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What Nathan Ruser found could have serious implications for the US military and the safety of its personnel. The purpose of this revelatory story is to educate people about the undisclosed attacks being waged on our waters, our cetaceans and friendly neighboring, outer-planetary, civilizations who are here to befriend us. Located in Bynum, Alabama, Anniston Army Depot is one of the major facilities run and operated by the US Army, It is responsible for multiple depot operations, such as repairing various vehicles or storing chemical weapons. Let us assure you however, that because we are in service to the Divine Source, no harm will be caused. Inside the epic route stars take on in Pilgrimage: The modern production methods […].

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Inside the epic route stars take on in Pilgrimage: These giant warships contain hidden pools within, from which unmanned submarines are deployed and returned, unseen by most human eyes. When we swim inside, we can see nothing beyond our hands. We are committed to helping people better understand our settings to give them control over what they share. Road to Santiago A host of celebrities have taken on an epic walking challenge as they take on the Camino de Santiago in new series Pilgrimage: There is also debate over the Status of Forces Agreement due to the fact that it covers a variety of administrative technicalities blending the systems which control how certain situations are handled between the U.

He is responsible for developing plans for the defense of Japan, and he must be prepared if contingencies arise, to assume operational control of assigned and attached U.

He is responsible for coordinating various matters of interest with the service commanders in Japan. Armed Forces took control of their military bases until the new government could be formed and positioned to reestablish authority.

Allied forces planned to demilitarize Japan, and new government adopted the Constitution of Japan with a no-armed-force clause in In the Treaty of San Francisco was signed by the allied countries and Japan, which restored its formal sovereignty. At the same time, the U.

As part of this agreement, the Japanese government requested that the U. This treaty is still in effect, and it forms the basis of Japan's foreign policy. In the Vietnam War , the US military bases in Japan, especially those in Okinawa Prefecture , were used as important strategic and logistic bases. In , the Koza riot occurred against the US military presence in Okinawa.

Before the reversion of the island to Japanese administration, it has been speculated but never confirmed that up to 1, nuclear weapons may have been stored at Kadena Air Base , Okinawa in the s. As of [update] , there are approximately 50, U. The relocation of the U. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to Henoko had been resolved in December with the signing of the landfill agreement by the governor of Okinawa. Under the terms of the U. Marines should have been relocated to Guam and 4.

Marines to other Pacific locations such as Hawaii or Australia , while some Marines would leave Okinawa as soon as suitable facilities on Guam and elsewhere were ready.

In May , in a strategic shift by the United States to Asia and the Pacific, it was revealed the US was deploying two unarmed Global Hawk long-distance surveillance drones to Japan for surveillance missions over China and North Korea. Okinawa makes up only 0. Many of the bases, such as Yokota Air Base , Naval Air Facility Atsugi and Kadena Air Base , are located in the vicinity of residential districts, and local citizens have complained about excessive aircraft noise.

There is also debate over the Status of Forces Agreement due to the fact that it covers a variety of administrative technicalities blending the systems which control how certain situations are handled between the U. Per Okinawa Prefectural Police data, U. These findings held American troops were only convicted of 53 crimes per 10, U. The crime rate found a U. At the beginning of the occupation of Japan , in , many U.

In more recent history, "crimes ranging from rape to assault and hit-and-run accidents by U. These are military locations where DNA research is conducted with humans and dolphins. As part of the Super Soldier program Omega scientists are creating hybrid people who would inherit some of the abilities of dolphins such as advanced telepathy, echo location abilities and multi-dimensional capabilities.

For more information about this classified military operation listen to the You Tube interview with one of the Super Soldiers, now a whistleblower, Aaron McCollum. Or print out the entire Transcript by accessing the website: The true story of my elderly friend, Mr. Kinsley Jarrett, Bellingen, Australia. One day, much to his surprise Kinsley was invited aboard an extraterrestrial spaceship where he witnessed many things including large pools for cetaceans within the ship. He willingly met with the ETs for the next couple of days, in the woods at 2: Here are 2 of the pools he subsequently drew and faxed to me, knowing about my life with cetaceans.

These pictures of what he witnessed on the giant disk-shaped vehicle are of space ships equipped with pools for dolphins. If you look at the large windows around the outside of the ship, you can see whales passing by. It seems apparent that the ship is underwater. Kinsley drew the scenes within the ships exactly as he had seen them. It was significant to me because the dolphins had communicated to me in the past that they are in contact with extraterrestrials and they enter the underwater vehicles to communicate information about the oceans to the ETs.

Check out the Images gallery for his pictures. If this seems strange to you, take a moment to realize that the dolphins have very advanced sonar skills and abilities of telepathic communication as has been revealed repeatedly in captive situations when one dolphin communicates a behavior, desired by the trainers, to another dolphin telepathically and the dolphins then all display the behavior spontaneously.

It is what we call 'pod mind. Does it seem unusual that they would communicate in this way with the masters of the ocean? Remember that the oceans and seas cover over three quarters of the surface of the globe.

Although we as a human race are just beginning to explore reefs and other formations that contour the ocean floors, ETs with their advanced technology have been using the seas as their home base for centuries or longer. That which you call a grid and which you saw through the eyes of the Higher Self can not be seen by the ordinary eyes for although as human beings, one's eyes are suitably equipped to function within a wide range of frequencies, they are nevertheless limited to the ultra-high ranges in which we exist.

This is why most of our craft and ourselves seem often to be invisible. Yet we exist in what is to us quite a wonderful realm of existence. Had we not wished to be revealed to you, and even though your perceptiveness had been raised, you would have been unable to see the image or record the activities.

We have allowed this to be documented so that such activities may be shared with your closest friends according to your discretion. It has already been known that a so-called grid system has been positioned in this locality. It is an extension from the common grid, which circles the Earth. This network has been placed under water and within the Earth eons ago and is constantly under repair. This is a requirement brought about by the continual advancement of Earth 's technologies and due to the earth movements.

In brief, the main purpose of the grid is to enable our craft to more easily track accurately to any mapped position on the Earth globe, whenever the urgent necessity of our presence is required, whether this be requested by Humans or not, for we take our commands from the governing Universal Spirit Source.

We have placed ultra-sensitive equipment upon certain grid locations, which you have envisaged as pyramid shapes. These adhere to the grid sections using our form of electro-magnetic force fields, which transmit information to us on matters, which would be of little interest to you or any Human Being at this time.

Let us assure you however, that because we are in service to the Divine Source, no harm will be caused. All of you are dearly loved unconditionally and it is the hope of all that before too long, in your linear time, we will become united caring for each other, the cetaceans and for all of the creatures of life upon the glorious globe of Earth.

We bless you and thank you for your continued interest. Often these bases are located near areas of deepwater basins, such as the Puerto Rico Trench not far from the sanctuary of the Humpback whales in the Caribbean that we visit every year.

They are bringing us to these places where unexplained underwater lights and sudden releases of fine ash and debris, stream from unknown structures below. I have witnessed this, along with other guests who are swimming with me in the water.

I have learned about these places because the dolphins and whales have "called" me to swim with them there. Looking at this list, you will see that many of these places have confirmed military underwater bases established there, such as AUTEC in the Bahamas see more below. Just as we often receive reports of UFOs over military bases on land, could it be that the Underwater E. And the cetaceans are also there to assist. It is a well know fact that the U.

Navy captured and experimented with dolphins and small whales, such as pilot whales, to learn about sonar and how to apply it to their warships. Does it then seem so implausible to think that the highly intelligent ETs would not also remain in contact with the cetaceans to garner their underwater expertise?

In the case of the extraterrestrial-cetacean contact it appears to be a friendly one, since the dolphins are not adverse to assisting them. Taking this to the Big Picture, I understand that the dolphins and whales have brains that are more active then our own. That is, they have evolved in the water to become a species that has certain capabilities we have not yet achieved. What is their goal on Earth? Why are they here? They always seem interactive and kind to the human race.

They are certainly not our enemy. When we look at the Big Picture, the goal is the continued evolution of life on earth to greater expressions of compassion and kindness.

These altruistic qualities that would then make us compatible with other civilizations beyond our own. The dolphins and whales are helping us by educating scientists, military personnel, scholars and oceanic swimmers to the possibilities of higher evolution. They do it through love and we all feel that love as we meet with them. It is a powerful frequency. As they die in the oceans, the people of the world object to this needless slaughter.

Hopefully, people will now defend our oceans and keep them clean and clear so we can survive on this wonderful planet, spiraling in space. The oceans are our main source of oxygen.

We need healthy oceans to live here. All the ocean animals are part of the eco-system that supports the life of the ocean. The cetaceans and the benevolent ETs are helping us become aware of what is taking place beneath the waters of our ocean planet. Now it is up to us to stop the abuse that creates killing machines for people and wild life. An unmanned, and perhaps unauthorized, war in Earth's oceans. The purpose of submitting this paper to the public is not to deride the United States Military services or the fine men and women who serve our country.

The purpose of this revelatory story is to educate people about the undisclosed attacks being waged on our waters, our cetaceans and friendly neighboring, outer-planetary, civilizations who are here to befriend us. These are fast moving oceanic homes for robot warriors and some humans. The underwater vehicles are warships and aircraft carriers. These giant warships contain hidden pools within, from which unmanned submarines are deployed and returned, unseen by most human eyes.

Their weapon systems include vertical-launch missiles, ultra precise, which can shoot down or target incoming rockets, cruise missiles and unidentified flying objects UFOs.

According to an article in a Popular Science magazine ebruary-March, , last year aerial drones flew , hours of missions and the costs for these unmanned aircraft systems by the U. Who is the U. The Low Frequency Active Sonar is deployed into the oceans of the world using lethal decibels of brain shattering frequencies. According to an Exxon executive I know, it is a level far beyond anything normally needed for detecting underwater objects, oil deposits, schools of fish, submarines.

Navy is unchecked, going far beyond "Search and Discovery" in deploying these weapons of mass destruction in the ocean. Most of the details of these warships are in Classified intelligence archives dating back at least five decades. Have we had a chance to vote on whether or not we want to weaponize the ocean? This cover of an entire abstract on the U.

Navy's plan to build manned undersea bases can be found in the highly recommended book: It is popular for inventing the famous tactical rail, also referred to as the Picatinny rail.

It is a specific bracket that can be used on a few types of weapons to deal with an advanced mounting system. Pine Bluff Arsenal is located in the Jefferson County, in the immediate proximity of the city with the same name.

It is in the central part of Arkansas. It is one of the few military facilities that have the permission to store chemical weapons. At the same time, it is the one and only base […]. The , acre The northern boundary […]. It is among the oldest in the area and has tight connection with the Spanish times. History The Spanish orders were clear in the th century. The troops had to conquer the American continent in the name of their […]. The acre 7. It is among the insecure military bases in the United States of America.

No other base was scheduled for closure two times and still alive. Redstone Arsenal is located in Huntsville, in the northern part of Alabama. It hosted close to inhabitants at the census. The place is operated by the US Army and hosts a multitude of tenant units. However, many of them are in a relocating process due to the BRAC commission.

The military base […]. The island was originally known as Rock Island and is midway […]. Schofield Barracks is the largest Army post in Hawaii. Schofield, who recognized the strategic importance of Oahu to the defense of the United States in Construction on the Barracks began in , but the site was actually established in to provide a base for […].

Due to the nature of the Depots […]. The Soldier Systems Center is operated by the Department of Defense and is responsible for the general living condition the US troops have to face while hosted in various bases or in their missions.

The facility is located in Natick, in the eastern part of Massachusetts. The primary mission of this base is to deal […]. The Pentagon is currently the Department of Defense headquarters. With all these, it is more than that. It is actually a symbol for the United States of America and among the few important buildings that people know this country for. The building is often used by the specialists to refer to the entire department and […].

Tobyhanna Army Depot is a military base from Coolbaugh Township, in the eastern part of Pennsylvania. It is mostly used as a logistics center and its primary mission is to deal with repairing, updating and integrating C4ISR systems for any field of the United States of America forces. The name is given after a nearby […].

Torii Station is currently the most important military base run by the United States of America in Japan. It is the home of the US Army.

It is located close to Okinawa, in Yomitan. Although the profile of the base is military, it is also used for civilian needs. It supports most of the operations […]. Tripler Medical Center is located in Hawaii and is the widest and most important hospital operated in the Pacific Rim. It can be seen from any place of Honolulu due to its impressive pink coral appearance. Umatilla Chemical Depot is located in the northern part of Oregon, close to the Umatilla human communities.

The base is among the most important military bases, judging by the chemical storage site, but also one of the less important ones if you look from a different point of view. The weapons are stored for decades, […]. It is only 80 km away from New York City.

Aside from the actual academy, the site hosts a wide variety of historical buildings dating from decades ago. Most of the buildings form a national landmark and consist of […]. It is located in a relatively unusual site. Although the base is only a couple of hours away from the Alps, it is on a plain field.

It is only 40 km away from Nuernberg. Most of them are located in the southern side of the country, creating a prolific and useful web right in the middle of Europe. Just like most similar bases, this one is […]. The base is part of a wide web of US bases located in the central and southern part of Germany.

This one is located in Baumholder, in the western side of […]. Benelux is an acronym for three countries in the area — Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Aside from these three nations, the military base also spreads over France, United Kingdom and Germany. The garrison is among the most important ones in […].

It is located in Brussels, in the capital of Belgium. It is a few minutes away from the NATO headquarters, therefore it is very important for the safety measures in the area. Its primary mission is to […]. It is not just among the largest such facilities, but it is also responsible with the good functionality of four complementary bases — Carroll, Walker, George and Henry.

Camp Henry is the largest. It is part of a large city, which is also the capital of the administrative region with the same name. The military base used to host the headquarters of the US Army Garrison. With all these, it has never been a […]. USAG Garmisch is just one of the wide variety of names for American bases run under the German laws in the southern and central parts of this country.

It is famous in the area for the Oberammergau school […]. USAG Grafenwoehr represents the path to celebrity for the small town of Grafenwoehr, located in eastern Bavaria, close to the border with the Czech Republic. It is one of the dozens of co-bases located in the southern part of Germany. In other words, the entire […].

It is actually a co-base, which means it is run by both American and German authorities. The base is located in the south western part of Germany, close to the Necktar river. History This American base has a long history.

It was one of the dozens of such co-bases located in the central and southern parts of Germany. Hessen was placed in the middle of the country, close to a very cultural human community — only a few […]. It is a co-base that provides high quality services and support for multinational forces, but mostly for the American troops.

According to a self description, the base teaches the leaders how to lead, the soldiers […]. The military base is, therefore, relatively close to the borders with Luxembourg, Belgium and France. This place is one of the largest American communities in the world. Believe it or not, it is the largest base in the area, with over […]. It is an American garrison, but run under the German regulations.

With over K citizens, the nearby community of Mannheim is among the largest cities from the Baden Wuerttemberg province.

It is located in Netherlands and is actually a co-base, which means the American may run it, but they have to stick to the Dutch laws and regulations. It is a real community, close to the size of a little town. It is located in the middle part of Germany and is part of a ramified network of military bases run by the Americans in Europe.

The base is […]. It is located in Stuttgart, in the Baden Wurttemberg province, in a place well known worldwide for brands like Porsche or Mercedes. The base is surrounded by four other camps that are also run by the Americans — Kelley, Patch, […].

Almost of them are actual military troops. Although the amount of inhabitants would easily place this base among the highest populated ones in the United States of America, in Germany it is seen as a regular sized […].

It is located in the capital of the country, in Seoul. It hosts the headquarters of the American presence in this country. Walter Reed is a medical center operated by the US Army.

It is the medical flagship for this branch of the American forces. It spreads over about acres in Washington D. And hosts over individuals. It is named in the memory of a doctor who proved that the yellow fever was not actually […]. The installation is directly outside the city of Warrenton and lies within the […].

Believe it or not, it is the oldest such place that is still active, with close to two centuries of continuous functionality. Its age has helped it get marked as a NHL […]. The facility covers , acres mi2 in the center of the Island of Oahu. A Wheeler Army […]. It covers almost square km and spreads over five different counties.

It is located in the southern part of New Mexico. The close proximity to Fort Bliss and its square km range form a huge […]. It is located in the southern side of Arizona and represents one of the widest military bases in the world.

It is so wide to give the US Army the chance to test some of the most […]. For years, even before the Air Force became its own separate branch, many service members insisted that the military needed a special school that would be focused solely on training the future Airmen of the United States. Aitos Logistics Center is one of the multitude of military bases run by the United States of America on foreign territories. This one is located in Bulgaria, in the southeastern part of the country.

It is close to the Black Sea and represents a strategical point on the map due to the close location to […]. Air Station Cape Cod is located in Sandwich, in the western part of Massachusetts, inside a different installation — Otis. Both of them are operated by the United States Coast Guard. The base is responsible not only for the air space and waters around Florida, but sectors of the Caribbean Basin, Gulf of Mexico […].

Air Station Elizabeth City is a military facility located in the city with the same name, in the northeastern corner of South Carolina. The facility is located in the local airport. It is operated by the United States Coast Guard and is known to be one of the most important and useful installations in this […]. It is positioned on an elevated ground […]. Camp Bucca used to be one of the most important facilities operated by the United States of America in Iraq. It played a major role due to its primary mission — hosting some of the most dangerous prisoners of war.

The facility was an internment one and was established close to one of the most […]. Camp Taji, Iraq — also referred to as Camp Cooke among its inhabitants — is one of the military bases located in the immediate proximity of Baghdad — only 30 km far from it.

The base is used by the coalition forces in Iraq and not just by the United States of America. Blount Island Command is among the latest US bases built.

As a matter of fact, its purpose is not particularly to act like a base. Instead, this place was built for maintenance operations to the maritime ships.

It is, therefore, a logistics base. It is not as powerful and active from a military point of […]. Camp Baharia is one of the multitudes of military installations owned by the United States of America in Iraq. It is located right in the closeness of Fallujah, in the Al Anbar province.

The city is better known for hosting more than different mosques. The base is operated by the United States Marine Corps. Camp Courtney is one of the few military facilities operated by the Marine Corps in Japan. The base is located in the Okinawa province — more precisely, in Uruma City. It is one of the youngest cities of Japan. It was formed in , when the authorities decided to merge multiple smaller cities. It performs some of the most advanced tests and training sessions for undersea techniques.

It covers pretty much every aspect of this field, from calibration to construction. Barking Sands Missile Range is by far one of the most important military facilities controlled by the United States Navy. The facility includes an actual military base and an airfield. It is located in Hawaii, in Kaual County. Its importance is given by the fact that it is the largest and most varied military base […].

Camp Justice is a United States Navy support facility located in the central Indian Ocean 1, miles off the eastern coast of Tanzania and 1, miles south of India. The base located on a British owned coral atoll known as Diego Garcia.

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us dating bases

It is among the largest United States military installations worldwide and is home to many units, such as the 1st Cavalry Division, […]. The sprawling Army base is one of the major landmarks is the second most populous area of Colorado. And while Strava includes an option to turn off the data transmission service, it doesn't appear soldiers are doing so.

us dating bases

Most whales and dolphins sink unseen to the ocean floor when killed.

us dating bases

Experts say the map has major implications for the US military. Army base located in Mucoge and Chattahoochee counties near Columbus, Georgia. Fort Belvoir, VA is an Army installation that absorbed about 30 other federal us dating bases in as an outcome of the BRAC Base Realignment and Closure Commissionstill known as Fort Belvoir, the population nearly doubled with a population growth of about 27, The military base is almost the size of a state. The post is named for famed Confederate General Robert E. The fort has the fourth largest workforce of all Army installations baxes the continental United States. Japanese Harry potter dating site Minister Satoshi Morimoto explained the Osprey aircraft is safe adding that two recent accidents were 'caused by human us dating bases.