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The same is true, even of a Superman! Kildare fame Lew Wallace's "Ben-Hur: Like a certain key:

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The chase boils down to two approaches or possibly three depending upon your take. It was rare that one of those few… Taking Stock Arlecchino author A fleet of black SUVs smoothly swept over the blasted plain. Of course, I always get out eventually when there's no evidence, but hot damn does it suck. Yeah, I'd say you got the bastard. Name something you might look for during a power cut Torch, Fuse Box, Candles. Name a disease that medical advances have almost eliminated Polio 69, Smallpox 11, Measles 10, Tuberculosis 8. To construct the physical body of the subject using SCP….

Maybe all this resume needs is a little punching up. You mean exaggerate the truth, create wild and colorful stories just to impress people?

Dorothy, you can't do that! For lack of a better example let's say my cupcakes. And I, in a mad passionate moment, forget myself and How would that make you feel? I'd like to think I'd understand.

I was hoping that's what you would say. It's just the idea of Miles wanting to try your cupcakes. Why is that funny? No offense, Dorothy, but your cupcakes are dry and tasteless. Nobody ever likes your cupcakes. My cupcakes are moist and delicious. Men LOVE my cupcakes.

Get a clue, Dorothy. Men would rather PAY for cupcakes. This woman is an idiot! She didn't get knocked up in high school! Oh, piece of cake! No, it's me, Rose. I'm just wearing my hair a little differently. Now, that was not my fault! She was pronounced dead! Those paramedics never give up. The loss of your first love is the worst, the very worst. It was probably a cow.

How on earth did you know that, Sophia? A promise is a promise. Kirsten, you're just upset, we all are. But you have to know these two women love her like a sister. And I love your mother like she was my own. Yeah, well you're forgetting one thing, though. You're not her family. Why does everybody keep saying that? We share our lives together. But I'm not a stick in the mud. I can let my hair down and get crazy with the best of 'em.

I eat raw cookie dough. And sometimes I run through the sprinkler and don't wear a shower cap. And at Christmas I've been known to put away more than one eggnog. Rose, that is not a teenage rebellion story. That is a changing religion story. That is a big who cares story!

That is a why the hell tell it in the first place story! All your people are. The Chinese invented pasta, you know. We Italians take credit for it, but we just added oregano. At least once with Blanche air filled, they deflate. My rear tires have less pressure in them! Well, there must be homosexuals who date women!

Dorothy Dorothy bo-borothy, bonana-fana-fo-forothy, fee-fi-mo-morothy Oh Sophia, do you have any batteries? Dorothy, where's my heatin' pad? Picking up a cord Well, if this isn't it, I'd like to know what other electrical device you're using under that blanket. Figured out which one was Shinola , did you? Let's just say you didn't want to park your car under their oak tree. Rose, I put up with it for 38 years. You don't want to know.

I was never any good at it [changing diapers], especially with the boys. Seems like they always had dry bottoms but wet T-shirts because I always forgot to point their little oo-hoos south. You know, I didn't even think about that until Michael was at least six months old. But enough about you, Stanley. Let's talk about Kate and Dennis.

There's this person, someone I've known for quite awhile, and lately there seems to be this attraction developing, an attraction I've been trying to deny- Blanche, what are you doing?

My beauty's always been a curse! I'm sorry, Dorothy, but, like the fatal blossom of the graceful jimson weed, I entice with my fragrance but can provide no succor. Your pop sure made everyone laugh when he made the little feet dance! God I wish I was dead. She'll get over it. And even if she doesn't, who cares? We're going to meet Burt Reynolds!

You'll get over it, Dorothy. And if you don't, who cares? I'm making Scandinavia's oldest and most traditional snack: Pigs in a svengabluten? Ma, did you sleep with Tony Delvecchio? Blanche made me do it! Don't you have a mind of your own? If Gladys Goldfein told you to drink an entire bottle of Kaopectate, would you? Stan, if you're doing what I think you're doing, you're in big trouble. Sophia's Mother Bea Arthur: Let me tell you a story. A beautiful young peasant girl Ma, not another story!

Of a sort, in "Journey to the Center of Attention", Dorothy becomes popular at the bar Blanche frequents; whereas Blanche is known for being easy and the men usually tell dirty jokes in front of her, a man chides another for attempting to make such a joke in the presence of a lady Often comes up in episodes involving the girls' children. You surmised him as friendly in your thoughts when you first met him. The times of the specific incidents have been noted.

Sweetie thedeadlymoose author So this is it, isn't it. Yes, that's right, I'm Ms. The only Miss in the first few batches of Misters. Like the one girl Smurf.

You know, women make up more than half the world's population…. Fish Dexanote author Sometimes I like to sit in the water and just think. I like this place. I like the clouds. I have brothers and sisters, I think. Of course I felt guilty. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do to stay alive sometimes, and even as I gazed at the tank containing Mr.

Fish, the final capture… Wednesday - 5 Cherry Pict author wednesday wednesday wednesday wednesday wednesday wednesday wedn- Suddenly released from the clinging hands of the half-sleep, Wight sat bolt upright, an open palm colliding with the back of her….

Epilogue Anaxagoras author You slowly awaken in a blank white room. You can't remember anything. Wait, that's not so. You know how to talk, how to walk, what things are, but some things, like how you got here, what this place… Relationskips DrEverettMann author It don't pay to get too close to anyone in our line of work.

They tell you that all the time. We're stupid like that. Even when I remember. I don't know how I remember, I simply do. The world has gone wrong; we have opened the Box. I do not know what… Behind the Scenes Tanhony author Ah, hello there.

No, don't get up. Put down the gun though, it won't do anything. I'm not real, how could you shoot me? See, isn't that much nicer? Face that window, please…. Game Day Part 1: Attack of the Replicas Sorts author Having suffered from sleep apnea for most of his adult life, Dr. Johannes Sorts was quite accustomed to waking up suddenly in the middle of the night or day because he had stopped breathing in his… Bedtime S CP tory Maddy L author Come on, you two, it's time for bed. You've stayed up late enough, and you have school in the morning.

Oh no, no, your father has much better stories than I do. Oh alright, I guess I… Game Day: Months ago, he had lucked out… Orientation DrEverettMann author Welcome to yer orientation. I am Agent Max Lombardi. I am your instructor, on account that my leg is broken and someone in Personnel hates me. Now, you're here because the possibility exists that you… Game Day Part 1: Preliminaries Tanhony author One month before Tempest Night A single brown leaf blew through the long-abandoned corridors of Site Skeletons lay in the hallways where they had fallen.

The magician, although skilled and pretty, hadn't performed anything other than the usual… Learning Shit MisterBibs author Hey, everyone. If you really have a hard-on for being formal, call me Mister Bibs. I don't, so if you call me Mister Bibs, I'll throw a pen cap at you. Now, I've got a few guesses as… Spring Cleaning spikebrennan author Designation: A short bronze sword, a cashew-shaped jade magatama bead pierced with a hole, and a circular mirror bearing an eight-pointed star design.

Nagoya, Tokyo… Recorded Tanhony author I remember for the otherss, they are too sloww - It was raining red on Ito. It always rained red, red drops into red oceans, filled with the red blood of dead creatures. Appi sped through… Game Day 1: Die Hardest Edrobot author Debriefing: Muse by order of O The following is a record of their attempts. A guard stood in the corner of the room, his nose buried in a checklist.

Heads of your fields and all of that. Well, I'm here to tell you that none of that matters. Here, you're just one of the rest. We have on… Game Day Part 1: Smilers Eskobar author During Incident Tempest Night, many junior staff and personnel took part in the attempts to repel attackers by seizing control of already uncontained SCPs or, in some cases, breaching… Game Day Part 1: Mastication, Deglutition, Emesis thedeadlymoose author It's beautiful, Dr.

Lesley Mause announced, zooming in on the wriggling cells taking up her monitor's screen. Drake looked over her shoulder, still wearing the same bored expression he'd had for… Candy Sorts author Travis Brenton was always the one to help a damsel in distress, but this one took the cake. My name is Dr. Now, all of you are probably asking yourself 'Who the hell is that? If you would all just turn your attention Okay, settle down now, I need to If I could just have your-quiet! Sol muttered, watching the man in the wolf suit walk by.

I don't have anything in common with these people. These people happen to be our most faithful customers, man, … Contain Yourself TroyL author Hey there, guys.

My name is Lament. I work for a doctor, sometimes. Anyhow, they asked me to come and talk to you guys for a little bit today…. A dull boom, boom in the distance that echoed over the landscape.

She was half-asleep when it happened, before her phone rang. Groaning, she rolled over,… Lux TroyL author Timothy Dalton's young hands shook with the exuberance that only a child can feel.

It had been two weeks to the day. And now, it should finally be here! He ran home, grinning the entire… Corvus TroyL author I know my eyes look sunken without actually touching them. They always do, now days. I can feel them—them—both pressed against my chest, just above my heart, and for the first time in eons, I push a… A Working Lunch DrClef author Wait in the car.

I've got this one, Harken said. Kramer fixed him with a cold, hard gaze from her oscilloscope-green eyes. I can't back you up from out here, she said. It's time we had a chat, the two of us. No, I think this is the perfect time. It's not like we're going to get another. Not with the way things… Djoric author Okay people, sit your asses down and shut your pie holes.

Wight drew a sharp breath as Doctor K thumped her on the forehead with the flat of his hand. Your schedule has been cleared. Do not attempt to leave the room until you are told that this session is over. The door is already locked, but it is crucial you pay… Life Saver Dr Gears author Disclaimer: This is more or less a story related to me by a friend a few months ago. He's ok now, if that helps. Not sure if it's really all that creepy but it's weird as all hell.

Blood fell from Harold Jacobs' shattered nose onto the polished, tiled floor. He feebly tried to look up as he heard a rasping cough, but Valley's thugs did their job too well. A… Jargon Salman Corbette author I began walking along the hall to the briefing room. Another situation had come up, and I was expected to be present.

As I walked my secretary Gloria walked alongside, giving me a cup of joe. What's… Pila TroyL author Dr. Ronald Stimson sighed softly to himself, going deeper and deeper into the facility. She jumped, her shoulder knocking against his chin, and pressed onwards. Kramer looked around inside the car that had been their mobile home the last few weeks. Due to the circumstance of their retrieval, some of the recordings have been lost or damaged.

I'm sigh Research Assistant Corbette. I'm gonna be straight here I kind of had a long night last night aaaand I threw up an Advil this morning.

You may be wondering why I'm giving… Reflections Dr Gears author Harken watched the rain sheet the windows, leaning his head on the cool glass in the hopes it would make his headache go away.

Down the hall, a couple was fighting, the rise and fall of argument… Welcome to the Future Tanhony author Please sit down, Dr. I apologise for the search, but we could not be entirely sure you were genuine. I like the way it's just your face with a couple of strings attached. Okay, that's far enough. Yeah, it's a real piece, so why don't you come along quiet-like? Day after day, week after week, they had come to him.

Telling him their lies, trying to see where he broke. They'd never realized how much they… Shark Tale Tanhony author I was led into the room by two men in black, their eyes hidden by sunglasses. One of them shoved me down into a chair. Did I… The Light At The End Of The Tunnel DrClef author It wasn't working, he realized, as the statuesque woman ran the tip of her finger along the fake incision on his skin and licked the fake blood off with a seductive purr.

He sighed, shook his head,… Getting Under His Skin Drewbear author He used to be bored at work, but now he actively hated it. Project Future Sight has been enacted and regarded as a success. Warren Large Level 3. Does the black moon howl? He walked across the basement, turning up the music, letting the beat pulse in time with the…. Clarkson walked the halls, holding the scroll in his hands, careful to avoid confrontations.

After a few minutes, he was able to stop screaming, and concentrate on his goal…. Are we sure we're in the right place? How do we know these aren't just random people waiting for a ride or something? I hear that you have a new bf. What is… Annon TheDuckman author Warning: If you enjoyed the way Ecce Perago ended, then read no further. If you enjoy the thought of a grimdark Foundation, or have a low tolerance for quirkiness, this may not be the story you want… Coming soon to a gallery near you!

Keep in mind, hush protocol seven means the investigation is still ongoing, so some of the stuff isn't released yet. Best I could do. He for it is a he, though the strange raiments it wears, and the viscous fluids… Discovered Attack DrClef author Dr Gears author The box had arrived in Site 17, and been accepted as an object worthy of containment. Its sender had been correct that it could not be opened from the outside, at least, not by them.

Why I did it? Why we all I'm sorry. It just hurts, you see. But it'll be better soon, I'm sure. Oh, they're all special. I mean, if I had had a cool name, maybe I wouldn't be such a bad person. She could have named us all something interesting. Everywhere else was deeply dark, the humps and points of old factory… The Seeker TroyL author Cender was blessed of Old Aggie.

His seven daughters and twenty-one granddaughters were proof of that. He… Visium TroyL author Doctor Matthews sat back in his chair, sighing some and rubbing his eyes. Why the hell had they dragged him out of bed so early? He stifled a yawn and smiled as his field partner, an agent named… Senior Staff Shenanigans TheDuckman author Dr.

Bright sat in the middle of the Cafeteria, the old fashioned computer set before him. Atop said computer was a certain statue of a certain monkey, which many people had tried to obtain. I can't handle this. You're on your own, dear. What's the matter, hun? Scared of a… Fun Tanhony author Valley lay in his bed, wheezing as he spoke with his head of security over the radio.

Are my preparations in place? A few seconds… Memorandum Dated 6 November spikebrennan author To: Lionel Pierce Bletchley Park Date: German project in Upper Silesia Sir Edward: The place was a mess, broken glass scattered across the floor, small puddles of blood and chemicals here and there, and three dead bodies lying in the middle of the… Year Of The Many Eskobar author How long have we got?

Matthew said, his stomach growling. Zeke had been looking at his watch almost constantly for the last twenty minutes. They all looked at each other and nodded…. I know you were directly involved, and for the record, let's just assume I'm not an idiot and know you're guilty. Good evening to all the University community.

I trust I find you well in thought and in deed. I am here to speak to you on a matter of grave importance.

Document recovered leaving the central mailing service at Site 4. There are those rare days around mid-august when the sun puts in some extra effort and occasionally you only need one layer of clothing when… The Red Woodsman Eskobar author The forest somehow seemed to get darker the closer the two men got to their destination.

Agrippa kept reminding himself that the solstice had been three days prior, and the sun simply chose to fall… The Other Side minmin author The gravel beneath his feet protested with a crunch as Rufus T.

Heckle exited the alleyway, face-first into the acrid street smoke. He was not a very well-dressed man, though he held a distinct noble… Poor Bastard Gargus author You should have brought a mortician instead. The doctor looked over the Mass Containment Room floor of Site 34, coated in the blood and bodies of two hundred Foundation staff members.

Sighing, he pulled it out and unrolled it. As was his usual reaction, he was sorry he ever helped invent it. The note that… Love Springs Eternal minmin author Why, it was love at first sight, darling. Letter had no stamp, post mark, or… Joy to the World Sophia Light author Doctor Johanna Rose Garrison leaned back in her chair, one last click extinguishing the computer's light.

Intercepted… Routine anqxyr author Have you ever had that feeling? When you drive home from work, or walk home from the store, or do just about anything you've done a thousand times in your life. And you are almost home already, when… Christmas DrEverettMann author I always have grand plans that few people help me on. I'm just gullible that way. This time, it was word stories for Christmas, a la Gaiman's Nicholas Was… I normally send one out in my… People Are Not Wearing Enough Hats Gargus author …which brings us once again to the pressing issue of just how much there is left to contain, said the Head of Foundation Staff to the meeting, shuffling the papers in his hands.

Sitting where my father once sat, working at the same battered, second-hand desk, sifting through the notes black with his nearly indecipherable scrawl. He always… Pitter-patter Corerosion author They're there - Look harder Pitter-patter, the raindrops fall. On this All Hallow's Eve, I sit in my armchair close to the roaring flame, trying to gather what little warmth circling about the empty… Work Journal 2 Cont Dr Gears author Day 52 Very unsettling developments.

He'd go on about something, more often than not what he came to dub… Vertigo Photosynthetic author another true story 1 Jan , 5: The view out that little porthole just never gets… Attacking The Darkness DrClef author Dr Gears author Belfast, Ireland The GOC surveillance team who used the flat as a staging area had been stationed there for four weeks, doing an assessment of a Known Threat Entity in the area: It's really only going up because a few people in the chat encouraged me to put it up, and I really don't know what else to do with it.

Now that we're… Conversation 1: Skinner dutifully jotted this note onto her pad. Numberless Eskobar author Jesus, the food is getting worse by the day, Agent Lee said. Tell me about it, Agent Eastman said. I think this is another immortal-lizard sandwich. And from the taste Eastman took a bite. Decommissioning Eskobar author A number of people who no longer used their names spoke to one another. How many so far? One D-class, two agents, one junior researcher. The phenomenon must be contained.

It… Cursed Eskobar author The director of the Records and Information Security Administration looked at the next report on her desk. A confused frown played across her face. She reached for the intercom. Several dating techniques have all placed the document at its authentic time period. Every time I try to speak, it just gets worse. They come at me, prod me, examine me They pull things open, cut into my flesh… And when… Quiet Game Dr Gears author Acquisitions and Review.

One of the names in The Foundation that can send staff into convulsions. I advise full mobilization against NERV. Director, Site 19 Subject: Agents Dash and Jack led the recovery alongside Mobile… On the O5's Secret Service Anaxagoras author Intelligence suggested the scip was holed up somewhere in this hotel. A challenge to find, for any but the best. Fortunately for me, there's none better.

Still, no cause to rush. Every place, everywhere, every fucking world They're always there. I'm back home from school! Jimmy said as he walked… Dr. Ikari, I presume Edrobot author Dr. Gendo Ikari steepled his fingers. Your presence here in Tokyo-3 is unexpected to say the least.

Yeah, well, that was kind of the point. His investors were dwindling. Lawsuits and inquiries were piling up. Every day, Aperture Science teetered on the brink of bankruptcy. Electric Boogaloo Edrobot author Dr. Edison sneezed into the telephone. Doktori author Sir, we've got another strange one. Tools flew, doors slammed, the walls and floorboards rattled. Through it all, he loosed a stream of profanity so acid it threatened to peel the already faded paint….

The Case of the Missing Hand Tanhony author It was upon the morning of the seventeenth of October when I encountered my long-term friend and companion Mr. Sherlock Holmes knocking upon the door of my residence. Half an hour there, half an hour back, from the outside. But it always felt longer when he actually walked the tunnel.

It felt like time was being stretched out,… Progress Djoric author I invented a car that runs on nightmare fuel. We invented fire to scare away the darkness, now we can use the darkness to power our lights. Not that family love, or devotion but real, blind love. I don't think people know how dangerous real, true love is.

Love will make you do great things, but it can also… The Once And Future Emperor ChazzK author Agent Walker always knew when things were about to go south; it was this strange tingling sensation he got in the back of his skull, like an itch springing up two inches under his skin. He always… A Tale of Five Offerings minmin author In the howling temple of the black moon's light Five brave fools came in the night.

The first gave flesh, The second gave stone, The third gave the power to move when alone. Marshall are sitting at a table. They are discussing something. The door swings open.

Gentlemen, I have an unpleasant piece of news to tell you! The Slipgate project, they had told him on his one hour of the day… Hephaestus Eskobar author He wants to do the prayer, Antigonus complained. Where in Pluto is there place for prayer here? Porphyrios of Alexandria sighed. Antigonus was never going to get off of the subject of natural… And Then I Died TroyL author Below are the previous entries for the game. Useful information is held… Naptime Eskobar author Working at a daycare gives you a very strange view of children.

I live in the South, so the stereotype of screaming children in Wal-Mart isn't part of a redneck joke. It's literally just what happens… Incursion Lowell author 1 If the words esoteric containment mean nothing to you, stop listening.

Time passes, approximately ten seconds. During this time, rain can be heard striking a number of windows nearby. My name is… Clouds minmin author Looking at clouds from the ground is a rather absorbing experience. The educated human mind sees the majestic plumes of white as mere wisps of crystallised water vapour and dust particles in the… Stare Eskobar author ORDERS, the Integrator asked. There was silence for a long time, then.

Integrators were not long on conversation. But having once been… Scripture Eskobar author The following document was found in a fax machine in Site 93; no records of its source or time of transmission were located. A connection to SCP is presumed. Emergency lights flickered, but it was dark. Rosalind wondered where she could possibly be. She walked down the hall,….

You hear horror stories about it, about people being shot randomly, the squalid conditions, but… Basking in the Light GrandEnder author Network Correspondence From: Dier, [] Dier, SCP has largely been contained, and everything above D-9 has been incinerated or disabled. Even if it's the kindest of men. Let us be together. We can be happy together, and neither of… Multi-U Djoric author Hello, everyone. Mother fucking Open fire! Don't shoot it in the head.

Shoot the fucking legs! Shin, get the blast doors! There was something about this entire experience that was so surreal, so far outside of her range of experience, so beyond anything she was prepared to deal with, she was… What Is Wrong With You Gargus author There's a reason I keep the lights out when I work. For all the world's infinite variety, I get stuck with the very worst of what it has to offer. The light can only bring knowledge and pain. So even… Ground Control Anonymouse99 author Darkness slowly turned into light once more.

Blinding, red, fiery light. At first it was amazing, the sun rising to greet his vision, warming his bones. Just as everything else since the accident… Ghost Eskobar author Agent Enfield surveyed the scene, keeping his opinions to himself. Major Whitside brought his horse beside Enfield's and looked through his binoculars. Not too many of them, Enfield muttered, half… I'm not sure.

The symphony of voices that echo within my slimy shell agree with me. This one is good. The voices flee through my skin and into him. I always tell my boys, don't give your life fer the Foundation. Make some other bastard give his. But here I am. Fuckin' hypocrite, that's what I am.

But nobody ever promised me… Meat Corerosion author Chinese culture is a strange thing indeed. She found out, the day her First came tearing, screaming and mewling out from her womb, tiny unformed fingers clawing at her insides. And, knowing how this line of work goes, I doubt he will be the last. I first met him when he was giving an orientation to a new…. Deep inside is a wide chamber that appears to have been used in ancient rituals.

I find it's even better if you listen to this whilst reading. A large mass approximately 3 kilometers in diameter, located , kilometers away from the earth's… Translated From Palauan Gargus author They've stopped coming. They used to come four times a day, to feed me, to keep me furnished, sometimes to test me. It was horrible some days, especially when they slipped up and I started hurting….

Stray Eskobar author It was the prettiest cat Sarah had ever seen in her whole life. She didn't know the word calico, because eight-year-olds typically don't. It was brown and tan and orange and its eyes were the… The Flytrap Sophia Light author A story in thirteen parts. The embassy is 20 more miles east, I can see the lights from… Lemuridae Tom Serveaux author When I retire, I want to live a quiet life.

If I retire, I want to live a quiet life. In my line of work, life expectancy is short. I might get killed during our… Foundation Burger Gargus author Goddammit, people! Can I go out for a cup of coffee for five minutes without you people screwing things up? You are all free to ask me about any issue you might be having with a computer, mind you , I will try and assist you in resolving those issues.

To say the least. I've had to sleep in the car for the last couple days. I'm apparently wanted for questioning in an arson case. Saw my face on the news a… Breaker 1 9 Dr Gears author I don't know if this is really a creepy story, but it scared the shit out of me at the time. Four years ago, I was going through training for over-the-road trucking.

It lives in the I started. The stick came down hard on my knuckles. Begin with how to stop it, how to keep it held. What it is can wait until…. My name is James. You may know me from my appearance in various child-themed -Js.

I'm here now to tell you the awful truth of the origin of these sources of hilarity. Ax walked out of the break room with some coffee and his new assignment. No, a student, actually. Never had much business with doctors. Doris took sick once, went to the doctor. Doctor Alistair, seated on a chair before the O5 council, tried to take up as little space as he could.

He knew full well that was of no use, but actions like that have always happened… For Want of a Nail Aelanna author A single nine-millimeter round rolled lazily across the floor.

If it were a bit more invested, it might have been upset at the rookie agent who carelessly let it roll away across the table in his… Dichotomy Dr LosER author Dr. Church sat back, grinding a fist into a single blood shot eye. He was finally done for tonight. The Keeper of the Book had performed her Last Reading several days ago, and now her body was being… Love Hate Dr Gears author The house was dead when he came home. No lights, no noise, even a little chilly in the early spring dusk.

Pete Kothkis stood in the entryway, peering in to the house with a slightly confused smile…. D Incident Adam Smascher author As you know, my reason for requesting this footage were the strange findings of my autopsies of subjects , , and Oh hush now, those stories are greatly over exaggerated. I am not a demon, and I most certainly am not hellspawn. My mother would take offense to that, you know. No need to be rude! SMASH the confines of reality! Purge Art of modernism, commercialism,… The Doc Block Salman Corbette author We brought a pretty little lady for you today, , said the doctor to the statue.

The statue did not respond. After all, who knows who could be watching. Large dong one's confused with a "far out" snout Large dragonfly Large draught of drink Large dried grape Large drinking bowl Large duck Large duke suddenly starts confining guards Large eagle dropping left, beyond in descent Large elaborate meal Large estate Large ethnic group from eastern South Africa Large expanse of sea Large farm Large feather Large feline Large field of dirt?

Large sum not declared, apparently Large swallows Large system of newsgroup Large tank Large tent Large terrier Large time piece? Large tomb Large top quality mushrooms served up as dish of the day?

Last Beatles album Last bit of tiring ramble in wood Last bits of boring seminar are exceptionally dull Last budget category, usu Last call Last call? Last chance for ace? Last Chance Gulch city Last character in churches gives nationality Last character in repechage, mostly upset Last character to be driven out of Cornish town as punishment Last characters in Staines dressed up in the highest of fashion Last choice on a question Last choice on some lists Last Cluedo room's empty?

Last footballing tie Last forward tackles shins now and then Last frame, sometimes Last full month of summer Last full year of St. Last in a series Last in line, usually Last in seq.

Last moment to prepare Last month Last month's speaker, one offering elaboration? Last of the House of Stua Last of the Mohicans? Last of the Stuarts Last of tiles taken from unique fireplace Last offer Last offers Last Olds ever made Last Oldsmobile car Last Oldsmobile made Last Oldsmobile to be mad Last on tap drunk after giving birth Last one million invested in river processing Last page Last part Last part appropriately Last part learned in upright position Last part of a paint job Last part: Last ruler of the Julio-C Last ruler of the Ptolema Last seen in the public pool, mamma went for a splash Last Shakespearean character Last shogunate capital Last shot?

Last three bits of glass thrown back in cart Last to be dismissed, first catch Last two letters in listed novel written in non-naturalistic way Last under use or erode u Last wife of Bluebeard Last word after cricket match, requirement finally for proof Last word before someone Last word before the gave Last word for the defense Last word from a director Last word heard on New Ye Last word in "Oh!

Lasting Lasting aftereffects Lasting effect Lasting event? Lasting forever Lasting impression Lasting impression? Lasting marks Lasting periods Lasting quality Lastly, had you take on an extra governess Laszlo player in "Casabla Lat.

They go to folk's heads at bedtime! Late editorial cartoonist Late English princess Late entertainer who was Late evening Late film producer Fayed Late football star and FT Late genius that may prefix other solutions Late golf champion Payne Late hotel queen Helmsley Late hunter of Nazi war c Late in the day to be smoothing things out? Late-night talk show host Late-night wars participa Late-week cry Latecomer's plea Lately developed Lateness in performing a Latent Later Later afterthought: Later chats about what cardinal might be wearing Later on Later than Later years, poetically Later's alternative Later, perhaps Later, perhaps?

Lateral part Lateral start Laterally Latest Latest news Latest news of holy woman's put down Latest news, slangily Latest out, umpteenth I fancy Latest result in evaluation Latest run for paper Latest song on the radio? Latin lambs Latin land Latin land descriptor Latin law Latin leader?

Latin learner's verb Latin lesson word Latin list ender Latin list-ender Latin love Latin lover's bouquet, ma Latin lover's declaration Latin lover's word Latin lover's word? Latin quarters Latin ruler Latin scholar makes note on ship in italics, perhaps Latin series starter Latin singer Anthony Latin song starter Latin stars Latin step Latin thing Latin tongue Latin trio leader Latin trio member Latin trio member?

Latvian Latvian capital Latvian present's wrapped, a decoction Latvian, e. Laugh madly about, say, Boris Johnson's capacity to caper clumsily Laugh maker Laugh nervously Laugh nervously time and time again in row Laugh on a bike?

Laughing about King's Head having cling film Laughing choreographer? Laughing comment when som Laughing fictional detect Laughing gas and water, c Laughing gas, for one Laughing literary wife? Laughing matter Laughing riotously in street is irritating Laughing sound Laughing stock? Laundry detergent Laundry detergent brand Laundry frame Laundry implement that mi Laundry item Laundry job Laundry machine Laundry pen, e. Law has several changes: Law Lord in promotional material cut last item Law man Law man?

Law of ancient Rome Law of Moses coming from a rocky height - gosh! Law of Retaliation requiring private detective to be replaced? Law office employees, inf Law office worker, for sh Law office worker, inform Law official Law or medicine, e.

Lawbreaker Lawbreaker with two partn Lawbreakers Lawbreaking Lawful Lawfully represented by member and friend Lawgiver is left in flowing river Lawgivers Lawless Lawless article revolutionary published?

Lawyer's payment Lawyer's roster Lawyer's setup? Lawyer's thing Lawyer's undertaking Lawyer's wear? Lawyers Lawyers in cabinets: Abbr Lawyers make it Lawyers talk about right means of presenting facts Lawyers with many assts.

Lawyers working for bigwig Lawyers' charges Lawyers' grp. Lawyers' requests at tria Lawyers, to Brits Lawyers: Lawyerspeak and tech talk Lax LAX abbr. Lay person posing naked Lay person?

Lay the groundwork Lay to rest Lay to rest, e. Layabout Layabout left surrounded by booze, losing head Layabouts Layer Layer cake missing top honours from here Layer of a bed Layer of green eggs Layer of material Layer of matted earth and grass Layer of skin in older man Layer of the earth Layer that scratches Layer with a hole in it Layer within great city Layer's lair Layer, say, reflected old enclosure Layer?

Layout Layouts Layperson in a monastery Layperson? Lays off Lays off, with "from" Lays on parties Lays on thick Lays out Lays out insufficient money, disregarding trendy items of clothing Lays siege to Lays the groundwork for?

Lazy individual shedding pounds and blubber Lazy one, slangily Lazy people Lazy person Lazy person's stairs? Not lead, it's a metallic element Lead a square dance Lead actor's ageing trendy making SF feature? More haste less speed, perhaps Lead compound heals Lead deserters head north Lead down the aisle Lead follower Lead for a Lab Lead from a mountain? Lead from radiator plugs turned as much as brass Lead has one Lead head?

Lead in pencil I gather erroneous - this the stuff? Lead, for one Lead, often Lead-in for -aholic Lead-in for boy or girl Lead-in for breath or tea Lead-in for cat Lead-in for deux, trois o Lead-in for friendly Lead-in for house or wife Lead-in for mouse or will Lead-in for nose or hair Lead-in periods Lead-in to "Five Dollars" Lead-in to "goodbye" Lead-in to "I really shou Lead-in to "pray" Lead-in to "Show me! Leader at sea, reversing car across verge Leader before Lenin Leader born in Georgia Leader called "the Great" Leader called Mahatma Leader Cook steals single with gratitude when batting Leader deposed in Leader ditched extra responsibility Leader ditches uniform for liberal way to move Leader elected in Leader exiled in Leader had name changed Leader having to lead a fool Leader heads here having horse speed right up Leader in 19th-century It Leader in a summit m Leader in a beret Leader in a holiday song Leader in a robe Leader in ancient Rome Leader in Hastings, a king from a long time ago?

Leader in Israel Leader in national affair Leader in old Rome Leader in revolt liable to be transported Leader in sports Leader in Syrian city moves resistance units Leader in Turkey's elected once more Leader in waiting Leader involved in 70's s Leader known for his "lit Leader McIlroy's first shot makes green Leader no longer touring round country Leader of 10 essentially guarding area Leader of 7 getting drastically demoted, quits Leader of a flock Leader of a lush life in Leader of a meeting Leader of a musical "gang Leader of Abraham?

Leader of coup deposing prince and extortionist Leader of Exodus boarding ship to follow second prophet Leader of fashion Leader of football's D Leader of France Leader of Green party's accents Leader of historic capital manoeuvring around old banger Leader of Islam Leader of leaders?

Leader of the Pop Art movement, d. Leader with a goatee Leader with Roosevelt and Leader's aid Leader's cry, said with a Leader's gift including driving licence, say Leader's liable to be entertained by relative killer Leader's missing island, Rhodes perhaps Leader's name that's etym Leader's place Leader, flipping dope - mad, not all there!

Leaders in Danish economics squander small fortune Leaders in pits Leaders of class struggle Leaders of hives Leaders of nations in Northern Europe — a smallish number Leaders of Rangers Supporters Trust reported someone who might be charged in Providence? Leaders of regiment are instigating dangerous assault Leaders of San Salvador Leaders of tank regiment given acknowledgement of mistake by soldiers Leaders of the Safavid dy Leaders picked off IT men for course Leadership ends in power struggle, in a manner of speaking Leadership engineers cracking speech Leadership lacking in biased manual worker Leadership missing from cycle development Leadership of a co.

Leading contestant Leading couples in not very likely story for Jane Austen perhaps Leading couples refused to attend agency course Leading court figures Leading criminal very angry about crime securing time in prison Leading currency upset economist Leading down the aisle Leading duke entertains king Leading Edinburgh newspap Leading figure Leading figure in Italy Leading force in a military attack Leading German state from to Leading in ludicrousness Leading institution marks joint suitable for replacement?

Leading ladies standing up for chief magistrate Leading ladies? Leading lady Leading lady Laura Leading lady's one appearing in daily Leading letters Leading light from Staffs turned traitor Leading lights in ballet Leading lines?

Leaf collector Leaf collectors? Leagues of intrigue Leagues: Leah's dad gives dog a name Leak Leak about German novelist making comeback: Leak fixer Leak on a ship, e. Leaning to the right Leaning to the right? Leaning tower city Leaning tower site Leaning Tower's city Leaning, as type: Leaning, in a way Leaning, in a way: Learn fast, maybe Learn if criminal female goes straight Learn secondhand Learn space traveller's fine at present Learn to cope Learn to get along Learn tune having developed artificial intelligence Learn via a third party Learn's partner Learn, say, about Freud?

Learned Learned authority Learned dire tune, composed without name Learned old money is held by European editor Learned on-line technology, like Yahoo, say, is taking over Learned one Learned ones Learned perfectly Learned person Learned rude king elbows out queen Learned things Learned university is infiltrating film companies Learner - one from a part of Austria? Learners collectively set watch beforehand Learning about a hotel in Pakistan city Learning about Italy's principal river Learning by flash cards, Learning by flashcards, e Learning by memorization Learning center Learning ctr.

Learning environments Learning level Learning lives of Roman Emperors earliest only Learning may be done by i Learning method Learning style Learning system Learning the times table, Learning to race with a female Learns Learns from Learns of Learns about hosting knight put into 12?

Least likely to attack Least likely to be missed Least likely to be pinned Least likely to betray Least likely to crack Least likely to forgive Least likely to snap? Leave a permanent mark on Leave a ship Leave after greeting rebellious young chap, a Spanish gent Leave aground; thread Leave alone Leave an argument unresol Leave at a pawnshop Leave at the altar Leave be Leave before taking in rector's formal garden Leave behind Leave behind Leave exotic bird after 1 Leave far behind Leave first or second, sa Leave for a bit Leave for the winter, say Leave from 19 down Leave from French region Leave frozen, maybe Leave fruit — lose it!

Leave furtively Leave genetic material to regress after sulphur hazard Leave helpless with laugh Leave high and dry Leave home Leave in Leave in a hurry Leave in a hurry, slangil Leave in a hurry, with "o Leave in difficulty Leave in neutral Leave in stitches Leave in stitches?

Leave one's mark on Leave one's mark? Leave one's post Leave one's post, possibl Leave open-mouthed Leave out Leave out reason to undertake vanity project? Leave out, in speech Leave port Leave pudding son heartily rejected Leave queen to scrub rear, splashing around in the tub Leave quickly Leave rubber on the road Leave rubber, in a way Leave rubber, with "out" Leave secretly Leave slack-jawed Leave some mangetouts Leave soon with English liberal and moderate Leave speechless Leave stranded in the Arc Leave suddenly Leave Ted behind for adventuresome tripping, involving lots of shifting about Leave the band and strike Leave the building Leave the centre of Exeter around eleven Leave the City in the wet Leave the country?

Leave the flock Leave the herd Leave the outdoors Leave the pad, say Leave the sack Leave the scene Leave the shelves Leave the stage Leave the straight and na Leave the union Leave the witness box and go off duty Leave things unresolved, Leave time to visit cities rebuilt in vain Leave to enter guilty plea? A Leaves Leaves a center for cerea Leaves a couple of cents in battered boot Leaves a crooked trail Leaves a mark on Leaves a zoo quickly?

Leaves after a meal? Leaves alone Leaves alone, having you to follow? Leaves alone, in a way Leaves alone, sometimes Leaves and makes excuses initially unconvincing Leaves at 4: Leaves at the base of a f Leaves behind Leaves early, as an offic Leaves end and start of hole, say Leaves for a buffet? Leaves for a drink Leaves for a restaurant?

Leaves for cooking Leaves for lunch? Leaves gasping Leaves Gillette founders with millions Leaves hair here and ther Leaves harbor Leaves here to instruct parent heartlessly Leaves high and dry Leaves holder Leaves home? Leaves in a bag Leaves in a hot rod, with Leaves in a huff, with "o Leaves in a salad Leaves in hot water Leaves in stitches Leaves in the afternoon?

Leaves in the dust Leaves in the kitchen Leaves in the lurch Leaves in, editorially Leaves like those in books mentioned here? Leaves may be put in it Leaves money for sex Leaves note attached to article Leaves note, leading to row Leaves of metal Leaves of young cabbage plants Leaves off Leaves on the table Leaves out Leaves papers and note for false lover Leaves port Leaves rolling in the ais Leaves stranded Leaves the dock Leaves the main topic tem Leaves time?: Leaves undone Leaves used as onion-flavoured seasoning Leaves used as seasoning Leaves very quickly brushing off sheep tick burdens Leaves with a caddy?

Leaves with notice Leaves without an answer Leaves' home Leaves, greenery Leaving Leaving a small opening Leaving after lunch Leaving drink in can to one side: Take in Uranus at the beginning Leaving for Leaving government crushed like a ball Leaving hospital, crook hastened to city area Leaving it with Italy's grand old politician Leaving jacket, nipped out for a smoke?

Leaving lines Leaving no remainder Leaving sailor with drunk in gutter - say no more Leaving the plane, one may use this free, fitted with copper and gold Leaving unannounced for an away match Leaving, say, pauses, taking time out Leaving, slangily Leavings Leb. Lecturer and I leaving to take pressure off old magistrate Lecturer cracking convoluted Casio's functions Lecturer exhibiting pain during short semester Lecturer seen in Oxford, once Lecturer stopping scruffy notes being plagiarised Lecturer tucked into hot cake Lecturer tucked into square meal Lecturer wearing enrolled nurse's undergarments Lecturer welcomes old German scientist Lecturer welcoming the old senior member Lecturer, briefly Lecturers Lecturers' equipment Led Led astray and misused a month back Led astray by party leader taken in by ridiculous load of nonsense Led down the aisle Led follower to create flyer Led games going after Miss Scarlet?

Led off Led on Led soak to reform in office lunch? Ledger entry Ledger line Ledger list Ledger no. Ledger with lines Lee at Appomattox, e. Lee's uniform color Lee, e. Leeches Leeds United manager hints match officials received payment Leeds United's centre-half battles to help secure highest position in years Leeds's river Leek's kin Leer Leer at Leer at - or look at? Left a job voluntarily Left a large gateway Left a person unaccompanied Left a quotation, not one for milk delivery Left a small opening Left accepts Conservative is up Left alone Left and did some recording studio work Left and right, maybe Left are controlling Government on a big scale Left at sea Left back to dwell on the ball?

Left field by opening in fence on the other side Left hand's starting posi Left high and dry Left holding aid for driver turning tip of plane? Left out Left out, our intention's to show up for reception Left over Left over bits and pieces Left over rolls filled with end of veg served up as informal meal Left over, perhaps Left over, possibly Left parent scratching head in a state of agitation Left party upset, but another one's found Left port Left queasy not at first after swallowing one of flowering plants Left quickly Left ranks to struggle with foe Left rolling in the aisle Left side Left so as to admit some Left speechless Left stage in middle of act Left the band, perhaps Left the building Left the cocoon Left the couch Left the room scratched?

Left the throne Left the Union Left theatrical role in middle of act Left Tina's ex-husband, getting a thumbs-up on social media Left to avoid arrest Left to invade African country with armies, not revolutionary masses Left to the captain? Left to the editor? Leftist who's gently run media empire Leftmost compartment in a Leftorium proprietor on " Leftover Leftover bit Leftover bit of cloth Leftover cloth bit Leftover dish Leftover for Rover Leftover morsel Leftover or additional Leftover part Leftover piece Leftover pieces Leftover veggie?

Imsges: relative dating activity mud puddle

The AGA is a bit of a pain since regulations brought in low sulphur fuel oil — they have the most primitive burner system imaginable, consisting of two wicks sitting in a puddle of oil that is connected by a pipe to a pool of oil whose level is controlled by a float and needle valve. We're out of paper towels.

Satan is not a creator as such, but a corrupter. Cindy Prestash, of South Market Street, reported someone entered her vehicle and stole change. He'd kicked and screamed to get here, and now he just wanted it to be over.

Name an occupation kids think is heroic: They're finding new ways to kill me. I will hurt you. Earth Systems and Spheres ppt notes. Name a formerly serious ailment that is easily cured or prevented now Polio 42, Pneumonia 12, Relative dating activity mud puddle 9, Flu 9, Measles 8, Smallpox 6, Chicken Pox 5. Name someone you might allow to think is smarter than you are Boss 36, Spouse 33, Parent 17, Teacher 5, Kids 3, Microwave dating 2. In Small FavorHarry is tired, nhl players dating celebrities, scared mostly for his friend who is being eyed intently by a Valkyrie and being chased by fallen angels.