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I like to measure life not by the breaths I take, but by the moments that take my breath away — when the volume-knob of life is turned all the way down, and I am snuggling up by the fireplace with someone special under a blanket. Women desire men of better quality than themselves. I enjoy working out hard, clearing the mind and the zen of martial arts. Corollary to the corollary to Maxim Women are more pliable in the company of competing women. It makes this whole post much more useful to me. Before sex, no girl you are attracted to is important enough to merit an emotional reaction should the pickup attempt turn bad.

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I have great friends and am very happy with my life, but am not a man to brag. Underneath the veneer of civilized discourse we act in ways that are brazenly self-interested in the short term. I don't smile much, and since I fixed my posture and gained lot of muscle I think I look threatening to other people, not so much in a positive way. I am very passionate about helping others. Straight and to the point.

Nervous Guy Game ". Scotty Index Private Training. Anabolic Articles Get Ripped. Get Informed Get Updated.

Index Recent Topics Search. Talk About Anything General. Heartiste and Roosh 24 Jul They both run successful game blogs and presume to be experts on game and women in general. Does anyone know anything about them? Can sites like these help people out?

The administrator has disabled public write access. I used to visit both. Reading Heartiste was mental masturbation, no action-specific advice really. RooshV was interesting because it was a travel for girls-site, it inspired me to do my own research about girls abroad, he is also a game-believer though. I always assumed heartiste does not get laid. A lot of his blog is about political shit as well.

He claims to get high traffic though he offers no counter on his site as proof. They're both into game but I doubt heartiste gets laid off. At least not by hot girls.

It's all speculation because I don't know shit. Heartiste is always posting scientific proof of game concepts. A few years away, the writing on Heartiste was magnificent. He wrote like a fucking god. These days I think the writing is by someone else. Roosh seems like a bitter man, I feel sorry for him. But I'd challenge anyone to not find value in his best posts. Roosh doesnt get laid. Anything which hinders the fulfillment of the prime directive is to be vanquished as a foe or excised from the mind as a cancer.

Run for your Life Shit Tests: When a woman pressures you mercilessly to marry her, bullying to the point of threatening a break up — this is the shit test of ALL shit tests.

Waving a roll of benjamins at a woman will not give her tingles. In fact, it will often do the opposite. Eventually, the hamster is powerful enough to take control of all higher order consciousness.

The more expensive or thoughtful the gift you give a girl, the greater the risk that she will subconsciously begin to think she is too good for you.

Corollary to Maxim Be particularly wary of advice from women. Even old, fat hausfrau hogs will expect mountains of jewels in offerings from men. Consensual polyamory is a contrived hookup service for undesirable sexual market rejects.

When women are confronted by a man with low status behavior that is incongruent with his high status looks, they will never resolve the incongruity to the benefit of his status; women will always resolve the incongruity to the detriment of his looks. Hit on every woman who stimulates your crotch. Any son not explicitly taught about the ways of women by an experienced father will become more beta under the influence of his mother.

A society of ascendent female academic, workforce, political and family influence necessarily emasculates its sons and masculinizes its daughters. It violates the natural order of things, and leaves its practitioners emotionally twisted and in a constant mental race to hyperrationalize their subpar mate choice. You made a funny, now surprise her with something new. Female coyness serves a secondary benefit as an anti-game strategy to make a high value man seem more attainable to a lower value woman, or to offer low value women plausible deniability for failing to attract the interest of high value men.

For most men, five minutes of a younger, hotter woman beats five years of older, uglier women. If you are using a romantic holiday as a pretext to raise awareness instead of raise erections, you are probably a fat loser.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to content Maxim 1: Women desire men of better quality than themselves. IF his pics are good, AND his opener is good, he will get many responses. However, he will then have to weed the non-serious women out, which is a huge pain in the ass for me, but it may not be for him.

I have had profiles and openers that had huge response rates, but that method never worked for getting more lays. You must choose a strategy. Or do you want a low response rate but your responses are women who are serious about meeting you? My opinion is you want to be somewhere in the middle. Of course if you are going with the shotgun method, you need to have the TIME to weed these women out, then go on a lot of dates some of which will go nowhere.

The point is that you MUST have a system with online dating, and it must match up with your lifestyle, your agenda, and the amount of free time you have to devote to it. Your profile and opener do this, but ultimately the best profile in the world will do nothing if your pics are shit.

Take Cobi for example from the forum , this guy has about 2 sentences on his profile. However, his pics are good, he weeds out the time wasters by being very sexual, and his game in person is air tight. He gets laid a lot, and almost every meet he has results in a lay. Using this same profile, I messaged 20 or so women on OKCupid, got only one response, and ended up having sex with her on the second date. My system is meant to weed out, not to have a full inbox. Since doing this, the quality of responses have gone up, and the quality of women I meet has gone up.

I think I am currently weeding out a few too many women, and could benefit from having a slightly higher response rate, so that will be my adjustment. I could never make a profile like Saprian, because chicks would not meet the same guy as described. However, for a guy who is more extroverted and emotional, this profile is fantastic. The results will be more revealing. Also, I think there should be a way for us to see the judges remarks on the bad profiles, so we can learn from them too.

I think that would be just as educational, if not more so. Magik — Your experience and online style is very similar to mine. Lower response rates, but extremely high date-to-day rates. I too wrestled with many sexless 2nd and 3rd dates back in the day when I was figuring all of this out. But the main reason is that I promise you the absolute worst profiles are not educational in any way. Illuminatus read more profiles than I did and he can back me up on this.

The educational value is in the profiles that worked , not the ones that did not. Posting more profiles that got high scores, perhaps the top five or ten, that I would be open to. I think that in real life, such a guy would get a kiss on the cheek from you while you fuck the bad boy on the motorcycle. Phil to judge them , you deliberately threw the contast and went for the feminine nice guy who cries during sunsets.

You need to fire all of them. These judges lied to you, and they did it because they need providers doing the wrong things because they want most men to give them their resources while they fuck only the few alphas. Then feed each profile to each one and see the amazing difference of opinion.

Also, segregate these judges from each other so that there is no group peer pressure to conform to the female betaization agenda. Dude, the point of a profile is to get a woman to reply to you only. She will not remember much of the profile once she meets you in person. You can set yourself up as a masculine manimal with your emails, texting, and talking in person.

The profile is only for replies. He sets himself up as a fun-loving, carefree guy. His profile does is not laden with aggressive, ballsy, testosterone-filled ideas because that shit is creepy to most women.

The masculine profile usually works late at night when women are lonely and horny looking for short-term fun. His was waaaay better. Now I am super curious what the girlies did NOT like and why. One way to confirm or falsify that hypothesis would be to try both types of profiles out in the real world, using two guys of similar age, wealth, looks, etc to control for all of those variables.

I can tell you from vast experience this is usually the case. All three profiles appeal to the exact type of woman BD rails against. A provider seeking something. You come across as a self important dooooooosh!!!! Too ashamed to admit they like a masculine profile c. Just telling it like it is.

See how it works out. With the exception of you stating that the 3rd was the best, you nailed my thoughts perfectly. You guys need to remember one thing: I can garantee the results would have been different, would they have been allowed. No surprises here; the juges based their scores on something that is usually of minimal signifiance at best.

No reason to be pissed by the results, in my opinion. Just writing to add one more vote for an analysis post. I, for one, am completely mystified why those profiles did so well. I will lead you on adventures. If you are worthy of me. It sprays the stuff. Your truth is not my truth.

The winning profile is good and it is by no means beta. Read what Matthew had to say about it, if you dont believe my word alone. You had one good idea and that is the age of female judges. When I started the whole girls stuff, nobody had internet nor smartphones. So online profiles are nothing where i claim to be good, still learning here. On the other hand I do have some knowledge about female braintwists. All 3 winning profiles WILL get response. It just might not be your target audience Jack.

Certain girl-types simply can not read and understand a text with more than 50 words and for these the profiles are way too complicated. So who are you targeting? BD I picked up a 40yo at a beach bar last night. Deliberately created obstacles for no purpose, disproportionate shit testing and dramatic LMR.

Imsges: online dating heartiste

online dating heartiste

Women try to emulate that which they find attractive in men because they assume what is true for them must be true for the world. That's why the blog changed so much, it's a different person running the blog entirely. I agree man, especially someone else's reality.

online dating heartiste

Anabolic Articles Get Ripped.

online dating heartiste

Her online dating heartiste is designed for alpha men she already finds attractive and from whom she seeks signals of attainability and commitment. Roissy stopped writing and handed the CH blog over to another guy. All other moral considerations pale in comparison. Similar patterns hold for black women and white online dating heartiste, though the effect is not as pronounced. It mother fucking did. Nothing contained within GoodLookingLoser. Maxim 1 a 2: