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Bike Boom at ExtraEnergy. Composite characters into any Photoshop project from a layout to a video, or print them with a 3D printer. Participants will be introduced into the basics of both technologies in one day each. Colorway Wordpress Theme by InkThemes. We need a resilient, community-owned internet that uses less energy. Get to work quickly and comfortably with your stylus on Windows 8.

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Acting on Climate Change. Preview your Scripted Pattern fills and refine them with new controls. I was thinking to relocate from Australia to Panama city,however English is my only communication tool. It's also important that they follow a process that leads to best practices, so that the CMS itself is training your team with every post as they onboard. Variable fonts With new font technology from Adobe, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, you can define variations within each supported font for weight, height, slant, and more.

With is gentle swan-neck looks and relaxed handling, the Twin RT is especially convincing as an easy pedelec, but it also puts in a good showing in the city comfort group. The tidy looks, with that mighty battery pack in the seatpost, are striking. Sporty looks, a powerful assist system and good specification: Ein auf das Wesentliche reduziertes Pedelec mit viel Licht und ein wenig Schatten.

With its powerful TX, Flyer carried off the touring pedelecs test win with flying colours. The full-suspension frame is a true delight! A fine, clean-lined city comfort pedelec which, with its flawless specification, also promises to be highly touring-capable.

A Bordeaux-red pleasure pedelec with a harmonious appearance. The specification is high quality, but gear shifting would benefit from a pause in power assist.

The UD1 stands out with its clean, straight-lined design, with the battery pleasingly integrated. This easy pedelec also delivers a hugely enjoyable ride. The Cityzen is a practical and versatile low step-through bike, visually striking and with great ride quality from a stepless transmission and, for its class, a very powerful motor. With their Fashion e02, Dancelli have created a freshly-styled low step-through bike with a top class specification. Easy mounting and a stable frame underline our verdict: A flame red runabout with fully automatic gears.

March saw test-rides on the Binova flow at the Taipei Cycle Show , and in April, Binova will send the production version to the ExtraEnergy test circuit. EnergyBus-compliant components for the market of the future.

Find your perfect pedelec via the product categories. Binova flow is the first gearless central motor system with EnergyBus. It assists directly at the pedal shaft and uses a bottom bracket with sensorics especially developed for binova flow. Binova has implemented the EnergyBus interface for communications between the individual components. This enables customers to use the drive system in a wide range of combinations without any great difficulty. Industrial and Specialty Automotive, Mainz, Germany.

Several Wall boxes can be linked to a group of diverse systems and configured through a central management software at pironex-portal. Electrically assisted cargo bikes are a hot trend in the cycling industry. Both demand and the range of new models on the market are developing rapidly. Expedition Starting in Glasgow on 19th November Explore the world without damaging the world.

They are rated on various tasks at a total of six test stations. In autumn , a total of 26 pedelecs subjected the ExtraEnergy everyday, touring and ergonomics test. Among a total of four off-road pedelecs. Here you will find a list of all pedelecs in the test. The benchmark or reference bike is a normal bicycle, so not fitted with any extra motor or battery.

The pedal power used on this bike is compared with the power applied when pedalling a pedelec at the same average speed. The everyday and tour riding tests take place in the small town of Tanna in the Saale-Orla district in Thuringia, Germany. What is their motivation to participate in the ExtraEnergy Test? What are their favorites in the test? Multi-functional, multi-purpose, universally-applicable energy combined with a completely different protective mechanism.

Operational loads on comercially used cargo pedelecs and public fleet pedelecs at IAA Things have changed in the right direction. Registration and vehicle delivery until 9 October Feature highlights include series hybrid pedelecs, youth pedelecs, sound for pedelecs and LEV components. The combination of competences of ExtraEnergy and Greenfinder shall reliably lead all prospective costumers to the vehicles which are perfectly fitted to their wishes.

Press publication for immediate release: Information now available in Spanish language. The focus of the ergonomics test is how the pedelec performs in everyday use. ExtraEnergy has tested pedelecs and e-bikes as an independent organisation since The tests have always been carried out under predominantly real-world conditions, and they include a riding test, the ergonomics test and now, for the first time, an extensive off-road pedelec test.

The riding test consists of a test circuit of Topographic map view and video clip. With over 20 years of development behind it, the well-proven ExtraEnergy test methodology has attracted the attention of the China Bicycle Association CBA. The 2nd edition of "Getting connected - Electromobility and infrastructure". Now available in German language. Expert oriented Meeting Point paired with exhibition and top-class presentations unique in the LEV components sector.

Soft-power assistance and Bluetooth interaction with most smartphones. Interview Joyce and Gorden Hsu. In an increasingly diverse marketplace, pedelec customers and manufacturers have a multitude of drive systems to choose from. Ever more suppliers continue to add to the range on offer, although really significant market share is split among just a few suppliers. For the first time trilingual, in English, German and Chinese.

Including 16 detailed test results. The key-issue of this tenth edition is on LEV Components. A spectacular journey presented on the ExtraEnergy Stage. Synergy between the human engine and the bike itself.

High torque within a small build-in space. Anyone who is interested to meet Light Electric Vehicle LEV and components manufacturers is warmly invited to participate. Exhibit worldwide at the most important trade fairs. Two products for free. Now even more service. Raise profile most effective. The Senat Department for Urban Development and Environment in Berlin is currently searching for public bike parking management strategies. EnergyBus is the solution.

Investment security guaranteed; milestone reached. For the first time bilingual, in German and English language.

Including more than 50 detailed test results plus cargo pedelec test. The test has clearly demonstrated that cargo bikes are by no means all the same. Sometimes it takes two tries. Release of the EnergyBus CiA communications open standard. Since 6 June , "elros" is launched.

BATSO 02 for stationary batteries released. Risky solar energy storage devices. EnergyBus compliant products of E. Ziegler Metallbearbeitung AG for pedelec fleets and rental schemes. The open day at ExtraEnergy e. Visitors streamed to the Saale-Orla district on the 24th May and gained a glimpse of how the future, networked by EnergyBus, will look.

A pilot scheme in Kenya indicates how force of habit can facilitate exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy. EnergyTubes go one step further. On 4, km the Mongolia-proven adventurers faced the elements of the North and ever new challenges for electric mobility.

The future of bike production. This, the largest cycle show in China with over 1, exhibitors, as ever also attracted a vast audience, with over , trade visitors and exhibitors from around the world. Free download now available. EnergyBus booklet, issue 11, April Universally-applicable energy storage system celebrates its launch. Project proposals until 1 August LEV Conference informs on 3 October The seminar will be held in German language.

Early booking discount until 20 April LEV standardization is radical and it is new. Hannes Neupert opened the training and informed on future plans. EnergyBus connector and permanent cloud connection included. ExtraEnergy is moving to Schleiz.

Schleiz, Germany, to become the centre of the Light Electric Vehicle industry. Open day at ExtraEnergy on 24 May Anyone is warmly welcome to test ride new pedelecs of Enjoy guided tours through the LEV museum in Tanna. On 6 March, the winners of the pedelec and e-bike test will be honoured at Taipei Cycle Show Anyone is warmly welcome to join. We offer early booking discounts until 1 May Participants can apply now. Our bundle offer for media partners. EnergyTube enables to build up an organic, self-constructed power grid with swarm intelligence.

For applications like solar storage, charging stations, emergency power supply or isolated power plants. Ideal for pedelec rental tasks. Already available on the market. Basic information on EnergyBus connectors, controller and implementation plus extensions for isolated power grids. By Torsten Gedenk emtas GmbH. About the new Board. CAN in Automation is inviting. Register now to get your early-booking discount. By invitation of Jean Chen, Grace S.

You can learn very good which is good for the Taiwanese industry. From 2 to 6 September , Joyce and Gorden Hsu of the companies Sunshine Technology in Taiwan and Shanghai Ying Yu Electronic in China participated in the educational trip throughout Germany to get further information on standardization.

The bicycle industry took an active role when EN for pedelecs was developed and updated. But so far only the motorcycle Industry took part in the process of more Bike shop of a different kind. Hannes Neupert EnergyBus will be one of the speakers.

The Pedelecs with Acron drive system will be available from March EnergyBus compliant products at Taipei Cycle Show EnergyBus members get free space to exhibit their products. There is a limited amount of space. At the last open day at ExtraEnergy e. The Taipei Cycle Show takes place from 5 to 8 March Register your Pedelecs and E-Bikes now!

We deliver the right technology, strategies, and roadmaps that are vital to success in today's social-first world. Our clients are genuine about their content and recognize telling their story requires a modernized approach to distribution and growth. We are a creative agency that innovates with deep technology. Founded by Paul Berry, the former CTO of The Huffington Post, our media-minded team of experts work closely with publishers and marketers to help their stories reach the right people, and to build experiences that create loyalty, engagement, and conversion.

Meme culture has come a long way. It started during the early days of the internet and matured from something a small group did online into the foundation of some of the biggest media companies today.

Memes will never slow down, as the density of our information and social graphs grow, and the spread of messages across the world become faster every day, week, month, and year. How companies are built around this culture is changing dramatically though. The last five years saw a massive rise of companies that were playing the meme-repurposing game. Combined with arbitrage, they were spending money on things people were likely to share and creating companies with multimillion dollar valuations.

But the algorithms have shifted now, and these quick hits are no longer creating any kind of foundation to stand on. The concept of content distribution has done a few somersaults since the start of Facebook's family and friends algorithm shift in January put publishers in a panic about how to maintain visibility in the News Feed. Just a little over a month later, the popular new media company LittleThings shuttered its digital doors , citing a dramatic loss of its audience thanks to the algorithm change.

We've entered into a major shift in new media publishing. So far, has been a roller coaster ride of industry shifts for publishers, kicked off by Facebook's sweeping algorithm change that left brands wondering about the future of traffic growth and monetization on social. While the algorithm change has triggered a resurgence in organic search, Google is making changes that increase competition and could shift your entire brand's SEO strategy.

In today's digital world, organic growth is everything. The old pay-to-play mantra adopted by many publishers is putting them at the mercy of Facebook's temperamental News Feed. If you want to survive the constant algorithm updates and technological changes, your focus must be on building a community that constantly sparks conversations among its audience.

To do so, you have to connect with likeminded Facebook Pages and social profiles at scale, and that starts with quality content. But sometimes good content isn't enough. At RebelMouse, we have a saying: Using proprietary technology, Discovery is designed to help you figure out the social ecosystem that's already having conversations related to your content. But before you can reach out to potential influencers, your content has to be set up for distributive success.

After making a huge wave during its rollout in , some legacy publishers are now abandoning Facebook Instant Articles. In fact, more than half of the original launch partners for Instant Articles were no longer using the format in January For major publishers, Instant Articles has carved out a reputation of being hard to monetize and having limited insights.

We're looking for a talented and motivated engineer that will join our DevOps team here at RebelMouse. We love people who bring value beyond code, care about ideas and concepts, and want their voice and expression to be heard and included.

We're a small team — you won't be just a cog in the machine. We want you to love scalable solutions, and actively be part of the creative process of making the company more scalable. The Media-Minded Creative Agency. New, faster reaction time is especially noticeable when working on large documents with large brushes.

With deeper integration between all the Adobe Creative Cloud photography desktop and mobile apps, all your photos are synced and accessible everywhere.

Get a more polished look faster with a new smoothing algorithm. Vary the amount of smoothing for cleaner lines, even when using a mouse. Available in the Tool Options bar, along with Flow and Opacity. Access over 1, digital brushes from award-winning illustrator Kyle T. Webster, now available exclusively inside Photoshop. With new font technology from Adobe, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, you can define variations within each supported font for weight, height, slant, and more.

Share a flattened copy of your work via email, text, social networks, and more. This feature uses native OS sharing mechanisms, including already authenticated services. Adobe Sensei technology makes it possible to create paths more quickly, intuitively, and precisely.

Push and pull segments directly instead of having to modify Bezier handles, similar to the Curvature tool in Adobe Illustrator CC. Simply double-click to switch between point types. Improve the look and feel of your paths. Choose the color and line thickness to make them easier to see. Copy and paste multiple layers in groups, keeping the same order and location instead of having to drag them to reorder.

Copy layers onto your clipboard and paste them at the desired specific spot in your panel, within and between documents in Photoshop. Learn about the different tools in Photoshop without leaving the app. With enhanced tooltips, dynamic information surfaces when you hover over a tool.

Edit and export panoramas. Photoshop will maintain important metadata to work with third-party viewers. You can also pan and zoom around your image inside a spherical workspace for a realistic preview experience. Keep better track of details for Adobe Stock assets by viewing title and license state. View an image and find similar images on the Adobe Stock site. Edit type properties with multiple layers selected, change the leading, and more.

Native support for Microsoft Dial gives you quick access to important controls without having to use your mouse. Control brush parameters including size, hardness, opacity, flow, and smoothing. Now you can paste text without the styling. No need to spend the time reformatting text after pasting. With depth information provided by the iPhone 7 Plus and future devices, you can create a depth-of-field effect using the Lens Blur filter. Get more accurate and realistic results with algorithm and performance improvements, especially in cases where the foreground and background color are similar.

Other usability and performance improvements include faster Quick Mask and more intuitive view mode settings. Performance and stability improvements, the ability to save large files faster, better face detection for Face-Aware Liquify, better Content-Aware Crop and Content-Aware Fill on edges, and more.

Get instant access to your favorite tools on the new MacBook Pro. Choose Photoshop commands, change blend modes and colors, and even access commands with just a touch. Adobe Stock now includes built-in templates to help you dive right in to your designs. Plus, you can drag and drop Adobe Stock search results from the Libraries panel right into your canvas to start using right away.

Right-click on a stock image to do a visual search for similar images. Great for responsive design, SVG fonts support multiple colors and gradients, and they can be raster or vector.

Libraries in Photoshop now support Adobe Stock templates. Plus, Send Link has been updated so you can share read-only access to a public library. When you follow a library, it appears in your Libraries panel and updates automatically.

Archive and restore all your assets stored in Creative Cloud, including the ones in your Creative Cloud Libraries, assets created with your desktop products, and mobile projects. Adobe Typekit uses its font sync and web technologies to deliver your Marketplace fonts anywhere you need them. Photoshop now works more efficiently thanks to performance improvements, including a faster Liquify tool.

The ability to adjust the eyes independently in Face-Aware Liquify, an improved user experience for Match Font, and more. Find the assets you need faster with new filtered search of Adobe Stock and icons that make it easy to identify licensed assets.

This new dedicated workspace helps you make precise selections and masks more easily than ever. Use tools like Refine Edge Brush to cleanly separate foreground and background elements. Photoshop CC opens documents faster and delivers greater responsiveness. Plus, Content-Aware Fill is up to 3x faster with even better results, and the Font menu shows lists of fonts up to 4x faster.

Photoshop can now analyze, identify, and match Latin fonts from an image or photo, taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect font for your design. Now you can duplicate a layer or layer group into other artboards, quickly change artboard backgrounds, and view artboards with transparent backgrounds. Face-Aware Liquify uses Adobe Sensei technology to automatically identify eyes, noses, mouths, and other facial features and then makes it easy to adjust them. Great for retouching portraits.

Apply alternate glyphs for specific characters directly from an in-context menu. Use Capture CC on your mobile device to turn any image into a pattern. Save it to a Creative Cloud Library, and then use it as a pattern or pattern fill in your Photoshop projects.

Now when you use Portfolio to create a beautiful website to show off your Photoshop images, you can include custom landing and contact pages to better connect with viewers. Copy and paste your Photoshop CC assets directly into Adobe Experience Design CC Preview , the new all-in-one tool for designing and prototyping user experiences for websites and mobile apps.

A new preference to use the legacy Healing Brush, improved responsiveness of touch gestures, new options when exporting artboards, and so much more. Find content faster by searching across your libraries and across Adobe Stock. Drag and drop assets to and from the Layers panel, add your favorite brushes, and share your library with others.

And get content into libraries faster with a new bulk import dialog box. This dedicated mode further streamlines design workflows with a unified sampling experience, efficient masking, robust app and cross-document search, and integrated layer and batch export.

Use artboard guides and grids to precisely place elements, sort layers by artboard for easier visualization, and quickly add new artboards to documents. Use artboard preferences to customize the look and feel of your documents. The updated UI delivers a clean and consistent look throughout Photoshop, and you can quickly perform common tasks using a new set of gestures on touch-enabled devices like Microsoft Surface Pro.

Make Photoshop yours by customizing your toolbar and saving multiple toolbar configurations as parts of different workspaces. Included workspaces have been streamlined to give you quick access to only the tools you need. Create beautiful compositions that feature 3D models and easily adjust camera angles and lighting. Composite characters into any Photoshop project from a layout to a video, or print them with a 3D printer.

Available in English only. Quickly find the font you need by starring individual fonts as favorites. Narrow down your search by filtering fonts by classification, like serif or sans serif, or by similarity.

The exporting experience introduced in June now delivers faster performance and better compression for all file formats, especially JPEG; the ability to export the same assets at multiple sizes; support for sRGB export; and options to embed metadata such as copyright into your files during export. Open and place native SVG files — which can rescale for any size device or any resolution — in your Photoshop designs.

Just double-click the object to edit it in Adobe Illustrator. The Glyph panel now lets you see and insert your most recently used glyphs and sort glyphs for faster browsing. Boundary Warp stretches the edges of a merged panorama in Camera Raw 9. Now you can preserve the look and feel of your entire image, even if your merged pano has transparent edges. The ability to see and edit type layer position in the Properties panel; reintroduction of the Oil Paint filter; ability to resize the Export dialog; Device Preview connectivity improvements; a preset value of 16pt in the Font Size menu; and more.

Ideal for responsive and multiscreen design, artboards let you create multiple layouts in different sizes, lay them out within a single document, and see them all at once. Copy and share content between artboards, and export them individually or several at a time. New Adobe Stock lets you find, license, and manage royalty-free images and videos from right within Photoshop CC. Select from 40 million assets, save your selection to your Creative Cloud Libraries, and then drag it into your project to use.

A redesigned exporting experience lets you export a single layer, an artboard, or an entire document with one click. Plus, get better compression, advanced preview options that include canvas size, and enhanced asset extraction. Easily add up to 10 instances of select layer styles — including drop shadow, gradient overlay, color overlay, inner shadow, and stroke — to a layer or layer group, and re-edit any style at any time.

No more rasterizing effects or stacking in different layer groups. Get precise, in-context, real-time previews of your mobile app and responsive web designs on actual iOS devices. Add monochromatic or color noise to your Blur Gallery effects to better match your original image — and to reduce banding when viewing and printing. Designed much like the Glyph panels in Illustrator CC and InDesign CC, the new Photoshop CC Glyph panel allows you to browse all the available glyphs in a font, view alternatives for currently selected glyphs, and access commonly used glyphs.

Precisely position your final object to match the scale and position of your image using Transform on Drop. Check one box to have Content-Aware Fill automatically fill in the transparent edges of your stitched panoramas. Remove or add atmospheric haze to your photos, and get more precise control over white and black levels when making local adjustments.

Imsges: speed dating luxembourg 2014

speed dating luxembourg 2014

This article stoke a cord for me, as i have travelled by rail on my own that is without my parents since

speed dating luxembourg 2014

This is a very true statement.

speed dating luxembourg 2014

In Italy, the fares were so absurdly low it seemed like they almost paid Spesd to ride their trains. Speed dating luxembourg 2014 would datinh more student dating website uk for our money. Buying rolling stock isn't yet in production for future orders is a very common process, from subways and trams to heavy trains of all speeds. Austria and Switzerland have no high speed trains, and Germany runs their high speed trains on common tracks, making them slower but also more affordable, as you say. Panamanian men are cheating. Quite surprisingly, those who want to avoid the spred costs associated speed dating luxembourg 2014 the high speed train between Paris and Amsterdam are much worse off today than people were inwhen the speed dating luxembourg 2014 also took eight hours, but there was no need to switch trains or walk across the border. The bicycle industry took an active role when EN for pedelecs was developed and updated.