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Oprah's Life Lesson From Maya Angelou: 'When People Show You Who They Are, Believe Them' (VIDEO)

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Jakes and Pastor Joel Olsteen using this method to bring Ophra and her followers to Christ if that be the case , I remember how each time the Israelites joined up with the Gentiles the Gentiles won them over to the pagan ways. Everyone who comes to God is going to chastised, purged by him as a loving Father would do for his child. In a sense she has place a price tag because she is not acknowledging Jesus for her success; God will use anybody to Bless others. God said Grace and peace be muiltiplied to you in the knowledge of God and Jesus our lord,as his divine power has given to use all things that pertain to life and Godliness through the knowledge of him who called us by glory and virtue 1Peter 1:

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So the only real question that remains is do you believe God or do you believe fallen, sinful men? He acts as if it is the lifeline between himself and salvation. Great article of facts and truths to get people of God to think and have spiritual intelligence and to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to find their purpose as The Lord intended for them to have on Earth and in Hevean. And I close with this, Would you give it all away if he asked you to and follow him with Nothing. She use to get in trouble on her show for talking about God, Jesus Christ and being a Christian. She has had numerous people and inspiration leaders on her show over the years…the wolf in sheep clothing could have been one of those people influencing her for the worse and she may have finally had a change of heart recently. And to those like the church in Sardis.

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We just need faith and to be faithful to share the Gospel with those we can and let God do the rest. We do not need special catchy methods or effects to lure people to the Gospel. Furthermore, look at the videos in the article. Jakes had the full attention of the audience.

They were hanging on his every word and some were taking notes. Clearly, getting people interested in what he has to say is not his problem.

His only problem was failing to give them the right answer. It is to warn people. Oprah Winfrey is an incredibly influential person and teaches a very dangerous religion. She has gone out of her way in her Lifeclasses and shows to promote New Age doctrine. By Jakes coming on her show and not even making this distinction, he is giving her an endorsement. And Jakes is a major pastor in the church today. This is very disconcerting and was the purpose behind the story.

Thank you again for your comments and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I thank God for Dr. Thankfully something in my spirit has never allowed me to be drawn to T.

Jakes and his teachings. I so agree with you. I bought the book woman thou art loosed. There is nothing in that book to loose a woman. He is a man and he did not even get near the heart of the matter as far as what is ailing women. It is complex and not something a man could understand. He only pointed out the problems but there was no real solutions at all.

I went to his church and nothing was said to set me free. I just got encouraged. But i am not sure what i was being encouraged to do …… He leaves out so much that would help women. Mainly, he does not mention emotions being processed or many things like codependency, narcissism, etc etc. Long story short women need to hear psychological principles to walk out of dysfunction before they can even begin to be loosed. Bible scripture alone will not set a woman free.

Understanding must take place or new information precedes change. Long story short, Jakes is not a woman and he can not address how to be loosed. He must understand women deeply and profoundly to speak to what ails us and how to recover.

God is our help! God is leading me to be loosed and I am amazed at what is being revealed. Dr Charles Stanley is a truly distinctive man of GOD, full of wisdom, insight, depth and irrefutable reach.

His Scriptural counsel holds a very solid place at the core of my heart. Can you imagine Billy Graham bowing to Oprah for the almighty dollar like Jakes? I never got into Jakes either…. Charles is a Bible scholar much like Graham. Your angle for writing to story was good from my perspective. I will however say what you have not said in calling Jakes a traitor. I say it not to be mean spirited; I would that he would repent and do his first works over.

Am I being judgmental? No, and neither are you. We are inspecting the fruit of those who say they are of the household of faith, and leaving the judging of the world to God. My basis for being direct in saying Jakes and many others are betrayers of the gospel of a Jesus Christ is that they: Jakes, has made friendship with the world to be accommodated by the world.

He is yoked to an unbeliever. Jesus never compromised the word of the Father to be received by the world while he daily interacted with sinners. They had the keys of knowledge of who Jesus was but denied the people to enter in by faith. How can you talk about Purpose while excluding Christ as the reason for our purpose? She never gave him a platform to lecture for an hour when she had thru the roof ratings.

It is hard to trust anybody these days. I was disappointed years ago when I read my entire bible for myself from cover to cover and learned these preachers were misusing Malachi 3: Instead of just saying a worker is worthy of their pay and leave it at that. I believe this is why we should read for ourselves and understand the theology of the scriptures.

Pastors do mislead their congregation; however, a good pastor will tell you read the word for yourself and get understanding. Knowing this can we blame others for our lack of knowledge? Thank you, for your level headed, well thought out, response. He said God a couple of times.

It was basically a secular motivational speech. Sorry but Jakes promoted Jakes on that one and in his movies. When I think of Bishop T. Jakes and Pastor Joel Olsteen using this method to bring Ophra and her followers to Christ if that be the case , I remember how each time the Israelites joined up with the Gentiles the Gentiles won them over to the pagan ways.

Also, we must be cautious when playing with a rattlesnake. I feel if you play with one long enough the snake will bite you! Pray much for them and those who believe like them; all the lost. Christ could return at any time! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

I believe I was finished with Oprah the moment she sat in the audience at her show and basically renounced the Lord Jesus Christ by saying that He is not the only way to God the Father. Whatever respect she had from me as a fan of hers, she lost it that day, and since then, I have not looked back at her or her show one time. But we know what the Word of truth says in John Sadly, my father, who is elderly and terminally ill with cancer, is an ardent supporter of the T.

He acts as if it is the lifeline between himself and salvation. But these are birds of a feather; they will flock together. A vast majority of these so-called television evangelists do not actually teach the Word of God; they may use a verse from the Bible to start with, but they will quickly venture off into misleading the congregation by twisting the Word to fit their own nefarious purposes and agendas.

They love writing their own books and manuals on how to live a Christian life, but they never exhort their congregations to read the Word of God — which is the true book on righteousness.

But the Lord Jesus Christ said in Matthew And if the blind lead the blind, then they both shall fall into the ditch. Man can be influenced and led by Lucifer; God cannot be. You Need Schooling Quote. And thank you very much. But this is why the Bible and knowing it is so important. The Bereans were praised by the Apostle Paul because they did not just take his sermons on face value — they went and studied the Word to make sure what he was preaching lined up with scripture Acts He may be in some spiritual error, but what matters most is salvation.

We are all going to get parts of the Bible wrong and be off in some of our interpretations. But make sure he has the essential belief down and be patient with the rest.

My mother loves jakes and will not hear a bad word about him even if its the truth. All I can do is pray that God will show her that Oprah is not a follower of Christ. And one should not have to sing and dance so to speak to win souls for God. The truth is more then sufficient. How would we feel if someone had to trick our kids to come home, play games with them, tell them its their friends house instead of home.

If his glory,grace and mercy is not sweet enough then they will never be satisfied. This is just my opinion and nothing more. Thank you for your article…. First I want to apologize for the typo in my previous comment, i was in a hurry. Ok back to Oprah!! The reason I previously stated she is confused is because on the link that i posted in my comment she is saying she was convicted by the message Bishop Jakes preached Saving the Scraps.

She could have just been saying it, but I was wondering why bother coming to a church where you know their beliefs are completely different than yours.

But everything happens for a reason. She has changed her views so many times throughout the years that it is ridiculous. I think she may try to do the right things but she doesnt know how to effectively go about them because of lack of reading the word. It is made quite obvious in her answers and thoughts throughout the years also. Do we, or should I say most Americans, not have enough courage and faith to read the word of God for themselves to know that Oprah is just as confused as the people she tries to reach out to?

It could be she has finally found someone that is teaching her the things she needs to know in the word. Maybe she hopped on that to reach out to other people. She has had numerous people and inspiration leaders on her show over the years…the wolf in sheep clothing could have been one of those people influencing her for the worse and she may have finally had a change of heart recently.

How can we say Bishop Jakes is linking up or joining her in her new age movement? Is everybody around us or that we deal with Christian? I understand for spiritual things we should be unequally yoked, but to reach out to the world today we should use all avenues to try to get people pointed back to the right direction?

If they struggle with certain things that they do not comprehend we can not use everyday preaching to reach out to their issues!! So telling someone to take baby steps in their faith is a good answer considering they may not know what all faith entails anyway. He didnt come at them the same way he did the Pharisees and disciples, he started with the basics.

How do we know that she has not changed her beliefs, which she has done so many times over the years? That was the reason in me saying she is very confused and I would even go out on the limb and say she appears doubleminded. If the comment about praising leaders, pastors etc was targeted towards me, i do not do such things. As stated I read my bible on my own and study things on my own lining everything up with the word.

I am 24 so I am not old enough to know so much about Bishop Jakes or Oprah, but I know Oprah stated she was Christian for a long time then all of a sudden one day she decided Jesus wasnt the only way. That is when I stopped watching her show. People do change and by the Grace of God and Jesus as our savior we do have a second chance.

I need to seriously pray harder for this nation and its leaders as well as myself in ministering so that those who are true seekers of God can be lead the proper way!! All that to say we do not know everything….

I figure that your two big reasons for raising this alert about the Bishop is that he appeared at all at Oprah. I agree that the man of God must be in all things beyond reproach including where they visit and what matters they involve in! Certainly someone of his stature must strive to behave christocentrically always. I think in the matters you raised, he fell short of the high ground he has with the gospel and its church but I think we should look beyond that event to see if we can find other reasons that will compel us to believe that our brother has left the fold.

Jakes and others who wisely encouraged Winfrey and coached her on how to make her public profession of faith in Christ before the world. Thanks for the link Craig. I read the story and while she calls herself a Christian, as you point out, she does not address any of real issues regarding all her New Age doctrines and teachings. Exactly as anyone can profess Christ. The bible says in Matthew 7: And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: Profession means nothing without Repentance, Confession of sins.

The Bible shows us the word, will, and standards of God that He wants us to live by. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Church is filled with arrogant and self serving people who speak of God as though He is serving us. God does not serve us, rather we serve God. He is not here for our pleasure rather we are him for His pleasure. Christians as well as non believers are becoming lovers of themselves and living in complete fear and darkness. I admonish and charge you to turn to the word of God and quit relying on this inclusivism and haughty everyday feel good God ATM Santa Claus image.

Her conversion to Christianity? She had Spiritualist Deepok Choprak and New Age Iyanla Vanzant and Tony Robbins had her more than literally doing the pagan walk on coals of fire which is a pagan practice. She still is an advocate for all the roads led to God. Has anyone noticed that Oprah never gave TD Jakes a format to teach till her ratings start dipping and floundering. I watched it and Jakes failed to mention the word Jesus.

She is an Evangelist leading many people into New Age and End time deception! I have listened to Jakes and compared his philosophies for years to true Christianity, and he has definitely developed a following [like the Pied Piper] who will lead all those faithful to a drowning death of soul if they are not careful of what is being preached here.

I am a cradle Christian, and in these terrible end times, always try to embrace myself with the Word of God. If you are not close to God and stay in the Word daily, you will never recognize what these liars are doing. Jakes and Winfrey are deceivers and fakes. They have to give you a little sugar in order for you to swallow the poison. Who could have believed the multi-billionaire Winfrey was going to retire completely from the talk-show circuit and just go away and do nothing?

This television network she birthed called OWN is a ruse, and she flaunts nothing but New Age garbage shows on it, and left-wing liberal socialism. She is an Obama-lover, what else do you need to see? Neither can a bad tree bear good fruit. Jakes and Winfrey are not of Christ. They do not bear good fruit. They run from one side to the other appearing to be a good tree, but then bearing bad fruit, and vice versa.

She is a liar like Satan, and so is Jakes. Jakes will be judged worse, because he is claiming to preach the Word of God and calls himself bishop. Paul says about bishops, who entering in among us not sparing the flock. Woe to them, they will be judged worse than anyone.

The deceivers who claim to be men of vocations. At least Jakes could be a little original with his rantings. And we all know what Rick Warren is.

Rick Warren is so heretical it is horrible. And the speech he made equating Christians, and Muslims, etc. Now Jakes is aligning himself with her, and spewing the same Purpose-Driven lifestyle. Do not judge and act God when you are not. If she wants to promote New Age and not believe in Jesus, let her be.

If a lot of people are being led astray by her new doctrines, let them be. Only God has the final say. Concentrate on building your own spiritual life and faith. He knows who will and will not accept Him. He knows all things, so He knows if you would accept Him or not! God said Grace and peace be muiltiplied to you in the knowledge of God and Jesus our lord,as his divine power has given to use all things that pertain to life and Godliness through the knowledge of him who called us by glory and virtue 1Peter 1: Gods word have the answer to every important question of life.

It contains everything we need to know to live a Godly life and to inherit everlasting life. Our first step is Act2: Dear friends, there are two-hundred-and-something countries in the world, a world with 7 billion people. Of these, the US is one and its million less than a 20th. Yet this country was blessed by God to be the most prosperous on earth, for now, by having received immigrants from all over the world. Who has the media, has the say and the limelight.

Churches are being planted where churches were, making the existing ones look pathetic and poor and mundane. This article is about two Americans, again, swaying the world of Christianity. Fort me, it feels clear: With Jesus, it was, and stil is, the opposite. Does anybody understand that the cross is an abomination to the Father according to Ezekiel 8: Rapbi Ben Israel Quote.

How can The Father who send his Son to the cross for the sake of man ever say that the cross of His Son is an Abomination. It is not surprising as to why God has kept the revelation of the Arc of the Covenant stated in 2Maccabes2 from such.

The choice is only one, God or Mammon. The truth is as the Bible states, for them in Christ are the Children of Abraham, which are the children of Faith. Israel is Spiritual to the inheritance, the final part in the continuation, for God is Spirit , the Father of it.

If the author is true to Christ, the comment will be retained if not it will be deleted, for one before has already been deleted to the appeasing.

Appease none is to Worship God. Id like to ask a question to the guys running this site. If you could all identify yourselves. If you want to proclaim the Word, you need to identify yourselves. Jesus said that He had no secrets.

The fact that you guys do not reveal who you are, I find to be quite worrisome honestly. Oh and the TBN logo,.. Praying for them both and all that they are decieving.

Open our eyes to such evil oh Lord. Above all let us Stand firm in Your WOrd!! I remember when T. Jakes did not believe and the holy trinity and said so. The believe Jesus did and asked he deciples to baptize in the name of the Father, the name of the Son Jesus and the name of the Holy Ghost..

The word trinity is not in the Bible but is one word for above. How is it T. He does not know the Bible. D, Jakes stopped saying he did not believe in the trinity See how short it is after the Bible Answer Man Hank Hannagraph forced his hand.

He does not know God. I enjoyed this reading very much. Thank you for So brilliently articulating this thorn in the side of many Christians. Sadly people would rather go to someone else and take them at their word than hear from God himself through his word. I really enjoyed this…..

God bless you friend. They also preach a false gospel of baptismal salvation evidenced by speaking in tongues despite Pauls words in 1 Cor. You already know about mega-mergers. Banks swallow up smaller banks to increase their territory. At one time interstate banking was illegal now it is legal. Oprah Winfrey earned her over a billion dollars being a CEO somewhat the same.

I imagine Oprah Winfrey has book stores or is heavily invested in e-books. I thought we heard the last of Oprah Winfrey when she retired. Alas, she is publicly merging with T. Jakes and she is the major stock holder. Sales will increase for T. Jakes because of who she is. Oprah Winfrey profits will increase because of the both of them.

Whenever you hear either one of them you will think of both of them. She will acquire more Churches that way. And beware, Publishers like she are insisting writers to write Christian Fiction due to the huge success of Tim Lahays Left behind series Christian Fiction. Chaplain Winston Tobias Muldrew Quote. Do you know what a mega-merger is? In this day and age who does not?

Larger companies have been swallowing up smaller companies for years. They will buy a company that increases their profits or they can take a tax write off for it. They will also drive competitive companies out of business. They like free money too. They love the governments bail out. It is all the same for them. That is how corporations work. It is nothing personal. It is just doing business. Is that was happened to T. Swallowed up by Oprah Winfrey Incorporated?

So many ministries have gone belly up in the last days of the apostasy, the great falling away. They can no longer afford the blessing of their god anymore, by naming it, and claiming it, and going to the bank to secure a loan. These things Jesus hath judged of the church and more of present day. All of them were destroyed or will be.

To those who hold the doctrine of Balaam and Jezebel the false prophets. And to those like the church in Sardis. And to those with Synagogues of Satan. Because thou art lukewarm I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing. Also you have followed Sodom and Gomorrah which I destroyed by my own hand. And to those whose god was the bank, savings, and lending institutions. And to those that held the false doctrine of prosperity prophets, who could not read the newspaper, and predict the economic crisis we have been in for a long time.

Is the arrangement between Oprah Winfrey and T. Jakes ministry a hostile takeover? Did he have any choice to stay in business? Oprah Winfrey Incorporated is a shrewd business person.

How else could she amass her great fortune? To this It is interesting to note as stated in the O. Now whether it be To let or to Tolerate it denotes the complacency towards sin with Sodom come as the marker. The way this world is going we need to hear more about Jesus and less about what we want for our life. When we accept Jesus and turn and repent for our sins then we will know who we relly are. We know that at the end of this age, many will fall away.

I believe that they will turn to beliefs that they sincerely believe are right and godly. I just suggest we remember Oprah when we pray. Meaning how is a preacher like Bishop T.

He has saved thousands for Christ, how many have you saved??? He also over sees more than 50 out reach programs for God around the world. I know for a fact that Oprah who is from my home state was raised southern Baptist and was and still is a Christian. She use to get in trouble on her show for talking about God, Jesus Christ and being a Christian.

She talks often about never being able to out give God. That she gives away half and in a few months God blesses her ten-fold. I want to point out that Dr. We need not worry about other people think about our personal relantionship with Christ. God is God and He certainly can handle the world He created.

I can promise you that as harshly as many here are judging I pray God does not return the favor to any of you. Your missing the point of Grace in the Bible. Many think Christians are the be poor yet the Bible has many many many stories of God blessing people with great wealth. I heard Oprah say that she gave away half and within a few months Jesus blessed her 10 fold.

Hmmm a rich person saying that all she has is from Jesus Christ is not a new age mystic. Also be reminded that Oprah has said many many times on her show over the years that just because she interviews some one does not mean she agrees with them. She is a journalist like a news person. Jakes sermons and that he is a minister of God and his sermons are always scripture and Bible KJV based.

Btw not that it matters but I am a white southern woman who is a Christian and I find T. His sermons on Moses over the last few weeks were brillant. Many take scripture out of context without knowing what Jesus is meaning.

Imsges: oprah dating lifeclass

oprah dating lifeclass

Furthermore, look at the videos in the article.

oprah dating lifeclass

Those are the words of Jesus Christ. You can achieve your dreams by been a member of the Illuminati. Until we have a right spirit in us, our own desires will lead us in a life where we try to achieve our own dreams and desires without God.

oprah dating lifeclass

All I can do is pray that Oprah dating lifeclass will show her that Oprah is not a follower of Christ. God bless oprah dating lifeclass sooooooooooooooooooo much! Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: Until we have a right spirit in us, our own desires will lead us in a life where we try to achieve our own dreams and desires without God. An be asking Lord IF this preacher is false, lead me elsewhere an I will follow.