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You made a statement about not being able to see the members before hand. Please withhold my name! I very much wish I have saved my money. When displeased with their service I asked to speak with the manager, a woman with whom I use to work at another company, and she refused to speak with me.

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There are thousands of happy and married couples that met though GE. I will not pay this debt because; I visited this company on a Saturday and filled out some application information using my driver's license bank debit card as verification of identification. This company also goes by Got Dates? The woman on the phone was very pleasant and scheduled me an appointment. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Great Expectations? These people did the same nonsense GE did.

As I stated earlier, I will not and do not intend to pay for services of which I've never use. I notified this company within 72 hours of unknowingly signing this assumed information application. This company has damaged my credit, lied to me as a consumer promising to release me from their services after having spoken with a company representative, and has falsely taken money from me and is seeking to take more for services which they did not render nor did I ever use. I am willing to sign an affidavit stating that the words I have given in this response letter is true.

I am also willing to take this to the media or to file counter suet if necessary. To anyone reading this, I welcome any additional information concerning a class action law suet as well Johnnie Atlanta, GA January 17, Friday, December 17, I thought enough light had been shed on this company to give people an adequate perspective, but apparently not.

Gail, that's great that it worked for you. But you're missing the point entirely. The issue here is the ODDS of it working for you - which, based on countless feedback from all over the country, it apparently doesn't work for MOST people.

There will always be success stories. Just like in those infomercials for selling real estate - sure - a few people got rich - good for them.

The problem is, it's largely a scheister of a company with conveniently hidden 'inventory', exhorbitant prices, and unethical sales practices - hence its most appropriate presence on this website.

Again - great that it worked for you - and I don't say that to be sarcastic. BUT - the issue is, it doesn't work for most people, and is not an organization anyone should become affiliated with when there are many other means that are more flexible AND more affordable. Even then, be prepared for exhorbitant prices and mediocre selection.

In closing, I'd like to say this to anyone reviewing this site who hasn't had this thought cross their mind before - companies DO review this site for adverse publicity about them, and WILL post false testimonials under the guise of 'former employees' and 'satisfied customers' to try and present a favorable slant where none is merited.

It doesn't mean positive feedback is false, but everyone should take it with a grain of skepticism and compare it to the overall feedback on a particular topic. Thursday, December 16, Okay, I too went and became a member at Great Expectations. I too was overcome by the prices. I too was pushed and prodded in order to make a decision at that moment but the gentlemen that I spoke with assured me that he would help me out with what I was looking for.

At first I thought what have I done!!! I could have easily used that money towards something to enhance my home my wardrobe or even a nice trip. Yet the decision was made and I was determined to make it work. At first it was a slow go, I am 30, single never married and told attractive with a good career and education.

I spoke with the gentleman who signed me up and explained the difficulties I was running into. Again he assured me that this was not an overnight thing but would go through the membership base and see what he could come up with that would suit the criteria of who it was that I was looking for.

A few weeks later I went on a date with several men and no clicks until the 7 month of my membership was when I met Mark. We dated for 9 months then moved in together and are on our way to marriage very soon.

This would never have happened without Great Expectations for what they did was bring me and Mark together and with the help of some staff and a positive attitude I was able to realize my dream. If I had taken the negative side to this I never would have realized my dream. Please take the positive side and realize there was a reason why we all joined and nothing happens overnight as certainly was the case with me.

Sunday, December 12, I used to work at Great Expectations, A. I worked in appointment setting, one of the hardest jobs in my branch. We'd cold call random people from a mailing list, and we were instructed to do whatever it took including being very flirtatious with male clients to get people to come into the center. All of our appointments were set with a lie, we'd tell people that they'd be meeting with us -someone that they'd established a rapport with - when in fact, they would actually be meeting with a sales rep.

I didn't know much about the sales process until I had been with the company for a while they claimed that they didn't want us to know much about the company because they didn't want us to risk telling people too much about it before they came in.

There were never enough women, and they generally gave women discounted memberships more often than the men. The service is quite racially biased, which made me uncomfortable, one of the main reasons why I quit. My call center manager used to tell us not to set appointments with people who sounded black or spoke with a foreign accent, because they were nothing but a waste of time, and if a black person signed up, nobody would want to date them anyway.

I tried to speak with the GM of the company about the CCM's behavior, but he always acted as if he was too busy to be bothered with us lowly employees. And don't be fooled, they claim' to screen for married people, but I've heard of a few slipping through the cracks more than once.

Friday, December 10, You can date members if you are an employee. In fact, the guy who owns the Houston center, owns the Dallas one too.

There is no rule against it unless it is a new member who has not had photos taken. Once your photos are taken and oyu are in the system, it's harder for you to get out of your membership if you happen to date an employee.

Thank you Mark for putting Alexis in her place. First, if your husband became wealthy after you became engaged, that's a simple luck of the draw for you, and no doubt the resulting culmination of HIS efforts. It's fascinating how you position yourself as being such a benefit to him on a business level.

First of all, it's complEments - not complIments - someone who is truly educated would know that. Secondly, 'gauranteed' as you wrote, is spelled 'guaranteed'. Third, 'culd' is spelled 'could'. And finally, 'before hand' is one word - 'beforehand'. And, for the selection you receive, geographic diversity, and unimpeded communication, it's well worth it relative to using GE. As for your rationale on GE not displaying members to non-members, it's completeley off-base. A fellow employee could just as easily encounter your profile online.

But look at the leaps you're making - first, a co-worker uses the same site as you, then they come across your profile, and then they're malicious enough to make some joke of it. And, the odds of two co-workers joining the same internet dating site are much higher than the odds of two co-workers joining GE.

I'll still take my chances, as will most rational people. Also, mentioning how members are added every day as being a reason not to show profiles is asinine - new members join every day on dating sites too - does that mean you shouldn't browse before you join because someone new will sign up?

I suppose you should never shop for a car until after you buy one because new cars arrive every day and you won't get an accurate view of the dealership? The funny thing is, I bet you and many GE employees actually tell people that line of b. New members are still joining every day. The fact is, there will never be enough members joining in a day to affect the overall quality and selection of members. Someone COULD get an accurate idea of whether the GE office they're working with is worth their time if they were allowed to view members beforehand - but like I said in a previous post - they deliberately don't for one reason - they don't want you to see what a crappy selection they really have until after you've been duped.

It's not me who has misinterpretations - if you read what I wrote previously, it's based on facts. Your statements on the other hand ARE misinterpretations - beginning with your use of the word 'hateful' I addressed previously, continuing with saying I'm the one with misinterpretations, and then posting a theory on why people are having problems, when all you have to do is read this board to see why people are having problems.

And people dont' need to get over 'they're' it's 'their' by the way egos - obviously if they've joined a dating site or GE, that's already occured. I have no hangovers because I don't drink to excess, and I enjoy the social interaction - so going out suits me just fine. It's funny how you belittle it though - I suspect you are actually presently affiliated with GE, not just a 'former' employee - hence your feeble defense of the organization, and public disclosure of how you allegedly met a rich man on the site - a not-so-well guised effot to paint a positive picture about a not-so-good company.

So, in conclusion Alexis, it is you who have the misinterpreted points and the horrible spelling and grammar - as anyone reading this series of posts will see, and probably confirm. Thursday, December 09, It is my turn, to rebut a couple of things.

I do have to question if you really are "an ex-employee of GE. I should know, their sales rep. It was not like flirting her, it happened to be the other way around. She point blank told me she would like to have dated me, but she couldn't because it was against company's policy. So explain to me how you can be the only one of the GE chains to violate GE policy and not be punished. Or maybe you did get fired because you screw your women clients because you took away a potential date from them.

Another reason for people to dislike GE. How are people to find their soul mates when employees are taking them away from their clients. I always love the "how can they force you, they didn't have a gun" excuss to validate their strong tactics. When you keep a person at your sales office without accepting the customers answer as NO that is force. Not honoring the three day buyers remorse law that is force. If you like to think your former employeer is so clean, go check out the Better Business Buerau.

But then again, why would care you met your rich husband. Ok Mark to start off with thank you for giving me props on landing a wealthy man. He is my elder by 3 years. I didn't marry him for his money. One of the reasons WE became wealthy is because we were wise enough to make smart investments. With my husbands business background and my education we are able to compliment each other. Nothing is gauranteed in life. People spend more money than what the service charges just in bars trying to meet quality people.

If you spend 20 dollars a week in a bar or an internet site that is every couple of years and you haven't met quality all that you have gotten is a real expensive hang over If your not spending any money your not meeting anybody, you and I both know she is not going to come knock on your door.

You made a statement about not being able to see the members before hand. Even if GE allowed you to view the members before hand it wouldn't be accurate as they enroll new people everyday. Mark let me ask you , would you feel comfortable if we let everyone that came in here member or not view our members.

WHat if it was a fellow employee of yours that saw you were a member, didn't enroll and went back and told everyone that you know that you are a member of a dating service? THat is why they are confidential. People pay a cover charge to a bar, they don;t know who is in there, but they still pay to get in there.

For all they know there culd be 3 women and 50 men or vice versa. This is not a quick fix and it is not meant to be. I think that the problems people have with dating services, not just GE but in general is 1 they're not getting married tomorrow, it takes time to meet your ideal.

You joined a dating service not because your desperate you just want to date. You join a gym because you want to lose weight. In conclusion Mark you have some misinterpreted points, and I can understand the frustration however you have to be patient and use the membership offered with any dating service the best you can to receive the most value and no one can make you do that, you have to do it your self.

Good luck to you and your expensive hangovers!!!! Wednesday, December 08, I don't know that I'd describe the people on here as hateful - frustrated maybe, but not necesarily hateful. No one disputed the fact you MAY meet your match through this site, what is at issue are their sales tactics and the availability of quality matches.

I would be willing to bet a couple of things: One, your husband is older than you, and two, you married him for money, no matter how much you'll deny it.

What mature adult, with class and a values system would publicly admit in their opening sentence 'hey, I married rich and don't have to work anymore' - basically a high-schoolesque brag. But, more power to you. The complaints were largely about deceptive and misleading sales tactics, coupled with menial selections.

As for your former company's time frame, I love how they state that's the average time it takes to find a match - BS! They aren't interested in letting people find a match early - they want to drag it out to ensure a revenue stream.

Bottom line, my impression is that this service is for the most desperate people and that's not meant as an insult. They would be exponentially better off simply using a dating site or multiple dating sites and taking a little initiative. Their odds would be better, their selection better, and their pocketbooks that much fuller. Tuesday, December 07, Ok to start of with I am going to rebuttal to a couple of things that I have read on this site.

First off I am an ex-employee because I met a man through GE and he is a successfull business owner and his company has just expanded and I relocated and no longer have to work.

I read an article from an ex-employee stating that the success and the happiness of the members depends on the director and the owner. I definately agree with that. I don't know what happens in other GE centers all I can speak for is the owner that I worked under.

The man that I worked for owns over half of the GE nationwide centers. We have tons of events plus membership services staff who dealt with all of our members needs. These employees are here to help with every aspect of the membership. It is not gauranteed that you will meet your soul mate because if it was we would be , dollars. The only thing we can gaurantee you is an easier method of ,eeting singles who are sincere, relationship minded and commitment minded.

You are all adults. We did not tie you to the chair, lock the door, nor hold a gun to your head. You saw the value in the program and were excited about changing your life and THAT is why you signed up. Because it wasn't a quick fix you were looking for, you want to give up and scream refund. Let me ask you this, how much time and money have you invested in other avenues to meet people.

And I don't think your going to call your local pub asking for a refund because you haven't met your soul mate there. If your not patient you will stay single. In response to the hateful allegations of our unethical tactics.

This is a business! Most of those were tangible products however this is an intangible product which will prove itself over time. Out "tactics" are only to ensure you came to GE for the right reasons. Those of you who get on these anti sites and make fun of other people who see the value and had success through GE need to get a life. It is an unethical tactic to shoot down others' happiness or give a negative vibe to potential success stories.

If we were a fraud we wouldn't be in business over 27 years. So why don't you give it a chance or don't complain about you being single because obviously you don't want to make a change and live in a fantasy that Chance is going to drop that special someone off on your doorstep. I joined GE in August of ' I too was excited and eager to start my program.

I guess I had invisioned being married quickly. I went on twelve dates before I met my fiance'. A few were ok, but no fireworks were involved.

I am still friends with 2 of the twelve bc we did have a lot in common just no romantic chemistry. This all took place over the course of a year and a half.

I was starting to wonder if this was ever going to work. I called my membership representative and she told me to give it time. I said ok and went about using my membership. I selected john during the first week of his membership. He responded yes and we have been together ever since. We are getting married in may of this year. I can appreciate that anxious feeling that many of you have but you must be patient. I had the same feeling. I figured since I had been single for 4 years what is so bad about waiting a few more to meet my soul mate.

John was luckier than most members because he only had to go on 2 dates before he had success. Just remember if it meant to work in a day than they would have one day memberships not 3 years.

Thursday, December 02, I'm glad someone brought up dating sites, because I have become somewhat of an expert on them and how they try to screw people. They come up with all sorts of clever excuses, but the bottom line is, they want to dupe you into joining. In reality, if you were able to browse, you would see the girls sorry, I'm a guy, so I can't speak for what the guys are like who are overweight, under or uneducated, divorced, with kids hoping to land a man waiting to pay for their mistakes.

It could very well be the same mediocre selection of guys, but at least girls have a larger selection to choose from. Anyway, one other big thing to watch out for at most dating sites with the exception of match. The trick to Match is, if you join, make sure you send someone a regular e-mail address in your note to them. The best way to do it is surreptitiously place your contact information in the body of your profile, or change your profile name to your e-mail address just the name part - not the domain - and in your profile say something like 'hey - get me at the hottest mayl syte with my uzername' - you also have to misspell words because they have key word searches.

Or, try writing it backwards and then put the word 'backwards' in parentheses right next to it. Match really screens their profiles, so this is tough on their site, as does Yahoo - but other dating sites aren't as diligent, and you can sneak your e-mail info into your profile if you're creative.

Sorry I got off on a tangent, but these sites are weasels, so anything I can do to help someon bi-pass their forced-membership strategies, I will. Monday, November 29, Tuesday, November 23, I too have been forced. They are liers and thieves. First they forced me to sign.

I just moved to Houston to get a Masters degree. When the sales rep gave me the price, I told her I could not do it, I am just a grad student and I was able to afford their outragous price. You would think, by admitting you are poor they will let you out of their money grubbing claws. So I did call that very same day and said I wanted to get out of the contract.

They told me no, I told them I could not pay. They put the blame on me, saying why did I sign the contract if I knew I could not pay. But I did and I was held hostage until I signed. I think we should get together and sue. They are doing deceptive practice and now they have our money. Can somebody please help us. It was our money and they lied.

Sunday, November 07, Its embarrassing to admit I got fooled for by Great Expectations also. They prey on the people when they're at their lowest. Boy was I surprised to find out how many people on this site were right on the ball. Please allow my rant by point: But then the woman cut the bottom price in half and doubled the time, I thought I had a good deal.

The 1st time visit signup 'incentive' doesn't allow you the time to do any homework on the company. It takes them a week just to establish your account, then its too late. Don't even get me started with this one. Thats how they inflate their numbers. I don't mind if they say 'no', but they aren't responding at all.

I've contacted the BBB, but they haven't responded back. Hopefully arbitration will work. I'll feel much better if I can help save one person from this nightmare.

If anyone is planning a class-action lawsuit against Great Expectations in King of Prussia, please contact me and I'll be the first to sign. Saturday, October 30, The prices are different because there are 3 to 4 different programs! It's a fabulous way to date. You can't please everyone. Some of you gave up to soon, got frustrated because you wanted your soulmate yesterday. The company has been around for 30 years, so you'll have good and bad.

There are thousands of happy and married couples that met though GE. I'm proud to work for the company and find it very rewarding to help members find happiness. Dating services go under everyday, this one has 30 years of success, that tells its own story. Thursday, October 28, I was grossly ripped off and lied to at the Great Expectations in Sacramento Ca.

The sales lady was very slick and convinced me she had my Mr. Right in mind in their very library and I just needed to get signed up to meet him etc,. I let this go for personal reasons including a staff member befriending me.. I look back and just chalk it up to education. I am now happily engaged to a wonderful man that I did not meet through G.

Thank you for reading this. If anyone thinks I could recoup my loss I would love to hear from you. Friday, October 15, Adam, 1 You cannot spell, you need to go back to school if you went to begin with and learn how to do so. Worse, I was shown 8 profiles during my sales pitch, 2 beautiful, seemingly smart, business women to show I wasn't alone in making this BIG spending decision and 6 attractive gentlemen.

In my search I could only find 1 of the women in the database. I was told that I would get my salesperson cell number and she is diligent about returning calls within a day. Neither of these promises have come to pass.

In fact - Despite being told I would get a call to give me online access, I wasn't given that courtesy call for my password to get online yes, photos and video were done. I had to get it from the site administrator on my own. To date, my email requesting a follow up from the manager have not been returned. It has been more than 4 months since I joined and those men who I was told were "inactive" by electing to "freeze" their accounts are STILL inactive.

Please, do not give Great Expectations your trust or your money. Google "Great Expectations" and "Schaumburg" to open your eyes. They are preying on the desperation of single girls and women in this metroplex. I signed up recently in one of their branches after I had been promised heaven and earth about how quickly I would find a match and they described by potential experience as going to be like a kid in the candy store.

I paid over 3, Half of the members are inactive, that is, they are taken or discontinued their memberships. Of the 8 pictures I was shown in there office, only 2 were actually active when I checked them out online. One of the guys I was shown his picture did not even exist in their member profile. The lady who signed me on promised to be my "dating coach", I called to complain to her that I had not found anyone 2 weeks after I had signed up contrary to what she had promised.

She became so mad at me for being impatient and told me not to call her again because Rome was not built in a day and I should quit calling her so she could have time to serve other clients. They do not tell you about their non refundable policy until you have paid. Another thing, the two selections I got are from guys yrs older than I am, live thousands of miles away and of races I had said I was not interested in dating. You stand a better chance of getting a match on match.

I signed up for the free trial periods on these two sites and on the average, in a day, I get 5 to 10 matches. The guys I selected on Great Expectation are yet to respond after several weeks. If you are absolutely want to go to their office, leave your credit card or other forms of payment at home. They would also offer you financing to pay, but please do not fall for this.

Then the calls, no matter the cease and desist given to never call again, every now and then. Her tonality and when told, as I do each time, to stop calling me, they call now and then just to have fun at my expense. Morbid scum to call a number they know has had enough of them.

IMAGINE that, getting a call every now and then, just because these scum have no life, no boss overseeing them, or one that condones their criminal activity. I will be posting this everywhere to let people know they are scum of the earth. I happen to have the call recorded and am filing suit against them. They are about to get the hint that screwing with someone the way that scum just did, will get them sued. She was so kind and understanding about my divorce and not wanting the kids to meet all different men when they don't work out.

A week later, I had my photo video appointment with Marty and I was so nervous Wendy re-wrote my profile and I just loved it. Obviously, so did Jack because we are engaged to be married at Christmas - In St. What are you waiting for?? Suite , Oregon, WI www. Because GE kept asking me to drive to Oregon to hear what their program could do for me. I told her that it didn't matter how much I left from the sale of my house because it was all needed because I was the only person saving street children in Brazil's Highlands.

I have been traveling there caring for them since Other parts of Brazil have some sheltering, but in the Highlands its only me. I have seen it. I told her I take out bank loans every year and then pay the loads back each year. In fact GE had just completed a successful fund raiser for her son who was in a drastic motorcycle accident It paid large medical bills and gave him extra money besides.

She told me they have a history of big name local contributors such as Harley Davidson and the Milw Admirals to name just a couple. She said that one of their members is vice president of Sheridan Hotels who lets them use a Banquet room free And let the fund raiser begin!

Well, I was ecstatic because over the years I have contacted lots of people to raise money for the street children unsuccessfully. She told me not to list my childhood handicap because it would signify low self-esteem to a future date or partner. When the fund raiser was not done, I phoned and visited GE many times. I was told they do not do fundraisers and that I would get out of their dating service how much effort I would put in.

She did not return my calls. I have not slept good knowing I let myself get taken. Some days it is even hard for me to function at work knowing that I ran out of money and those beautiful children are missing and many believed dead. I have asked for my money back so I can go back to Brazil and try to find them and give add to other street children there.

They told they would not refund my money. I think you'll find this review pretty revealing into the Great Expectations dating service. I called their company because I was interested and found their staff to be cordial but they would not reveal the cost of the service over the phone. Instead they asked me first to come in for an interview. During my interview their service seemed to be decent, but when they finally revealed the costs, I was surprised.

Imsges: what is great expectations dating service

what is great expectations dating service

No big deal, whatever anyones reasons are it's fine.

what is great expectations dating service

I emailed them about that and they never responded.

what is great expectations dating service

Also what they did was change the dates of my inquiries to perspective singles. Morbid scum to call a number they know has had enough of them. The events are not free. What is great expectations dating service bless all and i hope you singles all wedding matchmaking games find a way to take this strong negative energy you have about a business that tries to help people and turn it to positive energy and focus on finding happiness try it out you may be suprised at your success. This company lied to me, they deceived me and they mislead me into a false contract.