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When we arrived we instantly fell in love and knew straight away that this is where we should go. The best meal and table service I have ever had. The average amount of time people spend commuting with public transit in Miami, FL, for example to and from work, on a weekday is 90 min. Retrieved May 10, We had a beautiful dinner in the restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. I will pass on your work to all my friends!

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As MC, there are a lot of moving parts to organise, but dealing with the team at Flaxton Gardens made the night seamless and a perfect tribute to the happy couple. You did a marvelous job, it was worth the wait! I would like to take this opportunity to say how very much I am enjoying Aether. Flaxton Gardens is the perfect place for magic to happen, and we will never forget all the fun we had on our special day thanks to you. The end result is a balance of maximum ease of use and ultimate flexibility. From my heart to yours, Corey Wayne. Numerically this translates to noise and alias suppression of significantly greater than dB and a perfectly flat frequency response to 21Khz at a

Because the dance is led and followed at the level of individual steps, these variations can occur from one step to the next. The Tango's frame, called an abrazo or "embrace", is not rigid, but flexibly adjusts to different steps, and may vary from being quite close, to offset in a "V" frame, to open.

The flexibility is as important as is all movement in dance. The American Ballroom Tango's frame is flexible too, but experienced dancers frequently dance in closed position: When dancing socially with a beginners, however, it may be better to use a more open position because the close position is too intimate for them. In American Tango open position may result in open breaks, pivots, and turns which are quite foreign in Argentine tango and International English tango.

There is a closed position as in other types of ballroom dance , but it differs significantly between types of tango. In Tango from the River Plata region, the "close embrace" involves continuous contact at the full upper body, but not the legs. In American Ballroom tango, the "close embrace" involves close contact in the pelvis or upper thighs, but not the upper body. Followers are instructed to thrust their hips forward, but pull their upper body away and shyly look over their left shoulder when they are led into a "corte".

In tango from the River Plate region, the open position, the legs may be intertwined and hooked together, in the style of Pulpo the Octopus. In Pulpo's style, these hooks are not sharp, but smooth ganchos.

In Tango from the River Plata, Uruguay and Argentina, the ball or toe of the foot may be placed first. Alternatively, the dancer may take the floor with the entire foot in a cat-like manner.

In the International style of Tango, " heel leads " stepping first onto the heel, then the whole foot are used for forward steps. Ballroom tango steps stay close to the floor, while the River Plata Tango Uruguayan and Argentine includes moves such as the boleo allowing momentum to carry one's leg into the air and gancho hooking one's leg around one's partner's leg or body in which the feet travel off the ground.

Both Uruguayan and Argentine tango features other vocabulary foreign to ballroom, such as the parada in which the leader puts his foot against the follower's foot , the arrastre in which the leader appears to drag or be dragged by the follower's foot , and several kinds of sacada in which the leader displaces the follower's leg by stepping into her space. Music and dance elements of tango are popular in activities related to gymnastics , figure skating , synchronized swimming , etc.

Tango appears in different aspects of socialty: Regular milongas and special festivals. On a regional level there are also many festivals inside and outside of Argentina. It has been suggested that tango makes people feel more relaxed, sexier, and less depressed, and increases testosterone levels.

Dance targets six main areas considered to be important for high quality of life and successful aging:. While all types of dance confers some types of benefits, Argentine tango dancing, in particular, has documented evidence that these areas are improved in both healthy and disabled populations. Tangolates is an exercise method that combines the core stability of Pilates with the concentration, coordination and fluid movement of tango, designed in by Tamara Di Tella.

Utilizing a partner-method and incorporating the aerobic or cardio element of music, it started as a rehabilitation technique for patients with severe dysfunctions of the nervous system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Tango disambiguation.

Habanera candombe milonga tango flamenco zarzuela polka waltz payada. Accordion Bandoneon piano guitar violin double bass human voice. Canyenge Maxixe Tango Waltz. History of the tango. Argentine tango and Contact improvisation. Ballroom tango illustration, This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. List of tango singers. Retrieved April 2, Retrieved 30 November Rise and Fall of the Cosmic Race. University of Texas Press. Retrieved 21 April This feature functions in a similar way to the pre-existing Space Type system used in the Early Reflections engine. It is effectively a macro control that allows the Input EQ, Damping Curve, and High Frequency Softening filters to be saved and recalled as a set in different fashions.

Frequency Profiles consist of a total of 15 different parameters on the GUI, which can all be changed as a unified whole with a single click on the display of selection from the menu system. Furthermore, we employ a Link control to allow users to customize the recall behavior of the system. The new Frequency Profile system works together with the Space Type system to create a very simple way for new users to try over 3, possible preset permutations simply by clicking on two controls.

Furthermore it allows over 60, preset combinations when used together with the new preset expansions. Engaging GUI Simply take a look at our interface and then compare to the competition.

Aether's engineering robustness, precision, and sound quality are second to none, but who is to say that a reverb interface must be cold, sterile, and unwelcoming?

We did not get the memo. Most of our customers are musicians, not scientists, and so as such, we took the liberty to have a little fun and get a little creative. We use things like color coding, macro controls, and parameter linking to make things intuitive and painless. We think you will appreciate it, and will find our efforts welcoming and inspiring. At the same time, we did not sacrifice any degree of control for the power user. Consider as one simple example, that behind our sexy and good looking knobs, lies a floating-point parameter system whereby you may text-enter any value you choose in full floating-point precision and this is the value that will be used by the algorithm and saved in the preset.

Want input gain to be Simply text enter it and that is what will be used. Or just move the knob by feel like a normal human. It's up to you. Extreme Efficiency Audio quality is the number one design goal of Aether, and we have taken a no compromise approach to achieve that goal.

Having said that, we recognize that most users do not have a supercomputer in their basement and we are very well aware of the need to run the plugin on real-world systems of varying degrees of processing power.

Aether's core DSP engine is highly optimized. Most of the processing code is written in low level assembly language and is manually tuned to squeeze the maximum power out of your existing system.

Our development is Intel-only and this allows us to focus our energies on doing one thing very well instead of spreading our resources thin by trying to support too many obsolete platforms.

SSE media acceleration instructions are used extensively throughout the algorithm. Additionally, the ER and LR sections of the algorithm may also be independently turned on or off to save CPU power when one is not needed. We've gone to great lengths to ensure that the plug-in takes as few cycles as possible so you can load more instances without sacrificing quality.

Pick a Preset If you have just read all of the past three pages full of detail and are left thinking "I just want a great verb sound! What do all these details mean to me? Do they really matter? For you, we have two things to say: First, as stated above, we believe Aether is one of the best sounding reverbs on the market.

Second, did we mention the preset browser page? The preset browser page displays approximately world class, professionally designed factory presets which are only a single click away and load instantly. When we say instantly, we really mean it--there is no waiting for an impulse response to load from your hard-drive. A quick scan through these presets will allow you to quickly find exactly the right sound you need for your application and using the browser page instead of the main page will keep you protected from becoming a Space-Time-Freq like the rest of us here at 2CAudio!

Aether is a reverb plug-in like no other. Offering over 40 adjustable parameter controls, many of them unique to Aether, it may be the most programmable reverb plug-in on the planet. But that wouldn't mean much if this processor didn't also sound good. No worries, Aether sounds incredible! Aether is an engineer's wet dream. It's powerful beyond just about anything else out there, and gobs of fun to mess with.

The universe of native reverbs has a new gold standard. This is a damn fine reverb and 2Caudio should be very proud of their first baby. One of the best algorithmic Reverbs we've ever heard!

Great for both mixing and sound design. Highly useful tail envelope controls. ER Space presets system is very cool. Using Aether's highest quality modulation setting and enabling 4x OverSampling, the sound quality went from great to superb yet demanded only about 5 percent of my Mac Pro's resources with a single instantiation. Aether offers world-class reverb at a great price. It is really the best algorithmic reverb out there. I will be using it on pretty much everything.

A true work of art. It has completely blown me away in terms of depth, and sound quality. Highly recommended if your looking for something totally unique and out of the ordinary for reverbs.

It allows you to perfectly shape the space around your sound, giving it an incredible and convincing ambience. It has given me extremely detailed and warm sounding reverbs that are hard to find this good, even from some of the best hardware and software reverbs available.

I like many other professionals, make decisions as engineer, producer and musician every day. Often it involves the purchase of products to serve our clients or our compositions. I personally will never make a quality compromise in the gear that I choose in this service.

We currently use a pair of the Lexicon hardware reverbs valued at several thousand dollars each. I was not aware of 2cAudio and Aether until I read a review in Sound On Sound magazine, which the studio subscribes to.

I checked out the demo, was in full agreement with the S. This is the best algorithmic reverb plugin that I have heard to date. I love and trust the Lexicon product, and now have the same consideration for 2cAudio's Aether. Well, in opinion, they certainly could have charged much more for it, given it's quality level in professional use.

They chose to make it available at this price to make it affordable to a wider group of users. This was a great decision.

Don't let the price fool you into thinking that paying more gets you more in this case. It's a ridiculously good bargain from a company that has integrity, actually listens to it's user base and responds to their needs in a timely fashion. Congratulations in your achievement 2cAudio, and please keep up the great work with all the success you deserve.

The s and '90s also brought the genre of high energy Miami Bass to dance floors and car subwoofers throughout the country. Examples of these songs are "Whoomp! This was also a period of alternatives to nightclubs, the warehouse party, acid house , rave and outdoor festival scenes of the late s and early s were havens for the latest trends in electronic dance music , [] especially house and its ever-more hypnotic, synthetic offspring techno and trance , in clubs like the infamous Warsaw Ballroom better known as Warsaw and The Mix where DJs like David Padilla who was the resident DJ for both and radio.

The new sound fed back into mainstream clubs across the country. The scene in SoBe, along with a bustling secondhand market for electronic instruments and turntables, had a strong democratizing effect, offering amateur, "bedroom" DJs the opportunity to become proficient and popular as both music players and producers, regardless of the whims of the professional music and club industries.

Miami is also home to a vibrant techno and dance scene and hosts the Winter Music Conference , the largest dance event in the world, Ultra Music Festival and many electronica music-themed celebrations and festivals. There are also several rap and hip hop artists out of Miami. The cuisine of Miami is a reflection of its diverse population, with a heavy influence especially from Caribbean cuisine and from Latin American cuisine.

By combining the two with American cuisine , it has spawned a unique South Florida style of cooking known as Floribbean cuisine. Floribbean cuisine is widely available throughout Miami and South Florida, and can be found in restaurant chains such as Pollo Tropical.

Cuban immigrants in the s brought the Cuban sandwich , medianoche , Cuban espresso , and croquetas , all of which have grown in popularity to all Miamians, and have become symbols of the city's varied cuisine.

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, and with a long history as a seaport , Miami is also known for its seafood, with many seafood restaurants located along the Miami River , and in and around Biscayne Bay.

The Miami area has a unique dialect, commonly called the "Miami accent" which is widely spoken. The dialect developed among second- or third-generation Hispanics , including Cuban-Americans , whose first language was English though some non-Hispanic white , black , and other races who were born and raised in the Miami area tend to adopt it as well.

Unlike Virginia Piedmont , Coastal Southern American, and Northeast American dialects and Florida Cracker dialect see section below , "Miami accent" is rhotic ; it also incorporates a rhythm and pronunciation heavily influenced by Spanish wherein rhythm is syllable-timed. The video game Scarface: The World Is Yours takes place in Miami. The game begins in the film's final scene, with Tony Montana's mansion being raided by Alejandro Sosa's Robert Davi assassins.

As well as having all four major professional teams, Miami is also home to the Major League Soccer expansion team led by David Beckham , Sony Ericsson Open for professional tennis, numerous greyhound racing tracks, marinas , jai alai venues, and golf courses.

The Heat and the Marlins play within Miami's city limits. Miami is also the home of many college sports teams. The following table shows the Miami area major professional teams and Division I teams with an average attendance of more than 10, Miami's tropical weather allows for year-round outdoor activities. The city has numerous marinas, rivers, bays, canals, and the Atlantic Ocean, which make boating, sailing, and fishing popular outdoor activities.

Biscayne Bay has numerous coral reefs that make snorkeling and scuba diving popular. There are over 80 parks and gardens in the city. The government of the City of Miami proper uses the mayor-commissioner type of system. The city commission consists of five commissioners that are elected from single member districts. The city commission constitutes the governing body with powers to pass ordinances, adopt regulations, and exercise all powers conferred upon the city in the city charter.

The mayor is elected at large and appoints a city manager. As of September it has a student enrollment of , and over schools and centers. Miami is home to several well-known Roman Catholic, Jewish and non-denominational private schools.

The Archdiocese of Miami operates the city's Catholic private schools, which include: Hugh Catholic School, St. Agatha Catholic School, St. Brendan High School , amongst numerous other Catholic elementary and high schools. Miami has over , students enrolled in local colleges and universities, placing it seventh in the nation in per capita university enrollment. In , Miami was ranked as the sixth-most-read city in the U. Miami is also home to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations that offer a range of professional training and other, related educational programs.

Miami has one of the largest television markets in the nation and the second largest in the state of Florida. El Nuevo Herald is the major and largest Spanish-language newspaper. The papers left their longtime home in downtown Miami in The newspapers are now headquartered at the former home of U. Southern Command in Doral. The Miami Herald is Miami's primary newspaper with over a million readers and is headquartered in Downtown in Herald Plaza.

Miami is the twelfth largest radio market [] and the seventeenth largest television market [] in the United States. Television stations serving the Miami area include: One of the busiest international airports in the world, Miami International Airport caters to over 35 million passengers a year.

The airport is a major hub and the single largest international gateway for American Airlines. Miami International is the busiest airport in Florida, and is the United States' second-largest international port of entry for foreign air passengers behind New York's John F.

Kennedy International Airport , and is the seventh-largest such gateway in the world. The airport's extensive international route network includes non-stop flights to over seventy international cities in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Alternatively, nearby Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport also serves commercial traffic in the Miami area. Miami is home to one of the largest ports in the United States, the PortMiami. It is the largest cruise ship port in the world. In , the port served 3,, passengers. China is the port's number one import country, and Honduras is the number one export country.

Miami has the world's largest amount of cruise line headquarters, home to: Miami's heavy-rail rapid transit system, Metrorail , is an elevated system comprising two lines and 23 stations on a A free, elevated people mover , Metromover , operates 21 stations on three different lines in greater Downtown Miami, with a station at roughly every two blocks of Downtown and Brickell.

Several expansion projects are being funded by a transit development sales tax surcharge throughout Miami-Dade County. Completion of the Miami Intermodal Center is expected to be completed by winter , and will serve over , commuters and travelers in the Miami area. Two new light rail systems, Baylink and the Miami Streetcar, have been proposed and are currently in the planning stage.

The average amount of time people spend commuting with public transit in Miami, FL, for example to and from work, on a weekday is 90 min. The station was expected to be completed by , [] but experienced several delays and was later expected to be completed in late , [] again pushed back to early Florida High Speed Rail was a proposed government backed high-speed rail system that would have connected Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

The first phase was planned to connect Orlando and Tampa and was offered federal funding, but it was turned down by Governor Rick Scott in The second phase of the line was envisioned to connect Miami. By , a private project known as All Aboard Florida by a company of the historic Florida East Coast Railway began construction of a higher-speed rail line in South Florida that is planned to eventually terminate at Orlando International Airport. Miami's road system is based along the numerical "Miami Grid" where Flagler Street forms the east-west baseline and Miami Avenue forms the north-south meridian.

The Miami grid is primarily numerical so that, for example, all street addresses north of Flagler Street and west of Miami Avenue have "NW" in their address. Many roads, especially major ones, are also named e. Major roads in each direction are located at one mile intervals. One prominent exception is 42nd Avenue, LeJeune Road, located at the half-mile point instead. Thus, major streets are at 8th St.

Within the Grid, odd-numbered addresses are generally on the north or east side, and even-numbered addresses are on the south or west side. This makes even unfamiliar addresses and distances easy — If one must travel from, say SW 8th St. Remarkably, even Miami natives are often unaware of this pattern. One neighborhood, The Roads , is thusly named because its streets run off the Miami Grid at a degree angle, and therefore are all named roads.

Route 1 , U. Route 27 , U. Route 41 , and U. Some of the major Florida State Roads and their common names serving Miami are:. Miami has six major causeways that span over Biscayne Bay connecting the western mainland, with the eastern barrier islands along the Atlantic Ocean.

In , Miami was identified as having the rudest drivers in the United States, the second year in a row to have been cited, in a poll commissioned by automobile club AutoVantage. In recent years the city government, under Mayor Manny Diaz , has taken an ambitious stance in support of bicycling in Miami for both recreation and commuting. Every month, the city hosts "Bike Miami", where major streets in Downtown and Brickell are closed to automobiles, but left open for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The event began in November , and has doubled in popularity from 1, participants to about 3, in the October Bike Miami. This is the longest-running such event in the US. In October , the city also approved an extensive year plan for bike routes and paths around the city.

The city has begun construction of bike routes as of late , and ordinances requiring bike parking in all future construction in the city became mandatory as of October In , Miami was ranked as the 44th-most bike-friendly city in the US according to Bicycling Magazine.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the city in Florida. For other uses, see Miami disambiguation. From top, left to right: Location in Florida and the United States. History of Miami and Timeline of Miami. List of tallest buildings in Miami. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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This section appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. Please reorganize this content to explain the subject's impact on popular culture rather than simply listing appearances; add references to reliable sources if possible. List of films and television shows set in Miami and Miami song. Government of the City of Miami. List of mayors of Miami.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools. List of newspapers in Florida , List of radio stations in Florida , and List of television stations in Florida. Transportation in South Florida. List of people from Miami. This section is empty. You can help by adding to it. List of sister cities in Florida. This article contains a list of miscellaneous information. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections or articles. For more information, see ThreadEx. United States Census Bureau.

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But I love her like I have never loved a woman before. In B2 oversampling may also be set "Per-Preset" which allows multi-instances to use different settings as needed to increase efficiency and allows presets to be optimized for a specific oversampling state.

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Brickell and Key Biscayne. Wishing you much success always. Flaxton Gardens is an iconic eharmony dating advice and events venue in the heart of the Precisuon Coast Hinterland. In addition to such annual festivals like Calle Ocho Festival and Carnaval Miami, Miami is home to precision dating fl entertainment venues, theaters, museums, parks and performing arts centers. The Heat and the Marlins play within Precision dating fl city limits.