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Honestly, my strong suspicion is one of three scenarios is true: I must say that having your own self confidence can be alot of work on your part to work on you but once achieved its totally worth it. I also am very used to people criticising me. I just stopped caring. I took a picture of my self on my cell phone and down loaded it on the computer. But the part I'm trying to figure out is, its high up like at the roof of the house near it.

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I think that the major ethical upshot of feminism in this country can be reduced to something very innocuous and positive: I have a friend who is an ex who really wants to be with me again, But hes with a girl who he got regnant and says that after the baby is born and adopted off hes gonna ditch her to get back with me. He treated me like his queen. I took this photo of a holy church on the peak of a mountain I climbed. There are a lot of Confucian ideas and practices that still saturate South Korean culture and daily life as traditional values. I don't want to scare people away with what i know to be true. It was a truly amazing sight to see.

My dad told me: If men had to wait for three weeks to get sex they would just leave. And if I could not find a man when I am 30 it would not be appropriate to look after men anymore.

It is a trap: Men only want sex, that is what they tell us right in our face. If we are pretty, will we be raped on out dates? Needless to say, not all men are rapists, but meeting one rapist alone could change our life forever. I hope you understand that feminism is not about making men look bad, it is about telling women: If you put your toe out of the front door, it does not give any man the right to harrass you.

If you are not in a flirty mode, if you do not seek companionship, it is your right to say NO. There are always crazy, selfish women who make feminists look bad, I know some femi-nazis myself…my God but please try to understand, that life is not always black and white, but grey. Forgive me if I did some mistakes. Well first, rest assured that the OP me has no such views of female sexuality. I believe in mutual respect, which is what this post is essentially about.

Please know that not all men are so predatory. We too detest the bad reputation caused by men with questionable intentions that we men of character have to live down every day of our lives.

Thank you for your answer,.. I get called a feminist because I tell people what I just told you. That mutual respect is necessary. That we should work together as a team and that no gender is better than the other.

I think you are correct; anger and fear are responsible for many evil things in this world. I think our society has done much for women but it left men without a clue. New life, new roles, but for who? What should we all be doing? We cannot continue like this. And many men want us women back in our caves, preparing supper when the bold mammoth hunter comes home again… I think this world needs more than just pure education. This world needs an well needed appreciation of men. There will always be nutcases running around.

But if we could show how important men are to us women, then maybe there would be less difficulties. Men get treated like rapists even before they have a chance to speak up. There are evil men, just as they are evil women. Women should admit that they need men in a positive way, that men are essential, wonderful human beings, filling our hearts with hope and courage since our childhood dad is our first hero. Men are brave, they risk their lifes every day, think of their inventions that make our life so muich easier, there is more to them than a high sex drive and beard shaving….

Men need courage to expose their problems. Men are beaten, raped by women too, yet they seem to have no voice in our society. But telling this, women risk hearing some old phrases again: Sexism works both ways. It knows no gender. It is just bad…and we have to work together to stop it. If less women were afraid of rapists and if less men would be afraid of being treated like a monster…who knows?

I think you are right on point. Ultimately, women will get fed up with men being marginalized and turn the tide. Personally, I look at women for maybe a few seconds and then, turn my eyes away from them since I have no intention of marrying them. I put up with verbal abuse from my mother for too many years and I will be damn if I have to put up with that from a wife.

Too many women just want to control men just like men used to control women. In the TV show Moonlighting, David Addison was a sexist pig; however, what I like about him was that he did not hesitate to argue with his boss Maddie Hayes and refuse to take any kind of scolding or verbal abuse from her. I love it when he walks out of her office and she would just yelled our in frustration because she knew that she could not mentally control Addison.

Do I like Addison as a sexist male pig? Do I like him when he stands up to a woman? But more importantly here, Gunther, I want to encourage you that not all women are like your mother.

You have to admit that American society has done a very poor job of making men have confidence both at home and at the workplace. It is not just men alone who get their confidence knock down by women but it is also by other men particulary those men who are in positions of power like high ranking miliary officers and NCOs and CEOs.

This country has now one of the lowest birthrates in this country since because of the economic mess that was created by Corporate America and then the American ordinary man gets the blame for causing the mess in the first place plus being treated as second class citizens by an increasing number of sexist feminists no matter what age the men are.

Men are also being treated as inferiors when you look at the increaing number of TV shows, movies, and fiction books that treated men as a bunch of idoits with no kind of intelligence. About seven years ago I was right there at the front of the pack denouncing how the media was portraying men as powerless buffoons. The correction in TV ads in particular interests me the most, however.

As far as the UK goes, all bets are off still…although men making buffoons of themselves on stage has been the cornerstone of British humor since at least Gilbert and Sullivan and perhaps Shakespeare and that tradition is live and well in the form of shows like Peep Show, The IT Crowd and The Inbetweeners. For many British bits, the deadpan woman a la Fawlty Towers has also been a mainstay. With British stuff, even nowadays, you get the perhaps ironic impression that men are actively claiming center-stage BY being silly.

Personally, I have met too many women who are turn off by men who have confidence in themselves because it means that women can not control such a man. That kind of man would not hestitate to argue with a woman and beat her at her own game of verbal confrontation.

I have met too many women who hate it when a man beats them in a verbal arguement and are such sore losers and seek revenge on a self-confidence man. Trust me I have seen it and experience it. According to the book Men on Strike, the women who abuse and misuse men are increasing every year so the minority will be the majority. Not true at all. Gunther is largely correct. They still want men to be a push over to their whims, not draw a line in the sand when things get too out of bounds.

Women will often look for their latter because it benefits them over a partner. Whether you guys like it or not, a LOT of you who are responding to this post are creating your own reality. Women are responding to you based on the pattern you set. But to project what you consistently encounter on others e. The truth is I do indeed know the difference. I have no problem admitting that there is something wrong with the dating world. A major indicator that one is affected by both is blaming the other gender.

I do not teach men how to be womanizers, so again…your assumptions would be challenged were you to hang out with me. Because you are shifting the responsibility onto men and avoiding the subject of doing the same with women. The fact of the matter is that you are setting up men to take the fall no matter what.

What does that make you? But hey, if you want to play the role of the victim, let women have the power of choice while men struggle to get noticed.

They are, and so are we. Nor can I see how empowering men is setting us up to be victims. Victimhood by definition is directly dependent upon being powerless. Furthermore, going to college just to get even a good paying blue collar job is expensive and so are private vocational schools. Women are kind of like goods and services in this country: Only the upper middle class and rich people can afford to have them. Many men do get rejected by a woman they would really like to meet, and most women nowadays are looking for men with money.

Years ago, many women Accepted a man for who he was since money was never an issue. I guess it has alot to do with familiy values. Often little girls are taught to find a good husband who has a good job and brings home alot of money so he can look after her. Money seems to be the key.

If the future husband was broke…well, things did not look good. Nowadays many uneducated girls, or should I call them brats?

Just need to look good, doing nothing at all, except for shopping. I earn my own money, why should I care about his? I am like Homer Simpson when it comes to food. This was a very interesting read, and I believe that your observation is true, aswell as the three main reasons you present. I used to never give compliments or acknowledge women in public until this thing happened. I was in line to the toilet when out of the ladies room stepped a bridesmaid wedding happening nearby , and I realised my default of disregarding women was actually not neutral but ill-mannered.

So I said it: From her reaction it was obvious to me that this is not something people do much today. And for the guys who take the ball s and go home because they had a negative reception… Did you say those things because you hoped something would come of it? Why not try it again with no other intent than being charitable.

And if you actually, through no fault of your own, came across a really rude woman, why would you alter your behavior because of her? Concept of Manhood is increasingly linked to money. Many boys grow up thinking that a man is just a walking wallet that hands over cash to the family and gains no respect in return.

It doesnt help that Women today are very unwelcoming. Men quickly lose interest watching snarling women and cold faces, and always having atmosphere of back off, your disturbing me..

Men slowly reject women existence all together in return, as their EGO cannot accept being treated like a pest. But i think the core problem is that even if a guy got so far as to do it.. Its charm that really attracts men, not a hot body,but charming vibe, way person walks or behaves even around others.

Nowadays observing women, u just see someone vulgar or detached or a emotional mine field, that is the common picture today. Are there great women out there? If a man does any achievement, than its somehow turned into the most vilest act of hell. Men despite their suffering have higher opinion of women and that just showcases how bad the opinion of women regarding men is today in general. Today a man is not appreciated within a relationship, so they go it alone and seek appreciation trough materials and hobbie, porn, prostitution,thats sadly our future.

So yeah i dont see this problem solving itself, but only getting worse, and divisions will increase. For my part, I generally encounter sweet, kind women who are eager to please. My Country is a hot spot for tourists because of how beautiful it is and because of the wonderful beaches and weather. My college has thousands upon thousands of beautiful women from Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Portugal and so on.

There are only a handful of men. Now, do I see men chase after women? Do I see men look at the beautiful women from foreign Countries? I am not an attractive man and yet I am looked at by several attractive women several times a day.

It does seem that the vast majority of women — including the most attractive- go about without getting attention from men, even if they are dressed-up or almost undressed to get men to come up to them. Way too many women are addicted to male attention. They want the attention from men but they would only consider dating the Thomas Rhett of the group.

This also expands to average and below average women. Do I enjoy having women stare at me? It feels odd, if they are interested they can always approach. Moving on to my next point… if the woman gives you the green light, you gotta date her, pay for those dates, take her out, pretend you are interested in what she has to say, you have to be approved by her girlfriends….

Way too many women have herpes or HPV. Way too many women cheat on their boyfriends. I went to Germany for a year as an exchange student. I would see beautiful 6 feet tall natural blonde women everywhere. For the first week or so of attending class my eyes were all over the place looking at the ladies.

I very much prefer porn. Do I need women to have babies with? Why would I want to be stuck for 18 years paying child-support, though? My Country is a hub for very beautiful women.

I have the normal sex drive for a young man. I am completely heterosexual. There is one girl in my class I find to be rather enchanting and beautiful, but its far less troublesome to just stare at her. The plain truth is that you can click from one porn scene to the next, all for free and in HD. She gets her self-esteem high. What do I get? Lets theorize that the women are genuinely attracted to me?

Does that possibility get my ego high, does it increase my self-esteem? My self-esteem does increase when I ace the exams most other people fail, or when my boss congratulates me on a job well-done. Women who treat any attention from someone male as hostile are in the slim minority. I have to say, I truly disagree with the idea that just because you have a penis then you are The Leader or The Boss.

I already have one of those, I want a partner. No one is in charge unless they earn the right, and that would be a daily challenge. The first time some guy took notice of me he casually remarked to his friend that I would be a good lay. He was 40 something, I was You want to get laid?

You want me to have to deal with your wants? If you look, deal with the consequences. If someone senses your agenda? Deal with the consequences.

I mean that honestly. What you may not know about me is that my life was virtually ruined by my first wife. That could very easily have influenced me to feel very negatively toward all women. Now, that said, I am absolutely, positively on record as believing very strongly that women will NOT respect or be sexually attracted to any man who lacks leadership. My wish for you would be that somehow you find it in your heart to realize that there are kind hearted people and black hearted people of BOTH genders.

The guy who smiles warmly and greets you may very well have honorable intentions. Going back to the comments made about women with tons of confidence being disgusted with guys asking them what they would like to do on a date. What if you remain silent and just take them somewhere that they may detest? THEN you come off like the hero you should when you plan miraculously amazing dates that seem to her like you read her mind. It seems the writer assumes the only way to meet females is through cold approaching.

Another method, perhaps over looked is through mutual friends. People that use this method have a high rate or hope of reciprocity since the mutual friend can vouch for some of their character. Its like going to get a platinum credit card with no credit history when you cold approach. How many banks are dumb enough to trust a stranger to pay them back?

As for myself i stopped trying because i admitted and accepted i am unattractive. When i was ignorant to this fact i was trying all the time. Finally Before i came to my conclusion.

A girl showed interest in me. I messed up and ended up pushing her away. It hurt so much. Not her leaving but, me pushing someone to behave that way. I am ashamed to have ever made the mistake. I remember the last night i saw her as she left. I sat in my car and cried like a baby for a good 10 Minutes.

That night i vowed to never put a girl in that situation again. For the next few months i changed big time. After this choice girls naturally gravitated towards me. Cause i stopped caring. I was solely friendly. I even started hearing rumors of girls always talking about me. I faked happiness all the time and they kept coming. I guess its cause i acted positive, placed no demands on them, and never made the conversation about me.

That impression is given largely because of the focus of this piece, I suppose. When I walk down the streets or through the markets and shopping malls, I wonder which females are the hard-core man-hating feminists.

You see, I would rather scrape out my eyeballs with a rusty fork than give any single feminist the satisfaction of even glancing at her so she can call me an eye-raping misogynistic pig. Instead, I can go home and stare at her sex-positive porn-star sisters who grace pretty much every other page on the internet. Why buy the cow when you can get all this free milk?! Sid, the good news is that the man-haters are actually the minority.

Your chances are actually pretty good of meeting a friendly one. Again, I really think it comes down to how we as guys lead. Am I supposed to go clean up the bad apples before I can expect any woman to treat me right? You say that there are many women who genuinely like men. I can assure you that most women out there genuinely like men. But if you assume that NONE of them do, then all the ones who do will avoid you like the plague.

They deserve better than that, and they know it. This is why the mindset of liking women and assuming the best from them reaps all the benefits. Well the topic is the messed up state of affairs, is it not? YOU wrote a blog post about men not even bothering with women, right? Yes, I wrote the blog post. It seems pretty cut and dried. My entire 20s were a disaster for me. Mine is probably an extreme case, but I had literally given up hope and during that time, made no effort to approach the ladies at all.

When I hit 30 I knew I had to do something or I would be single for the rest of my life and fortunately, I met my wife at the one party I did go to. If something is going to happen then it will happen, if not then nothing lost. What really annoyed me however was after I became engaged, women would start hitting on me, even in front of my fiance.

I could barely conceal my contempt and really had to control myself to avoid telling these women to F… Off. Guess you gained the self-confidence of someone who knows he has a mate along with the allure of being forbidden fruit to those desperate women. The first paragraph you wrote describes me as well. I underwent a similar transformation in my late 20s as well.

But I think along the same lines as you and the OP. Things should not be the way they are, and I think that MGTOW, which is rapidly reaching critical mass as a social movement, is an entirely predictable, if lamentable, reaction to the third-wave feminism that has poisoned the well for everybody.

Interesting, the difference between staring and noticing as you mentioned Scot. Noticing is one thing and both men and women do this naturally, but I am speaking of actually staring…interested in your opinion on how you view this coming from a man as a relationship coach.

The difference between being perceived as being creepy or smooth lies in how desirable your appearance is. I think that the major ethical upshot of feminism in this country can be reduced to something very innocuous and positive: One should assume that anyone worth approaching has a full and interesting life. The time and place for cold approaches would be in social scenarios: I think most intelligent men know this and act accordingly.

Men who cold approach women in inappropriate contexts are all but revealing themselves to being unintelligent. Which is why such approaches lead most often to rejections. Save it for social situations. If your a guy, avoid marriage like it was the black plague. Just say no; let her leave or you leave and keep your freedom, financial security, and happiness. They are taught from a young age they are victims of a patriarchal world and anything they do to men is thus justified.

Perhaps pull your head out of your hypocrisy before denouncement proceeds. Number 1 and 3 are definite things that stop me from looking at women or even so talking to them. But I noticed other things developed into feeling here. Mostly cause Im tired of it always being the mans fault she didnt get her way. The mans fault shes like that. The mans fault he sucks at sex an so fourt. They dont even turn me on, let alone I dont even think about them anymore.

I realize my life is better without the drama and them. Im just gonna enjoy myself and my life being asexual. Women can be divided into three basic categories: Man-hater, gold-digger and slut. Do an objective analysis of the benefits of porn vs. The results will surprise you. If women want to get appreciated more, or noticed more, or enjoy any of THEIR privileges from days gone by being approached by men who take the risk in social interaction , maybe they should rethink feminism and how much they are letting it change the very fabric of society.

Spare me the intuition and body language and social cues crap. We men take the risk, ladies do not. I ignore them daily and used to feel bad about it as a teen.

I soon realized that most women flirt purely for validation, and I refuse to feed them. Nothing shakes them more than a tall, focused man paying them no attention whatsoever. I just stumbled upon this blog post while pondering this very subject. I have definitely FELT the absolute change in social behavior between men and women as I have gotten older. As real interaction drops, virtual interaction steps in to put a band aid on the problem.

Instead of men and women meeting at work, in the gym, or out and about they end up sad and empty people questioning their worth living lonely lives. Many rely on social media to feed that sense of value and dating platforms like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and OK Qupid, to find companionship. Personally, I notice attractive women as soon as their silhoette enters my vision, and when my brain sees a certain type of beauty it can literally make my heart beat faster.

I am always amazed at that. Nothing else on this planet can do that to me except the simple site of a beautiful women. Sadly, what has been brought up here seems true and I think a lot of great points have been made. On the other hand, I am so happy its not just me thinking about this terrible wedge growing between the sexes. Like others here I have trained myself to go way out of my way to not offend women by getting caught looking, leading them to think I am interested with body language, a smile or giving them a longer gaze.

I feel as though to not be considered a creep you must treat women as if they were nothing to you. You have to ignore the fact that they are women and pretend that the hottie you see or are speaking to at the grocery store is basically a non sexual anything. Just an object really, not a beautiful women.

It is not safe to be in a relationship with a woman. Women are no longer attractive to men. They are selfish, spoiled, entitled, narcissistic babies. Ladies if your man is using porn, you need to ask youself why that website is more attractive than you and yes, it is. I am a decent looking, educated man that works out regularly and prefers to live a healthy lifestyle. I have a good job and am well mannered and i open doors for people and speak to elderly with respect.

I was bullied by women when i was younger. I was slapped around in the back of the bus for many occasions. My first GF cheated on me. Ever since then i am always careful about what women i let close to me. I have dated at least women casual dates and only one of them i would ever consider being with. Women want to have all the rights as men do and be able to have a fair shake in the working world. I agree that they should have and do deserve all the rights we do as men.

This is unfair, i dont see the equality in this. I feel women take advantage of their looks and situation whenever possible. Women always try to push themselves in front of me or scheme up some ways to try and get my attention, at the grocery store, on the road, everywhere. And im sick of it! I have gotten to the point where i cant stand women.

I really am tired of their obnoxious ways and their inability to take responsibility for their actions. What value are they? I feel sorry for the girls that try to talk to me because i just ignore them completely as if i am deaf and cant hear. It only takes one false sexual harassment charge and your life and career are well and truly over. It took him years to get some kind of semblance of a life back.

I see more and more guys around me grasping at the same straw in the last years. Man, you must seriously have had nightmarish experiences. Sticking noodles in plastic sounds horrifying. I am a quite attractive girl. No one approaches me any more. No one approaches my attractive, fun and generous single best friend either and she is frustrated and feels ugly. I am engaged luckily but she is single and feels like giving up on guys. This is what men are being conditioned to believe nowadays.

Negative anti-male media influence plays a huge part in this sorry situation. People know their league. Women know how to find rich men, who know how to find them. I do notice them at times. If I do correspond with people I can bring the light this includes especially laughs because I always have a remark, near instantly, for whatever is going on regardless of the circumstances this for male, female or both.

No one wants a type of guy like me. Maybe most guys nowadays think the same but minus the ugly part. Until I see women create a campaign for men not noticing women, the same way women have created a campaign for men to stop approaching women on the street this is not an issue. There is no complaint about this on the womens side.

Just keep it moving. Wow…another example of a prevailing opinion that only female opinions matter. And yes, the guy freely shoulders all the blame, all without even considering that virtually none of his needs have ever been met in the marriage…at all.

Deny mens sexual needs? I dont know what that had to do with my comment but come on, thats a very entitled attitude towards women. In addition to the reasons listed here as to why I think men make sweeping generalizations before even talking to us and hearing us speak. Every american guy I have dated is too passive and too relaxed in his little suburban environment with a golden retriever to bother doing the job of approaching and keeping women.

People blaming feminism is part of the problem. Our need for financial independence and political rights is no reason why men should cower under a stone and suddenly just stop talking to us. What kind of twisted demented logic is that anyways? It feels as if an unfair punishment has been casted upon us also for being less than perfect and I too have started to ignore men as a consequence of a long prolonged state of suspension.

I will not be doing your job. I will not call you, arrange dates, and try to engage you to keep your attention. This should be done equally and you should give a damn about starting talking to us first otherwise keep watching your porn and see if the erection last long enough for a second round of loneliness. So which is it? Are you never, ever going to approach a man, call him, arrange a date, or try to keep him? Or should it be done equally?

Modern women are vulgar and masculine in everything but their looks. They have little to no redeeming feminine qualities anymore. All they have to offer is sex, and putting in effort to get that is not even really worth it. I have to put in all the effort, going out of my way to be accomodating and pretending to be interested in what they are talking about, making sure to never say this and act this way and not this way and respond to this signal but ignore this test and to be aggressive but not too aggressive and funny but not grossly funny and be interested in sex but not too interested and try and be sensitive to her feelings without being a woman myself or a friend and blah blah blah and when we do get in bed I do all the work.

Its just not even worth the effort. I engage with and earn interest from women in cold approach conversations all the time. Mainly just to gage there personality.

Women are waiting for men like me to approach, but when I get there they have nothing to offer a relationship, or even a night out. Being a self-titled Beauty is pretentious, and subjective. I know a hundred beatiful women at any given time, likely more beautiful than the girl in the story above.

All that other career nonsense girls like to throw around is inconsequential to men. It adds no value to you. They exchange 21 year old gfs until the money runs dry. Blame your fat ass and or your contradicting standards.

Go ahead and look up how many women die alone and start looking around for a dumb dog that you can assert your control issues over. Goodness, I am currently in a battle of regaining a grasp on my social life that was gradually eroded away. It is not healthy in the end and quite honestly social media is anything but social. I feel like a regular person and now I feel that as a man, I can look at someone eye to eye and look for compliance and integrity.

I am having great interactions with other people and they tell me that I am like an oasis in a desert full of shy people or whatever…everyone is too glued to their damn phones lol.

The good thing is Scot, in the 6 months that I have been off social media, more and more people, particularly women are espousing the same opinions I believe in firmly. Go for you Rigo Coreas. I agree that we need to get back to basics. In Finland and Singapore, they have a high suicide rate because people are glue to their computers.

I remember the s where it was easy to approach people and talk to them. You make some damn good points here , the younger generations will have piss poor interpersonal skills. This plus the war against men has led to a chasm between the genders which will continue to grow at least in the near future. Nothing remotely like that now..

Oh I could probably write a book about this complex subject because there are many contributing factors in play here. Some of which you touch upon but many more that often escape public consciousness. Like one commentor before mentioned, I too study psychology myself. They are all pretty self explanatory but I think subjective laws is probably the biggest of them all.

It is not that men do not notice women but men ignore and force themselves to control their impulses because wrong moves could have very serious consequences and the subjective and unpredictable nature of these laws make it too toxic and hostile environment for social, not alone intimate interaction. It is not that men fear women. And while the intention of such social policies was sincere and protect women from certain aspects, the downside with any policy is that it is always away from somewhere else.

And in this case it is from expressed pisitive attention. Just few years ago it was reported how Sweden has the worlds 2nd highest sexual assault rate but what was not reported was that the researchers and policy makers expanded the definition to be extremely subjective and vague. Once few get unknowingly and unjustly persecuted and all tbe following consequences, then the rest conclude that the only way to win is to not play at all.

We are also starting to see how women are becoming more aggressive and recent studies accross the board show this worrying trend. Although it might be because of updated definitions to include femsle to male perpetrated crime and the rates being the same as always except exposed now or it could be that men are not having female to male agression either. Well, I did touch upon the whole idea of men having been brainwashed by sexual harassment seminars and the like. Yet, I know there are isolated incidences where this sort of premise is imposed upon the courts, and unfortunately it often gets a lot of press when it happens.

I am a good looking man, I love the gym, blah blah blah. I completely stopped even looking at girls about a year plus ago. I get stared at by v women all day- I just quickly look at the ground.

I have braod shoulders and a square jaw, and I think girls like that. But there is nothing good that can come v from a girl. I work hard, make 90, now. But I jerk it to porn daily, if I want real sex I could call girls I know, but honestly im.

I wish there was a sweet girl I could meet to hold her hand and kiss and someone who had ny back- but that shit isnt here anymore. I approach, close with the number, lo and behold no reply. Rinse and repeat a dozen times. Art, in all seriousness this sounds like a pattern of not successfully causing a woman to feel safe and comfortable in your presence. I just stopped caring. I give up my time, my money to just jump through hoops to impress some child.

I tried my hardest to be honorable and a good guy and what did they get me? Drama, games and non-stop bullshit. Women all say they are one way when in reality they are the same game. I was either a good time for them, or they were gone. I even gave up my chance to be a dad as I stood by my girls choice so she could go to school. She turned around and abused me for years with it.

While I was depressed as she constantly rubbed it in my face she was off having a good time with other guys. And I quit caring. Now I have more money, great hobbies and finishing college. And all the drama, games are gone and I get laid twice as much. The moment you stop giving a shit, stop listening to what they say then they want you.

Maybe we should legalized prostitution, then both men and women can get sex without worrying about trying to work for it. If you chase the bimbo porno type what do you expect?

Sorry to break it to you, but too many women are interested in being gold diggers which is one reason why men are not interested in marriage anymore. Those of either gender who have options are choosers rather than chasers. In reality, however, the vast majority of people genuinely mean well.

The biggest problem in the real world tends to be the celebration of selfishness in the context of relationships, often supported by mainstream dating advice. That phenomenon is not gender-specific, although I think some people need it to be in order to acquit their own viewpoint on the matter. Btw there are quite a few men out there who are chasing the buck as well.

It is mostly the women that are sleazy creatures; otherwise, they would not be known as the deadlier of the two species. You two remind me of children forever bickering at each other about who is better than the other, as if each time you respond your friend will submit — and your crush will realise how admirable you now are and agree to go out with you.

I understand it as a combination of a valediction and a statement of gratitude. That probably suits them just fine.

But yes, there is also: Expressing gratitude or acknowledgement for something the usage is Chiefly British. John, you hit the nail on the head when you described going to great lengths to impress women. The more you try to impress them, the less they respect you. Instead, the more you take control of your own dignity, the better your results.

There are ALOT of gay men out there both in and out of the closet. Maybe you are running into them, ever think of that? Porno is also an issue. Men who have their choice of women tend to have very very difficult to attain standards- they want whatever Hefner et al. The conversation escalated quite a bit for a moment there. I, like other men out there, have just stopped caring due to the following mathematical formula.

Someone above mentioned guys chasing bimbos or porn stars. Well, I think some guys do chase that fantasy. For some women, they seem to be hunting for mister right who is charming, chivalrous, mysterious, handsome, rich, intellectual, and sensitive all at the same time.

Their downfall is the following formula. Some women are seriously used by men and treated as if they were nothing. Everyone is chasing an idea instead of what is real. My comments are extremely limited and based on a single viewpoint from my perspective only, and though I don't care about being politically correct, I did not make them with the assumption my view was the only one. With that said, I have been to new york and there are a crazy amount of attractive women in that state!

I am definitely stuck with old time thinking and that ridiculous fantasy that who your with should want to be with you simply because of the person you are. I would hate to think that the only way my partner in life can stand to be with me is the thoughts of how big my house and bank account are. That would suck but it does seem to be the world we live in. Not just women or men, there are aholes in both genders. Male and female giggolos. To xyz whatever the heck your name is — two words, reading comprehension- you really lack it and are surely in need of it.

The point is your response was completely out of step with the responses- for example,one of the responders wasnt favoring one gender over the other, but you stated your case as if both were guilty of doing that, which was not the case; then you resorted to name calling, which further cements the argument above that you need to learn reading comprehension.

Even though my original intention was to not respond, I never actually stated it as such. I never claimed you were doing X, Y or Z. Again, I ask what is reading comprehension? But I am fine with that see below.

It was a comparison. It was an analogy and nothing else. I never suggested you or anyone else were doing one thing or another. I ask you one more time: As for being an ass.

My sense of humour and ability to laugh is arguably my best attribute. It was an opinion, something that see the definition! As for me being an ass? If someone has proof then it makes no difference to me — I would likely tell them what they were missing best to be completely accurate. I criticise myself constantly.

I also am very used to people criticising me. Then there is the claim of narcissism. And many other things like it even when my mood is normal. I am the extreme opposite of narcissistic. There are two kinds of men, nice and aggressive. The greater majority of nice men, do respect boundries and therefore look for some form of invitation, a simple lingering smile, a second look, whatever.

You see, while we have always thought that men make the first move, this is inaccurate, women do. In most all sexual species, the man stands at a distance, sometimes putting on a display, but always waiting for an invitation to approach.

Try smiling at strangers and see the impact. I gave this advise to a woman I know and she caught herself a husband and thanked me for my good advise afterwards. You know women today are so quick to label a man as a creeper or weirdo just by saying hi or just a quick smile walking by each other at the grocery store.

But no worries man because nowadays you really cant approach. She wants a 6ft, wealthy, gym rat, testosterone filled, ken doll face, tough but sensitive,alpha male, drives a chevy camaro Z28, type of guy. Enjoy life and perhaps you will run into her. I have been exploring for a bit for any high-quality articles or blog posts in this kind of area. Exploring in Yahoo I eventually stumbled upon this website.

I most for sure will make certain to do not put out of your mind this site and provides it a look on a continuing basis. Well, women have been feigning indifference towards men since the dawn of time by pretending not to notice men, refusing to pursue or initiate, basking in compliments received from men without reciprocating, playing hard-to-get, etc, etc, etc.

Since women want equal rights it is only fitting that men treat women as women treat men. This means women now get to feel unnoticed and undesired. This means women now get to put their necks on the line and risk rejection and humiliation. This means women now get to wine and dine the opposite sex in the hope of proving yourselves worthy enough that men might give you the time of day.

And just think, you can do anything men can do, only better! Meanwhile, most every woman knows that to aggressively pursue a man is generally met with mistrust if not complete disdain by desirable men. But in all seriousness, women can run for President of the United States these days and no one even bats an eye.

Women love to be flattered, pursued and desired — it provides an exhilarating boost to their egos. JJ — I do not think that you are very far from the mark. More and more guys myself included just wait for the women to ask US out. I choose not to engage with someone who has literally nothing going for them. Men inure themselves to some extent and move on; many women have egos that cannot handle the fact a man would pass them up. This only promulgates the cycle of men having to take all the lead and women getting the upper hand in dating, but I digress.

Perhaps some men relish being chased by women, but remember I qualified my statement by saying desirable men. It has everything to do with perceived desirability. To your other points, I think men and women are equally hurt by rejection. Celebrity situations are atypical socially. The same girls who scream and go nuts when they see Justin Bieber usually know better than to do act that way toward the guy they like at school. I could look at them, but if I do and I do not get them in the end as I would not talk to them — why tease myself in the first place?

If I look at them and talk to them, but I get rejected over and over and over and over again — just like it has happened dozens of times to me and ALL my buddies, hence the probability of that happening being VERY VERY high , sometimes harshly, thus lowering my self-esteem dramatically — why do that to myself in the first place?

I tended to get second date out of 1 of first dates not sure if that is normal , and when girls do not give a second date, they usually tend to just leave you hanging in the unknown… And I usually get very confused and even a little sad.

So, why to dissappoint myself? So, in other words, good stuff. Furthermore, the divorce risk is VERY high, too, meaning I would lose my children, my house, half if not more of my salary, my ks, and, most importantly, my dignity. So, having that in mind… Why?

Having read all my comment, dear readers, could you answer me this: WHY would I even want to associate with women, or even look at them? I mean, most of them are quite unattractive. And I sore know that most of them find ME unattractive, so my efforts would be way too great for the results that I would be getting. I know what you are thinking: Women can give me sex. And that is true. But that, however, has already been covered: I am so satisfied with her and I have never been happier after I quit chasing tail altogether.

So let me guess. Right now I am 36 years old and I have never wanted children my entire life. Well, I can relate to that in the sense that when my first daughter was on the way I felt in no way ready to be a father and was scared stiffless.

But the very moment she arrived, I was smitten. Parenthood might be one of those things that no man feels ready or prepared for. I mean, the sources of happiness and contentment are different for various people, and if you have found your personal ones, more power to you. I have to say, however, that right now you are about 40 years, which is very young. Besides, wives get old, ugly, fat, which is a real pity. Often used as an identification for people who do not identify with or conform to any gender.

A person who fits both physical characteristics or feels like they are both a male and female. Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Bigender people experience two gender identities, either simultaneously or varying between the two.

These two gender identities could be male and female. A gender that varies over time. A gender-fluid person may at any time identify as male, female, either or some combination of identities. Their gender can also vary at random or vary in response to different circumstances.

Used by people who may be unsure, still exploring and concerned about applying a social label to themselves. Gender variance, or gender nonconformity, is behavior or gender expression by an individual that does not match the norms of the gender they are perceived to be by society.

A person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both or a combination of male and female genders. Neutrois is a nonbinary gender identity that is considered to be a neutral or null gender. It may also be used to mean genderless, and has considerable overlap with agender. Pangender people are those who feel they identify as all genders.

Imsges: what do mean by dating

what do mean by dating

I can see the various opinions and I guess it all comes down to your own personal experiences but every person has a reason for why they feel the way they do, even if they were mistaken. A confident person had a secure attachment as a child.

what do mean by dating

Maranda My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years. Later, when I turned 20, men were hitting on me just for sex, of course. Nor do I consider myself anti-feminist.

what do mean by dating

Take away challenge and their interest wanes", and thus followers are instructed to suppress their natural instincts and continue what do mean by dating follows: He should also own an apartment instead of us buying one together. There is, however, an unwritten rule in the internet dating world that it is acceptable to ignore mail from people iran dating don't interest you. I think you should leave him alone and move on! Please give me some advice on meaan to handle this properly. If you are going to use Marxism for what is happening in America, then you can blame Capitalism for not helping women become financially successful, treating them as equal partners in American society, and helping them with job opportunities to be whatever what do mean by dating wanted to be. But he was lacking in the leg department.