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The entertainment group did a great job, there was always something fun to do. Many ex-pats are more than willing to love both the Filipina and her children as his own. A man who knows the dangers of credit card reliance. I agree with you about the US and if i have to leave New Zealand, i will probably try to move to the Philippines. He thought she was playing around, beat her up. The service at the beach side restaurant seemed to hate their jobs.

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Adventurous, funny, a blast in the bedroom. Within three hours, i received a notice from the credit card company that my card had been hacked. Do you take your guests as idiots? Lobster is not included in the Unlimited Luxury plan additional charge applies. The cost of living in New Zealand is high, perhaps to some people very high. We make decisions based on what we value. Most ex-pats come here and are completely fine with raising a new family.

My first date with her we met at her apartment.. Even before the interview was over the Mom was already whispering to her husband that I was a good man and that they should consent, which they did. We went through all this formality just so we could have a semi-private conversation.

We ended on good terms. A shame, her cousin Hannah is just wonderful. To be honest, after that I dated so many that it got to be a blur. All were ages from 18 to 20 with no kids..

Not all required the whole process that Sarah and Anna had meeting the folks. But they all involved having either a friend or relative present during the date.

We had lunch and she too dropped out when she said she hoped to have at least 2 children.. I walked with her as far as the main lobby of the mall and stayed inside while she caught a taxi home.

I wanted myself on the mall security video that I did NOT go anywhere with her. It pays to be cautious. All this dating at the surface level may sound intriguing and fun, which it kinda was I will admit..

Not because they were young. But because anyone who has dated a lot knows.. Such is life, win a few.. Even as I was returning home from this worst of the dates thus far.. I was getting text messages from a young woman named Michelle. I had chatted with her in passing at the mall, where she works, but just 10 seconds here and there until one night she and three friends of hers invited me to a dance-club with them about a week ago.

We had a fun time. We danced a lot and everybody went home separately, Michelle and her best friend at her side she shares an apartment with kept each other accountable. She lives three blocks from my place and I can visit her at the deli in the mall anytime.

So, with Michelle being local and all for the no-kids rule.. My goal here is to lay out an examination on the topic of relationships with large age gap differences. Some people love long-distance relationships, or big families. Some people choose same-sex mates in life.

But it does kinda break my heart a little when I hear of ex-pats who find the Filipina they love, enjoy a wonderful marriage with their wife who is perhaps 35 years younger and only encounter bigotry when visiting their family abroad.

They say they feel so much more at home here in the Philippines where others see them together and just accept it as a part of everyday life. Just an acknowledgment that people of consenting age should be free to marry the one they love. I have my work cut out for me. But because I have certain parameters I want to stick to.. I may just fall in love with a woman with two kids and toss my parameters to the wayside.

In July, , I took a leap of faith and transplanted myself to the amazing Philippines. I am a single man taking an honest look at all that the islands here have to offer, one day at a time.

I hope you find my LBTSea site informative, entertaining and hopefully a bit of each. Browse around and be sure to sign up for updates via email. I personally know its a hard with so many near perfect choices. If not now, within the next 5 years. That is also one of the reasons Western men are so attracted to Filipinas. Whether its white collar or blue, men love to come home to a woman that adores and respects him. Men in the U.

As a whole, they are decent Godly, hard working young ladies and beautiful ladies that lean on, and fight for their man. But a little jealousy is a good thing because she does have some ownership. Including go halfway around the world. The ideas that made this nation great have been traded for material possessions and compromised principles. All you need is a camera or laptop and people will smile.

But they are genuine,because they will remember you. I look forward to being with my fiance, but almost dread bringing her here, if only for 3 years.

I enjoy being there because of the people as well as my family but that primarily because they still live by our s morals, minus the drama of racism. And you Henry, are a good man. Just take your time and your own advice…. I take writing seriously and my goal was to share not only what I see here, but my honest thoughts and experiences. But there is a phenomena occurring here that is too easily judged on a superficial level.

Yes the wife is to be submissive to her husband and be a good parent to their children.. And Foreign men from not just America but Australia, Gerrnany, Japan, Korea, Canada and other countries are coming here literally by the planeload to find out for themselves the happiness their friends have found with a wife raised in the Filipina culture. Some men abuse that privilege and do not return the love they are given.

That is their own shame upon themselves. But most men, when treated like a King by their loving Filipina wife suddenly find themselves wanting to be a better Man. Your observations are pretty much on the money. I am amazed at how quickly you have worked out and summed up your observations, for most people it takes years to reach this level of understanding, if they ever do. People in the west have advanced to a point where it is hard for them to know where to they need to go.

Too much crappy music that influences their feeble minds. The infrastucture of the wealthy countries are beautiful but some of the people are becoming ugly. A thousand horses would never never ever draw me back to any Australian, English or American women. If I was going to be punished, I would spend my life with a Pinay Bar Girl rather than the garbage in the west. Oh by the way the later generation of men are not much better than their female counterparts.

I suppose I am in my perfect element here. I love to observe and analyze new information. I watch everything, talk to lots of people and try to get to the meat of the matter.

I love it here. I was raised being told the US had the biggest buildings, best lifestyle, etc. They are building structures that seem straight out of sci-fi. I could see that for years. Here, in the Philippines, okay.. No middle-class to speak of, poor infrastructure and some problems here and there. But overall, people here are much happier. They are survivors emotionally. Henry, upon further observance you will discover that there is a large Filipino middle class. It is a totally different scale of wealth that is based more on mindset and values as compared with material possessions in the western world.

You are on to it, just keep on analyzing and you will see it more clearly. You have already touched upon topics in many of your writings that define this middle class. Sometimes It is just not that clear to us westerners, but it is there. Learning by living there has a similarity with going to military boot camp. You must be torn down before you can be changed. But I only discovered your site by accident a few days back. As all old hands know, that was a major mistake. But there was a baby involved now 22 and later his sister now And I can only say that regardless of the 50 miles of hard road that was, and remains, their mother, these two gave my life joy and dimension throughout most of their lives.

And even now, tho they are venturing out and have no particular interest in hanging out with their dear old dad, they are a source of pride and satisfaction for me. However, when they were very young, the fallout of the Asian Economic Crisis of or thereabouts meant an end to jobs for a freelancer like me.

And not having a ton of dough, I reckoned the only way I could keep to commitment I had made to be there for them, regardless, I took them back to my hometown of Vancouver in Canada. But there were good schools available for free. So I set the three of them up in a modest house rented and then answered a work call in Hong Kong. And for the next bit I used the good money I was once again making to, first, support the kids and their mother at home, while I lived very modestly in a place where it is hard to do that.

In the course of that I met, after quite a time, a year-old Filippina helper who had been in Hong Kong working, seemingly happily, with a very successful Chinese insurance CEO and a gentleman, unlike many of his type I hasten to add ; she was beautiful, had PhD skills in home and young child management, great personal charm, on and on.

So he favoured her, fell in love with her in fact — tho never trying to pressure her. As she put it to me, growing up she saw only three places; her school, the church and her home, where not surprisingly she had many suitors coming to visit. Then one day her father, back from Saudi Arabia where he was a driver, was drinking with his friends. She came back from a late afternoon fiesta. He thought she was playing around, beat her up.

And immediately after that she started pressuring her various admirers to actually marry her. All the lads with futures, declined. There his relatives scared her into marrying him.

Which is when Mt Pinatobo blew up. All was buried in ash and lahar. They were stuck in a re-settlement area, where she apparently was a stalwart of the struggling new community.

So she went to HK. She was hesitant at first, probably not believing I would do such a thing. But we did and it seemed like a perfect answer. In fact it was a perfect disaster. Her kids, two boys, one girl, ranged from 24 down to Eventually I cleared it all off. But it left my kids scarred and cynical, perhaps for good; it destroyed me financially, at least for more than five years.

And now, ironically, I find myself at this age researching a return to Asia; not for a relaxed retirement, but to work — which happily colleagues of mine assure me is still possible. Of course along the way, I came to learn a lot more about people from that country; and there is a lot of violence, for example the young beautiful girlfriend of a much younger IT colleague of mine doing biz in Manila got shot to death in his office in broad daylight. Because his girlfriend actually had a young Phil lover and she, idiotically, believed he had life insurance so with him out of the way, happy trails for her and her real boyfriend.

Just that there is often much more to the portrait. First let me commend you on one of the best researched, heartfelt and written blog articles I have ever read. You are right on the money with almost everything. I could write pages also concerning this topic however you have put it so perfect. Also I would like to talk to you about some of your topics but not in a public forum.

Wow I am blown away by this article. Hi Roxas Ron, coming from you that is such compliment. The Philippines would have probably been a lot better for me and sounds like i would have had a lot more fun there.

I do not like New Zealand, but it is better than the US anyway. I thought it was a good move on his part to marry that girl.

They are still married as far as i know. I agree with you about the US and if i have to leave New Zealand, i will probably try to move to the Philippines.

So many weather related events are now happening that i am worried that severe food shortages world wide may develop in a couple of years or more. So, my thinking was that New Zealand is a better place to be than the Philippines if the world food supply starts diminishing substantially especially the rice harvest.

If i am wrong and the problem does not get worse soon, then the Philippines is probably a lot better than New Zealand. Mexico seems like it would be a good place to go, but as far as i can tell — too many severe problems including severe drought conditions just like Texas, plus i do not know how i could stay there long term without getting into trouble.

My brother says he is going to Mexico when he gets his social security check. Mexico would be a lot better than New Zealand if Mexico did have so many problems related to the US plus the drought problem. I could write a lot more, but it would just be confirmation of what you have already said.

I remember the Woody Allen issue. The other factor, aside from the age difference, was that the girl he married Soon-Yi had previously been the adopted daughter of his girlfriend, Mia Farrow. But Soon-Yi was not adopted by Woody Allen nor raised by him. My ex-wife, a wonderful woman, was born and raised in Mexico so I made lots of visits there during our year marriage. The difference between Mexico and the Philippines is that the poor in Mexico have picked up some cruel habits from living in the shadow of the vicious drug cartels.

In Mexico, if you have money you are a target for either home invasion, kidnapping or extortion. The cost of living in New Zealand is high, perhaps to some people very high. Never occurred to me that rice is produced over such a large geographic area that changing weather patterns may not have as drastic affect on the over-all production levels.

Time will tell i guess. So glad I stumbled upon your blog and particularly this posting. This is a core issue for me and frankly even on forums devoted to the Philippines many people still rail against the May-December relationships, and in a very disrespectful way. What you wrote is a fantastic distillation of the views I have come to over the last year. I only have two nits with your analysis. First, apparently I like my women older than you do, since my gf is 24 I am Secondly, I do not find FIlipinas to be particularly submissive.

They are respectful of their man and supportive and loving like no others, but they have quite a backbone in my modest experience. Thanks for the good words Dave. Pros and Cons come with each. I want someone with no kids and finding one older than 23 has been a complete challenge.

Just texted with another girl today, 18 and already has a baby. With a 35 year gap in your current relationship, Philippines is the place to be.

But very devoted and huge romantics. Not in a disrespectful way, but in jealousy. What have you gotten published? Henry, Filipinas age very well. I know this for a fact as my Asawa is Henry, great blog and excellent writing. If I went on my own, how would I go about meeting women. Personally, I would -not- suggest a romance-tour, cruise or turnaround of any kind.

The absolute best thing to do is move here.. As to the Filipina Dating sites, wait until you are here to use one. Instead, you can simply ask for their text number once you are here and in a couple hours be sitting across the table from them in person. Interesting views on May December relationships, as well as the extended rationalization about how cross cultural and cross generational romantic relationships are different in the Philippines. Yes, I have no doubt that the typical 18 year old Filipina is quite different from her American counterpart.

Given the expectations and upbringing of women in the Philippines, I can see how a romantic relationship would more easily thrive over there than here in the States. Still, while I recognize that love and respect can cross both generational and cultural lines and pass through romance into a convivial, adult relationship, I still feel that…often…and maybe not always…the younger Filipina is trading her youthful allure for a strong measure of financial and social security from their foreign husband.

Many young Filipinas might be desperate financially, and the tradeoff for a marriage to an older foreigner is that financial security that a native husband might not as easily provide. It doesn't negate the fact that love could develop, I suppose, but still—if I had my preferences as a single foreigner in the Philippines, I certainly wouldn't be interested in any woman under the age of I simply can't imagine what commonalities I could share with a woman who was born when I was 20 years old.

And I believe that all women, from every country, to some degree choose the man they will marry with security as a major deciding factor. And a much younger woman is not for everyone. I like the way you answer some of your readers comments. I enjoy reading your daily yourny in living in the phil.

I am a dutch man that came down from south africa and love it here. I try to keep up, lots and lots of comments via the site here, the youtube channel and the facebook page.

Can you tell me how to find out the ways that I can show this income? Is it done by tax filings, bank deposits, or what? Henry i was wanting to come over to PHP to see how life is for a couple of months before moving over. You can get a lot of information on many topics of living in the PH from the members here on the Forum link here. But the Forum here should be able to get you much of the general information you need from guys who have been living here for years.

Greetings Henry, Thank you for taking the time to do what you do. You have me laughing out loud sometimes. More importantly, I have gotten a better sense of the culture and have been surprised at some of my incorrect assumptions. I will be coming to visit this fall for a few months with the intent of finding a place to settle down. My only concern is lack of Mexican food…..

I am 51 and she is She had no kids and never married….. It did not work out because she is not what I am looking for. She was actually defiant with me on some issues and I've had enough of that with American women. I wanted to marry her, met her parents, asked their permission etc….. I can't wait to go back and meet the right one! I'm a subscriber and maybe I will meet you some day and buy you lunch and some beers!

WOW is this a loaded subject, in so many ways. Henry I generally agree with much of what you say. And there are no reasons that your posting would change that. I would add a few thoughts of my own. This is a hard one for many western men to deal with if they have never experienced what is easily found waiting for them here.

As you and many others have said there are 1,s of attractive and available women here, even after you subtract the undesirable ones. And as soon as you turn your head there is another and another, etc. As soon as you focus on one, there are 20 more in the background clamoring for your attention. Henry you know what you want.

This I think is something that many men think about only in a vague way before they get here. So I am breaking things down in generalities. If you are under 40 and do want children, the Fils may be your paradise with women in the 20ish age range.

If you are older than 40 and do not want children because you already have your own back home or simply do not want children then the 20ish option is pretty much not available. Because even if the young woman says I do not want children their biological clock is still ticking. Therefore somewhere around the age of 30 that will likely turn into a demanding yes.

I now want at least one child of my own. If you have been together with the woman by that time for over say, five years what are you going to do? If the relationship is otherwise excellent, leaving it would be very hard to do. If you over 60 then the whole subject may become much more demanding and sooner than you think. You may even really want to start another family or perhaps it is your first family. And here comes the big but. It is not fair to the prospective offspring.

Because the likelihood is that you will be dead before the child finishes high school, which currently in the Fils ends at grade This is not a financial matter which can be taken care of in many ways. This is a matter of doing the right thing for your children. As an example look at the number of women here who have one or more children and no committed husband or father to provide a positive masculine influence for their children. And it is always there. Of course you could be squashed by a bus the next day but generally speaking you will be around until the child reaches the age of If you are more than 55 I think it is not a responsible thing to do.

But that damn grass is so green that it takes your breath away. So if you want children, looking for an older woman who already was one or more of her own would be an ideal situation. That way you get to bypass the stinky stage say with children less than two years old.

And you can start to have fun with your kids right away. If you are up in my age range 65 a woman who is 40 or more could be the ideal match. As many have said Filipinas generally age well. And by that age usually the youngsters are teenagers or nearly so. So you decide, of course, big head or little.

Only remember, your children will pay the price for better or worse. One other point that I have not run across in the discussions I have read is the genes thing. Many Filipinas want to have a child with a foreigner because they believe the blend of the genes produces prettier children.

And this is often the case. Just look at that beautiful smiling face sitting next to you, she is most likely a blend of one or more different ethnical ancestors.

Unfortunately many of the younger less educated women do not understand that half the genetic make up of a child comes from the mother. And some of the most desirable genetic traits are recessive. That is why you do not see blue eyed, blond haired mixed children. There are far more pressing matters with which to occupy your life and time. The service at the beach side restaurant seemed to hate their jobs.

It was unfortunate because the view is great but the service is definitely lacking personality. The hotel is older so it is a bit dated and needing some repair but I will still recommend it and return ASAP. Had a great time, very relaxing. Dec 12 Great room and the service was excellent everywhere we went. Dec 07 This is a great place for adult trip if you want a restful - lowkey va ca. The entertainment staff is friendly but not pushy.

Entertainment was much improved since our last trip 5 years ago. Beach is a gorgeous couple mile stretch of white sand. Lobby bar was great with Cesar doing some magic tricks, and very nice muscial entertainment each night. DO NOT buy upgrade to dinner shows, just do buffet. Not worth the extra money and service was slow for those who did upgrade the two nights of outdoor entertainment.

Easy cab ride to town and golf. Spa was really nice!! Bit overpriced but they have daily specials so use one of those. My room was first floor beachfront, well worth the extra money. I have never seen such a meticulously kept beach. Palapas go quick so get up early and throw a towel on a chair to reserve. We love this place and will certainly return! Nov 30 This was our 2nd visit to Secrets Capri. We loved our Ocean View room , the food was amazing, and the staff were top notch!

Smaller resort which I liked. Food was good in the restaurants and it was great you didn't need to make reservations except for the Hibachi. Buffet restaurant was ok but I liked the others better. All the staff and the service they gave was just outstanding. The whole hotel was spotlessly clean. There was a good verity of food and drink.

Great entertainment everyday and there was plenty of day trips to choose from. This is our honest take on this resort: Not sure if this resort is a training center for new employees but it has that feel BAD: Who cares what the resort response is if they never fix 2 and 3 year old problems.

It is just lip service. Maybe offer free hydrotherapy so they can at least get some business at the spa. Do you take your guests as idiots? Every other resort we have been to these are FREE! I asked the front desk and they said that all the rooms were Preferred. Glad we forked over 5 figures for the UVC membership. What a bunch of BS. My wife and I booked Capri for our friends and my mother for her birthday.

We used a total of 21 Premier Nights. If we knew this place was like it is we would have went somewhere else. Feel like we wasted at least half of our Premier Nights on this trip. Of course, their eConcierge will reply to this and ask us to give them another try.

We will never stay here again and in 2 years, things at Capri will be the same as they are now. Intimate and Cozy Resort lukegt3, rye, ny usa Wed Mar 14 In the the end, they were spot on except for a major glitch that I'll discuss later. The resort is very pretty and well maintained. Exterior has barrel tile roofs and is "hacienda-like" in appearance - timeless. Room decor is similar to Maroma, but a bit smaller. Although an older property and a bit shopworn, the resort is absolutely spotless.

We had a room above the lobby, not necessarily our favorite, since we prefer to be closer to the water, but we did have a good ocean view and the resort is very compact. The location did make going to shows, listening to music in the lobby or relaxing at the bar convenient.

Our big concern going in was the beach. Photos indicate that the beach is very narrow, and it is as you walk north. To the south toward Playa del Carmen , the beach widened and there were plenty of chairs, shade and sand. We love to walk the beach and you could go a long distance on soft sand. Bonus was finding loads of shells. Seaweed was an issue, but as noted elsewhere crews work tirelessly. The small size of the resort meant fewer restaurant choices - no Bordeaux French or El Patio Mexican found at other Secrets, and a family food allergy left us with Portofino, the Seaside Grill and the buffet along with the Cactus Club on the beach.

Portofino was excellent, the Grill was nice and the outdoor Cactus Club was terrific for breakfast a la carte and lunch, as you sat alongside the beach. Buffet was average or a bit below. We were never bothered for VIP membership or wine upsells! Our recommendation is if approached and you are uninterested is to just say no, firmly.

So, nice ambience, friendly Secrets people and good food overall. What could be wrong? When we checked in, reception swiped a credit card for incidental charges. Within three hours, i received a notice from the credit card company that my card had been hacked. I had to cancel it. Spoke to reception, the concierge and reception again about the issue. No one seemed to take the problem seriously, and I cannot believe that my card was the only one that was hacked. The incident left a bad taste in my mouth and I was disappointed by the resort's response, particularly as a multi-Secrets guest.

Overall, a decent experience, marred by the credit card issue that could happen anywhere. However, Capri Riviera just didn't seem that special. Secrets Maroma Beach is still our favorite. Somehow, the level of service at Maroma remains a cut above. Fun times jmerlo, Justice, Illinois Tue Mar 13 The entertainment group did a great job, there was always something fun to do. The set up for the Oscar party was amazing.

Every night there was a entertaining show to watch. The comments and opinions on this Ratings and Reviews section of our website are the views and opinions of TripAdvisor members and AppleVacations. They are providied 'as is' and we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury, inconvenience or other damage resulting from this information. You should verify critical information for example passports and visas, and customs with the relevant authorities, and review our Fair Trade Contract and Things To Know Before You Go including our Health and Safety Tips For Travelers before you travel.

Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun Rooms: Yes No Hotel Only Go! To book multiple rooms or to travel with a lap child, please contact your travel agent or call for assistance. Note for when booking with a lap child: Sign up for email deals.

Louis Tampa Washington D. Mexico Recommend Magazine: Packages flying into Cancun but staying in Cozumel require supplemental ferry transfers at an additional cost. Thomas Santo Domingo St. Croix Barbados Antigua St. Cancun Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun. Surrounded by a string of sparkling beaches, Mayan archaeological sites and tropical coves.

Additional Charge Sunfish Sailing: Additional Charge Other Sports: Additional Charge Nautilus Equipment: Additional Charge Steam Room: Sugary white sand beach stretching a 1, feet. Musts be at least 18 years old to check in. Lobster is not included in the Unlimited Luxury plan additional charge applies. Apple Vacations Customer Satisfaction Score. Apple Vacations Traveller Reviews. I really wanted to love this resort.

Resort was very clean and well maintained. The Secrets Capri Riviera Maya is a wonderful resort for a relaxing getaway. This was our second time to Secrets Capri.

As for the room we had a ocean front room lower level north building and the 4th day somthing went wrong we returned to the room after day at pool to find it flooded water was running out on patio and they couldnt tell us why ,they did move us to different room and the last night gave us the Presidential room OMG it was great.

Imsges: speed dating in lubbock tx

speed dating in lubbock tx

The whole hotel was spotlessly clean. I think the Philippines is the last hold out. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

speed dating in lubbock tx

My friend's room had a lot of leaks from the heavy rains we experienced the first two days of our stay.

speed dating in lubbock tx

We had a datinb time at Secrets Capri, it is absolutely beautiful. All were ages from 18 to speed dating in lubbock tx with no kids. That would be prejudicial. I could see that for years. These are tendencies, not absolutes. Her parents had to work late so as we spent time with her Aunt instead. I do what I want.