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Financial Independence Spreadsheet

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Thanks for all your good posts and podcasts! She may love you enough to put up with it for a while…but she will eventually not be able to fake it anymore. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Being mortgage free would be incredible — on top of how fast your net worth grows and compounds over those 7 years. It wasn't in the instructions to enter that in so I missed it!


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Bing Site Web Enter search term: Can I ask if you have a UK version of this? Personal Capital or Mint. So I am not able to automate the information for better analysis. I like your spreadsheet very much as it provides more analytical data picture for financial independence.

Thank you so much. I just finished filling it out and have to say, I was surprised by the results once everything was out in the open. I do have a quick comment and two questions though. Additionally, I noticed some amounts in the FI tab were extremely large. For things like property tax, car insurance, home insurance, etc. Because of this, you will only see these expenses show up twice in your Averages tab. Your FI amount will then be calculated assuming that you will have to pay that every month, and you will quickly lose any will to continue saving for early retirement.

That being said, there are two ways to fix this. One, calculate what the monthly cost of these expenses would be and enter those in the monthly columns. Okay, on to my questions. If so, anyone know how to address this to get a more correct estimate of your FI number? Secondly, in the first quarter of year we throw money into our personal IRAs. Should this amount be added to our after-tax salary in the month the contribution is made?

Calculate what you will owe on the debt on your FI date. Alternatively, you need 25 times expenses, plus an amount invested that will be consumed in the process of paying off the debt at the mortgage rate. The second alternative requires, I think, a lot more money saved up at any likely rate of return. Wanted to thanks the Mad Fientist for putting out his spreadsheet for us all to use.

We should put him forward for a civic award for doing this. I took only the difference between our current house and our retirement house to include in our net worth. We plan to downsize. Our income is distorted by yearly bonuses. Alternatively I could spread the one off wage bonus over the whole year in monthly amounts. I anticipate our retirement expenses to be much lower than what we spend now.

About to try it out this week. Thanks again for the work done. From someone from down under in New Zealand reading your blog! Couple questions on keeping this thing properly updated. I ask because at the end of sheet I get lifetime averages for expenses which I need , but it thinks my salary is the sum of every month I have on the spreadsheet.

Does it really matter for FI calculation? How do I make it so the formula automatically includes the new column? Hi, please could you explain the withdrawal rate to me. Withdrawal rate is the percentage of the portfolio you expect to withdraw every year to meet your expenses.

It determines the amount you need in your portfolio before you can be FI. Increasing the rate will increase the amount you need in your portfolio before you can be FI. However since you are taking out a larger amount each year you run the risk of your portfolio getting depleted too soon. See the post on Safe Withdrawal Rate http: Thank you for sharing this.

I tried to download the spreadsheet over the couple of days and get an error, which varies by browser, but from chrome:. I look forward to checking out your spreadsheet and comparing it to my own. I recently came across this site and am very excited to read the clear explanations in the posts.

Thank you for the effort in providing this. I have just started creating the spreadsheet and have a question: In the spreadsheet how should one account for mortgage on a rental property? Do you have any suggestions on how to better factor these things into my fi. Could you add another section on how to add items to the list without breaking it. It would be pretty helpful if you walked through this document and showed your process of filling it out, pulling from mint ect.

I see that home equity is being treated as an asset. If you remove that money while you still live in the house, it comes out in the form of a loan that has to be paid back with interest! Even if you sell the house, you probably need that money to buy a new one. Alternately, if all of your assets are in Before Retirement Age, you could retire any time without problem.

These are the two extremes, but the middle is where most folks are. I see that you put Before and After Retirement totals in the spreadsheet, but are those being put to use in the FI calculations, or could they be? I have the same question about housing. What a great problem to Have! We are ready to retire and are attempting to determine the optimal funding sequence for retirement.

My wife and I are very close to FI! We should be able to retire in I am 59 and my wife is We have looked at SS optimization and believe it would be best to start SS at 67, for each of us.

My question is once we retire, is there a planning tool, to help us, optimally, fund our retirement? The majority of our funds are Tax Deferred. I believe, but am not sure, if we could then convert all of the non-deductible IRA into a Roth- without any tax, whatsoever.

Thanks a lot for the spreadsheet, it saves me a lot of time from creating one. I even did my own spreadsheet but not as complete and thorough like this one. I have one question, I am expecting a pension when I retire early, where do you include that pension? Thanks so much for creating this! Where would I put student loans and 2. To add credit cards, the easiest way is to: Select the last cell in the credit card category on the balances tab.

This is very important. Enter a name for the new credit card and fill out the balances for each month. Enter 0 for months before you got the card. If you ever add the new row to the bottom or top of the credit cards list, then excel will not automatically extend the range of all the formulas that use those values. You will also need to add a new row to the Net Worth tab under the Liabilities section which pulls in the sum of the student loans from the Balances tab.

I created a blank spreadsheet with a Student Loans category and an additional blank spot for another credit card if you want to download it here:. Would it be a valid step to link that to an accumulating line item in the Averages tab, earmarked for Medical expenses? Many thanks for sharing this spreadsheet with us all.

Now I know what you mean by Mad Fientist. Some of those formulas you have on the FI sheet I would not have been able to come up with!!

I need to read through all the valuable comments here and also to formulate a retirement expense budget as our living expenses are too high, mainly from just spending what we earn. I love that you have quantified the required savings by expense category so you can really see what you are going to have to save to cover that level of cost. Im having trouble altering some of these spots. Is there any way to contact you for more information on how to understand this form fully?

I was wondering if anyone could help me with two questions. The first is around the widthdrawal rate. Why is it that when we increase the withdrawal rate, the FI year decreases?

I would have thought if you were pulling more on an annual basis out of your portfolio that you would need more in it to sustain retirement? Also, if surplus income is placed into investments, should this not be put in the averages sheet? I am trying to use this spreadsheet, but my F1 starting balance remains zero. I tried starting over and same result.

This is a great spreadsheet, thanks for putting it together and sharing. I have some non permanent expenses right now e. Your blog is very interesting. I have invested some time getting around your spreadsheet and I just recently saw the FI Laboratory tool, I wonder which one I should use. Thank you for sharing!. I have a quick question about the concepts, why are you considering you House as a net worth and consequently as stating balance in the FI sheet?.

I guess you cannot make liquid your home an consider as a part of the withdraw rate or am I wrong? I see that mortgage payment is included on the Averages page, but other kinds of debt such as credit cards are not — what is the rationale here? How should I treat non permanent expenses such as childcare, alimony, child support?

Or should I treat them as debts? If you had another row for credit card balance, you would be double counting the expenses. Of course this model assumes you do not carry a balance on your credit card. I am still trying to figure out a good way of dealing with non-permanent expenses.

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In the end, she decided to share her husband's endeavour with users of social networking site Reddit by uploading the spreadsheet. I open it up, and it's a sarcastic diatribe basically saying he won't miss me for the 10 days I'm gone. The spreadsheet, which has since been deleted, quickly went viral with people taking both sides in the debate.

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online dating spreadsheet guy

Alternatively, the Roth and Brokerage accounts are where you seek greater returns. We spent all spring renovating our new house. Hello, I really love this spreadsheet.

online dating spreadsheet guy

The numbers should be the same from the sheets yes? I likely will transfer a portion to whole life eventually. Save at end of the year and refresh with a new one that continues to track summaries back to

online dating spreadsheet guy

Only crazies post their numbers online for the world to see double hah! And we both online dating spreadsheet guy to them too since we know YOU take time muslim matchmaking south africa share your thoughts with us as well! But how come b2st dating the growth rate it increases the time to FI? The best Android handset out online dating spreadsheet guy I think its a spreaxsheet good number to let you know how you have done lifetime, rather then just recently. Good for you for jumping all on it, and then for sharing it with everyone online too.