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Pirates of Dark Water offers a fantasy take, complete with fantasy swearing. What's a pirates favorite restraunt? The Last Airbender had the kids run in to pirates in season one during which Karata "high-risk trades" a scroll that has waterbending moves on it from them. Made a spectacular fool out of the East-India trading company through out his entire career and was more or less the impetus for the creation of hired Pirate Hunters like Captain Kidd. Life would be feta if we were togetha.

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The Return of Bruce Wayne. Navigation Bridge - The bridge used for taking observations, or directing the handling of the ship. Most of their actual skullduggery is off-screen until Sigrid gains the captaincy, and then they get in trouble with a shapeshifter and get swallowed by a sea monster. Are you a thrift shop? I don't know you, but something inside me is saying I should take you out.

I find your lack of nudity disturbing You remind me of my appendix. I don't know you, but something inside me is saying I should take you out. It's a good thing I wore my gloves today; otherwise, you'd be too hot to handle. Hey did you drop something?

Hi, Can I domesticate you? Do you have a New Year's Resolution? I'm looking at mine right now. Let's ring in the New Year with a bang! You must work in a library because you just increased my circulation! Well if I were a painter, I'd put you down in paint. I'd hang you by the Mona Lisa and put that girl to shame.

Roses are red, violets are blue, how would you like it if I came home with you? Omelette you in on a secret. You and I would brie perfectly gouda. Life would be feta if we were togetha. I like Legos, you like Legos, why don't we build a relationship? Hey babe, are you an angel? Cause I'm allergic to feathers. Do you know Karate, cause I don't want you to kick me when I grab your ass. Your like my false teeth, I can't smile without you. I ain't no hipster, but I can make your hips stir.

Girl are you my new Phone? Cause I can't stop staring at you in public. Hey baby, are you an angel? Because I'm allergic to feathers. Do you have a map, because I want to find my way into your pants. Are you a magician?

Because your making my penis levitate. Hey, my name's [insert your name here] and I can disappoint you in ways you've never imagined. Are those space pants? Because your ass is taking up a lot of room. If I were a tractor and you were a plow, I would definitely hook up with you.

Didn't I see you in Girls Gone Wild? If I'm a pain in your ass, then we can just add more lubricant. Just say yes now and I won't have to spike your drink. Hey Girl If you were a book then I wouldn't be able to read you, cause your print is so fine.

Are you the dub to my step? I laugh at things I'm attracted to, what about you? One, two, three, four, I declare a tongue war. Hickory Dickery Dock, it's time to suck my cock.

Girl your backside must be a cannon cause that ass is banging Do you like pirates? Cause I got a lot of seamen that wanna meet ya. Yaharrrr You look much more attractive in person than you do through my telescope. Baby girl you remind me of a tide pod so clean until I eat you then make me poisoned in your love I'm like a firefighter I find them hot and leave them wet.

I'm French Horny for your tromboner. Want to buy some drinks with their money? I like your boooty arrrgh You don't have to wait until midnight to see my balls drop. Girl are you a bong because I would hit that. Roses are Red, Violets are blue, give me some head while I'm taking a poo. Are you a drug, cause I marijuana take you home with me tonight. How about your red phosphorus coating and my short stick get together?

Cuz its obvious we're a match. I love you with all my butt, I would say heart, but my butt is bigger. Hey let's play carpenter, first we get hammered, I get some wood, and then I nail you. Are you a pirate? No, then where did you get all that booty? Your belly button is in the wrong place! It should be on top on mine!

Because that would be super. I don't mind a little ketchup on the hot dog as long as the bun is tight. Baby, you've bought yourself a cruise on the Love Boat. I'll be your captain. I spilled skittles down my pants. Do you want to taste the rainbow? Are you a thrift shop?

Cuz yo tags aren't the only thing I'll be popping. How about I teach you about firefighting by letting you slide down my pole Nice pants, can I test the zipper? You are young and fun-loving, that gives you 10 points. Then you are blonde, that gives you five points.

At 20 points you get my phone number. You look a bit tired. Getting laid would do wonders for your complexion. I call my dick Notorious, cause it's B. I know milk does a body good, but baby, how much have you been drinking? It's a celebration bitches! Now show Rick James your titi's! Well, then I guess you know what I'm here after.

Is your name Rapunzel, cause I need a girl who never leaves the bedroom and constantly wants me to pull her hair. Have you ever milked a cow before? Yo must be scissors, cause your looking sharp. Girl coming out of a bar: I'm like a celebrity going to a party, I always make a big entrance and I never cum early. I'm addicted to you. Let's get out of here. I heard you like bonfires, well I'll supply the wood. Are you a pirate because I'm wondering were you got that booty.

I'll be wiz khalifa and you can be my joint. Hey are you a window cause I can see right through them clothes. My wife doesn't understand me. You remind me of my little toe! Why, is it because I'm small and cute? Nope, because I'm probably going to bang you on my coffee table when I'm drunk. He's got a paintbrush! Me without you is like a nerd without braces, a shoe without laces, ASentenceWithoutSpaces. If you were a Pirate would your parrot be on this sholder hand on closer sholder or this sholder?

I hear you like Bolts, well let me teach you how to screw "You've stolen my heart away. Luckily, I've got another three or four in the freezer. Hey you looking for a stud in your life? Are you a drum? By international agreement it is exactly 1, metres approximately 6, feet. Naval Architect - One who designs ships. Naval Architecture - The art and science of designing vessels. Navigable Water - Water of sufficient depth to allow a boat to travel through it. Navigation - The art and science of determining the position of a boat and the course needed to safely and efficiently move the boat from place to place.

Navigation Bridge - The bridge used for taking observations, or directing the handling of the ship. Navigation Lights - Required lights on a boat help others determine its course, position and what it is doing. Boats underway should have a red light visible from its port bow, a green light on the starboard bow and a white light at its stern. Other lights are required for vessels under power, fishing, towing, etc. Navigation Rules - Rules of the road that provide guidance on how to avoid collision and also used to assign blame when a collision does occur.

Navigational Aid - Any object that a navigator may use to find his position, such as permanent land or sea markers, buoys, radiobeacons, and lighthouses. Navigator - The officer on board responsible for the navigation of the ship. Nay - "no"; the opposite of "aye". Neap Tide - The tide with the least variation in water level, occurring when the moon is one quarter and three quarters full. The lowest high tide and the highest low tide occur at neap tide.

The opposite is the spring tide. Neptune's Sheep - Nickname for waves breaking into foam. Net Tonnage - Useful cargo carrying capacity of vessel. The volume of cargo a ship could carry, equal to gross tonnage minus the crew cabins, storerooms and machinery spaces. One ton equals cubic feet. Nipper - Short rope used to bind a cable to the "messenger" a moving line propelled by the capstan so that the cable is dragged along too used where the cable is too large to be wrapped round the capstan itself.

Noon Sight - A sighting taken for celestial navigation at noon, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. No Purchase, No Pay - A term used to mean "no plunder, no pay". At the time, the English word purchase referred to any plunder, loot, or booty.

A pirate sailing under this term in the ship's articles would have to seize loot or forfeit pay.

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pirate hook up lines

Girl, your so hot my zipper is falling for you! Frozen shamrock shurikens are thrown. In a clever subversion, it turns out that most though not all of the "pirates" are actually geeks who ended up "outside time" as a result of various technological mishaps, failed experiments, et cetera, found all these abandoned, flying ships, and decided to live out life-long dreams of adventures on the high if unmoving seas.

pirate hook up lines

The whole party gets to ride on the same airship in later arc, at first graciously, but as the mission is stretching in length, the pirate crew remind them that time spent saving the world is less time spent looting, and the Order agree to pay them to make it worthwhile.

pirate hook up lines

Let's ring in the New Year with a bang! The pirates team up with Prince Zuko to capture the gang and dating kerr fruit jars the pirates refuse to hand Aang over to him the resulting brawl allows the kids to escape. The Shake Dimension is a pirate with very much similar minions to Captain Syrup. Whispers in the Wind is a webcomic of adventure and drama on the high seas, pirate hook up lines a woman has to go to sea to get back her son who left town with pirates, unknowing the captain is his pirate hook up lines father. They are later convinced that honest trade between systems would be more profitable, so they become legitimate businessmen. Pirates are a distinct culture in the Hollow Earth.