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Elphaba is not her father's biological daughter, instead being the child of Elphaba and the future Wizard after he Melena and raped her unconscious body. Molly speaks with a cockney accent and confuses the other characters by using British slang such as "peckish". While he initially wore untucked white button down shirts with black dress jackets and a black leather bomber jacket which he gave to Buffy , he began wearing white undershirts, white and black wife beaters, a red velvet shirt, gray and black soft pullovers and long-sleeved dress shirts in colors such as blue and red. Once they were established in the twelve episodes of the first season, characters began to change and relationships were developed in the second. She relented upon discovering that he had a human soul as a result of being cursed by a Gypsy clan as punishment for his vicious crimes. Cory was originally supposed to have two best friends. This was originally because he held a reluctance to get close to someone and possibly lose his soul.

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He realized that whatever the Beast's "boss" was, it was using Cordelia's body to carry out its plans, and it had seduced Angel's son Connor over to its side, warping the youth further and increasing the gap between Angel and his son. The fact Melena slept around often in her youth is also a source of Nanny's complaints. When the truth comes out, the director blames Bubble Bubble for "seducing" him, possibly using a secret Super ability despite the fact that her abilities are well-documented. Downpour comic Anne's Story the doll slut-shames Anne for having an affair. Reliving Giles' memories, Angel chose to visit a cemetery where the Watcher had once witnessed the deaths of his friends at the hands of a Lorophage demon: Graham later asks Major Ellis to persuade Riley to leave Sunnydale and rejoin the army as part of a new squad of demon-hunters. He is introduced in the opening of the Cemetery level, and tells Buffy where the newly resurrected Kakistos had gone.

Ax-Crazy Psycho for Hire with a He averts this trope by being a very nice, likeable, though rather goofy guy when he's not conducting business. Mitsuko Souma and Kazuo Kiriyama, the two main villains of Battle Royale are described as being the two best-looking students in the class.

Slan and Griffith are pretty hot, especially considering what most of Berserk 's demons look like. Rule of thumb in Bleach is, if you're a villain who's not gonky , you're either this or a badass, sometimes both , with copious amounts of skin showing being a must. Here's a small list: Packing a six pack on top of exposing most of his chest and torso? Badass Baritone and sexy blue hair? The most stripperiffic resurreccion getup possible? Busty chest, curvy figure, attractive voice when she's speaking calmly , and whip-toting , with a dominating personality.

Sosuke Aizen, post-reveal as the Big Bad ; ain't a single fan who hasn't commented on his new sexy hairdo. Bambietta Basterbine, just Bambietta Basterbine: She's even aware of this as she screws a random soldier and kills him once she bangs him silly.

Candice Catnipp doesn't trail behind Bambietta, either; her Hot-Blooded attitude when fighting, coupled with the shameless closeups of her skimpy uniform, makes it all the more eye-candy. Ironically enough, Gin has plenty of fangirls, even though Kubo designed him to be creepy and offputting.

Although neither of them is the real main antagonist. Aion from Chrono Crusade plays with this, particularly in the anime adaptation, where he goes from being attractive and charismatic to willing to sleep with Anything That Moves. However, this trope is also used in the anime to make him creepy and squicky — he not only happily seduces those that are willing to sleep with them, but is implied to attempt to rape many of the ones that aren't willing and may have even succeeded in one case.

Light Yagami from Death Note is much hotter when evil than when innocent. Oddly averted in their comically round but nonetheless badass leader, The Millennium Earl, but as of chapter he plays this straight with his human form.

Indeed, LadyDevimon was probably thrown into Digimon Adventure as a Monster of the Week just to invoke this, being that she promptly gets into a Cat Fight with Angewomon. Also of note is Archnemon at least in human form; her spider form, not so much , and Ranamon until she slide-evolves into Calmaramon. The ladies get Beelzemon , who's very blonde , has a husky voice, and wears spiky armor, tight leather pants , and a very clingy shirt that may as well have been spray-painted onto his very defined abs.

The "evil" part is subverted, however. In-universe, General Blue and Zarbon , who Bulma crushes on. Though Zarbon loses this when he transforms. Not only does he have Son Goku's body, he has it in slimmer proportions and his Creepy Monotone voice sounds sexy for some people. In the interview for the fouth volume for the manga, Toyotaro does talk about Toei Animation receiving letters from many people finding Black's voice sexy. Many of the humanoid Eclipse Celestial Spirits are getting this reaction, too.

Of course, considering that the heroes are sexy as well, this shouldn't be surprising. She isn't lustful, she's a lust item herself. Greed, who is introduced with two attractive women hanging on either arm. Sloth in the the anime version is just as good-looking as Lust, though admittedly she doesn't ooze sex appeal.

However, its raspy voice , many Kick the Dog moments, association with horrific shapeshifting, and its pitiful, fetus-like true form makes Envy too frightening and disturbing to be viewed sexually. Guess which side she's on. Daisuke, one of the show's two heroes, is fairly decent-looking in ways that don't really inspire lust, being a rather pretty young man with clothes that cover most of his body.

By contrast, his enemy Clair Leonelli wears tight-fitting leather pants and a slinky purple shirt that opens all the way down his chest. There's also Daisuke's Knight Templar Big Brother Shun , who's much prettier than Daisuke himself and seems to be an object of desire for most women he encounters. He even shares a voice actor with Zagato above! Alucard from Hellsing essentially orgasms from ripping people into pieces and has consumed approximately four million souls over his centuries of existence, and still manages to be the sexiest character on the show, taking Creepy Awesome into fetish territory.

Alucard may be more amoral than downright heartless because he does remain loyal to the Hellsing Organization. He took his shirt off during his grand battle scene. Quite a few manga artists like to play up how sexy Miyo Takano of Higurashi: When They Cry is, though she's already quite sexy once you get past her standard expression.

Dakki, the Big Bad of Soul Hunter. She's well-formed, and often wears revealing outfits. Her magic weapon even gets a power boost when she strikes sexy poses. Inazuma Eleven Most of the antagonistic teams in season 2 wear skin-tight uniforms and the members are pretty attractive unless they're a Gonk. One notable example is Dark Emperor Kazemaru , whose Evil Makeover made him even more attractive for the fangirls.

He's named after the goddess of beauty after all. Kagura and Yura of the Demon Hair are also pretty sexy in their own right.

While not strictly speaking evil, Sesshomaru definitely counts. Naraku in his Kagewaki guise, at least when his body is not made up of a bunch of demon parts. Many of his subordinates follow him just because of his charisma and beauty. Many of them of both genders outright wanna jump his bones , and some succeed Vanilla Ice and Enrico Pucci. To be slightly fair however, he was already extremely attractive BEFORE he became completely evil, and its implied that he is using his Stand Power to aid him in this.

Dio's beauty is so amazingly mythical leveled that it even seduced a blind man. To many fans of Kill la Kill , Ragyo Kiryuin plays this trope perfectly.

Satsuki and Nonon before they're revealed to be protagonists are also this. In the first season , main protagonist Nanoha wears a white schoolgirl uniform with a long white skirt and long white sleeves, a costume that's cute but conservative. The main antagonist Fate wears a black swimsuit with very interestingly placed red belts and a pink skirt that's barely there, a costume that's sin incarnate. When panty shots are applied, Nanoha's are pink, while Fate's are black save for that one instance with the pink thong.

However, after she's switches sides she retains the outfit, and in later seasons it becomes more Stripperiffic. It runs in the family. Fate's Non-Human Sidekick , Arf, is blessed with the Most Common Super Power while wearing a Stripperiffic halter top with a bare midriff and a pair of short shorts that's unbuttoned and sometimes look like they're not zippered either, while Fate's mother is Precia Testarossa.

A's has Reinforce Eins , with Boobs of Steel in the tight black getup. Force continues the tradition with Arnage of Huckebein, an Evil Redhead with bared midriff , nice rack and hotpants, as well as her teammate Curren who wears a fancy sports bra thing she fills out well along with shorts.

Zagato, the Big Bad for most of the first season of Magic Knight Rayearth , is a pretty, pretty man with pretty, pretty hair.

His English voice will have you melting into the floor. YMMV on just how "evil" Zagato really is though. A better case would be Alcyone, who is evil- although Zagato has zero interest in her for a reason. Subverted with Caldina, who is very sexy but simply a PunchClockVillain. He also has a stylish suit and glasses and is very hot even while tormenting Negi. Maddy from Mega Man NT Warrior counts for this in spades, considering she has a great figure and also multiple scenes where she shows it off, including a scene with her in a white bikini.

Sara's manga exclusive form Black Pearl Voice. Gundam 00 seems to take the cake for smoking hot villains in a mecha show. We all abhor Ali Al Saachez , but we can't help admitting that Yun Kouga created one very sensual villain. Nena Trinity is a rather polarizing Cute and Psycho anti-hero yet everyone, from her fans to haters, always get turned on by her spandex outfit that really highlights her curvaceous figure.

Bonus points for Toru Furuya's performance for making Ribbons seem all the more charismatic and enticing. Really any villain in Gundam meta-verse who is either ruggedly butch or sparkly pretty will be adored by fans for looks alone, including the original Breakout Villain Char Aznable. In Monster , Johan Liebert is by far the most attractive man in the entire series. He is also, without a shadow of a doubt, the most evil.

Itachi and Sasuke from Naruto. In fact, most of the Akatsuki qualify for this trope, especially Sasori, Deidara and Hidan. Even dressed well , and wears a Nice Hat. Her sexiness is the reason why Sanji lost his fight against her well, actually is was more to do with chivalry , but it played a part , while the latter defeated her colleague who is much stronger than her , and her fight against Nami was filled with a lot of Fanservice.

Even Nami thought she was sexy, then remembered she's a girl. However, she still feels necessary to kick puppies in her way. Though he is more Affably Ambiguously Evil , Trafalgar Law counts as well, being one of several standout examples of Mr. Fanservice in the series. Also Stocking as of the last 20 seconds of the show. Harley and Paul , the two meanest rivals in the series. She does wear boots, but damn. Pretty Cure rarely takes this approach, with the female characters generally balancing out the positive aspects of their looks with things like odd-looking eyes, conspicuously odd skin tones, and so on.

Take one look at Pretty Sammy and her antagonist, Pixy Misa, and tell me which is the evil one. It's even worse in the alternate universe spin-off Sasami: Magical Girls Club , as when she's possessed by evil Misao goes from being a year-old girl to a voluptuous something with very little clothing. Rue demonstrates a classic case of this: Once Mytho is infected by the Raven's blood in season 2, he becomes much much more sexually assertive.

He flirts openly, tracing his fingers over girl's hearts, draping his arms around one woman's shoulders, and essentially coming on to every girl he meets in an attempt to take their heart from them as a sacrifice. Although towards the end of the series, when it takes him over more and more, he becomes less sexy and more squicky.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion has Akuma Homura in the end, though it's only briefly and used less for titillation and more to demonstrate her swiftly collapsing state of mind.

Yes, despite the infamous Bill Jaaska art. Where else are you going to find a canon example of a nearly-naked Raven pulling a cleavage-baring Starfire close and passionately kissing her? In Young Justice , teen heroine Arrowette nearly murders a man, causing her to abandon superheroics and break down for fear that she'll become evil and have to get a black leather costume that shows off her cleavage Later, in an alternate universe, evil teen heroine Arrowette has a black leather costume, and massive cleavage.

The chiseled, aristocratic features, the silver hair, the tragic past They married, had kids , one named after Charles Xavier himself, and were insanely happy in an Alternate Universe , to the displeasure of the Gambit of the main universe. Given she's a shapeshifter it is almost certainly deliberate. The Hellfire Club evoked this trope in their earliest appearances, with the White Queen, Tessa and both Black Queens wearing leather fetish gear.

The gentlemen of the club were of varying degrees of attractiveness, but they did manage to be well-dressed at all times. Where Jean tended towards more innocent Simple, yet Opulent clothing, Maddie pioneered the underboob look, daring choice in villain fashion.

As she explicitly tells Jean during a crossover with X-Man , 'I have lived the darker side of us', remarking that men are just toys to her and Jean. Since she was, at this point in time, hanging around with Nate Grey and playing him like a fiddle in a fashion with more than a few sexual overtones despite the fact that he's the alternate counterpart of her son and shortly after became de facto consort of Sebastian Shaw, Black King of the Hellfire Club, she wasn't kidding.

Scarlet Witch tends to dress in more revealing clothing as well. Then there's this line from her first appearance: If she's an evil mutant, I want an application blank!

Why are all the gorgeous ones homicidal psychopaths? Vixen from Squirrel and Hedgehog. Much to the delight of American fans. Princess Lotora from Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World. In The Return Alexia and Akumi clearly believe Evil should be Sexy, but they both take it to such extremes they end up as a Fashion-Victim Villain and are soundly mocked by the heroes about their dress sense. The trope is played somewhat straight in that anyone converted into a succubus becomes a Perky Goth , but this is immediately subverted in that they are not Always Chaotic Evil and are free to choose whether they are good, evil, or indifferent.

Queen of All Oni: Surprisingly subverted with his twin, Left, who while described as not being ugly, is mostly blunt looking. In the The Hunger Games fanfiction Some Semblance of Meaning , the girl from District One, Amber, plays up the "alluring" angle in her interview, is very attractive and flirtatious, and also happens to be one of the most depraved tributes.

Rufioh on the blog http: Jasmine from Aladdin , Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame , and Elsa from Frozen are the most common characters to be be written as antagonists. Esmeralda's sex appeal is a large part of her character, Jasmine has her infamous red outfit scenes, and Elsa just happens to ooze sensuality during certain parts of "Let It Go" in fact those segments are leftovers from when it was a Villain Song.

Elsa from Frozen was originally depicted as an antagonist. Fans have taken special interest in her spiky, black haired design " Onion! Elsa ", "Evil Elsa" and she's typically played up this way. Lieutenant Helga Katrina from Atlantis: Made apparent in her very first scene when the gobsmacked hero finds her waiting for him in his apartment like some sultry Femme Fatale in a hardboiled detective story.

It helps that she's voiced by Claudia Christian of all people! Gas ton from Beauty and the Beast. His sheer brawn, good looks, and manliness are enough to make him the leader of his village. Hexxus from FernGully manages to meet this despite being a giant cloud of smog, thanks to the hot-enough-to-melt-lead voice of Tim Curry. Prince Hans deliberately invokes the Prince Charming trope to hide his true nature, and keeps up the act even after leaving Anna to die.

Narrowly averted with Elsa. She was written as a villain for most of development but was made into a more sympathetic character later. She had various designs and almost as many levels of villainy from a stereotypical Big Bad to a Jerkass Woobie who was ostracized growing up for her powers but one near-constant was her prettiness.

Elsa" design was basically her final design with slightly different clothes and shorter hair. In Happily N'Ever After , the evil stepmother Frieda has an impossible hourglass figure and always wears clothes that emphasize her curves. While some find him sleazy and apalling and highly racist and an Abusive Parent on top of that , a lot of fans find Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame sexy in many ways, from his sharp facial features, to his dry and snarky personality. The Other Mother in Coraline.

Well, before she begins revealing her true form anyway. The nice form she presents to Coraline is that of Coraline's real mother, who is already easy on the eyes.

Also in the male category there's Owlman. Sweet mother and second cousin of fanservice, Tai Lung. The Dazz lings from My Little Pony: Legend of the Phantosaur had Professor Svankmajer.

At first, she might appear as just a Hot Scientist , but she's the one behind the Phantosaur hoax. Cutlass Liz from The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! This is helped a lot by her voice actress Salma Hayek! You did, and I can. I know that you loved him. You couldn't have known what would happen. The coming months are going to be hard I suspect on all of us.

All you will get from me is my support What a vision you are in your fine dress. It must have taken a dozen slaves a dozen days to get you into that getup. You should be proud. You should be tested , but you should be proud. It was when I was working as a waitress on Nantucket. I was dating this guy named Kevin. He had the most beautiful blue eyes; they were either sky blue, or powder blue, I could never decide which.

Anyway, his best friend knocked me up. I don't know why I keep jumping into bed with him. My confidence is shot from screwing up that spinal tap last week, and then yesterday I misdiagnosed an ectopic pregnancy. I don't know, maybe I wanted to do something I knew I could do right, like bangin' a dude. I'm a giant ho-bag. Lil Wayne frequently engages in this, despite boasting of having sex with numerous promiscuous women at the same time.

Can't treat these hoes like ladies, man. Jim Jefferies, in one of his routines, argues that this isn't as unfair as it sounds, as the reason men get praised for it is because for them it's actually an accomplishment, while for women, "To be a slut you just have to be there ".

In his words, "It's fuckin' easy to be a slut. It's fuckin' hard to be a stud". Goethe's Faust gives details of the Slut-Shaming customs of rural Germany at that period. The bride's bridal garland being ripped from her head and stamped underfoot by the village boys, the "slut" having to sit in a particular pew in church and so on.

Nothing was done to the man, of course. The song "At the End of the Day" ends with the factory workers and foreman condemning Fantine for being a "whore" by having Cosette out of wedlock. Fantine retaliated earlier by saying that she's not the only worker without a sexually clean history and given that she's been refusing the foreman's advances, more than a little of the accusations are them just trying to get rid of her out of spite.

Subverted somewhat in The Bible. While it doesn't think highly of sex outside of marriage "No adultery" is one of the Ten Commandments, for starters , it treats adulterers as people instead of dirty whores, with A Jesus big on redemption and atonement, not punishment, and B shamers being reminded that their sins aren't any better than those of the shamed.

The Pharisees bring an adulteress before Jesus and ask what he thinks should be done with her. According to Jewish law, she should be stoned to death. Jesus said to the crowd "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Jesus then told the woman Go and Sin No More.

Some have claimed that Jesus was actually calling them out on the Double Standard -under the Mosaic Law, both adulterer and adulteress should both be put to death-but where was the man?

A similar story appears in Genesis—Judah condemns his widowed daughter-in-law, Tamar, to death for getting pregnant out of wedlock. It turns out the conception was when Tamar dressed as a prostitute and slept with Judah , who was trying to weasel his way out of a levirate marriage marrying his brother's widow.

When Tamar reveals this, Judah admits that she is more righteous than him; they don't become a couple, but the twins she gives birth to become Judah's heirs. As with the above Jesus example, there was another incident with a woman at a well who gave Jesus water. Jesus asked her to draw a cup for him and she tried to refuse the request for being both a Samaritan and an adulteress an adulteress at the time could mean a number of things.

Jesus knew this and didn't mind either one. After the dice game in the Mahabharata , Karna calls Draupadi a slut for having five husbands even though, as stated earlier in the narrative, she is not the first woman to do so Later, she tells Krishna what went down, and he says he'll make it right, that no woman especially one as pious as Draupadi should be treated that way.

In " Sorli's Tale ", Freyja, who in this tale is Odin's concubine, sleeps with four dwarfs in exchange for a necklace. Odin makes Loki steal the necklace and when Freyja goes to Odin to get it back, he calls her out for her bargain. Meanwhile, our knowledge of Norse Mythology suggests Odin is simultaneously married to Frigg and had plenty of extramarital affairs even besides Freyja.

Subverted in the older Lokasenna, where Loki attempts to slut-shame Freyja, only for her father Njord to defend her by saying that there is nothing wrong with a married woman having a lover. Said adultery is about Freyja sleeping with Freyr. During feud between Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog , the latter's wife was hitting on Shawn Michaels to make him look bad, which led to Jim Cornette accusing Shawn Michaels of being a fornicator who was trying to make Diana break her marital vows.

So, this wasn't an example on screen but off screen, Stu Hart did not like how it made Diana look, making it this trope retroactively. Mostly, the heels will do something to "earn" slut chants but not always.

On the August 8 edition of Sunday Night Heat , Ivory attacked Tori from behind and wrote "Slut" on her back as punishment for Tori having previously posed in body body paint instead of clothing. Trish Stratus was used as a play thing that Vince McMahon eventually discarded, causing her to rebel against him. Molly Holly and Victoria would hold this against her long after the fact, insisting Trish had slept her way to the top. Stephanie McMahon was frequently referred to as a slut but only after she turned on her father and sided with Triple H with whom Vince had been feuding and took control of his company.

She never did anything remotely whorish though so it's more of a case of fans not knowing what other insult to chant at her "Gold Digger" and "Manipulator" not exactly being easy for wrestling crowds to chant. Triple H's original gimmick was an elitist, Blue Blood snob who was presumably very wealthy as well. After he formed D-Generation X with Shawn Michaels , Chyna and "Ravishing" Rick Rude , he abandoned the rich bastard gimmick, though it was never explained whether he still had the money.

Normally this translated into He-Man Woman Hater but sometimes he would ally with women he thought weren't hos or were less hos than a particular target of his wrath such as the self identified G.

It was implied he hadn't gotten over a breakup and might have been cheated on. You want this you slut! Trish would go on to hypocritically tease Lita for sleeping with and getting impregnated by Kane in an effort to defend Matt Hardy from him. Unfortunately for Lita her run as a "slut" came across as legit Slut-Shaming in real life. Behind the scenes she had cheated on boyfriend Matt Hardy with Edge and fans became aware of this and began to chant insults at her on TV so the writers used it as a storyline to turn her heel.

The unfortunate part in story came where she turned on her husband - who was only her husband because he had scared her into sleeping with him. When Karen Angle tried to use Sting 's supposed affection for children to goad him into becoming Kurt Angle 's Tag Team partner, Sting retorted that she should change her dress if she cares about children. On a edition of the Funkin Conservatory's!

After being named "new vice president of the knockouts" by Karen Jarrett, Madison Rayne accused Tara and Brooke Tessmacher of "being full of diseases" and then fired them. AJ Lee managed to completely avoid this, and it was epic. It was quite clear she was manipulating them for her own desires and she ended up getting the job as Raw General Manager.

She also had a brief dalliance with John Cena and is now April with Dolph Ziggler , and has been for several months. Interestingly, though some fans and the commentators like to slut-shame AJ and call her names, her current and past love interest s are reluctant to do so — even Daniel Bryan, the ex with the biggest beef with AJ, is catty about her choice of romantic partner, not her having pursued those romantic partners.

Her current boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, is completely unperturbed about her romantic history and is very proud to be with AJ. Only CM Punk threw their relationship back in her face. Of course, on commentary Lawler just can't stop harping on the fact that she gasp has had several boyfriends.

Eve Torres kind of earned her Hoe-ski chants by trying to cheat on Zack Ryder. The only problem here might be that the chants persisted long after that storyline had faded from relevance.

While not a crack whore, TNA , perhaps because it has been chanted before, introduced Claire Lynch, a drunken crackhead falsely claiming that AJ Styles was the father of her child, which is about as close as one can get without actually being.

Assassin's Creed II provides us with an example of shaming by legislation. The extra, in-game index describes how courtesans by that time a word meaning essentially "whores" were by law more and more circumscribed and sharply defined in dress and hairstyle in an effort to eliminate their profession from polite society. Revelation gives us yet another example. A senator complains that his organization has been demoted to useless functions, like legislating the length of women's sleeves a real thing.

The heralds also make announcements about that same recent legislation. Wearing their sleeves too short was a punishable offense for women. The criminal inmates of Batman: Arkham City are slightly misogynistic to the same degree they're also trying to slightly hurt Batman's feelings. There are a lot of taunts thrown at Harley and Catwoman. Religious girl and Shrinking Violet Kate Marsh from Life Is Strange receives this hard from not only the stuck up Hipster Jerk Ass 's from her school but also her deeply religious mother and aunt.

It all starts when a video of her making out with several boys at a Vortex Club party surfaces on the internet the fact that anyone can clearly see she's under the influence of something while she's doing it doesn't mitigate anything. What makes it worse is that the students doing the "shaming" know for a fact she WAS drugged at the party and normally acts like the purest girl there is yet still think Kate brought everything on herself.

During Miranda Lawson's loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2. I was just waiting for you to finish getting dressed. Or does Cerberus really let you whore around in that outfit? I've got green across the board. The forward tanks are bouyant and elevated. Are you talking about the Normandy, or Miranda? I'm talking about the one that's covered and protected, not bouncing in the breeze.

The Nostalgia Critic and The Nostalgia Chick use "slut" and "whore" freely to describe anyone they don't like, but they've both admitted to enjoying being slutty themselves.

More to the point, they both have a very dim view of shaming women for having sex or enjoying it. In the Critic's case, his doing this less as time goes on is very likely a result of his actor getting rape and death threats for invoking Female Gaze on himself so much. In-universe, Critic gets some from Douchey. The Nostalgia Chick criticizes Moulin Rouge! The Brows Held High review of The Girlfriend Experience was removed because Kyle was accused of this, given he frequently mocks the background of Sasha Grey and her too-sexual-for-its-own-good character.

In the second season of The Guild , Codex is interested in a hot stuntman neighbor and dresses up showing cleavage to get his interest when Vork shows up out of the blue and asks "Why are you dressed like a harlot? In addition to yelling at her for sleeping with the enemy, they call her a slut and attack her for doing so after one date.

Then, when he makes it clear it was a one-time thing, she starts calling herself a slut. Angela and Esmeralda on The War Comms do this like breathing, which has gotten them more than a few punches to the face. Pan Pizza has been known to put down Slut-Shaming on occasion because he's perfectly okay with women being sluts. Allison Pregler during her Charmed reviews would frequently call Phoebe a selfish whore during her commentary. She realized that her name-calling was a bit harsh without context, and clarifies that she doesn't have any problem with people being sexually active or promiscuous, as long as they don't treat their partners like garbage.

Phoebe's boyfriends are used, lied to, cheated on, and otherwise treated like crap by her, and that's not counting her usual abhorrent behavior in general. Inverted in Questionable Content , after Faye sleeps with her boss's brother, Sven. She immediately begins to freak out, but is reassured by her therapist that she's not a slut, and that a casual sexual relationship can be healthy, and is perhaps exactly what she needs at that point.

Invoked by name when Faith , calls Tiffany out on it. Also counts as a mild What the Hell, Hero? However, Faith did say she'd stop seeing other girls if Tiffany asked her to ; assuming, of course, that Tiffany was consenting to go steady with her. Kankri from Homestuck at one point criticises Porrim for sleeping around. She is not pleased. As Kankri is intended to be an example of the worst forms of social justice while Porrim is the opposite , the readers are expected to side with her and balk at Kankri's hypocrisy.

Oglaf parodies this a few different ways. Once is with a city full of virgins terrified of sluts, who don't know what sluts or sex are. A third is the garden of Eden, with God actually being okay with the apple thing, but telling them they have to cover up the tits. In Sin Fest , Seymore gives a scathing comment to Monique for dressing provocatively. Later, Xanthe does too, indicating her dress is the work of the Patriarchy. Since the Sisterhood arc, pretty much any expression of male sexuality is literally demonized to the point where the porn industry is an extension of the devil himself.

Defied in the thin H line, Clay's sequel to Sexy Losers. A scantily-clad woman responds to a He-Man Woman Hater calling her a slut by pretending the word is an acronym for " S uper- L oveable U nderstanding T ype" and thanking him for the compliment. She continues in this vein when he calls her a bitch: What does an ASS stand for?

Adventure Time got away with it in "Sky Witch" , with Princess Bubblegum reassuring Marceline The Vampire Queen that Raggedy Princess could be her new cuddly toy, and that she'd be happy to do it as "she's got zero self-respect". As Told by Ginger: Ginger in "Fast Reputation" grappled with the "damned if you do and damned if you don't" scenario, when she crashes a high school party to shed her "Nice Girl" image. She chats up with this high schooler, she crushes on for a bit under the table.

And then he talked to Miranda and Courtney about her "pearly whites" and how dark it was, the two spiral it out of control to where Ginger encounters graffiti that all but calls her a slut the cartoon instead uses the term "fast".

To a lesser extent, the priggish and adult Joann tells Hoodsey that Carl a preteen boy that the latter is "a budding exhibitionist" all because the boy isn't Shower Shy. Mystery Incorporated had the puritan "ghost" of Hebediah Grimm, who attacked women with a giant mallet for their "painted faces, exposed necklines, and skirts that rise above the ankle! This is probably why Velma was spared, despite her short skirt, with Grimm calling her a homely "model of purity. The next morning, Xander and Anya perform a duet about their secret annoyances with each other and their respective doubts about their impending marriage "I'll Never Tell".

They realize that the songs are bringing out hidden secrets, and later insist to Giles that something evil is to blame. As they argue, they walk past a woman series writer and producer Marti Noxon protesting a parking ticket "The Parking Ticket". That evening, Buffy visits Spike, who angrily tells Buffy to leave him alone if she will not love him "Rest in Peace".

Dawn tells Tara she is glad that Tara and Willow have made up after their argument. Since Tara has no recollection of an argument, she suspects that Willow has used magic to alter her memory.

She goes to the Magic Box to consult a book, leaving Dawn alone. Dawn starts to bemoan that no one seems to notice her "Dawn's Lament" , but is soon seized by minions of Sweet Hinton Battle , a zoot suit -wearing, tap-dancing, singing demon. They take Dawn to The Bronze, where her attempt to escape transforms into an interpretive dance with the minions "Dawn's Ballet" before she meets Sweet.

He tells Dawn that he has come to Sunnydale in response to her "invocation", and he will take her to his dimension to make her his bride "What You Feel" when his visit is complete. At the Magic Box, Giles recognizes that he must stand aside if Buffy is to face her responsibilities in caring for Dawn instead of relying on him "Standing" and Tara finds a picture of the forget-me-not flower Willow used to cast a spell on her in a book of magic.

Giles forbids the gang to assist Buffy, so she goes alone, despite having no will to do so; eventually Giles and the Scoobies change their minds and leave to catch up. Although Spike initially thinks that things would be better for him if Buffy was dead, he also changes his mind and decides to help Buffy; Sweet opines that Buffy is drawn to danger "Walk Through the Fire". When asked by Sweet what she thinks about life, Buffy gives her pessimistic take on its meaning "Something to Sing About".

Xander then reveals that he, not Dawn, called Sweet, hoping he would be shown a happy ending for his marriage plans. The Scoobies realize that their relationships have been changed irreversibly by the secrets revealed in their songs "Where Do We Go from Here? Spike leaves The Bronze, but Buffy follows him out, and they kiss "Coda". Joss Whedon had wanted to make a musical episode since the start of the series.

This was heightened during the fifth season when he hosted a Shakespeare reading at his house, to which the cast was invited. They began drinking and singing, demonstrating to Whedon that certain cast members had musical talents. During the first three seasons of Buffy , he was unable to take more than two weeks off at a time, and the constraints of writing and directing the show precluded him from putting forth the effort of preparing a musical.

Whedon spoke to the show's producer, Gareth Davies , about his idea; they agreed that a musical episode would be written. Whedon spent six months writing the music for "Once More, with Feeling".

And they don't play piano very well. The songs sounded really cheesy and horrible We were saying, 'Joss, you're ruining our careers.

Preparing for the episode was physically difficult for some of the cast members, most of whom had little experience singing and dancing. They spent three months in voice training. Michelle Trachtenberg Dawn , who is trained in ballet, requested a dance sequence in lieu of a significant singing part, [9] and Alyson Hannigan Willow , according to Whedon, begged him not to give her many lines.

And I never want to do it again. Battle, a three-time Tony-winner, wore prosthetic make-up for the first time to give him a demonic red face. Sweet was portrayed as "slick", smooth and stylish; in contrast, most demons on the series were designed to be crude and ugly.

Running eight minutes longer than any in the series, [note 2] the episode was also the most technical and complex. Whedon, who has stated this is one of his favorite Buffy episodes, used a widescreen letterbox format for filming the only episode in the series to get this treatment , [12] different lighting to bring out the sets more vibrantly, and long takes for shooting—including a complicated shot with a full conversation, a song, and two choreographed dances that took 21 attempts to get right.

These were designed to give viewers all the clues they needed to establish all the nuances of the relationships between characters. Network president Dean Valentine remarked he thought it was "one of the best episodes of television I ever saw in my life".

Critics hailed the episode as successful in telling a complex story about all the characters in a unique way, while retaining the series' effective elements of writing and character development. Throughout the show—as in the rest of the series—the characters self-consciously address their own dialogue and actions.

Anya describes her own duet "I'll Never Tell" as "a retro pastiche that's never gonna be a breakaway pop hit". With a characteristic dry demeanor, Giles explains that he overheard the information about Sunnydale residents spontaneously combusting as he was eavesdropping upon the police taking "witness arias". The song introduces the character's emotional state but also removes the barrier between the actor and the audience, as Gellar the actor portrays Buffy, who feels she is merely playing the part of the Slayer.

This hints to the audience that the episode's musical format is strange to the actors and characters. The dynamic nature of the characters was a unique element of writing in the series at the time. Once they were established in the twelve episodes of the first season, characters began to change and relationships were developed in the second. This continued through the series to the point of unpredictability that sometimes became unsettling to fans. Buffy continues her charade in the chorus number "If We're Together", beginning the song by persuading others to join in one by one, as if each is convinced that she is still invested and in charge, and their strength as a group is infallible.

Secrets reveal themselves steadily throughout the episode. Xander fears that his future marriage will turn him into an argumentative drunk like his father. He attempts to avoid his fears through the song "I'll Never Tell", singing "'coz there's nothing to tell", after summoning Sweet to Sunnydale to show him that he and Anya will be happy.

Amid the various annoyances Xander and Anya express through this song, some verses are clear-sighted observations of behavior, such as Anya's accusation that Xander—once in love with Buffy—uses Buffy as a mother figure to hide behind. Anya and Xander's duet is the only song in the episode to address the audience directly. During the long single-shot scene when she and Xander talk over each other insisting to Giles that evil must be at play, Anya refers to the audience, saying "It was like we were being watched Like there was a wall missing Like there were only three walls and not a fourth wall.

Giles' truth, according to Whedon, is that he realizes he must not "fight my kid's battles or my kid will never grow up", [9] which he sings in "Standing" while he throws knives at Buffy as part of her training. Whedon remarked that this touch "is the kind of complete turnaround that is a staple of the Buffy universe". Although "Once More, with Feeling" allows all the characters to confess truthfully, with the exception of Willow, it does not resolve the behavior that demanded confession in the first place.

At the end of the episode, Buffy kisses Spike, initiating a romance that she hides from her friends. Their relationship lasts until the end of the series, marked for a time by Buffy's loathing of him because he has no soul. Her relationship with Spike, however, allows her to feel lust and attraction, which she yearns for after being pulled back from a heavenly dimension. In earlier seasons, this takes the form of simpler pleasures such as dating and socializing, interspersed with defeating evil forces.

It reaches a climax in the ultimate sacrifice when Buffy offers to die to save the world. However, "Once More, with Feeling", according to Stroud, is the turning point at which she begins to face her responsibility to the community, her friends and her family.

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when do spike and buffy start dating

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when do spike and buffy start dating

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when do spike and buffy start dating

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