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Skaters and hockey players love Burnaby 8-Rinks, the largest ice rink complex in the world. Of all areas, the public sector has carried the employment rates and kept them at a steady pace. Grads also scored hig

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The former harbor district of the city Milan: By , Vancouver expects to gain 6, jobs as a result of the adoption of cloud-based computing technology, according to the Vancouver Sun. Give yourself a jumpstart when studying with these snacks that promote a healthy brain Vancouver, BC - October 13, - As busy students on the go, it's imperative that those quick snacks you grab are healthy snacks, not only for your body, but Even after theys meet with a potential employer, job seekers still have a few responsibilities to take care of before that coveted job offer arrives. According to Teen Challenge Canada, a program committed to keeping young people clean, more than 47, annual deaths in the country are linked to substance abuse. Various companies around the globe are extending their programs to any curious i

Through the Richmond Christmas fund, familie After a full year spent improving their French skills, Janet and N Susan recently received the Pamela Lawson Memorial Schol For the semester of Fall September - December , all students registered Join us on Thursday, August 25, from pm to discover the path to your new career!

CDI College has always Vancouver, BC — February 22, — In support of Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 24, , CDI College is encouraging all its staff, students, and everyone nationwide to wear pink to show support for anti-bullying programs across the count Richmond, BC - February 10, - Start your path to a fun, playful, and exciting career as a veterinary assistant!

Embrace your love for anima The deadline for receiving Contest entries is If you ever wanted to learn more about the dental industry before jumping in, this is your chance! Vancouver, BC — February 24, — CDI College campuses across the province will open their doors to the general public for an informative evening about career training in some of the most in-demand sectors.

With a high demand for health care profe The new curriculum will prepare those who want to play a valuable role within the pharmacy industry in Instead of waiting until December 25, here are some activities you can do With approximately 30, homeless people on the streets on any given night, homelessness affects more than , Canadians each year. According to the Canadian Homelessness Research Network , this number excludes the 50, from the hidden homele Grads also scored hig A new Workopolis study shows that a whopping 73 per cent of Canadians are working in careers unrelated to their post-secondary education — despite spending more and more time and money on that education.

The reason behind the apparent paradox is sim Starting this summer, prospective students can train to become Students at 26 campuses will be equipped with tablets by end of summer Vancouver, BC — May 1, — The career training programs at CDI College continue to evolve. By end of summer , more than 5, students at 26 campuses across the count Explore more than 50 career-training options available at campuses across BC Vancouver, BC — April 29, — More than three-quarters of all jobs openings in the province between now and will require post-secondary education, according to the Learn how you can train for a dental assistant, technician or dental office career Surrey, BC — February 14, — As the demand for quality dental care grows, there will continue to be a need for well-trained dental professionals, including dental Become a versatile member of an animal care team in just 49 weeks Richmond, BC — January 10, — With the pet care industry growing, there is an increased demand for well-trained animal care professionals, including veterinary assistants.

Time to celebrate conclusion of months of hard-work and start to new careers Surrey, BC - January 10, - Staff and students from CDI College's Surrey campus will celebrate the latest group of graduates at the winter graduation ceremony on Saturd The program recognizes past education and work experienc Time to celebrate conclusion of months of hard-work and start of new careers Burnaby, BC — November 25, — Families and friends joined CDI College staff and faculty to recognize and celebrate graduates from the Burnaby , Richmond and Vancouver c In fact, support from the staff at CDI C Surrey, BC — August 13, — CDI College is hosting an Info Session on August 14, at its campus in Surrey to highlight the Dental Technician program and introduce this growing field to those interested in a stable and rewarding career.

Applications are being accepted and classes w The Dental Technician program at CDI College covers all the fundamental skills needed to land a job Surrey, BC — May 29, — Dental Technicians can go by many names, but one thing they have in common is their training. Focusing on the creation of Workshop covers full range of topics for seniors and their caregivers Surrey, BC — May 21, — CDI College is hosting a public workshop for seniors and those who provide care for them on May 28, at its campus in Surrey.

Demand in BC will steadily grow over the next 15 years in BC Surrey, BC — May 16, — Like many industries, the dental technician field will soon be in great need of well-trained professionals to fill job openings from retirements and expansion o Find out why these behind-the-scenes professionals are essential to the dental industry Surrey, BC - May 6, - When it comes to the dental field, you may already be familiar with a number of professional roles that exist.

Based on your own exper The week Dental Assisting program cover Many people can't help it when depression strikes. Various stress factors such as home life issues, financial worries and work responsibilities can contribute to depression and it's not uncommon for the condition to affect their performance on the j Thanks to the rapidly advancing world of technology, the job of a help desk professional is always changing.

Sometimes these changes are for the better, as new programs such as the Giva Service Desk Management Suite streamline tasks and increase pro As fun as as it is to constantly update your social media pages, you should also keep in mind that what you post may affect you down the line. With an increasing number of employers checking out employees social media profiles, it's a good idea to r A new startup company, Tactus Technology, has recently shown tech enthusiasts a new breakthrough design in smartphone keyboards.

Not crazy about the touch screen? If you're one of the many who miss their easy-touch buttons, you don't have to anymore For aspiring IT professionals, any type of work experience is extremely valuable when establishing their career. Volunteering your IT services at a local non-profit or charity organization is a great way to gain some extra experience for your resume Unemployment can do more than add stress to your life - it can impact health as well.

According to a new study in "Archives of Internal Medicine," there are numerous links between joblessness and heart attacks, particularly in older workers. Becoming a successful professional doesn't just happen overnight. It takes years of studying, building up work experience and networking with colleagues, and even then, you still have to revisit your goals and make sure that you're taking the right Stress can be a a major hindrance when it comes to being productive or cultivating a happy and successful life.

Individuals working their way up in an industry have been known to crack under pressure, but by using a few practical tips for managing s Recent studies show that a certain type of behavioral therapy can improve symptoms and brain activity in children with autism. We've all heard the old adage that the customer is always right. While it still holds true for most businesses today, customer service has changed drastically over the last decade, especially how customers can provide feedback directly to a business A new system of vouchers will help technology companies in British Columbia find new workers to fill jobs in research and development, The Vancouver Sun reports.

The new program allows students to build on their existing early ch Edmonton, AB — March 6, - One of most rewarding things in life is landing your first job after graduation. But how do your talents, experience, skills and education help you find a job?

To be recognized as an exceptional candidate, you must sta As companies throughout Canada continue to expand and embrace new ways of conducting business, more workers are needed to fill the growing number of responsibilities in these organizations. One of the areas seeing lots of expansion is the informatio A new smartphone app enables Canadians to search for locations where they can find help for addictions and substance issues.

The program, launched by Drug Rehab Services Canada, hopes to help more citizens take advantage of available addiction resou After devoting the better part of a year to a career training program, students could be looking at a successful career as a payroll administrator. Professionals in this field process payroll information and benefit entitlements for employees in com When most people enter an interview, they're ready to tackle questions their past work experience, education or how their personal strengths can help a company succeed.

What they probably aren't expecting is a request to perform their favorite song Today's professionals have particular standards expected of them before they even sit down for their interview. Because of technology's capabilities and the ease with which professionals can network, employers anticipate that job candidates have alr An aging population, combined with an increas Getting laid off does not have to be the worst thing to happen to a professional.

Many times, when people are faced with having to leave their jobs, they had already considered the idea of leaving themselves. Most companies are looking for a good fi One of the best ways students can find success in their professional lives is maintaining strong and positive relationships with their supervisors. Bosses can vary greatly from one job to the next, micromanaging in some instances and hardly overseei The popular professional networking site LinkedIn recently conducted a survey of more than 8, workers across Canada, and the company asked these professionals how their current jobs relate to their childhood aspirations.

While not every individua When looking for a new job, your portfolio could be the key that opens the doors to success. When it comes to starting a new business, getting the company off the ground can be intimidating, especially for newcomers to the startup world.

For innovative individuals who aren't afraid of investing in new programs and technology, there are seve The new year has just begun and it is the perfect time to start thinking about all of your career goals and what you'd like to achieve professionally over the next 12 months.

The trick to accomplishing these goals is to stay realistic and make small As an information technology student, finding the right workplace can be an exciting venture. Startup companies and small businesses are cropping up across the country, advocating new products or services for smartphones and other devices that are t The senior population in Canada is rapidly increasing, and as this demographic grows the demand for certain healthcare services expands as well.

Many of these individuals will eventually need attention for medical issues, but there has been a declin Students who don't have Gmail at this point - especially students in the information technology sector - are part of a small minority, in comparison with other leading free email account providers.

The service has a variety of features that cater to Tech-savvy students may already know about some of the top electronic tools that can help them with their studies, but there is no shortage of apps and computer programs that can ease the pressure of college courses. Students considering a career th Executive summaries, objective statements and professional backgrounds are all different elements of a resume that students should be familiar with when crafting their own.

While all of these details are not required on one resume, students can tail Training helps healthcare hopefuls pursue their career goals faster Surrey, BC — December 4, — Without the proper training, nursing hopefuls would be left watching medical dramas, wishing they could find a career as meaningful as those o Taking classes often adds a layer of stress to an already hectic lifestyle, so it is important for students to find a healthy balance between their studies and relaxation.

Healthcare courses aimed at teaching the basics of medical knowledge and term Parents, teachers, guidance counselors and coaches often give the same words of wisdom to students: The statement is simple, yet occasionally difficult to follow for students who are unsure of what exactly that passion may be.

Parish nursing is just one niche of the nursing profession that can be found across in Canada. These nurses provide support to church members who might not otherwise seek medical aid. Trained as Registered Nurses RNs , parish nurses can make qui In just a year and a half, students will be prepared to write the C Students in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia provinces have numerous colleges to choose from that might be mere minutes away from their homes.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on room and board, young adults can consider the benefits of Mothers looking to get into the workforce face a big-time challenge. Not only do they have to prove they have the skills to land a highly sought-after job, but they also need to find employment that allows them to fulfill their role as a parent. Students cover fundamentals of practice as well as advanced topics over 44 weeks Surrey, BC — November 20, — In response to the demand for qualified and compassionate healthcare professionals around British Columbia, CDI College is introducing One of the most important jobs that a management professional possesses is recruiting the right talent to build a strong and successful team.

In a time where job competition is stronger than ever, employers have a greater number of candidates to sif In 46 weeks, students will learn to channel their knack for It's never too late to begin a new career, and many of Canada's baby boomers are in the process of learning that firsthand.

Luckily for these students, there are many opportunities for employment in Canada's growing workforce, and there are also man Learn how you can gain the technical knowledge and skills to work in this in-demand field Surrey, BC — November 2, — Dental technicians design and create various products to help patients maintain ultimate oral health. Since needs differ from p Practical training in state-of-the-art labs prepares grads to hand craft a range of dental products Surrey, BC — November 1, — CDI College is introducing the Dental Technician program at its campus in Surrey.

The program will provide students With technology trends changing by the day, it's no surprise that information technology IT executives plan to hire significantly more skilled employees over the next year.

According to the Forecast survey issued by Computerworld, 33 per cent Substance abuse is increasing around the world, and Canada is no exception. According to Teen Challenge Canada, a program committed to keeping young people clean, more than 47, annual deaths in the country are linked to substance abuse. The month of September saw confidence among entrepreneurs in Alberta rise, mimicking a similar trend across Canada.

According to the Calgary Herald, more than half of the province's business owners said that the overall state of affairs was positive People dealing with anxiety, mental illnesses or addictions can handle their problems in different ways, whether it's through group sessions, one-on-one counseling, art therapy or volunteering around the community. Another method that's being used i Across the country, schools are changing their curriculum to reflect the rapidly evolving trends of today's environment, particularly in the technology sector.

Only a few years ago, majors like journalism, business administration or even nursing did One of the benefits of becoming an Accounting and Payroll Administrator is the diverse workplaces a person can choose from. Essentially, every business needs an accounting department to organize and documents their accounts that pay the bills, as we Students who dream of working in the healthcare sector can get a head start on career experience through volunteer work.

A number of healthcare programs geared toward providing support for youth in need, individuals with addictions and others within Theory combined with practical training prepares students for healthcare careers in 75 weeks Surrey, BC — October 4, — CDI College recently introduced the new Practical Nursing program at its campus in Surrey.

Computer support technicians are not just important in the workplace - they are essential. These valuable employees provide assistance with a number of services, either in-house to coworkers or to customers that they serve.

Whether they are responsi Delivering top-notch healthcare requires percent devotion from every person involved, including medical office assistants. These professionals can work in doctors' offices, medical clinics, hospitals and government health agencies, and in each e Doing well in a job interview does not mean a job seeker has landed the position.

Even after theys meet with a potential employer, job seekers still have a few responsibilities to take care of before that coveted job offer arrives. Choosing a career as an addictions and community services worker requires many skills, both inherent and developed over the course of an their education, professional and life experience.

In some situations, these professionals work with clients cop Students learn to take the lead role in planning and execution of special events Vancouver, BC — September 27, — Students with a flair for planning and hosting events can learn to channel their talent into a career with the new Event Planner pr In today's office, computer support technicians never know what their day is going to look like.

Whether there is an internet outage or they have to reconnect network printers to every single computer in the office, they are constantly busy tending They sent in their resume, submitted contact information of references and found someone to write a strong recommendation letter. Though it appears that these types of professionals have taken all the right steps, they still could be overlooking one As a part of their training, information technology IT professionals should be well informed of the latest breakthroughs in IT resources, software and other services.

Various companies around the globe are extending their programs to any curious i Students of all ages have a number of factors to consider when they are heading back to school, from health concerns and helpful study tips to making strong connections to help further their careers. While it takes time to get used to managing acade Free dental services provided to low-income residents give students real world experience and teach the importance of giving back to the community Burnaby, BC — September 20, — CDI College, in coordination with the UBC Faculty of Dentistry and Since the early years of information technology IT - and even before technology, in the fields of science and engineering - women have typically been underrepresented in this field.

While there may be several reasons why, the trend of a large numb There are dozens of ways for students to perfect their note-taking skills, studying tactics and research methods. When they're heading back to school to become a medical office assistant, they could certainly use some of these tricks in order to com Heading back to school to pursue higher education for the first or even second time can be an overwhelming period in any student's life.

Whether they're pursuing careers as practical nurses , computer programmers or massage therapists, the demands o Practical nurses are valued professionals in a variety of different healthcare environments. Their help is needed in doctors' offices, long-term care facilities, hospitals, schools and more, and in each particular area, they may assist a different a When students are gearing up for their information technology IT careers by enrolling in specialized college programs, they might quickly realize the value and importance of finding a good mentor.

Having someone whom students can turn to with prof Before adults cross the last "t" and dot the final "i" of their oil and gas administration education, there are a couple priorities students must keep in mind to help them land jobs after graduation.

One of the most important things is finding someo As the summer season comes to a close, children are not the only ones gearing up to head back to the classroom.

Today, a growing number of adults are choosing to seek higher education to advance their careers and gain the skills needed to land jobs As a medical office assistant, employees can gain the best of both worlds. While completing traditional administrative tasks, workers are also immersed in the realm of healthcare, learning about subjects such as biology, anatomy and physiology from Certain skills are required for every given profession, whether adults pursue information technology IT careers, nursing jobs or roles in accounting.

Along with skills, an aspiring professional should be sure to develop competencies that will help Recent reports on the Canadian labour market highlight that gains are fairly consistent, though slower than earlier months such as March and April. Of all areas, the public sector has carried the employment rates and kept them at a steady pace. Every student has their own study habits, whether it involves finding a quiet space at home, listening to classical music or heading to the nearest cafe and getting lost in a health textbook over a freshly brewed cappuccino.

It might take a few year A career in customer service can take on a variety of different roles, whether professionals are interested in speaking face-to-face with clients or in front of a computer monitor, providing technological services. Computer support technicians have In today's world, most older professionals are the only ones who take into cyber security into account, while younger Information Technology IT are much more concerned with tech savviness and up-to-date programming methods.

He claimed he spent Christmas Day in Bahamas and was when he started texting me like crazy. He needs to go to jail. They can USE your story… showing realty how dangerous he is.. So please please please call and give your story. Lou — he was with me on Christmas Day … stuck in the airport… but then told me this story that he had to fly with another pilot to Saskatoon and back so that pilot could be free to take us.

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What low life targeting single moms. Do let us know how you know Chad. Halifax Regional Police say they have received more than complaints alleging improper medical examinations by Dr. He worked in the background. But he played a key role in helping to save lives. Colette Leneveu is facing four counts of intentionally or recklessly causing damage by fire or explosion. An Edmonton man says after having regularly vacationed in Mexico for nearly 50 years, he and his wife are now debating whether to ever go back.

A horrifying accident at a ski resort in Georgia injured at least eight people after a chairlift suffered a serious malfunction. Starting in transit fares in Metro Vancouver are going to go up to help pay for the municipalities share of Phase 2 transit projects. British Columbia has a major new political ally on board in the fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline.

No-one saw Brendan Anthony Burge, 24, fall from a fifth floor balcony during a St.

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single parents dating vancouver bc

In the past, during our previous office trips to many other cities in North America we have tried to find similar tours and we never really found anything like it. Parish nursing is just one niche of the nursing profession that can be found across in Canada. Then all day 26th was texting me to arrange to see me first week of January.

single parents dating vancouver bc

Sometimes job seekers may find an enticing job posting, only to discover that the employer's name isn't attached mentioned in the ad. When students are gearing up for their information technology IT careers by enrolling in specialized college programs, they might quickly realize the value and importance of finding a good mentor. Theory combined with practical training prepares students for healthcare careers in 75 weeks Surrey, BC — October 4, — CDI College recently introduced the new Practical Nursing program at its campus in Surrey.

single parents dating vancouver bc

Abbey, Do you know him? Do let us know how you know Chad. He must have ten times a day talked about how much the restaurants would make. Career fairs provide job seekers an opportunity to connect with businesses and organizations in their particular career fields. As a vancouved, they must apply for the position without knowing who they are directing their application to, blindly Check out the works of nationally and locally recognized artists at the Burnaby Art Gallery. Single parents dating vancouver bc you ever go on p3p dating guide fake private jet?