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Hazing Deaths

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A fraternity officer sent a mass text message to members ordering them to delete photographs and videos of pledges who were unconscious, the suit alleges. New student Paul N. Four of the 17 pledges taken on a dropoff were killed by a car whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

The parties plan to reach definitive agreements by year-end with closing expected to follow in the first quarter of He was a member, not a pledge. Nolan Burch died with a BAC of. It's been discovered that the old Locomotive Shop and attached Round House will probably be torn down within just days of this date. Sanders and Brian Pearce died during a pledge and member outing in which alcohol was served pledges. Contact Hazing Deaths Hazing Blog:

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McCoy, 18, died asleep at the wheel while on a pledge errand. A school official ruled the incident was non-hazing although such pledging errands were not permitted by the international fraternity.

Member Gregg Scott Phillips, 21, fell from a cliff while trying to escape pledges intent on tossing him fully clothed into a swimming pool. Unknown to me whether alcohol was consumed in this episode. Not mentioned in press coverage, however. Pledge Sean Hickey, 19, died in a car filled with pledges and a kidnapped chapter member. A year-old driver received a one-year sentence for his reckless speeding at the time of the accident. Rushee Steven Butterworth fell out a window to his death after consuming ten quick drinks at a rush party.

The death was ruled accidental, not a hazing. Nick Haben, a non-drinker ordinarily, died from an alcohol overdose while participating in alcohol games for a school athletic club. Several members were convicted by the courts of serving alcohol to a minor. Pledge John Moncello, 18, came to the house when ordered even though he warned members he had been drinking.

Unsteady, he fell to his death from a fire escape. Pederson died when struck by a car on the side of the road while headed to a pledge retreat. Even though alcohol was involved, the school ruled the incident merely violated its alcohol policy and was not hazing.

McNamara, 17, fell from a cliff when he lost his balance while on an outing with members of the chapter he wished to pledge. His blood-alcohol level was 0. Grossly sleep-deprived pledge Gregory Batipps died at the wheel of a car. An ill and exhausted J.

Joynt III died following a pledge sneak in which pledges rough-housed with members. The fraternity blamed the death on illness and argued that hazing had not occurred.

Unknown to me if alcohol was a factor. Chad Saucier, a pledge even though he was a community college student and not an Auburn student, died from alcohol intoxication following an annual bottle exchange between members and pledges. Leslie Ware, 18, was shot at 1 a. He was shot by the boyfriend of the woman who owned the chair.

The surviving pledges originally said they were procuring the chair for a member who requested it, but then retracted the claim to say they were pulling a prank on their own. I do not know if the shooter had been drinking at time of death. No press accounts mention alcohol or physical hazing.

Several members served small sentences. Physical violence was direct cause of death. Alcohol use was never mentioned in press coverage or my conversations with family members. Ga briel Higgins drowned in the Colorado River after participating in silly drinking games at the initiation party on the ranch of an alumnus who did not partake in the games. Alcohol and possibly exhaustion from exercise during drinking games contributed to the fatal accident.

Member Brian Cook, 21, died in an auto accident following a rush event he himself had chaired. A fraternity brother was convicted of driving under the influence. A Brazos County grand jury brought no charges against members who soaked a pledge with water on a chilly January day. Although Trey Walker was cleaning the house, members insisted no hazing had occurred. Sanders and Brian Pearce died during a pledge and member outing in which alcohol was served pledges.

Alcohol likely contributed to the two deaths. Brian died heroically died trying to locate Pearce. The national fraternity closed the chapter.

Steven Velazquez, 19, died when he and other members and new members dove into a lake for a traditional swim following the initiation of pledges. Hazing was denied by participants. Benjamin Wynne, 20, died at the start of the LSU school year while celebrating his acceptance as a pledge. His alcohol level was nearly six times the legal limit. Pledge Scott Krueger, 18, went into a coma and died at a pledge party.

Charges were filed against the chapter instead of members, and the chapter merely dissolved with little or no consequence to individuals.

Alcohol contributed significantly to the death. He was removed from life support due to alcohol-related damage to his body. John Laduca, 18, a newly initiated member who had endured hazing but also had personal problems, killed himself in the house.

Although media accounts have linked suicides on this page to hazing, it is important for journalists and the public alike to recognize that depression is the most common link to suicides of all populations. I try to err on the side of caution. Courtney Cantor had a small amount of alcohol and possibly a date-rape drug in her system as she plunged from a dormitory to her death.

In some ways, her death was a mystery in that her final movements were unknown. However, both national organizations strongly insist on alcohol-free pledging.

Moore IV died by hanging. Pledge Kevin Lawless, 18, died during pledging from an alcohol overdose. Seven members were fined and given a one-year conditional discharge. Pledge Stephen Petz , 19, died during an initiation that was videotaped. Members were convicted for serving alcohol to a minor. Michigan later passed a state hazing law. A member found guilty of a felony had his conviction thrown out by a judge years after the trial. First-year student Donnie Lindsey Jr.

No hazing charges were brought against event organizers. Pledge sneaks—events in which pledges kidnap members—have widely been condemned by national organizations. The university condemned the activity but did not rule hazing had occurred. Over time the university student newspaper had to resort to freedom of information act requests to find out fraternity sanctions for hazing and other problems.

Pledge Adrian Heideman died after being encouraged to drink. Some members, including chapter officers, received a light jail sentence. Alcohol was cause of death. Adrian and mom Edith. Seth Korona died from the effects of a head injury contracted after consuming beer during a keg stand.

Although Ken Christiansen had been drinking at an initiation party and veteran members scrawled pictures on their faces, he died of an accident when he fell dead drunk into a creek and died, according to a police investigation.

Alcohol consumed prior to going out in freezing temperatures and failure of other athletes to montor were all factors in the death. Member Ben Klein who was beaten after turning his chapter in for what he considered hazing and later was found dead in a creek near the fraternity house. Members drank heavily rather than search for him with rescuers. Substance abuse was present night of death. Two males associated with the SDSU Tekes, on suspension for hazing, were killed when thrown from their truck as pledges were being taken somewhere from campus.

The dead were identified as Brian Jimenez and Zachary Jacobs, both An angry mother demanded to know why pledges had been taken out when the chapter was under suspension. The Associated Press reports that the mother of a drowning victim and her friend may have been partaking in a sorority ritual. Those present denied hazing occurred. The family has announced a civil suit to come. No hazing charges have ever been levied, however. Santos drowned in a University of Nevada campus lake.

He was a pledge of Pi Kappa Alpha. There were no arrests. A district attorney refused to call it hazing but instead a prank. Authorities and his family blame an alcohol drinking tradition associated with pledging for his death. No hazing charges were filed.

Near Bridgeport, one of the DKE vehicles hit a semi that had broken down. Four young men were killed and five were injured. An alumnus of that fraternity chapter in angrily said a scavenger hunt should not be called hazing.

This seems to be a case of hidden harm. While the four deaths occurred after a scavenger hunt, the driver himself was not intoxicated. Alcohol was consumed by all or some of the deceased but alcohol was not the direct cause of their death. Following the death of year-old Plattsburgh State University freshman Walter Dean Jennings, 11 fraternity brothers were convicted of crimes and served smaller sentences. Police stated that Jennings apparently died of swelling of the brain related to water intoxication.

Some members had been drinking heavily night of the death. Jennings died of a chemical inbalance due to coerced water drinking. Pledge Kelly Nester of Coventry, R. A lawyer for the driver of the vehicle denies that any swerving or hazing occurred. A civil suit has been launched. Unknown to me if any pledges had been drinking.

The driver was not cited for an alcohol violation, however. The direct cause was the accident itself. Robert Schmalz, 22, died following a rush event in which he consumed a lethal amount of alcohol. He was a member, not a pledge. Blake Hammontree was found dead in the house at Family called incident hazing, but coroner termed death accidental. Eight men were charged with crimes in the death of pledge Matthew Carrington, Convictions included one felony count for a sentence of one year in prison.

Pledge Kenny Luong of Cal Poly Pomona died in August after competing in a football game with other pledges against members of the Irvine chapter.

There were many more members than pledges in the roughly played game. Toxicology ruling came January The college was content to let this death slip under the radar screen with as little public scrutiny as possible. The alcohol-related death of Nikolas Gallegos, 18, at a fraternity party led to a letter to the student paper by a relative who pleaded that no fingers be pointed at anyone in the death.

Alcohol was a factor. The result was 3 dead, one injured. Does not appear to be hazing. He was a baseball player from California prior to coming to Rider. Brett Griffin, 18, of Kendall Park, N. J died in Newark, DE. Newark Police have charged University of Delaware students, all members or pledges of Sigma Alpha Mu, had already been charged as individuals by Newark police with alcohol and drug offenses stemming from the investigation of the death of Brett Griffin.

However, police emphasized the individuals have no links to the death of Griffin. Griffin, died at a party in November. The attorney for the family of year-old Johnny D. Smith of Tucson, Arizona who died of alcohol poisoning took the unusual step of calling a press conference calling for investigation of possible hazing. Police complained that university officials waited two days before asking them to investigate the death of Harrison Kowiak, 18, in what has been called a physical initiation game.

The death has not officially been ruled hazing, but the father of Kowiak said the event certainly met the definition of hazing. The mother of Kowiak, Lianne Kowiak, became an anti-hazing advocate. Death caused by head injury. It is unknown if brothers had been drinking since they waited many hours before getting Harrison medical treatment.

Chi Omega and Sigma Nu were suspended following the death. Members of Sigma Nu fraternity and Chi Omega sorority were charged with third-degree felony hazing. The death of pledge. Carson Starkey, 18, on December 2, of alcohol poisoning resulted in convictions of members. His parents are now activists. The parents of Donnie Wade Jr. The death of Samuel Mason was called a hazing incident and subsequently resulted thus far in seven arrests in Punishments were unusually light. Alcohol was direct cause of death.

A lawsuit by the mother of a deceased sorority pledge at East Carolina University maintained that the deaths of her daughter and a second pledge were directly caused by sleep deprivation due to hazing. One participant was sentenced to six years in prison. All others received probation. Committee to Halt Useless College Killings.

Madison High School graduate Carl Ericcson, 73, received life in prison for the revenge killing of one-time Madison athlete Norman Johnson who Ericsson claimed had hazed him as a schoolboy by flipping a jock over his face. Johnson was shot at his own home. Theta Chi pledge Philip Dhanens, a pound former football player, died following a weekend binge.

He died at a hospital where he had been taken for assistance. Leonard Serrato, 30, served 90 days for supplying the alcohol, and for strongly encouraging Dhanens to consume copious amounts of rum. Another member, Aaron Raymo, served a day sentence. Theta Chi president Daniel Baker also served a short jail term. Members of KDR denied that recruiting had occurred, according to the Lafayette student newspaper.

Earlier in , an additional Lafayette College student died after consuming a lethal amount of alcohol on his birthday—a non-hazing death. Twenty-two Pi Kappa Alpha members were convicted of various misdemeanor charges. The pledges were unable to walk on their own and were taken to the basement of the fraternity house and given buckets to vomit in; they vomited on themselves and each other. As they began to lose consciousness, their limp bodies were left in different places in the fraternity house such as the kitchen and hallway floors, according to the amended complaint.

A fraternity officer sent a mass text message to members ordering them to delete photographs and videos of pledges who were unconscious, the suit alleges.

Bogenberger was found dead the morning of Nov. His blood alcohol content was 0. Reporter Barbara Vitello added the following in her story. Five former officers of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity — where the year-old Palatine High School graduate was a pledge — pleaded guilty to reckless conduct, a Class A misdemeanor, as part of negotiated agreements.

Seventeen other men pleaded guilty to misdemeanor hazing. Renn, 22, of Naperville; Michael A. Marroquin, 23, of Roselle; Stefan A. Diaz, 24, of South Beloit; Nelson A. Irizarry, who in was listed as 19, from DeKalb; Nicholas A. Suter, 22, of Galesburg; Andrew W. Post, 22, of Chicago; Michael D.

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speed dating naperville illinois

The investigation by a local prosecuting attorney never formally was closed, but no charges ever were forthcoming. Steel again, like it was before changed in The dead were Michael L.

speed dating naperville illinois

The attorney for the family of year-old Johnny D. Log in or sign up in seconds.

speed dating naperville illinois

The small attached Round House on the North speed dating naperville illinois of the building, will also be torn down. Pledge Vann Watts died of an alcohol overdose. The driver was Allen Rupp. The direct cause was the accident itself. Gehl, 19, fell down a set of stairs and died two days later. Freshman Frank McCullough drowned when he tried swimming to shore after sophomores abandoned him on an island.