anyone you wouldnt marry it was easy for me to recognize when a guy was unsuitable and to take decisive action simply stop dating them! I happened to meet my future husband by chance when I was just P asked me which one I could see myself marrying, 2.

Suddenly the decision was easy and clear. I dropped my then boyfriend, chose my husband and married him two years later. I avoided years of failed relationships and all the baggage and jaded attitude that comes with them.

Interestingly, my friends who dated constantly in their school years still struggle to maintain healthy romantic relationships. Almost none are married. I do wonder if so much dating so early was harmful in some way… Who knows. You better believe my three sons will be hearing that one liner like a broken record in a few years!

This is very inspiring. When I was at high school I spent far to much time worrying wether boys would like me. You pray for her and let her. But you can establish a close relationship with them early so that it makes it less likely that they will make mistakes. My knees are bruised and my heart is hurt. I guess I would sort of feel better if she were dating OK guys but this current boyfriend is…………..

She told us we could meet him and they both are avoiding it happening. They only see each other at school so I guess that is a good thing. Nothing can go wrong at school, right?

Have him over for dinner. Invite him in for a family games night. But it is so hard. We are trying to include them both but because of the differences in standards, she keeps him away or he keeps himself away. How old is she? Reducing her cell phone privileges is also an option if things are dangerous in your opinion. She has no cell phone. One thing we did well as parents. And even without the cell she lives!!! I think some great points are made in this article despite the fact I am not particularly religious.

I would, however, make sure that kids are enjoying typical social experiences with people they are interested in. Attraction is a normal, hormonal reaction and addressing it properly is important.

What about dates to dances, or going to the movies with someone they are attracted to? Learning how to date in a balanced and mature way does take some practice, so perhaps you could expand on ways of allowing your teens to explore the dating world safely while allowing them to grow.

I agree with this whole heartedly. Also that being close as a family will help. If you are a single parent you should also try to lead by example by not just dating around or having inappropriate relations.

Kids learn from examples in there life. I would like to point out that there is nothing wrong with dating though. Through high school I dated, never anything serious, and always had a big group of guy friends I spent time with. Eventually when I was 16 I began dating one, and because we had already formed a friendship it was a great relationship that didnt get too serious too soon. We married when I was 18 right after graduation, had our first daughter soon after, and have been happily married for 4 years.

My parents taught me its easier to just have friends, but they encouraged me to date many people to see what I would like in a guy when I was ready to marry. Luckily I found him at such a young age, we grew up together and have been the best of friends.

I totally follow your train of thought but my husband and I married at ages 17 and How do I encourage my kids to wait to date when my husband and I did not. We have been married 19 years and have a wonderful marriage.

We teach our kids to let God lead their lives. My parents mom, really talked to us a lot about dating and the purpose of it to be finding a spouse.

We never had an age limit, but all three of us kids started to date around age 17 or We hung out in mixed groups often and all three of us had a good core group of friends that was mixed. My only warning, as a 25 years old now, is that I wish my parents had taught us this: That being said, I have been happily dating a man for nearly seven years now who loves Jesus.

We just went engagement ring shopping. However, the book went far, far beyond that — it dissed ALL dating, without laying a clear, practical alternative. I saw a lot of 20somethings and even 30somethings, take that book literally and foolishly swear off ALL dating. All such people that I knew personally, ended up never getting married.

I blame Harris and his destructive book. Those of us who did not grow up in church, simply do not have the lifelong social capital that we can call on, to meet or be introduced to suitable partners. He gave us His Spirit too, to guide us. Oh my goodness, yes! Will I probably make a bunch of mistakes that may potentially lead to heartache?

Thank you for that comment. I think your perspective is so necessary, and this is exactly what I feared was happening with my girls until we switched directions. You know that Casting Crowns song that says people would come to Jesus easier if we would only get out of the way?

Also, if you are not careful, your kids will turn out harmed, rather than helped. Teaching good sense and godly wisdom is much more important than putting a number to when you can purse a boy-girl relationship.

I was not allowed to date till 18, was discouraged from having guy friends cuz that leads to bad things. Now, at 23, I still can hardly look a guy in the eye if he is remotely close to my age and certainly have horrible time actually talking to a guy.

I am not exaggerating. A healthy balance guided by godly wisdom, not man-made ideas, is the Biblical way. Thank you for that, Annie. That was very helpful, and a great perspective to add. I want to write a follow-up post about this soon!

The concept is great, unfortunately it did not work with my two oldest, and my youngest is now chomping at the bit to date as well. My two oldest are now estranged from the Lord…parenting is a difficult thing in this day and age, especially if your hearts desire is to see them serve the Lord.

I also am requiring the girl my son wants to date to be 16 as well, even though her parents are ok with her dating now. Is this too harsh? I like these points. After reading your article though, I think I will have to reevaluate dating on a broader spectrum. I loved your article! I am 22 years old and when I was 13 I made the choice not to date until I felt like God was telling me this is the man for me.

During these last 8 years it has not been easy, but every time I started doubting my choice God shows me why I made the choice in the first place. I have watched so many friends go the normal dating route and their hearts have been broken or their dreams shattered.

I have also seen friends that made a similar choice to mine now married to their best friends and they have God is the middle of their relationship. Another thing this time does is allows you to find yourself and strengthen your relationship with God more then anything. Because we should be be wanting to dig deeper and find comfort in God while he is preparing our hearts and our future spouses hearts for our marriage. I highly encourage everyone to pray for their future spouse.

We had a rule that they could not date before they were It was non negotiable. We told them when they were young so it was never an issue. We also reminded them that every bad marriage began with a first date. Once you start out its so much harder to stop. So we have contd to remind them they are worth waiting for and so is he. We have 3 girls. Our eldest gets married in sept. Wow, I see so many hurting parents and I feel guilty. My young adult kids have been very careful about relationships.

Our family is OPEN! We also saw dating as practice for divorce. I had dating experience before I was married and this was the case as well. Courting was really the choice of our children. We allowed them to make that choice themselves but encouraged them to value marriage and see it as the goal.

I am on the fence with this topic since my daughter is I do not think she is old enough for a boyfriend and she readily agrees, but she also has innocent crushes on several boys.

I have two little girls ages 5 and 3. Thank you for bringing up the fact that we need to start this training while they are young.

Also, I liked how you said to pay attention to what they watch. Some shows on Disney and Nick are cute but, it seems like their main focus is dating. Saw a post of your article on pinterest. Glad someone posted it. What happens when your youth ministers and pastors have watched this happen on mission trips and during youth group and small group worship … and leave the parents to pick up the pieces without so much as a counseling referral?

This is an amazing article. My husband was the only boyfriend i ever had. I took a break from dating because i got tired of it. We have been married almost 5 years. Just pinned this article! It is exactly what we had taught our children. I have a lot of parents ask me the same questions. How did you do it? I love how you wrote your response and I will be posting it for others.

Such a great post! I got the shock of my life especially when the boy talked to me and asked permission to date my daughter. He also talked to my husband about his intentions. However, we said no for now. We told them to wait as they are still too young. They can group date, but no exclusive dating for now. The dilemma is not with them, its with us parents.

My husband is stricter and his no means cut off any emotional involvement. I tend to disagree with him as I feel I should give our daughter this exercise of trust. My daughter and I talk a lot about this and she finds his dad to be very harsh.

However, tension is really felt when such topic is raised. My oldest is 11, and I have actually over heard my words coming out of her mouth to her friend. The way I have always told her is that if she wants to have boys who are friends that is fine, but not boyfriends. There is nothing wrong with getting to know each other as friends, and unless you are ready for a serious relationship there is no reason to put a title on a friendship.

She is also okay with the fact that when she is old enough to date, the boy will have to ask for our approval, and they will not be alone. I think to many people forget that kids are smart, sometimes all it takes is being real with them.

I love this post and feel so empowered now in this area. My husband and I are young and have two babies. We both agree that dating young is absolutely ridiculous because we both did it. I feel into sin and was constantly giving my heart away. You are absolutely right when you say girls need to know the love of their father. That was my problem. Always trying to fill that void. I finally was rescued by the love of Christ and gave up dating for 2 years.

I met my husband within those 2 years. We were just friends though! It was the coolest relationship I had ever experienced and by giving up dating those 2 years I was able to allow God to orchestrate my love story.

Anyways, thank you for equipping us to be great parents! It has really worked for us! I know that as a mom, knowing there are like-minded moms out there doing the same things really helps! Thank you for writing this! For the most part, I agree with this. My dad passed away when I was 8 y. I went through a lot of depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues throughout my childhood and teens.

I was allowed to have chaperoned dates when I was 15, but the opportunity never presented itself. My Mom never stressed the importance of marriage, nor did she discourage me from dating. All the guys in high school seemed immature and too obsessed with money, partying, and alcohol. I had one date my senior year and no 1st kiss. I was really too busy to date. I read I Kissed Dating Good-bye, too. It definitely impacted the way I viewed dating and relationships. I was only in 1 serious relationship before I met my hubby.

It was 13 months long. I dated other guys as well, but they lasted anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. Saving myself for marriage definitely helped weed out the guys who were only looking to score.

That was a blessing to read your story and see how God brought you out of such a rough home life and set you apart for Himself…and your hubby! This is a wonderful article. I have great granddaughters now and would like for them hand their parents to use this information.

Regarding the family thing, I have noticed that many of us who come from really crappy families of origin are more intentional with our spouses and kids. Out of those of us whose parents had split, only 1 couple is divorced now. Kinda flies in the face of the usual stats. The problem was I went to a small church and never really became involved at my college because I hung out with girlfriends and then went home every second weekend , so I graduated thinking no one was interested and wondering if I would ever marry.

Something happened in the two years after though. I moved overseas to teach in Australia and became good friends with a godly man there. Long story a little shorter, I prayed a lot before approaching my parents about it, and they made no issue of it at all! When my fiance and I began hanging out, it was one-on-one, but just as friends. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe.

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Imsges: when your teenage daughter is dating a loser

when your teenage daughter is dating a loser

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when your teenage daughter is dating a loser

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when your teenage daughter is dating a loser

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