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And with the Bone, man, he was just right there. Thank you all for being a part of it! Analogaholic Old School Portfolio.

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Recent strange weather conditions have led to a number of extraordinarily bright local rainbows. I also rewatched several scenes multiple times: With more power, the ZMA has a much wider range of speakers it can work well with. The Takapuna Exchange had been upgraded around from memory from a manual board operator system that was still in storage in a rear building. I look forward to seeing the beginning of ep. I was struggling with a smidgeon of that idea but just could not develop it Why can't helicopters be deployed to rescue those in windows or balconies?

I came up with this on the spot during a talk and I've used it in every talk since. Right after anecdotes of autistic or dyslexic students doing mindblowing things.

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Disclaimer and Conditions of Use. Allow me to demonstrate what changing your mind really is. Are you SURE you wanted me to do this?

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You took the words right out of my mouth! Mi 6 December Tash 8 January CaptainQuirk 15 January Andrea 12 May Aisling 22 June Marie 7 October Thoughtful House 18 October I was too preoccupied with laughing at the hilarious comments on the third page of this thread, that I forgot to go back to the first page. Actually, the elevator scene went by so FAST, I had to watch it several times so my brain could process it.

Still, I think it defied all logic because there was just no way Jung Hoo could have predicted what cord it was too dark! The only explanation I can think of as to why he managed to somehow carry his weight along with Young Shin is that his arms have superhuman strength the cord was tied around YS and not on him, I think, so really in a normal situation, JH should have been helplessly hanging on her body.

That kiss was a great defining moment for Jung Hoo. Character development wise, I think of it as a milestone for him, for finally deciding to do something for himself and for taking the first giant leap in caring for another person deeply in a long time. There are so many kinds of kisses in k-dramas, one can even be a kissing master just by learning the techniques directly from the pros: D I think somebody should put up a special forum for dissecting kissing scenes.

I also fast forwarded to the last 10 minutes after reading about the "kiss scene" in the Healer soompi thread: D The only difference is that I repeatedly watched the ending around 10 times and then watched the beginning Anyway, I so love your comments and even though we have never met in person, I have always felt a connection to your thoughts Sorry, I know it sounds weird: Could you please tell me in what ep. Do you know of a YT link, by any chance?

Thank you so much for your responses, which I truly appreciate. I wondered if I would come across as a pervert, with my post since I wrote mostly about the kiss, so far. It turns out that I am not the only one interested in kisses in Kdramas, and in film in general who knew?

If you don't believe me, read some of their interviews about kissing scenes, and you will find out that for some both males or females , kiss scenes can be intimidating, and challenging. They might have to act, yet that "acting" is done by a real person, who needs to also project certain emotions such as crying while kissing, passion, desire, hate, longing, etc So finding out about what even doing a kissing scene takes at times , has been interesting, and eye-opening to me.

I will be back later to respond and comment. I have been having the worst computer problems in the past few weeks, and it is a miracle that I have not thrown my computer on the floor yet, and broken it. Some of you responded to my comments on ep. I usually read the comments until a new recap is up so until Monday evening for Healer , and even after that, and I comment until then as well.

Please feel free to do the same, that is if you are still interested in what I have to say and write: Fingers crossed that doesn't happen: I will leave you with a MV of SKKS which, like many Kdramas, have made me appreciate what skinship is, what it can mean, and how and why "being slow and deliberate," can look so appealing.

Amazing how we can convey a lot, without being all "in your face" about it. OK, I will stop there I have a previous comment that is awaiting moderation. I am going to try and repost the 1st link:. And the viewers or is it the people in the dramas?

The importance given to emotions and their portrayal in kiss scenes and in acting in general in Korea, never fails to impress me. Some of my favourite kiss scenes: I guess we all have our favorite kiss scenes in dramas, don't we? Thank you for sharing that list with us. I am only familiar with kiss 1, 3 and 4 for now. I have to say my favourite kiss scene out of your list is Queen In-Hyun's Man. That drama was the best and the lead's chemistry was off the charts!

Hello Omomo, thank you for the information. Sorry I have not been active here. Too busy, and too many computer problems. I am hoping to able to comment before the next recap. I have a few more questions I will post here, with the hope that you will see them. What did he mean by that? I loved the way he smiled at her, and looked at her, as he did that. Do you know what MJ meant by that, please? He looked sad, down and depressed.

Healer finding out that she knew his dad, before he passed away. I am safe to assume that the experience with MH noona rattled him, right? Or did that just left him intrigued? Does that mean anything? The subs are showing us what Healer was saying in the background, although what we are shown is the laptop screen.

He was referring to the papers he brought in The email that popped up only showed the sender and not the message. He had to keep her safe so that she could be his shield. I do not know for sure Yes I love that look in his eyes and that smile. Also it may have made it clear that much was hidden from him by Teacher who had also abandoned him.

The trauma of being a child of a father who had committed suicide and of a mother who had left him and remarried made him want to disappear from public view so that he would not have to face pity, taunts etc. In his upset state of mind, he might have been distancing himself or just that he felt distanced from her emotionally, and so used chundemal instead, probably by accident. YS noted this and brought it up so he realised that he was sounding too stiff all of a sudden and went back to panmal.

GB, Your answers totally helped, thank you so much!!!! I will be back later, to comment on your post and on other beanies' posts. I love how you get dramas, and I always appreciate that you help me make sense of things.

With you, no question is ever stupid, which is great! I was checking backwards In Ep 3, Bong Soo starts working with YS and it's the other way around, she tells him to treat her as a sunbae with respect. In later episodes, he forgets and speaks to her in panmal and she asks him at different times, "Did you just speak to me in informal speech? So she was used to him speaking panmal and in Ep 8 when he suddenly became formal, she noticed it.

And thank you for your prompt response, and for double checking on that. You are simply one of the best, when it comes to digging info and explaining things that happen in dramas. Yeah, so I was a little surprised, when he asked her if he couldn't do that speak formally to her. And it wasn't as much that he had said that, as much as it was what he looked like when he said it his face, and the tone of his voice. JCW is doing a really good job at constantly showing the viewer where Healer might be at emotionally, at any given time, and I love that about his performance in this drama.

What I want to make sure of is that I know or understand where Healer is at emotionally, at any given time, so I can follow the drama along better. I also agree with your explanation this time around , it totally makes sense. Did you go back and rewatch parts of ep. I am just curious. Ivoire Yes I had to re-watch in order to check and correct myself and it was more than just Ep Nevermind just another excuse to watch again!

I am responding to this your response to my 2nd batch of questions: I am glad you understood that that lost me. Great job explaining, btw! Sometimes, writers in dramas introduce us to things or side plots they don't bother to explain, or drop at some point as you know, I am sure.

And when they do that, it feels as though they think we the audience , were not paying attention, or that we don't care. So far, PBS has been very consistent in the way he has been written and JCW just nails him , and so have been all the other characters been written in a consistent manner. You make sense of things. Have you noticed how Healer looks at CYS? He has that longing in his eyes often , when he looks at her. I could be wrong, but he seems to have those qualities himself in real life.

His voice sounded totally depressed and low, I am glad you caught on, on that. Do you watch the drama with headphones on? Healer started on KBS World, and it has been interesting to rewatch the early epis. I see things I had not seen before, and that is great. I love that though I wish I had noticed those things the 1st time around. I also think that Healer might have wanted to distance himself from the whole world, after what he had just found out.

He looked very upset, driving fast on his way to the riverbank. And when he explained why he didn't want attention and understanding, him being upset made sense.

And when she called, he became formal with her. We have not seen him in a bad mood or when angry or with a girl whom he admits liking etc: D so don't know about the longing looks For 6 - I think your explanation is better than mine LOL! Yup, I think that's it!!! I am soooo glad that you loved my comment, and that you so enjoyed reading it. It makes it worth the time I take, to write those comments, and think through them. Thank you so much for your compliment, that really made my day: Thank you, sincerely, for introducing me to this drama.

If not for your recaps, I would have never given this drama genre a chance. There were so many amazing moments in this episode, and not just between our main pairing though I must say those are my favorite. That seen between Young-shin and her father's rehabilitated clients was adorable. Monday and Tuesday I am completely engrossed in this show. Wednesday through Sunday I'm re-watching episodes, re-reading recaps, and consuming anything else I can get my desperate little hands on.

It's mayhem over here. I hope the actors have even an inkling of how happy they have made me. Aren't we glad he walked away from Mr. Back, and took up Healer instead?

The script of Mr. Back turned out to be crap, n made no sense in the end. Whereas Healer as a role and a show is just all kinds of awesome! God bless you, Ji Chang Wook! Yes thank you JB. I read the recaps and thought that it seemed like a fun series.

I'm a sucker for super-heroes with alter-egos! I started watching episode 4 and ended up watching the back episodes as well as all the subsequent episodes up to ep 8.

Now I'm bemoaning the fact that there are only 2 episodes per week! A week later I'm still squeeing! Although I must admit I did thought they might troll us and "it" may not actually happen at all. But I am so glad it happened.. This show is driving me crazy, literally. I have no words Just my hands typing random stuff as my mouth hangs open with "urrrrrrr Let me fangirl for a few minutes while I hold all my feels in and I will utter something coherent and worthy of this show in a little while.

Can this drama make me more crazy? The elevator scene and also kiss scene just make me hysterical like autistic.. Not to mention the snow. Always seen it in kdramas so I associate it with romance XD. I wish I didn't have to depend so much on eng subs: This is me right now.

I'm sure there are many, many things I want to express about this drama, so many things I want to exclaim about and go crazy over, but my brain is just not operating. All I know is that this must be love. This is me too. I watched the raw-ep with 0 understanding of what was said as soon as I woke up this morning.

Even without understanding the spoken words, I could easily tell the way the story was going. The last 10mins fo Ep You could cut the tension in the air like a hot knife through butter! Thanks JB for your wonderful recaps! Reading your 1st 4 recaps convinced me to start watching it, havent looked back since. I am totally enjoying the Healer ride, plus JCW is so incredibly easy on the eyes. And is it just me or does he look like a mix of Changmin and Jaejoong.

He reminds me of both lol. Yeah I thought that too! I think my eyes is playing with me. Eye candies in one. How do I love thee JCW? I came across a pic of JJ just now, and was thinking: Now my eyes are playing tricks on me, and I'm seeing JCW everywhere! And that terrifying moment when I could not erase the comment anymore. I hope and I bet he won't read that though. Could this be one of the reasons that PMY chose to play in this drama, 'cause it remembered of Kim Nana?

Just saying, don't missunderstand. He's doing great btw. Thank you javabeans for be wonderful recap, I have been refreshing the site all night waiting for your recap since the sub for ep 8 is behind. I did rewind and watch the raw kissing scene 50 times so you are not alone: Im skipping the recap and diving straight to comment to avoid spoiler Yup, I finally got subs yesterday evening from subscene, but not every sentence is subbed this time.

I will still have to wait for Dramacool or one of the other sites to confirm what I think was said. I missed the couple sweaters when watching the show, caught it only after reading JB's super fast recap.

And having JB so giddily silly about the show. Love her for loving the show to distraction, for her enjoyment is infectious, making the recaps fun reads as of itself. What a wonderful episode and awesome recap. I also rewatched several scenes multiple times: Same here, it's been an awful long time since a drama this good came along for me. Thanks for the song. Wow, I totally didn't catch that the "Healer" stepping out of the room at the beginning of the episode was actually the dad, and not JH.

I guess the casting team really did a good job finding someone with similar features to JCW so that the two really could pass for each other at a rough glance! I didn't notice this either until Javabeans pointed it out and pics of Soompi comparing the two. Dressed like that they really do look alike!

This explains a lot - when I was watching I thought, wow JCW doesn't look like himself from this angle. Is it the glasses? It must be the glasses. And then I didn't think anything more of it. I just noticed this today as well!!!! I'm on my 3rd go-through up through 12 because 13 seems Sooooo far away LOL.

It shocked me to realize I wasnt looking at JCW Just SUCH a well-done show!!! Actually the dad guy reminds me more of JCW from his Bachelor's Veggie days- his looks are so drastically different these days. Anyway, both have smiles that light up a few city blocks. I loved how, as someone who could not verbally speak to or show his face to her, the only thing he could do And this is why I loved how Healer's running narrative throughout the show was also beautifully intertwined with the rooftop scene.

That for someone who did not care if anyone else misunderstood him, this is someone whom, for the first time, he does not want to misunderstand him, nor does he want her to forget him.

He needs Young Shin and her love for him. He was saving and protecting her long before he was requested to do it, but she has no idea. Everything he does for her, is him being a man doing what he can for the woman he cares for, I'm a big time fan now of Ji Chang Wook, swooning and squeeing and all giddy cozof the hot onscreen chemistry, just wow, awesome drama, fantastically amazingly gripping and makes me so emotionally invested in these characters.

At their first meet up on the rooftop, when CYS asked if he's her biological father or father and then he slowly lean closer and I was like.. That was also my very own sentiment. Been watching the whole 8 episodes for so many times already and i just can't get enough. Thanks for explaining this, hadn't thought of the meaning behind his actions as much.

But this made a lot more sense. I've played with fabric like that before, and you can see through it pretty easily and get a clear picture. Could it be that it was not the hat but her hair that hinders her from seeing him. I think she did see a shadow of a handsome young man thru the gaps of her knit hat. It shouldn't be too long when she puts 2 n 2 together to figure out who Healer is.

I think they did show a shadow that she was vaguely remembering at the beginning of ep9 when she was standing with her eyes closed She would have had to have her eyes closed or she'd be able to see him clearly enough. We will be able to tell from her reactions to Bong Sook in the next episode, whether or not she had her eyes opened or closed, after all hers is the most unmasked, open, natural character of the lot and her eyes will tell all. Did she simply sense him moving away, or do you think she saw him and stopped to keep him from running away?

Merce I'd guess that to begin with her eyes were open and she naturally wanted to see properly so she was going to pull the hat off. She could probably have seen the silhouette of him turning away quickly and realised that if she took the hat off, he would disappear. I rewatched that scene, and I agree with Merce. She did start to take her hat off, and then, it looked like she realized something like some of you said, that he turned around , or she thought of something like, Healer would want to keep his privacy , and she then stopped, and left her hat over her eyes.

As Jomo said below, it made it more romantic then, that her behavior and her trust in him were rewarded in a kiss, leaving no doubt as to how he really felt about her. That whole scene was seriously my "Kyaa" moment.

I feel that it was the decisive turn around, confident stride, slow turning up of the cap and the pause all together in that scene that gets me. She would talk about having a "light bulb" moment, when she would make a big realization. It was like when the light comes on the light bulb, and you have that moment, that second when things click for you, and you finally get it. Her viewers would always know what she meant, when she would use that expression.

So, I didn't watch all of Secret Garden, just some episodes. So you go, "Kyaa! So, "light bulb moment"and "Kyaa" are not related per se, except that for me, whenever I hear those expressions, I always KNOW what they mean for me, and how they feel for me, and when that moment happened, and why. I might not be able to explain them well, but I do know what I mean, and the feeling that comes over me, that leads me to say those expressions.

So that kiss scene, what happened before then the rescue and how tense that was , Healer's narration from the beginning of the ep. As I said earlier, it was not just the kiss itself for me, it was how it was done, how it happened, and what it meant, for both.

The journey that led them to that kiss which started in ep. I have tried to imagine what must have been going on in his head. The fact that he walked with assurance and confidence when he was leaving her, and the same confidence when he came back, AND the fact that once he was in front of her, he would become different, tender, reduced to someone who actually hesitates he doesn't do that with his work , is not totally sure of what he is about to do, in front of the woman he is falling in love with, THAT just did me in.

It could have been the 1st kiss for him, and for her. You think he or she is a God. But this is how I see hifi — motorcycle money. Who wants to be part of that? Today McIntosh announced the release of their new MC integrated amplifier, to a wide range of polarizing comments around the world. A headphone amplifier is included and an MM phono section as well. You can see by the rear view, that there is one balanced XLR input, two unbalanced RCA inputs and the phono, along with a single, mono output for a powered subwoofer.

This should make it easy to make the MA the anchor for a great compact system. Please click here for more tech bits! I had the pleasure of meeting him the first time about five years ago when I toured the Focal factory, with my friend John Bevier.

After business hours, he was. Every time I saw him at a hifi show, no matter how busy, he always took the time to come over my way and give me a big hug. Even though I am a relative newcomer to this industry, he always inquired to how I was doing.

Always a kind man, always a professional, and always a perfect gentleman. From Sping of I used to look at the mighty Phase Linear amplifier on the shelf, with its gigantic, glowing, power output meters in the mall at Schaak Electronics and wonder what it would be like to have that much power. But I was fortunate enough to work for both of them, and I learned something from each. I even owned a couple of Phase Linear amplifiers over the years. And no, they never burst into flames.

Harry Pearson influenced me, with his obsessive quest for great sound, and his methodology influenced my approach at TONE, especially that of having a reference system where one and only one component was swapped at a time. If you had the good fortune to encounter Mr. Pearson, you know he was a wild dog, in the best sense of the term. And so it goes. Certainly, tons of turntables, cartridges and phono preamplifiers are being produced as well.

So is the sky falling or is it not? As inconvenient as records and tapes were, the CD was really produced as a stopgap to all the piracy that was going on. After a major resurgence, vinyl is probably going to wind down a bit. While most of the audiophile remasters are still being done with great care, a lot of what the remaining major labels are kicking out is definitely sub par.

And even the reissues are less than adventuresome in the choices being made. The bad news is that you are going to pay dearly for it. All of this supply and demand stuff is what it is. Will vinyl keep rolling merrily along? I hope so, but I hope that we can see a little bit more attention paid to quality, instead of just banging it out.

The only thing I love more than cassettes is schmaltzy sci-fi movies, and I think most of you would admit that Guardians of the Galaxy, parts one and two are pretty silly. They had me with the Carfox as badass thing. But this is not a movie review. TONE contributor Paul DeMara also a mega cassette enthusiast and I seemed to have the same epiphany to get our hands on the movie soundtracks practically the same day. Certainly reflective of what might have been on one of my mix tapes back in the day.

The sound quality sucks on the cassette version. Considering how much trouble it was to get rights released on something like this, why not go the extra mile and make it sound good?

Bernie Grundman is credited with the mastering job, so maybe the LP version sounds good. Breaking out the Nakamichi II right now and a pile of vinyl. That was December of It is crazy how the time flies. So, for those intrigued to view a snapshot, we pay homage both to Ms. In fact, in the early days of his career, it was his brother Duane who did the singing in the Allman Joys, one of the rst incarnations of the bands that the brothers put together prior to founding the Allman Brothers Band.

That winsome love song to his former wife became the cornerstone of a solo career that produced seven solo albums over the next four decades. A recurring theme in many of his earlier songs is the thundering sound of silence, and his quiet resolve to communicate in spite of it.

I just wanted to be away from it, but I wanted to still be there. Check in on reality, but to do that, you get loaded. A lot of people have great losses. I was off dope, but I was a mess.

I never believed in God until this point, but I asked him to bring me out of this or let me die before all the innings have been played. I just wish we could redo it that night. You know, let me have another crack at that acceptance speech. The singer received a new liver last July. All but one of the songs on the record is a cover. It certainly affected my song choice. But oddly enough, I was not worried. Do songs keep forcing their way into your psyche, or does pressure just seem to build up?

A lot of these poor slobs have a contract that calls for a certain amount [of albums] every certain amount of years. Of course, those ways are pretty much dying out. All of a sudden, it starts eating at you a little bit and it comes and goes.

How do you know what to cover? Well, you have a real connection with the song, and of course you have quite a yen for it, and you know immediately what you want to do with it. Songwriting is such a vague damn subject. It can go in any given second. You teamed with T-Bone Burnett, who has thousands of songs stored on his computer. He said he went through them and chose some for you to sort through. Was that an efficient way to work, with T-Bone doing the heavy lifting of whittling down the songs for you?

The heavy lifting was trying to make something out of that damn thing that he sent me because there were things like old Billie Holiday songs. You could hear scratches and crackles on the old 78s that I trudged through. It was tiring to go through all of that. First takes just scare the hell out of me. I went out to LA and had just had met the guys I was going to record with. And they really did; it was just uncanny. I thought he was kidding, right? For being so young, you and Duane always had sophisticated musical tastes.

Everybody that today I just really revel. We had to play Beatles songs just to be able to stay in the clubs. We had so much energy back then. We worked six nights a week and rehearsed in the afternoon. The last producer you worked with was Tom Dowd. After he died, how did you choose somebody to work with? How did you know T-Bone was the right guy? He listened to WLAC. And with the Bone, man, he was just right there. Do you think history has accurately represented him? Boy, I really think it has.

I think for what he did, and for the length of time he did it, and as genius as it was, he made a big footprint. I have this psychic friend that lives near me. She said he takes the form of a little bird. He wakes me up every morning. That little bird comes to my window every single morning of my life. It just seems like such a tired argument. It was kind of flat and brittle sounding, to be sure. But I bought one anyway, because I figured the brainiacs would make it sound better eventually, and it was a cool format.

Sure enough, they did. Not for me anyway. I love listening to records. I listen to everything. And I mean everything. Much as I used to love making mix tapes on cassette or reel to reel tape I even made em on 8 track I spend nearly as much time agonizing over what music to play for an afternoon or evening.

And I still listen to albums all the way through, just like I did with records. If anything, having Tidal at my command has led me to buying more vinyl, and the records I do buy are keepers.

Not to mention a few that are diametrically opposed. Painting listening room three, and playing Tetris in my head as to where everything is going to go, etc. Back in , when I was painting the walls in my first apartment, this was the record I bought on the way home from the hardware store, with a few gallons of bright white paint in the trunk. The system was different then: Much has come and gone since then, yet a current spec SL still provides compelling music, and a stack of components have been lovingly restored by Echo Audio and Gig Harbor Audio, so the memories are intact.

What are you listening to today? We asked the folks at SVS to share some of their tips with us. The low frequency energy generated by a subwoofer can be incredibly subtle, like the pluck of a bass guitar string, or an all-out, chest-thumping assault on your senses, like an explosion filled car chase in a movie.

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Most subwoofer manufacturers, SVS included, offer several finish options to complement your loudspeakers and other AV components. Piano gloss lends a high end feel to a home audio system and is perfect for upscale decors. In dedicated home theaters where the lights are dimmed, lower reflectivity finishes will help minimize light glare. Room Size and Playback Level. Room size and layout has a major influence on subwoofer performance.

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Still have subwoofer questions? Too often this is followed up by a bunch of grumpy old men, sitting in chairs at a hifi show, somewhere between minor arguments over minutiae and falling into sleepy time. And when you see them and touch them for yourselves, the sheer quality is evident.

Sonus faber and the McIntosh group really get what it takes to not only make fine audio cool, but they give it the respect it deserves. I wanna be this guy and you do to. Well, at least we can all have a pair of Sonus faber speakers and dream….

As a general rule, if the connectors exist, we can probably make a cable with them. Because it fucking works. And it works right now. I am sick and tired of music servers that have gobbled up my life on setup, maintenance, tagging, metadata, etc. I have flushed hours of my life down the drain that I am never going to get back.

But back when I bought in, it was a pretty expensive system. Plug in your Network cable, the digital output of your choosing and power that little jewel up. TIDAL integration took 5 additional seconds. It took me a lot longer to write this blog post than it did to hook up the DS-SG. There are a number of boutique outlets out there that cost crazy money. I see optimizing your hifi system much like setting up a race car. Lastly, take a peek at the ground outside.

The Cardas Outlet will definitely add a few more horsepower to your system. I agree that most music is subjective, and we all have our favorites to initiate or accompany the mating ritual. If this is all TMI, sorry about that! Keep in mind, these are not staff choices. Like Captain Kirk, I stand alone on this one. Let the comments begin. We all suffer somewhat from new product envy, and perhaps a little bit of ADD at times when it comes to hifi gear or cars, cameras, etc.

Of course the people producing these products want to sell you a newer, better, zootier box. Most products of any kind have a specific lifespan in mind. Some companies bring new models to market more often than others, with a number of factors to consider. However, if it is possible to get into a more Zen state and realize that the preamplifier or phono cartridge you brought home a few weeks or a few years ago and thought was fantastic, still is.

It will calm you down. I drive a Porsche Boxster. With a thousand miles on the odometer. And I love unpacking new, shiny things as much as anyone. The team at Innovative Audio Video is hosting special November events to unveil their fully renovated showrooms, each brimming with fantastic audio components.

The party continues on November , with more special audio treats. Naim Statement equipment, the new Spectral pre-amp, Avalon loudspeakers, and other gear will be on hand to see, hear and enjoy. Do you remember where you were ten years ago? We had been working around the clock and were having last minute server issues, so the magazine actually was successfully uploaded five minutes before I jumped on the plane to head for the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest to show it off.

It was a crazy time to be sure. We had both been up all night and were exhausted but enthused that this show would be a productive event for both of us. He handed me one of his machined record clamps to review and wished me luck. We always stayed in touch and for the next four years, he would always be the first guy I went to see arriving at the show.

Overall, it was a positive experience. Thank you all for being a part of it! I hope to see a few of you at the show! Thanks everyone for their support.

Imsges: what cords do you need to hook up subs

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