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Can you save seats with Southwest Airlines seating?

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Southwest Airlines has raised the cost of alcoholic drinks onboard their flights as of yesterday, March 1, Also, you exaggerate the problem of reserving seats. Barb on August 15, at 1: In any case, I got used to the SWA boarding process and the positives are it is undoubtedly the fastest method. Pete on August 13, at 3: Yes, it is an issue. Too many people doing exactly what UAPhil described.

Southwest Boarding Process

Even though we all booked on our own accounts my kids are adults , our boarding numbers were together. AND their credit card gave me 50, points. I fly Southwest frequently and seat-saving is a huge problem that Southwest chooses to ignore. Usually, I pay for early bird check in. He legit saved 4 rows on both sides of the aisle. After all, there are far better things to worry about than being a few rows i. I can state from detailed fact based experience SWA has the worst IT department and systems management organizations.

However, as an EarlyBird Check-In customer, you will have a better opportunity to select your preferred seat and have earlier access to overhead bin storage for your carryon luggage.

You do not have to take any action to check-in on the day of your flight because it is automatic. Customers who have purchased Business Select fare tickets do not need to select this option because priority boarding privileges are already included. Also, if you purchase an Unaccompanied Minor fare then you should not purchase this option because unaccompanied minors pre-board the flight ahead of passengers in general boarding. Southwest Airlines WN does not charge a fee for selecting a seat assignment.

Southwest does not assign seats. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Search, compare, and save on your next car rental. Aircraft seat maps, flight shopping and flight information.

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I always call out the bathroom lie. I was burned once when a person in the 1st row bulkhead was savings seats and so I headed to the exit row only to have another person claiming to be saving seats there.

Turned out the 2nd person and the 1st person were both together and the 1st person showed up at the Exit row, leaving the previous bulkhead row empty. If you want the piece of mind of knowing your seat is there for you so long as you arrive before the doors close…fly another airline. Almost same happened to us. Paid for early bird. Came to exit row with young wow an sitting there and her bag in middle seat.

I said my wife and I would like to sit here in the exit row, she said she was saving it. I expressed that it is not customary to try to save an exit row seat. I asked her what then was the purpose of having groups at all and paying early bird or business? She ignored me and moved to another aisle. We did receive compensation when we sought out a customer supervisor.

She indicated that how it happened was improper. And same lie; in the bathroom. She had stood in front of us while boarding. He was in the C group. Yeah — that is irritating. Yesterday I was on a flight to visit family. Paid for early bird check in and was in A group. There were many open seats in the front.

I tried sitting in 3 Different ones w the same guy saying they were taken. He legit saved 4 rows on both sides of the aisle. My experience brought me here to see what the rules are.

I totally get saving a seat, but multiple rows is rude. Southwest offers a service for a fee and holds zero accountability for those who exploit it. When we were looking to travel on Southwest for the first time, I thought about just buying 1 Early Bird and then saving 8 seats, but quickly realized that would just make me a giant jerk.

I pay for early bird to sit where I want and I will do just that. Recently traveled with wife, we paid extra for early bird seating.

We had A29 and A Totally annoying when you spy out two seats together, just to be told to move along. I commented that this was rude, and the guy got defensive and belligerent, I felt like he wanted to start a fight. A confrontation will happen. SW should address the issue now.

For my family, my daughter has autism, and we need to board early to get her settled before everyone gets on. Southwest does allow this for persons with disabilities, but they only allow ONE person to board with her. Number one, it is upsetting to her and will cause lots of frustration if her dad and brothers are not in the aisle across from me and her on the plane. Second, I need my husband to be nearby, and sometimes help a little if I need to go to the restroom, etc.

This would easily be solved if Southwest would allow us to board together. Also, I do try to go to the back of the plane we travel a decent amount , but on the flight we are doing this week, we have to be toward the front in order to get off quickly to make our connecting flight with my daughter Southwest made the connection, not me. Not everyone lies, or is a jerk, sometimes there are legitimate reasons for needing to save seats. Just trying to show another perspective. Marla — thanks for the perspective.

Seat saving is rude. Southwest Airlines is irresponsible for not creating and enforcing a clear, coherent rule, because it causes conflicts like this among passengers. What makes it worse is the fact that they market and sell priority boarding products- that is what makes people so angry about seat savers: My son is autistic, so I always pay for Early Bird check in for both of us, to ensure that we can sit together near the front so that he can have a good view out the window important distraction for him.

I indicated to the young woman in the aisle seat that we would sit there, and she said she was saving the middle seat for her mother. I looked down the next few rows, which were either missing windows or had window seat occupied, then told the woman that we would need to sit there, and not meanly pointed out that her mother could sit right across the aisle from her, as that aisle seat was still unoccupied. She crossed the aisle in a huff, and later loudly commented to someone that she had been kicked out of her seat.

Why should passengers have to argue like this? If you feel you must save for any reason, do so in the back. Right — I think most people would be more fine with seat saving if you did it in the back of the plane.

Fly Delta, United or others that have assigned seating. Do not save seats. Its not fair — I paid for early check in and they are saving seats for people who did not. I think SW might want to rethink their policy because they are losing money when people hold seats. Yesterday, September 14, , I boarded my flight from Chicago to St.

I asked if someone was sitting there and he responded they were in a boarding class that was after my position of B There were no other end seats so I proceeded to place my things down and he stated that all seats were taken on that row.

I asked the flight attendant who was standing right there and she stated that he could hold seats. I have never heard of such and I have flown SWA for years. To make matters worse, another Caucasian male came behind me and he allowed him to sit on the row, meanwhile a very nice lady sitting with her husband on the back row moved over and allowed me to sit with them. Both of them also Caucasians were disgusted by what had just occurred as where the other passengers on the rear of that Flight To make matters worse than that, I called Southwest Airlines Customer Relations Department and spoke to Logan, Customer Service Relations Specialist, explained the above situation and all he could offer was: And in this instance I think that it is totally unfair for Southwest Airlines not to take a position on this type of situation.

It is really a very poor excuse not to have a policy that is simple and clear. Not to mention that the man was obviously racially biased. Pay that fee get on first and hold a row of seats. There you have it! I would suggest Southwest Airlines put the policy in place to prevent these type of issues.

Like Comment Share Comments. In general, with our open seating policy, we trust Passengers to work out seating arrangements among themselves, and we hope everyone is considerate of other Customers during the boarding process. I will be sure to save this for future reference. Thank you so very much. And surely, I would not allow one bad apple to spoil the lot of what you all do.

What that does is lock in a boarding position at 36 hours prior to departure, whereas the rest of the passengers have to wait until 24 hours prior to check in.

After they sell 15, no one else can purchase those. SW is irresponsible for not having a simple policy posted at every gate. Individuals will still lie, cheat, and be rude. I fly Southwest frequently and seat-saving is a huge problem that Southwest chooses to ignore. Fortunately my wife was not far behind me so it was not an issue but I am sick and tired or mr. SW please fix this. I just wish there was one rule. I love being big. Been called an asshole before but no one has physically attacked me, although I would welcome it as there would be no where for them to run.

Southwest get your shit together, so that your customers can have a better flight experience with less stress which lord knows all passengers have enough of. Wow, so much frustration in this thread. You have no idea why they might be saving that seat. Would you WANT to sit next to someone that is about to throw up on the plane or squeeze your hand into oblivion? You people need to get over yourselves.

Go find another seat. Some of your information is wrong: Early Bird just means you can check-in on-line before everyone else. I always do the Early Bird and sometimes get a B boarding assignment. I did, and as has been stated and proven, there is no way for you to save a seat without a body in it.

Someone is saving a row of seats, and you come up and take one of them. They have still successfully saved at least one other seat.

You've failed to stop them from saving a seat. As I've tried again and again to get you to see, it's both. There is always the possibility that someone is trying to save more seats than you or anyone will be able to take away from them. Save big on travel each week. Discussion Forum and Stories.

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Can someone please clarify SWA's seating and boarding Policy? I was told on flight by flight attendant Barbara that the official SWA policy is that passengers can save as many seats as they'd like.

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southwest airlines dating policy

We have flown on many Southwest flights and do find that, in general, the earlier you check in the better boarding position you get. So you can still save and get good seats together in the front.

southwest airlines dating policy

A-list is for frequent flyers. Sit where you want to.

southwest airlines dating policy

No longer an A lister and I was B This person then boarded relatively early in the process and attempted to save two rows of seats toward the front of the plane. Turned out the 2nd person and the 1st person were both together and the 1st person showed up at the Exit row, leaving the previous bulkhead row empty. Middle seats are a pain on flights over an hour but the people that complain the loudest are the people that want first class for a 40 minute flight on other carriers. Families poliy head southwest airlines dating policy the back, where marriage not dating ep 11 viki hope to southwest airlines dating policy seats together and maybe an empty middle seat for a lap child. The biggest issue is people abusing the Pre-board system though to board first.