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Everyone should think that highly of themselves. I do think that the surgery is ridiculous, I still think about it.. It seems like having a surgery validates their asshole comments and, even worse, furthers the ridicule.

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How cruel is that? And the fact is surgeons have you sign about pages of documents to protect themselves from the fact that complications happen. Its bound to be influenced by the environment in which we were raised, the people who surrounded us, how we interacted with others, what were the perceived results of what we did and who we are with the people around us. Nicely trimmed is just fine. I felt you intruding in the story. I love to give oral, and its not nice to lick the lips of a hairy vagina!

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EzineArticles Newsletter Subscribe We will never sell or rent your email address. The planet has become a wasteland and that is why you close your eyes to it and make your own little safe dwelling where you are God. What will happen when one day we no longer have these modern wonders. Oh no what will we do. Can you start a fire with out a blowtorch? Everyone should be a dumb ass like you and start fires with rocks to save the world.

I love my fanny, even after the doctor had to cut it to deliver my, now 6 month old son. Its been through the wars though, a fungel infection as well and thrush.

You girls are crazy!!! I love big juicy pussy lips and think that most other men do as well. It is just a hype, like all things. In Europa is has not settled in yet. Seriously, is it just all about we look? And who is going to see our snatch anyway?

This should be forbidden, cause it is the cause of insecureness for young women and it mutilates not only their fanny but also their perspect of the world. I am not sure what this world is about anymore. That was certainly an eye-opener. The ten-inch labia discussed there?

The poor girl who got hers razored off ten minutes in? The range is so much as to be meaningless.. We love you for exactly who you are. None of us are perfect. Except when we can love ourselves enough to be able to love another…. I hope any woman whose labia bothers them so much is wise enough to talk with friends, family a therapist in order to discover when and how such ideas first were thought, then obsessed on till they began to interfere in the most important relationship of all: Why is it so important for you to conform to an idea of beauty that requires you to butcher yourself in the process?

And the fact is surgeons have you sign about pages of documents to protect themselves from the fact that complications happen. They only happen to one in 2, or 5, or 10, depending on the surgery. But do you like those odds? Some day conforming will be viewed properly as the ultimate cop out: It takes no imagination to want to be like Missus A or Missus B and in the case of vaginas over the past 10 or 20 years this pathological idea of the perfect vagina has come from male-produced and directed old school raunchy porn with no heart and no soul though all the girls do have shaved pussies.

And why all this focus on tits, ass, pussies? Since one learns finally when one loves and is loved unconditionally that the sexiest organ is not any of the obvious candidates. Scumbags in Armani suits. I would hope that if a man produces a measuring tape it means a deal-breaker. No love for that is a fetish. Yet a funny thing happens to most guys as they grow out of their teens and being young dumb and full of come. They begin to feel really ambivalent about dull old predictable porn.

The easy availability of porn on-line makes it a rite of passage for year-old girls to see the raunchiest sex acts performed by people with plastic bodies and dead eyes. Some people just have a distorted image of themselves and try to guess what the others like most and act upon the wrong reasons.

I date one that likes them small and know several that prefer them that way! Some are pinkish, others have darker skin, small labia, puffy ones, large hanging lips, you name it! Women just seem to hate themselves over so much in thes end times. These are just piss-flapps from homo- erectus ,the procedure was in factpioneered by a London surgeon in victorian England.

Had they or you taken the time to read from the Gospels you would be astonished to find little justification for what you know so well. How tiresome to hear the same veiled threat masquerading as piety. Eventually it all goes down to the difference between those with independent, analytical thinking and the majority of the stupid, Huh. Cutting them off only decreases pleasure for both genders. So glad you made that point. Even if it was a visual turn off, it would never be worth risking damage to the very nerves that the enjoyment comes from!

Made me feel heaps better after seeing this. No body tells you how much your body changes after children. Christ, you you you and your maudlin, self-important, obnoxious presence basically ruin this documentary about a serious and interesting topic. I have a lingering doubt about this content, http: Gert, why do you go do the documentary the way you want to, and allow this author to do it the way she wants to without being bullied about it?

Geez such negative retarded behavior. Cosmetic surgery can be used to enhance appearance and self-esteem. But it can also be used to enhance function. For some women, having enlarged inner genital lips labia minora can be functionally or emotionally bothersome.

Age, childbirth, hormones, and sexual intercourse can cause enlarged labia, or it can occur naturally. Local irritation and problems with personal hygiene can interfere with sexual intercourse and cause discomfort during other activities like cycling, walking or sitting. Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that offers women a solution.

Labiaplasty surgically reshapes or reduces the external appearance of the vagina. With the increasing popularity of various cosmetic surgery procedures, including labiaplasty, it is important that the prospective patient research and understand different issues like what the procedure can and cannot treat, inherent risks, costs, and other factors. Keep in mind, cosmetic surgery is just that — a surgical procedure whose results cannot simply be erased.

Cosmetic surgey performed on the genital area and the reasons predicting its use is as for any other cosmetic surgical procedure. It is a personal choice and should be allowed as such without undue criticism or judgement. Whether for reasons of beautification or improving function, labioplasty is here to stay. Labioplasty for reasons of patriarchal domination and control is an altogether different proposition and should be in discussed in that light.

An informative site is: Maybe its my stereotype or the image thats been created as perfect in my head. A couple of comments: First, blaming men for driving women to this horrible surgery is crap, as the documentary itself shows so clearly. I was so surprised at that.

Why did I think someone in that line of work might be more accepting of the female body? And not a critical snotty bitch. That image was extremely disturbing and I wish, seriously, that I had not seen it.

It was demeaning and painful for everyone. The image was so violent and shocking that for some, it may be indelibly associated to thoughts and images related to the vagina. Is that what you meant to do? In your celebration of womanhood? I know there are horrors in the world. I do not need images of them all burned into my brain.

Besides my dear, a creative person can find ways of showing the horror of something without resorting to such cheap shenanigans. If you are interested in examples I can give them to you, from documentaries and other films. I feel better now after writing this. I really hope Ms. I have never seen anything like this. It made me self-conscious, I asked my mother a doctor if this was normal or if there was something wrong with me. She told me that there was no medical need to remove it, but that if when I was older, it continued to bother me it was my choice whether to remove it or not.

Since then, it has always bothered me a little bit. My friend who was there mocked me about it a lot, sometimes publicly. This is a real problem… even for 10year old girls. I feel for you. You have a real tough time. You do have a problem.

Thank you for being so brave and courageous to share your experience. Wow, fully mature women making a conscious decision to remove their labia the equivalent of the male scrotum is such a crazy and unfathomable idea! Humans, especially the women who complain about this crap, that think the foreskin should be removed purely for aesthetic reasons are the sickest people to walk the earth. The issue at hand is there are girls like Rosie who are bullied and psychologically driven to feel abnormal and feel this is the only way to be accepted… even though she is completely normal.

I am one of these girls, and I am fighting to find confidence. Right now, I feel empowered. If she had decided to get cut out of personal preference for her to have a smaller labia, it would have been okay. But she clearly was scarred by her experience. Yes, she made the decision and is old enough to… but are we right to ignore the root of her decision? If a documentary like this can help a girl feel more secure and empowered, why not? Who said anything about circumcision? My heart does go out to the males who have to deal with issues of circumcision and aesthetic insecurities.

I wish there was more awareness about that and many other issues. But why blame and cast a negative light on this focused documentary that certainly has helped many feel better?

It struck me a long while ago that this discussion was very silly. The point I was trying to make earlier was that whether you exercise your right to cleave off your labia is a personal decision and if it is predicated on aesthetic reasons so be it. So I wonder how big the issue is really? Has it been blown out of proportion in order to justify the making of a programme which is at its basest voyeuristic and wholly commercial — ie it is meant to sell and make money for the film makers incl.

Jonny, as a woman i can say you have no idea what you are talking about. It is a real fear, a real self-hatred that women go through. I did at one time but no longer. I looked into labiaplasty and boob jobs. Now I just love and accept myself. Men may care for a pretty face or hot body, but about the v-looks? I made the decision to go through with labiaplasty because it is something that has always bothered my, both physically and emotionally.

It has nothing to do with any outside influence, but with my own personal feelings. My body, my choice. I have suffered with this issue for years and I have absolutely no regrets. I think making a girl feel bad about choosing to have her labia reduced is just as bad as making a girl feel bad for having overly pronounced labia.

It was her choice and a stupid one. She had surgery where no one could see it because she let peer pressure make her unhappy. So, people have a right to destroy their lives for invented problems, but other people have a right to shout out loud that they find it stupid.

I mean the exact case in this documentary. Is it her choice? Should everyone respect it? People should have a personality that allows them to stand jokes without getting so depressed that they need to have pieces of their body cut out to solve it. I have to wonder about the context of these jokes. It seems like having a surgery validates their asshole comments and, even worse, furthers the ridicule. And anyway, her snatch was beautiful before the surgery! Sorry, but the girl who had labioplasty had had it done because her sister and friends had laughed at her.

If she had looked at her vagina in the mirror and had found it disgusting or uncomfortable, it would have been her decision. But it all came because the girl had no self-esteem. Paying a lot to undergo a painful procedure to cut a healthy bit of your flesh that no one else can see is a mark of having dangerously low-self esteem.

Sorry, but that should end. And yes, she had a right to make that choice. But yes, she DID commit a ghastly error, and we must point that out. It happens every day. And if you have a problem with that, grow up and get over it.

I have pertruding inner labia, I have thought about labia plasty.. I looked at the photos and never thought that the end results looked any better then the pre surgery vulva.. I would rather have my lips naturally stick out a bit then have them scarred and scrunched up… they look like a scrunchie afterwards.

However, I have puffy outter lips, so my just tuck in more less, they are not uncomfortable.. Girls if you think that your vagina is too meaty, maybe your mans penis is too skinny. I LOVE the message of this video.. I do think that the surgery is ridiculous, I still think about it.. BUT I was born this way, I didnt fuck guys to make my pussy look this way and i did not STRETCH my labia, I didnt do any of the things that Ignorant people assume is the reason for this, I was born this way, just like I was born with freckles, i wont bleach my skin, i was born with green eyes, i wont wear blue contacts, I was born with a bit of a flat butt i will not get ass implants..

Psychological refers to your Psyche … if your brain.. Do Not be ridiculous! You are so right about the scrunchie look. The thing is, everybody has insecurity. And everyone has preference. Some will never admit one, and some will always brutally state one. I found it really interesting how parallel men and women can be as she found the remarks of the painter sexist.

I had no idea it would change sex for me when I decided to do it. It was purely an insecurity of how I perceived women would feel about the boss. On behalf of any man you may encounter, who may share MY preference, it can be a huge turn on! When I was ignorant, I assumed the scrunchie thing was the result of guys who were more endowed than me, which is the root fear.

Practice what you preach, lady! Why does anyone need to know what her vagina looks like? She shares her bits with her partner-does anyone really need to see?

Those people have volunteered to expose their vaginas. She volunteered to narrate their stories and reflect on what she learned.

How ridiculous would it be if in order to prove I was proud of myself I had to expose myself to everyone who wanted to look. Take a fucking chill pill. Shufflebunny is stating the obvious, the obvious being that the only people generally required to appear naked on screen are porn stars. When someone questions why an actress is not showing her vagina, the only place that kind of criticism would hold up in an argument is in reference to porn.

Why mutilate yourself to fit a standard? Should we run and have surgery every time some fuckwit has something negative to say about our bodies? This will probably fall on deaf ears to many people but men, ladies…. I wish that she would have talked more about waxing and hairless vaginas. Emily, Shaving gives me horrible razor burn, but sometimes I can avoid it somehow.

Aloe helps, also shaving with a brand new razor is best. I think waxing would yield the best results though. So my skin is also quite sensitive.

Some guys like no hair, some guys LOVE hair, but i think almost everyone can agree that trimmed genitals are totally acceptable. I agree that you should do what you are comfortable with, I get terrible razor burn so i decided to get regular waxes and am thinking of getting laser done. But thats because i prefer the way it feels not because of what men think. They only problem I have with your comment is you seeing no need to trim just because its perfectly natural.

Many things that are natural everyday people change. For example its natural for humans not to wear any clothes at all. Do you wear clothes? If you wear makeup you are changing your natural look. Even washing your hair with shampoo is a difference to the natural way.

I also shave mine.. But as far as surgery goes, I think it is just sick, there was nothing wrong with the girl in the docu. I personally am not a fan of a full bush that is unkept like others have stated it gets caught and is just not very comfortable but HELL NO am I brazilianing myself!

Myself, choose to shave. Not because others do, but because I feel cleaner down there when I do. I used to suffer from horrible razor burns, and found that all it took was switching to a different razor I use Venus and using a moisturing body soap before and after I shave.

But if you feel self-conscience about it, try my method. I am a guy. If you do a little research, you will find that for a long time woman had hair and it was and still is sexy. Then companies like Gillette in the US figure out they could double razors sells if they convinced women to shave. As we can see, through ingenious advertisement, it worked—and continues to work. I like women with hair. I want a women with a personality and a brain.

Stop watching TV and work on the things that matter and that will last a lifetime. No one should ever have to feel this way, however, it is nothing personal—it is just business. This guy is just tryin to get laid.

Play on a females emotions so they feel comfortable and then jump. Not only is a shaved private spot more clean, it looks and smells healthier. The bush is out and will not make a come back in the near future. There is tho, men and womean out there that still like hairy folks. Watch yourself for this guys and others that will tell you exactly what you want to hear.

Take it from me, one who has played and preyed on the weakness of women on the internet looking for any kind of acceptance. I thought the exact thing. Are you for real? This guy above is. That being said, we are all different. We prefer different things, which is a good thing. I prefer hairless pussies and my wife shaves for me. What John Doe in Chicago likes may be different. He will understand you and except it. If you want to pleasure your guy with shaving instead then there are probably some guides around online on how to shave on certain skintypes, or you could ask your doctor.

Im a guy and i want a woman a personality and brain. I thought that that was shallow though and that if I really loved her and enjoyed her company we could make it work. Well, that lasted about two years and we got divorced. Eventually you will meet someone that is attractive to you and that you are passionate about being intimate with and boom, your in trouble. For a relationship to work long term you have to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually compatable to at least some degree.

Otherwise you lose your passion for life in general, because all of your needs are not met. Physicalities fade with time. The inner beauty of a soul can never fade, but grows more beautiful with each lifetime… Why waste time and effort on changing something that you were born with, rather than accentuating the beauty we are all given within? I cannot think of a better way to waste a life than to concentrate any of my precious time on changing the things I was born with to please idiots who have no idea of what true beauty is to begin with!

By the same reasoning, gays and lesbians should just suck it, and marry into a heterosexual relationship. You should really think before making such a fundamental statement about human nature. I agree that love and lust are NOT the same thing, but to suggest to even begin a monogamous relationship with s.

He never was very good in school, so droped out after 7th grade, at the age of Surely you are just the type of kind person who can make a dream come true for this great guy. Then you show up here. What a true blessing. I love hair there and ever loved it. All guys who talking crap about it are just TV or Comercial blinded or sick. I advocate the ladies O first.. I remember when I first started. I gave myself wicked bad razor burn and it got all itchy.

I personally do not think it is comfortable to have pubic hair. I am not telling you that it is bad to not shave i just think it is more cleanly. Always go with the hair not against it.

You know… I shave my pubic region. I have for a long time because the hair was very uncomfortable for me. This is why my boyfriend and I both shave he started upon my request.

Brazilians for me tend to hurt less than my upper lips. I like feeling cleaner, especially on my period. So I feel as though I have to be the same. I found shaving the under bits works great and just keeping it trimmed on top. But I completely understand and commend you. Why would it be their if it was meant to be shaved off? So do you not shave your pits? Wear clothes in general? Use a cell phone? At least we know the answer to that. Pubic hair is primarily about holding in scents and pheromones that were used by our simian ancestors to guage ovulation, physical health and suitability.

It is more or less vestigial, and at best, a nuisance to most people. It is alright to have an aesthetic preference in favor of it. Im not denying anything, I like it dirty! But for all of you playing the bacteria card. Im sure you tried sticking it the asshole once and isnt that like 10x as dirty as a hairy pussy. And for those people that arent experienced all around you shouldnt be the ones handing out advise. However, would I want my man to shave it down there?

Oooo… no , gross!!! It would look like a little boy and I want my man to be and look like a man! Why do you want a woman to look like a prepubescent girl? This CA man agrees with you. There is a whole new industry based on making people want to be hairless. I do want to comment on the shaving issue. People have different likes and dislikes. One great solution is just trim it up, have a landing strip, be creative.

Does it make sense to say that if someone likes a big ole bush they might have tendencies toward beastialiity,…….. I am going to put hair on the food of the next woman who says that a guy is into underage girls because they like hairless lady parts.

If you cant shave, at least trim with scissors 2. Yes there are men who like hair, but most of them like to hit on women on comment threads… 5. Please ignore the idiotic men who have responded. I am a man in a relationship and have absolutely no interest in internet women, and I can say I much prefer a woman who has some hair down there. I also feel hairless looks far too childlike and it is a complete turn-off to me.

I suggest just keeping it neatly trimmed. On another note, pubic hair exists for a reason. It aids in keeping your genitals clean, keeping back any debris, and allowing natural body oils to not just sit there against the skin. It is the same reason humans grow armpit hair. Or is that your wife getting debris there? None of my boyfriends 5 have ever cared.

With confidence comes indifference. You want to feel confident in any decision you make research the subject matter. Take the advice on general medicines — if you have adverse affects, cease immediately!

Clearly you need some sort of appreciation or ego boost from others if you not only do something to hurt yourself so a male thinks he might fuck you more than once, and then to post about it on a documentary site! Stop being a silly girl and stand up for yourself.

As long as you feel good about yourself, and present yourself with confidence, any guy will fuck you — if indeed that is what you want. I hear you girl! That skin is sensitive and I love my lady bits furry. The only sexist comments here have been made by you and the female presenter in singling out men as the cause or culprits for these operations. Have you- or your friends, ever slagged a man off about the size of his penis? This bullshit is all about women judging each other, and then foisting the blame off on men.

Women have their preferences as well. However, at least the majority of the time those preferences are consistent, even if illogical. Neither me nor my friends have. This is pure truth. Women are the number one source of body image problems among other women. You buy ridiculous magazines and foster a cultural neurosis about body shape. It must be MEN, then! Because personal accountability would be too time consuming and trying. For what its worth, there WAS a show about male penis appearances.

The description clearly states that it this documentary is a response to it. Or hell, maybe he did. I watched it well over a year ago. Anyway where was I? Bushy pussies smell funny. The first time he shaved he was like OMG you never have to do that again! Cos of the itchiness.

I think something is nice and I hate having nothing. How ever i do feel where your coming from , im a hairy as beast all over my body in fact my hair is so thick that when the misses tried to wax me bum cheeks no hair came of i was simply left in pain and with my dags still in place. I find the entire conversation that steamed from this hillarious. If you have tried different things and are gun-ho about your body one way or another, no one should try to influence you.

Everyone should think that highly of themselves. The suggestion that men want their partner to look pre pubescent is disgraceful. That is accusing us of being paedophiles and I am disgusted. I shave my genital area. I would even consider waxing as I find the contact of flesh on flesh extremely sensual. I personally like a little hair, but only above the lips. I love to give oral, and its not nice to lick the lips of a hairy vagina! Pretty simple… He may love you for you but the smell will chase him away eventually….

Emily, if you get razor burns there are a few ways to deal with it: No need to shave a vagina there are so many man that love hairy pus… I my self love hairy V. There is nothing grosser then a women that does not shave! And oral sex for you is out of the question. Emily, I understand you like being natural, but have you tried shaving underwater?

As in while taking a bath? I typically find baths relaxing, but shower afterward. Anyways, just food for thought, even though you posted so long ago.

Most men that I have been with prefer some hair versus none, just FYI. They have complained that no hair makes them feel weird, as if, well i think you get the rest. Anyways, good luck and do what makes YOU happy! I wonder whether that means there is pressure on men to look prepubescent as well? There is a big difference between having hair on your genitals or on your face, unless you are a dickhead, which it sounds as though you are Hwhite.

What is the distinction? For me, I request this of girls who enjoy having oral sex performed on them. I certainly sympathize with the discomfort. This is a fantastic documentary, watched it on British Tv first time round. I think this is due largely to the explosion of pornography. This pornographic explosion has affected the way we all perceive sex and our bodies.

Hair, size spots etc. I was hocked that vaginoplasty existed, it is a terrible thing, sadly it is the way of the world now, as with breast enlargement. What saddens me more as a man are the awful comments some of you have made. Why would this programme make you angry? To the ladies out there, men are desperate for sex most of the time, they may talk big but all they really want is to be loved same as you.

If guys have a problem with the way you look, kick them to the curb and find a decent, modern male. If you want a guy to have his face down there, you need to be clean. Well, the whole evolutionary point in having hair down there is to hold on to scents and pheramones. Thing is, we wear lots of clothes now so it get damp, warm and very bacterial.

If you expect a man to be clean before intimacy, you should be willing to do the same. Emily, how does shaving your pubes make you look any more pubescant than shaving your legs and armpits. A full bush of hair is a sign of virility to me and a women should never, ever be forced to shave.

This is a of her sexual power over her panties, with her panties saying: There are a lot of us guys out there who want nothing to do with hairless vaginas. When my ex-wife told me that she started shaving after we broke up, I was disappointed and knew that I would never be sexually attracted to her again.

My present wife rocks and never shaves down hers and it even gives off an sensual aroma when aroused. Get with a real man who will love you in spite of your looks below your waist. Oh honey, ignore all of this rubbish! Your eyes will express your inner beauty, and that way all who come into your life will be able to see the true you when you look at them… Love x. Very logical thinking of you Emily. You are near minutes away from getting your psychiatrist degree……. I am a 21 year old female.

I have shaved since i was teased about it in the 9th grade. I had a boyfriend and he had seen it and touched it, but he seemed to love it. I let a 15 year old girl convince me that I was a disgusting person. I have naturally sensitive skin, and through the years I have nicked myself so many times. I have a skin tag, a small dark spot, and a tiny scar in my pubic area from shaving incorrectly.

It hurts so bad! Please do whatever makes you happy, because that is what makes me happy. Men who love you, truly love you, will never want you to hurt yourself for their desires. And women who truly love a man, will never hold him to a standard set by anyone other than herself. If you stop creating girls with insecurities, you will actually have to stop being a loser to get laid. We are powerful, girls. I went from an emotional basket case who had NO self esteem, to a proud confident loved woman.

One man showed me how to treat myself, and I promise one is out there for you too. Hurting yourself is abusing your body and showing you do not value it. So surround yourself with people who cherish and respect your body.

Women never cease to amaze me as to how stupid they can be. I love large inner labia. I love the orchid look of the folds in inner labia. God, if I was a woman, these idiots would really embarrass me. Warning — the above comment is a fake, and was used just to insert a link to a fraudulent website.

This website is a con: I had only just heard of this form of surgery and honestly it appalls me, that society would corrupt women enough to think that their vaginas were ugly and needed to be reshaped or mutilated. Very, very good look into this new, hopefully only, fad.

I had my vagina cast by Jamie in Brighton, and I just want to say, it was a lovely experience. Jamie was absolutely lovely — warm, friendly, completely non-judgmental, non-sexual, etc. An added plus was seeing my vagina in cast form Oh, that little thing. Is that all it is? I had a boyfriend who got upset with me if I cut my pubic hair shorter.

I think the reason why society focuses on the damages of unrealistic vagina expectations rather than unrealistic penis expectations, is because women already have so many other detrimental expectations of their bodies. Although, as a woman, I do not believe that any kind of expectation is justified. The point is, we all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and society needs to encourage the celebration of our differences.

Considering the mission of this documentary is probably to empower girls and help people understand female genital complexities, obviously it has to have some bias.

Yes, there are other issues of insecurity that I think the public has to hear about, including penis size issues… but this documentary is focused on one thing Actually a couple in its own right.

Why does this one documentary have to carry the responsibility of all possible insecurities? There are a billion things that can be talked about with genitalia… like its pigmentation variation, female genital cutting, circumcision, anal bleaching, cultural preferences, hairiness, etc.

Nowhere in this documentary does it say all men and women are evil or good in their views, and nowhere does it say women are allowed to like big penises but men are sexist to dislike long labia.

Maybe you should make one about penis size! I personally found this documentary empowering and helpful! It just helps me see how society may be, and that there are all kinds of people out there. Just gotta stick to the people who make you feel good. Riveting subject but flaws in the craft.

I felt you intruding in the story. Their you were at the table, in the circle, in the exam room, in the garden, with the workers, and the transitionary connection finally became to sticky, and I grew weary of watching you wrestle and then almost abandoning each woman as you move on. At the end, I waited for them to be revisited so I could have closure and see how they are doing, but alas, there was you LisaRoger, emoting in the same space of judgement as you were in the beginning.

Where were their husbands, families, even if them refused to talk? Where was the sister, did she realize the effect of her teasing? Despite that, I loved the film, and fast forwarded through yr head shots. Thanks for the hard work, and great conception. And so does the entire st Airborne Division, although the last few guys he ventured up there did say it was getting rather smelly.

I absolutely must bust it out for all you ladies. Me, being a real man and loving the female form in all its glory, i must share my preferences. Each person has some sort of preference towards body and whats beautiful. Fully agree, however the owner of the site is more concerned about generating traffic hence the more videos he links to irrespective of their value or quality than the experience of the viewers.

I shave my balls, but only because i like how they feel. Jkhjgg87 posted what i can agree with the most. I like the way it feels. But do what ever you like. I like it clean feel for myself. Although i prefer it clean shaven on a girl, if I like a girl, I like the girl. What the fuck planet do you come from and have they heard of logic? This is an unfortunately poor documentary, with very little actual research, and far too much of the presenters personal opinion. She barely touches on the reasons women do this surgery.

It is an issue for ALL people who exist in an age of over sexed media imagery, not only women. I want to talk to some of these ladies.

It saddens me that they let someone else decide what they have is wrong. I think her message is bullshit. She has standards too. The reason these women take the surgery is to make themselves feel sexier and more confident. Its the same reason people go on a diet or use makeup. Women also have standards for penises why cant men have their own standards on vaginas? The inner lips make the difference between hard and soft porn. When you can see them, its hard porn. And by removing them, or photoshop them they can show more pussy but still name it as softporn.

Guys who dont like a vagina because of its shape or size are retarted. I would not care the size or shape because everyone is different. I really thought this was a great documentary, and while I understand the style, the big drawback was the nearly narcissistic focus on the narrator. If I could have changed anything, I would have changed that. But the documentary itself was fascinating and horrifying and to all the women out there, what the sculptor said is true: The vagina is the opening into which you insert a penis or tampon.

Good work over again! Thanks a lot Fashion bilgibank. I was shocked, to say the least. I have a horrible amount of body issues that affect my relationships and how I relate to people, and to see that at least some part of me was normal was a HUGE relief!

So, thank you so much for this eye-opening documentary! What type of men are these girls in the documentary talking about? There is another world full of men expecting quite the contrary: Men for whom baggy and chubby vaginas are just the promising entrance to the desirable, pleasurable and beautiful body of a woman.

The vagina is not what is discussed in this film. It is the vulva surrounding the vagina. It does seem strange to worry about different shape vaginas. Maybe we should have a vagina beauty contest. I also think we should question the practice of taking the foreskin off the penis — especially from the boy when he has no say in the matter.

Whether you want to get something taken care of not, the choice is completely yours. I thank her for this documentary. Can i just say though it is in a sense mens fault here. Unfortunately there are some utter tossers who do judge girls in this way but thank god there are otthers who care enough not to. Everything we girls do in terms of preening and cosmetic surgery and everything will inevitably ALWAYS come down to men, we wanna impress men and we want men to find us attractive and in the long run that what lookign nice is all about, being attractive to the opposite sex.

So like i said, its is in a sense the fault of men. But if your guy loves you enough he wotn giving a flyign fuck what your fadge loks like and if he does then get rid of the cunt.

You gals are no better in this regard, so you can drop the holier-than-thou crap. We too have to groom, hit the gym, etc. Never mind the fact that we also have to come up with the financial collateral to pursue dating.

After all, no romance without finance! What else do you expect when you have a piece of highly vascularised tissue sliced off? Coming from a girl who has been sexually harassed since the ripe age of 13 because I had breasts I can tell you now that you have no idea! This is the only reason why we are put down by those fucking people that rule the world.. Well, just a reaction more to the posts than the video. It would seem that the women defending going natural are just looking at it emotionally, and those defending surgery are defending their point aestethically.

The men however seem to be of the same mind, just leave it alone, I would also like to point out that the self claimed bi-sexual is of teh same mind. Xisoverated, I disagree with you. Preening oneself and trying to attract the opposite sex is a biological, natural urge. Ultimately, it is up each woman to make the choice for herself as to how far she is willing to alter her natural appearance for men.

Just as there are men who judge women on trivial aesthetic matters, there are women who do the same to men. Blaming men for your actions and insecurities might mean that you need to gain some self-confidence and take responsiblity for your own actions. Hugh says it, below, so to speak. The reason men have become turned on by the Brazilian Bikini Lines is due to porn. Pornographers entrain men and women to view and remember images associated with women as completely exposed.

The more sinister intention is, of course, to entrain men to get turned on by pre-pubesent? I did it once at the suggestion of a pervy boyfriend when I was a teen,and thought I looked so silly, childish and unsexy I never did it again, nor would I.

Pubes are sexy, secret and nice to wear and touch. The men who gave that young girl the idea that she needed some sort of surgery need to get bent. It is ridiculous how women are trained to believe they are not beautiful. This makes me sad. For the love of God there are PLENTY of us labia lovers out there… The horror of that documentary… Women so easily wanting to mutilate themselves for the sake of acceptance!

I seek women with nice amounts down there to run my tongue through. I am appalled after watching this… First of all, my vag does not look like any of those from the guys mould wall, and second of all i cant believe women are so concerned with how thier vagina looks and go to such extremes to change it.

I only started waxing a year ago at the age of My partner of 13 years asked why and said not to bother with all that. How are we ever going to reintroduce a normal natural bush back into society? This documentary is fantastic. Really has changed my life, I have more confidence in myself. Everyone really is different and they should be proud of it. A person that lacks understanding and empathy.

I personally choose to get it all waxed… but you act like hair is something abnormal and unnatural. Even to get waxed, one has to let the hair grow out some. This documentary seems well-intentioned and honest, but also fails on a certain level.

Imsges: watch dating rules from my future self megavideo

watch dating rules from my future self megavideo

Unfortunately there are some utter tossers who do judge girls in this way but thank god there are otthers who care enough not to. I have never gone down on a woman and thought wooooooooo, that is horrible. Joan is a multi-certified career coach whose expertise has been shaped by nearly two decades of career coaching, consulting, and workshop training

watch dating rules from my future self megavideo

How does it feel to watch them? I wanted to be like everyone else and blend-in, not stand out.

watch dating rules from my future self megavideo

I date one that likes them small and know several that prefer them that way! Where was the sister, did she realize the effect of her teasing? Girls if you think that your vagina is too meaty, maybe your mans penis is too skinny. I form one of these girls, and I am fighting to find confidence. Physicalities fade with time. He seems to have some frustration and anger towards women.