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December 11, at 4: Some have applied this to Akechi in the game's ending, due to the sound editing and the event where he seemingly dies happening offscreen , with some wondering if ATLUS kept the event ambiguous in the event they wished to bring the character back. Makarakarn allows it to repel 1 magic attack, making it temporarily immune to everything except Almighty which uses large amounts of SP. Ohya's Confidant ends with Shido's name directly implicated in a political scandal involving a mental shutdown. Camp Three just plain hates the guy, treating him like a completely irredeemable scumbag and finding his many reprehensible acts to nullify any sympathy points he would otherwise get. Some have accused Atlus USA of a subpar translation.

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A similar scene occurs when he finds the Phantom Thief calling card in Futaba's room. Surprise Ending reviews Shauntal spends her Valentine's Day trying not to think about her and Grimsley's seemingly non-existent relationship, until she's forced to confront it when he appears at her door. Some blame Morgana because he tended to insult Ryuji for every minor mistake he made and coming off as Wangsty, but some blame Ryuji because he would keep egging Morgana on even if he didn't provoke him. The game's characters have been compared to: A lot of praise is given to the final three bosses, the Character Development given to the Phantom Thieves especially Makoto, Morgana, and Ryuji, and several endgame moments such as the Phantom Thieves resolving to defeat Yaldabaoth after he nearly erases them from existence, the summoning of Satanael, and the game ending on a very positive note. The fact that he's the Moon to Toranosuke's Sun makes it quite fitting. To some, the decision to steal Okumura's heart.

I really felt like Herlock deserved a route. Are you importing the fandisc? November 7, at 1: I think I might! I loved everything about this game: Unfortunately, my Japanese is pretty basic, but I still have time to practice!

And you could get a copy too and we could see what we know: November 16, at 9: And I totally agree: How great would it be if you could make something so beautiful…. January 29, at 5: This game is bomb. I tend to be pulled in because of these guys.

Be it game or anime. January 29, at 6: January 30, at 3: Been watching it for years and I only realized that he was voiced by Daisuke Namikawa. December 8, at 6: December 8, at 1: December 11, at 4: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Chapter 8 is where routes begin to diverge based on your choices up until that point.

You can start from that chapter on a designated route by going through the Path of Genesis menu, eliminating the need to start from the very beginning: There is a hidden affection? Luckily, if you fail you can start through Path of Genesis at the latest chapter and choose to start with max affection.

Unlocking the final CG for each route is done by going into extras after obtaining a true ending for the route. Lupin saves Cardia from the soldiers attempting to kidnap her. There are a total of five routes in the game: Shikamaru from Naruto, Souji from Hakuoki, the list goes on… Impey is a bright, energetic engineer who is respected in the group for his brilliant mind as much as he is for his cooking abilities.

Hirakawa Daisuke Rei from Free! Eternal Summer Saint-Germain is the owner of the mansion that you live in with the others. Maeno Tomoaki Hak from Akatsuki no Yona: Do I recommend this game? The group photo they take to commemorate their airship race win. Part of the happy filler episodes in the earlier chapters. Twitter Facebook Google Tumblr Pinterest. Either one works for Hermione.

Harry Potter - Rated: Invisible Touch Reis has been left with certain frustrations lingering after being cured of her draconic curse, and an invisible paramour has come to help her deal with them. M - English - Chapters: First Times and Goodbyes reviews There's one thing Rey wants to do before she leaves, and that is perform unspeakable acts in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon with Finn.

She may only have realized her feelings for him when it was "too late", but that just means she'll have to make their first time more memorable. Star Wars - Rated: Togetherness reviews It's Fennel and Juniper's wedding night, and there is only one way to burn off the stresses of a long, tiresome day for a pair of happy newlyweds. A Change of Soul reviews What if accepting Amber's soul into her own brought a change to one single area of her personality, and that was the push she needed to finally make a bold move for Jaune?

And also to know who killed Amber and take care of that little mess, but we all know what kind of story this is and what the bigger focus is going to be on. The Witch's Spell reviews A few weeks ago, a witch with strange healing magic saved you from the brink of death.

Now, that same witch has come to you in your bed, asking you to show your devotion to her, and something about the word 'servant' sounds so right. Player Two Wins reviews Marinette and Adrien put physical wagers onto their gaming sessions, and a quick victory leaves Adrien finally able to enjoy some attention. Being Normal reviews Amane has spent her whole life a weapon, but now the lockdown has lifted, and she can finally live a normal girl's life. A life she wants right beside Kazuya.

Megami Tensei - Rated: All Tangled Up reviews Practicing using her yo-yo to swing around turns awkward for Marinette when Adrien makes a comment about her that slips her up, and soon the heroine is dangling from the ceiling, tied up in her own string, and her boyfriend has certain things he wants to do before he cuts her loose.

Night Moves reviews After the Death Eater attack at the Quidditch world cup sends Harry into an overworked panic trying to get stronger, Hermione resorts to desperate measures to get him to relax. Namely, secret nightly visits to help him let off some steam, but Harry's not quite as sleepy as he lets on, and Hermione is in for a while slew of surprises to come. Commission for Lord of Bones. You're In Trouble reviews Ryuko, Mako, Satsuki, and Nonon know that you've been secretly dating all four of them at once, and they decide the only fair way to get back at you is to tie you to the bed and show you what you deserve.

Rewards for Good Service reviews Rias Gremory rewards you, her newest servant, for an excellent first day on the job. Anonymous commission, told from a second-person POV. Pushing Bolin to the Limit reviews Korra decides to throw some pity fun to Bolin on one condition; no penetration. But maybe teasing him with how he can't have what he wants the whole time isn't a great way to make sure he keeps to her terms.

Legend of Korra - Rated: Repaying the Loyal reviews When a bunch of Planeptune's faithful try to trick their CPU into putting out by claiming 'all the CPUs are doing it', Neptune plays along, as the not-as-innocent-as-she-seems girl finally sees the opportunity to get the depraved treatment she's always wanted. Hyperdimension Neptunia - Rated: A Strange Vacation reviews While Naruto is dealing with grave threats against his safety outside of Konoha, Sasuke keeps Hinata, Hanabi, and a barely legal Himawari safe.

But Sasuke finds himself doing more than just standing watch over his friend's loved ones. And when he comes back, things with Sarada get even strander. Roxie's Distraction reviews Bored and left to watch as her girlfriend Janine works out in front of her, Roxie decides to take matters-and maybe a few other things-into her own hands to get attention.

Giving In reviews Finding Manako changing pushes Kimihito out of chastity at least, and he finally releases his frustrations. Harry Potter and the Harem of the Phoenix reviews On the influence of his godfather and stories of how much of a stud his dad was, Harry seeks to build himself a harem of Hogwarts's hottest in a 'reinterpretation' of his fifth year. But it turns out that these ideas may be smarter than they seem when it turns out to maybe be just what he needs to defeat a newly risen Voldemort.

Special Assignment reviews With the women of Konoha overly stressed, Shikamaru finds himself tasked by the Hokage herself with an unconventional means of helping people out after an offhand remark about how he handles his own stresses.

Yang Wishes You a Happy Birthday reviews After dragging you away from your birthday party, Yang shows you the present she's been keeping for you all night. Reader is not of any specified gender, but has dangly parts. Making the Best of A Compromising Position reviews When Yu comes back to find Rise stuck halfway through the TV with only her lower body left in his bedroom, he can't help but indulge in some more base concerns than helping her out.

Kicking Into Gear reviews After a brief brush in Wasabi's lap during the car chase earlier that night gives Gogo a preview of what he's packing, the speed freak can't help but think about him. Big Hero 6 - Rated: Well Traveled reviews A returning Mimi regales Sora with stories of her 'exploits' from across the ocean, before turning her attention onto her friend to show her what she's learned.

Sora may be in over her head, but it's more enjoyable than looking at an album of vacation photos. You'll Do Okay reviews The usually dominant Roxie switches roles with her girlfriend, Marley, to see what the goth can dish out, not knowing what she's in for. Patreon poll winning idea from KnK. Making Her Move reviews Isabela and Marian Hawke have taken up certain casual arrangements, but with her lover off to the Deep Roads, Isabela sets her eyes instead on Hawke's equally lovely younger sister.

Dragon Age - Rated: The Welcoming Committee reviews The newly crowned and mysterious female Thor finds herself beset upon by both Valkyrie and Lady Sif, who seek to love this new Thor much more vigorously than the last one. Dance Practice reviews Rise tries to teach Yosuke the dance routine for the Love Meets Bonds Festival, but her new outfit is a potent distraction to Yosuke, and the effects of his lack of focus lead to neither of them doing very much dancing, but a lot of other things entirely.

Accidental reviews It was supposed to be a steamy, no-feelings hookup between Annie and Mikasa, blowing off some steam and putting interesting stakes onto a sparring match. But Annie was not ready for what she learned about Mikasa's feelings. Anything to Help reviews Tonks and Lupin decide on a sperm donor to avoid the risk of their child inheriting lycanthrophy, and Tonks chooses Harry. Unfortunately for Tonks, nothing is going to be simple about what she's about to do.

Commission for Cypher Three. Mishap In a Bottle reviews To settle the score, Cardin gives Jaune some drinks that he promises will get him in bed with Pyrrha. Not trusting the drinks but giving one to Pyrrha as a gift anyway, Jaune gets a bit of a reality check when not only do the drinks work, but Ruby, who had some of Pyrrha's drink, is in their dorm room when the effects kick in.

Rutting the Aches Away reviews Nidalee knows that she can rely on Rengar to help her out when she goes into heat, but when her urges take her farther than usual, things go in unexpected directions. Commission for Neils de Jong. League of Legends - Rated: Bull Riding reviews The Iron Bull had a thing for redheads. Leliana had a thing for exceptionally well endowed men. Fortunately, both of the Inquisition members found themselves fitting the bill for each others' specific desires perfectly.

But how can his girlfriend put into words that the same safety she feels with him in the bedroom, she wants him to feel with her? And that she wants to dominate him with almost embarrassing fervor? Legend of Zelda - Rated: The Massage Parlor reviews Naoto wants to investigate a new women only massage parlor in Inaba, but when Chie tags along and insists they get a massage, Naoto finds herself in a rather strange position, unknowingly planned all along by her friends. Story Time Revisited reviews The spark to turn Shauntal and Grimsley's relationship from one of sarcastic remarks between one another into something more comes when Grimsley unearths his co-worker's dark secret while catsitting for her; Shauntal has written vampire porn of them.

Sort-of rewrite of an older story, but greatly expanded. Keeping Warm reviews After finding an abandoned cottage in the middle of a blizzard, Rise and Yu resort to lurid means to stay warm until the storm blows over. Based in a scene from Persona 4 Golden and commissioned by Dan Gleesack. Haruhi Suzumiya series - Rated: Taking Charge reviews After a workout session and Jaune's continued obliviousness, Pyrrha decides that she has finally had enough, and decides to let him know how she really feels.

It is significantly easier to max-rank every Confidant playing blind than it was in Persona 4 and especially Persona 3 , where it was infamously considered nearly impossible without a guide and easy to screw up even then. Unlike previous games, many Confidants can be accessed even during summer vacation or days off due to less emphasis on school social links and Confidant abilities helps speed up the process.

Chihaya's abilities allows the player to rank-up stats and Confidant points without passing time and Kawakami's rank 10 ability allows the player to go out and do activities despite going to a dungeon.

One common criticism of both Persona 3 and Persona 4 is the opening hours of both games border on Slow-Paced Beginning territory. Was especially a prevalent issue Persona 4 where the first three hours are essentially one gigantic cutscene with the tutorial fights being the only gameplay in that time.

Persona 5 is still very cutscene heavy in the beginning but it is made less tedious since there are more sequences involving player interaction. Another improvement in the game's opening is that while the openings of the previous two games were mostly focused on setting up the plot, not only does Persona 5 begin In Medias Res raising questions right away but the first major plot element is introduced very quickly.

Another controversial aspect of Persona 4 was Nanako's death and resurrection , which some players felt was a huge Writer Cop Out. In this game, another character of the Justice Arcana dies, but they seemingly stay dead for the rest of the game.

Unlike other points this example does heavily rely on what Atlus plans to do with Persona 5 after this game though, since the last time they killed off a very popular teammate players were given a non-canon means to "save" him in an Updated Re Release and this also has a case of Never Found the Body if they want to put him into a spin off game.

Achieving the best ending in this game is much easier than it was in Persona 4. To achieve the true ending in Persona 4 you had to select six specific dialogue options when the party is about to throw Namatame into the TV World.

The game also gives you no indication that this scene determines the ending you receive. Even then, once you defeat the killer you can still miss the best ending especially since the game tries so hard to force you away from it.

Here there are only two instances where your dialogue options determine which ending you receive and both of them make it clear. In fact during one of them, the game will outright tell you if you've chose the bad ending option and let you backtrack if you choose to do so. After some backlash from Persona 3 and Persona 4 in regards to what came off as occasional moments of Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male , the relationships between girls and boys of the Phantom Thieves was done up in a more understanding manner.

The boys for their part don't get their perv on all that often, and Ann who gets this treatment the most only really retaliates once , during the desert drive sequence, even though Ann's storyline could have already justified her being particularly sensitive about this type of behavior.

Then when it comes to the actual beatings, the two that are delivered aren't done without a justifiable cause and thankfully have nothing to do with the guys being creepy towards the ladies in question intentionally or otherwise: Ryuji getting his ass handed to him when he makes fun of the girls for crying at his near-death experience can be considered fair to some players , and of course, the epic beating Joker gets for romancing all the girls at once is considered completely fair to everyone.

Just as in Persona 4 there's an achievement for listening a lot of randomized navigator lines, as seen under the entry for That One Achievement , getting of Futaba's lines can be a painstaking chore especially with the issue of the temporary teammate. After two main line entrees, plus several spin-off titles, having Hama and Mudo be instant kills with low chances of hitting, Persona 5 revamps the two elements into being, offensively speaking, similar to the other spells available in game by changing them to Bless and Curse respectively, allowing the player to use both elements on enemies weak to it without wasting SP on a unreliable instant kill.

This also makes fighting enemies who use them less difficult since instead of only having instant kills, they can now be challenging without being unfair.

The menus and interfaces are incredibly stylish. Some standout moments include a shop menu where the silhouetted shopkeeper shifts around as you browse the menus, and the results screen which shows the final blow in the background while your rewards are tallied up as if they're points on a line.

The Reaper, in previous games a terrifying and powerful Stalked by the Bell Bonus Boss , can here be brought down by the common flu Otherwise, he's just as strong as he is normally. He also speaks like a "beast" type shadow if you try to negotiate with him, despite appearing mostly humanoid, so while he's one of the few to always blatantly refuse to be intimidated by you and his sentiments are still terrifying his awful grammar takes away from the effect.

Ryuji is both well-liked and hated for a variety of reasons. People who like him bring up his loyalty, chemistry with Ann, friendship with the protagonist , mindfulness towards his fellow teammates in general not named Morgana , and just how plain over-the-top he is ; while those who dislike him point to him as an Idiot Hero with No Indoor Voice who's constantly putting the Phantom Thieves' identities at risk of exposure because of how loud he is.

His relationship with Morgana is also a divisive issue here, as the two of them spend much of their time insulting each other and Morgana instigates this just as much if not more so than Ryuji does, which can make people more sympathetic towards Ryuji instead but since it's Ryuji's put-downs that drive Morgana to temporarily leave the group at the start of the Okumura arc he often gets the lion's share of the blame for it. Those that like him further point out his negative qualities are a major part of his character development , Morgana later acknowledges that because the falling out happened he's the only one of the two of them to actually apologize for their behaviors towards the other, and he ultimately becomes a better person by the game's conclusion.

Her being the game's Ms. Fanservice , and the developers' decision to follow up Kamoshida's palace with Madarame's have also drawn considerable debate — some are uncomfortable with her treatment as a Lust Object and Yusuke's behavior towards her once he asks her to model for him explicitly blackmailing her to pose nude for their second session when she made it clear she wasn't comfortable with the idea, and for a painting that would be made public possibly worldwide on top of that , seeing it as Atlus trying to have their cake and eat it too at the cost of her storyline as a sexual abuse survivor, while others are more forgiving of it since the game does give her more agency over herself after the first two dungeons.

This exploded once the official art book revealed that the thieves and by extension, Ann do not choose their costumes they are instead chosen by a "higher power", something that is never acknowledged in the games. Ann was also revealed to be very vocally uncomfortable about it in the game, simply because the director thought it would be "cute", much to the disgust of many Ann fans. She placed third in a Japanese popularity poll so naturally she has a very large fanbase that considers her "the best girl" as a badass, intelligent girl who's also well-rounded, with a number of comical and serious character flaws.

Her detractors, which could be a result of how overwhelmingly popular she is , consider her comparatively bland next to her sister Sae and think Hifumi a popular shogi player would have been a better fit for the role of team strategist and may have been intended for it back when she was slated to be playable. Her Confidant is often considered one of the weakest in the game, with the naivete she displays during it can be grating for some, while others either consider it endearing or a realistic consequence of her focus on her academic career for most of her life.

Another point of contention is that her Confidant is mostly focused on helping her classmate Eiko, while Makoto's own development takes a back seat, and it's always presented in contrast to Eiko, rather than on its own merits. Not helping matters is the fact that some fans tend to get a bit too pushy about her and that Makoto also gets a lot of focus, dialogue and screen time in the main story line compared the other party members.

Yuuki Mishima, for his cute design, apparent personality and Confidant abilities increasing the overall XP gained as well as eliminating the need to grind benched party-members by having them level at the same rate as those currently in use made him an Ensemble Darkhorse before the game was even released. After it did players found Mishima turned out to be selfishly using the Phantom Thieves to become popular, annoyingly needy and clingy on top of that, and his "big moment" saving the Phantom Thieves by rallying Tokyo is completely dependent on whether or not you finished his Confidant Link.

While this would have easily made him The Scrappy his saving grace is that his use of the Phantom Thieves as a tool to social-climb happens entirely offscreen, and that the game doesn't hesitate to call him out on his flaws. The protagonist's dialogue options also show his growing irritation with Mishima, helped by how Mishima is one of the few Confidants who it doesn't matter how you treat them for his link to progress , before he finally loses his patiences and drags Mishima's shadow by the ear to smack some sense into him.

But even then, his shadow is one of the few in the game that doesn't need to be fought for Mishima to realize his mistakes, because he ends up developing his own sense of courage and integrity anyway as the link is pursued. While people dislike him, certainly, others acknowledge his glaring flaws and overcoming them as legitimate Character Development.

Camp One acknowledges that while Akechi's actions can't be justified - indeed, the party never forgives him, they just come to understand him and sympathize with him somewhat - these fans think Akechi was a character that was severely manipulated by all sides, and as such, probably didn't have much of a choice but to be evil, even if he regretted his actions. Camp Two believes that while he had a tragic backstory , he still killed multiple people, including Haru's father and Futaba's mother, even helping spiral the latter into two long years of constant mental anguish and suicidal self-loathing , and caused a lot of other problems for the main cast, along with being very smug and rude towards them.

Camp Three just plain hates the guy, treating him like a completely irredeemable scumbag and finding his many reprehensible acts to nullify any sympathy points he would otherwise get. This leads to another argument: Needless to say, bringing The Traitor up in any discussion will most likely result in a huge fight.

People either love him for his Badass Adorable status, his usefulness in battle as the game's primary healer, and his Funny Moments with the Treasure, as well as all of his snarky commentary when exploring Tokyo. Others hate him due to his tendency to dictate the Protagonist's free time, telling him he can't do something for sketchy reasons. In-character, there's Morgana constantly berating Ryuji for every mistake he makes, and then when Ryuji finally decided to fight back, Morgana left the team, making it seem like Mona could dish it out, but not take it.

While Morgana was feeling useless at the time, these fans felt that he grossly overreacted. His detractors also point out his love of "Lady Ann" as many feel that it doesn't add anything to his character and just feels like a tacky comedic gimmick that gets in the way of the more interesting aspects of his character.

Haru gets this as a result of being introduced very late into the game. Some feel that because of not having a lot of screen time compared to the other Phantom Thieves she comes off as a boring character that doesn't contribute much narrative-wise. Her fans however love her simply for her kindhearted personality and that in spite of her limited screen time she still has a strong presence in the story and her Confidant is one of the stronger ones among the Phantom Thieves.

There's also the debate over whether or not her father's death actually gave her ample character development or just was completely swept under the rug. Shido, the game's main villain gets hit by this as well. Most of it stem from differing opinions on just how effective he is as a villain and character.

Proponents find a good Hate Sink , and how his vileness is connected to almost everything in the game. Others find him a horribly shallow and ineffective villain whose only real trait is being a villain and whose evil is so overplayed that he's impossible to take seriously.

He's a Flunky Boss who summons mooks that the player has already fought earlier in his palace, with the boss himself hanging out of reach providing support.

The mooks all have weaknesses that the player can easily exploit, and once they're all defeated, the boss himself turns out to be a total weakling who goes down with just a few regular attacks. The boss of the Bank Palace isn't a cakewalk, but he doesn't have any gimmicks backing him up that stop you from dealing damage to him, he doesn't debuff your party, and the normal attacks he uses aren't particularly powerful.

His strongest move takes two turns to charge, and the battle gives you multiple different ways to stop it. Towards the end, you can even sacrifice relatively common items to make him skip his turn.

The fourth palace; a. Combine this with you being given an extremely generous 26 in-game days to complete it rather than the usual affair of other Palace's as well as going right in after you send the calling card and not having to wait an extra day, it, by far and large solidifies this trope.

Preventing it from being a complete cakewalk however is the presence of a few enemies who can be rather nasty to players towards the lower or average end of the leveling curve, such as the Anubis, who can use Mudoon for cheap insta-kills.

Futaba's Confidant requires the player's Kindness one of the harder stats to update to be at level 4, but is otherwise quick to finish due to a lack of holdover periods. While it may take some out of the box thinking to start it , Toranosuke's Confidant is one of the easiest to level up in the game. To begin with, the part-time job at the Beef Bowl Shop only requires permission to go out at night and Rank 2 Proficiency, which, by the time you have the former, you should be reasonably close to attaining as long as you haven't been intentionally neglecting it.

Past that, he ranks up each time you see him, independent of having the right Persona Arcana and your choice of responses, and he is also the only non-party Confidant that doesn't have a Mementos request that is required to advance past a specific rank.

The ease of his Confidant line may have to do with the fact that, unlike most of the others, it has a deadline which he will warn you about just in case: November 17th, which is when in-story election campaigning begins. Like Futaba above, Haru's Confidant requires a high stat check namely, requiring the player's Proficiency to be maxed out , but is quick to finish due to a lack of holdover periods.

Also, much like Toranosuke's Confidant above, there are very few responses that she doesn't like, especially late into her Confidant. In a similar fashion to Toranosuke, Mishima's Confidant levels every time you see him - no matter what you choose to say and regardless of whether or not you have a matching Arcana persona on hand. The fact that he's the Moon to Toranosuke's Sun makes it quite fitting. The only difference is Mishima has no deadline so to speak, but due to his personality a number of players don't get around to finishing his Confidant anyway or only do it for the battle bonuses it gives.

The return of the negotiation mechanic was welcomed by fans of the first two Persona titles and the mainline series, regarding it as a deeper, more-interesting system than random drops or reflexes-based minigames, while others find it to be tedious, time consuming, and needlessly-random even with the game's "hints" on how they work. The identity of the traitor: Goro Akechi, which many have slammed as a blatant Captain Obvious Reveal , while others like it for serving as The Untwist.

Others point out Akechi serves as a Red Herring to divert attention from events like the whole party having already come up with a plan to outsmart him, to an even bigger betrayal by " Igor ", who turns out to have been the Big Bad posing the series' usual Big Good the whole time.

Unlike the past two games , which would tease the idea before shooting it down, this young teenaged protagonist is actually able to enter into a full-blown relationship with his adult female Confidants. One of them even being his homeroom teacher. This led to debates over whether it should be a big deal or not, whether or not it's ok because Values Dissonance , and whether or not Atlus USA should step in to tone it down just like they did the Ken Social Link in Persona 3 Portable.

Sadayo Kawakami, the protagonist's home-room teacher in particular has been the focus of much of the debate especially because the romance seemingly undermines the resolution of her own Confidant.

See Values Dissonance for more. Some have accused Atlus USA of a subpar translation. The complaints include, but are not limited to: What has many detractors baffled is not just the oddity of these lines, but the abundant number of them, especially from Atlus USA, who many consider ed the gold standard of localization publishers. Others are more favorable toward the localization, praising the quality of the translation as a whole, particularly the various changes that work better in English , and feel that even with the increased number compared to previous games, the errors are still too few and far between to be distracting.

While the game has received acclaim for taking socially progressive stances on a number of hot-button topics, its treatment of LGBT issues is, like its two predecessors , divisive. Just like the preceding two game's male protagonists you can't be gay and there are two gag characters in the form of a campy older couple who pop up briefly twice and sexually harass Ryuji.

On the other hand, the tasteful handling of transgender Gay Bar matron Lala Escargot and her customers has been widely praised. Discussions include whether the jokes regarding the gay couple are offensively funny or just plain offensive, whether the localization should have removed their scenes as with the face-stroking minigame in Fire Emblem Fates , if there's enough positive representation to make up for the negative ones much like how some fans argue if this can be the case with Persona 4 , and even whether or not the gay jokes undermine the game's progressive themes.

Part of why the first part of this discussion comes up is that you could pursue a romantic interest of your same gender in Persona 2 , with Jun, and as the female protagonist introduced in Persona 3 Portable Edition, with Aigis and Elizabeth if you chose her over Theodore as your attendant , so there doesn't seem to be too much of a reason for them to have ignored this opportunity to have had another way the protagonist is at odds with those in authority and in game it teases at this more than in previous games though dialog options like being able to tell shadows you prefer guys during negotiations.

The final arc of the game, especially when it is compared to the two previous games. There are those who think the final arc ends the game on a strong note.

A lot of praise is given to the final three bosses, the Character Development given to the Phantom Thieves especially Makoto, Morgana, and Ryuji, and several endgame moments such as the Phantom Thieves resolving to defeat Yaldabaoth after he nearly erases them from existence, the summoning of Satanael, and the game ending on a very positive note.

Others are a lot more critical of the game's final arc. Common criticisms include the last two dungeons being some of the weakest in the game, the game's themes of rebellion having very little payoff in the end, Goro Akechi's "role" representing Yaldabaoth's need to destroy and remake the world under his order feeling that it was either tacked on, or the complete lack of reaction from the party regarding the fact , and Shido being a weak villain in spite of all the build up he was given.

Fans of Persona 3 have been especially more critical due to how much payoff the final hours of that game had, while fans of Persona 4 have taken issue with how the ending is very similar to that game's ending. Tied with the above is the payoff of the In Medias Res portion of the narrative, as the end of Sae's dungeon reveals that the protagonist's arrest was all part of an elaborate Batman Gambit meant to out Akechi as a member of The Conspiracy , get the name of its leader, and get Sae to relent and join the thieves' side.

Some find it brilliant and satisfying, and compared to prior games the setup is pulled off fairly well I. E Akechi getting spotted for listening to Morgana all the way back in June, despite his claims to the contrary. Others find it to be too contrived that shouldn't have worked at all, either due to the mechanics involved or the fact that the main crux of the plan involved the protagonist emotionally appealing to Sae which he manages to do while drugged, to boot. In both cases, though, the aftermath in general is considered to be as weak as the rest of the final arc.

While the story as a whole has been well received, there's still a vocal group of people who consider it weaker than Persona 3 and Persona 4 , particularly due to the way it handles some of its themes — see the Wall of Text under Values Dissonance for a full showdown.

On the other hand, fans believe this game improved Persona 3 and 4's worst flaws the tedious gameplay of Persona 3 and most of the bullets in the Author's Saving Throw section being dedicated to the improvements over Persona 4's narrative.

Equally as divisive as his character is Goro Akechi's lack of presence in merchandise, and artwork. Tying to this is whether or not he should appear in any of these things as a Phantom Thief, and whether or not he could be "officially" considered one at all. Fans consider him to be, or at least want more official pieces featuring him; detractors don't think so and want him away from the rest.

The fact that a traitor in the party betrays Joker and gets him arrested is spelled out right at the beginning of the game. The identity of said traitor is treated as a huge mystery throughout the story, to the point where when you recruit a new party member, the game actually warns you that this could be the one who stabbed you in the back. But by the time it comes to pick out who you believe betrayed you, it's pretty easy to guess that it's Goro Akechi.

He wasn't heavily promoted in advertisements, he joins the party in the dungeon where you know you'll be betrayed, his Confidant link is different from all the others as it's advanced by the plot a la Teddie's Social Link in P4 , not to mention the fact that the characters and audience know the least about him out of the party members. The game's romance aspect makes it highly unlikely to be one of the girls, and Ryuji, Yusuke, and Morgana all have established motives for the joining the group that would encourage loyalty.

By process of elimination, it simply has to be Akechi. The fact that both the prior games in the series had similar plot-twists only compounds it—and even the game acknowledges this , with it revealed in the Good Ending that everyone suspected Akechi was their enemy from the moment they met him , and actually mock him for being a poor liar.

Another blatant hint is in the Non Standard Game Over when the player fails to take a Target's heart in time. Much like in the Bad Ending, the Traitor shoots the protagonist, only their face isn't shown and their voice is filtered. The problem is that the filter doesn't do a great job at hiding the character's voice, so if you get a Bad Ending before the Traitor unmasks themselves, it's patently obvious who it is.

If you're paying attention to dialogue at the time, you can catch onto the Traitor's identity way in advance. During the school trip to the TV station, the Phantom Thieves have a conversation in the corridor after Joker and Ryuji assist with the camera cables. As the conversation reaches the subject of where they should spend their free time, Goro strolls by and comments about "delicious pancakes".

Not only was food not on the agenda to begin with, but the only member of the group to mention the word "pancakes" was Morgana; Akechi shouldn't have been able to understand Morgana if he hadn't already become able to venture in and out of the Metaverse.

The mockery he gets in the Good Ending is therefore kinda justified seeing as he basically outed himself. In Yusuke's dungeon, it's fairly obvious to figure out that the woman in the paintings throughout it is Yusuke's mother and by extension that Madarame committed Murder by Inaction , especially since Madarame otherwise didn't seem that bad compared to Kamoshida.

In Futaba's dungeon, it's not hard to figure out that the boss is Futaba's cognition of her late mother, Wakaba Isshiki , as soon as you see it: Because of this, it's easy to notice that the Sphinx has the same face and hair as Wakaba on the murals. It's very easy to figure out that Masayoshi Shido is one of the main antagonists.

The game basically spells it out for you when Ryuji and Joker encounter Shido at the hotel while going out to eat and Joker suspects that the man holding up the elevator is the one who pushed false charges on him.

There's also the fact that Shido has a character portrait during this scene and after Yusuke joins the party his character portrait is reused when Joker is recalling the situation. By the time Shido begins making his speeches on the TV at Leblanc many players can be safe to assume that he'll eventually be a target of the Phantom Thieves. And depending on how early you max one of the Confidants, you might see a big hint towards this very early in the story.

Ohya's Confidant ends with Shido's name directly implicated in a political scandal involving a mental shutdown. It's not hard to connect the dots after that. One of the hints towards the biggest twist in the game is considerably easier to figure out in the English version than it is in the Japanese version. The fact that Igor is an impostor. Igor's Japanese voice actor passed away, justifying his change of voice. So Japanese fans would be less likely to question the change.

Igor's English VA, however, is still alive and available, which makes it a lot more suspicious that he'd now be played not only by a totally different actor, but one that doesn't even attempt to sound the same as the old voice.

Naturally, False Igor's deep, menacing voice is because he was a villain all along; the real Igor does have a new voice actor , but he makes an effort to sound like the original.

Akechi and Pancakes Catharsis Factor: To say it's satisfying seeing bastards like Kamoshida or Shido confess and beg to be punished for their crimes is an understatement, to say the least. Coach Suguru Kamoshida , representing lust , is a former Olympian turned head PE teacher at Shujin High in Tokyo, and secretly a dangerous sexual predator.

Protected by the school administration due to his past fame, Kamoshida sees Shujin as his own absolute fiefdom, and gets his jollies extorting sexual favors from the girls he teaches, often forcing one of his male students, Yuuki Mishima, to procure them for him. His male students fare little better, as when they do poorly in his classes he calls them to his office for " private tutoring sessions " that are really just excuses to beat the tar out of them ; as a result both boys and girls live in terror of him.

Kamoshida also indulges in pettier Jerkassery such as provoking the star of the track team into punching him as an excuse to get the team shut down, and leaking the Protagonist's criminal record to the entire school. When his "favorite" victim, Ann Takamaki, refuses to sleep with him, Kamoshida crosses the Moral Event Horizon and rapes her best friend as revenge; the girl in question feels so humiliated she attempts suicide. When confronted by the Protagonist, Kamoshida freely admits his crimes, but confident the system will protect him, types up a false assault report to have him expelled.

Even after the Phantom Thieves steal his heart , he states his intention to commit suicide himself to escape justice, only submitting to arrest after a "The Reason You Suck" Speech from Ann. Masayoshi Shido , a charismatic member of the Diet and representing pride , is in fact the head of The Conspiracy profiting off the other villains. Having illegitimately fathered Goro Akechi , Shido is approached by an empowered Akechi offering his services as an assassin.

Having been involved in the research of Wakaba Isshiki, who found out about the Metaverse, Shido has Goro kill her so he can steal her research. Shido has a will forged blaming Wakaba's daughter Futaba for her "suicide", sending Futaba into a depression. Later, Shido sexually assaults a woman before the Protagonist intervenes, which prompts Shido to ruin the Protagonist's life in response, later remarking that he's crushed so many people he doesn't remember someone that insignificant.

Shido and Goro go on to manipulate the people's faith in the government and the Phantom Thieves, with support for the government decreasing and the Thieves increasing. Once the Thieves steal the heart of Kunikazu Okumura, a patron of Shido's, Goro, under Shido's orders, kills his Shadow, ultimately killing Okumura on live television and pinning the blame on the Thieves, while Shido and Goro— outspoken critics of the Thieves— rise in popularity.

Shido and Goro then hatch a plan to kill the Thieves by Goro acting as a Mole, which the Thieves see through and foil. When the Thieves confront Samael, he mocks the weakness of his followers and reveals that Shido was going to kill Goro anyway despite suspecting that Goro was his son.

Shido's final action before his forced reformation is to destroy his own Palace after Samael's defeat in a final attempt to take the Thieves down with him.

The game's characters have been compared to: Harry Potter , due to the messy hair and glasses. A mashup trailer surfaced within hours of his reveal. Lelouch Lamperouge , due to sharing similar quirks , and both being voiced by Jun Fukuyama in Japan. Then Arsene is revealed to be his first Persona.

Vincent , due to both having fluffy-ish black hair and similar bangs. Giorno Giovanna , due to both doing a completely illegal activity yet also doing it for the good of others, and are the protagonists of the fifth entry of their respective franchises. Sly Cooper , due to being a Phantom Thief leading a Caper Crew who targets worse criminals, especially with the opening of the game being eerily similar to that of the third Sly game.

Jimmy Hopkins , due to having a bad reputation as a delinquent, must keep his nose clean in the only school that would take him after he got expelled from his last one, uses his abilities to fight the real bullies, one of which includes a perverted gym teacher, gets betrayed by an Obviously Evil friend of his , and suffers a blunder that blows his last chance at redeeming himself.

Shinya Kougami as both are characters who have been labeled as criminals by society due to the unfairness of the legal system. Like Kougami, this has led to Joker finding ways to rebel against society's corruption.

The comparison comes even fuller circle if the player chooses to romance Makoto putting him in a similar relationship to that of Kougami and Akane's. Junko Enoshima , due to her strawberry blonde hair and Girlish Pigtails. Yuka Ayase , due to the blonde twintails and use of whips in battle. Lisa Silverman , due to both of them either being or being related to a foreigner that gives them their blonde hair and blue eyes.

Rise Kujikawa , due to both being of the Lovers Arcana, both being gregarious, cheerful, bubbly, and a girl who gets attention for the wrong reasons most people outside the Investigation Team only like Rise for her idol persona, while Ann's picked on - and unfortunately lusted after - for her blonde hair.

Eleonora Yumizuru , due to both having mixed ancestry and feeling alienated from society because of it, and both being interested in acting and modeling. Kanji Tatsumi , largely due to both being Japanese Delinquents who feel as though they're ostracized by society, if for different reasons Kanji was bullied frequently for having hobbies that many consider "unmanly" , while Ryuji became a social pariah for unintentionally causing the Track Team's downfall at the hands of Kamoshida.

It doesn't help that they have very similar combat styles, as both are Mighty Glaciers who specialize in physical attacks and learn all the thunder spells. Naruto Uzumaki and Owain , due to his spiky blond hair. Boyd , the Friendly Rival of Ike. Both are brash, cocky, boisterous and strong , but also exceptionally kind and heroic.

The comparisons only intensify once you notice that Boyd's weapon of choice coincides heavily with Ryuji's bludgeons. Orlando , due to similar looks and mannerisms. He actually turned out to be his costume in the Catherine costume DLC. Luna , as the protagonist's constant feline companion with deeper knowledge of the setting than the other heroes.

Jun Kurosu , due to his uncanny resemblance to Yusuke. Shigure , the son of Azura. Hilariously enough, both were voiced by Matthew Mercer in the English dub.

Both are student council presidents, bear a burden of some sort originating from their family's histories, are a year older than the protagonist, and act as the more disciplined member of their group. Both are Persona users who specializes in close-quarters combat , have an avid love for action films, gets scared witless by "spooky" stuff, have a female bestie who's a Girly Girl to her "Tomboy" while possessing some amount of Les Yay with each other, and both are Adorkable to the highest order when romanced.

Similarly the Social Links for both characters end with them resolving to become police officers. Rather ironically, she's of the Priestess Arcana than the Chariot, which was the Arcana shared by Yukiko, Chie's best friend. Has gotten some comparisons to Akihiko since both are Bare Fisted Monks who strongly believe in justice while speaking up against corrupt authority. To a lesser degree has gotten some comparisons to Naoto as both are tomboyish characters in spite of secretly having a lot of lady-like qualities.

It also helps that both characters play a similar role in the plot being the most plot important of the party members other than the protagonist while also having ties to the law enforcement in both games. Her character arc is very similar to that of Akane Tsunemori. Both characters have had a very strong understanding of the law their entire lives.

However, both characters learn that the society they live in is more corrupt than they think which leads to them finding ways to fight against the corrupt systems that are in place. If the player chooses to romance Makoto than her relationship with Joker becomes a lot like Akane and Kougami's. Her use of a revolver as a gun has started causing a lot of comparisons to Revolver Ocelot.

Oddly enough Tatsuya Suou. While she starts as rather straight-laced, after being repeatedly made to feel useless and developing her Persona she becomes bit more rebellious much like Tatsuya who also developed into a rebellious teenager due to a traumatic experience. Both have strong senses of justice and fathers in law enforcement. Likewise both have an increasingly strained relationship with a serious and uptight older sibling who's also in law enforcement and a rising star in their field with repairing that relationship being an important part of the growths of both siblings.

Also both of them are badass bikers. Has been compared to an Inkling from Splatoon due to the orange hair, glasses, and headphones. Kinzie Kensington due to her orange hair, glasses, and being an apparent computer geek. An anti-social teen genius becomes a depressed recluse who spends most of their time on the internet after a certain incident a few years back, dropping out of school. They're forced out of their seclusion when they join a mysterious group of teenagers with special powers, where their intelligence becomes a critical factor.

Oh, we're talking about Futaba Sakura here, my bad. Chiaki Nanami , as they both are shy, anti-social, heavily associated with computers, and enjoy video games.

Similarly, Chihiro Fujisaki aka AI Chiaki's "father" has received similar comparisons for just about the same reasons with the exception of the last reason.

Imsges: persona 4 dating yosuke

persona 4 dating yosuke

Combine that with the fact that, should she be romanced, Takemi actually drops some Casual Kink foreplay. December 8, at 6: Spider8ites reviews Vriska happens upon Terezi's secret, and exploits it.

persona 4 dating yosuke

Orlando , due to similar looks and mannerisms.

persona 4 dating yosuke

Past that, he ranks up each time you see how to email on online dating, independent of having the right Persona Arcana and your choice of responses, and he is also the only non-party Confidant that doesn't have a Mementos request that is required to advance past a specific rank. But what happens when they find out what she's been doing? The group photo they take to commemorate their airship race win. The game was released in Japan before the international release of Rogue Onewhich focuses on another Ragtag Bunch of Misfits stealing stuff to rebel against evil forces. All Tangled Up reviews Practicing using persona 4 dating yosuke yo-yo to swing around turns awkward for Marinette when Adrien makes a comment about her that slips her up, and soon the heroine is dangling from the ceiling, tied up in persona 4 dating yosuke own string, and her boyfriend has certain things he wants to do before he cuts her loose. We Never Persona 4 dating yosuke the Bodyso will he return in a future spinoff?