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Ask A Guy: Does My Boyfriend Really Mean What He Says?

what does it mean when someone says your dating

If he knew I was OK with him leaving to go back to her why continue to lie when he is caught. The thing is, as I had more relationships —more falling in love and then eventually the break-up, more ups, more downs, more experience — my perspective changed and the way I was in relationships changed too… for the better. Can you not be in love with someone and still be equally yoked to them?

Takes My Number, Gives Me His, And Doesn't Call

Hi Ronnie Ann, Well, I got the good news! He's wanting you to be the pursuer. Are they expecting that he will be able to start in two weeks? When his friends started popping up he started acting wierd. What is the significance of that? He'll sit facing you and he'll move forward towards you when speaking to you.

I find comfort in knowing a higher being is responsible for this. It has only been happening to me this year. Please help me tap into whatever it is.

Recently my division at work shut down. I was holding down two jobs. Both in the music industry. The same day the division closed down, my boss sent me a message at I never took any notice of it. But I have been asking the Angels for guidance as I want to do the same business on my own. Now I read this and it seems to be confirmation to my thoughts abt my new venture.

Sends shivers down my back. I started noticing often times when I looked at a clock I was seeing This have been ongoing over the past couple of months. He passed away in October. I always heard that people receive some sort of contact from the other side in different ways for example finding nickels or butterflies etc.

I on the other hand am still trying to seek my connection and question life after death and if it exists. I believe in god but am not religious. I am questioning my fate and views on life everlasting. I had a serious car accident April 25, which resulted in traumatic brain injury. I had been a musician for over fifty years as a teacher, composer, accomplished pianist and singer. After the accident all of my music sense went away. I struggled for months and months trying to reconnect what had been broken and taken away from me.

I used to be able to completely orchestrate in my minds ear, all of the orchestration for any song. But then, I could hear it no more. Starting in , I begin to see numbers such as I passed it off as just a coincidence until recently when my music begin to come back. I begin to hear with my musical ear again and feel the music slowly moving back in to my being. The common occurance of the I have 2 children born in different years, and months both born on the 11th, which is also my Mums birthday too, I always wondered if there was a connection.

My father died at What is the significance of that? He was a very special man. Yes the numbers do have great significance to those who wish to maintain an open mind when it comes to a higher realm in our spiritual growth.

I have for many years seen The 1st tends to appear for me anyway after I have had some deeper thoughts on an issue which later the number always comes up. I take it as a positive answer from my Angels. The other time I see the number again the same This could be a vision that can come in many ways: Hi Melanie, I have been seeing I have been doin alot of asking My Angels for answers concerning if my soul mate will reunite with me, could this be the reason I keep seeing these numbers?

Thank u for them. I very much hope I get a response from u. I have often in the past seen numbers in palindrome patters on dates and cheques or else where.

I have experienced a dog appearing and vanishing from nowhere when I felt very lonely and an old man with a hat and walking stick and a dog recently in the same manner. Often I see numbers which repeat. Can you suggest me what it means? Hi I have been seeing since my brother took his life 13 years ago. My Father took sick and passed away almost 3 months ago. My Father time of death was in the morning. Do you know what that means?

I lost a son in , he was shot to death. Even tho there was several meanings. One really set me off. It said that an angel is trying to contact me. I started to cry, and my ex, was freaking out, cuz a minute before this…I was laughing, and having a great time.

Now…even tho he is my ex…we are still friends. One of my 3 daughters sees it now too… Maybe, u can help me to understand this. What actually brought me to your page, I saw 11 11 twice before noon today. I had a talk with my grandmother before she dies and told her to give me a sign she was ok. He commited suicide 30 years ago. Not sure where rhe and come into play.

I do feel my angel guides are with me as well as my loved ones who have passed on. I was born on Lastly we when performing group tasks, I most often pick the number 11,. Hi, I have seen in many forms since It was great when I learned other people see it too. But knowing why is still a mystery. Eu sou brasileiro e tenho 45 anos. Thanks for the explanations. That happens to me a long time I see it every day.

I wish I could read your web in Spanish …. On clock, to me apair maybe for ten time per day the numbers: Please, what does it mean? Often when I am watching tv at night I look at the clock at Sometimes if I am watching a recording, I will check the time remaining and the I am trying to understand what it means. I see very often. I used to think it meant my Dad was near. He has been gone 40 years. Now I believe it is also my husband, Walter, who died from cancer 18 months ago.

I even talk to them at those times. So true I do Angel healings all time see that number all time I help so many people out there prayers are coming true always helping them I am even reading a book about about my website and what happened to me and what kind of gift. I have i wish more people will understand thanks for sharing Fabio. I always see ll in time ll: It is amazing A lot of time this is apearing and I start having excelent affirmation experiences Thanks for all information.

MMy son was born at We were talking just the other day how often we both keep seeing For the person seeing numbers all the time etc, I also had this. For me my life was falling apart and I was surrounded by abuses and deceptions that I was trying to shove under the rug and ignore.

I left an abusive partner who was trying to blackmail me for money, denying me access to my child, had found out my mother had committed fraud on my fathers inheritance and was dating someone who I found out was cheating and lying to me.

During this time and I was in denial and refused to say anything and just tried to suppress all my feelings. I ended up in and out of hospital due to the stress I was under. This whole time, I was waking in the night at , , etc. I was also seeing a lot too which, kind of got me to really pay attention. I began to leave those relationships behind and focus on spirituality more, which all the drama had been keeping me hyper-focused on trying to cope with it all.

This is not to scare people and not necessarily negative, but it is a wake up call that calls the person receiving the call into spiritual service. This idea comes from the bible and prophecy much like the idea of rapture and ascension. The 11th hour is the time where Earth is at a crux and a choice needs to be made. It is the last hour to make a decision. The fact it is If you see Even in Matthew it states it is not a time of idleness, there is work to be done.

So probably why people start seeing The problem is people attach it to worldly pursuits, materialism, greed etc and this turns the 11 vibration upside down and they start seeing it as validation for the service to the self instead of to the One or the whole.

This is why spiritual people might see The 1 energy is the magician. Upright, the magician uses his magic for good and births good creations.

In the negative the magician is self-serving, manipulative and the con artist or used car salesman mentality. Which this energy we are being called to overcome within the world.

The 4 vibration all the numbers adding to 4 is about grounding or lack of it. Which all the 1 energy, if used for too many projects can be scattering or cause burn out. So, again note whether in the greater world or in your environment power is being used constructively or being abused.

But, if you want to see If you are motivated to answer the call, however, you can be part of the 11th hour workers at a time they are most needed on Earth. Normally I focus on what I am intending to manifest. I will continue to do that and now I will be sure to pause and meditate for any messages for me.

My grandmother and I were very very close. She was everything good in my childhood and my happiest memories were with her. She always told me this. When she passed I had spent 8 days by her side caring for her I lived 2 states away. After she passed I was devastated and I would look at the clock at This happened about everyday or twice a day for a long time. I called my little sister who was raised by my grandma they were extremely close , she lives in a different time zone.

She said she was seeing After about a year I started to put the connection together that she wanted me to make sure my sister was safe and cared for and for my sister to always let me know how special I was to my Gram I was just 1 of 46 grandchildren. Also, when I am just thinking of my Gram or missing her, she appears at To me and my sister, We never saw it until she passed.

My mother suddenly passed away at the young age of She loved ladybugs and since her death 20 years ago, we see ladybugs at just the right time I saw one in a blizzard one time. The other night was a very hard night and I was wondering what to do about a situation. I was walking down the stairs and saw a ladybug…I had my answer! I have a very strong faith in God and know that he is above all.

He is who I get all my strength from and I feel blessed that I know my loved ones are safe and happy. I started seeing this number and I would always tell my family to make a wish! I went on Internet and searched for consecutive numbers and lo and behold, I was graced to be guided to this Angel site and very, very excited to keep learning from you.

I also had an intuitive urgency out of nowhere yesterday when I was giving my husband a haircut. I felt the need to check on my 3 yr old so I did. He was fine but when I checked for my 10 yr old, he and cousin were lighting grass on fire!

I was amazed I had divine intervention and that I was able to grasp it! It was an amazing feeling! I look forward to discovering more about my Angel Guides! Glad to have answers to many questions! It gives me such warm, knowing feeling. I know there is a message for me and I need to figure it out. I have my own little flat I work as a massage therapist and Gina practically lives in my place which I love.

She often comes to me at night to keep an eye on me. I am extremely attached to her. My surname also adds up to About the Author Melanie Beckler Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of www. Susan says February 23, Thank you so much. John Proctor says February 12, I started out noticing Nicola Levesconte says February 6, For at lest 9months more i constantly see Catherine O'Sullivan says October 19, I have been seeing these numbers for years.

Tom Raphael says October 9, I seen the signs before alot and know of them and now they are back when reading this article it seemed as an angel was tuning in. Ivana says September 30, I saw many times repeated numbers. Elizabeth Davis says September 17, I have been seeing Joe F says August 28, Thank you so much!

Helena says August 26, Hello Thank you for your amazing information I often see Cindy McGhie says August 5, I see Tammy Wolfe says July 21, I had a friend send me here. Eric Richards says July 12, I have been seeing 4: Saleh rayan says May 7, I saw this after a very hard exam I hope it means good grades. Jo says May 4, Hi, Melanie.. Thank you for your information and for sharing your insights and resources with us. Viliam says March 27, Thank you.

Mahmoud Rashad says March 12, I see this number more in clock and chat and on my phone Reply. Lebogang says February 26, Hi,the only way to raise your vibration is a simple way actually, like this post say,clear your heart open it,clear your mind open it,let your light shine as bright like the sun,and let that light expand more and more,but first,when your clear your heart and mind breath in first heavily and to slow breathing,then start to clear and open up,from there ull start feeling your vibrations, expand the light and set yourself inline with your guides,ascended masters,your angels, as you do this exercise remember to thank them for the signs,for guidance, for being there,for the protection ,ask them to reveal what you need to do,remember patience is of outmost virtue,men with no patience stumbles in blocks made of frustration… Good luck from lebogang seatlholo Reply.

Tyrone Edwards says May 23, Take it one day at a time, stay in the present. Christopher says February 17, Im always seeing them all;whenever i look at the clock,i see mirror image number Drashti says February 13, Hi, i have seen Monica says February 11, Thank you so much for the video! Melanie Beckler says February 11, You were perfectly understood, Monica thanks for commenting! Issa says March 29, Oh my God! John Bosco Zielley says February 3, Thank you so much for your guidance.

Melanie Beckler says February 4, So glad to hear this was helpful for you! Carmela says February 2, Thank you for your guidance. With the deepest love and gratitude. Melanie Beckler says February 4, Yes!

An open mind and soul is definitely key…. Thanks for commenting my friend! Zaynah says February 1, Amen Thank you Melanie. God bless xx Reply. Brianns says February 1, Hi, thank you Ms. So glad to hear this Melanie Beckler says February 4, Thank you Sharon! Lesley says February 1, Thank you for the wonderful message about Melanie. Melanie Beckler says February 1, Thank you Lesley! This is very interesting… Reply. Melanie Beckler says February 4, So many signs and synchronicity!

Pamela says January 6, I see Jon says January 5, I see all the time. Peace and love to all Reply. Justina Comp says January 3, My boyfriend passed away in October. Arlene Calderon says January 2, Amen Reply. Zoe says December 10, Wow I saw and the message next to the numbers was missyou. Armaan says December 9, Thoughts manifest into reality. Bea says November 15, Oh I forgot to add my grandson arrived a little early he was due until December Reply.

Bea says November 15, My mother passed away this past September. Terri Coats says November 11, I always see curious what that might mean. Anup George says October 30, I have be seen almost all the special combination of numbers for quite some years now. Grace Angeles says September 28, is my birthday. Melanie Beckler says November 10, Why does it concern you? Cpete says September 12, Ive only seen But are the numbers I see all the time Reply.

Robin says August 13, I have been seing both Patty says August 27, The same has been happening to me every day for the past couple of weeks! Karen says June 16, I was just looking up what the meaning of seeing Anna says May 22, Hi I keep seeing the number 11 11 non stop especially on a clock what does this mean I have been seeing this number since my dad passed away in I wish new what this means Reply.

Julie says August 25, For many years the number would be on the clock as I looked but my caller I. Gloria Crowl says May 21, Several months ago I started noticing Denice Williams says April 29, I began seeing this now for years, at least 3 or more.

Julia says April 26, Since my mum died allways I will look at the time in kitchen on my heating thermasta or on sky menu for time or my phone also my daughter who lives with her own family will call and say guess what time it is on all ovations it has been Abe says April 13, Hi. Denise says March 1, Not only have I seen Antony says July 13, 8 is the total pf all numbers and its the total of 0 at the same time Reply. Mel says February 19, Ok, where do I start? Darlen says February 3, So what does the Age of Aquarius mean?

Diane says February 16, I do feel a connection to the numbers , its very spooky and never really understood what it means and why. She says January 14, I love numbers,,,,they are everywhere. Crystal Stewart says January 14, My father passed away on June 11th at Mason Gregory says January 9, creepy!

Elizabeth says January 2, Angels are here with me. Rinsha says December 25, Comment In each and every second I have the experience of syncronisity.. Claudia says December 24, My birth day is 11, and the 11 it show it self for years lately Amit says November 23, It means sleep again for an hour and half. Paula love says December 13, My has been going on for years. Mildred says November 18, First time in my life I saw Bill says November 10, I saw 11 11 for the first time tonight.

Caz says October 8, I kept seeing the number Herr says September 27, Lately I have been seeing, 6 everywhere. Its really freking me out what does all this mean Reply. Melanie says September 17, I see Cavalry says September 7, When you had connected or an angel follow you,you will see visions by angel want show to you in many ways. Minh says August 23, You belive or not but number Manish Kakkar says August 11, I am experiencing this since last ten years, but I saw almost all the numbers Best Lead Extractor says July 28, is my most seen number, but today was the first time I saw Prateek Mukhija says July 15, I am facing Most of the time it on buildings and billboards now im starting to it when i sleep Reply.

Serly says July 10, Hi Melanie.. Michaela says June 19, It began about 17 years ago. Peace and blessing everyone. Mickey says June 17, What does this He would kneel at my feet to tie my shoes properly so I could continue on with him.

My body is essentially waging war on itself and I tire easily. He says I help him enjoy life instead of rushing through it and that I bring him balance. He loves that he can also be himself in my company. In the past, I have fought against needing anyone, of being weak.

I let go of this. I am now open about my flaws and met a man that helps me live life as I imagined it instead of living within my own limitations.

I was overcome with emotion when I hiked my first slot canyon with him. A girl with RA was able to climb 10 and 12 ft rock facings because this man was patient enough to talk me through a climb or offer a boost or some stability when I needed it. You speak the truth. Vulnerability, knowing that you are needed, receiving gratitude for what you give to fill that need — that is the stuff that feeds love.

As for this love, it is not all consuming. I just leaves me breathless to live in it and see him grin ear to ear when he helps me with something as simple as tying a shoe. Thank you for encouraging the pursuit of balance and not hiding from our own flaws.

I recommend your book more than any other. I found such peace in your words and share them with many of my girl friends. So allow yourself to be vulnerable. Note that when you become maximally vulnerable, you paradoxically become invulnerable. You can shoot at a pool of water, but the water just re-forms around the bullet, allowing it to pass through without resistance. So go ahead and be your perfectly imperfect, quirky self. Ali, please comment on vulnerability in the male.

I would like your perspective as the other side of the coin to the female vulnerability explanation. Still my question how can a MAN make it easier for me to take out the armour that I never wanted to wear?

Perhaps if men were more aware of that, they will give us the benefit of the doubt and perhaps we would strip from the armour faster. On the other hand, intellectual women also need to be recognized and admired for their brains and achievements, without intention of competing, so men should be taught by their mothers and at school, to admire the intellect of a woman in the same degree as her manners, as a gift that enhances her.

I think many man consider our CVs and intellectual achievements a sign of lack of vulnerability, and a sign of male energy, and discard us in the blink of an eye, or start competing with us, in a race in which I am not even taking part.

Why the gender framing? I have learned to shed my armour as it no longer serves me. Yes, I can take care of myself rather well. I have a great job, and make a good wage. I need, no one. Need and want, are two different things. But I allow my man to be a man. We love, have balance, and life is great. Let your man, be a man. My husband had a telephone interview about a month ago, after just two days he was called and arrangements were made for a second interview in person which he attended and all went well.

He was asked for his references which gave, the references called to say they received calls from the company and that they gave very good references. It could just be how the process works for this employer, or the job could be filled or cancelled. On the employer side, the hiring process is a distraction for most of the people involved, except the recruiters and HR. The usual work needs to be completed plus everything associated with the hiring process — scheduling interviews, having interviews, discussing candidates, sometimes even writing reports on who was interviewed, etc.

And, people get sick, go on vacation, travel on business, need to handle other more urgent to the employer crises, etc. I would wait until next week to reach out to the employer again. Meanwhile, I hope your husband is continuing his job search in case this opportunity does not happen for him. Just an update on my previous post, my DH just got a letter yesterday from the company saying there was no suitable candidate for the role , after all the process they took him thru.

Two interview, reference checks, and the referees all said they gave him good references. My DH is devastated, this interview process took 3 months and now this. But I guess we have to be positive, his next job might just be around the corner!!

If nothing else, he has more experience in interviewing and going through the hiring process. I had my second interview for a government position last week, went very well I thought, and they requested references and I willingly provided three. They then requested one from my current manager which I then gave them, making four referees, but felt awkward given that it was not certain I was going to get the job.

Is it normal practice to request a reference from your current manager and then not to give the job to that person? This is going to make resuming my current job even less pleasant, and asking for future reference checks from my referees awkward.

How does one come out of this situation positively? And if they were not going to give me the job, why did they contact four referees? Recently, I applied for a job and went to 2nd interivew last week. Today, I saw they posted the job ad again, is that mean I failed on the interview?

Please kindly advise and give some comments. Hmmm… The job being posted could be a bad sign or it could mean nothing at all. It depends on the size of the employer and the job. It could mean nothing in a large organization with many employees doing this job. Large organizations, if that is what this employer is, frequently have many people doing the same kind of thing, in different departments, divisions, or locations, and even different times of the day and days of the week.

It all depends on how this employer is organized. Some large organizations keep postings for the same jobs up all the time because they always need new people doing those jobs. Or, it could be a bad sign if this is a very small organization with only one person doing this specific job. Tell them your name, the job you interviewed for, and who and when you interviewed.

Then, ask for the status of the job and the next steps. I had an interview with an HR Director on March 7. The interview seemed to go well and it apparently did because a second interview was scheduled for March 16 with the person who seemed to have hiring authority. This is a non-profit organization.

Though a tough interviewer, I thought that went well and I surprisingly received a response to my thank you e mail. She indicated she would get back to me by the end of the week. That was two weeks ago. Additionally, they both said, I would hear back one way or another. Do I follow up? Do I assume they have hired someone else? I was working when I interviewed. I am not now. I know people are quite careful when speaking about employees past or present and my former employer was not a reference.

My qualifications were a match. I am a bit baffled. Any advice as to what to do next? Do I just put it aside? Write an e mail? It was pretty frustrating. Yes, you definitely follow up! Sometimes, believe it or not, they are waiting to see if you will contact them to determine how interested you are in the job. Perhaps they have filled the job, but it is just as likely that something else is going on that has nothing to do with you. I would call the HR director to receive an update on what is going on.

After you tell her your name, give her the job title and the details on the interviews dates and names. Then, ask her the current status of the job, and what the next steps are. I been in this interview process for almost a month now. A recruiter contacted me about a month ago that they are assisting a company with hiring. I love the company and said yes that I am interested. So a week later, I was able to do a phone interview with the manager.

I asked him if he would like me to send my reference to the recruiter, he said yes. I decided to email the recruiter for a follow up, she said that she will talk to the manager and see where they are at.

I waited and the week passed by with no call. The early of the week after the recruiter called and said the manager will be in town and would like to see me.

So we met up today. Two days ago they called my references. The recruited asked me a few more info on my references that I provided and commented my references were very good, but did not asked for more references from me. Today my met with the manager was great, but very confusing. He said I need to do an interview with their HR director.

So what is my chances? What should I do? How long will this continue? This sounds very promising. So, I recommend being patient with them, and staying in touch with the recruiter. The recruiter should know what is going on or should be able to find out for you.

I had attended an interview with NSW Health 2 weeks ago. The convenor contacted one of my referee couple of hours after the interview for reference check. So, I was really excited. So, I sent an email to HR Manager asking about update on my application.

She said I am short-listed for the position and they are finalising the paperwork. She also said all short-listed candidates will be notified the outcome after paperwork is completed. Shall I be still hopeful about getting this job? Chandlee, Thanks for suggestion. Just wondering generally how many people are short-listed after interview for one position. Usually the number of people short-listed is less than five. Good luck to you and keep us posted.

They called yesterday to tell me that they were down to the final two candidates, I am one of them, and now they are checking references. I know that they spoke to two of my references yesterday and one of the calls was half hour — not sure if that is a good sign though as concerned maybe they were digging in on things they might not like?

She thinks this is probably a bad thing it lasted so long. Is that typical that they would do that? It is good to come here and know there are some many of us that are stressed out over this and in the same gloomy boat. I was interviewed for a job on thursday last week. Today, monday, I received a call from one of my referees telling me that he has been contacted by my prospective employers. I told him to tell them what he knows about me and I will be fine.

However, I had three referees, it appears the others have not been contacted despite one of them being the first on my list. The one contacted works for the same company but at a different branch.

Does it mean they trust their fellow employee more hence his episode will be trusted more. Almost always a good sign if your references are contacted. Employers have their own approach on how many references to contact and typically work to contact references in the midst of all their references. I am so glad I found this blog- I did a phone interview.. Everything went by fast- Monday: When is it too early to reach out for an update?

FINALLY, received a call back and was told that both of the recruiters that was working with me are no longer with the company…. Now I have an interview again this week. This is no doubt one of the most frustrating things I have ever been through! Or should I continue to follow up? Thank you to this blog for keeping me somewhat sane during this process! For a moment- really felt like I was the only going through this and just wanted to give up!

Good luck with the interview at company 1. Remember that interviewing is always a mutually selective process so you may want to ask about length of tenure of other people who worked there in the past! As for company 2, suggest you follow-up and let them know you can provide references should they have need of them — and let them know of your continued interest in the process.

Thanks for the advice! I was scheduled for a phone interview today… and they never called. We have been going back and forth for about weeks and it keeps getting rescheduled or I never hear from them. Do I just give up? I do not know how much longer I can stand this: I recommend you contact them today — let them know you did not receive a call yesterday as pre-arranged and ask if they are still interested and would like to reschedule.

If you are only working with HR, the HR process may be entirely different from the team you would be working with — so hang in there! I got an offer from company Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

Reason for being anxious is that I disclosed a minor conviction after the offer that occurred 8 years ago.. I misread their application and wanted to be honest now. That may be a challenge for you, but you were honest — and honesty is good. If it is a minor conviction it may not matter — and many background checks go beyond 7 years.

Keep us posted on what happens. I have loved every single minute of it so far! Just wanted to let everyone out there who might see this during a stressful interview process that everything does happen for a reason! For this job, I had to relocate from east to west coast and it was a great decision for me. I think to myself.. I have to be honest that those past 2 months of interviewing and waiting was the hardest ever but if you can help yourself, definitely just trust in the universe that things will fall into place and all you need to do is give it time!

Thanks Chandlee- you have definitely made this process easier and I hope to provide others the same support! Please keep us posted and let us know how we can be of help to you. I interviewed for my dream job 2 months ago. I heard nothing from the potential employer until last week when they called me to ask if I was still available and interested in the position. They then asked for my references contact information which was checked the next day. All 3 of my references called me to let me know they had been contacted and they had said wonderful things about me.

I assumed they were ready to hire and thought I would have heard from them within the week. A week after being contacted again, I sent a follow up email to inquire about the status of my application. The response I got was that they had been in touch with all my references and were still reviewing, they would be in touch when a decision was made. The interviewing process is un-fun for job seekers, and can also be frustrating inside companies — especially in the summer when so many people take vacations.

I once got a job offer three weeks after they had expected to have a decision made. This is literally exactly what happened to me! I hope we hear good news soon! I had a interview for my dream job at Froedtert Medical Hopsital on Wednesday,the interview went great. I ended up getting a second interview right away by the unit manager who would be over me. The next day I got a follow-up email regarding a survey for my references.

I was responsible for sending out the emails to my references and the HR recuriter would get the feedback once they respond. After that I received another call from one of my references stating that they had called, and about an hour or two later I got a call from the same person who had contacted my reference, and stated she does the background checks and she had a couple of more questions for me.

Recommend you follow up with HR, let them know you are still interested and ask if they need additional information from you. I had a second and final interview on Tuesday afternoon with the Pres and VP of the Board at a small non profit and felt very confident about how it went. There were 3 candidates and we were all interviewed on Tues.

On Thursday afternoon the HR Director emailed me and told me that she was going to check the references that I had listed on my application and wanted to make sure that they would be available. It is now Friday afternoon and none of my references were contacted. Is this a good or bad sign? Am I overthinking this? Can I assume that I am the front runner? HR Directors typically have more on their desk for any given day than just reference checking.

Both said that things went really well, and the HR director all but told them that an offer was coming. I did not receive an offer today. Offers can take a while to come through — due to the approval process.

I hope you will get the offer you wish to receive soon. I had an interview last week and the interview was OK ,but at the end of the interview the interview panel members only asked about my salary expectations and the notice period for the starting the new job if I become successful. I mean is it correct to think that they are not interested to recruit me.

There is no standard list of questions asked at the end of the interview. These questions indicate to me — that they may remain very interested in your candidacy. Hi, I went to an interview and health check, police check then they contacted my referee but my referee asked them to call back because he was busy at that time. Should I send them an email to tell them calling back my referee for checking?

You may want to follow-up and offer to provide them with additional information on references. Simply state what you understand that happened and provide them with contact information for that reference again — as well as contact information for another potential point of contact.

I had my 1st and 2nd interview today and i think it went well. What does it mean? How long will it take? The hiring process certainly takes longer than three hours. Be patient, the time between interviews and offers can vary depending on how the company works — and when they need new hires to start.

As you wait to hear back, send a thank you note that states that you continue to be interested in the job — and keep up your job search as you wait for a final response.

Thank you for the reply. Now i know what to do the next time i have an interview but i hope there will be no more next time lol. But it seems they should check all that before exposing me to my current employer. I suggest you call them — ask where they are in the process, and if they have all the information they need from you.

Let them know that you are aware that they have called your potential employer. I applied a job within Local Council and had an interview. As far as I am aware, council will only seek reference after interview if the candidate is successful at interview but then again how can they ask for the reference so quick when they had more candidates waiting to be interviewed?

The following Monday, I had an in-person interview with the hiring manager. I was told that they should be making their decision by Friday the same week. The next day Tuesday HR contacted me to provide references — 4 contacts whom they could email questionnaires about my work habits. On Wednesday, 3 of my references completed the questionnaire. My 4th reference submitted hers on Thursday. I am pretty confident that my references would not have provided negative comments about me.

I realize that this is a very short time between submitting my references and expecting a decision to be made, however, the hiring manager had told me to expect a decision by Friday and invited me to contact her if I had any further questions or concerns. Should I follow up and if so, how long should I wait before doing so? Also, should I contact the HR person or the hiring manager to follow up? The hiring process often takes longer than we anticipate — especially in the summer!

Thanks for the great advice Chandlee! You were spot on about HR being behind on their workload. I got a interview for a position which they originally did not proceed forward with my application which was three months ago. When I got there they told me that the position I had applied for was filled internally but that was not the reason they wanted to talk with me. They admitted they found my resume and that application and they said they saw the most unique skill set that made me a promising candidate for a position they are reinventing.

As they were talking to me about what they had in mind for that position I got all kinds of ideas and examples of the things I have done and I could see why they were interested in me. When I asked how soon I could hear from them about the position they told me two weeks.

I understand that they may want time to go over what we had talked about and see if I would be a good fit. I am curious about what my chances are of getting an offer but my real question is:.

I had interviewed for a position 6 months ago. At the time, I had a full time position. I lost my job in January.

I had proceeded to follow up with the Company. At that time, they had said they were still interested but, they were holding off on the position for the time being.

They asked that I follow up with them in a month. Basically, my conversations with the Company had gone on for the next 2 months March where they had said to follow up, etc. I finally gave up. They contacted me in June to say the position had changed and they were still interested, etc. They had asked for a reference which I had given to them. I know they contacted my reference on the same day. That was one month ago. Should I give up? Contact them directly by phone and follow up. Do not leave a message, you need to speak to someone directly.

No sense in having you sit around any longer and wait. I got a called last week Thursday that they were going to call my references, and would be sending me links to complete the criminal background check and a survey about my personality. I completed both the criminal background check which I know would come back clear because I work with kids , and the survey on the same day, however as at today, they have not called my references.

The hiring manager said that she would make a decision this week and on the last visit, she said to me that she likes me a lot and that she hopes I like the company. Needless to say I was upset. I know that she is hiring three people in the position that I applied for, she already offered one of the positions, and she is looking to have the other 2 people start within the next week or two.

Should I still be hopeful, or should I let it go and keep applying for other positions? It is a bad sign that they posted the position again? You should continue to apply for other jobs in the interim, but do not interpret these other indicators as a sure sign that you have been knocked out of contention. There are many reasons why the process can be delayed — and these can result in an extended process for hiring managers and HR processes as they consider candidates.

This may very well have nothing to do with you — often the right hand knows not what the left hand is doing. They actually called my boss today for a reference even though I was told that they would not be calling my current boss. I asked my boss how it went and my boss said she spoke well of me. However, when the interviewer asked what my weaknesses were, my boss said she declined to answer!

I just had my performance review and she said she had nothing negative to say about me. I am the top in my department. Not sure how the interviewer would see her response. I think my boss declined because she was taught that you can not say anything negative about an employee to a reference, but her response does leave room for imagination. I was interviewed for a position i really like, i did two interviews and one week later they checked my references, this was the recruitment consultant who indicated that he needed to do a report to the company board.

The second interview was with the company and the consultant. I would like to know what this means, is it possible that references can be checked for several candidates and a report done to the board for these candidates or does it mean it is only one person being forwarded to the board? Companies hire in many different ways — and have multiple approaches. For your situation, I have no way to tell how they approach reference checking — and for how many candidates they check references.

Hang in there, and keep your search open in the interim. Personal experience, as I mentioned above was interviewed and references was checked also and no response.

Normal delaying tactics, I chased it up and in the end i did not get the job. Sorry to hear you did not get this particular job but your willingness to follow up in general is a sign of what would make you attractive to an employer…. It helps me to get through this — as always tormenting — period. I flew from Switzerland and was asked to fly over to the UK for an interview with a well known company.

The job would be a huge step forward for me and I have had trouble sleeping ever since. I was asked to do an assessment at first. A numerical one and another one, like an IQ Test with shapes and stuff like that.

The one with the shapes went ok but I did not manage to finnish. The numerical one went pear-shaped. I couldnt figure out here and there what they actually meant as it was displayed in a format I am not used to.

However, I did not let that affect the rest of this interview 3. I had a feedback session on two of the psychological online tests I did previously and that went well. Small interview with a HR Manager, good answers I believe and the personality profile is a match for this Management position. I prepared well, invested almost 8 hours on researching the company, thinking of the best answers possible.

I hope I blew them away but then again, some questions were not asked some that I would have loved but I think they figured quickly that I knew what I was talking about. Especially the hiring Manager seemed quite happy.

I did not feel too positive after the interview and I thought that I may have spent a lot of money planes, hotel, food for nothing. However, 2 days later a call, asking for 2 references. They were both contacted and asked questions for around minutes. Both of them gave very good feedback one of them I know gave outstanding feedback, the other one I think too. Now I am waiting for them to contact me either tomorrow or on Tuesday.

Not getting it would be a huge disappointment and I think even though I am looking for some positive feedback from you on this website, al I can do is sit and wait, just sit and wait….. Wow, that all sounds exhausting. Pat yourself on the back for fully investing your time — and putting all that you have in you towards preparing for the interview. Let us know the outcome, apply for other opportunities in the interim so you can have as many options as possible — and let us know how things turn out.

How are you today? I was hoping to get a call today. It was in the end the European HR Manager, lovely lady she is. She wondered what my current salary is and how much I would expect.

I believed that for that job, quite a lot more in responsibility, such a salary would be more than ok, also looking at the Company and how much money they make. Not sure if I was wrong though. She asked me how I feel about that. My answer said that all the feeling is kinda gone just kidding — I told her that this for me is a no go as I do have responsibilities as well 4 kids from my first marriage, the ex wife costs some money too etc.

She asked me then how far I would go down. I answered and made a USD 10k decrease which means that I am pretty much at the same level as now, tiny bit more. She promised me to get back to me shortly and obviously that they will look at it.

It was not an offer as such and apparantely they are going through the candidates. Will they go for 2nd best which is not me who is willing to work for such a salary? Will they close the gap cause they feel I can make a significant contribution and difference? Is it just a game on their end to bring it down a nodge? You know, I am sure they had the information as mentioned before.

I wonder though what this would mean to the relocation package — if they are really tight they may just expect me to hop on the next plane and sort the move out myself. Finally he fired me because I did not Always go to work. I put my manager as a references do you think that he will have an effect as a work reference cause I went to this interview that I passed but they are still waiting to call references. I would not recommend putting anyone down as a reference if you do not know that they will vouch for you.

If you did not show up at work on time when expected, that is likely not to impress potential employers. If you have other colleagues or past co-workers who feel that they can confidently recommend you, I would encourage you to do that.

You can call them or send them an e-mail and let them know you remain interested in the job. I had an interview about one and a half weeks ago. At the interview they told me they wanted to check my references which I provided them and they would give me a call within two weeks. So far none of my references have received calls from them. I am starting to wonder if they will even check them.

Call, state your continued interest in the job, and let them know you are happy to help if they have further questions.

Well, I had emailed them asking basically had they made a decision, etc. Now, they have decided to make the position a part time temporary position with the possibility of it going full time down the road. So sorry, has the company offered you the part-time temporary position — if not, perhaps best to cut your losses and move on?

If nothing else, I recommend you keep applying to other organizations as you wait to hear back. During that phone call she was very adamant that I send her my references prior to the interview. She said she was interviewing other cadidates, and would call me back if I was chosen.

How long should I wait to contact her? Send a thank you note — now if not already. And give it at least two weeks to wait for a second follow-up. In the interim, I recommend you continue to apply for other jobs if you can. Thank you for responding. I sent a thank you email following my interview no response.

Wish me luck and thanks again! Next time I recommend a live phone call instead of an email. I just got offered the position! Thanks so much for your advice. This site is great! You guys keep up the good work! I have a potential employer wanting to start me in september however she says she still needs to check my references and that the reference she is most wanting is that of a previous manager which left 3 months ago.

If she is still expecting me to start in september I need to give my two weeks notice by the end of this week. I called my potential employer 6 days ago to let her know I was unable to get the contact information for the previous manager. I gave her another call today asking how soon she still wants to start me. What else should I do? See if you can have a past manager reach out to her directly and offer to provide her with information regarding a reference.

I went for an interview on July 13th and emailed them on July 25th to follow up on the status. They said they are still interviewing applicants for the rest of the week and will then make a decision about who they would like to follow up with references. On Aug 13th I got an email asking if it was okay if they checked references, of course I said yes! It is going on 2 weeks without my current manager getting in contact with her. So i called her and her voicemail said she will be away until Sept 5th.

Do my chances sound good of getting the job? I have been interviewed on the 6th of august and have been foolwing up a week after another, so the agency i am under said the feedback is very positive.. Does this mean they will still be intrested in me? I went for an interview for a Government post in August the 24th my references were checked i. I recommend you call — not email — and ask for an update. It is possible the job has been filled, it has been possible the job is still open.

A phone call will likely help you get the clarity you need. Good luck, and remember if the job is not offered to you — the decision made likely has little to do with you or your qualifications…There are so many different factors which often go into hiring decisions.

I can confirm what had been mentioned in one of the previous postings. If your references are getting called, that does not mean you will get the job!

I did apply for a job about 5 weeks ago, attended the interview with the hiring manager I did really well!

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