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Since it looks like Mazda may very well revive the Wankel rotary engine as a range extender for electric cars, there's no better time to become reacquainted with the quirky internal-combustion engine. He specializes in working with youth players providing proper instruction on the fundamentals while keeping baseball fun. While at Belchertown, he was a 2-time All Western Mass. This page is for personal, non-commercial use. The Volvo XC40 is the entry-level crossover for the Swedish automaker.

Baseball Instructors

We're getting an sneak peek at two of those Jeeps early, thanks to illustrations the company revealed. On this episode of "Car Hacks," Amr tries using toothpaste to remove scuffs from his car's paint. We have players who train and have trained with us from the following organizations: So you're buying a boring-old silver or black car because you figure those muted "colors" will help its resale price, eh? Maybe it's time to give your fuel tanks a look. He enjoyed two fairly successful seasons hitting.

We recently heard that the Audi R8 supercar doesn't have a bright future, with no new generation on the horizon. But it seems like we're still going to have plenty of time with the current generation, and Audi isn't going to just let it sit. As the spy photos above show, the company is working on an updated version of the current model. The Phaeton never got a wagon, but the Arteon might. Volkswagen's flagship Arteon may not be the flight of fancy the venerable Phaeton was, but it might have one trick up its sleeve, one the Phaeton never got.

The British AutoExpress is reporting that the Arteon is going to get a shooting brake version, and another addition to the Arteon portfolio could be the 3. We tried living with the smaller trail-rated Jeep.

The Jeep Compass Trailhawk is the smaller sibling to the Cherokee off-roader. They look a lot alike, and generally that seems to be a good thing.

We spent some time with it, both in Michigan and the Pacific Northwest. It seemed like the perfect little ute to tackle rain and late snow, as well as the cratered roads surrounding Detroit every spring. Here's what we thought after spending some quality time together. F and Mustang hybrids will come to U. Yesterday, Ford offered up a buffet of information. Along with Bronco news, GT teasing and the announcement of Ford Co-Pilot driver assistance becoming standard across its entire lineup, Ford also reaffirmed its commitment to electrification.

Plenty of room to discuss world domination in quiet comfort. For decades, Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Maybach cars have been the ride of choice for leaders across the globe, presidents, ambassadors, dictators and despots alike. The Pullman model — a long-wheelbase six-seat variant — has been particularly popular with this select clientele. This week, the German automaker announced the latest version of the car, the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman S It's a Bolt with technology bolted on — but no steering wheel or pedals.

General Motors has announced that the fully autonomous Cruise AV will go into production in The roof modules containing lidar arrays, cameras, radar, and other sensors for the Cruise AV will be manufactured at the Brownstown Battery Assembly Plant.

GM says this is "the first production-ready vehicle built from the start. Gandys puts logo on driver protective device, will make Halo footwear. If you can't hide it, embrace it.

When the Halo safety device was mandated for Formula One cars this year, many were quick to draw parallels with the structure's eccentric looks and a flip-flop shoe. Now it seems McLaren is in on the joke, as it has joined forces with a flip-flop manufacturer.

More than 50 people died because of fuel tank issue, feds say. Gullwing last changed hands over 50 years ago. When it was introduced in , it was certainly unlike anything else, and the horsepower direct injection straight six made it the fastest production car of its day.

With a rich motorsport history and the still amazing gullwing doors, the SL holds a special place among classic Mercedes-Benz coupes. This backpack turns into an Electric skateboard in seconds. Equipped with front and back lights, brakes and two electric motors. You can learn more at movpak. This backpack turns into an electric skateboard in seconds. The electric skateboard Is equipped with front and back lights, brakes, and two electric motors. The board can go up to 15 mph, which is controlled by a remote.

A full charge only takes 2 hours with 6 miles of range. Siri and Google integration can be used to get d. Now you can plow your driveway from your couch. The ATR Orbiter is a remote-controlled snow plow that can pull an 18 wheeler. The stainless steel blade can be swapped out with a bucket that has a carrying capacity of pounds.

Learn more at atr-orbiter. Now you can remove snow from your couch. The electric robot is equipped w. It's expected to be a three-row crossover based on next-gen Explorer. Given that today's Continental and Navigator were previewed with thinly veiled concepts, it's therefore safe to assume that we'll eventually see a production Aviator.

We've seen two possible replacements, one from Karsan, and another from OshKosh. Now the prototype from VT Hackney has finally been spied, and it looks pretty interesting. We learned last fall that the Mazda6 is getting a slew of updates in the appearance and refinement departments, as well as this generation's first turbocharged engine may we never forget the old Mazdaspeed6.

Now we know how much it will cost to get that 2. The Bronco concept influence is strong. When a new, Ford Bronco was announced, there wasn't much information beyond that to go on.

Of course, Ford had produced a wild Bronco concept in below , a very boxy vehicle that struck a nerve with those that missed the last full-size Bronco Ford sold. That was discontinued less than a decade before that concept hit the show scene. But it appeared to have little influence on future product, and until the Detroit Auto Show's reveal of the Bronco logo and launch date, it was safe t. With horsepower, it's basically as powerful as a CR-V. The Honda Mean Mower is reborn with even more power.

While the second generation still has a cc engine, it's now a four-cylinder plucked from a current CBRRR Fireblade. That engine almost doubles the Mean Mower's power output, as it now has horsepower.

Orange and green also did well, but stay away from gold. So you're buying a boring-old silver or black car because you figure those muted "colors" will help its resale price, eh? Well, as it turns out, going fun and bright might be a better call. Used-car search engine site ISeeCars. Yellow cars held their values the best and depreciated 27 percent during the first three years of. The company also teased the much-anticipated Shelby GT and Bronco in renderings released Thursday. From the Focus and EcoSport on up to the F Nearly every mainstream automaker is introducing a base active safety suite across its lineup.

At an event in Dearborn, Ford announced it's rolling out Co-Pilot, its name for driver-assist technologies that will be standard on all new passenger cars, SUVs and trucks up to the F, including the upcoming Ford Bronco and Ranger. It also plans to add even more technologies over the next few years. Once again, the new Ford Focus small sedan has appeared with a thin vinyl wrap.

It's a newer design than the last one, and one with more puns. It has a pop-art look with some cartoon, no pun intended, speech bubbles, one of which has the oh-so-clever phrase, "We've got to keep this under wraps! Playsam makes the Alfieri and Levante from solid wood. In some ways, Maserati had it easier in the s. We don't necessarily mean in a financial sense, or that the cars were especially reliable, but it has to be said both the Biturbo and the third generation Quattroporte are both simple, three-box shapes that are easy to re-create from blocks of solid wood.

Both concepts are based on the Wrangler. Easter is coming up, which is a big deal for both Christians and Jeep fans. The latter of which are excited because the annual Easter Jeep Safari off-road event in Moab is coming, along with Jeep's wild concepts it builds for the event each year. We're getting an sneak peek at two of those Jeeps early, thanks to illustrations the company revealed.

Supercar may be around a few more years, then Audi will move on. Another Volkswagen Group icon looks headed for the River Styx. A few days after Autocar reported that the VW Beetle won't live past the current generation, Car and Driver reports "there are no current plans for a direct replacement" of the Audi R8.

Responding to a suggestion that the carmaker didn't have a next generation planned for the striking supercar, Mertens replied, "I would say so. The updates help, but Envision lacks identity in the crossover crowd. He is the associate scout for the Baltimore Orioles and in he helped oversee the selection of Powerhouse standout athlete Seamus Curran. Curran was selected in the 8 th round of the MLB draft. In addition to his scouting duties Coach Jasak has a long and decorated coaching background dating back 10 years.

Chuck takes a scientific approach to training and teaching the game. He is skilled with high tech video analysis and has learned from some of the best hitting instructors in the country, including numerous MLB hitting coaches. Chuck takes that in depth information and is able to translate it so players of all ages and ability levels can understand it.

Chuck has a unique way of taking incredibly complex information and simplifying it into small pieces that players of all ages can comprehend and immediately implement into their own game. He is as educated as anyone when it comes to the game of baseball. When you come to a lesson with Chuck he is going to coach and teach like no one else. I can assure you this is something you will never see from Chuck.

Chuck has drawn rave reviews from his clientele, and has a schedule that books solid from October to April each year. If looking for a lesson with Chuck it is recommended to contact us well in advance. Tom is the founder of the Enfield Reds. He specializes in working with youth players providing proper instruction on the fundamentals while keeping baseball fun.

In addition, Coach LaPointe has a strong athletic background. Tom has a decorated 20 year coaching career and continues to be heavily involved in the development of youth baseball players. Prior to his professional career, Jordan played at nationally ranked Division 1 Bryant University for 4 years—3 years as a starter, one year as Captain of the team. As a junior he hit. After his standout collegiate career he had personal invitation tryouts with the Reds and Phillies in and After his playing career, Jordan stayed involved with coaching.

He has the rare distinction of playing just about every position on the diamond. His unique playing background allows him to help players at all different positions. After college, he signed a. Mike has spent 7 years assisting both Holyoke High and Williston and was hired at the start of the season to become the head coach of the Longmeadow Varsity baseball team.

Mike knows the game as well as anyone and he loves to coach and teach it. Most importantly Mike is a quality individual who knows how to interact and instruct players of all ages. Corey overcame incredible adversity to get to that point. Corey and his two brothers were orphaned in when their mother passed away suddenly.

Through the tough times and adversity Corey managed to persevere, heading up to Division 3 Keene College to play baseball. His playing background combined with what he can teach these kids about never giving up and overcoming adversity is second to none. Corey has a tremendous knowledge of mechanics and pitching. He has walked the walk as a player and coach, too. Corey really does have the background. Several days later I watched him hit 94 mph on the stalker radar gun despite being out of baseball for several years!

His coaching experiences have included training professional baseball and hockey players, collegiate, high school and middle school athletes from nearly every sport, Olympic hopefuls, Tactical Athletes and general population. While at school, Scott completed 4 separate internships ranging from collegiate settings, baseball and hockey specific private facilities, and data collection for published academic research.

While at Belchertown, he was a 2-time All Western Mass. After his playing career, he spent 4 years as an assistant coach for 3 different teams. Currently, Scott competes in Powerlifting and also serves as a batting instructor at Powerhouse. Raul Diaz was the best kept secret in the area for a long time. He has an incredible passion for teaching and mentoring young players and passing on amazing baseball knowledge. Raul began coaching and working with friends and family for free in order to teach the game the right way.

In the process, Raul saw his son Isan become the highest drafted high school position player in Western Mass. People saw the incredible passion, intensity and love for coaching Raul brought to the table and within his first year of working at Powerhouse, resulting in his schedule booking solid in under a years time. Raul has received glowing recommendations from players and parents of all ages and ability levels.

It is highly recommended to call well in advance when looking for lessons during the winter time frame. On the outside Raul is as tough as they come but deep down you can see how much he cares for the kids and provides a positive role model.

In the process he squeaks every ounce of talent out of the players he works with. Be prepared to sweat and work like never before when you step in to work with Raul! During his college tenure, Garrett interned at Powerhouse Training and worked training athletes at Enhance-U, a sports performance training facility in Ohio. From through , he also volunteered as a pitching coach for three AABC youth state championship teams. As a player, Garrett was a three-year letter earner who helped to lead East Longmeadow to several league titles and three Western Massachusetts Division 1 final appearances.

Garrett earned second team and then first team All-Scholastic Western Massachusetts distinctions during his junior and senior years. During his senior year, he was named captain as he earned a 1. As a four-year starter, Garrett made an immediate impact. He became a weekend starter his sophomore year, and he was named the opening day starter and ace at the beginning of his junior year.

Unfortunately, Garrett had season-ending Tommy John surgery early that same year. During his rehabilitation, Garrett turned to Jon Davis for his training and mechanical adjustments. He was named player of the week multiple times, and he achieved first team all-conference, while also distinguishing himself in many conference-pitching categories. I make it a point to sit down with Garrett on a regular basis to discuss ideas on how to most effectively train pitchers.

Garrett is a gifted coach who studies the game like no one else I have come across. In addition he is a current professional pitcher. While serving as the pitching coach for the Giants in he guided the team to a league best 2.

He was the lead baseball instructor for the Cressotti Baseball School from to and has worked at many of the areas top baseball camps and clinics. Individually, Eastern pitchers were ranked in the conference in ERA. He has a year professional career in which he held a.

His MLB career was somewhat limited as he played behind one of the greatest players in history Barry Bonds. Clark excelled at every minor league level including starring in Mexico and Korea.

He is currently a minor league coach during the Spring and Summer. Clark actually was a star high-school football, basketball and tennis player at Springfield Central High School in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Imsges: speed dating enfield ct

speed dating enfield ct

Every driver, sooner or later, gets stuck in snow, even the Boston Police. Chris regularly works with athletes as young as 6 all the way up to training professional athletes on a weekly basis.

speed dating enfield ct

With horsepower, it's basically as powerful as a CR-V. He has an incredible passion for teaching and mentoring young players and passing on amazing baseball knowledge.

speed dating enfield ct

He has an incredible passion for teaching ebfield mentoring young players and passing on amazing baseball speed dating enfield ct. With horsepower, it's basically as powerful as a CR-V. Used-car search engine site ISeeCars. They cited a California crash of a Tesla in Autopilot mode into the back of a fire truck. You must have JavaScript enabled to experience the new Autoblog.