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Or are we jyst lost in the system? And an illegitimate investigation is being opened on our family. Illinois law is different than Texas law.

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And yes, there's a school of thought that believes your " funny bone "—actually your ulnar nerve—is named as a play on the word humorous. What if ur parental rights were termimated and u miss ur appeal deadline due to a hurricane evacuation? Well he told her that i told him not to talk about him when she was grilling him for 30 minutes in his room alone he told me what happened when she left. A CPS caseworker can really ask any question that they want. How is my eating disorder even relevant? If the Safety Agreement I signed does not state that I cannot stay in my home but he told me not to.

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Which might explain his wife's obsession with kitten heels, but probably doesn't. Meanwhile, Philip's mother was a French teacher, and brought their son up in Norfolk and, latterly, on Merseyside, before he enrolled at Oxford to study Modern History at Lincoln College. Philip was "a huge support" during the grieving process, she said.

He was a real rock for me. They both are, in fact. In turn, Boycott has called her "brilliant like Thatcher". We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Click here for instructions. Home News Sport Business. My family is being targeted by CPS. When they first came to my home I was terrified so I let them in and answered all the questions asked.

Even let them take pictures of my son. They asked to drug test so we did, I passed, my boyfriend failed for marijuana. Now they are saying that my boyfriend is neglecting our son. My boyfriend is aleady taking NA meetings for his P. O and were taking family counseling and parenting classes. What should I expect to happen from here? I got them back in october Well yesterday my caseworker came for a visit yelling at me all the way from the porch up into my house that i was a liar and she knows my ex has been here and that we are in a serious relationship again, she said she recieved a phone call from a reliable source, but would not give a name.

She then insisted on questioning my 6 year old son who has autism about it. Well he told her that i told him not to talk about him when she was grilling him for 30 minutes in his room alone he told me what happened when she left.

Should i call her supervisor today and complain? Can i request that any other interactions with my disabled son have my attorney present. I have been married for almost a year and a half and a single mother since before then. Since my husband has been around it has been easier to enforce rules an guidelines on our home.

Her father has been in and out of her life and known to break lots of promises to her. Anyhow she has always asked to live with her dad but it was not possible since he lives with his girlfriends parents as works 6 days a week.

Anyhow my daughter made an accusation that my husband chocked her and has been abuse to her and myself. Be mindful that my husband has custody of his son who is 10 and lives in the same home. Anyhow her father took her from my mothers house and filed a cps report 2 week after the a ligation was made this also comes a month after his child support had been doubled bc he had never gotten an increase. Since then cps could not find any physical evidence relating to abuse but claim bc my daughter says she got chocked that she is not safe and recommends us to fbbs and temporarily allowing her to love with her father, who works to much so she is actually with his parents.

They also gave me supervised visits and told me today the process will take a minimum of 3 months. I am upset that it feels like a 9 year old has basically played the system bc she wants to live with her dad and now we have CPS to deal with another 3 months.

While her father is unstable and cannot care properly for her. He also has asked each week for his child support to be taken off, she has been there 3 weeks. This is just a mess. It does sound like a mess. It sounds as though your daughter needs therapy. If she is lying, it will come out with the therapist.

I would also have your current husband take a polygraph to prove that he did not choke her. You do not have to agree to participate in FBSS. I would make sure that your attorney is present during all of your meetings with the caseworker.

I would also make sure that all of the communications between CPS and you go through your attorney. If you feel that the caseworker did something wrong, you certainly have a right to complain to her supervisor. But I would not do it by calling. It is much safer to complain in writing. Write a clear and concise letter stating exactly what happen and how you feel that you were wronged.

Keep a copy for your records. Send a copy to the caseworker, her supervisor and your attorney. Sure, they can be that forward. No, they do not have a right to know. Whether you had an abortion, or not, is your business, not the governments. I would simply refuse to answer and then let it go.

This is bull malarky! CPS turns things around at the drop of a hat! We had a report filed by a woman who had a grudge on us. The police came, found nothing. CPS came, found 2 baskets of freshly washed laundry that were literally in the process of being folded folded stacks of clothes were sitting around where I was sitting while I folded them , a few around 5 dishes that were rinsed off sitting in the sink, and a catbox that is scooped every night before bed sitting down the hallway blocked by a baby gate.

She said our house was a hazard to our children. We were supposed to receive results in days according to the worker and the testing facility. I asked if there was any way a result of over units would have been given. My husband had to leave the ER-against doctors wishes to take the urine test. He had been taken in around 2: I informed the caseworker of this. He put his literal life at risk to go pee in a cup. She was born in I did not start dating my husband until How is what he did prior to joining our family even relevant?

The caseworker gave us a paper that says our expected case closure date is today May 10, We have not seen, or heard from, her in nearly a month now. The last she said was that my husband had to be removed while he went to substance abuse classes. I cannot even find out what is going on with our case.

She has not spoken with any family members, friends, community resource members we are involved with such as Early Head Start -except our roommate who is a federal officer. I have seen her van parked in the lot of our complex a few times, however, when I go outside, she starts it up and drives away.

We let her in, and our lives were turned upside down anyway. Not all people who have a report filed are bad, abusive, neglectful people.

They have not spoken with ANY of them. They have only spoken with myself, my husband, my roommate, and my 8 yo which they never informed me of-even though, by law, they have to inform me within 24 hours after speaking to her. What is your opinion on this? So i have a question if you can help.

Back in an accident occurred in my home. My children were taken from the home. Since the accident occurred on a military post, criminal charges were brought against me. My CPS worker was actually on my side. Unfortunately, due to the criminal charges i had to relinquish. Are they done with us. Ha ve wrights to my children.

Fast forwarding, i recently had a baby. Before we left the hospital we were pretty much forced to sign a safety plan since we wanted our baby with us. For the first week they dropped in unannounced, usually late in the evening. They rarely snswered phone calls and never returned them. We havent heard anything for four months.

No calls, no visits, no mail. Our baby is in our custody. I was under the impression that some kind of paperwork would be mailed to us within thirty days but we have heard nothing. Are they done with us? Or are we jyst lost in the system? When can we move on with our lives?

Good information I know Cps has a job to do but when people call Cps because another family member calls them on you because you did something to make them mad its a shame that people lives are uprooted because of flat out lies and Cps comes in making demands. They need to look into the people making the calls what a waste of money. June 20 of last yr is when I lost my daughter the first time, did a safety plan my husband and iNEVER got drug tested until after 3 months of having her removed with a family member, we passed then.

BUT NOW, because an angry ex best friend that lost her child recently text us to let us know that she called CPS on us made stuff up so we have to go thru the same thing. We still have all the poof of it. Well the investigator thought it would scare us to bring up our past case we had completed and had certificates for and said we all 3 had to take a hair folicle test, we were angry and told them no, that we wanted a court order.

What can we do about this false accusations that ate leading us to have stress and worrying for no reason. I would keep calling for that disposition letter. Once you get it, you have 45 days to have the CPS investigation wiped from your record. My daughter was taken by cps and I was guilty of smoking pot on the weekend and having drinks with friends when she was away. When she was home I was straight and she was mnumber one. However I made people mad where I live which in turn they called in on me with all sorts of aligations.

Completing everything they threw at me. Promises of getting her back. Throughout this process the worker lied twisted my words around. In return she was taken away. So they forced me to make this decision. When do they ever see past bullshit? Caldwell county of Lenoir NC is well known for taking children for bs reasons. And very much harassing after you had them on you once before. My grandson was in the bathtub and he drowned but my daughter in law gave him CPR, he is absolutely fine. All four of there.

These children will be more harmed by the removal of there parents. Please please give advice. We are desperate to know there rights. This is where CPS does not take official custody of the children but has them placed with a family member or a friend. During this time the parents are asked to do various services. If the parents successfully complete all of the services then the case is closed and the children are returned.

I do not recommend FBSS for several reasons: There is no time limit. CPS can remain in the families life indefinitely. There are no checks and balances. There is no one to watch over CPS to determine if they are treating the family fairly.

If the parents do not successfully complete the services successfully defined by CPS then they will go forward with a legal case anyway and the family will then be split up for even longer 4. The children do not have any one an attorney ad litem or a guardian ad litem to watch out for what is in their best interest. The parents need to get an attorney in the area that is familiar with CPS to defend and protect their rights as well as the rights of the children.

CPS will need a new referral for this child. They can not just come in and take this child without a new and independent reason. If they do have a new referral, the can use that fact that you were previously terminated if it was involuntary as a termination ground. If you relinquished your rights to your other child ren then they can not use that against you with this new baby.

CPS treats families unfairly all over the United States. They take advantage of the poor and those who do not have the finances to fight. CPS should have never threatened to take your unborn child. Having you sign a relinquishment under those circumstances is coercion and simply wrong. They could not have taken your new baby without a new referral, independent of the ongoing case. This happens over and over again and is shameful. Once baby comes home its going to be 4 adults and 4 kids in a 4 bedroom house.

So my question is can the sister be at risk of her being investigated because of the case he has ongoing or is it just him and her under investigation? Is the whole household taken into account in the investigation or just the individuals in question? How do the kids to adults and bedroom ratio work here in Houston, Texas? I would greatly appreciate any advice thanks.

Someone called cps on my family. So how are my children in danger? Will i regret not letting her in? Thank you for this. I only wish we knew of this months ago. Life has been made a living hell by a rogue CPS worker. We have been put in the fight of our lives and its really put in perspective how little our problems were before.

I would really appreciate if you would email me jketterman. I have a million questions and we need help, all the help we can get. This is all true. This is reality for far too many people. Learn it before its too late. Some people may fall into a grey area but some are completely innocent. Neither deserves their kid to be taken away. If you worry that this site protects abusers you are wrong. It is far easier to close a case on a true child abuser than it is to create a case against the innocent.

Hold CPS accountable and make sure they are using their time to protect children instead of insulting, threatening, bullying and stalking good families until they break. I wish the best of luck to anyone going through anything similar to what my family has been cast into. They were six months old when they were taken…. I had no support and my family was against me and assisted in my children being taken from me.

My children were never neglected or abused, nor did i drink or do drugs. There was absolutely NO reason for my children to be taken. I lived on disability and my boyfriend had a decent job…but we were still poor…This is the reason we were targeted, that and my mother helped have them taken from us……they are now 7 years old and adopted…. I wish i knew then what i know now and then maybe i would still have my children.

I had a question. My sister went to the hospital do to a Kidney infection the found drugs in her system they said the want to call cps on but her daughter lives with my grandparents. Is that possible I thought its confidential? Can u help me with an answer pleas. I have a question for you.

We are going through this with our family of whom we recently got custody of my 2 children after a 2 year custody battle due to my ex leaving the kids in a drug and alcohol related environment. They only told us the bare minimum, that it was basically abuse and neglect and we never received a report.

This case came back unfounded a couple of months ago and we thought all was in the clear until recently when the same thing happened again. They barged into our lives yet again and were very nasty this time and rude. She even said at the beginning that she only needed to speak to my two children, then changed her mind halfway through and insisted that she had to speak to all of the kids.

All of my kids are traumatized from these encounters and hate it. We were merely quite upset that she was barging into our life yet again and traumatizing our kids lives as well, stressing us and creating an environment of fear in my tranquil home, a place of peace we have created for our family, which is no longer that place for them anymore due to DCFS.

The nerve of this lady! Not many dads can say the courts gave them custody of their kids, after a long 2 year battle, I won it fair and square and our family is one big happy family. We have our ups and downs, but we all love where we are at and we all want to be here with each other. The only thing I can think of that sounds fishy is that my daughter told me the other day her mom thinks that they meaning my kids are scared of me.

She manipulates the kids all the time to make them think they are scared of me. Also, we just took my daughter out of school to homeschool her because she has been having some problems in school and really wanted to come home and all of our family and the teachers and the principal at the school all agreed it was best to homeschool her for awhile. Ironically DCFS came the very next day!

We have a lot of people in our lives who support us and love us. I could make a list a mile long of character witnesses for my wife and I. The DCFS social worker this time as well refused to tell us what the accusations were against us or who our accuser was as usual. So my question to you is, how can we get these reports and find out what the actual accusations are? And another question is, what do we do now? I mean are our lives destined to be entrenched in this whirlwind of DCFS hell forever now that we have started down this path?

We have no money for an attorney. So if we had to get an attorney, we would be out of luck. It appears that it is only your brother in law who is being investigated. The sister should be safe. However, CPS will have the right to come in to the home where he lives. If they happen to see something that causes them concern — as to the sister — they can easily open an investigation on her as well. As long as each of the children have a safe place to sleep all should be fine.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Let me know and I can guide you in the right direction. You do not have to let anyone in your home without a warrant or a court order.

I never recommend family based services. And it sounds like that is what CPS is wanting you to do. I would be very careful before signing any service plan without an attorney reviewing it. And yes, I believe that you will regret letting her in. I will certainly take the time to listen to your issues. You can email me at Julie khalawyers. All initial consultations are free. You do, however, have to cooperate in the CPS investigation. Please contact an attorney for guidance.

There should be no reason to call CPS unless CPS can prove that you sister did drugs in the presence of her children in a manner that put them in danger. Unless the children were actually in her care at the hospital, there would be no reason to contact CPS.

Illinois law is different than Texas law. So the advice that I give you is based on Texas law only. However, the Agency CPS is governed and funded by the federal government so many of the policies and procedures from state to state are very similar.

First you should know that Illinois CPS removes more children, per capita, than any other state. Texas is in second place.. The investigator has a duty to tell you what the allegations are.

If she refuses, you need to contact her supervisor. The reporter, however, will always remain confidential. Keep a journal of all of your CPS contacts. Eventually they will see that the referrals are false allegations is you keep good records.

I know how you feel. I honestly had no idea why it was there, but I called the number, got her voicemail and left her a message. I was absolutely shocked by this statement. Who on earth called and said that?

Because I had nothing to hide, everything should go perfectly fine, right? And then the fun part started. Then the caseworker demanded that I show her my arms, which was horribly embarrassing. I do still have some very old self-injury scars on my arms, and it was humiliating to me to have to sit there and let this stranger examine them. Then they wanted to do a walk-through of the house.

At this point I knew I should have said no, but I was already so embarrassed and ashamed that I just wanted them gone as quick as possible. Every room we went to, the caseworker had a snide comment to make to the second woman who was writing everything down.

Right next to the washer. That it was mandatory, and not a suggestion or a request. Another two weeks went by, and I got a letter in the mail saying they had closed their case against me. What I loved even more than that was the fact that the letter came with a bunch of pamphlets about parenting classes and things like that. I too am going through a similar situation with my kids and I do admit the use of marijuana between my husband and I, our first urine test came back positive for marijuana and have not heard anything from our caseworker in over a month.

We have since been drug free and my husband just passed a urine test for employment so I know he is clean. I cannot get an answer on any of the classes I need to take to even fight for my kids. The family they were placed with wont let us see them at all or tell us anything about our kids. This relative I just recently found out is a severe alchoholic so my daughter sais, my baby that is 2 is with a different relative and wont even let us see her.

My local office does nothing to help our situation. I hae no money for an attorney and the caseworker is in constant contact with this so called family but refuses to talk to us. My oldest daughter has to get a permission slip signed to go out of town for school and I need to know if I have to sign as her legal mother still I think I would need to.

Please email me I need this help so bad! My ex-boyfriend and I were at a park one day and got caught with weed. When we got searched they found heroin on my ex the reason I left him dcfs was called because my son was there so my ex could see him. When I found out he had heroin on him I kept my son from him. I was found unfounded he was told he had to take drug treatment classes which meant three or four days a week for three hours plus random drug screening.

He stayed with both his parents who helped with our son so I wad okay with my son having his father back in his life. He blacked out and was taken to the hospital with my son. So I agreed to let a come to my house once a week. Unfortunately this happens more than not. Parents go to hospitals, doctors and even CPS asking for help.

It sounds like what has happened is that they have removed your daughter from both you and your ex. Since your daughter is non verbal, they have no choice but to consider both of you as alleged perpetrators. If you do not have the funds to hire an attorney, please as the court to appoint an attorney for you. It is simply too dangerous to try to fight CPS on your own. First, you probably should have told them who your kids were with.

Your mother is an adult and can certainly take care of herself. I would let your mother go with you and explain that she did, in fact, have your kids.

Being intoxicated is not a crime. And it should not be a problem unless your intoxication has somehow put your children in danger. Yes, you can refuse drug testing. Certainly refuse is it is simply a mouth swab — they are not scientifically reliable, nor are they admissible in court. They should leave you alone after the meeting if your mother goes with you and explains the situation as it was that night. Your rights are that you do have to cooperate with the investigation; but you have the right to counsel before doing anything or agreeing to anything.

Remember, you have a fundamental, constitutional right to parent your children. The bad news is that you did allow your son to be with your ex — knowing that he has drug problems.

But once you know that a spouse, paramour or relative has a drinking or drug problem, you simply cannot leave a child alone with that person unless you can prove that the person is clean — through a drug test. Otherwise, you can be guilty of the abuse or neglect by omission. This simply means that your bad choices or failure to act did not protect your child. Once the case is in the court system, ask for a court appointed attorney. This attorney has the duty to defend you and guide you through this process.

Geez , verbal recognition is not very good. This ordeal started with my 13 year old. She has been getting in a lot of trouble and has been grounded etc. Somehow cps received a report of abuse. She was interviewed at my mothers and she said she only gets spanked, 16 yr old daughter said the same thing a couple weeks later. I was expecting important call today and I mistakenly spoke with cps officer.

I told him to leave me alone. And that nobody is being abused in any form. Then he tells me my 6 yr old said her mom punches her in the head. I said she is never punchedd in any way ever. I asked my daughter if her mom did that and she said no. I said why did u say that and she replied he kept asking a bunch a questions.

Now the cps guy said he was going to send certified letter to meet with him. Should i go or not? They taught me that in middle school. You need to go; but you need to have an attorney with you. If you choose to go without an attorney, try to say as little as possible, document what is being said and record the meeting if possible.

I work closely with Chris Branson. I know him well. I started practicing CPS defense long before Chris did. And I have used this language for many, many years. Everything that I have written is most definitely my own work therefore there is no need to cite it.

But thank you for making a complete fool out of yourself. Next time, contact me first and I will be happy to talk to you about what I write. If you do not have an attorney, you need to get one. If you can not afford to hire an attorney, you need to ask the court to appoint an attorney for you.

If you have done all of your services you should fight to get your daughter back; make CPS and the judge listen. CPS has to offer the mother services. They also ask her to do services because if she fails to complete the court ordered services then that alone can be a ground for termination of parental rights. If she completes her services she has a much better chance at getting her kids back.

But it will still be an uphill battle. CPS is not easy to fight. What if ur parental rights were termimated and u miss ur appeal deadline due to a hurricane evacuation? I found this website and it is interesting.

I wish I would have been home when the CPS came and removed my grandson. They came to the door with police and my mother was intimidated by that and let them in. They took him cuz they said the room was dangerous. I was at a doctor appt. They had placed him with me since my daughter gave up her rights. She thought she was signing him over to me like the other two. I have them but not the baby. The caseworker says she is going to call but doesnt and she doesnt answer unless I go find another phone number she doesnt recogonize.

I have a family lawyer but I am on disability. I am getting income tax to pay for the lawyer. This is such a long story I wish I had someone to talk to. I just feel like something is going on and they are not telling me anything. I want to adopt him. We had our grandson taken away in We fought for him, but lost. OCS adopted him out without our knowledge or consent, then they had the balls to tell us that our grandson was cured of his incurable disease, they called it a miracle, now they have the rest of our children 4 in their custody under false allegations of abuse again.

We only have until the end of this month to stop a termination of parental rights, then they will adopt our children out to strangers again! They also gave our children vaccines that we have been avoiding ever since I found that these vaccines are not good for anyone.

Yes, they gave them these vaccines without our consent or approval, in fact, we told them not to vaccinate our children. I am happy though, that we recorded all the hearings…I know I am missing a lot of information.

My wife and I were tazed by the same trooper for no reason. I am 60 and my wife is The trooper who tazed us never told the truth about the arrest, making false report and never mentioned the tazing of my wife in his report. Thank you all for supporting each other, may you all be vindicated. I have a question? My 11 yr old daughter was just made ward of the state. It makes no sense to me because cps came to my house because my x husband asulted my 9 yr old son.

And the theripst reported it. Um freaking out and need to know if I have any options? I wish I had this information a year ago!!! So long story short 1 year later, having spent over 20grand on lawyers that have gotten me no where so far and she is still with her father. The accusation was his ONLY way of ensuring he kept custody of her and that is literally tearing my family apart-The heart break is too much for anyone to handle. We never used physical punishment with her so at age 6 him and his wife started using physical punishment including his hitting her with a belt.

Went from being with her every single day to that. This article disgusts me. The only reason i even clicked it was the title! Did you know it is illegal to have cleaning products unlocked where a child can reach. For example having a bottle of spray bleach under your bathroom sink with out some form of child proofing that would prevent a child from being able to open the cabinet.

It can be considered endangerment, reckless endangerment, even neglect. Although it may not seem that serious there are reasons for it. Yes, coffee is hot. But without that warning label your not preventing injury. If your not preventing injury your allowing it to happen. That is their job. That is how they feed their own children. They do it because they only want to see children have have the best and grow up in the best environment. They only have the interest of the child at heart.

Also look at this site its written on: CPS workers may not make very much money protecting innocent children. But, lawyers sure make pretty good money defending the people who have abused or neglected their children.

Plus, a lawyer takes a persons side no matter what all their interested in is their paycheck. I wish my husband had read this information. He went to the door, let them in and began speaking with them. By that point, the damage was done. They use reports, however outrageous, to get their foot in the door to trump up problems. There should also be a better system in place for accused parents to seek recourse against those who make false claims. Hello, well I am actually in Afghanistan at the time.

I had no knowledge of how CPS works but I have seen plenty of cops and military personnel work and I have learned they do not like to be wrong and will do anything they can to be right, so I was immediately weary of the situation. Before the police officer was there the agent tried to get inside and I became furious understand I am in Afghanistan and have no way of controlling the situation and someone is trying to harm my family and I am not there to prevent it so I was intent on her telling him to leave even without her answering any questions of his and to get a lawyer there or talk to one on the phone, she did not, she answered his questions but never let him inside the house as I was very intent on him not going in!

I may have even cursed at her telling her not to let him inside, We have nothing to hide, but I felt my wifes privacy and constitutional rights were being violated and I was not there to protect her and from the complaint I was very fishy on the agent, also it is embarrassing to me and my family to have a cop in front of our yard with a cps agent there.

She allowed him to talk to our 5 year old which I also told her not to let him do, and of course he is 5 and the agent is manipulative, and asked him if he knew her phone and he does bc I am in the military I am very persistent on having my 5 year old know this kind of stuff in case of an emergency, and the case worker took that as in he knows it bc she leaves him alone.

I am working on building one of the most stable households possible for my kids and wife, I believe family is everything in life and I do not want something like this in it at all! With all of my last comment being said and I am sorry for jumping all over the place in the story, but I just feel like the whole situation is very fishy and I worry a lot being over here in Afghanistan about my wife and family being preyed up.

Who knows who this Agent could be. Agent or not after the BTK killer nobody can be overlooked. I may be being a little dramatic but my family is everything to me. And an illegitimate investigation is being opened on our family.

We have no history of anything, EVER. The good thing for my family is that this CPS guy picked the wrong family to try this on, bc I am willing to for one end his battle with us, and two counter him and stop this from happening to any other families.

I guess what I am asking is what should I do from here? I appreciate all the information you have already given me with just this site! My main concern at this point is that I do not have the right lawyer fit to defend me. He has told me the only way. I have been involved with CPS for about 8 months now, following the birth of my baby.

I was smoking marijuana during my pregnancy in an attempt to manage a pregnancy related medical condition. My husband and I have passed several drug tests since then and been told twice that our case would be closed, only to be texted two weeks later that it would not be closed after all.

What rights do we have at this point? If we were to move what would happen? There is one more piece of good advice you left off this article: Today, most everyone has some recording device at thier fingertips a cell phone.

It is very easy to have record or film going when you answer the door. Or, with every conversation, you inform them that you are recording. They will, of course, request you turn off the device. Before stepping into a meeting, set your phone to record, in your pocket.

Do this for ALL encounters as well as taping. You never know how valuable this record will be! Thank you so much for being brave and fighting the system.

I do not understand why more parents are not filing Federal cases under R. Someone called cps and said I was using meth. I think it was a mad family member. I plan on refusing to be tested. The allegations were only made against me. If I refuse do they hsve tohave some sort of evidence beside hear say? So my sister called cps. And told them I was taking xanax, cocaine and marijuana. I smoked marijuana about a month ago My daughter was no where near the. This was all a month ago. My sister ended up taking my daughter without cps involvement , basically illegally I started drug classes.

My sister wanted me to sign papers saying that my daughter could stay with her, I refused so she called cps. Btw I take 2 drug tests a week for counseling, and three are negative. The only positive one is the one I took in the very beginning for my assessment, but I had told them and they knew it would be dirty.

Anyways cps comes to my house ,I sign two papers. At any time I can revoke that. So the next day I get a call saying that they want her to stay with my sister until the investigation is over. I go to my drug. When I get out my daughter is gone. My whole family is against me. Apparently cps is coming tomorrow to get me to sign papers saying she is with my sister, the worker says there will be an end date.

Basically my question is, should i sign,?? Turns out she was just a small baby. Cps twisted my words and said they were. Also I sent my sister a text basically saying I. Could that be used against me? Plus I would be put in jail. I then asked them if I did would my kids be left where they are and together.

They told me that they would be. I was only 28 years old. I have been never been treated like that in my life. Meaning both of the adopted parents have past away my 16 year old now lives with me, but my almost 14 year old daughter lives somewhere else. I was found guilty by a jury if my peers and my rights were terminated by the state of Texas caps agency in I am now pregnant and scared that they will in fact harass me and my unborn child.

They terminated my fights when I was It takes about 2 weeks for the case to actually be closed. They have to inform you by mail that the case has been closed so you have proof. Info is on cps website. I had a case which is now closed. Another caseworker not involved in my case looked at my case which my then caseworker said was illegal and if someone found out she could lose her job.

He found out that an anonymous tip was made that my house was full of animal feces. This is completely false and the guy was told that. He asked to come inside but my boyfriend respectfully declined as he would feel better if I had been home.

He also told him that we kicked out our roommate 2 weeks ago for beating his wife in front of my kids. He refused to leave, police were called and he was arrested for criminal trespassing and we believe he made the call as revenge for getting him arrested. The guy seemed amused by this and left his card and went on his way.

She also asked to come inside but I was, again, at work. So of course she was refused. I called her back and she came to my work so we could talk. I told her my 4 year old does have a speech impediment, but it was due to his teeth and I was already taking steps with the dentist office to correct it. I told her, again, my house has no feces in it.

We are currently house training a puppy, so while it does happen at night when everyone is asleep, it is immediately cleaned up when we see it. She then told me I had to take a drug test down town on Monday. I really need help. My kids are my life. I need someone who cares about fighting for families like mine. Hi my ex open a case with cps on my husband but i receive the call from a police officer not cps and he wants a meeting with my husband about him pulling my 7 year ear.

The meeting is in mykawa my husband is scared because of his legal status in this country. Hello, I find this information extremely important and significant. We all deserve to know our rights. And CPS definitely is out of control. My case is this: This is my first and only child as of right now. In the state of Texas they drug test the mother and the infant by law, as I am sure you know. Me and my child, unfortunately ended up not passing.

A social worker came to my room while I was in the hospital for my week stay. But I felt I had to. The social worker, told me and my husband that me and my infant passed. Which he lied to us. He asked me about it, and I told him I was around it, not knowing what a can of trouble I had just opened up.

I was in the hospital for a week, when I came home finally I was around the substance again.. Just to add to this, we are looking into leaving the house that we are in for this reason… They came knocking on the door the next morning wanting to talk about the case that had been opened. Not knowing our rights nor what to do we let them in. They asked us an umteen amount if questions. We had nothing to hide. We submitted to a drug test, which was a horrible idea… we both failed due to us being around the substance.

After an amount of time the CPS worker came to our home again and told us the news. Since we were clean we thought it would be fine. She told us the case is getting referred to a different worker and that they would be back sometime in the following weeks.

They came yesterday to do an evaluation of the home and ask us some questions. Us not knowing our rights and what to do we answered them to the best of our ability. Like I said before we were intimidated and scared, and just wanting nothing to happen to our son who is fighting for his life at the moment in the NICU.

Can they do this this early in the investigation? Is there anyway to fight this?? I am trying to get a consult from a lawyer. If you could, please tell me what I can do. How long would this supervision last??

My story is that of a mother doing the right thing trying to save her oldest from drug addiction. So feeling scared I set up a appointment not knowing I had rights allowed her in my home.

She then told me one more complaint she would come back and take my children, she said she must speak to each child and she did but asked me to leave I again left the room cause I thought doing so was the best action.

My kids answered questions of do your parents fight to are you abused she asked my 17 year old if he uses drugs in humor cause he jokes a lot he said do you see me? My husband was called at his employment the local fire department he went into the CPS office for a interview. He was told case was closed but we never received a closing letter. The drug test she wanted was a hair follicle and I wondered why since I have never been in any kind of trouble in my 40 years of living.

My kids are my heart never ever would I imagine going through this kinda hell over a he said she said comment. Oh and the anonymous person who did this to my family…. My sons ex girlfriend out of anger. Please i need your help asap. My husband ex wife has file me with a case of neglet. Next Thursday May 15th is going to be our first meeting with the social worker. She ask to have the meeting in our house. Do we allow that or should we try to change the meeting be in her office?

Do you suggest to get one? We just know the is neglect what she is saying. Can we record and take notes? In the other hand the ex wife ask to have a talk with me?

Imsges: things you should know before dating a teacher

things you should know before dating a teacher

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things you should know before dating a teacher

I would let your mother go with you and explain that she did, in fact, have your kids. Whether you had an abortion, or not, is your business, not the governments. Bring your own recorder at each meeting, etc.

things you should know before dating a teacher

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