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A greater weight, in my opinion. My ex and I dated for about a year, it was a long distance relationship it was tough and a very on and off relationship, he hardly used to give me attention because of his work load and when he used to be free he chose to spend time with his guy friends rather than giving me sometime, ending up giving excuses everyday, this used to piss me off alot and i used to end up throwing a tantrum with really long texts, which in return used to annoy him I became desperate for attention and refused to give him space everytime he asked for, thinking i might lose him. Can you imagine what would happen if you got a guy used to a certain schedule when it comes to texting you and all of a sudden you interrupted that schedule?

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Hi, My ex and I broke up almost 3 months ago. Want to learn more about how a mans mind works? While some days are better than others, every day has been a battle for me. Is he really over me like he says he is? Men are hardwired to never admit or show weakness.

I still love him and think of him as my soul mate, and the thought of watching him every day, and even worrying about him and the other girl, is killing me. I know we are functioning more than great as civilians, which were the plan all along.. Somewhere along the way, though, he stared to disagree.. What should I do about the situation? How should I act around him? How am I going to make him want to be with me again? Hi Ingrid, EBR So me and the father of my child broke up 2 months ago, we kinda been arguing on and off in between our break up but i still love him.

He keeps telling me he is over me and I recently found out he has been dating someone else. Is he really over me like he says he is? I really need some advice. So I just got dumped from a 4 and a half years relationship. It was just too sudden. Anyway he broke up with me because he wants to focus on his dream. He said he likes both of us because we have good traits which hurts so much, how can he compare me with someone new.

He decided to just focus on his dream and dont want to focus on this problem. If this is the case, is it possible he might miss me or feel guilt and wants to get back. We broke up 4 days ago and we still contact each other to talk about our problems.

Is it to late to trt no contact rule? I really really need your help because this is my first major breakup. Btw i never broke up with him before. This is going to be a long one, but I feel like I need opinions and not just family opinions. They tend to be bias. I am going to start from month 7. My ex and I dated for 2. Everything was good till our half year mark. We argued constantly and threatened each other about breaking up.

However, we always came back together within minutes. After we officially broke up within 21 months of our relationship, we were both really sad and hurt. So I asked him to come back to me, and he agreed. We started dating again quickly after. But things did not change for the better. In fact, things got worse.

We still argued constantly. Or whenever he was at my place. I always nagged at him about how I felt about him treating me like I was not there. And all his reasons were that I am always busy forgetting he isnt around, and that I take him for granted, or that my chores arent his duties.

He always finds it a hassle when I want to go on dates. And I feel like when we do plan dates, he always finds something I do to make him angry so that the date gets canceled. Thats how I see it. He started making me pay for all our dates too even though he made more than me. I didnt realize it at first until my siblings asked me why he always makes me pay…or that he never bothers to pay anything for our dates unless I nag him about his turn. Let me be clear: I do not mind paying for his food because I love him.

Im not a big fan of the role of bf paying everything too. It just hurt me when I realized how much my ex changed within that breakup. All my paychecks were just toward him.

I didnt even feel like myself anymore. And when I informed him about the issue, he would say that it isnt true. The only times he doesnt is when I ask him on dates. Ironically, he is the one who always wants to eat out. So he broke up with me again just this August after we returned from our CA trip.

My family really disliked the way he treated me. Same issues from before. Me being prideful, I said he didnt deserve me. But I always caved in. I contacted him again and told him I love him. He and I agreed to work things out again except this time with more space.

Little did I know, I was the only one putting effort into us getting back together. And yes, we did sleep a lot together I really regret that!!! I felt like he was just having the time of his life. He didnt bother prioritizing me anymore.

We both go to the same college, but he always ignored my texts and would reply later. Everytime I tell him how I feel, he just says Im insecure and overthinking things. I finally confessed to him that I feel like Im the only one putting effort into this, and I really did. He didnt contact me at all. He didnt talk to me. He was always out with his cousins and friends. He always had excuses to not be around me unless it is sex and cuddles. Then he finally asked me how I felt about getting back with him.

I said I love him still, but I am broken. He said something like this: Prioritizing school and work are my main things…so if you are still planning on getting back with me, I think you should stop.

But we can still be friends because I still love and care about you. I yelled at him and left. Two days later, I called him and asked if we could just go on one last date, and Id leave him alone forever. We have been hanging out for the past two weeks, but thats because we have a class together, and we started off as sharing our textbook. Now I am not mean or anything, so I let him borrow my textbook every Mondays. We had a paper due this week, and he helped me write my paper because I was having a hard time understanding the text.

It was a Christian course, which I am not a Christian, but he is, so he understood it he was being so friendly to me, I thought he still cared about me and wanted to be with me. I confessed that I still love him and am waiting for his return. Just last night, he said he cares for my well being, but me waiting on him is pretty much a waste of my time. I should really move on because my chances of being with him are slim.

And if he does fall for me again, and I move on, then it is his problem. I told him I would still be waiting. I called him again and again yesterday.

Also, did I just ruin my chances of getting back with him? I want to make him regret breaking up with me, BUT i cant do that no contact rule because we have class together. I considered dropping the course, but I cannot because it is my last course to graduating this Fall. What should I do? Plus, my ex thinks I cannot do anything for myself.

The only thing I cant do is drive! I never had the time to do anything for myself unless I bribe my parents. You can try the advice on this one: He said he had feelings for me and I confessed the same. When all of a sudden we received a news that his Canada application had been accepted and he had to leave.

But soon after the break up I realised the depth of my feelings. Please note that ill be moving in the same city in four months and he knows it.. We have now said our goodbyes but u see I felt peace with him for the first time in my life. And I know he felt the same. Introverted Ex Boyfriends Vs. Hi, My ex- broke up with me for a month ago after being in a relationship for 17 months. We were very good together and he used to say that he had best time with me and worked better with me than othe exes he ever had.

So because of that we broke up in a mutual understanding, but I really love him and miss him. Because I would want to get into marriage and start a family with the guy I love in the future. So we have been off and on in contact. We broke up right before my birthday and he said he had birthday gift for me but will give it to me when things are less painful. He has send me text twice after we broke up so did I as wel. Last time I texted him was a week ago. And I noticed it now as well he does check my Snapchat history constantly.

We live in a same city and everytime I drive through his place I expect to see him somewhere in the way. I am missing him a lot and keep in seeing him in my dreams.

So what should I do? How much are you improving yourself? Hi, I just recently broke up with my ex boyfriend of two years, about two weeks ago. I know that he want us to continue although we would be long distance for a while, but up until now I have stuck with the breakup — simply because I want him to really acknowledge how he hurt me — only then could he change those ways and things that made me so insecure while being with him.

But is there anything I can do nonetheless to make him realize and hopefully implement these changes? I am currently trying the NC rule, but I am very unsure of how long I should really stick to it in this case, as he will be leaving the country to start a new life and job in just 3 weeks from now.. I am in such desperation as his departure is getting closer every day. Hi, I just got back together with my boyfriend that I was in a long distance relationship with about a month ago.

But he was being very distant and detached although still telling me he loved me. So I got upset although I kept it together when I talked to him last. We had that talk on the last conversation and then I cut off contact for a few days.

He never even tried to contact me. Is this fixable and how? I just got back together with my boyfriend that I was in a long distance relationship with. Hello, My boyfriend and I were dating for 3 years and broke up a couple of days ago after a couple of months of fighting a break up off. His breaking up with me was an attempt to eliminate any distractions in his life. I am certain that the stress got to him. Other than those circumstances, we had a nearly perfect relationship and were always best friends before anything.

I took great pride and admiration in our relationship and he did too until all the stress began. We ended on a mutual agreement and as good of terms as we could get, however, the break up is not what I wanted, at all. Please give me advice on what to do. My birthday is on Friday and we share a dog. I dropped her off at his house today he lives down the block. Do I reply to him when he wishes me happy birthday? What if he asks to see me? Hi Jessica, do you want to try the advice above?

If you are, that means you have to either stop sharing the dog for a time or talk about a schedule about that and only meet about that.. Then later on get back. By just last year after our horrible break up I told myself 2 never chase him again.

So I never contacted him. It was 6 months with no contact. But never did I once contact him. After 6 months I get a message from him from a dating site we both met on. So being me I gave in. We just broke up! Idk if I really want my ex back but apart of me does. I do miss him. But we have so much history!

My situation is this person really wanted to keep me around as a friend and was scared shitless of losing me, but he lost his attraction to me, and he wanted it back so badly cause he knew he had a good thing.

He wanted to wait to see if things would get better but he knew it was unfair to me… He did just move back in with his parents, and was going to buy a house, no idea on that anymore. Both 26 years old My boyfriend and I were together for almost 10 months and broke up in February and have a 5 month old son together.

He was caught cheating with his 21 year old coworker and was fired from his job and started dating her the next day. I admit I begged and texted him trying to get him back and recently I moved out of state to be with family since we lived together and I had no where to go and was jobless since I stayed home watching our son and his other 2 kids from a previous relationship.

What can I do? My ex and I dated for about a year, it was a long distance relationship it was tough and a very on and off relationship, he hardly used to give me attention because of his work load and when he used to be free he chose to spend time with his guy friends rather than giving me sometime, ending up giving excuses everyday, this used to piss me off alot and i used to end up throwing a tantrum with really long texts, which in return used to annoy him I became desperate for attention and refused to give him space everytime he asked for, thinking i might lose him.

I used to constantly text and call him after an argument until i felt okay and stopped crying, i also am a patient of anxiety and its very hard to control. We broke up about a month ago. We were together for three years. But that he wants us to be on good terms and that I can contact him whenever. I was hurt and immediately started the no contact. He also never contacted me.

He then explained that he was unhappy for a long time and was going through all that alone even though I tried to talk and make things better, he was always shooting me down. That he still stands by his decision and that there is no point in crying for what could have been. He wants me to be happy with somebody who will make me happier than he ever could.

He seemed very cold and reserved, like he already moved on. I honestly think that we were a really good match, because we are not that different like he thinks, quite the opposite — we were really the best of friends and maybe even a little bit too similar!

Is there a chance and something I can do to make him realize all that and regret or has he really moved on that quickly? I need some advice, please! My live-in ex boyfriend and I were together for 17 months. When we met, he tried so many different ways of getting my attention and went above and beyond to show his interest which I found charming but thought a relationship with him was out of the question.

He seemed like a nice guy and when he asked to hang out and get something to eat, I decided why not, and so I did. It was incredible how quickly we clicked and how comfortable we instantly became with one another.

I felt I could actually make myself vulnerable to this guy and so I did. Things moved way too quickly and I moved in with him only after a couple of weeks. Towards the last few months, we experienced constant fighting along with toxic behaviors on both our ends. While some days are better than others, every day has been a battle for me.

I am so depressed, I never would have dreamed another man could make me feel this way. My greatest fear of letting my walls down and allowing someone to get close, only for them to leave me, has come true. We break up 5 months ago. Hi, My ex and I broke up almost 3 months ago. I tried not contacting him for 8 days last month and when I did talk to him I asked all I needed to know and he said he still had feelings for me it kinda worked. He said he wants to live his life like a 20 yr old.

I texted him at 2: I really wanna get back with him. After he broke up with me I did the no contact rule for 16 days, then he got in touch. He said he wanted to meet with me. I missed him so much and I thought he wanted to get back together. We started the conversation nicely, he said he was sorry for being a dick and that he still loved me but that he still thought he was not ready to be in the relationship at the moment he is pretty messed up by his emotions and stuff going on in his personal life.

I got angry and I said a lotta stuff that I thought about him that were not nice at all. We had a weird kind of kiss afterwards I think he was feeling pitty cos I cried — how stupid I feel now for being so emotional and then he took off, like a jerk. I still love him but I think he was an asshole again. I wish he would just realize the nice woman he is letting go, and valued me for everything I did for him. I am actually pretty confused right now. Do you have any advice for me?

The last time we spoke, he told me to stay away from his life. The only reason I can think of that would make him say this is that I talked to his friends to find some clarity after our break up which was almost 2 months ago.

And he probably hates the fact that I talked to his friends and so he told me to stop talking about him and to get out of his life. I texted him back explaining my perspective of the issue and that all I wanted was to mediate the problem with him. I then wished him the best in life and hoped that we could potentially be on good terms in the future.

He never replied after that. Although, he did recently like a picture of me that my cousin posted on her Instagram. Just wondering if I should continue to follow till the 30 day mark or if 45 day would better. Stick to at least 30 days.. We broke up 1,5months ago.

After one week I met him and took my stuff, then I texted him: He started to search for me, I was answering, but with short messages. After 3weeks of broke up, I had a birthday and he texted me that I will receive some present from him via post because he wants me to be happy.

He said that I should keep them, he has as well many presents from me. After that I really started to move on and on my Facebook and Instagram profile was many photos from trips, clubs, sports achievements and so on and he liked all of them.

So, I texted him in 2 weeks twice. Last time on Thursday we chatted and we flirted a bit and I said that according to tradition in my country for presents I should invite him for a beer. By the way one of that concert night he liked some more pictures on my profile. Anyway, we agreed on the date of a meeting in April. He said that today no, but maybe tomorrow. And now it seems to be that he pushes me away, even though he always wanted to keep contact after broke up.

What should I do now? My ex broke up with me two months ago and I have texted and called him this whole time. It can only help increase your chances, and to increase your chances, stick to 45 days nc. Be very active in moving on without moving on. Make it look like you understand now that you have to move on through your actions. Make the posts public. If his birthday is coming up, before the no contact period ends, can I wish him? My ex boyfriend ad I broke up 8 months ago.

We both changed in those 8 months he told me that we should start by getting to know each other because we both changed. We were 1,5 year together he still looks at mij snapchat post and likes my pictures on instagram. And when we finally talk we text for hours and it feels good.

Just like before we had a relationship. He always react happy when I text him I have the feeling that he really enjoys it. But how can I make him text me more? Hi, I just got broke up with my bf.. The issue was I was talking to a guy who is my classmate in whatsapp.. Give me a suggestion please.. My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago over an insignificant argument saying that he has been bottling things up for a while now and thinks we should break up because our basic personalities are different.

He had been very loving and understanding right uptil that one argument. He seems very stubborn about the decision that we are not right for each other. I hope he is willing to change his mind. He was disrespectful to me so I walked away.

He knows he was wrong. I know he would be so happy to hear from me and wants me in his life but feel that contacting him would make his disrespect and poor behaviour accepted. Do they come back? Is it always up to us to reach out? Because if he wants you back, he should be more friendly..

Should I get over him or what. Hello, my ex and I have dated for almost two years. We have probably liked each other for a year before we started dating. We were both going through stressful times about a month before we broke up, but we never really addressed it. About a month and a half ago, he broke up with me saying that he was tired of fighting. We still stayed in contact and have slept together three times. He was always the first to initiate contact.

I should mention that his past relationship was very toxic and they always fought. We barely fought when we were together and we understood each other pretty well, but the past month of our relationship was stressful for the both of us. He still wants to talk and have me in his life, but I want him back and am confused with how he feels about me.

What should I do and how do I get him to realize that this relationship could work out if we both try hard enough? I just feel that our relationship had never been bad until the stressful period. We had barely fought before then and were pretty happy.

But I realize now that we always kept things bottled up instead of sharing why we were angry. How do I go from just talking and hanging out to making him realize that this is a relationship that could be saved with just a little bit of extra effort? Getting Over Your Ex. The No Contact Rule. Free On Demand Coaching: Learn what you need to do to get your Ex Boyfriend back Yes!

I want to take the class. Making an ex boyfriend regret letting you go can be a complicated thing to achieve. If you were to survey the average person on the street and ask them the following question: I would say that it is impossible to force an ex boyfriend to come back to you. Luckily, THAT is also what this entire guide is going to be about. Free On Demand Coaching.

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Cassandra February 10, at 9: Amor February 15, at Arya February 4, at 4: Amor February 7, at 1: Toya December 6, at 8: Brianna November 27, at 7: Amor November 28, at 3: Yes, nc rule can help.. Gina F November 20, at 9: Amor November 23, at Hi Gina, Check this one: Eduarda November 20, at 3: Amor November 22, at 1: Suzanne November 17, at 8: Amor November 18, at 2: Hi Suzanne, check this one: Amor November 12, at 8: Hi Beverly, was it because you lived together and see each other most of the time?

Mahi October 31, at 1: Amor November 1, at 8: Hi Mahi, Do you want to try the no contact rule and do at least 30 days? Ingrid October 25, at Amor October 28, at Alicia October 25, at Amor October 28, at 7: Amor October 24, at 6: Angel October 17, at 8: Amor October 17, at 9: Do at least 30 days. Jen October 13, at 2: Hi, This is going to be a long one, but I feel like I need opinions and not just family opinions.

Amor October 14, at Hi Jen, You can try the advice on this one: Pallavi pimple September 30, at 9: Amor September 30, at Sonam September 25, at 8: Amor September 28, at 8: Bee September 21, at 4: Amor September 26, at 7: Hi Bee, Check this one: Vicky August 23, at 3: Amor August 24, at 9: HI Vicky, Have you told him what you feel and what you want? Tres August 12, at 1: Amor August 12, at 1: Amor August 10, at 5: Nadia April 30, at 4: J April 28, at Amor April 30, at 8: Kate April 23, at Amor April 29, at 8: Pam April 7, at Amor April 9, at 5: Nicole April 5, at 8: Amor April 7, at 6: Hi Nicole, how long did you do nc?

Amor April 1, at 5: Hi Lou, when did you break up and try a 21 day nc.. Amor March 30, at 6: Hi hurt, check this one: Renee March 24, at Amor March 26, at 9: Hi Renee, if you are going to do the no contact rule, stick to at least 30 days and dont ever beg nor chase.. Stella March 22, at Amor March 25, at Hi Stella, it would be better to restart no contact and do 30 days than chase him.

Kevin March 20, at 2: Amor March 24, at 2: Hi Kevin, Stick to at least 30 days.. Harpija March 12, at Amor March 15, at Hi Harpija, the proper way of doing nc is total no contact of at least 21 days but in your case it should be 30 days.. Hope March 4, at 6: Amor March 5, at 7: Sonakshi February 23, at 7: Amor February 23, at 9: Hi Sonakshi, check this one: Joselle Bijlsma February 19, at 4: Amor February 20, at Amor February 5, at Dec 28, 8. Dec 28, 9. Dec 28, Dec 25, Messages: Yeah, she was a dude.

ArrogantBrilliance , Dec 28, WWEfanatic , Dec 28, Some relationships bring no experience other than pain and regret.

Very little positive came out of the relationship. I dont know where she is now. And thats the way I prefer. TurnipTrader , Dec 28, I dated a girl who pretended to like me and she was my longest relationship.

Now i have to see her in the halls at school. It sucks, but what she does is her business. She basically said we were soulmates and that she would love me forever.

We began living together. Then out of the blue she said she met someone else online. Two months later she moved to California and got married. I would have been ok with just being bang buddies, IDK why she had to feed me all that soulmates bullcrap.

IDK why I believed her for that matter. Thanks, and I knew this, I just thought maybe she was the one. Yes, because I didn't intend on dating her at all and only went out with her because I was desperate off a rebound. Mar 11, Messages: I regret dating my current girlfriend. Shes an awful person. One threw up on my dick mid blowjob.

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regret dating him quotes

And I really tried to keep him positive.

regret dating him quotes

For example, lets say that I was used to texting you every day throughout the day. Nothing else really counts at all.

regret dating him quotes

To recap, the first front regret dating him quotes all to do with the fear of loss creating that regret. Hi Agatha, do you want to try the advice above? Actually, hook up my utilities move on so we can see how we can apply this new found trend to your ex boyfriend. Separate names with a comma. I am not saying that this was the reason he broke up with you but it was an annoyance that factored into his decision. Is there a chance and something I can do to make him realize all regret dating him quotes and regret or has he really moved on that quickly? They are simply ungettable by nature.