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From the marketing angle I wanted it to be highly differentiated. All you need is a good photo, a magazine, a scanner, and Photoshop. JT Pierce is an expert with women and online dating. Trust me on this.

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I wrote it in a style that nobody else used, and in a style that engaged the reader right off the bat, providing a way for me to introduce examples of who I am. I get other similar - though more subdued - comments frequently. Put them in the oven. Everything in the profile is designed to make me seem like a choosy selfish asshole seducer. Changes Based on Getting-To-Know-You Phone Call During our phone conversation the gentleman mentioned his grandmother a few times and what it meant to grow up with her in their home.

Do they know how many others are using this line? Likes to state the obvious. People are looking, for one of two reasons. Looking for someone that appeals to them.

Checking out the competition. In those days, women expected to do all the cooking, cleaning, washing and armor polishing. Even barely legal age, already has baggage. The older people are, the more baggage they have. Some baggage is absolutely awesome and some is crap. I already have my own to deal with. Whats missing, is a description of their worst. At least they have announced that they need handling when at their worst.

Is having direction and striving to achieve some goals, too serious? Oh and put up with my shit while you are here or you are taking life too seriously. This is an announcement that they have a busy schedule. Either put up with me, keep up with me, or date someone else.

How many kids are they talking about? That is, if they ever find out about you and want to check you out. Get a service that does personal interviews and checks out that the people are as advertized. As seen above, many of them may not know what they are saying when they use cliches.

Look at the pictures for people you find visually appealing hopefully most of those are real. I lost a lot of weight over the past 2 years so most of my photos don't do justice. Need to find a chick friend to shoot some pics. There is no doubt a well written profile combined with decent pics will get more attention. My online profile is a funny profile. Many chicks who read my profile thought I was so hilarious.

This can work both for an against me as a few expected a date with a stand up comic and I am not always 'on. One chick I dated, The Smart Party Girl, brought a copy of my profile to our first date and wanted to discuss it. Mbx is on the right path here by simply putting some thought into what goes into the online profile. I do think the NLP bit is taking this to the next level.

For example my inbox last night included this comment from a smart hottie: I'm sure you're getting some major hits! I don't normally send emails but this compelled me". I get other similar - though more subdued - comments frequently. There's nothing false at all about what I wrote, it's just being conscious and selective about how that truth is presented. Still, I have a similar concern you had, KJ, about living up to expectations once met in person.

So far so good. I guess my second concern is that this sets up an initial pattern of the woman being the pursuer, a role reversal, but I think during the meetup I squelch any possibility of role reversal concerns. OK, no more secret sharing. I want them all to myself. Hey mbxdad - we don't know jack about NLP.

How about sharing just a little bit more - maybe give us an EXAMPLE so that we can fully grasp the type of technique you are using so successfully? What do you say? Did you learn about this from one of the PUAs? Do you have a book or e-book that you can point us to? Originally posted by gregory View Post.

It makes sense to use marketing tactics, after all it is an "ad". I haven't used NLP in an ad yet, but I have used variations of Neil Strauss's "I'm a jerk" profile which basically challenges the women as opposed to the normal walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain dribble most ads contain.

Like mbxdad said, standing out. I do think some people have given NLP a bad name, like Ross Jeffries old school pua guy , but as long as you don't go to that extreme and still sound like a normal but interesting person its ok.

Last edited by Captain No Marriage ; , Originally posted by mbxdad View Post. I'm intrigued by this whole NLP concept.

I did some casual internet reading - it seems to have some new-agey nuances that would normally turn me off, but it also appears that there is some science behind it. I'm definitely going to check it out further. If I ever decide to try online dating, building a profile would be my biggest challenge. Go mbxdad - hope you get a whole lotta love God no, I wouldn't read pick-up-artist stuff nor follow it.

Seems so false and misleading. What I tried was just normal healthy human interaction stuff.

Imsges: online dating profile nlp

online dating profile nlp

This is an announcement that they have a busy schedule. So who cares If you like what you hear , before you believe it, you are going to have to find some other proof to support what they say. Well, there ya go!

online dating profile nlp

Sex may not be their number one priority, but sex, sexuality and seduction are certainly on their mind.

online dating profile nlp

Chose from any of your favorite ASF stories. Originally posted by online dating profile nlp View Post. They will soon leave and, as you've progile them, go to venue 5. Put them in the oven. I need to let her feel that she is slowly winning me over, that I'm getting comfortable with her. Click here to get women to reply fast!