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The Mystery of Roanoke Endures Yet Another Cruel Twist

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Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Fredericksburg is traversed by a series of rural and suburban four-lane highways and a multitude of small, two-lane roads. A remarkable sliding catch highlights Week 15 of the Plays of the Week.


Within the historic district, four 18th-century historic sites have been managed by the "Washington Heritage Museums": This initiative enacts …. They rebuilt an outpost on Roanoke Island, 50 miles north of Hatteras, abandoned by a previous band of colonists. A Slave Narrative , edited by Crandall Shifflett. Retrieved April 6, Gluckin, Tzvi March 5,

White quickly departed for England to gather supplies and additional colonists, but his return was delayed by the outbreak of war with Spain. When he finally managed to land on Roanoke Island three years later, the settlement was deserted.

Phelps reported that the jeweler tested the ring and determined it was carat gold. A Master Kendall was part of the first colonization attempt in , while another Kendall visited Croatoan when a fleet led by Sir Francis Drake stopped by in Though this link was never confirmed, the object was nicknamed the Kendall ring.

Since Phelps thought the ring was made of a precious material and likely belonged to the Elizabethan era, he argued it was an important clue. This was also an era in which brass rings showed up at Native American sites up and down the East Coast.

Horton is currently digging at the Hatteras site where the ring was discovered. The excavations, sponsored by the Croatoan Archaeological Society, have so far uncovered several artifacts that may have been made during Elizabethan times, including the handle of a rapier and bits of metal from clothing.

If the Lost Colonists left Roanoke for Croatoan in the late s, argues Horton, they might have brought along their most precious objects. Over a couple of generations they may have assimilated with the Algonquian-speaking Croatoan people and their English heirlooms would have eventually worn out.

His theory is also based on archaeological finds that show that Native Americans on Hatteras manufactured lead shot and used guns to hunt deer and birds by the s. Prior to this, their diet was based heavily on fish and shellfish. The technological sophistication, Horton suggests, hints at the presence of Europeans before the second wave of English arrived in the area in the late s.

That, too, could point to the presence of assimilated colonists and their descendants. That theory is a stretch, says archaeologist Charles Heath, who worked with Phelps and was present when the ring was found. Horton acknowledges that rather than Roanoke colony possessions brought along by assimilating English, the Croatoan people could have acquired the goods from Jamestown, the later Virginia colony to the north, instead.

Gunflints, coins, and glass beads found at the site almost certainly came from the newer English settlement. But he is confident that the current excavations will soon reveal additional evidence. Meanwhile, the hunt for the Lost Colony continues. Another group of archaeologists working about 50 miles west of Roanoke Island at the head of Albemarle Sound say that they have pottery and metal artifacts likely associated with the Lost Colony. The digs by the First Colony Foundation were sparked by the discovery of a patch concealing the image of a fort on a map painted by John White.

But like the finds at Hatteras, the objects might be associated with the second wave of English settlement. Last fall, a dig by the National Park Service at Fort Raleigh on Roanoke Island—thought to be the site of the original settlement—yielded no trace of the colonists. But earlier in , archaeologists did find a handful of fragments of an apothecary jar that almost certainly date from the 16th century. March 13, — Shredding is the safest way to dispose of confidential documents.

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senior dating roanoke va

As for Ewen, he hopes that the analysis of the ring will help put researchers back on track in their search for scarce clues to the Roanoke settlers.

senior dating roanoke va

As for Ewen, he hopes that the analysis of the ring will help put researchers back on track in their search for scarce clues to the Roanoke settlers.

senior dating roanoke va

More videos All Game highlights. Inthe Arbitron media service began listing the Fredericksburg area as a senior dating roanoke va rated radio market. That, too, could point to the presence of assimilated colonists and their descendants. Comment on this Mango indian dating. Dion Butler's seniod Roanoke Catholic 1: Archived from the original on June 2, Not all archaeologists agree, however, and senior dating roanoke va surprise results are sure to reignite the debate over the ronoke of the Lost Colony.