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In his Guide Shubin presents no data about Molokan leader Shvetsov or skoptsy , rather focuses primarily on Rudomyotkin, whom he intentionally falsely claims is of a different faith than what is posted on the sign or shown on official documents which he reproduced and translated 13 times in his chapter 7. I want to be identified as a Christian only, not a Baptist, Methodist etc. To coexist in a culture without loosing native language or culture, not fully assimilating. I believe Linda is going to help many folks with this book.

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There is no gray zone because the opposites cannot co-exist but must cancel out each other—or so it seems. I have been told their only objective is to keep the girls here. Because ethnic Molokan Jewish identity can include characteristics of an ethnicity, a religion, … the definition of who is an ethnic Molokan Jew has varied, depending on whether a religious, sociological, or ethnic aspect was being considered. Spanking becomes a normal method for punishing children and is justified by using scripture Click Here to read more on Spanking. Sessoyeff, and John G. It was as if the past was entirely erased.

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The club was such a success, that I was hired to be U. We worked well together. During that time, Mike told me about what appeared to be a paradox. He discovered a question that always immediately divided the group asked. Half answer yes, half no, and they debate. He said it was hilarious to watch because each time he got the same results — divide and debate — which did not make sense. Walk up to any L. A group already in a conversation standing in a parking lot, sitting at a picnic table or at summer camp; at a wedding meal; at someone's house; anywhere and interrupt them with this question: The group will immediately divide into pro and con sides, and debate, even continuing after you left.

It proved to be a fascinating repeatable social experiment revealing social polarization. We performed the experiment several times in Los Angeles. Each test confirmed his previous results. Whatever the group was talking about stops, they divided into "for" and "against" Molokans being Christians, and discussed their differences, often passionately, as we backed away.

How could they always disagree about being Christian, and why? Mike found a litmus-test in which the Dukh-i-zhiznik population immediately self-classified into 2 groups — 1 practicing religious , and 2 social-cultural secular. Which group was correct? Each had different polar points of view on many dimensions. For dimension examples, see Variety of Dukh-i-zhizniki.

Both kinds mixed at the L. The 2 groups social and practicing did not clash much because the L. The social-secular Christian faction, many of them Y. There were many who easily straddled both realms, like the late "Little Al" Shubin. The most zealous Dukh-i-zhizniki never entered the L. Drinking vegetarian beer and wine was permitted, evidenced by the many bottles left on the curbs and thrown in the parking lot.

I helped fill a trash can with bottles and cans one summer after Wednesday Chai Nite. Whenever a Dukh-i-zhiznik zealot would accuse the L.

The religious political balance shifted when the L. Gage Ave was sold mainly due to fear of Mexicans to purchase the current H.

Stimson Ave, Hacienda Heights in a White area in their axial eastern sector , radiating closer to the new neighborhoods of the 3rd and 4th generation in East Los Angeles County. Families who moved south of Los Angeles were confronted in the s with neighborhood integration facilitated by the Housing and Community Development Act of sections 8 and by which people of color began moving into their white suburbs, resulting in a White-flight within Los Angeles County and to Orange County.

In the s, the more zealous practicing Dukh-i-zhizniki who wanted an exclusive private school for their assimilating grandchildren, began forcing their more civil social secular brethren away as many joined the new Heritage Club from the H. A to dominate the property, and eventually purged their newly acquired territory and grammar school of perceived heretics. A series of intense purge attacks occurred to assure that the "Jack Greeners" Heritage Club and anyone who supported the new "Re-Formed" Prygun movement in Oregon, would stay away or be secondary quests to their new social order within the property.

Clubs and Hume Lake camps were banned. Youth were now required to wear kosovorotki boys and kosinki girls as as Dukh-i-zhiznik Molokan Elementary School M.

If tried in San Francisco, this social experiment could not be duplicated. Real Molokane would not divide and debate. Here's testimony from a fellow who grew up in a mixed marriage, and was persecuted by American Dukh-i-zhizniki for being ne nash and at school for being Russian. He questions the hypocrisy of his father's heritage faith, and abusive Christians anywhere. Between two worlds and outside both , by Rasputin's love child, ExChristian.

Such abuses are more common than he knows. The Russian word Molokan should only refer to members of the registered faith. All Maksimisty are Dukh-i-zhizniki , but not all Dukh-i-zhizniki are Maksimisty. Most adapted from Russian folk songs and borrowed from German Protestants.

Not during service, but often during meals at weddings, funerals, child dedication, holidays 4. Open canon , a sacred text that can be modified by continuous revelation through their prophets.

Each congregation has 1 or more prophets. T here have been at least prophets since i n all congregations around the world. Over prophesies are written in secret notebooks shown only to trusted believers. Reorganized in Taurida Governorate , named in in the Caucasus. Fundada en los Estados Unidos.

Todos los Maksimisty son Dukh-i-zhizniki , pero no todos los Dukh-i-zhizniki son Maksimisty. Ha habido por lo menos profetas desde en todas las congregaciones de todo el mundo.

Malakan cheese , made in Kars province, Turkey. Molokan singular - Molokane plural. Many spelling variations and typographical errors occur in English print 62 counted: Other languages have variant spellings — Turkish: A better translation is "dairy-eater".

The insulting term "milk-drinker" may have been chosen for this heresy by Orthodox clergy as a pun to both a describe their heresy, and b state that they had as little an understanding of Christian faith as nursing infants. Isajiw, on Multicultural Canada. This essay goes further to examine the origin of the confusion and untangle it, providing a comprehensive explanation of the typological definitions.

In Old Russia, abandoning the Orthodox faith was viewed as abandoning one's Russian nationality and citizenship, hence the myth in Armenia that dukhovnye khristiane are not real Russians because they have their own religions. The ancestry of many Spiritual Christians is from a mixture of indigenous races and tribes, not all "Russian", and even Russians are not a pure breed.

Open canon, a sacred text that can be modified by continuous revelation , somewhat similar to Latter Day Saint canons. About prophets since , but only 4 major prophets in their Dukh i zhizn' holy book. Over prophesies are recorded in secret notebooks shared with the most trusted members. The most zealous third who moved to Canada further divided into 3 different groups by leader and obeying new laws. Klibanov, History of Religious Sectarianism in Russia s Later the same year, D.

Shubin got a photo of a similar sign above at the same monastery, which he published in on page 2 of his Guide to the [Book of the Sun,] Spirit and life with Supplements pages. The image above shows most of page 2 facing the title page 3 , with the sign enlarged to clearly show that the caption in English misrepresents the Russian text in the photo.

The Russian text translated to English: Chief elder of the skoptsy sects, Kondratii Selivanov, Chief of the molokan sects, Semyon Shvetsov, Chief of the Caucasian prygun sects, Maksim Rudomyotkin, In the caption as published above the label prygun for Rudomyotkin is obviously omitted. In his Guide Shubin presents no data about Molokan leader Shvetsov or skoptsy , rather focuses primarily on Rudomyotkin, whom he intentionally falsely claims is of a different faith than what is posted on the sign or shown on official documents which he reproduced and translated 13 times in his chapter 7.

Throughout his Guide Shubin repetitively mis-guides the reader by extensively using a false label in his first 6 chapters pages , and last 3 chapters footnotes on pages Therefore his published writings in the Kniga solnste, dukh i hzizn' and his prayers are void, and his followers must do the same. Or, you can accept that the word Molokan added in small script was a mistake ; the added word should have been prygun.

In contrast, the term Molokan s appears times in his Guide , including 18 times joined in phrase Molokan Jumpers , compared to Jumper s appearing separately only 3 times pages 5, 34, and 51 , ignoring the archival documents.

If a comprehensive index is added with corrections for labeling bias, translation, and irregular and missing citations, this book can become a good study guide for and about Dukh-i-zhizniki. Are these 2 Dukh-i-zhiznik teachers preceptors , front-row speakers — Pivovaroff and Shubin — intentionally misleading their students, confused about their religious history and identity, both, or something else?

Who is an ethnic Molokan Jew is a basic question about Molokan Jewish identity and considerations of ethnic Molokan Jewish self-identification. The question is based in ideas about ethnic Molokan Jewish person-hood which themselves have cultural, religious, genealogical, and personal dimensions.

Because ethnic Molokan Jewish identity can include characteristics of an ethnicity, a religion, … the definition of who is an ethnic Molokan Jew has varied, depending on whether a religious, sociological, or ethnic aspect was being considered.

The most basic unit of organization among ethnic Molokans Mennonites is the assembly. There are hundreds of ethnic Molokan assemblies Mennonite churches , many of which are separate from all others. Some assemblies churches are members of a conference, others are formally and informally affiliated.

Some, but far from all, regional or area affiliations are associated with larger national or world affiliations. Thus, there is no single authorized organization that includes all ethnic Molokan assemblies Mennonite churches worldwide. Instead, there is a host of separate assemblies churches along with a myriad of separate affiliations with no particular responsibility to any other group.

Independent assemblies churches can contain as few as part of 1 family or more than a members. Similar size differences occur among separate affiliations. Worship, assembly discipline and lifestyles vary widely between progressive , moderate , conservative , Old Order and orthodox ethnic Molokans Mennonites in a vast panoply of distinct, independent, and widely dispersed classifications.

For these reasons, no single group of ethnic Molokans Mennonites anywhere can credibly claim to represent, speak for, or lead all ethnic Molokans Mennonites worldwide. The Word of God Missionaries are not handing out copies of the Dukh i zhizn' Book of Mormon all over the world, even as you read this. So what is this secret book? What kind of book can cause so many readers to change their lives, their minds and their hearts? What kind of book can answer life's seemingly unanswerable questions?

It is Holy Scripture, with form and content similar to that of the Bible. Both books contain God's guidance as revealed to prophets as well as religious histories of different civilizations. Over prophesies are written in secret notebooks, which are shown only to members who believe in their holy spirit.

Within each faith group the styles and melodies vary by geographic territory due to generations of isolation among congregations. Those in Arzerbaijan adapted sounds more similar to Muslem chants than Old Russian folksongs heard in Tambov.

When about 50 families of Dukh-i-zhizniki were imported from Armenia to Australia and the U. From Vest' , Vol. I found many inconsistencies, errors, myths and misunderstandings published, and in oral histories. I traveled to the Former Soviet Union 5 times , , , , for more than a year total time, to visit and document Spiritual Christian communities. In , I began posting on the Internet. While visiting nearly Spiritual Christian congregations around the world, differences between the often confused faiths became clear to me.

My summary findings here and at molokane. The Russian term molokan 1 unfortunately has too often been confusingly, falsely and vaguely misused when referring to diverse non-homogeneous religious Christian groups or sects, any dissident in Russia, any old faith, or any migrant from Russia to the Caucasus — "Molokan" is the original correct term for the authentic Spiritual Christian Molokan faith since , "Molokan" is often confused with the similar sounding malakan , a label developed in the Caucasus which evolved into an umbrella term referring to any old-faith or dissident peoples from Russia in Transcaucasia , even after they leave the Caucasus.

The term Molokan should be used only for the registered Spiritual Christian Molokan faith. The phrase was used by Molokane to and other heretics to describe themselves, and was popularized in scientific literature by Moscow Professor Alexander Ilyich Klibanov , a historian, religious scholar, and pioneering researcher of religious and social movements in Russia.

The Prygun label was coined about The organized faith initiated 2 miles west of Glendale AZ from to , in a village of recent immigrants from Russia at 75th Ave and Griffith Lane , and amalgamated with other faiths in Boyle Heights district, Los Angeles CA in the s while the various Spiritual Christian faiths from Russia debated, tried to compile and edit a common holy book.

Dukh-i-zhiznik is a neologism formed in to accurately label these old new religious movements NRM. Please properly use these 3 transliterated Russian terms in honest respect, to set the record straight. Avoid confusing English labels, except to define the original labels in the Russian language. Avoid misinformation and disinformation published after Old Orthodox faiths Old Ritualists, staroobryadtsy , Old Believers, staroverie are raskolniki , not Spiritual Christians, and often confused with malakan.

God is there , falsely implying their origins are from a place with a holy name. Contents The purpose of this simple Taxonomy Three Faiths Today New Label: Similar to malakan , non-Orthodox faiths. Obshchei Communal Pivovarovsty followers of M. Tolstoy Vodiyanie water baptizers etc. Sign facing Lorena street at "Big Church," The Molokan Review , v1. The words "of Spiritual Jumpers" are absent in this photo of the sign on the "Big Church" assembly.

Los Angeles Examiner , September 24, ,. Sign at "Old Cemetery," , removed soon after this photo. Sign on "New Cemetery" office, Molokane 14, Molokani 1, Molokanye 1, milk-drinker s 5, Molokanism Holiday Christ's , God's 1. X Passion Week , Easter.

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I already believed in principles and had convictions.

spiritual dating sites free

Information on computer file backup programs, screen savers, language transators, news sources, Internet hoaxes and dangers, web site security settings, etc.

spiritual dating sites free

Commented only spiritual dating sites free my experience and tried to be of assistance to you and your readers. I had a hln online dating foundation in Christianity and I was so much luckier spiritual dating sites free others for that. I am waiting impatiently for a package to arrive by mail. Everything that has been said is true. Believing the KJV is the only Bible from which you can be saved, or. I do not understand English. See the Doctrine of Separation Deception page for more information.