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remington dating by serial number

I do not know when they added that to all gauges. Wed Nov 23, It is unnecessary to actually insert the round into the chamber by hand. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Information contributed by Will Davis, see: Corona merges with L. Thu Dec 01, 3:

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Create a free website Powered by. At least I think that is how it works How would you go about narrowing that in? My Wingmaster only has a dating code on the barrel and no letter prefix in the serial number, just numbers. Here's mine albeit with a custom stock made by my Uncle in the 50s. Remington Year of Manufacture Codes maybe found on the barrel of your Remington rifle [or shotgun] on the left side, just forward of the receiver; the first letter of the Code is the month of manufacture, followed by one or two letters which are the year of manufacture. They all have them.

These are among the rarest of the A5 Sweet Sixteen but are priced as standard 16 gauge A5s in value guides. It is also the last year of the non-engraved sweet sixteen. Getting one of these extremely rare original factory issued guns at a standard gun price is a trophy in itself. X - X He acknowledges the lightweight A5 16 gauge guns produced between and are in fact Sweet Sixteens and identified as such in the factory issued catalogues.

The serial number coding system changed to the serial number preceding the date code. Last edited by morngstar on Fri Sep 02, 9: Perhaps it should be added to the permanent 'announcements' on this forum.

Wed Sep 04, 7: Sat Apr 12, 3: Here are a couple of my favorites Sun Oct 12, 2: I guess you are the A-5 man about these parts. Is it an un marked Sweet? Fri Oct 17, 9: The 5 hole barrel ring seemed to be a first generation Sweet Sixteen. These are typically dated and Does the barrel serial number match the serial number on the receiver? I would love to see pics of your A5. Sat Oct 18, 7: The same number is under the letters on the barrel.

I have a Wingmaster Pump action its condition is spotless. I have a B ZZ U on my barrel. What does the B and U mean. I just bought a Remington police magnum from the local police the letters on the barrel are wf but I see the letter f second letter repeated in three different places so how do I find which year my shotgun was made. I recently purchased a Remington Wingmaster 20 gauge serial number SX trying to identify everything I can about the weapon Barrel was not original would like to know exact model year and month this weapon was produced for restoration.

Hello mine has a serial number of v or it could be v. Last number is kinda scratched up. The two digit code looks like it could be SE or BE. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Remington Serial Number Lookup I have found this information somewhere on the web: Remington Serial Number. However, the lettered barrel code is the best way to find the manufacture date, assuming the barrel is original.

Mon Oct 27, 7: But, there are also apparently a lot of guns without the barrel codes. Made right in the middle of when Remington was doing the barrel code thingy.

I know; I have a Model LT20 Magnum vintage with the original barrel and no barrel code, and an 12 gauge Magnum circa with the original barrel, also with no code, and finally an 28 gauge Probably or with no barrel codes. I love it when these things happen. Oh yes, they all have a lonely little proof mark on the other side of the barrel. Mon Nov 03, Call Remington at I think they are open M-F pm EST Follow the prompts I think it is 7 and then 1 and you can speak with an actual person who can tell you month and year the gun was made.

Barrels might sit a bit but receiver are the parts that are serialized. I have nothing but positive feedback to give Remington. The staff has been very helpful. Nice to speak with folks Tue Nov 04, 7: I am sure they sometimes have to wonder why all these people care exactly when their guns were made nearing a half century ago. But, they come through repeatedly just the same. Tue Nov 04, 1: I guess it might be important to know if it is over a half century old. At least I think that is how it works Tue Nov 22, I have a Rem.

Here are the pictures below at the link provided. Any help as to the weird horse shoe mark and the circle with the line on top would be great, thanks. Wed Nov 23, Wow, an over 8 year old thread revived. But, kudos on using the search engine!

Imsges: remington dating by serial number

remington dating by serial number

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remington dating by serial number

Fri Dec 02, 1: Charles Mares Gilbert Pitman, London, Only a few prototype examples made between and

remington dating by serial number

My gauge must be pretty early since the relief cut is missing. Add Thread to del. I decided to share speed dating nantes 2014 here since this is where much of my limited remingtn came from. The source for this remington dating by serial number was at least partially Ref. Two 's converted to. Best Upgrades for Remington