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What Really Happened at Charlotte Catholic HS

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The legal and social understanding of the concept of DV differs by culture. Ticket Prices All ticket discounts have ended. His story of rape and murder. Her worst fears are realized. The first chapter contains sex with family and friends. He is also the author of the new book Little Suffering Souls:

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Apparently he has a thing for black women. Towels are provided by the hotel. Child abuse is defined by the WHO as: Everyone's responsible for their own choices I know that, but sometimes people can be influenced to make the wrong choices and then their lives can follow a different path from that point onwards. But if you walk through that door you'll be in his power and it will change your life.

This story is an outrage, but so is our failure to properly teach the faith. Lets take this as a big lesson and teach and evangelize the truth without fear of the screaming , yelling opposition like those in this story. Not really — raw numbers are growing because of immigration, but even without immigration, there is a small amount of growth. See the latest CARA report. The percentage of the population is stable. Nor when the Communists did their best to destroy the Church in Eastern Europe only to find Communism destroyed instead.

You sound like a Mainline Protestant. US Catholicism is now larger than the next fifteen US denominations primarily Protestant and actually falling into desuetude combined. Probably not, but much of the decline may result from their at least realizing that none of the fifteen was founded by Christ in the First Century AD, as the Catholic Church was.

I am always curious why someone who is not Catholic and not at all open to what the Catholic Church teaches would waste his or her time on a site whose stated identity if that of orthodox Catholic teaching. You are either a consummate imbecile, have nothing going on in your life or so filled with hatred as needing to find a place to dump it. Why not try somewhere else to work out whatever it is you need to work out?

I love your replies. You have a classy way of insulting people who truly deserve it. Tough love without lowering yourself. Oh dear, oh dear. You are soooooh judgmental. Reflect that Papa Francisco is not in the business of judging people and concentrate on love rather than truth!

It would be a pathetic magazine and a pathetic commbox if only one viewpoint were allowed. But who am i to judge? You must be a woman. You do not know what it is like to be a boy who is doubtful about his manhood, and whose doubts are exacerbated by the fact that his father has rejected him, or is not around, or belittles him.

Nobody says anything about disowning anyone. We are talking about what is good and evil with regard to the sexual powers. Fornication is evil, yes?

Who talked about disowning a child? See this is the real issue. Drama, emotionalism, and failure to accept the truth are not justifications for making things up. Bad behavior should be called out, corrected, and not tolerated. It is one thing to misunderstand and seek clarification with goodwill. It is another thing to act like immature children with minimal intellectual horsepower and demand all bow to your ego.

Luckily Catholicism is too rational for you. Now you know exactly what God certainly wants. Protestants always know what God wants. This reminds me of something Archbishop Fulton J. We are no longer governed by Faith. We are no longer governed by reason. If there was a gay gene, then twins would both be gay when in fact they are not, by far. Your religion is showing! One of our employees, over 20 years ago, told me plainly DIRECTLY that he absolutely knew that the lack of a good relationship with his biological father caused him seek to the affirmation and affection of men…Right from his own mouth, and I I gave him a lot of credit for his forthrightness.

In my life time, I have never come across an ex-Chinese nor an ex-African American person walking on the earth. So how can you be an EX-gay???? Yeah, I agree with you. Someones have that tendency, most of them living in that situation for entertainment!

The Catholic church continues to grow. It is not failing. Meanwhile, the very liberal protestant churches continue to implode. I am virtually certain that you do not understand why people become gay either, so you and the sister are on even ground there. And no one talked about disowning children. Somewhere along the line you were not instructed nor did you figure out that expressions of indignation are not an argument.

While we are at it, your indignation is misplaced and silly. And there are plenty of good Catholics sitting on the sidelines who will make brilliant teachers once the deadwood is cleared out of the way. Just as when a business goes bankrupt and then reorganizes, perhaps some of our Catholic high school and colleges could do likewise? And when they re-establish into a new entity, they clearly require all staff, as a condition of employment to uphold true Church teaching via the Magisterium.

The psychological establishment is ideologically driven, though they cover themselves in a veneer of science. The psychological establishment has a LOT to answer for, over the decades. Do a little bit of investigating. This is how the APA ceased to classify homosexuality as a disorder. It was not by reasoned, scientific discourse. It was by intimidation: And their preferred form of debate is the shout down — the temper tantrum.

Essentially, the left is composed of people who never made it beyond adolescence. But I think Will gets it wrong — Obama is not the adolescent President — he is the demagogue who understands that the American electorate is composed of permanent adolescents — so he speaks their language to remain their leader. There is a book writen by Sam Leith — who was the literary director in the Daily Telegraph and colaborator in the Spectator magazine and other — titled: That explains too why I think St.

So many on the right have identified Obama as the source of all current evils. Obama is simply a stooge. He cites all the Court decisions in detail and then cites hard evidence that demolishes the claims. Obama owes his election to George W. Our problems go beyond Obama, focussing on Obama distracts attention from the real problem, which few seem to recognize, but Arriero does, something which those of the ideological, rabid right invariably attack him for suggesting.

The President is the resultant of the vectors operating in the national Democratic Party, and adds no signature element. The APA took a vote and by a small margin declassified homosexuality as a disorder. There are still shrinks who consider homosexuality a disorder and they are treating people with this disorder. The homosexual activists want doctors to stop treating patients with this disorder.

The students have been indoctrinated. When confronted with the truth they reacted in confusion and horror. If a teacher has a problem with Catholicism then they should not teach at one of our schools. Apparently we are a culture of effete crybabies. When we are faced with information with which we disagree our first reaction is emotionalism, not intellectual rigor. No intellectual defense of their position is given they simply whine, walk out, and rally the dissenting troops to spread the propaganda.

Austin, I want to believe you are right that we are seeing the last gasp of dissenting Catholics. But, the stats tell me otherwise. With respect to the gay marriage issue, Under Benedict XVI they seem to have felt their only option was to keep their mouths shut and their heads down. Under Pope Francis, they seem to have been greatly emboldened. I agree that it is wonderful to see the fabulous new generation of solid, orthodox priests. But, we have to take into account all the blatant dissenters in the theology departments of Catholic colleges, who hold great sway over their students.

And the dissenting parents who encourage dissent by their children. The Church is wasting her authority by arguing about birth control. If she were to drop her tunnel vision rational approach and begin to talk about the whole meaning of a sacramental life and how to live with the heart and mind of Christ, she might get a lot further. Pope John Paul fails to convince when he becomes a natural law nag. But his Theology of the Body, written within a soaring religious vision, is much more impressive.

People only hear what the want to hear and disregard the rest. That is not a function of the speaker. It is an indictment of the hearer. Those with ears can hear if they so chose. But what you hear is still effected by your personality a highly logical person will not hear what a highly emotional person hears; a person absorbed in the concrete will not hear in the same way a person with high intuition and a search for possibilities.

It is also effected by your environment a person from a city suburb will not hear what a person from the inner city hears. By your past A person who has never suffered poverty, physical or emotional stress, loss, defeat etc.

By your expectations If you expect only bad news, you might hear it. By your philosophical and theological perspective an atheistic logical positivist would not know what to do with the Easter story except to mock it. Using the example of Commonweal, I say this respectfully: Who said those with ears can hear? Who said you will know the truth and the truth will set you free? He implied we can overcome our past, expectations etc.

Once one reads the Gulag Archipelago, one is compelled to speak out against this satanic crap! St Augustine thought otherwise: If God wills to have mercy on men, he can call them in a way that is suited to them, so that they will be moved to understand and to follow… Since, then, people are brought to faith in such different ways, and the same thing spoken in one way has power to move and has no such power when spoken in another way, or may move one man and not another, who would dare to affirm that God has no method of calling whereby even Esau might have applied his mind and yoked his will to the faith in which Jacob was justified?

Who would dare to affirm that the Omnipotent lacked a method of persuading even Esau to believe? How does that contradict what I said? The old saying is embraced by Catholic philosophers for centuries. The truth will only be received to the degree one is open to the truth. Who would deny that?

I will say three Masses next Sunday, including Divine Mercy Mass, preceded by an hour of confessions. I will go to one Mass, and perhaps confession on Saturday, and put coin in the plate, which based on a recent comment, is of great interest to you. Actually, Bishop Conley of Lincoln published a pastoral letter on contraception this year. Yes, things are bad, but they could be worse: Then I acknowledged that things could be much better than they are.

Just trying to be logical without changing the meaning of words. Here is number two: Bishop Glennon Flavin, also from Lincoln: Here are some additional ones: A rational approach should be humble, because it could be wrong. On the basis of her natural law argument about sex between husband and wife, the Church calls a couple to heroic sacrifice, with no room for a softer approach.

I can see this kind of sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel. In the past, the Church made natural law arguments in favor of slavery, to prove that women are inferior to men, and that blacks are inferior to white men.

Bite by bite, she has chewed on crow. But now a bunch of old celibates think that, by pure reason alone, they infallibly know how things should be between a husband and wife. Here is what is dangerous about a rational approach. For the life of me, I cannot imagine how a celibate man alone in his bed can become the wise man about intimate marital issues.

But even the Greeks who started this approach admitted that the further you go down the deductive chain, the more likely you are to be wrong. Conclusions about artificial birth control are way down the chain.

It is presumed that you can conduct the whole process inside your head. More modern, more adequate approaches to logic understand that conclusions have to be tested by consequences, and the discussion has to be conducted between competent people who know by shared experience what they are talking about. Somewhere, I remember a pope saying that new facts cannot effect the validity of this abstract argument.

But an abstraction leaves most of reality behind. I would be interested to know where you see natural law linked to heroism, because I agree, the two are not intrinsically related.

Natural law, which I do not discard, leads to universal conclusions. At the self-evident level, they are truly universal. For instance, do the good, you cannot kill the innocent, or etc.. But as you begin to draw deductive conclusions from this unquestioned universal, other elements enter in, as I have explained above, and the picture is no longer black and white. In some hands, a conclusion from natural law becomes a cross people are nailed to.

And so, a couple cannot practice artificial birth control. It will be wrong under all circumstances. I used the true example of a response Christopher West gave to a woman who was in the middle of a desperate problem connected with reproduction.

I cannot imagine that her death was the best choice. On a larger scale, then, I think we can see that intermediates are only chosen for other ends, and if they happen to be chosen only for themselves, then a fortiori the intermediate should be respected.

If the intermediate is not found by deduction, then, then I think we have found an escape from your critique, no? As I understand it, the logical process described by Gelpi. David Platinga does something of the same thing. It goes this way: First, something happens to us, or we see, smell, or see something. Or the color blue, or green, or a major note, or a minor note.

Second, this is followed by memories which trigger other emotions, our imagination comes into play, and then the reality is explored intuitively, which puts things together, senses connections, looks for the whole. A lot of this is right brain stuff, or subconscious, or even unconscious.

Third, intuition begins to grasp generalities, and the first step of logical inference begins. It is like a hypothesis. This is done, first of all, deductively. A deduction is a prediction. If the prediction reached through deduction works out, we have a truth. If not, a defeater. My interest has been in the abduction, the statement of an hypothesis, first. We have to be more humble about this than we are.

If the affect is wounded, or twisted, or the memories are wounded, the whole beginning process is distorted. It is doubtful if inferences flowing from that bad beginning will be true. Universal statements are really risky, for reasons I have explained over and over: This can distort the deductive process, which can be well crafted, or logically flawed.

Another reason for a little humility. The inductive process can also be flawed. More reason for humility. Okay, so the individual is in himself ineffable, I agree. I thought we were over the name calling stage, but here we are. Politicians have actually cited his comment as their basis for voting in favor of gay marriage legislation.

He could clear this whole thing up in one sentence simple, declarative sentance, but, he refuses. Surely he is aware of how his comment is being used. Don, you are correct.

A perfect example why I never talk about this kind of explosive subject in public. The key to communication is listening. The article claims that most of the students were not really listening. But even if they were, there is the difference between what you say and what people hear you say. This will even happen when you put it to print, but at least you can refer to your real words. I wish Sister had written her words beforehand, or that there was some kind of recording, so she could defend herself.

I still remember your fawning acquiescence to the two ex-priests who took up cohabitating. You might have been a serviceable county assistance officer, but if your commentary on here is any indicator, you are derelict in your duty.

As for those two priests: They married their partners as soon as the law allowed them to. He never said rich meant only materially wealthy, but you have a common and vulgar obsession with filthy lucre. Just like our Lord and the Saints — never talked about explosive subjects in public for fear of being misunderstood.

I can ask the bankers how their deepest hopes reflect the presence of the Risen Christ in their lives. I can ask them to reflect on this thought: If you died in the next minute, what would your life really be about?

But as for the crotch subjects: I cannot in good conscious lecture about birth control because I think the Church is wrong. But I do speak about the dignity of our bodies and the call to live chaste lives because we are Easter Christians.

I tell people that we are called to follow Christ crucified in every part of our lives, and that couples who try to live without the cross are not following Christ. I leave it up to them to draw their own conclusions.

Here again, I think the Church is simply wrong. Heterosexuals can get upset about homosexuals and condemn them, but it really costs them nothing but a rise in blood pressure.

The homosexuals I know have caused me to see it is a many-layered subject…a mixture of good and evil. But that would describe you or me or anybody. If your commentary is any indication here, your concept of social justice is constrained and distorted, little more unbridled faith in your counterfeit god, state.

The veneer of integrity is tissue-paper thin. Still, it does seems the seminaries in the second half of the 20th century produced a bumper crop of cowards and careerists. First of all, although I disagree with you I am glad you come here to discuss things. But here is my question to you: Birth control has allowed large numbers of people to become promiscuous. Since you were a campus minister, you have some idea of the hook up culture, and other such examples of our culture becoming deeply promisuous.

Birth control has allowed large numbers of people to engage in extra marital affairs. It has led to the spread of diseases, to the point that one of four young women has an STI. No doubt all of this has had a hand in increasing the number of divorces, and the sourness in children that accompanies divorce. Women in college have much more depression than they used to, and women overall are unhappier than they used to be. In addition, almost every young women is now taking a drug instead of having a drug free body.

This can have effects on her ability to conceive later. It can have effects on her emotional state. It may lead her, in a moment of weakness, to have sex with someone she otherwise would not. The populations of once-healthy nations are in decline, and all that contracepting has led to a more lonely and isolated life for nearly everyone.

So, my question is, why do you disagree with the teaching of the church on this one? You make a series of really good points and I agree with most of them. Birth control has had allowed a lot of people to make stupid and immoral decisions. At this point I blush a bit, because I find myself about to make an argument the NRA would use about the access of every living citizen to a gun: The fact that something is put to immoral use does not mean it should go away.

While undesirable, artificial birth control might have preserved the marriage. I had a friend who married an alcoholic. She had full access to contraceptives and no compunction about their use. Her marriage ended in civil divorce and annulment, not for lack of contraception, but because of the unpleasantness of being intimate with a man who was physically repellent due to intoxication, odor, etc.

I find it odd that you would think fear of pregnancy would be the only impediment to a healthy level of intimacy with an alcoholic or that you would commit your mother to enduring it.

He was a mild mannered guy who managed to work hard every day, but he drank the money away. You want to wander away from the main line of discussion.

The simple fact is: Many families are stretched past the limit by the thought of another child. Many lack the capacity to practice NFP. It falsifies my position to say I am in favor of birth control for any selfish reason.

But when a couple comes to a time when sex divides rather than unites them, it is time to pray together, seek council, listen to the Church as one voice, and follow their conscience.

You meander like YOU are inebriated. What you express here betrays an incredible immaturity and psychological tension, no doubt caused by dependency on what you despise.

I find it amusing however, how much you think you in the paucity of experience know about marriage, while complaining that the Church is wrong. Get a psychology book and do some reading about projection. That is why it is laughable that an old celibate who spent his entire life in the Church bureaucracy can write an encyclical on Birth Control. At least a parish priest lives in the midst of the folks, and hears in counseling and confession, the personal anguish of people who are struggling with their problems.

That is why I say they are the only ones who are qualified to make those kinds of decisions. Who gets to decide which circumstances are too hard? I would say the only ones who can decide are the husband and wife. They accept children as part of that cross. I do not hold the essentialist philosophy which would consider birth control evil in and of itself. In fact, birth control might be the only good choice in a given situation. But your point 1 only pushes the question back one regression.

Interesting to see that you are not impressed by phenomenological analysis, because Pope John Paul was a prominent phenomenologist, and commentators tout the phenomenological, personalist approach in his Theology of the Body.

Well, the wind came up and the bass stopped biting. As I have noted, I follow Donald Gelpi, who has constructed an amazing philosophical and theological system on North American thinkers. I think he is a modern St. Gelpi notes, correctly I think, that our grasp of reality begins with intuitive, imaginative thinking, and this is the basic way we live our daily lives.

This right brain activity acts through spontaneous association, a sense of the global whole, and our judgment of feelings about things that impinge upon our lives. So far, so good. But in order to explore this world, the left brain has to take over. It does this through abstraction, definition, and logic.

All this is a crucial part of the process. But it is like looking at reality through a microscope or telescope. Things are seen in amazing detail, but the larger picture vanishes. It is a case of tunnel vision. The flaw with Greek abstraction is that its followers often assume they have captured reality.

In fact, they have left most of reality out of the picture. The substance is a conclusion based on logic. Everything that is good and nourishing about a good steak is an accident!

Dismiss the accidents, and life has lost its zest. When we have these kind of discussions, we should, as Gelpi would put it, practice a little humility. Our reason can be flawed. Even infallible statements are limited by their time and culture. Abstract, inferential thinking imposes limits. We are using a narrowly focused way of thinking that is unable to totally grasp the larger experiences of ordinary life.

I appreciate your sharing. But is substance really a conclusion, and not a right-brain intuition? I see Aquinas recognizing substance as that which just is individuated by itself, or that which does not require individuation in an extrinsic subject. The idea of substance was proposed to explain continuity in the midst of change.

The accidents adhere to the substance, so the substance is an inner reality which always remain invisible, but provides an unchangeable foundation for the existence of the accidents. I rejected this kind of substance thinking because it cannot account for evolution across species. People who believe in an unchangeable substance have to reject evolution.

Give me an example of what you mean by a substantial form generating concomitantly with the passing away of another substantial form, please. Maybe an example of one substantial form generating comcomitantly with the passing away of another substantial form?

The only examples I can think of is a corpse, or digestion. How many Holy Spirits are there? One that guides the Church and one that guides married folks that contradicts the one that guides the Church?

Too funny, as always. You are a hoot. You put your finger on the problem. The hierarchy cannot trust the simple folks who merely live their own sacrament to listen to the Holy Spirit and live a good life. Instead, it wants to treat them like children. One of the ironies of Humanae Vitae was this unintended consequence: Adults who were expecting the holy father to tell them what to do suddenly discovered their own moral authority. Except, of course, for those who still want daddy to tell them exactly what to do.

Okay, lets all step into our time machines and go back to your high school days. Would any of you want to have a talk about sex, even when it concerns Church Doctrine, in a large group which includes the opposite sex? Why was a nun talking to teenage boys about this topic? At least when we were given sexual mis-information, it was by a priest, in a group of other guys, no girls present.

It seems that someone in the administration did not think this out properly with the predictable results. Lets also imagine that you are a kid struggling with SSA.. Oh and your going to become a major, major sex fiend. No the Sister did not say that, but I will bet that is what the kids head, because, they are kids!

The issue is not the Sister teaching Catholic doctrine, that would have been fine. Once again, if she had left it at as Pope Francis says, we are for then what we are against she would have had a success, i. I would say that most of those kids know gay people, either in their family, neighborhood and community. Its not anymore. Throwing debatable stats at them when they see flesh and blood people is not going to work.

No THAT sounds stupid. Not all of us struggle with that temptation, but all of us have a sexuality and struggle with the proper use of that sexuality. Just because a person may not be a hormonally driven teenager anymore, or perhaps their sex drive was never that strong to begin with their are different levels or that may not have bee their particular temptation, does not mean they cant talk about with intelligence and compassion.

I truly believe the Sister did talk about it with both, the set up was all wrong and she went to far with the audience she was speaking to. Ah A-Bomb…your history shows when you have no argument you try to insult a poster…I say try as it is not working.. What would be your solution? But, no one was scolding. That is exactly the point. The crybabies and their children threw a tantrum. The pair of you sound like kids in a playground spat. More heat that light here methinks! Actually I addressed this comment to both of you.

This mud slinging gets us nowhere and grieves the Holy Spirit. My apologies Guest I think I mistook you for the other two. Indeed correcting error and defending Truth is NOT mud slinging. We get it, you are a dedicated homosexual and you just the latest in a long line of hit ad run trolls who emerge to the call of the other prairie dogs whenever Austin pens a column.

I demonstrated analytically that you are engaging in calumny. Funny, that anyone who has a slight difference of opinion is a troll. You know the state of my soul? Are you being Canonized in Rome at this point and time? I love the paragraph and description…too funny that you continue to prove my comment above. The Church never talks about sexual sin. You must not be a Catholic because if you were you would know that Catholics do not hear sermons about sexual sins…ever. What you always hear is love, help the poor etc etc.

It is a silly talking point that the Church talks about sexaul sin. I am a Catholic and I go to Mass and yes, the Church does talk about sexual sin, and as well they should. My point is that the Church and that includes all of us who have children,etc should be smart about how they teach this.

And when taking part in those things in which by Providence it is obliged to be occupied, such as eating, drinking, and conversation with creatures, it must be sparing in all, must discard what is superfluous, and must renounce, in the use of them, the joy and pleasure to be found therein, uniting and giving itself to Jesus as often as it feels itself tempted to enjoy something apart from Him and not Himself.

It was not necessary to spell out the implications for sexual sin, which are surely obvious enough. It encapsulates what should be the whole ethos of our earthly probation, to renounce the world, and differ in every temper and way of life, from the spirit and the way of the world: The problem is not false stats.

No sir, the problem is people reason by emotion and not logic. Your logic here is very much like the homosexual lobby logic. That type of facile reasoning is exactly why the children and parents rebelled. And the Church has been successful in that teaching through out the years but its only been because of post Vatican II and modern permissive secular society that it has failed? Unlike you and I they have grown up with gay people out of the closet. Its hard to believe stats when you SEE the opposite of that.

They learn even more on the play ground and from friends. Yet even more from TV and movies. I remember talking about these things in junior high and high school. There was no problem. Waal, I was subject to sex talk in a mixed group of students offered by a lady gym teacher and including props such as an IUD. That was about 35 years ago. I taught this stuff in RE to 9th graders for 5 years. Which would you prefer: The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways.

We know not the hour of our passion. Therefore, all parties are called to an exceptional level of love in response to this occurrence. Fury and wrath the reponse. Christians respond with Truth spoken in love. Our wise Bishop and Fr Kauth live this.

Yes, I live in the area. Responding to this situation requires a great deal of humility, wisdom, patience, and prudence. I know Fr Kauth, under the direction of Bishop Jugis, is precisely the priest to bring the balm of truth, clarity, and love to this situation.

He is an energetic, zealous Lover of Christ! He loves these kids in his deepest recesses. Evil exists, as does the havoc it wreaks. God knows the good that will come from this sad experience. A greater good is coming! You can see it at the march for life in DC in the bitter cold.

This is under the radar of the media driven statisticians. Yes, and I would think there must be two levels of response to this absurdity. One is to the families involved as the other poster spoke to. Yes, truth in love but not false compassion. But, we live in a connected world. The other level of response is to all those watching.

We owe a serious obligation to those as well. They can easily stumble if they are led to think the nun or priest were in some way wrong in their convictions or loyal to the Church. After reading this article, I still do not know what was presented.

We need to hear or read the comments given by Sister Jane Dominic. Only then can a definitive answer be obtained, although what happened following her presentation was a travesty caused in large part by the failure of the Church to properly catechize us. Now that is excellent, however, our faith is more than that. Also, is NARTH that misguided in reviewing the place of the absent or disengaged father as contributing to the etiology of homosexuality? I am testimony to that. Below, a commentor points out that the APA declassified homosexuality as a disorder with significant dissent among its ranks.

This plays a major role in this debate, for that decision turned the issue into a purely one. Quite seriously, this cultural war of ours must be taken to its pages. That is a statement of direct observation, affirmed over and over.

Because homosexuality is what it is — the all-absorbing, the ever confiscation of flesh for its orgasmic idolatry. My research regarding the APA and its declassification of homosexuality as a mental illness occurred in It was a vote of a panel of 7……Three active homosexuals and one sympathizer took it out of the diagnostic listing as a mental illness.

Wondering what we find out about the year ? Pray there will not be. What really happened at Charlotte Catholic High School Thank you for this narrative of a very sad and disturbing event. But Satan is always trying to stir things up in favor of his deadly and disgusting causes. Can we come up with some not-so-loaded words that seem to become fighting words for too many people?

Words are changeable things which is why a dead language like Latin is where the Church archives Truth. The question is, whatever labels you want to apply: Faithful Catholics want to be liberated from sin and the slavery of bad morals. You are right, the language should be more precise. Maybe we can come up with something.

However, at the same time, there definitely is a split in the church, and it definitely runs along liberal — conservative lines. Those who back Obama for example, tend to disagree with church teaching and desperately want it to change. Those who back Republicans, tend to agree with church teaching.

Need I say more. Also, they said that homosexuals can live in monogamous relationships. I suppose they can. Even the activist Dan Savage admits this. I am outraged at these self described catholics who feel they can pick and choose what parts of the Faith they will consent to. This is the true fruit of the destruction wrought by the spirit of Vatican Council II crowd. Holy Mary, ora pro nobis. The health risks of homosexual behavior. Lots of students at Catholic high schools are non-Catholic refugees from the government-school gulags.

The Charlotte Catholic school system is subsidized by the diocese and, as a result, tuition is not as expensive as it is at secular private schools. There are numerous excellent secular private schools here in Charlotte, but the tuition at those schools is much greater than the Catholic schools.

Divide the sexes, for ALL discussions regarding marriage, sex, the family, abortion, contraception, and so on. A man can speak frankly to boys and men. A woman can speak frankly to girls and women. It occurs to me that almost all the complainers in these cases are women. And we are quite reticent about these things. I do not believe it is appropriate to refer to those upset by Sr.

They are not interested in learning what the Church teaches, or in living holy lives. I know many of them. They think I am a little crazy because I actually insist on attending Mass on Sundays.

One was astounded when I said something about respecting the 1-hour fast before Mass: They attend Church when they feel like it. This is the biggest problem in the Church today and I think the only solution is for priests, bishops and religious to preach the truth to them and be prepared for a massive exodus. Promoting the idea of gender has been a cornerstone in promoting the idea that gender is an identity that overrides the physical reality of sex. I have no doubt they are ignorant and indifferent to Church.

They may not have even chosen their zeitgeist, they may have adopted in through cultural and social osmosis, but they are creatures of the left. It would be inappropriate not to identify them as part of the left. The other aspect of the left is that they are good at pretending to be part of a much larger group than really exists.

For example, the first thing they do when 2 or 3 gather in their name, is form an organization that claims to represent huge numbers of people, or at least sounds like it does. Having an organization allows the media to pretend they are a legitimate, large organization of people rather than a small band of outliers. They model their behavior on Karl Marx, who began one of his evil screeds the manifesto?

Pax Christi and Nuns on the Bus are two more. These are Marxist Liberation-Theology Organizations. Pope Francis has condemned Liberation Theology and has soundly condemned it. I applaud Austin for his creative writing and use of imaginative phrases, but the issue was never about Catholic teaching. The entire problem was about such a sensitive talk concerning sexuality being presented to the children without the parents knowledge.

The reports by the children about what was presented is what caused concern. This never had anything to do with dissenters to the Church. Ruse recorded these claims that the hostility directed at the nun and chaplain and school had nothing to do with the content of the talk but the suitability of the talk to a mixed gender high school audience. Yet conceding this mistake did not placate the student, parent and faculty protestors whose sustained and vitriolic reaction as well as the evidence provided by Mr.

Ruse, supports his argument that opposition to the content of the speech was in fact what motivated them. You yourself admit that what the students heard caused the protest. The protest, ultimately, was against the content of the speech. If you disagree with the content of the speech, then you probably dissent from Church teaching on homosexuality, divorce, contraception, etc.

I keep asking the following question but it appears no one wants to tackle it fear? Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social, and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors. Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles; most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation.

There is no scientifically valid answer to the question you ask as there is, as of now, no scientifically valid evidence of causation. As with most human behavior, deviation from the norm in human sexuality is very likely the complex relationship of some biological factor s and some non-biological factor s. Thank you so much TomD: May I engage you in a conversation? At the end of our conversation, I will share my own thoughts. To be precise, the Church teaches specifically that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered and that homosexual inclinations are objectively disordered.

As to natural vs. I truly admire your forthrightness and courage. Let me put forth the following and then I will make my argument:. Humans gain understanding in many other ways, such as through literature, the arts, philosophical reflection, and religious experience.

All these evil things come from within and make a man unclean. Having quoted Ps Nevertheless, God does not command the impossible, and grants even to those who do not actually observe His commandments the power of observing them. But those who observe His commandments are better than others and would not keep them in fact, had not God from eternity efficaciously decreed that they should observe these precepts.

Thus, these good servants of God are more beloved and assisted by Him than others, although God does not command the impossible of the others. Furthermore, this very resistance to sufficient grace is an evil which would not occur, here and now, without the divine permission, and nonresistance itself is a good which would not come about here and now except for divine consequent will.

Therefore, there is a real difference between sufficient grace, to which is attached the divine permission of sin and by reason of which the fulfillment of the commandments is really possible, and efficacious grace, on the other hand, which is a greater help whence follows not only the real possibility of observing the commandments, but their effective fulfillment.

Any familiarity with their web site should allow anyone to question what they think they know about homosexuality and its causes. NARTH publishes the results of the clinical studies their membership has produced. All are invited to do the homework on same sex attraction. NARTH information can not be so easily dismissed. After close to years of reflection, the Church has a pretty good idea of what is good and what is not good. In those questions that I have not spent a significant part of my life studying, I defer to the orthodox Catholic experts, you know, all those thousands of holy people who have recorded the common sense of the church in the catechism of the Catholic Church.

As I try to live out my life as an obedient son of Holy Mother Church, I simply can not dismiss that much inspiration. What a bunch of rotgut, as usual, from the faithful defender of everything that is ruinous about the Catholic church.

Christ did not come to abolish the Law and the Prophets, he came to fulfill them. Love and orthodoxy, at least orthodoxy properly understood, must be practiced together. Of course Jesus sees the clean and beautiful, the charming and the remarkable in the people of Charlotte but Love is not mere sentiment.. I am set free! His politics completely determines his interpretation of scripture. Leave Austin Ruse to God for correction and pray for him.

So many of us have very good motives behind the defence of our Faith even if our methods are not exactly as we or even God would have it. Motes and logs always come to mind during these conversations. Give no ground to our ancient enemy. Christ, first and last! This complaint is not relevant to this article.

It is your wishful thinking that Pope Francis will make changes to morality that are unchangeable. I can name names if necessary a certain retired Monsignor who only shows his face at dissident Parishes. All of them are old as Methuselah. Luke, are put to heel, and Barney the Dinosaur Jesus is replaced by the real, living Christ!

Tell that to the Episcopalians who changed their morality, decided to ordain women, and allowed open homosexuality. Thankfully, it is going away. In fact, today April 26th, , the day before the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII he just reaffirmed the indissolubility of marriage, and the institution of marriage as solely between one man and one woman.

Wonder why the liberal media did not report that… I guess they want liberal Catholic ignoramuses to believe he never said it. Not because the administration would have done anything, but the other students in an all male student body would have run them straight out the door. They were more than aware of this. I also polled many homosexuals when working as a Deputy Sheriff while they were incarcerated.

The Jury is out on that one. That should be the focus. How come homosexuals are attracted to other boys when they are 5 or 6, but heterosexuals only become attracted to girls around ?

Or is this just a myth, designed to show that the attraction was always there?? This is a normal and pretty much universal thing; but the homosexual man reads back into it his erotic desires. You can teach someone about the bible.

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