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Rachel-Santana Relationship

when did quinn and santana hook up

Santana doesn't even want to let Quinn speak, but Quinn still tries to win them back. He seems more pleased than bothered about said kiss. She playfully mocks his skills in tying a clip on tie.

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She asks how Santana sings so well, and Santana replies that it's because she smokes cigars. After the performance, Santana sees Finn whispering something to Rachel. She then says that Finn was a much nicer person than she was. At the end, Rachel invites the both of them to dinner. Santana then says she deserves it "With you being a cripp and all.

After Will gets sick and is absent from the Glee Club, Rachel tries to take the front seat. Santana gets angry and hurls insults at Rachel in Spanish, whilst the New Directions try to restrain her. When Rachel meets up with Quinn, Brittany and Tina to talk about telling their boyfriends to warn Karofsky , Santana appears and says that she was not told that the Glee girls were holding a meeting.

Rachel says that is only for the girls that have boyfriends on the football team, and Santana replies by saying she is dating Puck. Tina points out that he can't join in on a fight or he will be taken back to Juvie, and Rachel agrees.

Santana replies with an angry "You are so on my list, dwarf! He refuses to give in, so Santana leaves angrily, threatening to tell Rachel about their sexual activity. Santana calls Finn a hypocrite, and Rachel tells Santana to shut up. Santana reveals to everyone that she had sex with Finn the year before, and that Finn has been lying to Rachel. Rachel is surprised and visibly upset and throughout the episode, continues to think that Finn thinks that Santana is more attractive than her.

Later, when Rachel and Finn are standing at a distance from each other in the hallway, Santana passes by and blows a kiss at Finn. She also whispers to Rachel: In contrast Rachel is standing closely with Brittany and Santana at the beginning of Santana's Sectionals song, Valerie.

When the Glee Club complains to Santana that she is always insulting them, Rachel responds "The truth is, Santana, you can dish it out, but you can't take it. Maybe I am destined to play the title role of the Broadway production of Willow, but the only job you're going to have is working on a pole.

She asks how Santana sings so well, and Santana replies that it's because she smokes cigars. Santana also tells Rachel that she thought her performance was good. Which is nice as Santana is starting to realize that Rachel is a valid member of the Glee club. Santana blows up at Rachel after Nationals, screaming angrily at her in Spanish because she blames Rachel and Finn for their loss at Nationals.

Back in Ohio, Santana makes a voodoo doll of Rachel and asks Brittany if it looks enough like Rachel to work. Rachel calls a glee girls meeting which Santana attends and offers her advice about sleeping with Finn.

Therefore demonstrating they are quite close and that Rachel supports Santana's sexuality. Various members come towards them, dragging Mercedes, Brittany and Sugar in, leaving Santana standing alone.

She sings along, and Rachel notices, and reaches out her hand to Santana, who takes it and joins the others. They seem to be close during this performance and are seen having their arms around each other during part of it. During the cut scene of Santa Baby , Finn and Santana are seen to be shopping in a jewelry store. Rachel asks Finn to buy her jewellery as a Christmas gift throughout the episode. We can assume that Santana was helping Finn choose a present for Rachel even though we never see this scene.

Santana says that Rachel's rendition of Without You was amazing and that she blew the song out of the water. Then she adds she didn't know the assignment was to make everything about Rachel Berry and make everybody else watch it.

Santana states that even though she thinks Rachel will end up unhappy she supports Finn and Rachel's idea of marriage and she brings Rachel to the court yard for Finn's Valentine's Day present Finn had paid The God Squad to sing Stereo Hearts to Rachel.

Santana is one of Rachel 's bridesmaids, and tells her that Quinn won't be coming to the wedding. Since episode one of season one, Glee has forced Finchel down the throats of its fans. But then Rachel moved to New York, started wearing thick eyeliner and got involved with a hot upperclassman. Who were you most excited to see in the throes of passion, Gleeks? Which pair are you still dying to see get a chance? Let us know in comments! I really liked their chemistry too..

I have always jokingly said that Quinn has become a vehicle for Ryan Murphy to throw wherever he wants her to be in any given episode. Stage Door Dish Bridging the gap between fans and their favorite on-screen and on-stage performers! March 16, 2: Butterfly December 17, Comments Star of the Week: I saw her on tour in South Pacific and wondered, '

Imsges: when did quinn and santana hook up

when did quinn and santana hook up

Santana blows up at Rachel after Nationals, screaming angrily at her in Spanish because she blames Rachel and Finn for their loss at Nationals.

when did quinn and santana hook up

They discuss what they're going to do in the bathroom together with Brittany.

when did quinn and santana hook up

At first, she refuses to read them out to Kurt, saying that they were embarrassingly nice. Quinn also holds back Santana when she's accusing Matchmaking android app of their loss. Quinn thinks Santana is inviting her to bed, Santana was really thinking about a haircut. Also, in a deleted scene sqntana Pilotthey are seen in the bathroom making fun of Rachel, with Santana saying "Getting ready for the tranny prom, Rachel? Santana doesn't believe him, blames Finn for outing her, and slaps him across the face. Both vote for Brittany for class when did quinn and santana hook up during the elections. Quinn and Santana try to convince Rachel to hire a professional dance coach, Dakota Stanley Santnaa Adrenaline coach dancer.