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One week my bf wants to be together, another week he wants to break up usually at the time we are fighting. Kimberley im so confused! We never had sex, But he was clearly attracted to me. And i want it to be more then friends. Communication is the best tool you have, not withholding important things. One or both people in the relationship start putting other things in front of the relationship.

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Had no interest in guys whatsoever. I am always honest about my feelings so I told him it hurts that he makes no effort anymore. I dated this guy for about three month. This is from my experience: I asked my boyfriend if he have another girl, he answered something like that yes. Wanting to know more about someone is human nature.

You have so much to offer. You should be able to ask him to do chores around the house, because he is a grown man. If you feel that you have to destroy his property in order to get him to help around the house, you need to see a counselor. Although I am in grad school and I work, I realize that I have somewhat more free time in the home than my husband does.

On his days off, when I am on campus all day, he makes sure the house is tidy and dinner is made. When baby comes, we have already delegated baby chores and will split up the housework accordingly. Not bribery and threats.

Also, I hope men realize that not all women play these silly childish mind games. I was raised with chores as a kid…age 8. I love all the bitching about men. And the article says to withhold enjoyable things in the relationship. They are to change or stay the same. This is exactly why women are sexually taken advantage of daily here in society. You are basically saying that, as a woman, you are a sexual object. I am a man, and I agree with women talking about men not cleaning up after themselves.

Well, not all men are like that. I live alone and keeping my place neat and clean is a priority. Dirty dishes, overfilled trash including the stench , and dirty clothes on floor. These men have not been raised to clean up after themselves because their moms or sisters took care of that. I learned to stay clean as a responsibility.

There are men out there who are responsible and take good care of their dwellings, but a lot of them are outright lazy and find excuses not to clean up.

Call their moms and ask them to come over and give them a whooping. That will do it. I read through how inept these men are and I wonder; if they are so incapable, how do they manage to hold down jobs at all? They would be fired. They want you to do it. So they will play every game to get you to be quiet and do it.

It is just disrespect and selfishness on their part. I thought my situation was unique and so I often dream of leaving my husband and finding a man who gave a crap. My daydreams are dashed and hopes of living happily in a clean home are ruined.

If you drop it, PICK it up. If you empty it, FILL it. If you get it out, PUT it away. These rules were drilled into us as kids. My husband takes it out and leaves it wherever he puts it. He spills it and leaves it lying around or smudges it even more. He dirtys it and leaves it dirty. He cuts his hair and leaves them lying on the floor. And when he cleans it, it has to be cleaned again. My fantastic partner is just like the others in the comments, except that he screams at me that the house is dirty and says that I am disgusting.

Honestly, I have no issue with cleaning up after our children, but I DO, however, have an issue with cleaning up after him. But, HE will make himself all kinds of snacks and goodies and then leave spills all over the kitchen counter.

If he cleaned them up right after he had made them, then it would not take me a half hour to scrub the counter the next day. Learn to scrape your own plate and put it in the dishwasher.

Do not yell at me that you have no clean clothes when I am spending all of my time cleaning up after you. You are just LAZY. I honestly have no issue with mopping the floors, cooking, etc… just pick up after yourself and help teach the kids to do the same, and we would all be much happier.

Sometimes I think he is no better than a monkey… without the capability of training himself to wipe his feet and put his shoes by the door, or taking the stuff out of his pockets before he throws his clothes next to the hamper. I just LOVE going through his insulation-filled clothes to get all of the receipts and crap out before I throw his clothes in the laundry… and he wonders why he has no clean clothes.

Maybe it has been the last five years of him leaving your socks right in front of the couch! What a complete jerk. I could train a dog better than I could train him. Wow, I wish my wife were that nice. I come home to a smile turned upside-down everyday. I get yelled at for not making enough money I make 94k a year in Texas.

I get yelled at for not doing anything right, not caring about her, etc. That sounds like my childhood. I have to do it all myself. Calling me non-stop at work, which makes it very hard to focus on working. We move all across the country to make her happy.

She talks about having sex with other guys, at least once a week. If I do, then she freaks out like someone died.

I wish I had a woman that cooked me a meal. What happened to talking and conversing on the same level? Any man worth being with will listen and try to change his ways if you just express how much it bothers you. I found this post hilarious! I will definitely be trying the box idea, as suggested by Rachael — a quick, easy and tidy solution to man-mess, and I have no doubt my husband will see the funny side of it too! Thanks for a good laugh! Believe me when I tell you this: Lucky to not have to deal with a putz like you anymore.

Just a little reminder… Go ahead, withhold instead of talking and compromise. If you withhold sex and food, you may find that he simply finds it elsewhere. There are food places all over town. And nearly as many ways to get sex outside the home. Basically, it sounds like many of you women are pissed because the men you have picked out are idiots. Either live with him or leave him.

STOP trying to change him. Men do not change because you tell them too. They change only if they WANT to change. And an angry wife is nothing to come home too. Not just you telling him what to do. Stop trying to change him and change yourself. I hate to tell you, but that is like saying all women are perfect. Sorry, that is not true. No matter how much you wish it were so.

If he is not putting in effort to make you happy, then way is he still there? And why are you still there? Sure it costs money, but I think a clean house is a priority for a productive life. What a fascinating article and response!

I have a reverse scenario. I am the guy, and the GF is the slob. All of this gender argument is sadly misplaced. The important part is the role each person is playing. The gender of the person playing the role is irrelevant. Who would have guessed? But the problem is not that simple! The problem is, how do you get someone to care about something they really just do not give two cents about.

I want my GF to start taking better care of herself and our space by cleaning up after herself and putting things away. When things get bad think piles of dishes in the bathroom sink , of course my spouse will jump into action. She is so caught up in her own world that everything else can wait. She knows this about herself. How could you not know, right?

Just give it a google. How can you gain discipline if you are undisciplined? How do you motivate yourself to do stuff when you lack the motivation to do stuff? How do you break the cycle? Sure, maybe you get your spouse to put some socks away. But, as hubby lives the good life of easy-to-find-socks that comes from taking care of your stuff, maybe he learns by osmosis that it really is easier this way, and BOOM the habit is set.

I work a while she is taking some time to figure things out. Obviously, this is not fair. I need to find a path to an equitable situation, or seriously rethink my priorities in a romantic relationship. I was hoping to find that path here, but I did not.

At least not yet. I just want her to clean her dang dishes! I think there might be good ways to build good habits for your spouse without them fully realizing. After all that, I think I maybe I will write that contract, and then have a nice friendly talk with my spouse. What is the context here? Remember, life is short. Even an unhealthy relationship may be a good one; you can still squeeze in a lot of great times before one of you dies.

And besides, time heals all wounds, and this too shall pass. Focus on the moment. Well none of these things made my man clean up after himself. He has his own bedroom and now I just close the door. I have been married for 35 years and almost left him over this. I guess you have to pick your battles. High Times printed an article a while ago about how men can get more fellatio from their partners. Turns out it was as easy as taking out the garbage without being asked and without expecting praise for doing so.

Something to think about. I think his parents would have happily volunteered to even breathe for him! When I see how his parents and especially his mother treat his younger brother 27 , I am truly mortified. Obviously, it suits him to the dot, as he never volunteers to help. His mama even pours milk into his breakfast bowl and warms it up for him while he sits and gives orders from his comfy chair while his dad repairs punctured tires on his bike.

I guess some people just want to be treated this way in order to feel useful. I blame the parents, honestly. How can they do this to their children? Not all men will end up with a house, where the chores are divided so to speak. I had to teach him everything! But I stuck it out this time and it all happened slowly. Now he cooks, vacuums, changes bedsheets, does the washing up and weekly shopping, etc.

Remember, the most world-famous chefs are men! If you want a butler behind your lazy ass, pay for him! I have a great husband, and for the most part we get along very well, but he grew up in a very messy home.

He was never taught how to clean up after himself. I work my fingers to the bone trying to keep the house clean and all I ask for is a little help. Then the cycle starts all over again!

My wife nagged me all the time about not helping clean up, even though I always did the snow shoveling, the garbage, the lawn mowing, the raking, etc. Even though I worked all week and she only worked weekends. I told her I might be more interested in helping if she put on a french maid costume while we cleaned once in a while—or woke me up with a b.

I could never do enough to please her, and she never did anything that I considered important. She withheld sex, so I got a steady stream of eager younger, hotter volunteers. Now she is my EX, and I live in my own filth elsewhere in peace.

She admitted that the house got just as dirty after I moved out…then she admitted she never realized how much yard work and fixing I did.

She hired a maid,a kid to do the lawn work, and a handyman to fix things. I did the laundry and put mine away and hers; I loosened the already made bed I could never make it as tight and perfect as hers and she was nicer to me than any other time in the marriage. I will repeat this, to stress the importance: My wife and I were happiest when I was never home to make a mess, cleaned quickly as soon as she left and then went to my mistress. I will not beg a grown man to pick up after himself.

The washer and dryer are empty. No matter how many times I begged, bartered or threatened. I work nights, and I was up about eight hours past my bedtime and literally jittery with exhaustion. But every day he walks in and plops all his stuff-shoes, clothes, keys, wallet, etc.

I wonder if the woman who wrote this is even married and if so, she has to be in the early stages of her relationship. What are some areas you would be willing to help out around the house so we can be accountable to each other and working towards this goal together?

Together, we can do anything! Including cleaning the house — lol. My husband picked the trash as one of his; he thought it would be easy and it is, as long as you stay on top of it — lol. Any way my big strong hunk could help me out by taking out the trash? Being in a relationship is all about putting the needs of the other person first and working for the common good of the relationship together.

Inputs work, but it can also be rewarding when you stop stereotyping and start working together. Oh my God I am not the only one!! I love my boyfriend; he is a lovely man. He does some chores, but he is nevertheless a P-I-G pig. He puts nothing away. I am starting to hate him for it. Their whole family sits while she does all the housework and she is pushing 80 and she did work.

I used to live with my brother who did ZERO housework. My parents were pretty enlightened yet they managed to teach the boys that cleaning was beneath them.

Face it- women have been raised for generations to revolve their entire lives around marriage. I think many people are slobs because they were never required to clean up after themselves in childhood and they never learned how to clean. I am young 22 and many of my friends from university were students from international schools in Asia, where hired help is cheap. They never had to clean up after themselves a day in their life, and now that they have places of their own, they have no idea how to maintain a house or handle any responsibility.

I was the one who had to teach many of them how to clean. That is not cleaning. I remember hating my mom when she made me do chores.

My husband works 40 hours a week; I work every week. He refuses to work overtime at his job, but it is mandatory at mine because I am a supervisor and short staffed. Plus, I pay ALL of our bills, which includes 2 car payments, full coverage insurance on both, both phone bills, cable, rent, utilities, 2 furniture payments… He pays for gas in the cars, which I also help with that too.

It is on my last nerve. I have put up with this for 9 years. I am SO exhausted. You may be asking why is he still in my house, trust me, his own father who has never lived or even dated his mother has asked me the same thing. He did everything in the world for me.

Then we got married… This is no exaggeration. I had my entire house clean except the kitchen. Now all you judgmental men can take that one up. I know that any man would highly appreciate me, but I just must be stupid. Well, I am willing to bet that most women who complain about the laziness of their husbands are wives of men who provide equal or less income to the household and provide most of the hotel service in the house, most of the parenting duties and have to give constant reminders to their unmotivated, lazy husbands to do even basic chores for themselves!

I have not had sex with my husband for many years! Because he is too lazy to even do that! Ladies, you know what works? He heard you the first and hundredth times.

Go ahead and take out the time and clean up the house the way you want it. Pick up his dirty underwear and his clothes, and the three pairs of shoes he left beside the couch for four days, and then his favorite coffee mug that he left on the coffee table and toss all of it on the balcony, or the back porch. Did he leave his toothbrush out of the holder and on the sink instead? Toss it on the balcony. Clothes in front of the hamper? Toss them on the balcony too. And if you have to wash the dishes, take his credit card and go out and buy yourself your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant to go this works really well on cheap hubbies.

Let him make himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And when he decides to get up early one morning and pick his junk up, reward him like hell in the bed that night.

Both stick and carrot are important. Picking up after himself is respecting that she has a job to do and shows that he appreciates it. NOT picking up is making her job harder and showing disrespect. Oh, and by the way, anyone between toddler-hood and senility should be cleaning up his or her own pee and other bodily fluids and excretions , period.

I am glad that I could find this topic here. My man is a slob and we have lived separately for about three years now.

I like to be this way, and I now have room to be myself. However, sometimes I wonder why we are still married. I feel obligated to come back to his messy house someday to take care of him and our house, but so far, I am not ready for that. As some postings say, I am certain that I should not expect my man to change, so the matter would be: Well, I am not so confident.

At least I am glad knowing there are many wives out there who have husbands who are not so clean, and they somewhat struggle with what I struggled with when I was living with my husband. As for the rest of this, I find the advice very funny and very satirical.

I am a lady. But let me give you the , as others did before. You are going to get nowhere by treating your man like shit. What makes you ladies think that a man is going to want to even help you out, when you act like it is your divine right to get your way and boss him around. Decide then that this is at the top of your list of needs, your need is clearly not being met, and then be strong and walk away to find what you need. The solution is not to sit there and ridicule your man.

Men are not the problem, ideas like this are and especially when they are turned into actions in a relationship. Ladies, you must understand that men and women do not think alike, process emotions alike, and do not always have the capacity to listen.

And I do not see at all, how being deceiving, hurtful, and pushing your way is going to get you the results you want. You need to be respectful, and you will be much likelier to get your way. To Chelsea who wrote this: If you took pride in your home, then maybe we could take pride in you. Your post is so disgusting. It is your responsibility, if you deem this a problem. But your name-calling and self-centered perspective is making you look like the selfish one. You sound very immature, controlling, and you clearly know nothing about men.

And I would hope that you would get cheated on if you treated any man as terrible as that. Because no one, no human deserves that. I can understand why no one would want to clean your house, with an attitude like yours.

Grow up or you will be alone in your life. And have some respect for the opposite sex. Also Dana, are you implying that if we get some more women-centric, reverse-sexism laws passed that people like you will stop whining about how hard you have it, because all of us men would gladly take one for the team if that was the case. He is a guitarist, not really into television, but I can make it work.

The other day, I got out of bed, slipped over on his jeans that landed where he undressed and fell on top of his guitar. I now have huge, painful scratches and bruises up my side.

Hopefully I can get through to him without him getting into a strop. In a word, no. If you added it all up we do a months extra work than the average man. Try reading the lazy husband book. It will help set things right. If not, leave him. Men are lazy, useless turds because we let them be. Just stop doing his washing and cooking. How is this fair? Go out more, leave him with the kids for a bit. Earn your own money and be with someone who treats you with respect and not as a servant.

I still believe what I said before but I wonder at all these comments wherein people are spouting off psychobabble like they just got done watching Dr. He is still abiding by the gender roles that he need only work?

What a bunch of crap. You believe that nonsense!? Sounds like a half-assed pretense for making it all his fault. God, do I miss him. We lived like real adults. Never had to sit and talk about what needed to get done, because we were both grown ups and treated our home and each other as such. Mentally stunted at some selfish single digit age. Grow the F up. I left a comment on the first of January.

I have more to add. Today, my boyfriend had the day off and said he wanted to spend it with me. Of course, I was delighted about this. He said he would help, but messed around for so long when I just wanted to get it done promptly. I then said look I will do them as long as you can vacuum the bedroom please. He agreed and finally got around to it.

I was resting after cleaning up around the house for the last 45 minutes and heard him turn the vacuum on. He did a quick once over and he was done. It was such a slack effort. I cleaned up after him all day and asked can you help me put the sheets on the bed as it would make it a lot easier if we did it together. He said he would help, but feel asleep so I just did it, woke him up and said I am going.

I also cleaned up after his kids and made up their beds too. I really think I am being fair and want to do my part in his household, but not everything all the time as he always does a half arse job of it.

Can anyone give me some real advice? Why is he like this and is there any hope in this relationship? Should this bother me so much? Should I break up with him? This is based on the premise that the man wants sex. He leaves his clothes and dishes all over, and expects me to pick up after him and clean house. If he showed respect by picking up his crap, maybe I could care too. I am about to lose my mind! I totally agree with Ariette.

There is a household to keep running smoothly and if he lives there he should do his part and be respectful. That is just wrong! What do I look like a maid? If you love someone you are considerate to them. You help with the cleaning because you love them and because you live there too. And if you are a caring husband or boyfriend, you even go out of your way once in a while and clean the house before your spouse gets home from work, to make the weight on their shoulders a little less heavy.

And you tell them you appreciate them! Love and be kind and considerate. I mean, seriously, you have washing machines, dish washers and microwaves. Get over it and clean it up! Mow a few times a month and weed eat and I walk a garbage can. Raking leaves is only in fall. Riding lawn mower broke one year and I had to mow 5 acres with a pushmower for a year. What a low opinion you have of your own gender. Then you argue pitifully, by the way that a relationship is communication and compromise.

In case you missed it, some of these women commenting have repeatedly communicated with their partners, and are now utterly frustrated. How are they supposed to compromise? God help her if she goes to school, or there are kids. Yes, these women should get over it and move on by divorcing or dumping these men.

Women DO have less time now, and men DO have to participate more to bring something to the relationship, as the MAN is no longer the primary income earner. There should be an act of responsibility toward the relationship, and its both of your JOBS to add to its nucleus. Roles have changed and men are still living in an OLD partnership of the past. Women do have to take the bull by the horns and establish a new communication agreement that works for both parties.

LIST jobs and who will do it. Men do have a huge role in helping, as do women. It will push both parties further apart, and your goal was to have more time for togetherness, not to clean and argue.

I agree with most of the men on this site. There are a lot of smart women out there that are right as well. For one, sex is not a necessity for most men, we can take matters into our own hands, we did it for years before we met and can still today.

And who is to say that what you do is that great? Yes, I can cook, and I am good at it. Most men can run a grill and can cook other things as well, so strategy 2 is busted as well. As for strategy 3, Hmmm, really — TV?

There are just as many women out there into watching TV as men; soap operas, home and garden, etc. For the person cleaning up and putting everything in His closet, if you were my wife, you would find yourself digging the snow out of your car in the winter.

Marriage is a two-way street: If you really can do everything with out him and are really that miserable, will it make a difference? Both of you will be happier in the long run. Some time I hope people start to realize that Marriage is Work. It is not easy! Look at the divorce rates. Because people fight over stupid crap like this rather than worrying about stuff that matters.

Get Over It and Move On. I like it; makes me wanna try things like cleaning…But together, as a team. Leaving him makes all the sense in the world, lol. I have never lived with another in a romantic relationship. However, I have shared with male relatives. My two uncles and I decided to rent out and share the three-bedroom house of my aunt their sister. We were each responsible for paying our own rent directly to my aunt. However, we shared the common areas. I recall suggesting that we discuss the sharing of household chores prior to sharing the tenancy.

The problems began as soon as we moved into the single-family house. One of my uncles has allergies, so he had no problem cleaning. It was troublesome to get my other relative to clean. One of the things I really disliked was mopping the kitchen floor only to see dirt and polish marks appear within a day or two.

Asking them politely was not working. I became fed-up and resorted to psychology. I decided to refrain from mopping the kitchen floor. I would instead wait for one of them my uhh uncles to take the initiative. My hypothesis was that each person has a level at which something a state, condition, or situation becomes noticeable and then uncomfortable and finally intolerant or inconvenient for their personality.

It is at this level that they will act to return it to a state of personal comfort not tolerance. Several weeks into the implementation of my strategy during which I was on several occasions tempted to give up and take up that mop I began to hear comments about the condition of the floor.

I, of course, agreed about the condition and its need for a cleaning, but gave no indication that I would take the responsibility of cleaning it. Then, I came home from work one afternoon.

And what do you know? The kitchen floor was mopped! And by the relative who usually did no household cleaning. I decided to leave that chore to him upon the belief that people value, take better care, and are more cognizant of that over which they have labored.

He now regularly mops the kitchen floor and is more careful of dirt or food falling upon it. And so, expectations and responsibilities should be discussed in a serious and business-like manner before the sharing begins. Know what benefits and burdens each person envisions. Leave romance and family togetherness in my case out of it at this stage. Then, you can create and agree upon a workable plan.

Above all, make sure the person intend to share with is reliable. In grad school, working out a cleaning schedule was a great help to my flatmates and I all females. None of us were extremely neat btw. But, we respected each other and the shared space. My relationship with my relative who did not help with the cleaning suffered in the first couple of years. I despised his selfishness. Because I believe that any relationship of genuine laughter and friendship needs a foundation of mutual respect, and because I felt disrespected for and disrespected by his behavior, I felt disingenuous laughing or talking with him.

From comments he made back then, I know that he picked up on my dislike of him. If you wish to experience positive feelings and avoid negative feelings in your partnerships, take my advise and discuss it with the same amount of rationality, insight, and caution that you would use in making a deal, entering into an arranged marriage, etc.

Otherwise, you might regret it. My feelings toward my relative have changed since he has begun to share in responsibilities. Btw, whoever is home shovels the snow. If I am home, I shovel the snow. So there is no indoor and outdoor designation here. And shoveling snow is invigorating. I can respect him. And so I can laugh with him. Are there other things I would like to change?

And perhaps I will take up the cause to change them. But then again, perhaps not. After all, this is temporary. What about those of us who also work hour work weeks and understand coming home tired and stressed, but still manage to put the garbage in the trashcan and do something besides camp out in front of the computer. Married 21 years and still love my wife, but, she has become a slob.

She never really was a great housekeeper, but when her mother passed away six years ago, she really laid down. I take care of five acres, all the vehicles and pay all of the bills. I do my own laundry weekly she kept letting clothes sour in the washer. I clean up after myself. I empty my plates and put my clothes in the hamper. She leaves dirty dishes everywhere. She only does her laundry when she runs out of clothing.

Dishes sometimes go for a week. When we first got married, I did a lot of cooking. When the meal was done, the kitchen was clean. It got to the point every time I tried to do something in the kitchen, I had to clean up after her. I now stay out of the kitchen and when it gets too dirty, I go someplace else to eat. I can pay someone to take care of the outside, vehicles, etc… but it would cost a lot more than a housekeeper.

Sexually, my wife has become very unattractive because all I can see is how little she cares about our home and herself. I have tried to talk to her, but it does no good. One thing I did once was get a hotel for three days. He was so happy to see me that he started helping. I think he knew I was trying to teach him a lesson because the house was spotless when we got home. What a sad article. Yeah, my husband is sloppy. We really struggle with keeping the house clean. We make up a chore list just like the kind you make for kids and split them between us.

Most chores we switch off every month or so, but there are a few that we prefer to others and so are permanent he does dishes, I do laundry.

We hold each other to account for completing our chores. Communication is the best tool you have, not withholding important things. Not knowing how to take care of things like washing clothes, and doing dishes, and generally taking care of themselves. So you stupid women who do this, stop now. Oh and to Jason: That is a woman who has so many problems no one would know how to fix her but her. Leave her ass and take the kids.

Find a woman that will complete you. How would you like women telling you that your needs are petty and unimportant? To some, it is worth the compromise. After all, just like it is their kid, it is their house. They are acting just like the men in the article, and not doing their part. Someday she may say yes. Life is so short. This is too funny. Right after my husband and I were married, we were going through this.

One day, my parents were on their way over and our apartment was a mess thanks to hubby. Leave it that way! My husband is an extremely hard worker at his work place as it is paid work and he feels a need to be better than his coworkers. At home, he does next to nothing. He has downtime, which consists of having a few drinks and playing poker on his iPhone, while our six-year-old son begs to have some attention. His sloppy habits became obvious exactly one week after marrying him. Morally, I would be better off making some money by selling sex on the street.

I despise laziness, as it reflects on the person in all ways. No pride in themselves, or their surroundings. Sorry, guys and girls who disagree, but I would walk out on him right this minute if we did not have a wonderful little person who would be affected. I feel sad and disappointed. Listen up ladies, right now!!!!! I have a messy boyfriend. I am very clean, very caring, and, yes, the mess drives me nuts. I once had a spotlessly clean husband.

I mean the guy smelled like the breath of heaven at all times, his bathroom was spotless, he scrubbed and he polished and he never left a thing out of place. He had a name for his cleaning. He could cook like a professional in pro cookware of course , dress like a GQ model and would even pick up the dry cleaning.

So here is what I have to say; deal with it ladies. I have posted twice lately and I really just need to get this off my chest. Is it wrong that I feel a little hurt by this? I was hoping he would possibly write me a special note, tell me how he thinks I am special or possibly let me pick a romcom to watch.

Is that to much to ask? I just would love a little romance and appreciation. Do I have to tell him that I expect a night off? Instead of any sweet simple gesture he could of done, I ended up picking up after him and his kids.

I am adjusting to dating a man with children and try my best to always give him what he wants sexually. I groom myself and spend a lot of time making myself pretty for him. I do it all and get very little in return.

I will talk to him about all of these issues, but I am scared. I feel like I have brought a lot of these issues up. I am not enjoying myself anymore.

This is just too hard. I need to way up the pros and cons. I agree that work around the house should be shared, each partner needs to clean up after themselves. However, I believe these tips are bad advice and are a recipe for a failed relationship. Also, if you are a lady that insists men should do dishes, laundry, etc. I have to go in the crawl space under our house this week to repair a leaking drain from the toilet.

Is it ok to expect my wife to get under the house in raw sewage with me since I just swept, vacuumed, did dishes and started laundry? What works on a messy wife? I could use some female intuition. I cannot get her to clean her bathroom and it really grosses me out. There are piles of clothes waist high and trash mounted a couple feet. Within 2 weeks, it is back to a mess. Please ladies, give me some advice! Rick, While I agree that these tips are not effective for creating or supporting an honest relationship based on equality, the following is bull:.

In my house, we both work full-time. And if I work the same amount of hours outside the home, I expect to work the same amount of hours inside the home.

My husband-to-be is a grown man. The tips above, while foolish and shallow, are not abuse. Being asked or expected to pull your own weight around the house is not abuse. And speaking as a woman, who has been on the end of actual abuse from men, that kind of talk coming from you would be like me complaining about the effects of racism to a black person.

I live with my boyfriend and I feel that I may have to break up with him, nothing I have tried has worked to get him to help out more. He just says he is too busy, which is hilarious because I work full time and go to school, and still have time to clean the house and do all the laundry.

Like the above posts, I think his mom over pampered him and I pity that woman who is stuck living with him forever. Just the most selfish person ever.

He takes out the garbage, scoops the cat box and changes it, he cleans up the yard after the dog stole a bean burrito, he cleans out the gutters, he fixes door knobs, leaky faucets, and anything else that needs to be fixed, including my washer machine, he shovels the snow without complaint our driveway is over feet long , he mows the lawn, he washes the dog and takes the kids out after working for 12 hours because I need a break, he runs to the store for the forgotten ingredient in his least favorite dish, and he cleans up the hairballs the cats puke up.

Sure, but then I remember what he does for me while working a full time manual labor job. Stop and think about what he does do. This is so biased its ridiculous!

Food was molding on the stove and counter and there where several plates and other dishes all throughout the house wherever she had been. Finally, after me being on vacation for three days and staying away from the house as much as possible for another week after that, I finally had to come in and clean it all up.

It was beginning to look like one of the houses on the TV show hoarders! Happy Bachelor, you are a pig. I wonder if you will be happy when you are all alone in your sixties in your big dirty mess. Maybe your ex does not realize it yet, but clearly the divorce was the best thing that ever happened to her!

I hope that she did well in the settlement. To a hoarder, the very thought of throwing something out can cause severe anxiety, and even full blown panic. So what is the solution? He said on the census form we just filled out that he does 14 hours of cleaning a week, which is just not true.

Then he says Wednesday he will vacuum, vacuums the following Monday, and leaves the vacuum in the middle of the hall — how is that not blocking a path? So men, what do we do? Please, how do I be a modern woman and yet get what I think is fair happening? What does this mean? The answer to this question shows why the path is so different form the world. Paul is not talking about asceticism — forgoing earthly possessions, not eating certain foods, ignoring the world, etc.

What does it look like to live out this prayer? Your natural reaction is to lash back, to get angry. Instead of getting angry, we realize that God is calling us to forgive even our enemies. Sometimes I like to reword Jesus prayer: The cross was a horrid symbol of pain, shame, and death. A person hung on it, naked, until his skeletal structure collapsed and he suffocated to death, without air and with his body drowning itself in its own fluids.

Every day we are to live in such a way that it is apparent to everyone that we have died to ourselves, to our selfish ways and ambitions, and live for God. Another translation words the verse: Something unfair happens and instinctively we want to get even. Will you always do this right the first time?

Of course not, and that is, in a sense, okay. Life is a journey. God understands that over the years we have created habits of our heart that are not easily broken, and he is patient with us as we learn to walk the new path. Nevertheless, we are called daily to humbly submit our will to his. To get back to the original question, why is the new path of discipleship different? We now follow Jesus, and the new longings in our heart are to do his will, not our own. Remember the theme verse of this blog.

The path of discipleship is the path of joy, but it is also a path that is different. I still remember talking with my sister about whether or not to include a chapter on suffering in my new believers curriculum, and how early or late in the sequence to place it. And the Western world is not too far behind. I believe that to deny thyself means to — be still- that is — not in worry, anger, fear, anxiety or any other form of negative thought that distracts us froom trusting in God.

Even if it feels like the worst possible thing. Only then can I truly enter the kindgom of heaven within. Truley turn my will and my life over to God and experience the peace of God. I appreciate the sincerity inherent in this form of discipleship. It is like WWJD bracelets without feeling like a ploy, or a bad joke.

I think of Luther on the way to the Diets, not gleefully seeking persecution but seeking the Will of his Father in heaven. Or of Tyndale who actively sought refuge outside of England to work on his translation. Thank you for sharing this awesome. I had a terrible storm in my life and know that it was God doing a new thing in my life. I have been focusing on being whom God truly chosen me to be. Thank you I can walk with a greater understanding in order to please God.

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what does getting the hook up mean

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Get Over It and Move On. He is extremely messy; so be it. How can I get that back?

what does getting the hook up mean

Gook computer, his phone. I just would love a little romance and appreciation. He tells me that he loves me as a friend and that im his best friend. Ok so this might sound kinda stupid but I need some advise. I think Russian dating manchester Azurdia another author here on the blog says it really well: I also cleaned up after his kids and made up their beds too.