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We already have a tremendous advantage in this war, which I am not disputing may prove to be quite bloody, if indeed it ever does. Notice the look of the girl in blue, on the left. However, I would like point out three points in the list of this blog that are dead giveaways that the author is Asian and not black or hispanice. Could it be that they want to distract from the possibility that the shooter was under demonic control or had taken drugs that caused him to have a psychotic reaction or was brainwashed by violent video games and movies or all of these.

This blog is devoted to stuff that white people like

In the beginning of the United States it was not the broad mass of the public that fought the Jew and mason controlled British Empire. I absolutely enjoy learning about different races. You have to do a post about aliens. It is not sexist. Nature frowns upon bastards, and usually punishes them by extinction. Sacred Monster By John Podhoretz. Jeffries pioneered the coinage of distinctive seduction lingo—his most widely used neologism:

White people are so cute when they think they know everything. This is about white yuppies! Totally missing the point, white people…. This is a very insightful work. Thanks for keeping it clean and positive: Keep up the good work. A few people just might learn something new. White people like watching non whites play sports that whites are no good at. Since they cannot compete intellectually, black people like beating whites at sports, even lame ones like golf.

And since Asian cannot compete creatively, Asians like making fun of the white culture they envy. How about the WTA Tour? Hot European women with sexy names like Tatiana and Gisela entertaining us in a sport that has been gentrified since its origins in the court of Queen Elizabeth.

However, white people are generally not big fans of the Williams sisters, unless they are afraid of appearing racist. Plus, the New York Times says it helps kids get into Harvard, so it must be true. I love this site! I love the comments even more. To all my white brothers and sisters who are trashing this site, lighten up! A couple of other things that white people love: I am a non white, majority african-american, U. And based upon the items listed herein, I feel I must confess.

Pretending they are natural blondes white American women. But count me among those who think this list is hilarious. So if you wanted a few more downmarket faves for the white folk, you might add:. For example, most of these qualities are found equally in Asian liberals. I was just about to respond on this note. I think white people from the south have been overlooked in this scientific experiment. Laughing at ourselves 2. I have thought this over and come to the conclusion that stuff white people like is mainly about marketing and has little or nothing to do with race.

To hang with a certain crowd or to social climb, you have to adopt, or pretend to, certain opinions and attitudes:. Vanessa was right — way, way back. Love the site and you have me pegged on many of them. For the naysayers, they are just trying to be politically correct but deep down know how transparent they really are. If white people love irony and satire so much, why the hate for your postings?

I have accepted that I am a 33 year old yuppie who loves wine and indie rock and I am fine with it. A few suggestions would be the love of sandals dating back to the 90s with Birkenstocks, up thru Teva and Keen and now the latest craze Crocks. Orangello, Sovereign, Anjelah, etc. What a wonderful idea for a blog… Gee, I hope people will read this! There are some hilarious, if a little obvious, points here ie.

Veganism, Yoga but there is also a current of vindictiveness or envy running through this blog, and this not only takes away from the humor, at times it makes the author seem a petty little shit with some scores to settle. His schtick is stereotyping a small segment of white society in most cases and attributing their values to us all. Look, I can do that too:. See, I can be a petty and intolerant dipshit as well.

Perhaps I should start a blog. Seems the IQ requirement is nice and low…. What is even better are the people who find the site offensive, claiming that things like this are the cause of racial tension. If people would stop taking things — especially obviously satirical things — so personally and to heart, what a world of good that would do.

I think you need to be a little more transparent about the fact that this website is created by a white guy. Can we discuss how white people seem fascinated by the far East? Matt you are missing the point. Hezbollah, blowing people up, beating women, getting enraged about cartoons. I see your point but you are not comparing like issues. Kinda sad you only see the negatives in others. This a slyly funny blog, I must say..

Do you get any media coverage? Could be a funny indie movie. How about neighborhood cleanups? Are poor or southern whites white? I was thinking what DFCtomm was thinking! These yuppie jokes are so old they should be carbon 14 dated. White people like corporate glass-ceilings, hoarding wealth inter-generationally, neighborhood de facto segregation, failing public schools, sickle-cell anemia, and fast food that kills poor urbanites.

I hate you for it, but I just thought you should know great blog. I am probably getting that arts degree, too….

Also, these refer to a specific subsection of the white population — urbanish, yuppyish — that make up a higher proportion of the Canadian population than it does the American. Something white people love to do: Well, except for the white person who made your first comment. White people love leaving nearly replies on a blog extolling and trolling their virtues to other white people they never met.

Interesting and entertaining, although really, these are things liberal elitist snobs of all colors and ethnicities like. I say this as a white liberal elitist snob, myself, but having lived in a diverse and highly educated part of the country for 23 years Washington, D. In fact, I learned about Whole Foods from some friends who are from Paraguay and Panama, respectively. Oh, wait, he went to Harvard…. Labels of any kind suck. If you want a label, how about What Rich Idiots Like.

I find this crap offensive. HC, I agree about the Canadian thing. The point is that despite the many astute and hilarious posts here, there is also a current of vindictiveness and envy running through some of the posts ex. This would be a far better site without the sour grapes…. My Portuguese grandmother passed on the DNA required to like dark meat, I guess, because I cannot get enough of that stuff….

We got a good laugh out of this site. Look forward to reading more! I live in San Francisco and everything you write is true. That should be your next entry: Especially if you live here.

Also, white people really really love to hate smokers. I began reading this blog feeling amused, and even saved it to show my wife. More I read, though, the more it occurred to me how cruel some of the content is, how derisive, and even vulgar in its meanness. I drive a limo, part-time. Then again, sometimes a putz is just a putz. As a white person living in the Caribbean I thoroughly enjoyed this site.

Upon further analysis of the subject, I have been able to conclude and hence document the fact that as a white person I do have a culture! I find it rather ironic that through ubiquitous commercialization, my culture has been forced upon other peoples without much consideration to the fact that they may not have been given the means to appreciate my white ethnicity.

I have since apologized to my three black friends for being so insensitive. It is not racist. It is not sexist. It is not a political commentary. The parts about expensive sandwiches and two last names hits particularly close to home. I think your doing a great job and wanted to extend my warmest and sincerest gratitude and encourgament to you. King and a Burger King.

I agree with comment I think its amazingly hilarious, and very on point at times. People need to have a sense of humor. If you sat on your laptop and were so frustrated by this blog you banged away some of these annoying comments, I would like to hook you up to a wine i. I always forget this. This site is hilarious. I told a white person on a bike that the earth says thanks, the moron lit up like he had just won the lottery.

Speaking as a white person, I can attest to my deep, passionate love for Dave Eggers. He writes witty books about sad subjects, stared a publishing company for his and other sceney books not to mention a couple literary magazines, to which I subscribe , AND started a volunteer-run literacy and tutoring group for kids in such tragically under-funded neighborhoods as Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Great blog, guys — Oh I am white, too! Ordinary white, like a lot of other white people who are not American-white. Got you all thinking about what you like, what offends you, how you are offensive, and on and on……. This is soooo good. Yes, Frank Zappa would have put this stuff to lyrics!! You discribed my hipster friends to a T. I think the people upset by this blog are the ones that recognize themselves and are irritated by that. It seems to me that the commentary is about those that are engaging in mundane, mainstream activities but somehow think they are the only ones doing it or are somehow doing it differently than others trip to europe, not owning a tv.

The writers are clearly calling from inside the house. And yes they are funny. If you are unable to laugh at yourself, then your life is truely sad.

Most of the stuff here is totally alien to my experience. A lot of it is incomprehensible. I feel certain that non-whites from your region relate to this better than I do. You might, however, want to consider the following: As for making children read 9th-grade level books and working them so hard the poor kids have breakdowns, I suspect Asians have the corner on that activity.

In fact, after reading your stuff I decided to go on an intense de-caucafication. But the biggest change, has been forsaking the comb-over for my new corn rows do.

I asked her if she liked each item over the phone and she thought I was mocking her. Even if it is not. Does this make us all racist? They are just white. Occasionally you will hear folks holler about white trash Britney Spears or the Dukes of Hazzard but all in all — white people take being white for what it is. And you know what that is. Not having to worry about being not white. White people are genuinely stunned when a police pulls them over. When they go into a store they like the idea that if anyone gives them the shoplifter warning look they can go off.

That is a perk of being white. The only words white people really use to describe skin color is pasty or peaches and cream. There are no variations. They like this because it keeps it simple. They love the fact that there is no really, offensive insulting ugly word they can be used for being white. No N word especially. When am I gonna get royalties from this shit? A white guy drives like this. A black guy drives like this. For I am that and I am proud.

Of course it did. And of course we should be upset about it. You make no sense. The rest of your post makes some sense. You need to make a post about how much white people like facebook and how myspace is for sexual predators and brown people. I mean, sure its not accurate, but when was any racial classification based on skin color accurate? Some white people work at sandwich shops because the job market is no longer open to them because of EOEs and companies get more money when they higher lower-qualified minorities.

They like to fantasize about unused rooms where they can put their unused KitchenAid mixer. Any hint of wear or uncleanliness is old-school or of lesser taste. This blog is ridiculously funny.

I just found you…interesting angle! When are you going to option this blog to film production companies? Really the purpose it serves is pointing out how tightly wound people are, and how miserable a lot of us can really be. Ranting aside, I love this website!

You know, that triple dot think at the end of a thought which could have just as easily been replaced by writing in more fluid grammar and the use of a comma, colon, or semi-colon.

As a white person, I can say this list is pretty freaking accurate. The breakfast and marathon posts could not be truer. Relax, have a good chuckle as you sip your coffee and read the NY Times.

In fact, as Welsh citizens of an oppressive British empire, you could say they were victims themselves. It is a select few white beaurocrats who will ultimetly pay for this crime.

Not me, not you. If your family were slave owners then I guess you have a right to feel bad. Do you think the French feel responsible for Nepolean? Some to think about: Found this via a link from Pajiba. This blog is brilliant. The posts on this site might as well be prereqs for getting into liberal arts colleges, as nearly all of the sheep who attend them are clearly the sample population for this study. The hypocrisy and vanity of the spoiled white kids who I went to school with was astounding, and by far the rule rather than the exception.

Learning about others, for these kids, was always achieved without ever having to leave their comfort zones. Oh, and another thing white people like: As a white person i can read this, compare my habits to those discussed, and then engage in the following mental process: In short, if you are white and, like me, read this blog smugly to yourself thinking how, thank God!

This is really, rather a cool site. I absolutely enjoy learning about different races. Maybe when I leave little old England we could hook up for a drink and swap notes. As a white guy trying to fit into hipster-laden Portland, this provides me with many useful suggestions for more effectively communicating with my elitist soon-to-be-friends!

At first I kind of felt bad about trying to be so fucking white and hip all the time, but then I remembered that a lot of the things white people like, such as local organic produce and bicycles and world travel, all have very good reasons behind them. Oh, you listen to mainstream music? Have you never been to New York, really? The problem is elevating the stuff on this list as the end-all be-all of ideal living. That shuts em up for a minute at least, and as a bonus it works great on the dumber upwardly mobile middle class chicks!

Making racist jokes while saying that they are not racist. Thinking they know what is best for everyone else while their lives are a complete mess. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, then who CAN we laugh at? Caucasian Mountains — are home to Kurds and some Persians! Our family laughs A LOT at ourselves and our cultural mix, political mix etc. But I am sometimes…I am! I thought the site was funny, but at times it spilled over into a bitterness which was not so funny.

I agree with Tom Sawyer that these seemed like they were written by an Asian with a chip on his shoulder. At the moment we are laughing from a position of dominance, which is easy.

If you ever wonder about the stigma attached to the word nigger you have to look non further then this blog. Here though is the same fascist comentary but from the other side of the racial divide. It is, in short, unamerican and easilly despised. These whites, though diminishing in their visibility within mainstream American culture, do show up occasionally, especially during election years wherein other white politicians attempt to court the blue collar vote by appearing as union supporters and lovers of large Ford and Chevrolet trucks.

Some activities enjoyed by the BCW blue collar white include: The BCW, though a vanishing member of American society, can still be observed in many areas. Your generalizations are actually incredibly ignorant.

Probably as ignorant as a lot of white folk that think that most blacks will greet each other with a high five and wazzzuppp…or that maybe when most Latinos say they will meet you in an hour that that actually means two or three hours…or that for both of these enthicities birth control means getting tooooo drunk to get it up……..

I just hope they are respectful, not sick, and somewhat intelligent….. Though no longer a going concern, Joy Division represent a historical high-water mark for straight white music. No worries about the abuse. I am starting to get it on my Angry African on the Loose. Any tips on how you manage comments? Everything goes or do you moderate them? My love is so dark I have to hang onto him when the lights go out or I lose him. Making fun of black people, latinos, or women is offensive because these people are already fucked by society.

This blog is part of a protest against it. And an attempt to be funny in itself. Not all white people are like this! The members of any race will NOT all be the same. Now you know how it feels to have someone generalize about you based on your race. Pretty annoying and stupid, right? So quit doing it about other races. White people are so totally awesome. Just curious though, is that your picture above and if so what country is it in?

This does not offend me. Finally I feel at home. Im pretty sure I love them too. As a multi racial person who relates to some of the stuff on your blog, I would like to see it turned into to some sort of quiz another thing white people like, re Cosmo to quantify my exact percentage of cultural whiteness.

I found Tom Sawyers comment far more interesting than anything on the blog itself — and actually learned a lot from it. Its already been made, but it totally failed. It basically copied the style of this blog completely, but tried to do it in a friendly, unoffensive manner, which made it horribly uninteresting. You should write a column about how white people like to mock themselves for being white.

Self-hatred instilled in them from a young age, etc. I am neither white, nor American, nor rich. I am a graduate student, but in economics, from South Africa. You have pinned me down completely. Hard to believe how clueless so many of the commenters are. Three minutes of Internet research will reveal who the author of this blog is, and three more minutes of reading the blog will reveal that he is lampooning a particular subset of white people and that this subset almost certainly includes himself.

White folks love irony, too. White people like self-deprecating humor found on satirical blog mocking what white people like. When will the entry about white people liking your blog come out? The people that are actually taking this blog as factual information are complete imbeciles. Generalizing is not intelligent in any way, fact. LOL, keep it coming. Some of you are taking this blog the right way. Some of you are taking this blog too seriously.

The link below shows how to get goativated when the pangs of hunger lead you down the path of batshit insanity:. Good food is just starting to go mainstream. What do you propose as an alternative. A nice big pesticide sandwich? Otherwise all your doing is paying a premium for a small, odd-looking car. Microbrews generally taste better than Bud, so people enjoy them. No big mystery there. The rest of the entries are at about the same level of vacuity. So while there is nothing more irritating than smugness, this kind of writing is part of the general backlash.

And before you enlighten me any further, I get that the blog is trying to be funny. I just think the writer is a dick. People really are taking this blog seriously. Anyone can be a white person. Regardless of race, color or creed. As a white person, I find it truly racist that there are practically zero places where we can make fun of crackers.

Until that happens, I expect to be entertained along the way, so keep up the good work with this blog. This list amused me. You managed to take something as implicitly amusing as racism and make it boring. I think Paul Mooney said it best: White folks HATE to be made fun of. Tired, trite, unamusing, and unoriginal.

Ok, so I have to admit that at 1st I was confused if you were black or white. Keep on making us laugh chicky! I also am welsh…with a little mix of english bluebood from probably years back. Frankly most people should be embarrassed simply to be human beings, regardless of race. It totally shits me that people think Race Humour and Racism are the same thing.

Although maybe it should be re-titled to reflect that these are the things Rich White American twats like. You are totally wrong about that dude, English and Australian humour is all about making fun of ourselves, and in case you are unsure, Dave Chapelle makes a lot of jokes about white people and is incredibly popular among white people of Australia, England and the US.

I would like to suggest a blog post about St. White people also like unique screen printed T-shirts, and if they see someone else wearing one that they own, they will feel bad.

If other cultures can insist we embrace their differences, then we should insist they embrace ours. I recognized myself in many of the observations. Another win-win for the whites! Oh and white people love round food. Bagels, Donuts, Cups of Coffee Expensive ones etc. I guess this is a lame attempt at satire.

This site is great. People who think it is racist need to loosen up. Name one time during the year when the nation reflects on what so-and-so white person did. This is so funny. People who get mad are just as hilarious because they can relate themselves to the things you post. White people are funny. Bum, I thought I figured it all out.

Try the fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, or any other major event we recognize in this country. Mostly about white guys. Some people commenting on here need to lighten up. Stop taking everything so literally. Btw my room-mate is the king of whiteness he fits into every topic, he came back from Europe and now drinks Pilsen. Last night he proclaimed how he would never drink another beer other than the Pilsen he discovered in Europe.

He hasnt read this site. He also loves microbrews. To those complaining that it only fits a certain type of people, that is correct and maybe you dont belong to them, even if your skin is white. You dont need to be white in color to fit the descriptions on this site either. I think your site is awesome, keep going.

This has nothing to do with race fools. Too bad that the website http: It might even make the evening news because too many people complain about unjust stereotypes. Maybe a warning should be put on the main page stating that the writings are written in honest fun and attempt at satire, and are not meant to portray the entire white culture. Taking shots at art degrees, homeopathy, and ugly vintage clothing…. The majority of the comments on this thread seem to have been left by people who feel guilty about laughing at Chris Rock.

A lot of this is American, so being a Canadian white is different, but not by much. Do white people like grammar, correct spelling and punctuation, and a lack of typos? Or is it just me? This site is awesome! The kitchenaid was the best…my wife has a big yellow one, sitting on the counter gathering dust. You are true American heroes. Because of people like you I have a modicum of faith in humanity. Could that possibly be whiter? Lots of white people love to play in the snow.

Like skiing and ice skating and that stupid crap. How many times have you seen people of color skiing? This is a jewel of a blog! My white friends loooove this site! I like this one. It is true, true, true…and I am white. I almost love the white in me. Your blog is hilarious! It hits the mark very well, and I see so much of my family, friends, and their friends in these posts. It was a very enjoyable read.

You seem to have a bit of a Canuck perspective on things, especially with respect to comments on places like Brampton. Just wanted to tell you. What about Landscaping and Home design shows. Naw, white people are inherently self-absorbed and more fun to make fun of. I am mostly ashamed because I have been co-opted into some of the white people stuff…. I think this website is really funny…. Can you please do a piece on white chicks and tanning beds? Because it needs to stop. Even white people will have to agree that you all make up the majority of the population, right?

Dogs, Cops, Ghosts, Water and water sports…. It seems like this site is pretty silly. NO ONE fits all these posts. The most hilarious thing is looking at the comments. Great site except for the fact. They would be on the internet, TV, radio and the newspapers calling truth-tellers antisemitic conspiracy theorists and terrorists.

All the brain deads out there would accept it as the truth. In the beginning of the United States it was not the broad mass of the public that fought the Jew and mason controlled British Empire.

It was a small minority of determined patriots that fought the enemy and through their sacrifice on the battlefields of America they gained liberty for their descendants. People let their guard down and became too open minded and tolerant, and now the enemy is not only back they have been in charge for far too long and now they want your guns, then they want all that you have and then they want your life.

Energy is a different thing as it just shifts form. Only the Maker of all things can destroy energy and lay the Universe to rest if so chosen. Brandon Morgans welcome home kiss with boyfriend Dalan Wells…. Thus, for example, it would be worthwhile trying to upload short clips from various members reminding the awaken ones that there is a man who is giving everything to expose The Synagogue of Satan.

Can a spider stop being a spider because of political correctness? Can a snake stop being a snake because of political correctness. They know it genetically. It is hardwired for hatred and destruction. It like every other animal on the planet is designed for something, a niche. Whites are designed for building societies and Jews are their counter balance to destroy societies. You give them far too much credit about taking over all at once. They have to do it through deceit.

Like take a politician a shabbos goy. They groom a politician over time to do their will. They know people that seek power are moral weaklings and retrobates and deviants and scum and trash and human debris and garbage phew! So they take advantage of these people lust for gold. They give them a whiff of the gold stuff and put them in office. The Juden will lure them to a hotel room for a hookup with a pre-teen boy and all the while the Juden is hiding in the closet taking pictures.

Then later the Juden presents these photographs to the retrobate along with their list of demands. It happens over a matter of time. I grew up Irish-Catholic. Satan was in the house and the Boomers let him in the backdoor. Well, before you know it the Satan and the Juden were buying up everything on the monopoly board and now the Baby Boomers are owned by Satan. The Boomers are owned. I would never go to a Catholic Church nowadays.

Not to say that there might be one or two Catholic Priests in the world that are still good men but most are bought off and corrupt and spread lies and nonsense about Jews being are brethren and Jesus was Jewish and sort of other things that you expect in the end times.

You know I have to say about growing up in AmeriKwa is that it sure is sad having to watch as the nation you live in is destroyed by the most evil tribe in the history of mankind. There is no sense of guilt or remorse or compassion or kindness or generosity or ethics….

In us they see those as weaknesses and they exploit every virtue mankind has. Sure you want to take that position here, Charlie? Are you trying to start a fight? Do you want to fight me? Why do you hate Catholics? Why do you hate me for being White? Yes, the Jews have all sorts of earthly power. But is that the only form of power there is? But, alas, for the Jews this is like death itself, to admit that they have sinned.

But the reward for doing so, and accepting Christ as their Savior, is eternal life instead! Unfortunately, the vast majority of the Jews over the last 2, years have rejected and refused to accept Jesus as their Messiah.

In other words, use the brain God gave you and avoid the evil the Jews would do. And if you have no wisdom, pray in faith and God will give it. Focusing the blame right where it lies. Either way, this homicidal catastrophe will still serve as a prop to attempt to further their goals. Crime skyrocketed as the law-abiding were disarmed. The English citizens have a message for Americans. Britain wants to ban fox hunting [in ], meaning taking away the long guns.

Politicians ignore the facts, while police officers face it every day. Anonymous British police officer: They can buy whatever they want on the black market. We had a wooden truncheon and a set of chainlink handcuffs. Why do we still need this [bulletproof] equipment?

Because the criminals have the weapons, and are prepared to use them. Farmer, Tony Martin, who killed burglar and injured another was initially sentenced for life, and then with outcry, his sentence was reduced to manslaughter. Surviving burglar, sentenced to three years for burglary, is suing Tony Martin for damages at tax payers expense. The law is on the side of the criminals.

British libs got what their American counterparts can only dream about, a complete handgun ban and confiscation of existing guns and look at what the results were.

Fun Fact Of The Day: I am a Buddhist and pretty much a Ghandi pacifist, I believe, unless I am ready to die, that I must protect myself and my family ; but if this assault on the Second Amendment continues, I will buy myself a gun or two.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the Jews over the last 2, years have rejected and refused to accept Jesus as their messiah. This is why Jesus said to be a wise as a serpent and cautious.

I could easily tell that JK already knew all of this. I would have regarded that as being more appropriate. But you seem to forget the danger of ourselves becoming LIKE these monsters, should we pursue a course of unrepentant extermination of this rogue tribe! The Jews are well aware that their crimes make anything their detractors ever did pale by comparison.

They are also aware that we have them very much outnumbered. The only real advantage they have and it is a substantial one is their almost total control of money and the media.

But it is not like the rest of us humans are totally powerless. That gap is getting filled each and every day, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Brother Nathanael, along with a few others.

My point is that knowledge is real power, more real than anything the Jews have. And they know this, which is why I say you are mostly fear-mongering here. If that were truly the case, we should all just give up now and shoot ourselves, because ZOG has won. You seem to want to diminish those aspects. If so, then yes I would say that ZOG has won. I mean there comes a point when a soldier CAN choose to shoot his commanding officer, instead of an unarmed civilian.

I have little doubt that that WILL happen, given enough chaos and heartache that Jews hope to inflict. It happened in Vietnam, and if American troops are ever ordered to shoot fellow Americans, it will happen here. One should never admit defeat before the real battle has even begun. As far as the despicable hypocrite Feinstein goes and she is a greedy, mega-millionaire corrupt, war-profiteering Jewish hag from my own state, sorry to say has a CCW issued in , although she claimed she gave it and the gun up.

Starting very early the 15th of December, the Jewish media, such as Forward, and the Jewish associations and Community Centers online newsletters ran the headline endlessly screaming:. The very same day, the White House announced that Obama would be scheduled to visit Newtown Families and First Responders on the night of Sunday, the 16th, all of which requires local security precautions which further taxed the already over-burdened town and vicinity.

Newtown only has a population of about 25, people. All due respect to little innocent Noah and his family, no one should have to go through this, not even Palestinians or Pakistanis, or Afghanis or anyone. Did Obummer do this for the Aurora shooting? Noah Pozner, 6 years old, a cute little boy, was the first to be buried on December Hundreds of Jewish mourners were in the chapel of a Jewish funeral home.

Also attending were the Jew Sen. One can see exactly which side of the Jewish bread is spread with kosher butter for Gov. The NSSF is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. There are not many degrees of separation in small communities like Newtown, and so, not surprisingly, we had family, friends and acquaintances that were affected. We are weighed down by their heartbreaking stories and the sorrow that has blanketed our community.

Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. Out of respect for the families, the community and the ongoing police investigation, it would be inappropriate for our organization to comment or participate in media requests at this time. Tell me, which group showed real class when it came to compassion for families of the victims and the Community of Newtown? Police Lieutenant warns of Martial Law in Early http: The Elder is about to open up a can of vintage Zyklon-B on the Junior High debate team which has is trying to set up shop here.

Boxer claims posting soldiers at schools and having them perform administrative duties would not violate Posse Comitatus. A much more kosher kommando style militarized presence in schools will the order of the day be, I would think. It took a false flag to get everything rolling back in 01, and now the systems are all in place.

There will be more FFs designed to implement the coming programs and phases. People who can will probably begin pulling their children out of the public fool systems. If too many of them do this, they will probably be labeled haters, anti-semites, and persons of interest. Do not relent on your attempts to wake others up; souls are at stake here. How are all the pro-war for Israhell Southern Baptists and fellow travelers going to react to the facts that are being laid out here on this site which PROVE beyond all doubt that the self chosen Juden are behind ALL gun control?

In a report dated February , which this Jewish political pressure group managed to file in the archives of the Australian National Library, the emphasis is slyly shifted away from the reality of Port Arthur published on this web site, to a more extreme version in which misleading claims are made. Nowhere has the author ever written or suggested that Federal Agents were involved, for the simple reason that none were. Nor could the Federal Government have orchestrated this obscene operation, because it lacked and still lacks the highly specialised skills required to do so.

As a matter of fact Serong has never mentioned the word conspiracy, but is on the written record as saying that Martin Bryant would be completely incapable of the combat performance required to conduct the mass murder at Port Arthur. Even now, many years after his retirement from active service, when Ted Serong speaks, very senior officers serving in the Australian Defence Force listen to his opinions with great respect.

Most probably there is no connection at all, but nowadays that survivor is playing an increasingly important role in subtly deflecting attention away from the serious investigation, into more muddled and speculative areas, where growing public discontent might be more easily contained. The author Joe Vialls, is an independent investigator with thirty years direct experience of international military and oilfield operations. Ever questioned the glib government story which resulted in draconian gun control laws twelve days later.

Essential reading for everyone who cares about Australia, and worries about its future at the hands of corrupt politicians who will do whatever it takes to increase their power and make a fast buck.

Also illustrations and photographs of forged video evidence, and letters between Mrs Carleen Bryant and Risdon Prison. The reason why you cannot find support, my dearest brother, and also why this nation is so impotent and hopeless, is because it has become a nation of bastards.

The problem with a bastard is he is blind from birth to death to the Truth and Grace of Jesus Christ and his heart has no abode for the Spirit of God. We are a nation of bastards because our women have utterly forsaken not only God but Adam, the reason for which they were created: As in the beginning so is now, the devil knew it was far easier to strike the man down through his weaker half, and as he tempted Eve he has tempted and whored all women of the United States and soon world.

Then it was allowing her the ability to support herself through her own wages. Yet the man, he must still labor by the sweat of his brow and bake his own bread for when he returns from work his oven is cold along with his bed.

Instead of the woman serving the man, the role is reversed, lest the man lose his children and house for another bastard to step into his shoes and warm his side of the bed. I know all too well, I am ending the third and final marriage. All the women that I have married are better because of me and enjoy beautiful intelligent children. And because of this debt which will haunt me to my grave it seems, I lack the funds to support you my dearest brother and that is such a shame.

The worse thing in this world is to find treasure, have it at your finger tips yet never be able to claim it. The issue lies in our return to the original problem: For only a bastard would take a woman once wed and commit adultery with her.

If no man would do this, no woman would dare leave her husband. Perhaps then she would put his dreams and his desires first and follow that which God has commanded her to do. But instead the Jew has made it so easy for the woman to take everything from a man and survive even better without him. Of course, she cannot live by herself and will naturally attempt to fill an impossible void and re-wed. And so a generation of bastards is raised to beget another generation of bastards.

But there never was for we are born into Babylon in the belly of the beast, marked by it with our number and condemned along with it to hell. The only hope is to leave while you still can and go to the high places where civilization will never encroach. Or stay here and fight a lost battle and pray for the fortitude to reach the victory Christ claimed for us and the eternal crown of Glory that awaits those that love not their lives until the death.

How are all the pro-war for israhell Southern Baptists and fellow travelers going to react to the facts that are being laid out here on this site which PROVE beyond all doubt that the self chosen Juden are behind ALL gun control?

Is this a verifiable issue? Hard for any of us to know what is true anymore. I would like very much to hear that you think this cannot be true.

The following essay from American Thinker is an excellent read. First of all, it clearly proves that the murder rate has gone down over the years. Listening to the latest media chatter, one could get the impression that murder in the US is historically bad and getting worse. Actually, now would seem to be a very bad time for such action. The reason is simple: In fact, the murder rate in was the lowest since In only 5 years since has it been lower: But it might be worthwhile to parse the U.

Over half of the victims of murder were also black. But blacks are only Put all that together, and the murder rate in the US for non-blacks was more like 2. The Government Accountability Office estimated that 25, criminal aliens non-U.

Compare that number to the total number of homicides in the U. The criminal aliens committed their murders over a number of years, but that is still a high percentage of all murders in the U. Read more interesting facts and top drawer references, stats and charts in this in-depth to share with fence-sitting friends and family, especially the Judaizers among us: Radio commentater Michael Medved has said on his radio program that Christians are the Jews best friends.

However, I think it is a good exercise for your mind to do some hard thinking with the aid of the Internet of course. You better set aside some time to do some studying. If you are catching up, there is plenty of material to cover and too little time left. Nor do I think it prudent to tell you what I own so that it may be taken from me by a group of people who enjoy armed protection yet decry me having the same a crime.

I am a Marine Corps Veteran of 8 years, and I will not have some woman who proclaims the evil of an inanimate object, yet carries one, tell me I may not have one. You will not tell me that I must register my semi-automatic AR because of the actions of some evil man. I will not be disarmed to suit the fear that has been established by the media and your misinformation campaign against the American public.

The equivalent for modern Spartans is this: There is no way that tens of millions of law-abiding American citizens are going to trust the government with their weapons. There are several reasons for this but the most fundamental one is that sensible laws are grounded in some type of natural reality. There is no reality more grounded, more central, and more fundamental than the right of self-preservation, which, of course, includes the realm of self-defense, defense of the family, and defense of the innocent and helpless.

No other benign, peaceful, productive human activity can take place if a person is murdered. Americans, we are warned. I, for one, am simply not going to disarm myself no matter how much more I may be demonized. Put up or shut up. Could it be that they want to distract from the possibility that the shooter was under demonic control or had taken drugs that caused him to have a psychotic reaction or was brainwashed by violent video games and movies or all of these.

Instead, they digitally elongated his face and enlarged his eyes to make it look like he was a genetic freak born evil incapable of avoiding killing someone when holding a gun. When a Hollywood movie star is featured in a violent movie with a scene showing him shooting up people, it goes straight to the subconscious minds of many young people.

And, then there is the fact that over , of Americans have signed one petition there are others on the White House website after the CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, oracle of the gutter press and talking ass extraordinaire, attacked the 2nd Amendment:. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment.

We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens. Gun advocates are not the only ones speaking out about Piers Morgan.

The counter-petition was started on the White House website on December 25, and now has over signatures. For a classic photo of the odd little human subspecies, Homo britanicus wankerus that Piers Morgan belongs to, see: Michael is the author of Staying Married in a Degenerate Age.

Follow him on Twitter or Facebook. You can read more of his writing at Honor and Daring. There was a time when being a teacher was considered an ideal profession for a woman who wanted to marry and have children. Teachers got the summers off so that a woman who was a teacher could still take care of her children when they were out of school. The archetype of the wholesome young teacher dominated the American consciousness for decades. Dating a girl who was a teacher used to be a good bet for a man.

But thanks to a combination of government interference and changes in the wider culture, this one-time bastion for traditionally-minded women has fallen. Modern education is one big Sodom and Gomorrah. I used to date a teacher so I got to attend lots of parties with her coworkers. What surprised me was the number of teachers who had been married two or three times. The stories were all very similar.

A female teacher gets married, but then cheats on her husband with a male teacher. She ends up marrying the man she cheated with, only to later cheat on him with yet another teacher.

I think the reason for the widespread cheating is that there are a lot fewer men in education than there are women, especially in the lower grades. Women are naturally competitive with each other, and because a male teacher is such a rare commodity, female teachers who would not otherwise be attracted to him find themselves competing for his affections. The goal of the act was to close the academic achievement gap between majority white students and minority black and Hispanic students.

The Act required states to test students at various grade levels in order to receive federal funding. But this is saying, in effect, that all children must be above average—an unattainable goal.

Imsges: the hookup culture how an entire generation forgot how to actually date someone

the hookup culture how an entire generation forgot how to actually date someone

Most white people knew someone who had a cousin who had a friend in Iraq, it makes white people feel good about themselves to feel sorry for that person.

the hookup culture how an entire generation forgot how to actually date someone

The worse thing in this world is to find treasure, have it at your finger tips yet never be able to claim it. This does not offend me. This blog is hilarious and has made me realize that I am the whitest person I know.

the hookup culture how an entire generation forgot how to actually date someone

Maybe it is because their jobs have become more stressful, but a lot of teachers are big drinkers. Louts who might as well be clad in bearskins and wielding spears trample over every nicety developed over millennia to mark out a ritual of courtship as a prelude to sex: The free swedish dating website is simple: Most would-be pickup mentors assume new names, perhaps to signify their new identities. Not so with the bad guys, and maybe they are starting to contemplate this as well. White people are funny. He represents all geographic areas in America, from urban sophisticate to rural axtually, deep South to mountain West, left Coast to Eastern Seaboard.