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Remember the very homophobic comments even in the beginning of OL. I don't think I've cried this much in a loonnng time. There may be other reasons why he may not possibly be Bond -the competition for the role is for sure one of them-, but those points raised: This has all been previously documented on these threads. Interesting that none of the other Bond contenders fit the description

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Sometimes, in OL his hairpieces are a distraction. I just think a lot of what is said here as "proof' of MM being a beard, etc. Ignore her and she will disappear. Nothing about this scenario makes sense. And no will answer this.

I definitely think MM and BM are broken up. He posted on IG with hashtags fuckher ex nuts. And a friends posted the he didn't need that in his life and he's way better off. Sounds like she is batshit crazy. Then she matched him with Kaley Cuckoo for, like,15 minutes. Weren't there some obvious Starbucks pap walks and then it all ended in shame and embarrassment?

R88 R92, so that's what we're going to see from now. Same PR game, different players: R92 Yes, that had to be the most awkward match. No previous history and then they're grocery shopping. They aren't broken up. Those hash tags were from before they spent the fall together in New York. Camuso dragged him in to make people think that. Some craziness going on. The scams are always over holidays too.

Never a part of his everyday life. He will go back to work and beard will go back to her bf if not already met up with him. But Sam isn't even that big of a celebrity. Again, can't he just disappear for the holidays? Why spend it with a D list beard? He has to have a beard because some OL fans will be despondent and turn on him if they find out "our Sam" is gay. Others can't figure out that Sam is not their Jamie in real life.

Silly beard screwed up again. She posted an IG of clinking glasses with another hand and also left a refection that is not Sam's. I'm thinking their little bearding excursion is not a party of two. She just can't help herself. Of course it is. It is an alpine skiing event sponsored by Audi. When asked what he was doing over the holiday he put the bait out by saying ahem, not skiing. Everyone knew their next excursion would be a ski related trip.

For someone who is so private, he led his fans by the nose right to the event with planned airport sighting and photos and all. Ostensibly, his publicist was hired to help him create the desired image and he's supposed to follow her script. No races today in the Fis calender.

Who came along with the ideal, Sam attending a ski Event? Can someone post R59 picture again? If I open tumblr, I can't see it. And yes, which ski event is it?

Nothing is scrubbed, just open the app. Interesting theories on here today. Whichever airport Sam and his lady "friend" are at no one except the happy snapper is interested in them by the look of those around them and anyway who stands in any line anywhere when you're a celebrity. They must both be high-fiving every time a post appears on here or any other SM they're on.

They like to attract attention and be noticed Guessing he spent Christmas in London with Luke if he was photographed in Heathrow.

He did say spending it with loved ones and family. Don't think MM qualifies as either. A person came forward and witnessed the whole airport debacle. The girls who took the pictures were waiting off to the side and knew they were coming. They then stepped into the line and got the pictures. Staged as we all suspected. Staged as the PR stunt at the grocery shop with the tipped off FB fans, as the winery pic taken by a Starz producer -of all the people-, as the baseball vid taken by a 'friend' of a PR shill who just happened to be sat behind them Sorry, but have never read so much crap in my life.

You sound like deranged conspiracy theorists. MM is a beard because she is a wanna be actress who will do anything for attention. A preschool teacher who he dated before she left him for another guy and then when they broke up he went running back to her. And no one knew about them, no one would have known about them except for the girl on Twitter who had people calling her telling things about Abbie.

Cody's mom confirmed to a friend on her twitter that Sam went back to his old GF. It was all very under the radar with so few sightings it was absurd. There were just a few pictures of them, totally not a bearding for the pap cameras at all.

He and MM were dating, were a couple, Everyone who knew them knew it. Billy has a bit of a following, he is not going let his GF run off the beard with some hot Outlander guy.

I don't have a clue if Sam and MM are in love, I don't give a fuck. But quit twisting everything to fit your agenda that she is a phony. She seems like a nice girl to me, from a nice family. Just like Sam seems like a reallyl nice guy. YOu have made him into a scheming, lying , pathetic fraud who sweats his life out. He's not hdiing Luke at all. Put him down now. Me trying to sort the facts. What we have got: Sam ligning up at Heathrow, probably not for a long distance flight, because he is carrying a "Kleidersack".

About the speculation going to an Audi Ski Event? There are few events on the FIS calendre where Audi invites their protagonists. Santa Caterina is not a famous place to go. Sam Heughan is Gay, Gay, Gay!!!! His Real Fans know the Truth. We don't need to debate anything and their is no conspiracy theories when the truth is glaringly obvious.

My two e-mails to "Additude" were not answered until today. May be somemore from this thread will try it? R is the moronic twat from the prior thread who thinks all gay people are the same and acts like DL is one person's blog. There seems to be a lot of people having to keep that secret.

Nothing on Disney Channel to watch? Parents are still out? Please search for your pubescence questions somewhere else. You are officically nominated by me for DL Champion this year. Great job and huge thanks. Coming back after reading. Who cares what the tumblr trolls think.

Poor angry, confused twats demanding that we resolve their burning questions. FFS, go lie down. It never ceases to amaze me how personally people take the shit celebrities do. If you want to be taken seriously on DL, show some respect and address individual posters. It is scary that his troll fans know anything about MM's family. It's like they have appointed themselves keeper of Sam's life. He is not yours to protect OL trolls. If you saw anything about him prior to OL, then you know the truth.

The Fraus keep feeding the SM flames giving this beard more staying power. Ignore her and she will disappear. Sam is appearing in many of 'the most Sam has been bearding his female friends since he signed with OL. It's imperative he is perceived as sexy and masculine like his character Jamie.

He benefits financially if the OL Fraus lust after him. Not a tumblr freak. Just someone who likes Outlander and am curious about Sam.

Not everyone who wonders about him is a troll or deserving of abuse. I always thought he was gay but then I read what Diana wrote and started wondering which led me here. I have no idea if he is or isn't gay but what I do know is most of what I read abt him here is total crap. It makes zero sense that he would go to all this trouble to hire someone to scrub the internet as you claim, then hire an agent to manage a beard for him - for years now, from Abbie, to Cody, back to Abbie, and now MacM - to do all this, yet bring his lover to the far east, to NYC, and on.

And be very open about it, not hiding him at all, talking to him and his brother on social media. It just doesn't add up. Nothing about this scenario makes sense. That's all I'm saying. Liking Sam's favourite bands, posting pics of Scotland In April, MM's name started to be dropped by anon 'sources' in the most popular Outlander sites. The airport pics have been taken by a huge Outlander fan who has been touring Scotland with the Gaelic consultant for Outlander.

The only problem with that is that Abbie confirmed that they were never together as well as some other women he's supposedly dated. R I'm not trying to be rude or dismiss your thoughts, but you might want to familiarize yourself with the PR history of Robsten and to a lesser extent, Henry Cavill.

What's the point of acting like he's straight if he is going to parade Luke around? And no will answer this. If his sexuality is supposed to be SUCH a huge secret, why would Luke's brother talk about them on social media? And Sam responds to it? I'm not that gullible. So the "date" they went on, probably just research.

You are a SHAMzie shipper, lol. Do yourself a favor and go back to tumblr. All Sam's supposed 'girlfriends' have stated that they never dated him. Cody and her mother were fame-whores and Sam and her had the same agent. Amy Shiels,- who was Sam's 'date' at several red carpet events like the Outlander premiere and has been seen with him during vacations, just like MM- has recently stated that Sam was never her boyfriend:.

R Thanks for being nice! I know all about Robsten. There's nothing there except for a girl who was 17 and not wanting to admit to the truth about her own sexuality. I could write a book about everything I know about that situation.

Again, you don't break up a marriage with two young kids, and ruin a multi million dollar movie deal because you want to hide the fact that you're gay.

You don't both lose 20 pounds because it's all a studio romance. Robsten was about two kids in over their head with no clue what they wanted. I just am curious about Sam and would love to know if what you are saying here is true. Why would a studio hire someone who was gay to portray Scotland's greatest hetero lover?

Why take the risk of the public finding out the truth? Do they not care? If Sam IS gay, and Diana is lying through her teeth and so is everyone else - why did they risk it all? Because you're a regular person and he's someone who wants this with every fucking fiber of his being. He's incredibly disciplined and dedicated to making his moment happen.

He needs to sustain that momentum because there is always someone else coming along. People who reach the heights of stardom are not normal. OL is a start, but he wants more.

If this wasn't par for the course, then there would be no celebrity PR firms. We're regular not a bad thing and people like Sam exist in a completely different world. They want it badly, especially the ones who pretend they don't. Privacy can be possible, but he keeps this are they or aren't thing going. R Abbie never really denied they weren't dating. She responded to a hater. She never denied they dated. She only said - don't believe a word that girl says. And that "girl" was the twitter queen who outed Cait's bf and Abbie and called the hotel where sam and abbie were vacationing and had spies all over glasgow and london calling her.

She ran a huge operation looking for sources and gossip and befriended someone that Abbie worked with at the school. Abbie was terrified of that source was just trying to put a lid on what the source was saying and could potentionally say about her. NO true denial there.

Why would they hire someone gay? Because there wouldn't be a large pool to choose from when acting. Also I do believe KStew didn't break up that marriage because she was so in love with the guy. She needed something to stop the rumors at the time. She's awful and a huge hypocrite. There is a lot of money invested in OL and it's not just Sam spending his own money. DG is going to catch hell for lying.

Romance readers are one loyal bunch. She knows this having made her whole career on OL book series. Bad move for her all around. Because Heughan fucking nailed the audition. He brought that fantasy unicorn character to life. He can play straight and his sexuality shouldn't matter. Unfortunately, the world doesn't view it that way. At least in the theater world, it's more accepted that the actors are different from their characters but in TV and movies it's different.

Audiences can't or won't accept the duality so PR firms fill the gaps. R You're acting like this situation is exclusive to Sam. Their are hundreds if not thousands of closeted actors in Hollywood.

The fact is Sam Heughan is in his mid thirties and there is not a single woman that's come out and said they've dated or she was in a romantic relationship with Sam. Now, don't you think hundreds of famewhores would be chomping at the bit to admit she screwed Sam Heughan. All I hear is Crickets. MM is a Beard, she may be his friend, but she is definitely bearding for him. Diana Gabaldon, at the time, was selling Sam to her Fandom.

What she should have said was, No. I don't think so. She instead gave a definitive NO and then went on the defensive asking why? Let me remind you this was very early on and I'm sure Diana did not know anything about his Sexual orientation.

I've worked with people for years and never knew they were gay or straight. She was selling him to her fans and she felt it important for him to be hetero and masculine.

Believe what you want but the truth will come out. Photos of them kissing or at least in an embrace will be needed to sell the BS story. Sam won't do this so MM maybe has another 6 months tops, then she will disappear. If she hangs around for more than a year then interviewers and fans will start questioning his seriousness with her and it's not good to be casually fucking someone either.

He is in a pickle with this one. R I've wondered why no one male or female has ever sold their ' my night of passion with SH' to some tabloid in this day and age where everyone wants that 15minutes of notoriety. If you watch social media really carefully you can pick up on who he is dating, but the media and blind sites don't have a clue - he upset a couple of women recently who had clearly signed non-disclosure agreements but made their feelings clear, it was funny.

He probable has a loyalty card he is there so often, but no photos and no gossip, outside the occasional tweet from women who work there , but who are discrete enough not say where they are.

In complete contrast he talks about his bff a lot, is probably living with him again and this year he has traveled everywhere with him, he even turned up on red carpets in an assistant's role. You can make of this what you want, but this is how things are. He is, ahemm, very cute. Just finished looking"Queen at Montreal" in german TV 3sat. They cover the whole night with music documentrary.

Good, was this Freddy Mercury fucking hot and born for stage. Happy New Year to all of you nice, creative, interesting people I met here. We're strong, we will even survive R Not a denial.

No clue about Abbie at all, there weren't enough pictures, just the one at his apartment, birthday party. But, why the 2 week trip to the island with not one picture.

Not one damn pic. He pings big time to me. When I first started watching the show, I refused to google him for months because I knew he was gay and I wanted to believe the romance story. When I decided to finally see who his boyfriend was, I was shocked to discover he was supposed to be hetero. So, I'm not in denial about this.

I just think a lot of what is said here as "proof' of MM being a beard, etc. I think about the time he was spotted outside the movie theater by his house, one afternoon, on a date. There's a picture of it.

Just weird things like that that don't add up. And Renner is a much, much, much bigger star than Sam Heughan. Can't compare the two. Just a question - so because he hasn't had a girlfriend that means he is gay? Maybe he just isn't into having a relationship? Laugh all yall want. And a happy, safe new years!!! Let's hope is better than the trump fiasco of 16 was. R, sorry but you don't fool me, you are here on a mission.

Whether you believe it or not, gay men have female friends. R - on a mission. What would that mission be? If someone wanted to know if an actor was gay, he would come here.

If someone wants to know if an actress is gay, he would go to LChat. You know who that is and it's not his lover. The one thing that made me think he might truly be gay was at a Comic Con, after Sam and Tobias had filmed their rape scene, and everytime the moderator mentioned it - Sam looked at Tobias and I swear, his eyes lit up.

He was flirting with Tobias. And Tobias was just grinning, but without any undertones. If I wasn't so lazy I would find that clip. But that event is the most telling to me over anything else. No doubt at all. No we're Not going to feed you anylonger.

There are more than replies here. When youre finished reading them, get the f Standing around a trash can fire on NYE while your beard takes the photo. Pretty much sums up his mess.

MM if finally learning her IG account is a shitshow. Maybe Sam is tired of playing referree or his handlers don't like all the negativity. Is that Sam in the middle of the photo or am I imagining things? Also, Gabaldon confirmed Sam has a partner. I bet she met MM. Anyone else notice the tall man to Sam's left looking at him in MM's photo as if he might be talking to him? I recall that back in the fall of Sam went with Cody Kennedy to a beach in Mexico. She posted a photo on her instagram that was captioned "Sandwich", of herself lying on the beach between two men, one of whom was most likely Sam, as he also posted a photo from that trip.

You could only see the lower parts of their bodies. That made me wonder if he is perhaps bi because I was pretty much convinced that he is gay. Pretty sure that she was a hired beard too. Sorry, too lazy to go search for that IG post. That's a great description. Yes, the beard took that pic while Sam was talking to other people around a trash can fire -very appropiate- and of course, she is tagging the city and not allowing the comments.

Sam standing around a dumpster fire. His hips are pointed in the direction of the guy to his left and this leads me to believe he is in a conversation with the guy. Also there is no open space next to Sam to assume MM quickly fell back to take the picture only to return by Sam's side.

She was doing her own thing. She's definitely not acting like a girlfriend and they do not act like a couple. According to the guy who posted his pic with Sam today on Twitter, Sam left Amsterdam today.

Regrettably, we can't supply you with a semen sample from Heughan's rectum, at this time. Please come back on a weekday. The people who saw them at the airport said they didn't look like a couple and that 'Sam was glancing around and looking out the window while speaking to her. And that woman who posted the airpot pics, is also Outlander connected. She had been touring the highlands with the Gaelic consultant for Outlander. He was actually glancing around looking for his balls which he apparently lost when he signed on with Outlander.

We're worried because he's due for a check. Sam didn't need to go all the way to Amsterdam to smoke marijuana when Luke is obviously lighting one up! Same to you, Sheugs!

Been a long haul, this one--but ending on a rise. Happy New Year, to you and yours from me and mine! R "To you and yours from me and mine," is another way of saying, to you and your family from me and my family.

BM definitely dodged a bullet The photo of MM and of Sam, at the Matterhorn, two seperate pics but on the same occasion? Take a look at the snow on the peak in both pics, its exactly the same.

Snow does not stay in the same place season to season. All pics of the matterhorn show the snow in different areas of the peak. Something to think about. We do not know where Sam is at any one time except when he is working. None of us know when he takes his pics except when seen with fans. Any pics could be taken last year or this year or three years ago.

We are a shrewd bunch I know, but we don't really know. No frau here, just an enquiring mind. Heughan may be a bit of a wuss but I don't think he's a scumbag who would pretend to be on a mountain he wasn't on. Seeing MM's pics with Billy reinforces how weird her relationship is with Sam -- he refuses to be photographed in the same frame with her.

Plus, there are no photos of him on his Insta with a mixed group of male and female friends like found on Cait's, MM's and Billy's Insta. They may have personal photos together but they are not being shared on public media. There are none to share with he and MM because they don't exist. They do the set ups like the airport then they go on about their own lives. Unless he grew and lost muscle mass, those were not his pencil legs in Amsterdam.

That was definitely Sam in Amsterdam, R He has skinny legs. But obvisouly they weren't alone. Where are they now? Sam is so fucking secretive all the time. MM will probabaly post something on a couple of days, when she's back to the States, but what about all the time in between? People, give me some gossip! THat was definitely Sam in the Amsterdam dumpster fire photo. He has the same physique as his father, tall and skinny! He has pencil legs in real life and it's especially apparent when he's not working out.

It's obvious she is now working for Sam full time as his beard. Hasn't anyone noticed she has not plugged her movie that's coming out! R, I know Sam's Insta is NOW a marketing tool, but posts from his pre-Outlander casting don't include women -- the only personal photos only include him posing with men. Odd for a year-old man who so many still want to insist is straight. Blind item today on crazy days and nights which is obviously about Sam. Reads like it came from this site!

Which poster from here wrote that article for him? His blinds are never blinds. They are just headlines from tabloids and TMZ written like it's a big secret and true, neither is correct. I don't want to blame Sam. But, I'm not buying that his selfie shows him at Zermatt yesterday or the day before. I'm living close to the Alps and we had a severe lack of snow everywere until last night. Green or brown trees and ground since November.

Dry like the Sahara. What altitude are you at, R? Looks like there's plenty of snow up there in the past week.. R, I guess she didn't like getting blasted for having spending time with Sam in the same place she spent time with Billy this time last year.

That's why MMN has made her account private. The pics of her vacations with her bf Billy Magnussen are already posted everywhere We haven't had any significant rain or snow in the whole Alps region since November. Some crazy guys from Munich went up a hill to watch fireworks, at Fire ran out of control because the ground was so dry, stupid hikers tried to quench it, one injured by falling down and broke his leg.

Five helicopters, more than Unless she's getting paid a lot of money to beard for Sam, I think she may have made a mistake. Billy seems like an interesting guy with a sense of humor. He's hot, isn't so wrapped up in himself that he doesn't show honest affection for his SO, and has landed much better roles than Sam.

I don't think the blind item took the info verbatim from this site. It's just she knows the truth!!!! Some people are speculating that she is still with Billy. I personally don't think so since her hash tagged fuckher and nuts about her. I also feel the Matterhorn image was taken a while ago. Sam has been known to use old photos for his MPC posts. I find it funny that she had to lock down her IG account.

If she didn't post innuendo photos then I don't think she would have gotten such backlash from his fans. I think people can see through this charade. President — 38, 5'9", slim and real cute - likes beer, boxing, champagne and ballet. View photos of gay men in Sandwich now. Events include gay networking parties, gay speed dating, walking tours, gay Drop a note, send a picture - let's get together!

Photo and note a must. Justin Bieber Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Floyd should punch that goofy little gay Canadian dipcrap out. Rape suspect contacted victims through gay dating app Celtic FC Celtic's bench was stronger than Rangers starting XI and they're deluded if they think gap is closing - Hotline Gary Ralston manned the phones and the fallout from Sunday's showdown continued.

The octogenarian showed no sign of her age as she posed with her famous daughter Kris Jenner and granddaughter Kim. ITV Iconic former Bullseye host Jim Bowen has died at the age of 80 The comedian shot to fame when he began presenting the popular darts-based quiz show in Alcohol Magners Cider launch St Patrick's Day snitch service for slithery pals who dodge their round St Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland and now Magners want to help banish snakey behaviour.

Celebrity News Lauren Goodger reveals she hasn't had sex in two years - despite hinting at jail frolics. Liverpool FC Jamie Carragher suspended by Sky Sports until end of season after spit shame The Liverpool legend apologised for the 'moment of madness' after footage emerged for him spitting at a year-old girl.

Stephen Hawking captured the public's imagination as a trapped mind exploring the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Sam Heughan Outlander star Sam Heughan greets fans during Glasgow filming New photos emerge of the smiling actor waving at the crowd as he was spotted in Saltmarket. Prestwick Airport Glasgow Prestwick Airport one small step closer to becoming Europe's first spaceport The Scottish airbase could the first UK launch pad for companies heading for the final frontier after the Space Industry Bill was given Royal Assent today.

Sectarianism Controversial Offensive Behaviour at Football Act repealed by Scottish Parliament The Act was designed to help tackle sectarianism but fans' groups felt it unfairly criminalised supporters. Outlander Outlander in Glasgow for filming today - here's how you can catch a glimpse of the cast A number of areas around the Saltmarket will be closed as filming for the cult show kicks off. Entertainment Sharon Stone reveals why reaching 60 is her 'greatest achievement' after horror stroke almost killed her The Hollywood star celebrated the incredible milestone at the weekend and told how her health scare 17 years ago left her unsure if she'd make it to Food McDonald's Monopoly When does it start and what prizes can be won It's almost time to start collecting those little stickers again.

Love splits Zayn Malik confirms split with Gigi Hadid after two years amid engagement rumours The former One Direction star's relationship with the Victoria's Secret model has ended.

Job losses Another blow for Rosyth workers as jobs to go at dockyard The new blow means that people have lost their job since November at the site. The actress, 74, says Audrey is now back in the market for a fling with a beefcake — and the new tattoo parlour on the revamped Weatherfield set could be the place to start looking.

Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell posts raunchy picture in bed with boyfriend Skepta The picture of the two on a Paris hotel bed was liked more than , times in just 14 hours. Meghan Markle Inside Meghan Markle's low-key hen do with no social media, early bedtimes and no Kate The bride-to-be took her pals to a plush retreat in Oxfordshire for her hen do.

Odsonne Edouard Celtic striker Odsonne Edouard gives update on Parkhead future and hails Kolo Toure's role in his development The year-old striker is full of praise for Brendan Rodgers and outlines his targets for the rest of the season.

Knife crime Step-dad stabbed Aldi worker to death in front of customers because 'she made things difficult with me and her mum' Neville Hord planned killing Jodie Willsher for two weeks before attacking her at the supermarket. Kilmarnock Watch pop star Olly Murs' heartfelt message to Scottish primary school Silverwood Primary School pupils wanted Murs to join them at the school before it closed.

Vladimir Putin Russia labels spy poisoning accusations by UK 'insane' as they prepare to expel diplomats Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed retaliatory sanctions would be announced "soon". Elliot Morris, 28, has been locked up after police used a pioneering technique to identify his fingerprints in the photo showing off his supply.

Renfrew Grandad suffering tingling in his arms and shuffling in his feet diagnosed with rare brain condition only affecting one man in 20, Michael Conway has adrenoleukodystrophy, a disease that affects one in 20, males, but says his baby granddaughter keeps him going. Hamilton Stunning Scottish model mum in her 50s follows beauty queen daughter onto catwalk Laurie Meisak said 'A woman of my age can find new confidence, be glam and make great friends. Hibernian FC Hibs boss Neil Lennon hit with five match ban after angry row with ref Kevin Clancy The Easter Road gaffer will serve an immediate three match ban with a further two suspended after a furious rant at Rugby Park.

Alex Salmond Alex Salmond defends Russia Today show after nerve agent attack - 'I hold no brief from the Kremlin' The former First Minister insisted he can say what he likes on the TV show and labelled the chemical poisoning a 'heinous crime'.

Patrick Roberts Patrick Roberts wants to stay at Celtic for in-a-row and insists Hoops atmosphere is better than Manchester City's The Hoops winger was grilled by a host of kids who weren't scared to ask the tough questions during a sitdown interview.

She was surprised by the request and doesn't know what to do. Holly Willoughby Holly Willoughby forced to change her skirt because it was 'too short' for This Morning The TV presenter shared a sneak-peek of her outfit, but was asked to change moments before going live. David Cameron Copper coins on way out as Government plans overhaul of Britain's cash Fifty pound notes could also be scrapped because they are not used enough. Food 'Bully' claims as Nando's goes to war with Fernando's pizza takeaway and orders name change Fernando's received a legal letter claiming they are breaching Nando's intellectual property rights.

TV Defiant woman who 'cured' terminal cancer with cannabis oil says she'll continue to break the law as doctor discusses treatment 'conspiracy theory'.

Joy Smith was given just six weeks to live but is now in remission after taking illegal cannabis tablets alongside chemotherapy treatment. Celebrity News Matt Cardle reveals his addiction to drugs and alcohol following his 'fall from grace' almost killed him. The X Factor winner admits he hit rock bottom when his drug dealer was forced to intervene. A life in pictures. Cancer Terminally-ill cancer teen prays for Lourdes miracle Darren Valentine said 'This is by no means a holiday for me - it is a means of saving my life'.

From baby drama to brothers at war. It's gonna be one long, hot summer on the cobbles with all this drama. Liverpool FC Shamed Jamie Carragher gives excruciating live apology on TV after he's suspended by Sky Sports over spitting shame Carragher called his own actions "the lowest of the low" as he was probed over the incident on Sky News.

Kevin Bridges Kevin Bridges passes driving test Liverpool FC Shamed pundit Jamie Carragher suspended by Sky Sports after spitting at schoolgirl The Liverpool legend was caught on camera spitting at football fan and his year-old daughter after being taunted. TV Tracy Beaker is coming back after 27 years and she's now a single mum living on a 'rough' estate.

The hugely popular Jacqueline Wilson character is set to feature in a new book. Scottish Parliament MSPs demand full details of probe into shamed Holyrood minister Mark McDonald The disgraced former minister returned to parliament on Tuesday and the Scottish Government's standards committee meet today to discuss the allegations.

Glasgow Hair transplant clinic used by Celtic star Leigh Griffiths closes amid furious customer backlash Clients paid in advance for treatment but were left tearing their hair out after the transplant centre shut its doors.

Imsges: scottish gay dating sites

scottish gay dating sites

If you look in the reflection of the tv in the photo above you can see it's the same room where that photo of him on the phone was taken.

scottish gay dating sites

Hiddleston quickly cut his losses when bearding made him a laughing stock. I've got the feeling, that this thread is more and more getting an outsourced battlefield for SamCait and Samzie shippers. It got so much better when they went back to Scotland.

scottish gay dating sites

Public sector workers Public workers paid scottksh to pick up wages in 'shameful' practice by contracted firms Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard blasted the "umbrella companies" and demanded an end to the practice in large public sitrs. When Craig was site for James Bond, many people complained that scottish gay dating sites didn't have the physical characteristics and mannerisms traditionally required for the character, but in the end he proved to be a good choice, giving new air to the franchise. This whole shitshow is taking on a life of its own. Shows us where their priorities lie. The SHAMzie queen shipper posted about the wedding a few days scottish gay dating sites. It was known in advance that they were filming in Edinburgh and also mention a few times in the Scottish news dating coach richmond va they are filming in a particular area and date they are doing it just to make sure EVERYONE knows.