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Tennis 66 , Volleyball What's In Your Non-Stick? Name something Donald Duck does that most ducks do not.

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Name a sport that is usually played in front of large crowds. Too Slow, Crowded, Dirty. Besides snow, name something you would need to make a snowman. Pair with a good glass of white wine, of course. Some of the best Thought Catalog Articles! Name a place on the body where people have liposuction.

Tell me a bad job for someone who hates horses. Name something on a Swiss Army knife that you would be surprised to see the Swiss Army fighting with. Name something a person cannot legally do without a license. Name something you would see a lot of at Kansas. Name something your parents still give you. Name something in your kitchen you would hate to have break before your dinner party. Name something men lose interest in when they fall in love. Name something you might do when your hair is a mess.

Name something a Ken doll has that the average guy probably wishes he had too. Name a musical instrument that is too big to carry on an airplane.

Name a state where disaster could strike at any time. Name something a hospital uses to transport patients. Name something you might find on a miniature golf course. Name something a person might do before going to bed that would make it hard for them to get right to sleep.

Name a kind of test. Name a country that has a lot of desert. Name a planet you would recognize just by looking at a picture of it. Saturn 35 , Earth 22 , Mars 16 , Jupiter. Name something a man with a big belly looks like he just swallowed. Name a beverage that is served at kids birthday party. Name something in your car you can control with a push of a button. Radio 35 , Windows 22 , Temperature 14 , Locks, Horn.

Name a famous person named "Jane. Name a famous Mark. Tell me a word you might use to describe Bill Gates. Rich 61 , Intelligent 10 , Ugly 6 , Microsoft, Liberal. Name an electrical appliance most women want on a desert island. Name something that might be half-black and half-white. Name a US state that has big mountains. Besides blueberry, name a kind of muffin people eat at breakfast.

Banana 25 , Bran 21 , Corn 12 , Oatmeal. Name a word a judge might yell out during a tennis match. Name a type of tree that grows very tall. Name a magazine that has a lot of photographs. If a witch was not paying attention to where she was flying, name something she might crash into. Name something people know about Fred Flintstone. Name a city in Canada everyone has heard of.

Name an animal we eat that would never eat us. If a coal miner lived in a mine, name something he would have to get used to doing in the dark. Eating 23 , Dressing 19 , Cooking 10 , Reading, bathing, bathroom. Name something in nature a poet might write about. Name something you might take with you for an overnight stay at the hospital. Name something a model does to make sure she looks just right for her big photo. Name a way you can tell that a fruit has gone bad.

Color 36 , Mushy 28 , Smells 22 , Shriveled, moldy. Name a wild animal you would find living in cities. Rats 24 , Raccoon 21 , Deer 5 , Skunks.

Name a cartoon TV show that grown-ups like watching too. Name something a little kid might do on the furniture that would tick off his parents.

Jump 40 , Pee 14 , Draw 13 , Spill, Eat. What do men consider more important than marriage? Name a country the U. Name a famous composer whose music is performed by a symphony orchestra. Name something that is better when it is hot. Coffee 30 , Soup 17 , Pizza 11 , Tea, Cocoa.

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If there were a store called "Bodybuilders-R-Us," name something you might be able to buy there. What is a problem most people have in their lives? Financial 69 , Stress 3 , Relationships 2 , Weight. Name a profession people make mean jokes about. Lawyers 41 , Teachers 4 , Actors 3. Name a sport that gets fans into a frenzy.

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France 55 , Italy Name a place where people keep loose change. Pockets 41 , Jar Who is the celebrity you would most hate to sit next to on a long flight? Roseanne Barr 12 , Jim Carrey 7. Name something that receives a grade. In your local supermarket you can probably buy espressopowder. It may not be as good as using the real thing, but it's cheap and it works for me.

I dissolve it in a little hot water and then put it on the ladyfingers or cake. Looks like a good recipe, but to be honest I have tried tiramisu once in my life and hated it. I would have no interest in making it myself if everyone in my family didn't like it. Ok, so I am attempting my first Tiramisu tomorrow. I have been looking for an authenitc recipe and found this site, thank you!! Thank you all for having such strong opinions and thank you Mr.

Engineer, I will print out all 8 pages to use when Im making this. Why ordinary sugar-sand would not suffice? It is going to be dissolved anyway A friend of mine told me that Italian finger biscuits are different from american ones.

She said that they were harder. American ones are spongy and sweet, which are great for making trifles and I love them. I just wanted to be more Italian so I will take the lead from any Italians out there. An ex's mother used to make me tiramisu regularily.

The family is from Italy and immegrated to Montreal Canada. While I no doubt could have learned to make the tiramisu I didn't bother yes I was an idiot! Tiramisu is my favourite dessert They would be brought to Canada only when relatives visited as they could not buy them in Canada.

Regarding the extremely strong coffee taste the author reports, I'd guess this is due to the fact that American espresso in my opinion tends to come from over-roasted beans and is unbelievably bitter and strong. European espresso in my opinion, and I am an American living in Europe is of course strong, but rarely as bitter as American espresso. I made this recipe last night usign the recommended amount of European espresso and it turned out perfect.

The balance of flavors was right on: Regarding an earlier post about lay fingers being soft in the States, in Europe they are hard and quite dry. This works great for soaking up the cofee - they soak it all up so you don't get a soup but they also retain their shape and give the tiramisu some form when lifted from the pan. I would rate this recipe as the best Tiramisu recipe I've come across, and I've tried plenty! Thanks for posting it! I just wanted to say that I LOVE that you use nice, clear, and detailed photos to accompany your recipes.

Thank you very much and I look forward to giving this a try. There is a recipe for tiramisu, and it is a bit different from this one, if interested, please go there to have a look, the website is http: The suggestion that Tira mi su is only ten or so years old is nonsense.

My Grandmother lived in northern Italy and I remember her making Tira mi su for us over 40 years ago using her own recipe. One of the differences was that she didnt use cream and used Marsala and Brandy as well as espresso cafe, I have her recipe and its divine! I don't know what I did wrong but my cream mix turned out extremely runny. The other change was using a stick blender to smooth the mascarpone cheese. Would that have made it so loose? Will it fix itself in the fridge?

I had no idea what marsala was but used a little bit of port wine instead. I am also sure the egg white were whipped and added to the beaten cheese and 'custard'. I cannot find the first recipe I used but have tried others and all have been just as good. I noticed that he used ladyfinger cookies but I offer the idea of making them from scratch.

You can buy them in a grocery store bakery section. The recipe is in the link below. I will definitely consider lemon zest in the mascarpone mixture next time I make it. Lemon zest in cream cheese is incredible so why not here, too.

This is such a fun site! Just thought I would share my twist on the cocoa. Instead of cocoa I use Cocoa Nibs that I have ground in my spice grinder coffee blade grinder.

Cocoa Nibs are roasted cocoa beans, they have a wonderful nutty crunch and definate chocolate flavor. I sometimes add a dash of cinnamon and give a final spin in the grinder to mix. The beauty of this, above and beyond the flavor and that it is still traditional in that it really is cocoa powder of sorts, is that it's texture is wonderful and it doesn't get soggy. I still add some fresh though, because of brightness. Can I use Mascarpone and Philledelphia cheese? I loved this recipe as it was very easy to follow.

But I was just wondering if one can use Philledelphia Cream cheese with the Mascarpone or just Philly on its own when one doesnt have the mascarpone on hand? I will be having my 2nd attempt of Tiramisu tonight since the first one went so well. The recipe I used was half Mascarpone, half whipped thickened cream Hi everyone,just giving one more cent here, my ex is a cook from Molise,and I guess it depends of the area of Italy if they use Marsala or not,same with the whipped cream.

I remember he did use Marsala for Tiramisu,but no cream,just Mascarpone,he did add a little Amaretto in the espresso though,anyway,will make it tomorrow. Oh and I almost forget,he did also use ladyfingers,and egg yolks,It's almost the same like you made it Michael. I don't believe there is a risk for salmonella,thanks to the alcohol of the Marsala and the heating to making it into a custard The original was aimed at children and elderly and contained no alcohol, any tiramisu with alcohol in it isn't original.

I am looking for it aswell I only know the ingredients but not the precise recipy. Wiki helped me figure out the part about the first tiramisu not containing alcohol. On the other hand it's just curiosity on my part, those myriad of "tiramisu" recipies around nowadays taste great too. I'm just interested in the origins and to make such a non alcoholic one myself out of curiosity and for fun. I have found the website of the original Tiramesu: There's also a video in italian of Roberto Linguanotto explaining the history of this cake and then he's also preparing a Tiramesu: No egg whites, no alcohol.

I've been using this recipe for the past few years But I think I will try cognac or brandy next time, that's what the baker across the street uses. Everyone feigns for the tiramisu I prepare. Today I actually baked my own ladyfingers! The recipe was wonderful!!! I made some substitutions due to the lack of availability of the ingredients used the same measurements: All in all it came out perfectly, I already can't wait to try it again.

Also thinking about substituting the marscapone with some cream cheese, although I think it'll need to be of a more spreadable variety or perhaps thinned out a bit with some cream I followed the recipe step by step - it worked a treat. Each bit on its own tasted great. Waiting to taste the concoction as a whole tomorrow. I did fortify my version with a good splash of rum into the epresso.

Might agree on a lighter layer of cocoa before leaving the Tiramisu to set and a final dusting before serving, but followed you instructions anyway - mine turned out to be a right beauty.

Wow,the comments above spread from to today now. I have prepared a set of ingredients. But right after looking at this site. I find out some is unnecessary. I was going to use whipped egg whites, egg yolks,whipped cream,kahlua,rum and of course mascarpone. Because I am not familiar with western desserts. Tiramisu I tasted in my place mostly are disaster. It tastes too bad. I must make one by myself. This artical and the comments really help me! Why not try the recipe on the BelGioioso mascarpone 8oz pk?

I have no idea what the original should taste like but I have NEVER had a tiramisu like the one I had in a now closed italian restaurant in Valley Village California served at my sister's wedding rehearsal party.

So far, the BelGioioso has come the closest when using rum. No whipped cream, no marsala, no worry about raw eggs apparently the Salmonella comes from the shell so as long as you wipe the shell with a 10percent bleach solution before cracking then you shouldn't have to worry abt raw eggs. Nothing cuts it like the right lady fingers To each his or her own I forget the other. I must warn that anybody who is thinking to use a stick blender to mix the mascarpone cheese into the zabaglione that you should NOT do so.

If you do, you will irrecoverably turn the mixture into a loose liquid. Use the extra elbow grease and keep this from happening to you. For what sounds like a very authentic sounding recipe go to the following site: Most of the comments is coming from people with a self inflated ego. Just serving to confuse. There is no one way of doing anything, most recipes can be modified.

Freedom of choice is a good thing. Thank you Mr Chu for providing another option. All others put a sock in it. I first made this recipe a couple of years ago for my fiance, and I am making it again for his birthday this weekend, as he is a tiramisu fanatic!!

I personally am not a fan, but I would happily eat this one, if my partner saves me any: D Next time I try this, I am going to try a few variations, using this as a base, and trying a few things that others have posted. Thank you for the ideas. Remember as mentioned above, it really is about personal taste, and recipes vary from region to region. Recipes are guidelines, and change things to suit your tastes.

I love this recipe, so I am always going to use this as my base. Thank you so much for posting this. I can't wait to make it again.

And the line about arguing with engineers, is like wrestling with a pig My father-in-law was an engineer and as soon as I read that I thought of him Every time I mix the custard yolk mixture with the Marscapone cheese it looks like ricotta cheese. Nothing I do can make it smooth. What did I do wrong. Espresso should not be overly bitter, even if made from a dark roast.

Bitter coffee even if bought from a "proper coffee shop" has either been overextracted or overheated. Coffee has many aromatic compounds and the length of time you pour a coffee shot for dictates how many of these end up in your shot of espresso.

Generally the more bitter compounds are those that dissolve last. The best flavours come during the first part of the extraction and the longer you leave the coffee extracting for, the more bitter it will taste. Sure, you will get more coffee if you run the water through it for longer but it wont taste as good and will need more sugar to mask the bitter flavours.

If you buy a large amount of espresso and tell your coffee shop what it is for I guess they could feel the temptation to overextract in order to bulk it out. If the water you pump through your coffee is too hot then it can dissolve the aromatic compounds faster. Some machines are not very good at maintaining a constant temperature in their water tanks and shot consistency will vary. Like cooking with wine. If your coffee is not fit for consumption as a beverage then you shouldn't really be using it in your recipe.

On February 04, at Lovely conversation, we enjoyed the blog and tried your delicious "simple tiramisu" recipe. Here's our trick for sprinkling cocoa: While it chills, the bitter cocoa flavor subtly harmonizes with the sweetness of the top layer of marscapone filling. Very unpleasant if you've never done that. For those that are concerned about lady fingers versus other cake and authenticity: Italy went through a horrible economic recession in the s after a prosperous post-WWII period.

What happens during a recession? Well, it's kind of like American Great Depression era recipes, things like eggs, cheese, fine alcohol, high quality oils, and cream become expensive commodities and people come up with creative and tasty ways to still make their favorite desserts without them. So, the very wide variation not only in tiramisu recipes but also in lasagna recipes and pizza recipes, is partially a product of the time and place, which effected the ingredients available.

So, some of these recipes might not be "original" but that doesn't mean they aren't "authentic" to the context that produced them. Since there are a bunch of engineers on here, I am going geek out about the salmonella myth.

The reason why you never really hear about salmonella outbreaks amongst the tens of thousands of people that sneak a bite of cake batter or sip homemade egg nog is that sugar is a natural anti-bacterial agent.

Salmonella is a bacteria. Sugar deprives bacteria of water sugar can even be used on open wounds in extreme emergency situations where help won't be available for a couple days. That's what cooks mean when they say the sugar "cooks" the item and why they make you wait four hours to eat it. For those of you who love salt cured items, or acid cured items like ceviche, similar biochemical processes occur. The proof is in your own refrigerator: In the UK, the National Health Service dedicated a page full of warnings to spiked drinks , Australia has a similar page , and supermarkets are stocked with devices to test drinks for drugs, including the roofie-detecting straw pictured above.

But how often are drinks spiked? However, this assumption is wrong. The vast majority was merely very drunk and, in other cases, medicinal or illicit drugs were detected. Rohypnol was not found. An Australian study from came to similar conclusions, where none of the 97 people who visited an emergency ward for drink spiking were found to have been roofied.

Most people were blind drunk instead of drugged. Let these results sink in for a moment. In both studies, dozens of people, mostly women, showed up at an ER, claiming to be victims of drink spiking. Subsequent blood testing did not find supporting evidence in even a single case!

Likewise, policing authorities in The UK and Australia found little evidence for so-called drug-facilitated sexual assault, noting that it is:. But why do so many women believe that this is an imminent threat, and who do so many women claim that they personally know someone who got roofied? The Kent study offers two interesting explanations, noting that: Unprompted, respondents nonetheless felt the need to address the alcohol contribution in their accounts, if only to deny its role.

There appears to be widespread disbelief, or active denial, that excess alcohol could cause the same incoherence, physical distress and incapacity associated with the date rape drugs. In other words, the drink-spiking narrative provides hamster rocket fuel to rationalize bad behavior, in this case binge drinking and all the bad decisions that come with it, including deciding who to go home with.

Imsges: pumpkin youre dating a

pumpkin youre dating a

Authored by Chris Martenson via PeakProsperity.

pumpkin youre dating a

Name something that might be stolen from your car. Susan, Jack is so adorable…there he is…relaxing in-between his playtimes with you. Makeup 59 , Wallet

pumpkin youre dating a

Dating mentor asked pumpkin youre dating a woman: Name a bad job for someone who is afraid of dogs. Yokre, well, off I go! Lots of good laughs and classic moments and all about New England charm. Name a way you can tell that a fruit has gone bad. Avocado Pork Stuffed Peppers.