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I don't know exactly what it is though. She quit and vanished from porn due to the mob taking over her porn studio, and killing many of the owners of it. VeryMadB I completely agree.

Vanessa Marano

If I were an actor I would ask for a percentage of the gross profits in exchange for scale wages. Girl Meets World — This is the second "M" and has been written as told to the grou I'm singing "oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh. Here's an interview supposedly done with her in where she speaks about the two films she did as well as where she's been without divulging her real name or other personal details. She held it up straight and then slowly guided it into her little hole. He had to cum too.

What's the big deal? Point is that this project is so huge and prestigious that it makes the others look like a "Skin-emax" soft core indie film.

They don't want leaks leading to people accusing the filmmakers of being tone-deaf insensitive; and they also absolutely do not want to get flooded by every perv in Hollywood trying to get a part or be part of it. A single casting couch rumor on this project would torpedo it. So they've gone to insane lengths to protect it. Not long ago, this disgraced A list director was set to do a big-budget adult-themed project about a permanent A list celebrity that got torpedoed over his abuse accusations.

When a studio already has tens of millions sunk in a project, they cannot let that happen. Especially in high-dollar ironclad play-or-pay deals not to be confused with pay-for-play, tit-for-tat, barter, couching, or land yachting. This movie is about one very specific female actress who was known mainly in the s era of porn. It is a biopic in that sense. But her fame was such in her time that she crossed over to more mainstream top-shelf publications, and even television interviews.

Possibly the most beautiful all-American girl next door to ever have a hardcore career. If you're thinking it is former underage porn star you would be wrong.

But she's a featured character in it too. Thing is, the star of the story disappeared. Vanished into thin air after her last film. Not vanished dead, because she went on to have a different life. She went to law school, became an attorney, changed her name and had a nice family.

Typical soccer mom, Sunday-school teacher, holly homemaker type. Until a few years ago when she was contacted by people who represented the last big mafia family. They were looking to sell their holdings in porn to a legit media company for big bucks.

Problem is, she was one of their most popular stars and she had a unique contract in her day which allegedly she co-wrote herself back then with her law professor. She quit and vanished from porn due to the mob taking over her porn studio, and killing many of the owners of it. Years later, turns out she was owed millions in back royalties — and her contract was still legally enforceable. The legit media buyers wouldn't proceed without her signature on a new contract; or her accepting a settlement; or…her death certificate.

The mob had to either pay her or kill her. Which was tricky to do, because even if they found her — the FBI still wanted to bring her in as a witness against the mob hits of her bosses. Then it got ugly for her, and turned into quite a ride.

Turns out, she lived and prevailed. Using her brilliance instead of her body. But it was one hell of a bumpy ride. It resulted in the FBI actually getting plea deals with mobsters; clearing 30 year-old mob hit murders; and solving money laundering cases worth tons of money globally.

The legit media company got the old porn library titles and reaped a billion from it. And it all really happened. She also got her money, and peace. It's one of the best scripts to come through Hollywood in decades, and has an amazing role for the lead actress.

Best of all it includes life rights, and the lady ex-porn star's willingness to promote it. It is a package that includes documentaries, media stories, and specials. The studio that bought it agreed to use cross-promotion synergy from many of their media divisions to tell her story. In any era of the entertainment industry it would be a welcome change for such great material and a big project.

But, as you all know — this isn't any era. It is a very sensitive era, especially telling women's stories, porn stories, and having lots of sex and nudity on a project.

If the project isn't done right, in the right tone with the right people? It'll be destroyed before it ever opens purely by social media, rumors, and speculations from knee-jerkers who will attack it without any idea of it. That has happened or nearly happened many times in the past. Everything to do with the project is kept on off-line isolated secure computers. Nothing is allowed to be taken in, or out. They do not even let the team working on the movie bring in mobile phones or devices.

Clearing rights, contracts, and mostly NDA's that would make an intelligence agency jealous. The punishment for violation by actors?

So severe and massive that it would basically blacklist and possibly bankrupt not just the actor, but their agents and managers. But few would risk that anyway, since even permanent A list mostly movie actress has supposedly offered to do a small role in the project for scale just to be part of it.

Somehow, I don't think they want her for the lead. Of course, nothing is totally foolproof or totally private. When the studio they have wide ranging entertainment industries first pre-emptively gobbled up the rights to it a year ago, they originally did it with this star disgraced former A list mostly movie actor in mind for the older male lead.

Then when this company disgraced A list director's company got slammed in scandal, the studio had to find a quick co-financing partner. So they shared the project with a few select investors.

They too were subject to the legal lockdown but the studio needs them more than they need the studio, so not much threat there. Interestingly, one investor stepped right up and wrote the studio a blank check because the project is so good.

Recently, the investor swallowed up the entire project, buying the rights from the studio, and has threatened to take it to a studio that owns a theme park is this studio doesn't shape up.

The producers got the best director A lister who had a very good for this project. As picky as he is, he jumped at this project. He's one of the few that could be trusted with this material, and do it proper without risk of any problems derailing it.

The studio used this project as bait to try and lure him to other projects his old project , but he won't commit to those. Meanwhile, the studio and director have held semi-formal casting sessions very, very, very secretly. Every actress is told to bring an attorney or manager; a studio attorney is present; a female casting director; and every meeting is video recorded. All because of the "casting couch" temptations — not by the director, but by eager actresses. Also due to the adult nature of the story, and the fact that it will have reams of nudity and sex.

This will not be one of those PG movies about sex, it'll be very true to the script. It's crazy, but only one of those even has a shot at the lead. Actresses who "never read" or audition are jumping at it.

These actresses are offering to work for scale, do anything required onscreen, and sign unprecedented promotion agreements. This actress foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is a recent Oscar nominee has already auditioned for a supporting role. I don't think it'll be a fair fight to see who wins that one although I can see the box-office appeal of the latter's scenes being a big draw.

Guess he's getting pumped up for it. I cannot tell you how unusual that is. It is one of the rare times lately when the material really seems to be king and not how many toys you can sell — although toys related to this movie sure wouldn't be sold in Wal-Mart. Sort of like a secret club. Many actresses used it as a cover story to happen to be in town at the same time auditions were ongoing.

Likewise, during the coming Oscars week, the director and studio will be wrapping up major casting under the same cover of people all being in town. Yes, it is that big of a deal. I personally cannot wait, and hope it comes off without a hitch. We probably won't have to wait too long. Any project with that much heat will get a quick greenlight. That's the sexiest thing of all. Especially if you're producing it. Posted by ent lawyer at Nolan or Del Toro will be directing?

Singer as disgraced director? Okay I know who made tons of money in superhero franchise lol. Director has to be Nolan, who Himmmm has said wouldn't ever have an affair with an actress or use casting couch. The Studio would be WB, who is trying to lure him back to do Batman. Ginger Lynn Allen crossed over from Porn but did not become a lawyer so still looking. Kevin Spacey disgraced actor who was to play older male lead? This does read like promotional material for the project, at the very least an unofficial attempt to preempt any attacks on the subject matter.

Bambi Woods for the Porn Star? Woods was not prepared for the level of fame she received for 's "Debbie Does Dallas," an adult film she appeared in solely because of personal financial issues. She became a celebrity of sorts. Woods only appeared in two other X-rated movies, both sequels to "Dallas. Barely anything is known about Woods. She disappeared from the national spotlight in the mids.

Over the years there have been multiple reports that range from saying she is dead to that she is living a normal normal life. None of which have been confirmed. They want him back for Batman universe. He would never use the casting couch. He is picky and quite secretive. Would also explain Bales involvement and willingness to do anything for the part. Warner Brothers are the studio.

I'm going to say Annette Haven for the porn actress, she nearly became a star in legit Hollywood and almost got the starring role in Body Double. Director who the studio is trying to lure in for an another project: Singer His other afult-themed project about a permanent a-list: Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody? I am clueless about the actors and actresses though. DH its probably Bale. He just put on a lot of weight for the Dick Cheney movie so is likely getting fit again.

There was also a blind suggesting his return to the bat costume a month or so ago. There have been recent blinds that Bale was getting back in Batman shape after his dumpy turn as Dick Cheney. With you on Nolan being the director. As for the porn star? Karen Summer seems to fit the bill: Taija Ray is another possibility - mainstream acting credits, worked iwth Traci Lords, has disappeared from the industry.

Look for clues in the book The Other Hollywood: I think I remember a blurb about a Porn star going Legit this way. I can't remember though because it's been a long time. I have the book in storage at the moment so I can't check. Great book anyway if I am mistaken about the lead or clues in it. Bambi Woods of Debby Does Dallas is another potential fit. I thought Bambi woods also at first. Debbie Does Dallas was in late 70s. I saw a documentary on YouTube about the movie and was very fascinating.

Came out of no where and then she disappeared. I hope we can get someone here who can piece together who the adult actress is. It sounds like a great story. Emma Watson as the one who had a franchise back in the day.

Anne Hathaway as the actress who work with him before. Maybe the mogul who bought the rights is James Packer the 'Pac' in RatPac , and the 'go-to' threat studio with the theme park is Universal. Interesting concept, but it will probably emerge as a Dirty American Hustle, where the sets and costumes are the most moving aspects of the film.

It is confirmed she is alive VeryMadB its also pretty different to Nolans recent out put. I also think Interstellar, Inception and Dunkirk were pretty heartfelt at times, thats what threw me off.

But the WB, Bale to Batman connection points to him. The only other director I can think of who had a movie out this year that isnt heartfelt is Aronofsky but all the other points are against him. Denis Villeneuve is the only other person I could think of. Man o man she was and I'm guessing still is a beautiful human being. She, Jenna Haze, and Stoya could've been in mainstream stuff full time they are that good looking.

I just love the way Himmmm writes, I could read it all day. Kaley at 16 and Amy at They told everyone that they needed to go over some of their lines a few more times. Nothing unusual about this request and everyone but the girls… left…. Kaley however was greatest the target of my perverted mind. I always thought she looked like a girl who loved to suck cock. Around the set she flaunted her little 32A tits with either tiny shear bras, or none at all. Her shorts or skirts were always right up to her sweet 16 ass.

I just knew that the one day I would get my chance to fuck, would be with Kaley Cuoco. Amy Davidson, on the other hand, was very pretty. She was smart, professional, red-headed, and spunky. She was built better than Kaley, but only 15 and seemingly very inexperienced. Amy was known to study books rather then study boys. I had seen her in her pajamas, but never in any revealing outfits since she was also so shy.

Seemed like the only way I could guess what her little nude body would look like, was in my fantasy world. Only a few times was I caught spying on them around the set, but not often enough for them to fully understand how much I wanted them. Then this one night…. As I watched the two young actresses study their lines on this one scene where they were in their bedroom, they both got into some very realistic performance. Kaley as usual, was dressed as she always was, tight jeans and tummy-revealing tank top.

Also as usual, the top part of her thong panties were in full view. Amy however was simply wearing a conservative skirt and blouse. I was a bit proud of my dick… not a huge size, but still large enough to worry a few girls I had dated, and fucked. I began stroking it outside of my pants as I watched my sisters moving around their bed in their bedroom set. I expected nothing other than simply being a voyeur and nothing more. Tonight was different though. I knew that Kaley was sucking and tongue fucking Amy.

I was unable to control myself as I groaned out loud. Pulling her hips back to bring her to her knees, Paul fucks her ass with his tongue. His cock still rock hard, his balls still full of cum and un-spent… He moves to his feet as he remains at the side her her bed. Her pussy even with his cock. Bridget grits her teeth and grips the sides of her bed mattress as her tv-daddy pushes fast and firm through her virgin pussy. Paul grabs tight on her hips and starts slowly pushing deep and then slowly pulling out just to the point where his cock-head is at her lips….

He pushes firmly each time to go as deep as he can. Her cursing just made Paul harder.. That innocent little tramp talk is always a turn on.. For 10 minutes Paul fucked his tv-daughter good and hard.. As he looked down.. Paul rubbed her clit from underneath and lubed his fingers.. Then he brought his index finger up to her asshole and circled it..

And better, SHE could feel both.. Ohh daddy… make me cum.. Paul knew that this would do it … that she would cum harder than she ever came before.. He had to cum too. Her cunt was pulling his dick.. Without a word… Paul pulled his big thick dick out of his little girls pussy… and eased.. JUST the head of his dick.. Restraining the temptation, the instinct, to bury his cock deep.. And Bridget felt it.. She felt that hot flood of sperm filling her..

Paul gently popped free from her butt.

Imsges: ross lynch and laura marano dating in real life 2014

ross lynch and laura marano dating in real life 2014

This is the second "M" and has been written as told to the grou She held it up straight and then slowly guided it into her little hole.

ross lynch and laura marano dating in real life 2014

It looks like he had mob ties and was sent to prison for 'transporting obscene material across state lines". Follows teenagers Shelby and Cyd, who when a science experiment goes wrong, become unstuck in time leaping forward and backward in time.

ross lynch and laura marano dating in real life 2014

I remember my mom going to a horror film in the 70's that came with a barf bag. The disgraced director is Ratner working on the Heff biopic and his company RatPac. Error Please try again! Was this review helpful to you? What's the datibg deal?