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What happens to porn stars after they retire?

the hookup artist by tucker shaw

Irving 8 Top Country Singles Publisher 6. Porn didn't hurt his career. LaBrea, it was state-of-the-art computers. One's a beauty and one's an I-don't-know what.


Gino Vannelli 1 Rita Coolidge 2 But, if you are someone who wants to "get ahead" in life and you got a body going for you, why not do porn? Tyffany Million did for money, being a single mom, and described penetration during filming as no more exciting than someone sticking their finger in your mouth. The one with Wilfried Knight who, it turns out, also killed himself some time after Arpad did.

June 11 was the official first commercial use of Horizon logo script style. October 29 was the first commercial use of Almo Publications logo jack-in-the-box style. In November, the Atlanta sales office opened.

Some 22 singles and 34 albums entered the Billboard Pop charts. Henry Gross Easy Listening Singles 7. Carole King Easy Listening Label 4. It's not just one cut that's popular, the public wants to hear where that artist is coming from A group that has no basis other than a single has little to go on. By working from the artist's base, it helped the artists establish their national identities.

Frazier also led the staff. Harold Childs told Cash Box, "The entire company is involved in one promotional effort. Not only do the special projects people cover the black stations, but so do our local promotion men in every city. As a result, the black stations are likely to be contacted twice on a poarticular product, which further enables us to build a strong bas in each market.

And the special projects people also promote all or arstist Combined with the fact that our roster is very selective and carefully chosen, I think this helps to build our overal credibility. It printed 18 million game cards with a potential 4. The game cards gave winners 50 cents off the cost of an album or a free album from a group of 16 recent albums.

The game was promoted with in-store displays consisting of three mobiles, two posters and two counter cards. Chuck Mangione won the only Grammy for the year.

This was also the first year that RIAA began its platinum certifications. Earlier recordings deserving of platinum status were not dated. Another solid year on the Billboard charts with 22 singles and 30 albums. Joan Baez and Nazareth were tops with two albums and Peter Frampton with four singles. Peter Frampton 3 Brothers Johnson 2 Peter Frampton 2 George Benson 1 Brothers Johnson 1 Joan Baez 2 Quincy Jones 1 Top Pop Producer Quincy Jones 3 Richard Carpenter 3 Toni Tennille 3 Top Pop Publisher 3.

The program included posters and displays as well as print ads in school and local newspapers. Artists on tour also helped by conducting workshops and seminars. Bob Frymire told Billboard , "Campus reps are the eyes and ears of the street. They are in tune with new music and what students are into. It's also a training ground for those hoping to break into the music business.

They were signed privately to the label on March 9. The Sex Pistols, however, had another record: They were dropped from the artist roster on March By then, some copies of the single had been printed and found their way to the public.

Billboard reported that the Sex Pistols contract was for two years and 20 tracks. Upon signing, Derek Green told Billboard, "Singing the Dex pistols gives us a unique business opportunity to be involved with a new force in rock music, spearheaded by this group I believe the group will effect some major changes in recorded music. But one thing is certain: He also has the full support of all the staff here Unfortunately, the group's behavior since signing with the company compelled reconsideration of the situation.

The effort spotlighted the range of artists on the labels and was supported with a jazz sampler album. Thanks to this first major restructuring in the company, Moss was to spend more time with artists, producers and managers and Alpert was to focus more on producing records. Horizon Records also received top attention this year.

In December, the concert by the Brothers Johnson and L. Ads, flyers, posters were placed in the cities that aired the concert. Nineteen certifications were given to artists. There were also four RIAA platinum certifications, each to different artists. Rita Coolidge 4 Joan Baez 1 Joan Armatrading 2 Top Pop Group Pablo Cruise 4 Top Soul Artist Brothers Johnson 6 Top Pop Single 8.

Rita Coolidge 2 Pablo Cruise 2 Supertramp 1 New Pop Album Artist Almo 6 Top Soul Single Publisher Almo 4 Top Soul Single 9. Brothers Johnson 4 Quincy Jones Top Jazz Album 7. Chuck Mangione 2 8. Quincy Jones 2 Gato Barbieri 2 Harry Betts, Perry Botkin, Jr. With six employees, it collected and reported management information, demographics, and sales by format, market, account, distributor airplay history, accounts reporting to music magazines, ad levels in each market by account and media.

This was the first in-house distribution effort moving away from independent distributors. Derry Johnson was the first person to hod the position. The college staff serviced about radio stations and had an extensive concert committee mailing list. Major artist developments included signing Joe Jackson in February. Harold Cholds who had been the VP for promotion was promoted into it.

His ability to break records is unequaled in the business. Through his promotion staff, Harold Childs has been directorly responsible for hiring many of our executives ranks and now hold key positions in the company. The label also created a vice president of special projects and assistant to the chairman which was filled by Andy Meyer. Jeff Ayeroff was appointed to the newly created vice president of creative services. Ken Powell became th vice president of business affairs.

It sold more than one million units were to Pickwick International. The catalog included coupons for placing orders. Meanwhile at Almo Music, the Almo Publications logo jack-in-the-box style was approved as a registered trademark on June 13 and the Almo Rapid Play logo approved as a registered trademark on July September 1 was the first commercial use of Horizon Records logo 3 sunrise style , and on September 12, the Horizon Records logo script style approved as registered trademark.

The label released three limited edition picture discs. Rita Coolidge, Chuck Mangione and Styx were the leaders as each were awarded two gold records. The albums were all from different artists. Kris and Rita's Natural Act which was released on January 12 was not bar coded.

Monarch Records manufactured the other 20 percent of albums. The deal was for the U. This was an addition of duties for Bornstein who had directed quality control of records and tapes since Under Ernie Campagna's direction, David Stefens became national director of sales for singles, albums and tapes and directed the regional sales staff.

Bernie Grossman became director of national acounts. John Powell was promoted to national manager of retail promotion. Jayne Neches became the west coast regional marketing director. Z Zimmerman was named the special projects coordinator. There was a reorganization of field merchandising staff to specific cities rather than regions. Also in November, Jolene Burton was named senior vice president. I am sure this journey through time and space might not have taken place with as much reward or fun had it not been for Jolene Burton's strong contribution.

CBS was the representative in Israel. In May, Martin Kirkup was appointed to the new position of vice president for artist development. He had been the director of artist development. Losmann told Cash Box, "Our marketing pushes are tailored to the artist and who he appeals to.

We are careful to key in on specific territories for specific artists, matching their styles with what will be accented in that particular market. The album was Supertramp's Breakfast In America. Records syndicate of labels. The pact allowed each label to maintain its identity, artist roster and artistic control.

Initial releases happened in August. On May 18, a Police concert was broadcast to two college radio stations in the Los Angeles area via telephone lines. Art director Roland Young designed a collector edition poster 1, copies that were placed around the city. Flyers were sent to retail and radio stations ran promotions.

The show opened with Joan Armatrading at the Beacon Theatre. In November, the label released five inch albums. The Reds was 10, copies. The Police's Reggatta de Blanc , a double album with poster in a gatefold cover was between 35, and 50, copies. Joe Jackson's Look Shart double album sold over 50, copies.

Squeeze's 6 Squeeze Songs on a 10" Record was between 35, and 50, copies. Six RIAA gold and two platinum records went to different artists. Still strong on the charts with 21 singles and 34 albums for the year. Six artists had two albums on the charts. Chuck Mangione 3 Gino Vannelli 3 Joe Jackson 2 Supertramp 5 Top Overall Pop Duos 6. Gino Vannelli 2 Chuck Mangione 4 Gino Vannelli 1 Joe Jackson 1 Police 1 Top New Single Artist Chuck Mangione 3 Tom Album Group 3.

Supertramp 2 Top Pop Publisher 3. Irving 17 Top Soul Publisher 6. Almo 12 Top Adult Contemporary Publisher 2. Herb Alpert 1 She had recorded 21 tracks for it. On June 16, Charlie Minor became the vice president, director of promotion. Up to , copies of the album could have been produced using this process. Laser-etching was a holographic process. These were the first major albums and the first hit records in this format. The dbx processes was supposed to increase dynamic range and reduce noise.

A slower year on the charts with 16 singles and 22 albums. The 22 albums were all by different artists. Athletico Spizz 80 signed. Joan Armatrading 2 Squeeze 1 Top Pop Male Artist 7. Herb Alpert 5 Brothers Johnson 3 Top Soul Artist Herb Alpert 7 Top Pop Single Chuck Mangione 73 Joe Jackson Joan Armatrading 2 Top Pop Producer 1.

Quincy Jones 9 Herb Alpert 3 Chuck Mangione 1 Styx 3 Top Pop Publisher 1. Irving 15 Top Soul Publisher 5. Irving 20 Top Soul Album 8. Rockie Robbins 2 Herb Alpert 2 Gato Barbieri 1 Top Jazz Album 6. Herb Alpert 4 The year ended with 22 singles and 29 albums entering the Billboard Charts.

Styx 7 Top Soul Artist Atlantic Starr 3 Rita Coolidge 3 Gino Vannelle 1 Quincy Jones 2 Top Pop Album 6. Police 3 Top Pop Album Artist 7. Quincy Jones 4 Carpenters 2 Top Pop Publisher 9. Almo 15 Top Soul Publisher 3. Irving 17 Top Jazz Album Quincy Jones 1 Chuck Mangione 1 Top Soul Album The cassettes required a player with dbx circuitry that gave tapes an expanded rainge and better noise reduction. The tapes were played in clubs, on cable television, pay systems, etc. The second release was the Starstruck soundtrack.

The Police 5 Human League 2 Quincy Jones 2 New Pop Artists 4. Human League Top Pop Labels 7. The Police 2 Human League 1 The Police 3 Quincy Jones 7 Top Black Artists Atlantic Starr 5 Jeffrey Osborne 3 Jeffrey Osborne 3 Top Black Labels 4.

Top Black Singles Labels 4. Quincy Jones 2 Top Jazz Labels Quincy Jones Top Adult Cont. There were 22 staff in New York and about in Los Angeles. In January, Kathy Schenker became the vice president of publicity. All four Grammy awards went to the Police and Sting. Of the 24 albums to chart, they were all by different artists. The distribution continued until On December 25, the Almo Publications Logo jack-in-the-box style trademark was cancelled.

Three RIAA gold records were awarded to different artists. Another strong showing on the Billboard charts with 22 singles and 25 albums. Jeffrey Osborne 5 Jeffrey Osborne 8 Atlantic Starr 4 Top Pop Label 5.

Police 5 Top Pop Album Artist 8. Jeffrey Osborne 2 Joe Jackson 3 Irving 11 Top Black Singles Publisher 6. Irving 4 Top Jazz Label Records because it felt that I.

Among the lows, on March 5, the Almo Rapid Play logo trademark was cancelled; on May 7, the Horizon Records logo script style trademark was cancelled. There were no platinum records this year. Bryan Adams 7 Sting 4 Top Black Artist Jesse Johnson's Revue 5 Jesse Johnson's Revue Bryan Adams 5 Bryan Adams 2 Jesse Johnson's Revue 1 Amy Grant 2 Top Pop Singles Bryan Adams 5 9. Amy Grant 2 Joan Armatrading 10 Jesse Johnson's Revue 4 Jeffrey Osborne 3 Top Black Singles Almo 15 Top Black Singles Publisher 7.

Irving 13 Top Country Singles Publisher 3. Its last 1 single was "Human" by the Human League. The label went to the 4xinch audio cassette box package. It also began using the CD digi-pak format with a plastic tray and cardboard cover. The first digipaks were the new 38 Special and reprintings of Reckless by Bryan Adans. In July 5, distribution in Japan was taken over by Canyon Records. Charlie Minor renewed his contract with the label for three more years.

The eight RIAA gold records went to different artists. Of the five platinum records, three went to Control by Janet Jackson for three million sales. A total of 26 singles and 22 albums appeared on the Billboard Pop charts. Janet Jackson 5 Simple Minds 4 Falco 3 Top Black Artist 1. Janet Jackson 5 9. Atlantic Starr 4 Jeffrey Osborney 4 Janet Jackson 1 Simple Minds 1 Atlantic Starr 1 Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 2 Janet Jackson 4 Simple Minds 3 Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 1 Atlantic Starr 2 JeffreyOsborne 1 Top Pop Singles Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Janet Jackson 4 8.

Janet Jackson 4 9. Irving 17 Top Black Singles Publisher 6. Irving 8 Top Country Singles Publisher 6. Irving 16 Top Distributed Pop Label 5. Raffi was the only artist in children's music signed to a major record label. In , he was expected to sell one million records. He was also the first children's music artist to issue a CD.

The CD sold well enough to require a second pressing within the first year of release. The second full-length promotional CD was released. It was "Hourglass" by Squeeze. The other majors felt that with 7-inch and inch vinyl singles, cassette singles and 5-inch CD singles, that there were too many formats competing for retailers dollars and shelf space.

Various artist compilations were also given two gold records. There were eight platinum records, with two each going to George Winston and various artist compilations. The artists with the most singles on the chart were Bryan Adams and Herb Alpert, each with three. No one artist led the albums. His wife Vicki suggested Special Olympics as the charity.

They founded A Very Special Christmas. The album grew into a series and the monies from their sales fund Special Opympics programs that are most in need around the world. Cassette singles were more costly to produce than vinyl and singles historically had a high rate of product that went unsold. Between its release in October and April , the album sold nearly 3 million copies around the world. April 15 was the first commercial use of the Vendetta Records logo. On December 6, Vendetta Records logo was approved as a registered trademark.

There were only two RIAA gold records and two platinum records awarded to different artists. The year closed with 15 singles and 23 albums on the Billboard Pop charts. Soundtracks were the label-leader with two titles and Breathe and Sting each had two singles chart. Extreme's debut album released. This logo was lypography only. A second logo followed in October that had a line drawing of a buffalo and placed the typography in a background.

All 14 albums to make the Billboard Pop chart came from different artists. Cafaro was only the third president of the company, succeeding Jerry Moss and Gil Friesen. Nearly 50 employees left the label that year as the label transitioned into the PolyGram conglomerate.

Al Cafaro called the move a consolidation and said it was warranted to align the staff size to the label's volume of business. Seven artists had one album each on the Billboard Pop chart and Janet Jackson had four singles on that Billboard chart. There were 12 RIAA gold certifications. Eight of them went to Janet Jackson and seven of them were for her singles. Seduction earned two gold records.

However, PolyGram also had its most profitable year. From their inception, CD packages had been 6 x 12" called a CD longbox so they fit into the vinyl album rack at retail. Called DigiTrak, it was a cardboard case with two plastic tracks inside to hold the CD until the outer package was folded to fit the CD. Only the first , copies of The Soul Cages were in the longbox format.

At the time, the industry did not see the U. Bryan Adams got three golds and Extreme won two gold records. Tuff Break created music disscs and tapes and videos. This line was to create music discs and tapes and videos with music or narration. PolyGram had installed its choice of executives and integrated the records into its lines and its stock numbers. The deal allowed Perspective to double its number of releases per year. Sting received two platinums to commemorate the million and two million marks for Ten Summoner's Tales.

Bryan Adams 3 Sheryl Crow 3 Sheryl Crow 3 Top Pop Label 5. Bryan Adams 1 Gin Blossoms 1 Sheryl Crow 1 Aaron Neville 2 Sting 2 Top Billboard Album Bryan Adams 1 Top Hot Artists Sheryl Crow 2 Gin Blossoms 2 CeCe Peniston 3 Amy Grant 2 Top Hot Singles 8. Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting Sheryl Crow 2 CeCe Peniston 3 The first logo was abanoned on February 5, and the second on December 18, CD Plus packages included a diagnostic and driver disc since many computers would need software to play CD Plus.

Blues Traveler and Janet Jackson each received two gold records accounting for half the certs. Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club attained an all-time record for sales with 5 million. Only Jerry Moss had held this position. Nineteen staff people lost their jobs. They were transferred to Mercury in Nashville.

In September, Perspective laid off 27 of its 28 employees. In December, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, founders of Perspective, decided to continue on only with their existing acts, otherwise inactivating the label. Blues Traveler's three gold records made them top artist for goldrecords. There were 13 platinum albums. Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club attained 6 million in sales. The black music division would have eleven employees. Twelve platinum awards were also given. Crow continued to set all-time sales records.

Tuesday Night Music Club had now sold 7 million copies. Universal took control on December Of the ten gold records, the Carpenters and Styx each won two. It was a record year for platinum records. Thirteen of the platinum awards were for ten different Carpenters albums. So, there are many legitimate professions that these guys can transition into. But, who are we fooling?

It's all about the personal appearances and escorting because there really isn't any money in making porn these days. Who buys it anymore with so much of it free on the internet? But then again, who hires 40, 50, 60, year old escorts? No matter how good they look? I suppose that might have been Arpad Miklos's problem. Him at 45, clients might have been drying up rather dying off , porn offers were trickling in, an unwillingness to bareback or bottom, and really no options about what to do So, he offs himself.

Is it just me or are porn stars becoming "respectable? That very hot Paul Wagner allegedly has has a degree in something. I believe it's biology. You wonder why they would choose to do porn given that it is something that will follow them for the rest of their lives and I agree with others that there is very little money in it.

Many of them must have self-esteem issues, I guess. The porn actor Jake Genesis gives an insight into the industry and why he got out. What will he do is the remaining question. Put the idea of your mind completely. Go to school or finish school and use your talents to do something useful.

The porn industry will exploit you, it will chew you up and spit you out. They will use you as much as they can when you are a new face, wear out your image, then toss you to the side when the next new face comes along.

Working in porn is hard for very little money. We are little more than prostitutes. The benefits are very few and the drawbacks are many. If there is anything else you can do in life— do that instead even if it means working at Starbucks or the GAP Tossed away as if she were nothing more than a used Kleenex. Well, the Kleenex has served its purpose and so have you, honey.

A lot of them become full time prostitutes under the auspices of massage therapists. I guess it works if you get a solid reliable clientele list. Take Joe Sarge and his "massage" sessions. They're more sex than anything else. It would be interesting to learn how much he makes. I don't think there is much of a market for male pros who are 40, 50, and 60, years old.

But that was probably years ago. If I remember the story correctly it didn't happen easily. There were court cases and lawsuits but he prevailed and is a bona fide teacher.

Alex LeMonde -- apparently was a nurse before getting into porn; last I heard he was living in Alberta? The most famous, most industrious porn star can barely make enough films, nor escort enough, nor earn money from autograph signings and special appearances at bathhouses and bars to cover his rent, let alone make the sort of money that enables them to live off the interest on their porn capital after retiring.

Well you do have the bodybuilder Jim Yount who became famous for that video series "Building The Body Beautiful," and then became the Colt model John Pruitt I don't know if he did any gay porn per se , and is now an Investment Banker, I believe. Well, R94, who is it? Or, who are you? I say if you did porn, and with the attitudes of today, you can own up to it. I thought this was revealing. Jake Deckard is getting out of the business totally and gives his opinion about the state of commercial gay porn.

Again, there is no money in this. So, why do it? There are three parts to this interview but this one is the most relevant. What would be interesting if there were some retired gay porn stars reading this thread and giving their opinions about it. I adored Dean Coulter about a hundred years ago. He got himself a boyfriend and now they own spa in Vermont last I heard. Didn't Matt Sanchez own several rental properties in Hell's Kitchen? I suppose some wealthy Daddies bought them for him.

But the rental income should keep him afloat when other revenue streams run out. For now, the guy must be bringing in big bucks from his Fox and Company associates. HE broke up with his BF last year. Aged very bad - HIs real name is Lee Mckinney. Google him, current pic comes up in google circles.. You have Colton Ford who is a singer.

I personally don't like his music but he can indeed sing. I saw him on the street recently. He is a HOT fifty year old! You also have Ray Dragon who has a computer engineering and performing arts degrees.

He is or was a fashion designer. He had a retail store in NYC for a number of years and a retail internet site. However, whatever it is that makes them tick, he is back into porn. The question here is why? There is literally no money to be made in the industry. I did a search for "Lee McKinney" after r's post and found he has quite a series of mugshots in Texas, mostly for possession.

That said, I wouldn't say he's aged badly. He's a very handsome man, he just doesn't look like the same person. I'd still hit it. Assault against an elderly or disabled individual? I guess the real question is if they really retire, EVER! Reading through this thread I noticed that a lot of folks noting that many have become real estate agents. That could be a good living or it could not.

Given the last few years of the real estate market I would say it could not. Therefore they resort to prostitution. Those who are legitimate personal trainers makes a lot of sense to me. A good living can be made doing that and the "actors" that are popular now surely have some sense of what to do correctly in bodybuilding. But, I think most of them just become prostitutes.

Just a quick view of rentboy I saw Jeff Stryker a 50 year old? I had to laugh at one! He never did porn to my knowledge anyway but he is advertising himself as being 38 years old! If that man is less than 50 then I'm 29!!! Anyway, this is what they do and who they are.

Someone needs to start a home for retired porn stars, like they have for stage and screen people. I volunteer to be the activities director! So, R's posting intrigued me and I went to rentboy. Check out Matt Sizemore's:. I am an adult video performer and therefore not a prostitute. I was on the floor with that one. Therefore, the fees required, or money exchanged, for legal adult personal services for modeling is for time and companionship only.

Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more another funny consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer of, and or for solicitation or prostitution.

Fees are charged for time spent only I had heard he moved to Brooklyn, of all places. Since I also reside here, I am eager to see him in porn again. He is only in his early 40's; which makes him very much in my age range. That being said, those jail pics of once-dreamy Derek Cameron are intense in a not very sexy way. I'd like to know whatever happened to Christopher Scott.

He used to drive me up the wall the way he'd shiver and shake while getting dicked. Matt Sizemore has aged badly in the last few years. He makes totally disgusting bareback videos. He is too creepy looking now to be anything more than a cumdump freak. Who would hire him? Roman Heart currently has an ad on rentboy, which has him "serving Las Vegas". I guess what happens there, stays there. I got the feeling that porn is definitely for damaged people, though some of the guys big in the 70's were pretty grounded.

The girls were definitely not well balanced except for Seka and Tyffany Million but they did it for money and in Seka's case classed it up. Tyffany Million did for money, being a single mom, and described penetration during filming as no more exciting than someone sticking their finger in your mouth. They got out and went on to better things. R Well, there is nothing wrong with aging--if you do it well, but given that Sizemore is no longer using recent pics but years old photos tells me that he agrees with you.

I just checked Roman Heart's age. Per wikipedia, he is But the picture on wiki makes him appear older. But he is light years ahead of Sizemore in looks. Paul Carrigan is a legitimate camera guy for motion pictures. Porn didn't hurt his career. This guy has been in porn forever.

I think he is still in it. He does straight, gay, bisexual, tranny, tops, bottoms, all of it and was married with a kid! R, I don't think he models anymore, I saw a photo shoot a few years ago and he was finally looking a bit long in the tooth.

In an interview he mentioned bowing out on account of " an injury". For the guys in gay porn, the porn has always been "advertising" for their prostitution careers. How better to sell the goods than to display it on film? He doesn't look bad to me! I'd do him or turn on my stomach for him!!! Now, the thing next to him I can't find any info about Tom Chase. I know he was an escort a few years back, but he's off the radar now. And here I was, saving up all my pennies Bad skin, but still sexy as hell.

Used to wear Jean shorts , and a tight T shirt. Said once he was part Hawaiian. He disappeared about a year ago. I had to google quite a few. What is sad though is that he is an escort at 45 or Who are the clients? Once again, where's the money in doing this? I guess they are all just sex fiends.

Anyway a dated link but it gives about Tom Chase. Well, barebacking is the only thing that Tim Kelly does. Although, I don't remember if he did that with Matthew Rush or not. Unless there is a different Tom Chase click the link.

Great guy, really sweet. Gaining weight and has facial hair. I'm sure still living a double life. His looks are starting to fade and balding.

If there is a new pyramid scheme, he's trying it. Still in shape -- but his face isn't aging well. Great lay, but becoming a bit of a right wing nut. Tom Chase is only 5'9"? I wish I hadn't read that interview now Also, any scoop on videos that had to be removed from those kinds of sites. Why, what happened, etc. It's been 7 years since that article, though, and I can't find anything about him in Portland or as a fitness trainer.

Any supersleuths out there? I meant R for the Bailey into. Any new info on Kurt from SC? Last I read he was a PT. How does any porn stay in business these days? Whether it's a 'big studio' or 'gay for pay', with stuff like cam4 or chaturbate or what have you, plus loads of tumblr photos and everything else, why pay for any of it? You critics of 5' 9" I'm that tall, very muscular, and do alright for myself, thank you very much!

Besides, from my experiences, the taller you are the quicker you bend over. You make it work somehow. How can we forget the famous Planet Fitness, former Colt porn star, Chris Wide Silvio Kersten who became famous with the line; "I lift things up and put them down! I don't think he ever escorted though.

It would be interesting to learn how he got that gig. A national commercial like that paid 30K minimum. I suppose these are the stories I'd like to read about. Guys who were confident in themselves, did some porn shoots,lived their fantasies, and were able to transition into mainstream. Trent Davis goes to my gym in Chicago, if there are any fans of his on here. Still good looking and nicely built, but major chip on his shoulder and VERY rude. Nothing against 5'9 guys But I always thought of Tom as this overpowering dom top.

How overpowering can you be if you're only 5'9"? That was a very satisfying response. Too bad Dante ended up being the guy I'd probably actively try to avoid in a supermarket. Anyone know anything about Dino DiMarco? He was so uber sexy, but must be pushing 60 years by old now.

Marco Blaze is a dancer, not go-go, a legit dancer in London, circa There was a rumor he was dating Levi Poulter and they left the biz together. He is trying to be a pro photographer and also has some woo-woo beliefs about UFOs and new age philosophy and the like. I checked out his photog pages, though and they are actually quite good.

Poking around in Google look for the words Shane Erickson porn real name will provide much more. Out of the corps and back in Washington state. Still in good shape. Last I heard he lived in Irvine. He was going to bring Carter one night for fun. A good number of these guys I messed around with. Not escorts,but just a one night thing in Oceanside. For military guys who do porn, many have let gay men blow them. Still have soft spot for him Not the best looking guy to step in front of a camera, but he exuded such sex appeal.

Definitely the type of guy you hope to run into in the parking lot after the PTA meeting. I'd still rather watch him than anyone else.

This makes a lot of sense. Flex hours, be your own boss, no one's gonna out you and fire you Plus real estate is a line of work you can do at midlife and even beyond. Wow, just goes to show how diverse our tastes are. I would have every kind of the homosex activity with that man for 12 hours nonstop, if I could!

With long stretches of time devoted to face-dancing up in that big round furry muscle butt. As I posted earlier, I like reading about the guys who have seemingly transitioned into mainstream without repercussions.

I thought the suicide of Roman Raggazzi tragic because he was "outed" and he lost his job. Maybe, it was more internal though, and it was he who could not come to terms with his porn career and was horrifically embarrassed by it and saw no other way to escape it.

But, I'll be glad to pick you up, toss you around a bit, and make you my bitch! I was wondering about that too. I think the suicide happened years after the Israeli consulate outing etc. Since that happened "Roman" was doing porn and trying to do the personal-trainer gym thing as well.

It seems at the time of his death, he was just flat out depressed and lost his will to live. His trainer clients were surprised, they thought he was fine. The job loss scandal thing probably contributed in the mix of what led to his suicide but it wasn't in the foreground of his life when he ended it.

Same with Arpad Miklos who checked out at age 45, apparently just deeply depressed, no huge physical health issues or deeply traumatic life events that anyone knew about. I am rooting for my fave porn guys whose stuff I love to watch, and they seem to enjoy doing it a lot I hope they don't slide down into that pit of bleakness and suicidal ideation. R, I suppose this is one of those things that I have a hard time grasping. I had met Arpad Peter a few times.

In fact, he briefly dated a friend of mine. He used to hang out every now and then at the Urge Bar and lived in my neighborhood.

What a gorgeous man! From my understanding porn roles were really drying up for him and his escorting work was way done. My friend who briefly dated him complained about two things and those were; 1 He always broke dates because of "bookings" which leads me to believe that his clientele wasn't as steady as many might think. I guess everything was more last minute.

He wouldn't or couldn't open himself up and that's what led to their break up. It has been reported that Arpad was looking for a young man my friend is that is rich my friend is not that would take care of him. But to be 45 and still hooking?

What are these guys thinking? I have noticed that as we all age that there are new porn studios opening up featuring older men i.

Matt Sizemore pathetic , Jim Ferro, Ray Dalton now that's a straight up ho' , etc, but all these porn movies are being done to promote these guys prostitution business. Maybe as a one time fantasy but on a regular basis, no. It is strange, when I heard of his suicide Arpad M I had just watched one of his really good scenes on my PC a couple nights prior. The one with Wilfried Knight who, it turns out, also killed himself some time after Arpad did.

And I would have assumed, falsely, looking at the two of them on screen having what appears to be damn good sex -- I would have assumed that if you have such good looks face, body, dick , how hard can life be?

So what is the deal with Blake Riley, was he always bisexual and pretended to be gay or did he really turn bi or straight after having straight sex on film for the first time? I know that he retired when his new partner asked him. If I had him I'd want him all to myself too. But, I do think the aging part has a lot to do with it. I mean it's really hard work that they do Okay It's all about their mental foundation and establishing skills before, during, and after their porn career of which some clearly do not do.

I don't mean to be flippant because their problems were real. The first thing I thought is why did they leave Portland in the first place? Knight's visa would have expired and he would have just become an illegal alien like the many others that are here.

My point is that it just didn't have to end the way that it did. Gus Mattox Tom Judson is a writer and a legitimate actor. I don't know if you would consider him a porn star or someone who did it to experiment and research.

Probably a mixed bag, R It seems that very few of them turn out wealthy or even comfortably well off. Those who did gay porn in the s, that was a very HIV-fearing time, and condom use was pretty much standard. I would bet that plenty of them from that time, are still HIV negative.

Then they have to go on in life with in most cases no regular job with benefits that include health insurance. A good interview with Chi Chi LaRue out of drag about the porn industry, the recent deaths, and the current guys attracted to porn. Insatiable bottom Tom Katt, married I have no idea how that works , is a Personal Trainer this is becoming cliche , competes in bodybuilding shows, and is a preacher I believe.

Was he pre or post Joey Stefano? I honestly don't know how his marriage thing works! I do know of straight guys who like anal stimulation but this guy--WOW!!! Maybe his wife has a dildo going in and out of him while he is going in and out of her. I passed by a web site and saw the most beautiful man. His name was Danny Voxx? Does anyone know about him? What incredible face and gorgeous eyes. Ditto for the porn star now a "fashion designer" mentioned on the prior page.

R, I suppose it's what you make of it. I mean Aiden Shaw definitely has made lemonade from his porn career--although I still think he might be hooking every now and then.

Francois Sagat is probably like every other struggling actor but because of his porn career I'm sure he is getting gigs. Tom Judson is getting gigs and his work is being published, so His store lasted for more than a few years. Don't ask me how it was financed or how well it did but it definitely was not a "fly-by-night" operation. But, he's back into porn now. I suppose its just the sex fiend in him because there definitely isn't any money in porn now.

But, a lot of this is fashion and creative arts so these guys being porn or former stars only adds to their cache. It helps too that you have companies such as Rufskin and Andrew Christian who hire them at times to do major fashion shoots. So, at least in these sectors they can transition to mainstream.

Why isn't there money in porn? It's one thing to get guys to work for very little, but are guys literally working for nothing? Why would they do that? R, I suppose it's the opportunity. There's no money in porn now because of the internet.

When was the last time you bought porn or subscribed to some porn web site? You would pretty much have to be crazy to do so because there are so many five minute clips and full length movies out there for free. But, if you are someone who wants to "get ahead" in life and you got a body going for you, why not do porn? If you become well-known enough and people like Alexander McQueen, Malcolm Forbes, et alia must have you what better way to get an introduction!

They should have autograph events for retired porn stars, like they do for soap stars and stuff. That's supposed to be the theme of this thread. I suppose a lot of these guys just don't want to be found. I don't recall anyone mentioning former porn, now reality star, David Bradberry. He's another one who has transitioned to a mainstream career. Although, if he had to do it all over again, he would not do porn.

The choices I have made will limit future ones, which is unfortunate, but just a fact I will have to live with. A year later, he was doing porn, enticing ActiveDuty. He says he purposefully did not star in porn while enlisted: I knew the risks and they were simply too great for me personally.

Billy Houston became a white supremacist and murdered some older guy. He is in the pokey. I found this on DL:. He was a nice guy as long as there were no drugs but he went totally crazy on crystal meth. I had to kick him out. He's very much alive and in Davis Correctional in Oklahoma. His number is if you care to check it out.

After he quit porn another guy took his name and people often get the two confused. Sergio Canali May 9, —August 15, , birthname Paul Francis Sypek was a pornographic actor porn star who appeared in numerous gay pornographic movies in the early and mids.

Canali was kidnapped in while in Florence, Italy by an obsessed fan named Leonardo Vitti. An extensive police manhunt found no trace of him. Two years later, his and Vitti's remains were found in the basement of an abandoned home belonging to Vitti that was in the process of being demolished. The cause of death in both cases remains unknown. Just found out about that Sergio Canali story recently. Don't recall seeing any of his porn. But that is creepy stuff. The bodies weren't found for two years.

I wonder if anyone ever tried to put the story together. Like when was the last time that Vitti guy was seen alive, etc. Justin Dragon said that he wished he could introduce me to this "really great guy. Anyone know what's happened to Mason Jarr?

Did he ever just come out already? That scene he did with Chris Yeager showed us he was def more into the homo-sex than he previously admitted. I am not going to hate on a guy in porn for shaving a few years off The rumor about Alexander McQueen: I read he knowingly infected 4 different men, and the guilt is what drove him to suicide. It was probably a combination of things. Well, at the top it says he is forty. He may be older than that too. I find it unfortunate that a guy who looks like him would find a need to lie about their age.

I think they could be good inspiration for older males and how they could and should look like. However, I suppose there are the reasons. I'm sure Matt Sizemore lies about his age in order to get escort work but he is ridiculous with it.

This thread seems to be winding down. I suppose no one knows of other porn stars and what they are doing. Or, the "stars" themselves wish to remain anonymous. I wonder why twink star Jason Pitt suddenly retired after the Kruezer guy publicized him so successfully as part of his Jet Set Men association? Pitt was all over the place in , featured on Rentboy and magazines, and even announced plans for gay marriage to another model.

Does anybody remember Ray Harley? I came across a pic of him recently and he is now resembling a pot bellied pig. The link attached shows the cover art for many of his DVDs from his heyday - but at the end, the pics show him in more recent times. Most folks who go into modeling, form bands, or go into acting can't make it last forever, so much of entertainment is a youth industry. Why should doing porn be any different?

Like regular modeling it will end at first wrinkle. If they play safe and are prepared to slug away at a regular job like the rest of us after it disappears then they will most likely do just fine. But R, that's just the question. What are you doing now? Hopefully, you can reveal that and your porn friends OMG, the Damien Kruzer troll is back. DK was a weird stalker dude who, for real, wormed his way into the lives of naive porn stars and messed with them online.

Frighteningly persistent and manic. Not sure if he finally stopped. Kruezer is a close friend of mine. I can tell you he's a force to be reckoned with in LGBT media.

The shabby attempt here to portray him in such a negative way is just crude cover for the outrageous behavior of Mr. Pitt and his control freak daddy bear. Kruezer has advanced the career and made substantial money for his clients, and certainly did so for Mr.

Pitt, whose shocking ingratitude, disloyalty and subsequent defamation of the man who made him a star, speaks for itself. Kruezer's latest revelation concerning the newly minted young megastar calling himself "Johnny Rapid" has rocked the gay video industry and gained more adherents and donatives to support Mr. Kruezer's reporting of the "unfiltered news" on KruezeratNight dot com.

Just watched the Life After Porn documentary and it was great. All straight performers at least the males but I remember some of the men in the film like Richard Pacheco and Randy West being incredibly hot. It was interesting their varying perspective on what it was like to be in porn then 70ss when there were "stars" and not online one shots. Highly recommend and it's on Netflix. All I can say is, Damon Kruezer reports big stories that mean a lot that nobuddy else knows about.

He's sharp, witty, and a grate writer with top style and deep content. I follow him on Twitter thekruezer and u should too majorly if u wanna know whuts really goin on. Haters gonna hate but they cant hold a candle to him and evrybuddy knows it.

I'll rush right off and do that. Maybe he's gotten someone to deal with that shit. He goes on to claim that doing gay porn resulted in having to have his "sphincters almost stitched shut.

He is now back starring in Treasure Island Media's 2 newest big fall releases, both of which are essential viewing. NO ONE considers you a "journalist" at all, you scum-sucking troll. You always post about yourself in the third person like the schizoid shitbag you are. Instead of retiring it seems that more are getting into the business. Its got to be the money from hooking which is attractive. Take this new guy, Mike Dozer, 32 years old, personal trainer, bartender, and now porn star.

He's from the Philly area and according to salary. I'm sure bartending gigs did not add much to that. The dude already had an escort page servicing Allentown no money there , Asbury Park no money there , Lancaster no money there , and Atlantic City money there but travel. Now, he's a porn star. No money in that except it boosts escort rates. Then add the personal training, bartender, and personal gigs, Who is the stupid one? R, and now he gets to travel, meet people, and get paid!

I guess we'll see how it works out for him. Just an observation, but some porn "stars" are disappeared. Fake porn names, clandestine film shoots, short shelf life, borderline legality and limited societal approval Take, for example, a handsome man in his early 20's who is willing to do some things well, many things on film for cash. The more willing he is, the more money there is to be made off of exploiting his image. The studio will bear the expense of promoting and distributing his films, and the "star" gains a reputation.

These careers, such as they are, are crafted as part of a business plan - usually not that of the performer. So, contractual obligations aside, there is rarely a future in two-bit whoredom without a film career to promote it. If bridges with the film industry are burned, the "porn star" status is dissolved and the whore is returned to the streets. The good news for some is obscurity. When was the last time you masturbated to something on Super 8?

Honey, that has to do with changing media. I had those tapes but I can't play them any more, got it? Does anyone know what happen to this major stud named Vince Vincenzno who did just this one film with Thomas Bjorn? Does anyone know anything? Vince Vincenzno is a gorgeous average stud. I love his bald head and his amazing body with that incredible ass!

I tired to find out where he is as curiosity and I found nothing. I emailed the company and ask them out of curiosity did they know what happen to him? Is he on Facebook? No info on Google. What's about my lovely Damien White from Active duty?

He needs to make a comeback now! They seem to be friends, or dating? Dylan is a bit heavier than in his early films but still attractive. Williams is aging well. Neither is tall, 5'7" or so. I don't think Williams does videos anymore. What's going on with Elijah, Damien from Active Duty?

I want to know the back story on those tattoos. The word voluptuous was made for him. Like all trustafarians I got a sense of how manipulative he could be, but he also came across as a lost boy with -- although immensely sunny on the surface --deep seated anger -- probably because of diagnosis. Although this was still when he looked well enough to glow.

And he had the sheer 'don't give a fuck for petit-bougeois values' balls that handsomeness, a big dick and wealth can bestow a triple legacy! A few years later I saw O'Hara at the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras party wearing either a s mens one-piece swimsuit or wrestling suit they look the same in silver mesh with big silver teardrop weights hanging from his nipples.

All on this marvellous pale un-gymed naturally proportioned beautiful body. Far better looking in real life than in his videos. It doesn't get any better. A gay porn Gatzby. But for all the immense bravado I've read he battled depression at the end and lived in a windowless apartment called The Cave.

What a howling cunt was AIDS. Does anyone know what happened to any if the defiantly. I should put some commas between their names since it changed the way I wrote it. Levi Davis, torque, roar, vincenzo, rock lee, Lucas ice, shane Vincenzo, Michael whitewood, nick needs, nate daniels, Spencer, and I forgot Christian, Austin, rick waters and Brock labelli aka Kyle Moore.

Initial reports are massive heart attack at age 39, which is possible , but now rumors are surfacing that it was an overdose, or suicide. Who knows at this point R it's also a lie, he didn't turn straight, there is a prominent troll who likes to assert that on this board. What is with the retarded self-loathers on this board who insist that openly gay guys have "turned straight.

Blake Riley is bi, he loves eating muff and his favorite sex fantasy is to be penetrated by a gorgeous girl wearing s trap-on. That's bi not gay. They become doctors and lawyers, teachers and clergymen, housewives and CEOs. A background in porn equips you for any path you want to take in life.

They all say they're going to write a book about their experiences. I don't think any of them have yet though. I sincerely doubt he is 00 percent gay, and so does everyone else, that's why he was run out of the biz.

R yes he DID say it, it was on youtube for a while. It was at a gay porn award show. Chi Chi asked him, "so you're still gay right? It was a joke about all the idiot backlash he received from the scene. In the clip he said he only did it because she offered him enough money. He said he didn't have any trouble maintaining an erection, and made a joke using the Katy Perry song.

Insecure people and self loathers proceeded to melt down. And he wasn't run out of the business, he left because he had a serious BOYfriend. Where the fuck have you been? Some of them have.

The link is a dated article about his book from He wanted to be a mainstream writer. A lot can happen in 7 or 8 years. He was 46 at the time of the article. Now, he's 53 or The article cites "A Different Light" bookstore. But, you can probably still purchase the book on Amazon. A lot of them have their name tattooed down one of their sides. Especially the ones on sites like Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody.

Do they think no one will Google the name and try to find them online in their real life? Blake was run out of the biz, he was abandoned by his fans after a nasty backlash and left the industry, he obvioulys made excuses about leaving. So he has a long term boyfriend and is in school where the fuck did that idiot get the marines?!

I just really can't with these self-loathing assholes who get off on the idea that gay guys have "turned" straight and make up stories about them having girlfriends, or only dating women now in Canada, for a touch of realism.

And I also really can't with the people who just believe their obviously made up bullshit. Personally I don't doubt he has a long term boyfriend, but I do think that backlash pushed him to leave the industry, personally I went off him after Shifting Gears, just the way the he way he went on bragging about having sex with chicks, I don't think he was ever as zealous about his scenes with guys and then saying his ultimate turn on his sex with a gorgeous girl wearing a strap-on, the whole thing just turned me off him and had zero interest in him after that.

What does happen to somebody like Dean Monroe, who announced his retirement last fall? He was in porn for over a decade; did he have regular civilian job during that period? Does he have one now? He's in his 40s and still looks good. Please no way Blake is gay, he is bi , gay men don't get hard-ons for women and their biggest sexual fantasy isn't getting buggered by a gorgeous woman wearing a strap on.

You're an idiot R and you're wrong. And it was an orgy scene, how do you know the hard-on was for the woman? Not to mention he was probably on boner pills for it, like most porn stars.

R also using your logic all the closeted gay men who were married to women and managed to have kids aren't really gay, so I can see you're a retarded bi activist who wants to call everybody bi. Not everybody is bi, deal with it.

I saw Derek Cameron at my gym and near my office in San Diego a few times. He seemed like a happy guy, always with a group of friends. He is nowhere near 5'6. I was told that Ted owned a construction business. He looked good but seemed uncomfortable.

It was also obvious that he had some major TMJ issues. Look at his videos then look up TMJ on Google. He was very good looking, great body -- no shirt, but like Derek Cameron was very short 5'4" at best. My guess was that Devyn was part Hispanic. He was very Hot. Earlier on the same day at the S. Pride Festival, the same old boyfriend introduced me to his current boyfriend: Weird though, he had so very little hair on his legs not shaved, just not much hair. Dumb as a stump.

And that statement is a felony offense to all stumps. My old boyfriend was no rocket scientist, but he was so embarrassed for Austin that he continually spoke for him.

A friend of mine who met Austin later verified the same thing. A year or so later my ex told me that he broke up with Austin. My ex told me he started crying in the produce section but Austin told him this was business and he left.

That was really tough for my ex, who is a really nice guy. True or not I don't know, my ex told me that Tom Selleck hired Austin and paid him extra to fuck Austin without a condom.

Matt Leblanc wanted to do the same thing but Austin refused, because unlike Selleck, Leblanc seemed, I guess, not so wholesome. They should have meet and greets for ex porn stars like they do for ex TV actors at conventions and stuff. I've seen in a long time! Regarding Blake Riley being bi, everyone that insist he isn't kinda ignores that fact his favorite sexual fantasy is kinky straight a gorgeous woman. It's not that he had bi sex on screen, I'm sure their are guys that are gay who did bi porn like Jason Ridge and Logan Reed that are totally guy, but Blake Riley isn't one of them.

Blake Harper was also a gay porn star that was bisexual and did bi porn, it was the reason he broke up with his first husband Jason Branch, they were "married" for 3 years and Blake ditched him rather coldly, so he could explore his bisexuality.

He's also ultra-conservative Rand Paul supporter and seems like a homoph bic mor n. He dumped Branch after catching him cheating multiple times outside of their open arrangement rules. They had rules, that seems odd. Blake never scoffed at the bi film, he said it was an eye opener in terms of his sexuality and its fluidness and his bi-curiousness. Trying to park my sweet Ford Focus in a garage in downtown Dallas that's located right underneath a Catholic Church.

She's not gonna make. There's a car behind me and 2 cars waiting to get out on the other side of her SUV.

Imsges: the hookup artist by tucker shaw

the hookup artist by tucker shaw

Don't know if he still makes films Please no way Blake is gay, he is bi , gay men don't get hard-ons for women and their biggest sexual fantasy isn't getting buggered by a gorgeous woman wearing a strap on.

the hookup artist by tucker shaw

I had those tapes but I can't play them any more, got it? The brunette was Jasmine Natalie Krill - a prim and proper Toronto fashion magazine editor.

the hookup artist by tucker shaw

Bob fead was promoted to vice president, director of distribution which included sales, promotion, advertising and special projects coordination. It was a tale of sexual obsession, murder, missing videotapes and scandal. One of the key phrases of the film was: Pablo Artsit 2 Or does the military not use the internet?