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If you go to your salon, and any of the women who do hair or treatments sells MK, walk out immediately and go to a reputable salon who does not sell avon, MK or beauti control…. A fact remains that there are several women who have made money. Even while I was in MK I knew that.

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We are fortunate to have been born in this country. It sounds to me like your mom was the lazy one! All the negative comments above are disgusting. I did fine and made what I put into it then I decided that I did not want to put the time involved and my business failed. LOL I just speak strongly about what I believe in.

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I wish you luck, and will pray for the women you will recruit with false promises, false income claims, and false profits. An as far for the comment from Tracy boy do you need to find a positive way to live you life and you need to fill it with wonderful things and those are not trying to share what you believe to be the truth. SO have a great day I am off to making some phone calls and treat my Customers and Team with the utmost respect as they love me sharing this product with them!!

I get my e-mails and respond promptly as well, silly me. But yes I agree with you about not being in this MML being the best thing ever. I have attained DIQ and quickly got out once I found out what directors truly go through. An as far as director my other close GF was a director and she told me that when your systems are simple Directorship is no big deal just a amazing leader position to enrich others.

So I truly know that I have been placed her for a reason and I am glad I was ablr to share my priceless experience with you.. Mary Kay is a dual marketing. It is too bad that your dad did not teach you about english. Go back and read your posts…I think you may agree that having a better understanding of the English language may be to your advantage when you have team members that you must communicate with.

Dear Lord, forgive me, but if you ladies are going to post at least proof read your typing before sending it off…. If you are so busy with your business, then why do you have time to post on this blog anyway?

Are you NOT doing your phone calls? Remember your 6 most important things list…I am sure it does not include blogging Tracy. We live in a country that allows us to have opinions and to voice those opinions. Tracy knows all to well the pain that women go through to make it big. So we are here to educate you, not only with English, lol but educate you on how to make the most of your life.

There, I am done for now…. I was wondering about something you talked about in your response to my post. You said that you see a lot of women who need to learn how to apply makeup and how to do skin care.

Let me tell you a story from my own life and then I will ask my question. Years ago I was working at Walmart as a cashier, and this one lady who was a Mary Kay consultant came through my line often. Every time she came through, we would chat cordially, and she tended to press me to have her do a facial on me.

Now, I tend to not wear makeup, and I hear all the time that I pull it off amazingly well, that I am beautiful enough naturally without makeup. However, I am not completely ignorant and incompetent when it comes to applying my own makeup when I wish to wear it. My sister did my makeup for me for my senior pictures and prom, and taught me how to duplicate the look, which has worked wonderfully well for me ever since.

The colors and application are always done in such a way as to enhance my natural coloring without making me look overly made-up. So then, I would like to ask you if you think the reason she pressed me so much was that she thought that I ought to be wearing makeup just because our society today seems to dictate that a woman is not attractive UNLESS she is wearing makeup?

Or do you think her frequent solicitation was nothing more than a very strong attempt to make her sales pitch? It is used by MK in an attempt to avoid the words multi-level marketing, which is exactly what MK is. I said earlier in my post that many women needed to learn to apply make up, and needed a good skin care regemin…regimen…regimin…oh shoot, you know what I mean…is because I see so many women still using blue eye shadow and it looks U G L Y on almost any female. Our eyelids are our natural skin color , and when applying eye shadow, it should be muted, to enhance our eyes, not look like hookers on 5th avenue.

LOL, sorry , had to put that in there. I believe make up should only enhance our own naturally good features, not cover them up. I have big blue eyes, and very full lips, so I use muted tones on my eyelids to make my eyes look bluer, and since I have full lips, I use natural looking lip color to make my lips look young again. I love to teach women about skin care, and I have found something that beats Mary Krab and Avon. It is called Repechage. You can only buy it thru beauty supply houses or online.

I am going today to purchase a large kit of it. Ladies, skin care is a must for helping your skin maintain a beautiful glow, and to prevent you from looking 50 before your time…I love to teach skin care, and would help anyone, and be HONEST with anyone who would want help.

MK just wants to sell to you, or ultimatly recruit you into their way of thinking. There are so many great products out there, but the best place to go to get advice is your salon. They have access to many regimens, and have seen so many more faces than MK or Avon, and they really can recommend something that is great for you.

If you go to your salon, and any of the women who do hair or treatments sells MK, walk out immediately and go to a reputable salon who does not sell avon, MK or beauti control…. Have a great day all, and will post again later, after I use some of my repechage, and if any of you would like to know more about this product, let me know, or go online. Oh and just in care you are wondering…. I do not do facials in a salon any longer, and I do not hold my license.

I just want women to be protected from harmful rays of the sun, I want them to look their best in any setting, with or without make up. Unless my professors are full of it! Krista, Yes that lady was just trying to get you to make an appointment to sell to you anyway possible. Even if you wore full make-up, she would tell you how MK has similar colors and would love to try them on you at your complimentary glamour appointment.

I was trained to talk to every woman and find any reason possible to book with them. Thanks Jen, That was good advice. I try to not to overdo the blue shadow thing too, but I have brown eyes and like the way navy liner looks and certain blue shades. I guess you got to know how to apply it and not go overboard. Stay away from neon blue please ladies.

Jackie; You are so correct when you say that blue eyeliner goes with dark brown eyes. It is very true. I wish I could use some blues to make blue eyes bluer, but alas, it does not work, at least for me.

Heavy blue eye shadow makes ladies look…well…ugly. It is not a flattering color on most women. Ladies; if you are going to use a dermabrasion product, remember to let the product work for you, do not press any harder on the product to make it take layers off of your skin. I have seen so many women, younger ones mainly, scrub the dermabrasion product on their face, that afterward, their face looks like one big red tomato.

For the price of MK junk, you can have one appointment at a salon, and let them treat you , and afterward, ask them what they used on you, and then look it up on the computer.

You will not have MK people calling you month after month, you will not have AVON ladies calling month after month…and so on. And I just came back today to see what comments were made after me. I am a Winter. I have really dark brown eyes, medium-dark brown hair with natural reddish highlights , and fairly pale skin though I tan easily in the summer — usually the only foundation color that matches my skin well is ivory.

I have also found that using the blush brush — without getting more color in the brush — over the brow-bone in addition to the vanilla color also helps brighten up my face. Very recently, I have been purchasing the Mary Kay products from atouchofpinkcosmetics at a greatly reduced price and will continue to do so, ultimately eliminating my need to purchase from a consultant.

I like the products, obviously, but I have always felt that they were overpriced, especially in the past couple of years. Hence I was delighted to find this web site. I got an e mail that said someone had posted, so I had to look to see who did the last three posts. Looks like we have a consultant that just cannot stay away from this little but mighty blog.

That includes mary kay. The master minds of marketing came up with dual marketing so they would not have to admit to the pyramid scheme. I also believe that pyramid people er…companies have a different set of rules to go by alsothan that of the fake dual marketing KRAP that mK came up with. You will get an eye full of exactly what you think MK is not…. Slather on your 50 cent product that you pay for and sell that 50 cent crap … krap … to your customers who probably need to try something that would really work anyway.

Now go do your 6 most important list things, and write in your journal about how negative we are, and then for goodness sakes, go take a walk, breathe in some nice fresh air, and leave the beauty to professionals.

Way to go Gloria…. I have even purchased alot of section 2 items there. I tried to get onto their site yesterday, but I was given a message that they were down for updating or something. Ah well, life goes on. I even have my old MK customers whom do not purchase very much, go to touch of pink. It is much easier for them, and they pay the shipping etc. Just to let you know, Avon is a Multi-level marketing company now, and you can really tell.

I am planning on purchasing my boat come the end of September, and next summer, I will be on the boat all of the summer season. In winter, which is just around the corner, I will be quilting, and do my paintings. I go to bible study 3 times per week, and I figured that is what I want to do from now on. As soon as our DM told us we needed to start recruiting to get those big paychecks I thought…..

Her statement hit a sour note for me, and just yesterday…. I had had enough. My last avon statement charged me 7 times for extra orders which by the way, cost So a part of my profit of That really got my goat, and I said that was it…. I am not supporting companies that charge huge amounts for stupid costs when their staff make less than 7 dollars per hour. I will go back to playing pogo, and will have a great evening. Yeah Tracy, Yeah Touch of Pink…. Same as you, I had a bunch of emails that came in showing respones that why I looked.

Same as today I got an email with your response. I do have a real job working 40 hours a week with benefits making very good money, been here 10years. The only reason I came back is because I find all of this a little funny. With all the real life issues in the world people have their focus on this one. Plus because we have the freedom to say what we choose and every one has their own opinions you have to have some good in the middle of all the bad that is written. I know MK is expenses but it is a good product, that is why I am a consultant.

We know the truth. Mine is not one of them. But it is like that all over the world with everything. I keep coming back because if someone reads this they need to have all the facts not just the bad.

And you know in your heart I am right too. I know the truth also. Keep on coming back consultant…. You must know this or else why would you keep coming and commenting on this board? There are so many different brands out there that really work, and in all honesty, to know if MK is really a GREAT product, go out and try the others.

Go to a salon and see the different types of skin care they use on their clients. You say you keep coming back because when someone reads this they need to have all the facts, not just the bad.

I say MK is bad because it is. Look around you girl. People are losing their jobs, homes, etc, and the MK slashers keep coming around saying you need to have a full store, you can make money….

Yes I keep coming back. I have tried other brands and NO they did not work. MK was the best one for me. Also for my teenage son. Your opinion is that they are bad. I have come across directors and consultants that push too much. They get a book every quarter and when they are ready to order something they contact me.

But I love the product and I know it works so I want other people out there to get the product without breaking the bank. Those people made a decission to buy full inventory. People need to grow up and make smart choices and stop blamming everyone else for their mistakes.

You do realize that if you really want people to take you seriously, you might want to act with more maturity and compassion instead of basically telling people they are idiots for buying or selling Mary Kay.

People are more apt to listen to someone and take them seriously if they at least pretend to be caring about others instead of launching a personal hate campaign. You and your site remind me of those annoying TV commercials, you know, the ones that irritate you so much that it makes you want to NOT buy a product even if you liked before you saw it. Irregardless of the Mary Kay business acumen, it is absolutely no different than anyone who chooses of their own free will to start any kind of business, especially a franchise type of business.

That is what this is, a franchise. You are purchasing their products and their name to use, just like any fast-food restaurant, for example. You choose everything about this company, no one can be brainwashed unless they are willing to be. Not a single person who has complained about Mary Kay here has taken any responsibility for their personal choices, which makes it so obvious that they are indeed responsible.

Why not try to boost-self esteem or help others finding ways to make money rather than scream at everyone they are stupid and will eventually wake up like who, you did? Thanks for telling us about that website. Thanks so much for your kind note. They may make less than people above them, but they are still being paid for their work. So they are losing money, whereas an employee makes money. You need to go back to elementary school and learn your math because that is not a loss. They spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on inventory, and hundreds or thousands of dollars on supplies, events, traveling, and other expenses.

This is when consultants get frustrated because their Directors just tell them to keep booking and have faith and stop being negative…so what is a girl to do??? Telling the truth is not negative, mean or harmful…. What other company does that. And let me tell you a little something about the events, traveling, training from experience.

I go to some of the events, etc… and I have a blast. Have you ever been? I have fun with my sister consultants. But just like any business you need training. Most of the training is locally so there are not traveling expenses.

Also you can do alot of self training by simply reading the materials. Oh you mean Scaminar! Those events are held every 3 months for a reason…to keep you brain washed and in the pink fog. I had fun with my friends too…. We would go dancing and shopping. Dallas is nice, Houston where my ex-NSD is from is nice.

You know what real companies do, they PAY for their employees training. I had to pay for plane tickets, hotel, food etc….. So what is a girl to do??? Thank God for Tracy and the ladies and gentlemen on Pink Truth for helping me by being honest, not negative or mean to me at all!

It is Ok to tell the truth. But there are many different truths. Because as I said before the girls I am with or not in any way like how you have said. I have seen some like that but if we are going to tell the truth it needs to be told from both vantage points. Because any one who comes to this site will get both sides so they can form their own opinion and not just be overwhelmed with your crap. If I can help just one person get out of this MLM, and stop getting themselves into deeper debt, then its worth the time to do so.

If a Mary Kay consultant is successful, more power to her. If not, she can quit. I also am glad I stumbled across pink truth, and although I did go back into MK after I sent my stuff back, I can now see much more clearly. Jackie, next Saturday I am having a blow out yard sale. All section 2 items will be really cheap, and I can still make a bit of money on the deal.

I even have the new winter items ready with their cute little bags and the new lighter fragrances, all ready to be whisked away by all the women who do purchase MK. One day you will realize there is a reason for this thread and for PinkTruth.

You will be one of us, and soon too. Did you know that another one of the big direct sellers is thinking of purchasing MK? Did you know that the evil spawn is thinking of selling the company? No , I did not think you knew that…not many do. Also, yes MK advertises They are trained for that!

You know it, I know it! You know as well as anyone that those products you receive in your starter kit are not all products, most are sales materials, and the foundations that NO ONE wants…geez girl, get a grip. Get out now, send your MK crap back, and live a decent and honest life. Heather, your article ran so long, I could not even stand to read it all the way , I will try again tomorrow to see if it makes any more sense than it did earlier. If you want to know more about what I heard, please e-mail me where I can give you the information in private.

You already have my home e-mail…. No I am not talking about seminar. I am talking about the weekly meetings and the weekend training. Which introduces us to the new products, how to use them and proper techinque of applying makeup.

Those are strictly recruiting events. Weekly meetings are recruiting events as well. Except, of course, the shaking of the pink pom-poms and wearing pink boas while we dance around and sing Pink Cadillac. That one you are suppose to bring guests. I am talking about actually training.

I am sorry I can not agree with you. The group I am with is in to way like what you are the others have described. I am sorry they have had such a bad experience. Use the rest of the money to invest back into your business. Buy a few products to place on your shelf so you will have items for you to use and to refill some of the customers orders when they run out.

Then it is your option if you want to recruit. But I have come across people that want to be a MK consultant. I have been doing it for over 4 years and have two team members. They wanted to do it. My main goal is to get them on a great skin care system. If that is the way you do your business, then bully for you!

My SD was all about lies. She lied about why she did not want a pink caddy, she lied when I asked her if pinktruth was right when they told us MK was coming out with new everything. I was never so ashamed of myself because I smoke, and she told me I could not smoke a cigarette before our weekly meetings because she was deathly allergic, and she could smell it on me and another consultant.

She told me that my cigs make me look old. She is the one who made me look icky, imho. When I asked my ex SD who was ahead of her in my mind I was ready to go to her upline , she told me that it was only her, no one except the NSD emeritus was above her.

So, I am glad that you do your business well. You must really understand that not all MKers are like you. The most are just liars, and thieves, and dream stealers. I had some wonderful marketing ideas for my business 2 years ago, and she looked at me in horror, and told me that people would laugh at me and not do it. I felt I was being bashed every which way because I did not conform to her way of thinking. I am so glad I am out of that mess.

Remember though, that it really is not your business. MK can pull the plug on you at any time. If they want to get rid of directors at a whim of or so within a years time, no one is safe with the business model that is called MK. Get as far away from Mary Kay as fast as you can. Tracy explain to me why MK is always 1 in skin care and color cosmetics?

Explain to me why MK is the only thing out their that cleared my skin, my son, my mother and my customers? Jeni, thanks for you comments. It is all in who recruits you. Any time I think of an marketing idea my SD is very supportive and encouraging.

If my SD behaved the way yours did I would have gotten out too. Mary Kay pays to be part of a very, very small study of brands and in the end… voila! Mary Kay is 1. And, of course Mary Kay is not really selling to customers. Those consultants, by and large, have hundreds and thousands of dollars of unsold products in their homes. Feel free to hide your social security number.

I just want the dollars and cents anyway. You know just as well as I do when you have a self employed business your tax return is not accurate. My husband is self employeed so once you deduct for every thing the income is not accurate. There is no such proof. So selling Mary Kay is profitable or not? Or the profits are miniscule? What were your profits for last year on your tax return? How much time did you spend on MK?

I will get with my CPA to get a copy of my returns. But as I said I did make a profit, even selling everything at a discounted rate. And I do not work it like other consultants. Especially over the last year because I have three sons one of which was hospitalized last year and was diagnoised being bi-polar at the age of So it has been a really rough year.

But I would be more than happy to get those figures for you. Sounds like an awful lot of backpedaling to me. Tracy, you are getting all verklempt! Consultant, you are some sort of self abuser masquerading as the ultimate good Samaritan. This is a very entertaining thread. Consultant, you are also addicted to the Pink Truth and try as you might to fight it, you need the Pink Truth more than it needs you. In addition, you make your own self a magnet for abuse and then you capitulate and go along with the abuser.

No one enters into business not to make an income, yet you brag that that is exactly what you have done and then ground your financial foolishness in a mission to give everyone good skin.

What happened to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and putting a roof over the homeless? You have pressing family needs, a home in semi construction costing more money as it devalues in the current market, perverse need to poke the dog in the eye, run away and then come back to poke the dog again….

Current business advice from directors mostly involves badgering acquaintances, bullsh! This is what torture is all about and why it fails as a doctrine. Soldiers get water boarded and civilians get Mary Kay recruited. In fact, I think the United States should attempt a mass air drop of Mary Kay consultants on Iran with the intent of recruiting the political titans there who run the structure of the country.

They will beg the United States to take back the women with the promise of reform and freedom for all if we will just take the pink women back. I will finish this up later. I sort of like the offensive tactic of the pink army invading hostile states and using their recruiting training to induce the hostile leaders to mend their ways or their wives will become consultants.

And you took that other out of context. I am just giving it all to her. She is not a consultant for any MLM. I am tired of having all of this junk in my home. Suzanne, which is by Suzanne Somers, dropped all of us consultants, and sold us to another company, and I cannot even get hold of the main office because they all went elsewhere. Suzanne Somers is a snot, a liar, overpriced crap from China distributors. Avon showed me how cheap they are by telling us to recruit, recruit, recruit.

Mary Kay is selling their consultants down the river, and it will soon be proven. I must admit, MK is too high on their products. I looked online as to how these cosmetic companies do business and manufacture products. Wow, did I get an education. They cosmetic companies buy large barrel full of certain chemicals from china, and incorporate them together here in the states, add a good marketing gig, fancy package, and bam, they have cosmetics that they sell to you for big bucks, and it only costs the companies probably 30 cents per jar, then you add shipping, etc, and that is that.

I could not use Avon skin care because of all of the perfume they have in the skin care line, and made my face raw, itch, and created bumps. One of the anew products made my eyes red for a week, and I only used it one night. Ladies; I suggest that you go to Sephora, or to your local mall, and purchase Clinique. It is a skin care brand that has no perfume, and they have wonderful colors for a new look. I , as I have mentioned before on Pinktruth. You can purchse it online , or to get the whole treatment, go to your local salon and ask if they can get it for you.

You can get a trial kit for 50 dollars and it lasts ALL month long. I really like the product, and it really does work for a beautiful , fresh look and feel. Multi Level Marketing is like a male cat with kittens. He will eat every one of them to get rid of them, and have the mother pregnant within another month. I know that sounds raw, but it is the truth. If you want your own business, write a book for children, open your home to people who have no home, and in need of a fresh hot meal. Or if you are uncomfortable with that, make a few hot meals, put them on a plate, and distribute those packaged meals to older people who have no family.

They would really appreciate that. Make yourself useful to organizations that need you. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, or learn to sew and make blankets for people who have no way to keep warm in winter. Learn to make your own beer, slap a label on it, and sell it. LOL, could not help that one, it is funny to me. Tracy, when I first came to you on pinktruth, I too, thought you were negative.

I was ready to defend any business model. Now, these last 2 years, you have taught me so much. I have had to review my questions and my answers of the 2 years I have been on your site, and realize that YOU and the others on pinktruth were correct all along. With that being said, I bid you all a great day. Time to go to my accountant, and face the music. Oh well, it is not his money. They have been telling this lie for over a decade and I believed it as well, I was super brainwashed.

I defended that statement with a vengence. If MK was to actually track real sales to the end user, no way in heck will it be 1.

But I urge you to visit Pink Truth. I sounded just like you a year ago. I wish you luck with your business, but please keep an open mind. MK Corp will only tell you what they want you to know, not the whole truth.

Pink Truth finds out up to a year in advance about changes in the product line and other important information re: There are many consultants who still work their business and read PT on a daily basis, because their directors lie.

Did you know this? You really have no control over your business and they can terminate at any time for any reason! You can only deduct legitimate business expenses, and those legitimate expenses eat into your profit. If you take any inventory items for your personal use use them yourself, provide them to your family, or give them as personal gifts, etc. For details on how to adjust cost of goods sold, see Merchandise withdrawn from sale in chapter 6. I went on the sight and read it.

I was always told that it was a deduction. I am just in shock. I will definetly ask my SD about it. That just really opens the door for my questions!!!!!

You are now getting the real truth, and although it can be a bitter pill to swallow, it is an education that will remain with you the rest of your life.

Never let anyone dupe you into something that seems to good to be true. If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, it probably is a rat. Many of us were fooled at one time or another. She is an investigator, and she was in MK. It goes to show you, that some people are great at spinning truths, ie: Please go to the website of http: You will find many reasons why. Mary Kay is NOT a blessing. How can I take you seriously when you do not proof read your mail before you send it.

She was dating the most popular boy in the school. The e-mail was dated the day before. They dated the remains to the Roman period. I dated myself by quoting a line from "The Breakfast Club. Your musical tastes really date you.

Tus gustos musicales demuestran lo viejo que eres. How long have you and your girlfriend been dating? I'm not dating right now. I'm too busy with work. No estoy saliendo con nadie en este momento. Estoy demasiado ocupado con el trabajo.

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traductor dating

You might have to put lots of money forward to get it started!! I wish you luck with your business, but please keep an open mind.

traductor dating

I am planning on purchasing my boat come the end of September, and next summer, I will be on the boat all of the summer season. And let me tell you a little something about the events, traveling, training from experience. If you want your own business, write a book for children, open your home to people who have no home, and in need of a fresh hot meal.

traductor dating

Mary Kay is selling their consultants down tradyctor river, and it will soon be proven. This was similar to the traductor dating figure ofconsultants traductor dating the United States. I give everyone an Avon booklet, and they browse through it, and yraductor they order, great! Word on the street is that recruiting figures are way down in the past year, but the below numbers are the most recently reported numbers from Mary Kay Inc. Traductor dating, women make their own choices, good or bad, without much effort or thought. How russian guys dating site have you and your girlfriend been dating? I have traductor dating purchased any inventory.