Twin Flame Dating Someone Else: What You Should Do

When Your Twin Flame Is Dating Someone Else

twin flame dating someone else

What to do in this scenario? The first thing you need to do is empower yourself and stop letting your twin feed off your energy. Hi Angel, first all I have to say is WOW, Wow and double Wow to the dreams you had about your twins spouse, see how powerful you are, lesser individuals would not have recovered! At its core I know I have to learn how to truly love myself. After that, i couldnt stop thinking of him. We are both Sagittarius. More love, the kids see true love and helps them manifest that love when older and so on.

Even if he left and were to be with someone else and not me, sure it would hurt, but knowing that he finally is happy would release my soul in a sense. I still love him and it hurts every waking moment. But I know I am deeply supported so I keep trying. First, your life has not been a waste the fact that your here means you matter and your choices matter and that you must have done something pretty awesome to be giving a gift such as this! I met who I feel is my TF back in September we had a college class together. Your story is so amazing! Hard to have any hope, I know….

We often wonder how they could even attempt to love another once they have met their twin flame. Many of us can take it extremely personally and see it as a rejection. But I would like to offer you a different perspective. This other relationship or marriage is a preparation before the twin flame reunion. Often, these other relationships are mainly focussed on the 3D limiting relationship paradigms which cause people to feel trapped and their soul growth stunted.

Again, we wonder why they stick around and "cling onto" such a limiting expression of "love" which is often really just fear and conditions.

They are playing out karma that needs to be sorted out before they are ready to unite with their twin flame. They are learning the old relationship paradigm very well so they know exactly what it is we are wanting to transcend.

Only through first hand experience can we help others who are going through the same thing to exit that cycle. Often their marriage or relationship is unhappy and they are operating through wearing masks. There is a deep fear of being authentic with each other because their relationship only stays afloat through wearing the masks and abiding to the unspoken "rules" of conditions. I will wear this mask and pretend everything is happy on the surface just so we aren't forced to be honest and have "the talk"".

But there is one thing that concerns me. So currently he feels nothing for me. He said he suppressed them because it was too much to handle. So how do I go about this situation? The fact that our connection was so intense that he had to suppress the memories worries me as I am currently facing all of the memories and pain to heal. Buy Drugs Without a Prescription. Joseph de Saram Rhodium. Find Businesses in Australia.

Internet Services in Australia. Best Magazine in India. Most palpably, he can feel my pain from thousands of miles away, but jealousy is the least of it.

I met my twin 3 years ago and from then to now we have both grown tremendously. He was involved with another girl but she literally does everything I do, she is similar in many ways. Everyone always points out that he treats me way better than he ever has her, he comes and goes and every time he comes back things are better and better between us.

My twin is running like a track star! Its been a month and I know nothing about her life other than some feeling I get from within. I needed to read this! Since meeting her she was more into me than me into her at first I have been obsessed with spiritual enlightenment.

I just know my job in all of this is becoming the best version of me possible. At its core I know I have to learn how to truly love myself. The pathway to Xanadu is unmarked and treacherous. My twin and I grew up together. We were raised like siblings. We married other people and then divorced and fell in love with each other. We also spilt up for eight years and are now together again. We have an amazing story. Knowing each other since my day of birth. We could never be away from each other.

My twin has a hard time being a way from me. How can I make my twin feel safer while I have to be at work or with other family members? Ascension and Release of Negativity When the Twin Flames connect energetically, a release process of old karma, negative energy and blockages is triggered in both individuals.

Twin Flame Test — How to Resolve This The good thing is that you can clear and resolve these fears using karma and energy clearing tools — the Twin Flames share parts of the same energy field and past life records, so you can help resolve these karmic patterns of fear of rejection for him, especially where it impacts your collective karmic fields as a couple.

He finds it easier to go along with it as opposed to fighting it, but I ask myself at one point? No one possess anyone. But again, I cannot pull the wool over his eyes for him to see. Sometimes, remaining in an unfortunate position for too long blocks us of many blessings.

While both my parents were professionals, a lot they could not accomplish financially. My mother finally divorced my father after 22 years and I watched her finances grow exponentially rather quickly afterwards. I can tell you with absolute certainty that she would never have retired as beautifully as she did had she remained with him.

It is very important to remember this. What we accumulate or not are just material that we can obtain again and sometimes 10 times better if we ever lose it.

Happiness is a choice that we must make because God gives us this lifetime only once. No one deserves our power to give them to lose out on it. I will take a look at your comment on the article of twin signs.

That makes me feel very good: I made the plunge this evening and purchased the alignment course. Yes, nobody gets it unless they go through this. So yes, very lonely. I found your statement about the finances interesting, in fact goose bumpy! Hard to make that leap with a toddler though, on my own, no problem. His kids were his priority, he loves his wife too but the kids were what came up typically.

But I absolutely understand the significance of them seeing a healthy relationship. My marriage was rocky from the start and not my doing either, now it almost seems like the big picture for how it all is aligned perfectly.

Especially with love that is there between you two. I think you are going to see results quickly with the course, I really do. Seems you both are tuned in and he will shift. Along with the planets and stars I think it could go over easily. My twin and I had so many ups and downs and now we know why. We realized there were past lives and so much love before and why there was a pull, before I knew twin stuff.

Are you in the states? Yes, I am in the states. I understand what you mean about the feeling of not being over. Believe me, although I lived it as a child, I completely understand finding it difficult to leave when children are involved, which also conflicts me.

But I would never want him to be far. The truth is, his work has him travel, going home every other weekend. He feels had his brother not been there she would have died. Apparently, she grew up watching her mother do the same. The last time I heard this I had enough. When I mentioned that deep down he knows she will never kill herself because if he truly felt she is that unstable, he would never feel comfortable leaving his boys alone with her, he had to admit is true.

This is also something I witnessed as a child as my father played that card with my mom a lot until one day she told him to go ahead and do it. He was shocked, but that proved the manipulation. The parallels between our lives are eerie. I would hate to be in that position. You know, I would love morning more than for him to see the light and the reasonI was put on his path, but the way he seems to want to remain firm is discouraging.

I told myself that perhaps the more I have an opinion, the more he finds reasons to stay. It sounds like there is a lot of purging taking place in your situation, which is good to make space for something positive in the long run. With that situation on top of his travels he really could have a much better life. On top of a twin flame situation to boot! I am in the states!! I wonder if we could exchange cell number on here then delete?

I would love a true connection with someone else going through this! It really is a situation and often I have to step back and assess it from his side. I would love to exchange info. I hope the blog Cassady posted yesterday brings you comfort: First I want to thank the universe and the Angels of light for this Wonderful and beautiful message as it comes right on time because my twin is married with 3 kids and oh how I have struggled with this in the past!

Cassady, you are amazing and a Godsend and it amazes me how every post seems to speak directly to me and my journey with my twin soul! The post comes at a time where I decided to shift my energy from pain and weakness to one of joy and power and that I will no longer let the illusion of separation trigger me, as I see the bigger picture of this connection! I also finally starting using your breakthrough kit and meditation both the vibrational alignment and the twin flame tool and oh my gosh!

Sending you much love! Well… I went to this art event that my twin also goes to. So I went on the last day with an open mind. I enjoyed myself and left having not seen him, but soon after I left my twin apparently came, so we missed each other!!!

I know this because he posted pics from the day!! What do you think? Is this a sign that the energy is clearing up between us? Has anything like this happened to you? After this, I had a dream early this morning that I was paying for something in a clothes store and when I walked away from the till, my twin was standing in the queue! I could just feel something holding him back from talking to me properly.

I was then looking at a dress on my way out of the store, and then saw him in the distance watching me, we made eye contact and then he suddenly ran away!

It was an awkward dream, but I felt like my guides were warning me to be prepared for an unexpected encounter. Thank you in advance! Do you see how may variables had to happen precisely at the exact moments for me and my twin to arrive at the same intersection at the exact same time and the bigger picture being, ALL roads lead back to your twin and your Union, what has been done, cannot be undone…EVER!

Both of our twins have shown us this in our dreams and they both are going to have to get to the point that they realize that their happiness should come before anything and anyone and that no one can take their children away from them. They can have it both, they do not have to choose and their children will not suffer because they choose to follow their soul truth, whatever that might be! Thank you for this article.

I fell in love with my TF and battled myself about the guilt at first. Things have been slowly unfolding and even though my TF and I are not physically together our connection is so strong. I can feel it. Like Cassady writes in another article the feeling of love is unmistakable. I see where the highest good needs to be considered with all involved. I lost myself in my marriage. I am being reminded to love myself. Your situation sounds very much like what my married twin is going through, except he is staying because of his kids.

My twin is catholic so he feels its a sin to get divorced and leave his children. What holds you back from being with your twin? Do you think you will ever be together?

Every situation is different and unique. Everything is divinely orchestrated. I just feel and listen to what steps I need to take. Everything that has happened is really not up to me and my ego. My connection with my TF is all on the soul level. We met, had the intense eye contact, exchanged loving energy not physically , communicate telepathically but he decided to move and lives somewhere else.

If it was clear to me that it was time for us to be together then I would take the steps necessary to make it happen. He has to want it too and meet halfway. But I have experienced where there a lot of blocks and beliefs and people that I need to clear away from. It is a process. Meeting my TF is a sacred gift. I just pray for guidance and keep going. It is terrifying because I feel energies. But I know I am deeply supported so I keep trying. I would Love to be together with my TF and I tell his soul all the time.

Really it is not just up to me. He has yet to Wake Up. Because of this understanding, he has been by my side for over a year, acting as my support system. He is my Earth Guide. If he one day does, then I will have to reevaluate my situation with my family. But I sure am gonna see what happens when we meet in December.

I am not worried about sinning, but I do know that if I left my family, it would cause much pain for all involved. I understand your Twins reservations. When I met KT, my twin, I was afraid to be wrong about it; I was afraid to want him to be it too much. KT is different and with that also married with children. I never wanted to do to a woman what I would hate to experience myself. As a single woman who has not yet married, I guard this secret because I do not want my married friends to think I cannot be trusted.

This afternoon, I had a feeling to search my email for the latest from Cassady and I am more than pleased with this writing!

It not only puts me at ease to proceed with the exercises, but I also feel it confirms my intuition about my twin flame. Thanks so much for this message. This is the question that has been at the forefront of my TF journey which has been going on consciously for 9 years now.

BTW Cassady, I have just discovered your website and wanted to thank you with all my heart for the work you do. Thanks for your support as well as your commitment to bringing Twin Flames together. I would like to say, that with all the intense phenomena and divine intervention that has taken place and continues I still could never say with absolute certainty this is a twin flame. Does anyone else feel like that? I thought everything was cleared in my records, but when I went back on your advice, there was some more.

Thank you, with love an light, E. I believe in her recording for the records she mentions you may need to come back to clear a few times if needed. Hi Angel, I just wanted to give you words of encouragement as I believe we should be there for one another as twins on this journey! First, your life has not been a waste the fact that your here means you matter and your choices matter and that you must have done something pretty awesome to be giving a gift such as this!

This experience is truly a miracle and what we have incarnated to do is also a miracle and a gift! The first thing you need to do is empower yourself and stop letting your twin feed off your energy.

Do this by determining is these feelings of fear and shame yours or his? Secondly, please know that Cassady is correct in that we get what we are aligned with which means the universe gives us what we believe not what we desire!

Teachers such as Cassady are here to help show us the way, use her and she has helped me tremendously! Sending you light and love. You are very kind and thank you for caring. But my twin behaves in an appaulling way, he plays the whole happy family facade and he now associates with strippers and lapdancers etc. That was the last straw for me. Cassady said it herself that there are no guarantees. I did communicate to him that I will not tolerate disrespect and he has been making significant effort to get his ego in check!

I share this because you too should understand that this is not your twins truth and he knows and this is why he is running and doing these things …out of fear! Set the intention to start loving him inspite of his flaws a little each day.

I personally do not go on my twins pages any longer and it helps keep me positive and eliminates my need to withdraw or doubt or get angry with him! I had to deactivate social media for me to preserve my energy. It was time to align with love, so there is no room to fuel doubt, worry or anger. Social media was the first to go. The energy was soo strong and it is really a must to lean towards positivity. Tried to keep distance to my twin in September but found myself reconnecting again in late November.

Oh, I love this explanation! Your twin is very lucky then…No way can I live in a human body and be single forever. I would rather ask God to please send me a wonderful Soulmate who loves me as much as I love him! Your response reminded me that I do have a husband that loves me. Thank you for your kind words. Loving yourself is priority. But I read one of your comments about his behavior.

There has to be a balance. You can find someone else. Be happy with yourself and it will radiate out attracting someone who will love you.

Maybe there are some lessons for both of you to learn first. My twin and I are not in contact directly. I left work 10 years ago to forget about him after he married and his wife was pregnant with their first child. But then in destiny brought us together, we ran into each other and exchanged numbers, and one day when we were texting each other, we never spoke on the phone because it felt inappropriate he lost all control and said exactly what was on his mind!..

Like you said, I feel she knows on a soul level who we are to each other, but every time my twin plucks up the courage to contact me, she somehow knows and throws a spanner in the works and then I can feel his frustration. I had several calls from a withheld number last year, I answered and he immediately hung up. I hope that using the energy clearing tools for a few months will result in him actually talking to me!!!!

Do you think energy clearing would help him find a way to leave SOON but still be able to see his son? You know like me being positive and holding loving intentions towards everyone involved would open the situation up to miracles? All I have to say is WOW! It was recently revealed to me in spirit that my twins spouse is using their kids as a way to emotionally blackmail him into staying.

He too has both a son and daughter, his son being both the youngest and favorite and I know is the one he would dread leaving the most! I think the energy clearing would help you, which in return would help your twin you must take the focus off your twin and his situation and place it back onto you! Your twin must heal his brokenness on his own and find the strength to do what he knows needs to be done, in his own timing! Leave your twin and his spouse to divine timing, it is not okay for her to threaten you on any level but know you and your twin are protected by the highest power and there is nothing she can do to prevent what is about to breakthrough!

Yes, keep focusing on the highest good for all involved…my twins spouse has come to me several times in my dreams, sometimes staring at me, other times talking to me, so I know that she knows who I am and I also know that her highest good is in support and will be in support of the union between my twin and I.

Relax, breath,take a break for you, go and do something that makes you happy, so you can be aligned with that vibration, then come back and ask for a healing for both you and your twin and also ask the universe to remove any obstacles that are currently standing in between you and your twin to be removed and then let go, stand back and watch magic happen! It really did work for me! One more thing before I forget…the reason why your twins spouse is able to use the kids to trigger that fear in him, is because there is something in him that is broken and needs to be healed and it is very important that he get to this place of SELF LOVE, otherwise if he comes to you broken, then all you would get is pieces of him, instead of him as a whole, because a person cannot give you what they do not have to give!

He lost his mum 16 years ago and he met his spouse just after. She got her claws into him because he was so vulnerable and devastated at the time. No wonder his wife has such a hold on him. It all makes sense now! Every time he plucks up the courage to call me, or go to some place where he knows I might be, she says something to trigger that fear in him knowing that it will put him off!

He then goes running back to his wife to try and get love and approval from her, but she just throws it back in his face. His wife calls him names, humiliates him publicly, takes all his money and treats him so badly, and it used to infuriate me that he would tolerate all that and tell me he loves her so much.

Gosh I have my work cut out for me! But now I feel like I have to save my twin and pull him out of the darkness! Hi Angel, first all I have to say is WOW, Wow and double Wow to the dreams you had about your twins spouse, see how powerful you are, lesser individuals would not have recovered! Cassady is a Godsend and I love her and her site and you have thanked me more than you know! Thank you so much! I feel like all the answers to the questions I had been asking my angels, were channelled through you.

Please keep us updated with your miracles too! Sending you love and blessings xxx. I believe i met my twin flame a month ago.

He was my customer. Everytime i saw him, something felt familar. One day, he came in with coffee and i was joking about him not bringing me one. He asked how i like my coffee and he came back with dunkin donuts coffee for me.

After that, i couldnt stop thinking of him. A week later, he came back with coffee for me again and asked me out. From the moment we started talking, it felt familar, i felt like ive known him forever and it felt natural. He told me the same thing. Hes like the masuline verion of me. We are both Sagittarius. Alot of times, i think of him, he shows up or calls me.

If i call him, he says he was about to call me or he had a fight with his ex who is is still married to and i calm him down. It even happened today. I was at a gas station and i thought of him showing up and two seconds later, he pulled into the gas station. Or the other day, i was thinking of him at work and he showed up two seconds later.

He is going through a divorce.

Imsges: twin flame dating someone else

twin flame dating someone else

I left work 10 years ago to forget about him after he married and his wife was pregnant with their first child.

twin flame dating someone else

How can I cope with this in a healthy way? We could never be away from each other. If I can ask you, have you done the vibrational alignment course?

twin flame dating someone else

After we moved I went to a club and locked eyes with a. The heart's call is suddenly recognised as being stronger than twin flame dating someone else minds logic and reasoning which had previously been giving them all sorts of reasons why they "should" stay according to what society expects releationships to be. Daring still love him and it hurts every waking moment. It helps you regardless of outcome. Hwin, she grew up watching her mother do the same.