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Distribute samples of your product, or give introductory discounts to dog owners. Ten thousand people attended this sold-out event, with a thousand more turned away each night. Archived from the original on 10 October Not only does it have a gripping yet humorous storyline by Halifax-born writer Sally Wainwright, but I recognise many of the settings. It's the perfect base to explore the surrounding picturesque towns and villages that are so much part of the series.


Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on 4 April It's difficult to track down all the different locations used, such as the registry office in Halifax or Ladstone Rock on Norland Moor; but it's fun to recognise them when you do. The city's central shopping area includes its unique Rows or galleries two levels of shops which date from medieval times and are believed to include the oldest shop front in England. Named Nambassa , the festivals focused on peace, love, and a balanced lifestyle.

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East Riding of Yorkshire. Isle Of Wight Marketplace. The town's importance is noted by its taking the simpler form in each case, while Isca Augusta in Monmouthshire , another important legionary base, was known first as Caerleon on the Usk , and now as Caerleon.

King Arthur is said to have fought his ninth battle at the "city of the legions" Caerlleon and later St Augustine came to the city to try to unite the church, and held his synod with the Welsh Bishops. Her name is still remembered in St Werburgh's Street which passes alongside the cathedral, and near the city walls. The Saxons extended and strengthened the walls of Chester to protect the city against the Danes, who occupied it for a short time until Alfred seized all the cattle and laid waste the surrounding land to drive them out.

In , the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records that, two years after his coronation at Bath, King Edgar of England came to Chester where he held his court in a palace in a place now known as Edgar's Field near the old Dee bridge in Handbridge.

Taking the helm of a barge, he was rowed the short distance up the River Dee from Edgar's Field to the great Minster Church of St John the Baptist by six the monk Henry Bradshaw records he was rowed by eight kings tributary kings called reguli.

From the 14th century to the 18th century the city's prominent position in North West England meant that it was commonly also known as Westchester. This name was used by Celia Fiennes when she visited the city in Chester played a significant part in the Industrial Revolution which began in the North West of England in the latter part of the 18th century. The city village of Newtown, located north east of the city and bounded by the Shropshire Union Canal was at the very heart of this industry.

A considerable amount of land in Chester is owned by the Duke of Westminster who owns an estate, Eaton Hall , near the village of Eccleston. He also has London properties in Mayfair. Grosvenor is the Duke's family name, which explains such features in the city as the Grosvenor Bridge , the Grosvenor Hotel , and Grosvenor Park. Much of Chester's architecture dates from the Victorian era , many of the buildings being modeled on the Jacobean half-timbered style and designed by John Douglas , who was employed by the Duke as his principal architect.

He had a trademark of twisted chimney stacks, many of which can be seen on the buildings in the city centre. Douglas designed amongst other buildings the Grosvenor Hotel and the City Baths. Large areas of farmland on the outskirts of the city were developed as residential areas in the s and early s, producing, for instance, the suburb of Blacon.

In , a bypass was built through and around the city centre to combat traffic congestion. These new developments caused local concern as the physicality [ clarification needed ] and therefore the feel of the city was being dramatically altered. In , a report by Donald Insall in collaboration with authorities and government recommended that historic buildings be preserved in Chester.

In the City Conservation Area was designated. Over the next 20 years the emphasis was placed on saving historic buildings, such as The Falcon Inn , Dutch Houses and Kings Buildings.

On 13 January , Chester was granted Fairtrade City status. This status was renewed by the Fairtrade Foundation on 20 August Chester is an unparished area within the unitary authority of Cheshire West and Chester as of 1 April replacing the old Chester City Council and the local ward is the City ward electing three councillors.

A small area around Chester Castle remains a civil parish of Chester Castle. Chester is twinned with: Chester lies at the southern end of a 2-mile 3.

The bedrock, which is also known as the Chester Pebble Beds, is noticeable because of the many small stones trapped within its strata. Retreating glacial sheet ice also deposited quantities of sand and marl across the area where boulder clay was absent. The eastern and northern part of Chester consisted of heathland and forest. The western side towards the Dee Estuary was marsh and wetland habitats.

In common with most of the rest of the United Kingdom, Chester has an oceanic climate. Despite its proximity to the Irish Sea, the temperature regime is similar to areas further inland, owing to the shelter provided by the Pennines to the northeast and the Welsh Mountains to the southwest. The nearest official weather station is at Hawarden Airport , about 4 miles 6. The absolute maximum temperature recorded was In an average year, the warmest day should reach Annually, an average of Annual rainfall is barely over mm [34] due to a rain shadow effect caused by the Welsh Mountains.

Over 1mm of rain is reported on The more unusual landmarks in the city are the city walls , the Rows and the black-and-white architecture. The Rows are unique in Britain. The shops or dwellings on the ground floor are often lower than the street and are entered by steps, which sometimes lead to a crypt -like vault. Those on the first floor are entered behind a continuous walkway, often with a sloping shelf between the walkway and the railings overlooking the street.

The most prominent buildings in the city centre are the town hall and the cathedral. The town hall was opened in It is in Gothic Revival style and has a tower and a short spire. Its architecture dates back to the Norman era, with additions made most centuries since. The elaborately carved canopies of the choir stalls are considered to be one of the finest in the country. Also in the cathedral is the shrine of St Werburgh. To the north of the cathedral are the former monastic buildings.

The church was shortened after the dissolution of the monasteries and ruins of the former east end remain outside the church. Much of the interior is in Norman style and this is considered to be the best example of 11th—12th-century church architecture in Cheshire. Roman remains can still be found in the city, particularly in the basements of some of the buildings and in the lower parts of the northern section of the city walls.

Of the medieval city, the most important surviving structure is Chester Castle , particularly the Agricola Tower.

Much of the rest of the castle has been replaced by the neoclassical county court and its entrance, the Propyleum. The river is crossed by the Old Dee Bridge , dating from the 13th century, the Grosvenor Bridge of , and Queen's Park suspension bridge for pedestrians.

The area between the river and the city walls here is known as the Roodee, and contains Chester Racecourse which holds a series of horse races and other events.

The major museum in Chester is the Grosvenor Museum, which includes a collection of Roman tombstones and an art gallery. Associated with the museum is 20 Castle Street in which rooms are furnished in different historical styles. One of the blocks in the forecourt of the Castle houses the Cheshire Military Museum. The major public park in Chester is Grosvenor Park. Chester Visitor Centre, opposite the Roman Amphitheatre, issues a leaflet giving details of tourist attractions.

Those not covered above include cruises on the River Dee and on the Shropshire Union Canal, and guided tours on an open-air bus. According to the census, Chester had a large White British proportion of around , or In Census there were , people living within the Chester urban area.

The city is home to the University of Chester. Formerly a teacher training college, it gained full university status in and is the county's main provider of tertiary education.

The University of Law also has a campus in the city. It has over 20, students at its two main campuses in Ellesmere Port and Chester as well as in workplaces and community venues. The science and technologies campus is based in Chester and offers a wide range of vocational courses and qualifications to local and international students. Queen Victoria , who was the school's first patron, issued a decree naming it "The Queen's School" in The major museum in Chester is the Grosvenor Museum which includes a collection of Roman tombstones and an art gallery.

In the Gateway Theatre closed as part of the Northgate Development, and so too the Odeon cinema, which opened on 3 October It generally stages 5 or 6 plays each year. There was a multiplex cinema and a ten pin bowling alley at Greyhound Retail Park on the edge of the city but these have closed and the cinema has moved to Broughton, just over the border in North Wales.

Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre , founded in , is the only site-specific professional open-air theatre company outside London. It has an eight-week annual summer repertory season. To the east side of the city is Chester Zoo , the UK's largest zoo with over 11, animals in acres of award-winning gardens. Numerous pubs, nightclubs and bars, some of which are based in medieval buildings, populate the city.

Chester has had a professional classical music festival — the Chester Summer Music Festival, since and regularly from The festival went into liquidation [81] in A major new music festival was launched in March previously known as Chester Performs [82] , running annually every summer.

The composer Howard Skempton was born in Chester in Chester has a brass band that was formed in Its members wear a blue-jacketed uniform with an image of the Eastgate clock on the breast pocket of the blazer. Chester Music Society was founded in as a small choral society. It now encompasses four sections: The Choir has members drawn from Chester and the surrounding district; The Youth Choirs support three choirs: Youth Choir, Preludes, and the Alumni Choir; Celebrity Concerts promote a season of six high quality concerts each year; The Club is a long established section which aims to encourage young musicians and in many cases offers the first opportunity to perform in public.

Formerly the Chester Orchestral Society they perform music from a wide repertoire. The Orchestra is a registered charity and usually perform four or five concerts, under the direction of well known professional conductors, each year including an annual carol concert , which take place in the magnificent setting of Chester's ancient Cathedral.

An annual popular music festival started in — Chester Rocks, held on the grounds of the Chester Racecourse is due to continue in July They had a number of hits in the early s.

Later into the same decade, Mansun formed in the city, after singer Paul Draper met guitarist Dominic Chad whilst working in the local former Fat Cat Bar. More recently, Shy and the Fight , featuring Chester-based musicians, have achieved national attention via airplay on Radio 1 and Radio 2 , also appearing at Wychwood and Swn festivals.

It also has free publications, such as the newspapers Midweek Chronicle and Chester Standard and the free student magazine Wireless.

Lache FM is currently Chester's only Community radio station. Chester's main industries are now the service industries comprising tourism, retail, public administration and financial services. Many domestic and international tourists visit to view the city's landmarks and heritage with a complementary benefit to hotels and restaurants.

The city's central shopping area includes its unique Rows or galleries two levels of shops which date from medieval times and are believed to include the oldest shop front in England.

The Forum, which houses stores and the indoor market, will be demolished in the Northgate Development scheme to make way for new shopping streets, a new indoor market, an enlarged library, a car park and bus station, and a performing arts centre. The price comparison website moneysupermarket. Just over the Welsh border to the west, Broughton is home to a large Airbus UK factory formerly British Aerospace , employing around 6, staff, where the wings of the Airbus aeroplanes are manufactured, [88] and there are food processing plants to the north and west.

The Iceland frozen food company is based in nearby Deeside. As of July , Chester had the highest rate of home foreclosure in the country, at three times the national average.

In Chester Council announced a year plan to see Chester become a "must see European destination". The Northgate Development project began in with the demolition of St. Martin's House on the city's ring road. The development will see the demolition of the market hall, bus station, theatre and NCP car park. In its place will be a new multi-storey car park , bus exchange, performing arts centre, library, homes, retail space and a department store which will be anchored by House of Fraser.

In , it was revealed that the Northgate development was to be put on hold until due to the ongoing economic downturn.

The city is a hub for major roads, including the M53 motorway towards the Wirral Peninsula and Liverpool and the M56 motorway towards Manchester.

A new bus exchange is being built in the city at Gorse Stacks is scheduled for completion in early Chester formerly had two railway stations. Chester General railway station remains in use but Chester Northgate closed in as a result of the Beeching Axe. Trains travelled via Northwich to Manchester Central. It was demolished in the s and the site is now part of the Northgate Arena leisure centre. Chester General, which opened in , was designed with an Italianate frontage.

It now has seven designated platforms but once had fourteen. The station lost its original roof in the Chester General rail crash. In September extensive renovations took place to improve pedestrian access, and parking.

Chester General also had a large marshalling yard and a motive power depot , most of which has now been replaced with housing. Normal scheduled departures from Chester Station are: In late the Dee bridge disaster occurred when a bridge span collapsed as a train passed over the River Dee by the Roodee. Five people were killed in the accident. The bridge had been designed and built by famed-railway engineer Robert Stephenson for the Chester and Holyhead Railway.

A Royal Commission inquiry found that the trusses were made of cast iron beams that had inadequate strength for their purpose. A national scandal ensued and many new bridges of similar design were either taken down or heavily altered. Potential schemes included a new pedestrian and cycling bridge across the River Dee, linking the Meadows with Huntington and Great Boughton , an access route between Curzon Park and the Roodee , an extension to the existing greenway route from Hoole to Guilden Sutton and Mickle Trafford , and an access route between the Millennium cycle route and Deva Link.

However following a reorganisation of the local authorities effective 1 April the Conservative-led administration of the newly established Cheshire West and Chester council was not very supportive, so comparatively little was actually achieved. Many of the ideas generated at the time were captured in a Cycle Chester Masterplan document.

The Chester Canal had locks down to the River Dee. Canal boats could enter the river at high tide to load goods directly onto seagoing vessels. The port facilities at Crane Wharf, by Chester racecourse, made an important contribution to the commercial development of the north-west region.

Later, those two canal branches became part of the Shropshire Union Canal network. This canal, which runs beneath the northern section of the city walls of Chester, is navigable and remains in use today. From about to the late s, when the canal-side flour mills were closed, narrowboats carried cargo such as coal, slate, gypsum or lead ore as well as finished lead for roofing, water pipes and sewerage from the leadworks in Egerton Street Newtown. Grain from Cheshire was stored in granaries on the banks of the canal at Newtown and Boughton and salt for preserving food arrived from Northwich.

The original plan to complete the Ellesmere Canal was to connect Chester directly to the Wrexham coalfields by building a broad-gauge waterway with a branch to the River Dee at Holt. If the waterway had been built, canal traffic would have crossed the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct heading north to Chester and the River Dee.

As the route was never completed, the short length of canal north of Trevor , near Wrexham was infilled. The Llangollen Canal , although designed to be primarily a water source from the River Dee, became a cruising waterway despite its inherent narrow nature. The network became the Shropshire Union Canal. Chester had a tram service during the late 19th and early 20th centuries which ran from Saltney, on the Welsh border in the west, to Chester General station, and thence also to Tarvin Road and Great Boughton.

The tramway was established in by Chester Tramways Company. It was horse-drawn until it was taken over by the council in Renamed as Chester Corporation Tramways , it was reconstructed to the 3'6" gauge, and electrified with overhead cables.

The tramway was closed in February , a fate experienced by most other systems in the UK. Chester was home to Chester City F. The club first lost its Football League status in , only to reclaim it four years later as Conference champions, but were relegated again in and went out of business in March after years in existence.

Following their demise, a new team — Chester FC — was founded. They play at Chester City's Deva Stadium , also known as the Lookers Vauxhall Stadium for sponsorship reasons, and were elected to the Northern Premier League Division One North for the —11 season , ending their first season as that division's champions, securing a place in the Northern Premier League Premier Division for the —12 season. The city also has a professional basketball team in the country's top competition, the British Basketball League.

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speed dating hebden bridge

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