All 56 of Elaine's Boyfriends on Seinfeld - Sponge Worthy?

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seinfeld elaine dating black guy

Reston presses her for a name she blurts out that his name is Kramer. Basically the character has to have a speaking roll, and it has to be more than one line. The social worker that yells Jerry for the Old Man with the records. Retrieved from " http:

Black people in Seinfeld?

Well many episodes later we have this list. Jackie Childs- the lawyer. Both Daryl and Elaine thought they were an interracial couple, Elaine thinking he was black, Darryl thinking that Elaine was Hispanic. Elaine is dating her therapist Dr. Lippman when he noticed that Lippman had the same glasses as he did.

Season 2 Eddie Doctor Tongue. Season 9 Hal Kitzmiller Mr. Jerry and Elaine officially dated years ago, but they have relapsed on a few occasions. On one occasion they try to incorporate sex into the friendship by establishing a set of rules to avoid typical relationship pitfalls. When they go out, Elaine discovers that he has a weird obsession with tongues and she dumps him right after the date.

She eventually decides to break up with him but he suffers a heart attack just as she was about to do it. Later she meets him on the subway, and he claims to have moved on and been using Elaine all along. Dick is a recovering alcoholic, and accidentally drinks vodka when Jerry misplaces a vodka-cranberry that Dick confuses with his cranberry juice. Dick falls off the wagon and begins drinking again, heckling Jerry at a show and dragging a christmas tree through the offices of Pendant Publishing at the end of the episode.

Jerry gets jealous when Elaine starts dating his new friend Keith, who he admired as a baseball player and gets jealous of Elaine when he cancels his plans with Jerry to go out with her.

Elaine is really into Keith as he regales her with stories of game 6 heroics with the Mets, but when Elaine finds out that he smokes, she decides to call it off. While at dinner Elaine makes up an elaborate story that she once dated a romantic matador from Spain named Eduardo Corrochio, making his name up hesitantly on the spot. Elaine is dating her therapist Dr. Reston and wants to end it, but he has a psychosexual hold over her and will not let her leave.

So she comes up with a lie that she is dating someone else and they are in love. Reston presses her for a name she blurts out that his name is Kramer. So Reston arranges a meeting with Kramer over the phone at first, then in person, to explain the situation. Elaine begins dating her therapist, Dr.

She reveals that she does not like being with Dr. Reston, saying that he has a mental hold on her. She decides she wants to end the relationship, but has trouble doing so because they have discussed much of her personal life during therapy. She convinces Kramer to pretend to be her new boyfriend in order to get rid of Dr. Reston, but it only leads to Reston manipulating Kramer into meeting with him.

Reston uses his therapy techniques to befriend Kramer who ends up recommending that Elaine and Dr. While waiting for Kramer outside of Dr. She later discovers that he has been stalking her and even has pictures of her showering so she ends up spraying cherry Binaca in his eyes when he refuses to let her leave the apartment. Meanwhile Elaine is participating in a contest to see who can go the longest without pleasuring themselves, but JFK Jr. Roy was a starving artist who Elaine dumped because he was fat.

While at the hospital she learns that he became slim because of the depression he suffered when she broke up with him. She invites him out to dinner but later cancels on him when she notices that he is enthusiastically eating too much food again. During the filming, Russell Dalrymple, president of NBC , becomes obsessed with Elaine and it begins to affect his work on the show. Elaine tries to let him down easy by saying she would rather be in a relationship with someone who is more selfless, like a member of Greenpeace.

So Russell joins Greenpeace and becomes lost at sea during a botched attempt to stop a whaling ship. Lloyd Braun is a childhood rival of George and a big advisor to Mayor Dinkins. Lloyd and Elaine start dating and Elaine suggests that everyone in the city wear a name tag to make it feel like a small town. Lloyd shares this suggestion with the Mayor, causing him to lose his reelection campaign, which forces Lloyd into having a nervous breakdown.

Elaine is dating a man with the same name as known serial killer Joel Rifkin, which makes Elaine want him to change it. When Frank yells at Elaine about taking his TV Guide, Ricky comes to her defense and inadvertently knocks over the coffee table. Jerry tells Elaine that her new boyfriend Tony is a mimbo a male bimbo , with nothing to offer but his good looks.

Tony wears his hat backwards, does extreme sports and is an all around cool guy, causing George to develop a man crush. In an attempt to spend more time along, he invites Tony to go bowling with him, but Tony declines. Tony suggests the two go rock-climbing instead and invites Kramer along as well. During the climb Kramer and George forget to tie a harness and Tony falls off the mountain, surviving the fall, but suffering considerable damage to his face.

Elaine attempts to continue their relationship after the accident, but the possibility that his good looks were gone forever were too much for her and she breaks up with him. Brian Gumbal on the puffy shirt episode. The waitress Elaine called Sista when she thought she was dating a black man. The lady at the bookstore who will not let George return the book that was flagged for being in the bathroom.

Gack - the lady at the bookstore is not Rebecca Demornay. Rebecca does however refuse George's book while working at the Salvation Army and states that she used to work at the bookstore. In The Apartment when George wears a wedding ring to try and attract women, isn't one of the women who comes on to him a black woman? Also, one of the models that came onto George was black in the scene when George enters the Forbidden City that was rally just a meat locker.

The cop trying chasing Newman. Danny Tartabull from the NY Yankees. George gets the middle finger. The model that comes onto George in the forbidden city. One of the women George attracts with the wedding ring. I don't remember 37 but I'll take your word for it. It's funny becuase as I read all of these posts the images come flashing into my head You are still missing 2 that I mentioned. Rebecca Demornay who refused the muffin stumps at the homeless shelter and the woman at the bookstore who refused to allow George to return the flagged book.

There's a black woman Elaine works with who she asks if she ever faked it with her boyfriend. The guy who refuses to drive Elaine around the parking garage claiming he gets no satisfaction from helping people. The black FBI agent who busts Jerry for illegal cable. Black people in Seinfeld?

April 10, 2: April 10, 6: Looks like that building cut you off! April 10, 7: Jose Wealthy Industrialist Posts: April 10, 8: The cop with the eye-patch from the scofflaw. Rebecca Demornay at the homeless shelter who refuses the muffin stumps. Bruce Hipster Dufus Posts: April 10, 9: She was also the cute blond in the Jefferson Starship music video, Sara. April 10, The Breakfast at Tiffany's family is mentioned above as

Imsges: seinfeld elaine dating black guy

seinfeld elaine dating black guy

Hal buys Elaine a mattress for her apartment, but she reacts negatively due to the implication that he wants to sleep with her, so he gives it to Kramer. After a couple in the coffee shop make a comment, Darryl is upset that they are being made fun of for being an interracial couple in fact, he believed that Elaine was Hispanic. The family George watches Breakfast at Tiffanies with

seinfeld elaine dating black guy

Danny Tartabull from the NY Yankees. Gack - the lady at the bookstore is not Rebecca Demornay. April 11, 4:

seinfeld elaine dating black guy

She reveals that she does not like being with Dr. Lloyd shares this suggestion with the Mayor, causing him to lose his reelection campaign, which forces Lloyd into having a nervous breakdown. George takes the job. Elaine is dating Kurt, who was a former swimmer so he has always shaved his head. Elaine breaks up seinfeld elaine dating black guy her boyfriend Kevin,and they decide to just be friends.