What group of people came to be called popes

Can someone tell me where I can find a list of all the popes dating back to Saint Peter?

popes dating back to peter

How many Pontiffs are originally from Italy? Cornelius Opposed by Novatian , antipope St. I have a few questions about the catholic religion? Victor I St. The title Pontifex Maximus is mentioned numerous times by the early church fathers particularly by Tertullian , but it was not applied to a Christian bishop. Also revered as a saint in Eastern Christianity , with a feast day of 14 April.

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Feast day 7 May. Stephen I St. Christian history is the most exciting stories and interesting facts of all time. Issued the encyclical Pacem in terris on peace and nuclear disarmament; intervened for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis First Council of Nicaea

What can you do with the data? Data summary All the popes - full list Click heading to sort table. Download this data Start year. We have switched off comments on this old version of the site. To comment on crosswords, please switch over to the new version to comment.

Desio, Lombardy-Venetia, Austrian Empire. Riese, Lombardy-Venetia, Austrian Empire. Senigallia, Marche, Papal States.

Sant' Arcangelo di Romagna, Papal States. Florence, Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Gravina in Puglia, Kingdom of Naples. Grottammare, Marche, Papal States. Capriglia Irpina, Campania, Kingdom of Naples. Xativa, Kingdom of Valencia, Crown of Aragon.

Saverdun, County of Foix, France. Treviso, Italy, Holy Roman Empire. Sant' Angelo Limosano, Kingdom of Sicily. County of Savoy, Holy Roman Empire. Piacenza, Italy, Holy Roman Empire. Troyes, County of Champagne, France. Cuggiono, Italy, Holy Roman Empire. Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, Kingdom of England. Lagery, County of Champagne, France. Sovana, Italy, Holy Roman Empire. Milan, Italy, Holy Roman Empire. Chateau de Chevron, Kingdom of Arles. Duchy of Lorraine, Holy Roman Empire. Kingdom of Germany, Holy Roman Empire.

Eguisheim, Swabia, Holy Roman Empire. Nicholas I Nicholas the Great. That statement may be offensive to some, but since there's no question it's true, it's important for me to tell you so.

Most Protestants would consider Gregory the Great — the first pope in the list of all popes. The Institute for Catholic Culture has a very interesting series of lectures concerning the medieval papacy which argues that Pope Gregory was the first to actually possess the kind of ecclesiastic and political power that they believe the pope ought to possess.

Is there a contradiction between Tertullian's dates, who has Clement being appointed by Peter on authority of the Roman church itself, and the dates below? This is just one more piece of evidence, among many , that Rome had multiple bishops in the 1st century.

That said, here is the chronological list of all popes, per the Roman Catholic's Annuario Pontificio. There are of them, though Benedict IX is listed 3 times due to 3 non-consecutive reigns.

For example, Tertullian says that Clement was appointed by Peter, which would make him a bishop of Rome as of A. Callistus I Hippolytus split and formed his own congregation in Rome when Callistus took office. Cornelius Novatian left the church during Cornelius' reign, and Novatianism spread and lasted until late in the 4th century, when the end of persecution made their division unnecessary.

Damasus I Ursicinus was elected pope at the same time as Damasus ; Damasus won out with the support of the Roman prefect after rioting and bloodshed, and Ursicinus was banished. Martin I exiled in by Emperor Constans II for opposing the monothelitism—one will rather than a divine and human will in Christ—espoused by the patriarchs of Constantinople.

Eugene I the overlap between Eugene and Martin is because a successor was chosen before Pope Martin I died in exile—Maybe the emperor should have had the title of pope! Benedict II Emperor Constantine IV was unavailable to approve the nomination of Benedict, so it was many months before he could be ordained. Pope-elect Stephen was elected but died before he could take office; included just for your information.

Sergius III This began an awful time for the papacy, that non-Catholic historians have referred to as "the rule of the harlots"; it continued through John XII, who died in —link coming. That's the chronological list of all popes. The links above are for the more controversial or more interesting stories. Quotes about conditional immortality annihilationism from Christian history and especially from the early church fathers.

My "Rebuilding the Foundation" teaching is very controversial. These are the questions most likely to arise along with my answers and explanations. Christian history is the most exciting stories and interesting facts of all time. We have rescued them from the dry, boring halls of academia, and we return them in story form to Everyman.

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Imsges: popes dating back to peter

popes dating back to peter

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popes dating back to peter

Boniface IV St.

popes dating back to peter

Held the Jubilee of A significant number of these popes have been recognized as saintsincluding 48 out of the first 50 consecutive popes, dating hangzhou others are in the sainthood process. Francesco della RovereO. Datijg for various popes dating back to peter projects which included the facade of St Peter's Basilica. First to use a new and non-composed regnal name since Lando —