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Aston Villa: Refreshed and reinvigorated Steve Bruce faces a new set of problems

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Keith Harris had a top ten hit in — what was the song called? Sean to find a good partner and it also be happy for a while. They are such good episodes. Candice Warner dons denim dungarees as she enjoys safari family day out with husband David and daughters in South Africa No wonder she's smiling!


Anne-Marie Szwed was left with a severe head wound after the attack at the Oak Inn last month. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes makeup-free on camera as she reveals her step routine and her must-have products Lauren Goodger displays her phenomenal weight loss in slogan body and leather leggings I hope you're OK Jim. Are these the ugliest homes EVER? Hey Jude 38 minutes ago I am waiting to see Phelan's face when they finish draining the lake and find Andy and the other guy in there. Especially since we know that Eileen is going to have her own problems to deal with soon.

Lichfield A38 closed north of Lichfield following coach crash The northbound carriageway of the A38 between Alrewas and Barton has been closed following a collision between a coach, a lorry and a car. Midlands weather Amber weather warning for snow issued by the Met Office for these parts of the Midlands A yellow weather warning - covering Birmingham, swathes of Warwickshire and Staffordshire - had already been issued.

Sutton Coldfield First glimpse at 5,home Sutton Coldfield green belt development plans Landowners forming the Langley Sutton Coldfield Consortium which controls 94 per cent of the land earmarked for housing by Walmley have set out their proposals. Midlands News Birmingham has been crowned the most Irish place in Britain.

Showbiz Ross Kemp says new Birmingham documentary more shocking than Afghanistan. He even admitted that he has to "wear the same body armour that I wore in Syria on the streets of Birmingham". Moment TV presenter Helen Skelton was 'groped' live on air while she was pregnant. West Midlands Police These firearms were seized by police in 24 hour gang crackdown. The recoveries come as the force promises no let-up in its pursuit of people linked to gangs.

Wolverhampton Man fights for life after axe attack during man brawl in street. Alton Towers Alton Towers rollercoasters set to shut down due to freezing weather.

New ride Wicker Man was set to be unveiled on the first day of the new season. Birmingham snow The hour by hour weather forecast for Birmingham on Saturday as Met Office issue snow warning. Worryingly, an amber alert is in place for some parts of the region - including Staffordshire.

Birmingham International Marathon Birmingham International Marathon scrapped - this is the full statement from organisers. Organisers have cancelled this year's event blame the ongoing roadworks. However, I do think living with her grandparents is Summer's best option right now or just send her to a nice boarding school! Especially since we know that Eileen is going to have her own problems to deal with soon.

And Eileen was hypocritical too--how many times has she disowned Todd? I'm quite disappointed Bethany's gross bodily harm charges were dropped. It's the wrong message for this whole storyline, which has been rammed down our throat on the merit of 'current issues'. She should be made to face the consequences of her actions.

The guy is about to be married; she scars his face, and the police don't pursue the charges? And, as if he would drop the charges! It bothered me the way she said it with a smug smirk on her face, that it's a good thing his guilt about being at the bar allowed Bethany to get away with it. That is definitely the wrong message to send Bethany. No concern at all for the terrible injuries he sustained, as long as Bethany isn't accountable for her actions.

He wasn't even leering at Bethany, he was brought there reluctantly by his friends. I am also disappointed Bethany didn't have to face the consequences of her actions. Although she wasn't in her right mind when she did it and didn't know what she was doing, it was her decision to become a lap dancer and be nasty to anyone who tried to talk her out of it.

I agree with showing leniency and compassion, but she shouldn't get away with it scott free. She doesn't even have any remorse. At least she's finally decided to get some help. Tracy Yesterday at It was like justification of Bethany's assault. The writers got their climax and publicity with the slashing scenes of the story, and that's all they need. It's a clear theme we are seeing with Kate Oates. Which sort of leads me back to Nancys recent comment, how she fears Phelan will not face responsibility for his deeds either, or rather the residents will not see him exposed for his crimes.

The writing needs to focus more on following up after their shock-value-ratings-grabbing scenes! I hope they get it right. As I hope Phelan won't die, I want him sent down for his crimes.

Beachy Carol Yesterday at Gayle Yesterday at I am sorry about what she has been through, however having said that I have never been a fan of Bethany. From the moment she showed up on the street I have not liked her. She should have had court enforced counselling and have been sentenced to community service.

She is a very spoilt self-absorbed young lady and needs to grow up. But having Sarah for a mother that isn't going to happen any time soon. Like you said Beachy Carol I am so over Bethany. Joanne 50 seconds ago I'm all behind with episodes since I've had a friend visiting for week and she's only just left, but it seemed to me that the fellow Bethany attacked was previously not too comfortable at the club, and I got the impression that it was a "stag do" that his friends set up and which he'd rather have avoided.

Agree with all others I think Rosie and Imran would make such a cute couple. Where is Rosie living? Shouldn't she be concerned about finding a place to live too?

I felt he was a bit harsh, when he was trying to stick up for Rana yesterday - he seemed to forget that Zeedan's world was torn apart due to Rana's infidelity. Yes this business arrangement is wrong, but Zeedan's feelings of hatred toward Rana must be understood.

I think I,ran would want someone a bit more serious, and I'm happy enough to have her stay single for a while. I thought the actress was going to be taking a break from the show? If she stays on, I would like to see her interacting with Gemma more. They made a hilarious double act before.

Maybe she could take Gemma under her wing and civilize her a bit. But not selling their house are they? Why can't Sophie and Rosie stay in the house? T Yesterday at I replied, Must Be Sally! No way those actors are leaving Corrie! Certainly Sally is iconic and would be deserving of a much bigger exit; not to mention we would learn of it via media if she was taking an early retirement. Wasn't that a healthy looking meal Eileen prepared for Summer? I guess Eileen is used to cooking for men with hearty appetites.

I felt a bit sorry for grandma who is trying to do what's best for her granddaughter. Who would want any young relative living with either Billy or Phelan? Frozen fish fingers, frozen peas, frozen fries. Would Jamie Oliver approve?

Frozen peas retain almost all their nutrients, unlike canned ones. Frozen fries are better than chip shop ones. Not at all a bad midweek meal for a working woman and a growing child. I ate a lot of that sort of thing myself as a kid and it didn't do me any harm. I did laugh at the portion size, though.

They may have improved the quality these days. Behind the scenes on the set — a photo essay [ www. And, at the edge, they are younger still, giving rise to more active viewing courtesy of social media. A contingent of what the programme's social media monitors call "year-old girls" take to Instagram during and immediately after each episode, while others pass judgment on Twitter the friendliest platform, according to those in the studio and Facebook the grumpiest.

Thanks so much for posting that: Chris Yesterday at Great photos and a great read. I must admit a bit of eye rolling at the age audience and the mention of social media. Just as most of us suspected, they are targeting the younger viewers; and the older loyal folks just have to put up with it Take Liz and Eileen's toilet scenes per example. Yasmeen is a bit underused too. Hope to see more of her in the cafe in Roy's absence.

The brilliant mind of Professor Hawking also weighed in on political issues. Asked if the theoretical physicist could explain United States President D onald T rump's meteoric ascendance to power, he said: He is a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator," he said. Barack Obama has always had a way with words, and after news broke that one of the greatest minds of a generation, Stephen Hawking, had passed away on March 13, the former president tweeted out a heartbreaking farewell that has left everyone on the internet in tears.

Obama is the latest high-profile individual to weigh in on the devastating loss of the scientist, a man who forever changed the world with his groundbreaking work across a number of disciplines. Beachy Carol Wednesday Download it today by clicking here for iPhone and here for Android.

Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Read More Stories you need to read. The rise and fall of Coventry's trams. Subscribe to our Daily newsletter Enter email Subscribe. News all Most Read Most Recent. Coventry Largest used car showroom in Europe is coming to Coventry It will be located on the site of the Leekes furniture store.

Coventry This is when the snow is set to hit Coventry The white stuff is set to make another appearance. Nuneaton Gang of up to six men attack teen in Nuneaton town centre The victim suffered cuts and swelling to his face. Coventry News These are the A46 changes that could make your journey home a lot faster The TGI Island is set for a huge overhaul to try and get traffic moving. Solihull Teenager knocked off bike and assaulted by gang of six youths on canal towpath The year-old was surrounded by the gang of youths, who knocked the boy to the ground before taking his bike.

Most Read Most Recent. Coventry Four Coventry mums and their kids in heart-warming Carpool Karaoke-style video.

Imsges: vicar of dibley speed dating steve

vicar of dibley speed dating steve

West Midlands Police Give me more money to tackle knife crime and gang culture, says police boss.

vicar of dibley speed dating steve

Coventry City Council Empty council offices may be used to house homeless charities. Some films just have a totally different title for the 2nd film.

vicar of dibley speed dating steve

Anne-Marie Szwed was left with a severe head wound after the attack at the Oak Inn last month. The terrifying moment a malfunctioning chairlift flings skiers through the air as it At least she's finally decided to get some help. Vicar of dibley speed dating steve International Marathon Birmingham International Marathon scrapped - this is the full statement from organisers. Wealthy businessman loses seven-year battle with his neighbours and is ordered to lop 40ft leylandii trees Hundreds of new jobs and hundreds of millions of pounds worth of investment are on the cards for our city.