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L-let's all calm down for a second. During that time, Naoto expresses interest in the case, which Kanji mistakes as Naoto being interested in him. I wanna be a big boy right now I see you have obtained the Hierophant Arcana and the Justice Arcana. Shadow of the Labyrinth. Retrieved January 10,

Go take a look at the original P4 board, and on the official ATLUS forums too; there are quite a few instances of people wanting it. Besides, why would it be a bad thing; it's not like you'd be forced to date a guy.

Because I like Kanji, and I don't want him playing with my emotions If anyone has played with Kanji's emotions it's his sempai. Tinklyknight Not Gold at the moment due to various reasons. Yeah Yukiko and that swim suit I wouldn't mind the option of gay romance in this series, as long as it's not mandatory to "plat" the game. That would be really discouraging. You are ignoring message s from users on this page. Manage your list here.

Kanji should be dateable. He's confused and bi curious after all, pull the right words with your enthralling level of expression and maybe you'll make him more comfortable with the idea of dating another guy One of the other male side characters being an option to date too could work. I also think some non-dateable lesbian social links would also be cool to have in a Persona game unless you're playing as a female MC, then they'd be dateable , to help even things out. If you make Yousuke dateable He react's completely over the top awkward around situations when confronted, or even reminded of Kanji's possible sexuality issues because they remind him too much of his own issues.

He's immensely afraid of facing said issues, so in that sense, he's also scared of that confused part of Kanji. Plus being scared of Kanji's issues acts as another mask to try and hide his own sexuality problems. Yosuke's character sometimes just falls into the whole "Gotta be a perv to the womenz n stuff to look tough and manly! Can't be seen showing affection to other males! I wouldn't imagine Yosuke to be the kinda guy that does that stuff to hide his sexuality.

He could still be bi-curious deep down though, possibly. If EVERY guy in the game was bi sexual or gay just for you to date them, that would just seem really over the top pandering and fanservice-y.

I mean, I know this game has some pretty revealing and silly looking costumes, but they aren't a part of the story at all. Changing the sexuality to ALL social links to ensure you can date them all would have a big impact on them as characters. It would make everybody in the game seem less like people and more like fan service objects.

At least costumes are just costumes and don't impact the story nor do they have personalities. At the campout he wears his P. His character art features tattoos on his left arm. However, the tattoos are absent in certain costumes, like when he goes shirtless, or dresses like Marilyn Monroe during the school festival.

During the winter in Persona 4 Golden , he wears a snow suit, a black beanie, a maroon pullover, a black winter jacket, black gloves, tan pants, and black shoes with red lines.

During the True Ending epilogue, it is revealed that his hair is naturally black and wears glasses, but decides to return his hair back to blond after being made fun of at the end of Persona 4 The Golden Animation. In the anime, his hair is more blond than the game. His design also features ear cuffs on his right ear, as well another ear piercing.

A similar design is featured in Persona 4 Arena , although it's the other way around. Dancing All Night , he retains his Yasogami school uniform, but wears his jacket around his waist. He is the only child of the Tatsumi family, owners of the textile shop in Inaba's Central Shopping District.

Kanji is a student at Yasogami High School but he often skips class for unknown reasons. From the start, he was known as a delinquent.

When he was in middle school, he destroyed a biker gang and his notorious fame as a wild person spread to every corner of the countryside town. Although people mistake him as a member of a biker gang or as someone who likes violence, he actually does not have even the tiniest inclination to be violent.

When he strongly denies the side of him which enjoys "feminine" hobbies like sewing or knitting is pushed to the extreme, it unexpectedly established his position as a juvenile delinquent. He drapes his school uniform over his shoulders in a punk-ish style to emphasize the atmosphere he wishes to embody. He acts out against any authority figure, but speaks politely to the protagonist and his other seniors. However, when he gets flustered and wants to threaten people effectively regardless of the circumstances, he occasionally gets into fights and scraps.

Despite his seemingly rough personality, it is often due to misunderstandings. For example, he once went after a rowdy biker gang, but only to stop them from disturbing his mother. He obeys his strict curfew or his mother will make a fuss. His father is deceased. Before Kanji's father died, he told Kanji, "If you're a man, you have to become strong.

As a result of this, Kanji drastically changed his appearance and began isolating himself from others. At the beginning of Persona 4 , Kanji has no known friends. Compared to the rest of the team, Kanji tends to be a bit slow on the uptake. However, he is straightforward and decisive. Through the game he realizes that his impulsive actions can drag others down, and that he can balance that by instead giving them his support.

Kanji and his mother run a textile shop, which is frequented by the Amagi Inn staff. For this reason, not only is he adept at sewing and knitting, he is passionate about these activities. He has been interested in arts and crafts since he was young and has been honing his skills without anyone knowing. Kanji's cutely designed works, which include knit plushies and plush hand mitts are already being sold as proper goods in the shop.

He also conducts handicrafts classes for the neighbors. When it comes to crafts, Kanji is unrivaled. Kanji really wants to join his school's the Sewing Club, but felt that he might frighten the other club members.

He can be seen standing the Sewing Club classroom, although he has made the Sewing Club members nervous. In addition to that, in the social link event with Naoki Konishi it was revealed that the 'super yummy croquettes Kanji's mom made' which he had 10 years ago was actually made by the young Kanji. In other words, not only is Kanji good at crafts and sewing, he's also a decent cook. On his online profile, he is part of the social group "Delicious Shops In Inaba. There are also implications that Kanji is a clean freak since he has a neurotic personality and is obsessed with details.

He has a fondness for cute things, particularly animals, as he is shown to keep many stuffed toys and takes a particular liking towards Koromaru. He also likes reindeer. At the start of the game, Kanji is scared of partaking in any potentially "feminine" interests, due to the bullying he has faced from girls, calling him homophobic slurs such as "queer" and questioning his masculinity.

When Kanji tried painting, a relatively gender-neutral hobby, he was even told "painting is so not you. His Social Link reveals that acting tough has often caused a chain of trouble for Kanji, and he wonders how to prevent such things from escalating. In his 10th Social Link Rank, Kanji realizes that the solution is to try to make others "understand" him, something which he never attempted and something he hopes will prevent future misunderstandings.

He is terrified of having the secrets he has kept for so long - his likes and his true nature - revealed and he suspects that he really does have a "feminine" heart. As a result, on the other side of the TV, a dazzling world of love between men was created. Shadow Kanji is portrayed as flamboyantly homosexual, and Kanji claims his Shadow self really is him in his 10th Social Link.

Kanji's ambiguous sexuality becomes a running joke throughout the game and its surrounding media such as the anime, much to his frustration and embarrassment. Even after his friends have accepted his long-standing inner conflicts, his likes and hobbies, and the him who represents all those things, he still feels unsettled at times. By the end of the game, Kanji acknowledges a deeper acceptance and understanding of stereotypically "feminine" and "masculine" interests in his Social Link.

Whether or not Kanji is heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual is a subject of fan debate as there is evidence for all three, although Kanji points out that his sexual orientation should not matter about him: Despite his ambiguous sexual orientation, Kanji implies an interest in Naoto, sometimes blushing at her, even from before it was revealed she was female. Kanji is seen with Naoto Shirogane.

Naoto was also able to deduce that Kanji would be the next victim, and tries to seek clues by speaking to him. During that time, Naoto expresses interest in the case, which Kanji mistakes as Naoto being interested in him. This results in Kanji becoming shocked and conflicted about his feelings towards Naoto, and more importantly, his sexuality.

The Investigation Team attempts to interview Kanji, to no avail. He is eventually kidnapped and put in the Midnight Channel. Kanji's Midnight Channel dungeon is the "men's only" Steamy Bathhouse. On the top floor, the team finds Kanji confronting his Shadow. Shadow Kanji calls Kanji out on his "charade" and tells him it's awful to deceive himself and other people, and asks Kanji what is so bad about doing what he wants to do.

Shadow Kanji continues on how much he hates girls because they are "arrogant" and "self-centered. Shadow Kanji asks what it means to be a "guy" and "manly," and claims girls to be scary. After Kanji retorts that he's not scared of girls, Shadow Kanji then comments that men are much better and he vastly prefers men because they wouldn't say such degrading things. After being denied, Shadow Kanji transforms into is a mostly nude version of himself surrounded in a bed of roses while holding two Mars symbols.

It represents his second thoughts regarding his true sexuality the possibility of being gay and being unsure of the opposite sex, as the sensitive side under his rough exterior is often unappreciated and even ridiculed by girls and being thought of as an unmanly degenerate as a result. His Shadow is also accompanied by two other Shadows, one named 'Nice Guy' and the other named 'Tough Guy;' possibly referring to the common homosexual stereotypes of a feminine man, and the other a masculine man.

Nice Guy will boost Shadow Kanji's stats in battle, while Tough Guy will deal damage to the protagonist's party. The party manages to defeat Kanji's Shadow, the real Kanji still refused to accept it. The Shadow pleaded desperately with the party at this point, asking if anyone would just accept it. Kanji punched the Shadow, but soon accepted it, and so, it transformed into his Persona, Take-Mikazuchi. Kanji's Persona, Take-Mikazuchi, which evolves to Rokuten Maoh, specialize in electricity skills and strong physical attacks along with possessing two skills to buff defense and attacks.

This caused him to not put his full effort into anything, including soccer, since he was afraid that it would be all for naught. Through a couple of verbal fights with Kou and Yu, Daisuke realizes that he was giving up on everything too soon and he would rather quit than meet with failure. After realizing this, he speaks with his ex-girlfriend and gains the closure he needed by explaining how he felt. Daisuke thanks Kou and Yu for their help. Daisuke is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in the game, as well as the anime, and by David Vincent in English.

However, she is more interested in shopping, and befriends Yu in the meantime. Ai later confesses her crush in the club's team captain either Daisuke Nagase or Kou Ichijo, depending on which club the protagonist has joined to Yu. After her family struck its fortune and moved to Inaba, she decided to change herself and studied fashion while working to slim down until she became as attractive and popular as she wanted to be. After learning the team captain she follows is interested in another girl, Ai contemplates suicide but is stopped by Yu.

Afterwards, Yu and Ai can pose as a couple, or remain friends until Ai falls for Yu. In either case, she grows to trust him. His father owns the Konishi Liquors store in the Shopping District, and he seems to hold a grudge against Yu for being friends with Yosuke, the son of Junes' manager. Naoki is constantly pitied by everybody for the death of his sister. As a result, Naoki seems trapped and is unable to move on with his own life since he is constantly reminded of Saki's death.

While spending time with Yu, Naoki is able to understand he did miss Saki and decides to move on with his life. During one of the club's meetings, she is tricked by her mother to see her ill father, whom left her and her mother when she was younger. Yumi is torn between her hatred for him and her father's request to see his daughter before he passes away. As the relationship progresses, Yumi becomes even more torn and distressed because she is unable to deal with any decisions regarding her life due to her parents.

After Yumi's father dies, Yumi decides to leave the Drama Club and to not blame any future hardships on her parents or anyone else. She also reveals her love to Yu which he can accept or reject. In the anime, Ayane fulfills this role for Yu Narukami.

Her Japanese game voice actress is unknown and Yumi has only a non-speaking cameo role in the anime adaptation, but she is voiced by Melissa Fahn in the English-language versions of the game.

She is a very shy girl and is often left out from the club's activities due to her poor playing and unwillingness to speak up. Yu helps Ayane practice. Though not very skilled with the trombone at first, continuous practice helps her perform very well.

When one of the trombone players for an upcoming concert gets in an accident, Ayane is appointed to take his place. Before the performance, the original trombone player returns and Ayane relinquishes the part back to the original player. She soon accepts that it is good to be a little selfish from time to time, regardless of the consequences.

Yu can also start a relationship with Ayane during these events. Yu meets Hisano at his part-time janitorial job at the hospital. Upon meeting her, Yu learns that she feels guilty over her husband's death, feeling that she caused him to die by wishing for it. Hisano and her unnamed husband were very much in love for the time they were together, but eventually Hisano's husband became ill and gradually lost all memory of Hisano.

Alone, sad and helpless, she wished for him to die in order for them both to escape the pain. It is through Yu that she realizes that even though her husband lost his memory, the time and love that they shared was genuine and true, allowing Hisano to move on.

She eventually leaves Inaba to live with her children. He also mentions a transfer student whom he envies, as this student surpasses Shu in almost every way. In order to stay on top and live up to his mother's expectations, Shu cheats on a test and ends up being suspended from school, much to his mother's disappointment and disdain.

Yu helps Shu realize that he should find more meaning in his life than just trying to face forward and be number one at everything; he and his mother reconcile and start over.

During the last month in game, when Yu converses with Shu, he mentions that he and that same transfer student are now great friends and his own popularity has also increased as a result. As Yu gets to know Eri and Yuuta, they reveal that they faced difficulties accepting each other as part of the family. Eri and Yuuta's father were only married for about half a year before he had to leave for China on business.

As such, Eri and Yuuta had nothing that connected them and so they grew more and more distant. Both Eri and Yuuta care about each other very much but are held back by their own insecurities regarding the relationship. Yu helps the both of them realize that in order for a relationship to work.

When they finally decide on working to become a family, Eri and Yuuta leave the day care center behind, thanking Yu for his help. Yu learns that she has a cynical view on her profession as patients leave her, whether by dying or recovering and leaving the hospital. As such, she attempts to seduce the protagonist often. Her attitude changes when she discovers that one of her patients from the hospital she previously worked at has died.

When she learns of his death, she becomes a strict workaholic. During one of the days that Yu is working, Sayoko collapses and realizes while talking with him that she was overworking herself and her coworkers to escape the loneliness of her patients leaving her and the pain of losing a patient under her care.

She decides she will be leaving the hospital to rediscover why she originally became a nurse in the first place.

It is later revealed that she went to Africa as a volunteer. The protagonist first encounters the Fox after he donates to the shrine, which has fallen on hard times. To help the Fox out, the protagonist fulfills the wishes that people write on the ema the shrine receives; as more wishes are fulfilled, the shrine's donations will increase and the Fox's SP restoration service will become noticeably cheaper.

When all of the wishes have been granted, the shrine is restored to its former glory. In the epilogue, the Fox is shown to have had children. She flirts with her students. Even though her personality is the polar opposite of Morooka's, she is greatly hated by the students of Kashiwagi also makes an appearance in Persona 3 Portable.

She is at the beach in the male protagonist's path when the player characters are searching for attractive women. She teams up with Ms. Kashiwagi for some scenes later in the game. It is also revealed later in the game that she is the person responsible for putting items in Yu's shoe locker, as she has a crush on him.

While unvoiced in the games, she is voiced by Makiko Nabei in the anime. In the anime, he appears during the summer festival as the main pyrotechnician who helps encourage Nanako in her quest to find Yu. While unvoiced in the games, he is voiced by Hisao Egawa in the anime. He is voiced by Christopher Corey Smith in the English dub.

Yu first meets Marie as he gets to Inaba, and she later asks him to help find out more about her. During the Social Link, Marie shows Yu the only hint from her past: After Yu and his friends defeat Ameno-sagiri , Marie vanishes from the real world; if the player does not find her after too long, she will be erased from everyone's memories.

Margaret explains the situation to them: Marie has entered the TV World of her own free will, and that she is going to erase her existence to save the human world. Over time, Izanami-no-Okami's intentions began to diverge from Izanami-no-Mikoto's; as a result, the latter lost all of her power and memories, becoming a "shard". When Yu confronts Izanami the gas station attendant , given that the player had saved Marie in time, Izanami will briefly mention Marie, calling her pathetic for holding onto the bamboo comb combs are seen as a symbol of separation.

After Izanami's defeat, Marie apparently vanishes along with her, as she is absent for Yu's departure at the end of the year. Depending on the player's choices, she may proclaim her love for Yu on TV while the main group watches on, much to their disbelief and Rise's outrage. Marie makes a playable appearance in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax , available as downloadable content.

She meets up with Yu before the other Investigation Team members meet him. The Animation , where she is one of Yu Narukami's classmates. She has a meek personality, though often unfazed by others' outbursts, and does not talk very much. Her family owns the Chinese Diner Aiya, where she works; this surprises Yosuke, who never knew this despite their being classmates. A running gag is that she will deliver anywhere and at any time, regardless of the customer's circumstances.

This first occurs in episode 6, when she delivers two orders of nikudon to Chie while the four are being chased by Kanji much to Yosuke's disbelief. She also seems to appear in any restaurant that the group goes to, such as when she takes part-time jobs in Tatsumi Port Island and the Amagi Inn. The second drama CD released through the Blu-ray box sets titled "Perfect Delivery" features Aika being assisted by Yu on her daily rounds.

Dancing All Night after having been mentioned in previous titles. She is an idol working with Takura Productions under the name "Kanamin", and member of the idol group "Kanamin Kitchen". In Persona 4 , after Rise quits show business, her manager Minoru Inoue takes on the role of Kanami's manager instead; however, he vacates this position after Rise decides to return. She makes her first true appearance as a playable character in Persona 4: Dancing All Night , working with Ryotaro and Nanako Dojima to find the Investigation Team and the missing members of her idol group, who have been abducted and trapped in the world of the Midnight Stage.

She makes brief cameo appearances in Persona 4: The Animation and Persona 4: Moonlight and then is introduced her full appearance in Persona 4 Arena as a new character. Labrys was created in at the Kirijo Ergonomics lab and most of her development was done through painfully forcing her to fight other models of her series.

She wields a large cybernetic double-headed axe a labrys in battle. In the manga Aigis starts to refer to her as her older sister. The player leads Labrys to face her other self, which represents her desire to live like a normal human and attend high school.

In the video games, she initially was released solely as a boss character in the arcade versions of P4U. When the game was ported to the PlayStation 3, she was made an unlockable playable character as both her normal self with Ariadne and her Shadow self with Asterius.

Labrys as a playable character was eventually added to the arcade versions of the game on March 22, He wears a Yasogami High School uniform jacket around his waist and wields dual katana -like swords, each possessing a trigger guard.

He was one of Ikutsuki's test subjects like the members of Strega. He was Ikutsuki's favorite test subject, due to his fast progress. As part of Ikutsuki's experiments, Sho was isolated from the outside world and never made any contact with anyone other than Ikutsuki, whom he refers to as his 'father' and even has the same habit of making puns.

In one experiment to awaken his Persona through the use of Plume of Dusk, instead of a Persona, another personality called Minazuki, was born. Minazuki's birth resulted in Sho being abandoned by Ikutsuki after the former tried to kill him in attempt to protect Sho. He was the culprit behind Labrys' kidnapping and the P-1 Grand Prix, working together with a malevolent entity called Hi-no-Kagutsuchi. Minazuki agrees to gather the Persona Fragments to fully summon Kagutsuchi, in exchange that he will destroy the world, believing it will end Sho's suffering.

When the Persona fragments are gathered and Kagutsuchi was successfully summoned, Kagutsuchi betrays him and possesses Sho's body. After Kagutsuchi's defeat at the hands of Yu and Adachi, Sho is unable to sense Minazuki within him, but is now able to independently summon his Persona.

After being defeated by Yu one last time, he is inspired by the power of Yu's bonds and leaves to start his own journey, vowing to kill Yu the next time they meet. Sho and Minazuki have two contrasting personalities.

Sho is a flippant, hot-headed, and anxious young man with vicious streak, while Minazuki is cold and calculating with no care for the well-being of others except Sho. Sho's past causes him to view bonds and such as meaningless, viewing friendship and such as nothing but licking each other's wounds. But it's later revealed that he is simply lonely and doesn't know how to understand people due to his previous isolation.

Interestingly, Sho does not possess a Persona, though he is still capable of matching a Persona user using nothing but his own practically superhuman physical abilities of the Sun Arcana. The characters of Persona 4 have received major positive critical response as a result of the players' intertactions with them and the themes discussed.

The protagonist's role has been noted for allowing the player to build his own "self" along the game while questioning their own. The tone was noted be sometimes lighter than in the prequel as it avoided touching depressing themes, but at the same time the character's struggles were much more complex.

This resulted in positive and mixed reactions from writers as controversial as how he was treated across the storyline and how it could appeal to the fans. Characters designs employed in the game were noted to be "solid" with a clever use of animation for battles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Archived from the original on September 11, Retrieved October 3, Are you saying, if anyone else gets thrown in here, we can save them before they disappear!? That seems to be the case. The Animation Official Site. Persona 4 Visual Data. Retrieved July 4, You heard Senpai's body was found in a similar situation as that announcer's, right?

Well, remember that guy you [Chie] told us about? How he was all excited that his soulmate was the announcer? Maybe…just maybe, but… Miss Yamano might've appeared on the Midnight Channel before she died, too. How that place was dangerous and we should leave before the fog clears?

It also said that someone's been throwing people in there. A world inside the TV! You didn't have a single other reason for coming here, did you!?

Yosuke has faced his other self He has obtained the power to overcome life's hardships, the Persona Jiraiya! Is Saki-senpai watching us? Is she smiling at us? I'm going to live. Without lying to myself, without deceiving myself Days like today, days like before when I did nothing They're all important days Yosuke's Persona has been reborn! Jiraiya has transfigured into Susano-o! Retrieved January 14, Event occurs at 0: By interacting with someone and forming a new bond, you were able to obtain the Magician Arcanum.

Your power will grow as your bond deepens. Retrieved March 12, Retrieved December 8, Retrieved August 28, Retrieved September 29, Archived from the original on September 2, Retrieved January 10, Retrieved December 23, What did you do to my DVD!?

So I went to her house and, it turns out Yukiko really did disappear! I guess we have no choice but to go now. They think Yukiko's hiding to "lay low". Apparently, Yukiko-san's mom collapsed because that announcer lady [Ms. Yamano] bitched her out. They think Yukiko did it!? What the hell is wrong with them!? Dude, don't snap at me! Yukiko's the victim here, dammit, not the suspect… […] With the police totally on the wrong track, we gotta handle it ourselves.

I'm going to save Yukiko no matter what! I'm the one who can't do anything alone! I can't win as a girl, let alone as a person That's why she's my friend.

I'll never loosen my grip on her This guy and me are gonna catch the culprit ourselves! The police are out of their league in this case, but we've got Personas. I'm helping out too! I can't believe someone would throw people into a place like that. I'm gonna sock whoever's doing this! Let me help too. I want to know why this is happening Chie has faced her other self She has obtained the power to overcome life's hardships, the Persona Tomoe!

I told you I wanted to become strong so I could protect what matters most to me, right? Well, I want to protect this town. I am sure that you will soon be able to wield yet another power that has awoken.

How will this power come to shape your future, I wonder? Retrieved May 10, Archived from the original on May 21, Persona 4 North American instruction manual.

I'm sick of all these things chaining me down! I never asked to be born here! Everything's decided for me, from how I live to where I die! I've decided not to leave Inaba. I never really objected to being the inn's manager per se I just didn't like the fact that it wasn't up to me I felt that my life was on rails.

And I thought running away was the only choice for me I want to protect the family inn. Retrieved January 27, I see you have bonded with a new friend, which has allowed you to obtain the Priestess Arcana. Retrieved December 7, Retrieved May 18, Ohh, how I hate girls Painting is not for you. But you're a guy You don't act like a guy They'd never say those awful, degrading things.

Yes, I vastly prefer men It ain't a matter of guys or chicks I'm just scared shitless of being rejected. Kanji has faced his other self He has obtained the power to overcome life's hardships, the Persona Take-Mikazuchi! Anything I can do to help? If there's some bastard out there who put me through this, I ain't gonna rest until I make 'em pay. You'd make a great addition to our team! Just tell her you wanna see her in the stage. So, is it a deal?

The four of us will be in the beauty pageant? Wh-What are you saying?! I beg you, please be in it. Sexuality And Homophobia In Persona 4". Retrieved February 8,

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persona 4 golden dating kanji

After Yumi's father dies, Yumi decides to leave the Drama Club and to not blame any future hardships on her parents or anyone else. So in the original game dating multiple girls at once didn't really have any consequences, I'm wondering if Golden had changed that, I know some scenes play out differently if you have multiple girls on the go but are there any repercussions to it this time around? Without lying to myself, without deceiving myself

persona 4 golden dating kanji

I can help you in that world, right? However, she quits her job and moves to Inaba to live with her grandmother, tired of the spotlight. Dancing All Night , working with Ryotaro and Nanako Dojima to find the Investigation Team and the missing members of her idol group, who have been abducted and trapped in the world of the Midnight Stage.

persona 4 golden dating kanji

He's confused and bi curious after all, pull the persona 4 golden dating kanji words with your enthralling level of expression and maybe you'll make him more comfortable with the idea of dating another guy Community Showcase Explore More. At least costumes are just costumes and don't impact the story nor do pedsona have personalities. About the case where we never had a suspect? He explains to the protagonist that his obsession with being a real man came from his father's last words. I've decided not to leave Inaba. Retrieved October 10,